The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassie’s Challenge

Author’s note: This is a story about some people who don’t really know anything about what they’re getting into. The ending may be a bit abrupt. There are two characters named Cassandra; however, since one is called Cassie and the other Sandra, I didn’t feel the need to alter the names. They aren’t secretly the same person, or different aspects of a split personality, or anything clever like that.

Chapter 1—Doug

Everything was straightforward enough at first. She mentioned needing a place to live, and I had the whole house to myself and a vague plan to rent out a room. She was 23 and worked in the accounting department of a large corporation. I was 38 and had no real romantic intentions. I thought she was pretty in a young, cute, wholesome sort of way. I wouldn’t mind having her around the house to look at. But I never thought she would see me as anything other than a landlord / father-figure.

Cassie had short blond hair and was somewhat chubby. She wore suits to the office and oversize sweatshirts around the house. She was always smiling, cheerful and friendly and didn’t have any of the annoying habits that some roommates can drive you crazy with. She did not currently have a boyfriend, but spent a lot of time out partying with Jane and Karen, two friends from work. She had been living at my house 2 months, but we did not really socialize that much. I don’t think I was even her 1st choice to call if her car broke down.

One evening she was watching TV with me in the living room (usually she watched the set in her room, but sometimes she would join me watching the big screen if we were both watching the same show anyway). Some character made a remark that got Cassie talking about her weight. Even though I was not her boyfriend, this topic is always a minefield. I was making reassuring yet mostly non-committal statements and letting Cassie do most of the talking. She said she didn’t have the willpower to diet and didn’t like to exercise, but she knew she should be doing both, etc. I actually thought that she looked fine, but you have to be careful how you put these things.

That was the evening I had the strange idea that changed the rest of my life. Weeks earlier, we had talked about subliminal messages. I rather emphatically stated that I didn’t believe in them, and she had argued a bit before letting the subject drop. Now, I thought, we can put this to the test.

The next day I made a subliminal message tape for Cassie. No elaborate techniques—just me speaking low and clear. I repeated a number of self-help affirmations like “You are comfortable with your appearance” or “You enjoy exercise, knowing that it is good for you” or “You have the discipline you need to stick to a healthy diet”. That sort of thing.

Cassie played her radio all night long. The day after I recorded the tape I bought a timer and plugged the radio and the tape player into it. The radio would turn off, and the tape player would go on at 3am. I hid the tape player under the head of the bed and tested the whole system. The radio would come back on after the tape was done. That night the experiment would begin.

Chapter 2—Cassie

I found the damn Tape player two days later. Doug had actually snuck into my room and hidden the thing under my bed. He had seemed like a nice, easy-going guy but this was a little creepy. He was trying to take over my mind with subliminal commands. My first inclination was to remove the Tape player and replace it with a nasty note. Then I decided to freak Doug out by pretending to follow all his commands to an exaggerated degree. The more I thought about it, the more this plan appealed to me. He had claimed he didn’t believe in subliminal messages, but here he was using them on me. Obviously his prior argument was a ruse to throw me off. If I didn’t let him know I was on to him, he would reveal how far he intended to go.

I would have to be clever about it. The first thing I did was make a copy of the Tape. That way I could take it to work while leaving the original in place. Doug got home a couple hours before I did, so he would be sneaking in to rewind or change Tapes. Once I had the Tape at work, I put it in my walkman and listened to the whole thing again. Then I played it one line at a time and made notes. He was very subtle. There was no specific command that I could object to openly. It was all a set-up for his long-term enslavement plan.

When I got home, I began to change my behavior.

Chapter 3—Doug

Cassie got home an hour late and announced that she had joined a Gym and would be working out every evening. I was going to ask her about it, but she had a distant look in her eyes and wandered into the kitchen like she was thinking about someplace else. She looked in the refrigerator and proclaimed that she was starting a new diet as well.

“But you don’t like to diet”, I said, “What gives?”

