The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cassie’s Challenge

By D.Holzer

Chapter 8—Doug

I was just standing there, unsure of what to do. I had over-reacted when Cassie wanted to have Jane join in with us. I should have stayed calm, and declined politely. I thought I had Cassie almost totally under my control, but her submissive obsession was stronger yet. I also was in love with her. Now she had just told me that the only way she would ever marry me was if I enslaved 3 more women.

And then Jane had volunteered. That was just freaky weird.

I wasn’t sure I could even enslave anybody at all. Cassie was an exception, because she already had an incredibly powerful obsession. But I knew my hypnosis technique was kludgy and relied on repetition and full co-operation (if it was working at all). So, even though I didn’t think I could ever do it, I told Cassie and Jane that I would accept her terms. I figured that would maintain the status quo for some time to come. I could work on Cassie and bring her around in the meantime.

It was frightening to me how close Cassie had come in describing my own, unspoken, fantasy. It meshed perfectly with hers. The difference between us, though, was that I realized it was just a fantasy, and that true, long-term, happiness lay in the real world.

I would go through the motions programming Jane, but she hadn’t ever responded the way Cassie had. That should buy me time to re-double my efforts with Cassie. I wanted her to need and obey me exclusively, even if I did not live up to her vision of a Dominating SlaveMaster.

Chapter 9—Cassie

That night, I didn’t sleep. I trembled and shook. I threw up. I couldn’t be still. I had defied Master. I had displeased him, then defied him. I was not obeying his wish even now. This was causing me distress almost to point of physical pain. I had failed to be fully obedient. Several times I was on the edge of running to Master’s room, shaking him awake, and begging him to make me his Slave-Wife forever.

Only one thing stopped me. I had finally described to him the full depths of my extreme, depraved, fantasy. Before meeting Master, I had never dared to even think it through. As I began to become Doug’s Total Slave in fact, I had dared to imagine the scenario that I really wished for. And now I had told my Master, and he hadn’t recoiled in disgust. He had even pledged half-heartedly to help me work towards it. I would find him beautiful slaves and he would make them compliant and eager to serve. But never as eager as me. However loyal they might become, I would always serve Master with every fiber of my being.

Just thinking about it was making me Hot. I closed my eyes and planned in my head every step I would need to take to bring Master the new Slaves to make my dream real.

Chapter 10—Jane

I have No Idea what had come over me. By the time I got a chance to talk with Doug alone, I had talked myself out of it.

“I’m certainly not going to hold you to it.” Doug told me as soon as we got a chance to talk. “I’m not sure I can enslave anybody, even Cassie; I promised to go along with her plan just so I could buy some time to try to persuade her.”

“Nothing against you, of course.” Doug continued; “I mean, you’re really Fine, and if I wasn’t in love with Cassie . . . .”

“Doug, I want you to enslave me. I trust you completely. I want you to have total command over my will. I will enjoy serving you in every way. I will obey you enthusiastically. I know that you will always consider what is best for me.” It was like some sort of dream. I could hear myself saying these things, but I was just watching myself speaking. I was going on and on, but in my strange, detached, state I recognized the terminology that I had been using on Cassie on our lunch hours. Apparently while I was programming Cassie, I had been absorbing what I was telling her myself. I wasn’t afraid, though. It was like I had my hand on a big red “Override” switch, and I could shut my mouth down if I heard it saying anything I disagreed with.

I did not override. I pledged to be Master’s loyal slave. Why? I wanted Master to get Cassie to marry him (in other words, I rationalized that I was doing it for my friend Cassie). I was thrilled by the weird feeling I was getting as my programming kicked in; I wanted to take that wild ride and see what being brainwashed felt like. I really did trust Master not to abuse the privilege. Finally and foremost, I didn’t really, deep down, believe that I would ever lose my ability to back out and quit.

Master’s eyes were just about popping out of his head as I said all this. He had never told me any of these things, and he didn’t know about the reinforcement sessions I had been giving Cassie at lunch. This was all out of the blue for him.

“Uhh, OK Jane.” He said, hesitantly; “I will do what I can to put you under my control. But we aren’t going to be lovers. Cassie might say she wants me to take other women, but in time it would just create problems between us. Besides, whatever she might think, I would know it was wrong, and that is not the kind of person I want to be.”