“I have the discipline I need to stick to a healthy diet.” Cassie replied in an odd monotone voice. Then she took off her blouse. She wandered into her bedroom, pulling off her clothes as she went. A few minutes later she came back to the kitchen, wearing only her panties and a light tank top, cropped short enough to expose her midriff.

I was still confused at her behavior, her usual casual wear included long sleeves and a oversize, baggy, look.

“Is that what you’re wearing for the evening?”

“I am comfortable with my appearance” she recited in the same slightly robotic voice.

“So why have you decided to join a Club? I thought you said they were a rip-off.”

“I enjoy exercise, knowing that it is good for me.”

The light bulb finally came on in my head, and I recognized the phrases from the tape that had been playing under her bed the last few nights. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine it would have an effect so soon, or so literal. In fact, I would have bet money that it would not work at all.

Cassie spent the whole evening with me, watching TV and nibbling on leftover chicken salad. Usually, when she wasn’t going out, she went to her room to read or watch the TV in there. I was just staring at her, trying to figure out what I should do. Should I disconnect the tape and end the whole thing? Should I do another tape and try to undo the first? Should I let it continue every night and see how effective it could be? The one thought that kept interrupting everything else—“Damn, she looks Fine.”

Cassie never dressed sexy, she hung out around the house in sweats. Even when she went out with Karen & Jane she would put on a suit like what she wore to work. Now she was curled up on the couch wearing nearly nothing and I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. She seemed happy and (other than the clothes) was behaving perfectly normal, except that she would quote one of my tape phrases from time to time if the appropriate subject came up in conversation.

In the end, I couldn’t figure out a good way to sneak into her room to shut off the tape, so she would have to listen to it for at least one more night.

Chapter 4—Cassie

The look on Doug’s face that night was priceless. A couple of times, when I was quoting his Mind-Control Tape, I nearly burst out laughing. Overall I think I managed a good performance—strange enough to make him think his commands were overriding my free will, but normal enough that he didn’t suspect that I was acting. He stared at me all night long with a bemused look, halfway between surprise that I was falling under his control so easily, and lust that my status would soon be his personal sex-slave.

The next day I decided that I would work even harder to fool him. The phrases on the Tape would come out of my mouth at the least provocation, in exactly the same tone and rhythm that was on the Tape. I practiced them aloud at work, over and over. Instead of my detached amusement, I would have to adopt an attitude of Constant Meek Compliance if I wanted to avoid cracking up and giving the whole thing away.

After work I stopped at the gym (I really had joined, I’d been meaning to for years). My personal instructor, Sandra (who looked like some teen amazon goddess), had planned out a serious, 5-day-a-week program for me. I had bought a new, sexy, exercise outfit at lunch. No way I would have worn it last week, but after a night sitting in front of Doug in my underwear, it didn’t seem so daring. Besides I’m supposed to be “comfortable with my appearance” now, (should stay consistent). Sandra pushed me hard (at my request), and all I could think of was how this was really good for me, and how ironic it was that it took Doug’s Tape to get me started.

For the next two weeks I continued the charade. In fact, since Doug would be expecting some progress, I began to exhibit fanatical compliance. I stopped in at the gym in the mornings before going to work, as well as for my regular afternoon sessions. When I got home I began to strip my clothes off right at the front door, rather than going into my room. I cut down some of my T-shirts and tank tops so that they barely came down to cover my ribs. By the end of the first week I was even able to bring myself to leave the bathroom door open as I showered. I lost 10 pounds.

All this time I was softly repeating all of Doug’s phrases under my breath whenever I wasn’t actually talking or eating. I listened to The Tape over and over at the office while I was working. I learned it backwards and forwards. There was no way Doug could trip me up on it. In fact, he was biding his time. He never mentioned The Tape or tried to make a move on me, even though I was going around the house in my underwear muttering softly to myself.

Sometime in the middle of the 4th week, Doug switched Tapes. I copied and studied the Next Tape in the same way I had the first. Doug had decided to pull me farther under his control. This Tape included a number of new commands including:

There were several more instructions to comply with, and I set about memorizing and adopting them. It was several days before I felt I was doing every single one at all times. At work, I kept a list and checked off tasks that I had incorporated into my life for that day. I had a column just afterwards marked “Push Farther” and in it I made notes whenever I thought of an even more extreme way of complying to one of my controlling instructions. I knew that if I were to convince Doug that I was under his spell, I would have to adopt an attitude of extreme, fanatic compliance and focus 24 / 7. When I had lunch with Karen and Jane later that month they commented on how great I looked, and I replied “I am comfortable with my appearance” without even thinking.

As you are reading this, you are probably laughing at me. It should be obvious to you by now what I only realized 3 weeks into the Second Tape. All I can compare it to is one of those optical illusion pictures that show two things at once, like the one of either an old woman or young girl, and at first you can only see one or the other, then someone points out to you the second image, and from then on you can’t look at it without seeing both. I was blind to what was really happening to me till one day the idea popped into my head at work, and from then on it was perfectly clear. It didn’t matter if Doug’s subliminal Tape worked or not; it didn’t matter if I kept telling myself I was only pretending to be under his control—I was obeying every command. I was hypnotizing myself with repetition and habit. I was becoming Doug’s Slave in fact.

I decided to go home and confront Doug.

Chapter 5—Doug

Cassie was waiting for me when I got home. She was home early, still dressed for work, and she seemed very upset about something.

“What’s wrong?” I asked at once, figuring she’d been fired, or an uncle had died, or something.

“I found The Tape on the second day. I have been faking it for 6 weeks.”

“Oh Cassie, I am so sorry . . .” I had no doubt what tape she was talking about. “I just thought I would try a few positive suggestions, I didn’t mean for it to get this far. Can you ever forgive me? I’m really, really sorry.” I went on for some time. I was thinking at the time that she would sue me or file criminal charges, or at the very least move out. I was apologizing and explaining and proclaiming my innocent intentions non-stop. I knew I had gone overboard with the last tape, the stuff about thongs and abs had been just for my benefit (and to see how far she would go) and not for Cassie’s own improvement. By the time I started to run out of steam saying “sorry, sorry, sorry” I noticed that Cassie had sunk down to her knees and was looking up at me, waiting patiently.

“No, that’s not it at all.” Cassie said calmly, “I want you to keep going.”

I must have just stared, after a moment’s silence, she went on.

“There must be something in me that wants this. Something that needs to be controlled. I realize that I’ve been doing this to myself, but I’ve never been so excited and, . . . sexually . . . charged before in my life. Please keep going. Command me to obey you without question. I think that in time I can achieve . . . Total . . . Obedience.”

I think that Cassie was having some sort of orgasm as she said those last words. She was still kneeling, looking at the floor and sobbing uncontrollably.

My experience with real Dominant / submissive relationships was zero. I liked the idea of being in complete control, but even that was not the main attraction here. The truth is that Cassie was too great a prize to let go without a major effort. In addition to being very nice, and young, and smart, and friendly; she was covergirl/supermodel/centerfold beautiful; a whole order of magnitude above any woman that would normally consider dating me. Any shot at a relationship with her was worth it, even if (especially if?) she wanted me to be her bizarre mind-controlling slavemaster. Obviously my actions had thrown some hidden switch buried deep in her psyche.

“Of course I will.”

My experience with hypnotism, subliminal messages, brain washing, and behavior modification was also zero (except for recent events). I had read a bit, and I had one major thing in my favor—Cassie was determined to co-operate (both consciously and unconsciously).

I would need to be very careful. Cassie’s running around the house in her underwear was brought on by the vague affirmation “I am comfortable with my appearance”. I didn’t want to inadvertently muck up her personality any further (she obviously already had at least one weird obsession). I began to plan my long campaign for Total and Complete Control over Cassie’s Mind.