“I will always do as you say. Master is wise and kind. I accept that I have no choice but to obey.” My mouth was rattling these phrases out 1, 2, 3 like it was on auto-pilot. It was actually quite fun. “Your power over me is complete. Pleasing you gives me a sense of great accomplishment. I am Proud to obey. I long to win your praise. To do your will is my joy in life.”

I went on that way for some time; I got down on my knees to offer my submission. I must say that Doug was not doing a very convincing job as Dominating SlaveMaster that evening. He just stared at me, looking confused, trying to figure out where all this behavior had come from. I could almost feel something changing inside me. It was like when I had failed to study for a big exam in college and showed up at class to find out the test had been cancelled. I was getting this rush of relief that, for the time being, nothing more was expected of me. I could kick back and let my Program run my life for a while. I know I’m not saying this well, and you can’t understand how I felt, but I was really pleased to be surrendering.

Master finally took charge and sent me to bed, and I began my new life. When I told Cassie the next morning what I had done, her eyes got huge and she began hyper-ventilating with excitement. Master began to add control and obey commands to my sessions, and sometimes he would program Cassie and me together. I began to compete with Cassie to see who could have the flattest stomach, or leap to obey the quickest, or kneel in submission the longest.

At lunch the next week, Karen looked at the two of us in horror.

“It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers” she said, “Another one has joined the Pod.”

“It’s not like he drugged me and tied me up in the basement, I volunteered for every step of the way.” I told her, “Besides, I can quit whenever I want.” (I still believed this.)

“Doug is great.” Cassie joined in, “There is no possible reason to ever disobey him!” Cassie was trying to recruit Karen, but she was sure scaring her off with that kind of fanaticism. We would have to be more subtle.

“You’re not acting like hypnotized sex zombies.” Karen argued, “I don’t think this Doug has as much control as you’re trying to tell me.”

“Doug has been exquisitely careful to preserve our independent personalities and opinions.” I explained; “I know, ‘cause I’ve been helping him craft the Program. He doesn’t want us to just mirror whatever he thinks and feels.” I was explaining too much; it was like sausage-making—best left unseen.

We didn’t reel Karen in that day.

Chapter 11—Cassie

It’s hard to described how overjoyed I was when Jane submitted to Master’s control. I had been trying to think of ways to get her to join me ever since I first became a slave. In our group, I was the fat one, Karen was the tall one and Jane was the pretty one that the guys all wanted to talk to when they came up to us. Jane was also very smart. When she first showed an interest in Master’s brainwashing methods, I was sure that my biggest problem would be that Jane was a Dominant personality, too. But Master was so controlling and confident, Jane’s obedient side came forward. Not only was I starting my recruitment drive with a quick result, but Jane’s submission confirmed my assessment of Master’s true Dominance.

Within days, Jane began to compete with me to become more and more submissive. Now I had someone I could share my experience with. Master wanted me to tell him everything, good or bad, that I was feeling, but he viewed events from the opposite side of the relationship. Having a sister slave meant I was not alone in my situation anymore. Jane and I pushed each other, and supported each other, it was just great.

My dream was to become completely and irrevocably controlled by Master. Jane seemed to be more fascinated with the process itself. She spent a lot of time talking with Master about the details, and reading some of the hypnotism books he had bought since he had begun controlling me. Our differing motives didn’t stop her from going through all the motions of complete enslavement. She surprised even Master with how quickly and completely she was complying with his every command.

At the gym, Sandra, our trainer, was impressed with our efforts. She thought we were following her directions, but actually we were motivated by obeying Master’s overall instructions. Jane had started out in better shape than I had (even though she smoked) and quickly caught up with my level of workouts. I was now in the best shape of my life (by far), but neither of us compared to Sandra. She was only 19 and was a total hardbody; she was solid everywhere. Sandra wanted to compete in fitness pageants. Jane pointed out to me that this could be an opening for us to recruit her for Master’s stable (like I said, Jane was the smart one).

If you knew Master, or have been paying close attention to this story so far, you know that he would never approve of any sort of coercion or deceit. That meant we couldn’t just toss a sack over her head and haul her to our lair to be mesmerized. Sack or no, she would probably kick our butts, anyway. Jane began a subtle campaign to bring her around; I just followed her lead.

“You know, Sandra, I have a friend who does hypnosis,” Jane opened, “He could really help you focus and concentrate for competitions.”

“Oh, I don’t really believe in that stuff.” Sandra replied.

“No, really, he’s great.” I said, “You should give it a try and see the kind of results you get.”

Sandra was unpersuaded that day, but we kept working on her.

Karen, the third member of our lunch group, had been my prime target for some time now. She was really pretty, and both Jane and I saw her at work all the time. She knew all about Master already, though, and she was extremely skeptical. She thought we were crazy, signing on for a life of misery, torture and drudgery because we were too weak-willed to escape. In fact, if we didn’t bring her around, she was likely to get in touch with our parents and arrange some sort of intervention or hire a de-programmer or something.

Jane and I discussed whether there was any merit to that view. Jane pointed out that Master had not cut us off from our friends or family or tried to turn us against them. We both still had jobs, and money, and went shopping or out to the movies (more on that later). Neither of us felt that what we were doing was wrong or hurting anyone. Jane felt that the whole experience would be temporary, and that she would get on with her life after it was over. Master was just too nice to be selfishly exploiting us, besides, it hadn’t really been his idea in the first place.

So Jane and I both worked on Karen—soothing her fears, reassuring her that we were fine, and telling her how much fun we were having. That is the part that is hardest to get people to understand—it was fun. I mean, it wasn’t a life of psycho-sexual tension and unresolved obsessions. It was like some huge adventure, an inside joke, a vacation with your friends to interesting new places. I know I was laughing and smiling all the time, and I saw that Jane was, too. Karen asked once if trusting Doug so completely was like being led around blindfolded, or falling backwards thinking he would catch me. I said it was more like going for a drive with Doug behind the wheel—I could see where we’re going, and could tell him where to turn, and the fact that he was the one steering did not cause me any anxiety at all. It all seemed very casual.

Karen calmed down enough to view Jane and I with amusement rather than with fear and alarm, but there was no way she would be joining us anytime soon. My other prime candidate was Samantha, my little sister. Sam would be going to college here in town next year and she was talking about coming to stay with me for the summer. If Master liked me, he would love Sam as well, she looked just like me (except she was 5 1/2 years younger). I couldn’t think of anything in my upbringing that made me long to be a slave, but if there was, then maybe Sam shared my obsession.

Jane told me her theory—that our midday hypnotic sessions had programmed her as well as me, which was why she had been primed to submit so easily. That got me to thinking—was Master being affected by his own statements? He was not in a trance at the time, but Jane had not been either, when she was brainwashing me. This idea rattled around in my head for awhile, then I had a thought that excited me incredibly. Could Master be made more and more Dominating? Could I get him to include statements that would make himself more—well, Masterful?

I had to tell Jane right away, she was the one who had been studying Master’s Behavior Modification techniques. She considered my idea for a few minutes, and agreed that Master was probably programming himself just a little, but said that the way he had written his instructions dealt mostly with our attitudes, not his.

“I suppose I could try to re-phrase some statements so they would effect Doug more directly.” Jane said, (she still called him “Doug” on occasion.) “He would object if he knew what we were doing, you know.”

I was picturing Master with a whip in his hand and a roomful of whimpering slave-girls. Master had never really punished me, he was too nice (and I had never seriously disobeyed). He needed to become even stronger, and more demanding, and really, really stern.

I said I would tell you about our trip to the movies. Jane and I had talked Master into going with us one night (he didn’t go out a lot, and not at all since Jane had joined). When he agreed, we both got very excited about being on public display. We dressed in matching outfits, as sexy as possible without getting Master arrested as a pimp. (Snakeskin pants so tight they could have been body paint, bare midriff, and a ribbed, elastic tank top that barely stretched over our tits. OK, so he might get mistaken for a pimp after all.) As we walked in, we each hung on one of Master’s arms and I tried to get him to keep his hand on my ass to show everyone who I belonged to. Master was so embarrassed. After that, he would only go out with us one at a time, and would tell us exactly what to wear. I couldn’t wait for the day that he would proudly and publicly claim his rightful herd of beautiful slaves.