Chapter 6—Cassie

Confessing to Doug was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. But now I am so thankful because it turns out that Doug is a genius who just happened to be exactly what my secret fantasies called for. Instead of doing another tape, he decided to use a sort of daily hypnotic session. I would relax in the big recliner, and Doug would speak to me in that deep, calm, wonderful voice. Sometimes I would respond, sometimes I would just listen, and sometimes I would repeat back whatever he said. After 45 minutes to an hour we would finish and Doug would give me a tape, so I could review what had been said. I don’t know if I achieved a true hypnotic trance or if I was just affected by the repetition.

As I said, Doug was very clever (I think so, anyway) in how he went about these sessions. Instead of directly ordering me to obey him, he had me recognize how much I enjoyed the sensation of obedience (to him). He had me revel in every feeling and sensory aspect of my deeper and deeper submission, including what became almost a physical addiction to our “relaxation” and programming sessions. He had me continuously doing little physical tasks and rituals as well as repeating short phrases to try to slowly make obedience into force of habit. My favorite assignment was coming up with new ways I could further reinforce my own need to obey.

And I did need to obey. Even more than that, really, I needed to be totally unable to disobey. I know I was co-operating and had agreed to all this, but the really exciting concept, for me, was the announced end result—Doug’s Total Control. I didn’t want to just play at this. No fear of that, though, I could feel myself slipping completely into servitude. This feeling was delicious, and I could emphasize it by pushing myself to slip ever further and faster. Doug was setting up a set of assumptions and thought patterns in my mind that would mutually reinforce and strengthen my obedience.

Doug was not holding back, either. He said that once I had asked for it, he had the moral and ethical go-ahead to take charge. He was not going to let me request, dictate or even influence any part of his program of Domination. He said I would be ultimately unsatisfied if I thought I had any control at all over events.

Eventually we became lovers. This took much longer than I thought it should have, I was ready right from the day of my confession. Doug was surprised that I was a virgin. Maybe fear of getting into an intense Control Situation was what had kept me from any close relationships before. Now I threw myself into it with enthusiasm, determined to become the best lover possible.

The following month I had lunch with Jane and Karen. Eventually they got me to confess.

“But you seem so happy, all the time,” Karen told me. “How have you managed to hide this from everyone all this time?”

“I am happy. I’m not hiding anything. This is the greatest thing that could’ve ever happened to me.” I replied.

“Oh come on,” Jane joined in, “You’re just yanking our chain. This is all some sort of game, right? There is no way that Miss I’m-saving-myself-for-marriage is going to suddenly advocate kinky S&M, let alone the whole mind-control claim.”

“Yeah, I’m having trouble believing that you’re doing it with Doug,” Karen said, “He is SO not your type, let alone all the hypnotism crap.”

“Look, you are the ones that wanted the whole story.” I tried to explain; “Doug being completely in charge of me is just so . . . liberating. I’m not just willingly obeying him—I’m helping him to transform me—into a creature that can’t even think of defying him.” I think just saying this aloud was making me So Hot! “It’s all for real, and if you doubt me you can come see for yourselves.”

“You know, I think I’ll take you up on that offer.” Jane said. Chapter 7—Jane

When I first heard Cassie’s story, I didn’t believe a word of it. In our circle, Cassie had always been the one most likely to wear white to her wedding, move into a house with a picket fence, and have 2.4 children. She was always our designated driver. Now she was confessing to a weird, obsessive sex-life with her landlord Doug, who was 15 years older and, by all of her prior descriptions, a boring loser.

She stuck to her story, and I eventually began to think there was something to it. The big underlying support for her version was how radically she had changed at work. A couple months before, she was a total low-level non-entity in the Accounting Department. Now, not only was she Director of Internal Auditing, but everyone noticed her. And what I mean by noticed—she would walk across the floor and every guy she passed would stare, eyes bugging out, mouth hanging open, all but openly drooling. Then they had to sit down abruptly. She was that fucking hot.