Chapter 12—Jane

Cassie thought she had discovered the perfect mechanism to transform Doug into her vision of an extreme, dominating Master. I knew that he did not want to go there. But something about her enthusiasm for her fantasy was wildly erotic and compelling to me. I would never have gone for it a few weeks before, but now that I was living as a slave, the thought of Master going to forbidden, nasty, extremes of controlling behavior was exciting me. I had changed that much already.

I began to rewrite the Code. Most of what Doug wrote was in the form of statements about our attitude. “You think Doug is commanding.” I changed these to a more general “Doug is very Commanding.” The idea was to get Doug to accept them himself as he was saying them to us.

The problem was that Master went over each and every line before each and every session, and he found most of my changes and undid them. He explained to me that he didn’t want to make any statements of fact that might be contradicted by real events. As long as he was dictating our opinion (“You think Doug is commanding”) then we could make our own attitude fit. But if he made an absolute statement (“Doug is very Commanding”) then we might notice him being not very commanding one day and it would undermine our absolute acceptance. Master did not catch all of my changes, though, and in time I was able to slip in more subtle re-phrasings that should influence him as well as us when he said them (“Doug seems very commanding”). This may all seem like only minor details, but try repeating these things while in a semi-trance two dozen times a day for 8 weeks and see if doesn’t begin to affect you.

Although Master caught (most of) my re-writes and changed them back, I don’t think he realized the deliberate Purpose behind my efforts. It may have been my imagination, or maybe he was just gaining confidence, but Master seemed much more forceful as my alterations crept into his hypnotic statements.

As this was going on, Cassie and I continued to try to hook Sandra. We had worked ourselves into fantastic shape. We revealed to Sandra that our focus and dedication came from Doug’s hypnotic ability. I now had some radical washboard abs, and got mistaken for an instructor at the gym more than once. Cassie was so ripped that she could have stepped out of a Comic Book. Master had a fascination with stomachs, so we both ran around in bare-midriff outfits all the time. Sandra was equally impressive, but she was motivated by a desire to compete in fitness tournaments. Eventually, (remember that we were spending hours each day at the gym), we got Sandra to agree to try hypnosis to get focussed for an upcoming Contest.

Master played it straight, and refused to slip in any submission suggestions whatsoever. I don’t know whether it was because Master had gained in skill, or because Sandra was a remarkably good subject, but she went out like a light as soon as he started. No question about whether she was in a real hypnotic trance. She also really, really loved it. After only a few sessions she went off to a regional semi-final and placed 2nd, a personal best. It was probably only a matter of time before we could draw her in all the way.

Chapter 13—Doug

By now Cassie and Jane were both showing me their journals, and Jane was not exaggerating about what great shape they were in. Both of them were now looking Awesome. Diet & Exercise was one area I was very comfortable about issuing really strict and overriding commands. Jane was also right when she observed that I had not figured out the reason behind her changes in the Command Statements I was using. I had noticed the pattern, but I had attributed it to some flaw in her objectivity. (Thinking to myself; “Jane now thinks I am really stern and commanding, that’s why she writes it that way”.) It hadn’t occurred to me that they would try to secretly counter-program me. Of course it also hadn’t occurred to them that I would start demanding to read their diaries.

But now I had to punish them, and my total lack of experience caused me great concern (not that I showed it in front of them). I was worried more about Cassie than Jane. Cassie had already had this obsessive desire to submit, and that might mean she would actually enjoy being disciplined, punished or humiliated. I didn’t want her to start misbehaving intentionally (even sub-consciously) just to get punished, I wanted her to always strive to behave correctly. I especially didn’t want to plant this whole crazy idea in her head if it wasn’t there already. I eventually compromised between a brutally stern lecture, some spanking, and threats of future dire consequences. This Dominance thing was much tougher and more work than one would think going in.

I am not sure what exact arguments they used on Sandra, but one big incentive was how much she loved going under. I resisted, however, when both Cassie and Jane urged me to just give her hypnotic commands to become my slave. Cassie was just very, very eager to gain another slave for me. Jane’s eyes lit up at the thought of hypnotically forcing someone to submit. Whether their efforts alone would have succeeded in time, I don’t know, because Sandra got dumped by her Boyfriend and suddenly needed a place to live. (He didn’t like her competing in fitness pageants!?!) She moved into my house. (Cassie moved into the room next to mine, and at the other end of the house Jane took Cassie’s room and Sandra moved into Jane’s room. A busy day moving stuff.) Once she was living with us, she just gave in to peer pressure. That may sound very casual, but recall that I wasn’t dishing out massive discipline or demanding sex, just (pseudo) hypnotism, and Sandra loved being hypnotized.