So there was no doubt at all that something had changed Cassie. How she moved, how she dressed—you couldn’t put a finger on it—but she was putting out the message “This girl could screw you till you literally died of joy—but clearly deserves someone much more worthy”. I even heard one older, married, woman say that she might give Lesbian Sex a try—if her lover looked like Cassie.

So I wanted to see what Doug was doing—how he was getting Cassie to change into someone so completely different. I wanted to learn Mind-Control.

That evening, I went over to Cassie & Doug’s. He had a big house, and Cassie was renting a room at the opposite end from Doug’s room, with all the common areas (kitchen, living room, etc.) in between. Cassie introduced me (I had never met Doug before) and explained to him what I was doing there. Doug seemed very interested in having an observer.

“Uh, you know that Cassie has agreed to all this—I’m not just insisting on some personal fetish of mine.” Doug seemed a bit embarrassed, actually, “I’m not really a hypnotist—this is just an informal process of relaxing and focusing Cassie’s thoughts.”

As soon as I showed any interest at all in the process, he got all eager to talk. Doug produced a yellow note-pad with that night’s program written out and started to explain what he was trying to do. Cassie interrupted, and said she wanted to hear it all fresh, so she would wait in her room until Doug was ready to start.

He went over it with me almost line by line. Some of the short affirmations that he used included:

There were hundreds more like this. Doug covered everything imaginable. These examples are mostly about Cassie obeying, but most of the actual session was about Cassie feeling good and enjoying herself, not even mentioning her relationship with Doug. He included “Escape Hatches” where he would give Cassie a procedure for situations where she did not feel comfortable. (“You can’t just let her pick and choose what to obey, but if I tried to force her to do something that she really didn’t want to do it might bust the whole deal.” Doug explained.) Doug’s technique was to get Cassie to accept certain statements as True, so he was careful to use only obvious truths or ones that were probably true or could be true. There were a lot of statements that were true if Cassie’s attitude agreed.

I got to watch as Cassie relaxed and listened, but I couldn’t tell if she was in a hypnotic state. She replied when Doug asked questions, and repeated what he said when he told her to. It was surprisingly very interesting to watch. Cassie got more and more aroused till by the end it was almost as if she was having an orgasm while leaning back in the big recliner.

Cassie later told me that having me there made the session much more intense and exciting. Whatever her obsession was, she had it bad. I ended up coming over every evening to watch Cassie’s programming. I guess I had a bit of an obsession too—watching the whole process that was transforming my friend. By the second week, I brought over a list of suggestions for Doug to use. We talked about them, and how they would effect Cassie—he seemed really concerned with going slow and thorough and not screwing up Cassie’s head. Doug worked many of my ideas into his program. At the end of the 2nd week, Doug let me be the one to read the affirmations to Cassie.

It is probably just me, but I got such a huge thrill out of programming Cassie’s mind that way. Doug thought that since he was trying to get her to accept what he said as Truth; having someone other than him presenting the same statements would add to their believability. Cassie was excited too. She loved the exhibitionist aspect, but what really delighted her was getting me to come to her office at lunch and give her a mid-day reinforcement session. She had a tape that she listened to, but she really loved interacting. I did not undermine Doug’s program, in fact, at Cassie’s request, I made obedience and submission to Doug the focus of our lunchtime sessions.

After another week, I brought Doug a list of suggestions to use on me. We went over the entire thing carefully—I wanted to try some positive behavior mods without the whole “serve Doug” aspect. Cassie was having such obvious joy that I wanted to try a few sessions myself. I trusted Doug not to take advantage. I can’t say that I felt hypnotized at all. It was mildly pleasant, in a relaxing sort of way, but it wasn’t getting me off the way it did Cassie. So don’t jump to conclusions when I say I moved in with them when my lease ran out.

I had a bedroom to myself at Cassie’s end of the house. Cassie and I car-pooled to work, and I joined her gym (she was stopping there twice a day). I was in good shape, but looked like a couch potato compared to Cassie and Sandra (our incredibly young, perky, fitness instructor). I had Doug give me several sessions a week to help me quit smoking and get in shape.

Late one night I heard something from Cassie’s room and went to investigate. It sounded like passionate sex, but Cassie always went to Doug’s room for that. She had her door open, and was watching a porn tape on her TV. I was staring at the screen, trying to figure out if that position was even possible without some kind of movie special effects, when Cassie turned and caught me watching.

“I’ve been trying do Doug with every position and technique imaginable—but my imagination ran out. They’ve been very helpful down at the adult shop, recommending the tapes with the really freaky things.”

I was still looking at the figures on the screen, trying to figure out what the hell he was trying to do, and when the one girl would make a loud snapping noise and break in half.

“Actually, I’ve done this one already.” Cassie pointed to the screen; “Without the second girl included, though.”

We got to talking about the tape, then about things Cassie had already tried (I was amazed). She suddenly started begging me to do a threesome with her and Doug. She needed another girl involved to achieve some of the things she wanted to try, and she thought that “doing” me would be sure to please Doug, and pleasing Doug was now the overriding priority of her entire existence.

I thought I was pretty adventurous. I once agreed to a threesome with a past boyfriend, until the “buddy” he proposed was such a skank that I broke up with him (or them, whatever) right on the spot. So I thought about it a couple days, but eventually I agreed to a “menage a trois”. Cassie was overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to tell Doug about the evening’s big event. (Cassie and I had already talked about some of the things we would try; people at work wondered why I came out of her office giggling and red-faced.)

Things did not go at all like we planned. When Cassie and I eagerly told Doug what we wanted to do, he blew up. I had never seen Doug angry before. He didn’t want any part of it. It might have just ended there, but displeasing Doug so completely was devastating to the new, subservient, Cassie. She collapsed to floor, sobbing uncontrollably, unable to face him at all.

I pleaded with Doug, “You’re going to have to explain this to her. All she wanted to do was please you, and instead you just yell at her. You’ve got a lot of responsibility here, since you’ve been messing with her head.”

Doug picked up Cassie and got her into a kneeling position. “I’m not mad at you—I’m just frustrated that things took a turn I didn’t want. Doing this would just mess up our future. I don’t want Just sex—I want you. I want to have all of you, completely, forever. I want to stand in front of all our family and friends and community and pledge to forsake all others.” Doug gave a long pause, “I want to marry you.”

For my second surprise of the night (I thought no guy on earth would turn down sex with two beautiful women) Cassie defied him.

“I’ll say yes if you order me to—I’ll do anything you tell me to—but I think I know you well enough to know that you would never force me into marriage.” She looked at Doug.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Doug said; “An Oath before God would have to be your own Free Will.”

“I want to be your Slave. I think you have it in you to become Really, Totally, Dominant. I will be First Slave in your harem, just another possession in your stable of slave girls, to be used in any way, whenever you want. I want to compete for your attention with all the other women whose wills you have broken into Total Submission. I want to be acknowledged as the most loyal and obedient of all your slaves.”

“Well, I want you to be happy,” Doug replied, “But that’s a pretty extreme fantasy. No way that you would reconsider just marrying me?” He sounded stern, but a bit confused.

“You only say you want marriage,” Cassie challenged him, “But I know you—you really want complete command over dozens of compliant slaves. You will be intoxicated by the power and the pleasure of Dominating them. You only need to try it to discover how a conventional marriage could never satisfy you.”

“I know what I want, and I want just you,” Doug said. “This is your obsession you’re talking about.”

“If you had four slave-girls kneeling naked before you—ready to obey your every command and please you in any way, and you still wanted to marry me, then I would accept that you were sincere, and I would freely say Yes.”

Cassie continued; “I will even find the girls who will join your stable and yield completely to your control. You won’t be able to stop yourself. You will be their Master in every way.” She had long since stopped crying, and the more she talked about her fantasy, the more excited she became. Her enthusiasm was somehow infectious.

“I will be your next slave.” I volunteered.