So now I had three of them running around the house under-dressed and calling me “Master”. Everybody seemed happy. They obeyed me completely, without hesitation or resentment. I thought I was really in control of things.

Then one day I went into Jane’s room unannounced and found Cassie tied to the bed, sitting up, watching a TV propped up at the foot of the bed. The TV was playing a videotape of my last hypnotic session with Sandra. Jane was asleep in the chair. I took a couple seconds trying to figure out what was going on. Her wrists and ankles were lashed to the bedframe with rope. There was a whole stack of videos next to the TV. She had a gag stuffed in her mouth. But I had just left Cassie in her room on the other end of the house . . . then it hit me—this was not Cassie!

I yelled something like “What’s going on here?” and ran over and untied her. Whoever it was, she looked dazed and disheveled. She also looked a lot like Cassie. Jane jumped up when I yelled. I was asking “Who are you? Are you all-right? What is happening?” Cassie and Sandra came running in. The prisoner was Samantha, Cassie’s little sister. She had been tied up for three days. All three of them knew about this and helped hide it from me. They had some notion of enslaving her and presenting her to me as “fait acompli”. Sam got cleaned up, changed clothes and got her suitcase. I grabbed some money from my wallet and also took all the spare cash that Jane, Cassie, and Sandra had. I gave the money and my car keys to Sam. I told her to drive to a motel, (I mentioned a couple that were 3/4 of a mile down the Avenue,) check in someplace where she’d feel safe, and call her parents. I begged her not to report this to the police, but said she could do whatever she felt was right. (Cassie insisted that Sam take her car instead of mine, just as she was headed out the door.) After she left, I thought about what to do with my trio of kidnappers.

I hadn’t thought it necessary to give orders “Don’t kidnap your relatives and try to brainwash them”. Now I did give those exact instructions, and lots more besides. Boy, I was mad. I decided to limit myself to investigation and damage control that night, and save the punishments for when I calmed down a bit. Make that calmed down a lot. Cassie said that the whole thing was voluntary on Sam’s part, “Sort of”. Right up to the point they tied her up, anyway. (More specifically, right up till they refused to untie her.) I briefly considered destroying all the videotapes and all the other evidence of my mind-control efforts, just in case the Police showed up at the door, but decided that if Sam called the authorities I would just accept responsibility. It was all my fault indirectly, even if I hadn’t known about it till now, because there was no way Cassie, Jane & Sandra would have done this on their own if I had never hypnotized them.

Jane said that Sam had arrived unannounced for her summer visit, and had agreed to watch the videos and let Jane try to hypnotize her. Cassie had suggested the ropes, and Sam had never complained. All three of them thought it would be a great idea to surprise me by presenting Sam after she had already absorbed all of my hypnotic commands. I hate surprises.

The next morning I began the punishments. I also made it very clear what my views on the subtleties of consent / non-consent were. I was waiting for the Police to ring the doorbell and bring an end to the dreamlike Fantasy Harem phase of my life. Instead, when the phone rang, it was Sam, wanting to talk to me.

“So Master, when can I come home?” Sam asked, when I got on the line.

“Oh, Jeez, don’t tell me that watching a few videos hypnotized you into total submission.”

“No, but it sounds like fun.” Sam seemed . . . cheerful; “Cassie really, really loves it.”

A long chat revealed that not only had Sam not called the police, but that she was a wild, crazy, sexually adventurous girl who thought a summer of bondage, discipline, slavery, orgies, and “whatever” would be interesting. Like everyone else, Sam couldn’t believe that Cassie went in for that stuff.

A half hour later Sam showed up at the door, stripped down to her underwear and asked: “Where do we begin?”

Chapter 14—Karen

One Saturday evening I got a phone call from Doug.



“This is Doug, Cassie’s friend.”

“The one that has Jane and Cassie calling him Master?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“What can I do for you? You called me.”

“Right. Can you come over? We need you as a witness, an impartial observer. Cassie says that you already know all about it.” Doug sounded anxious.

“Sure, I can be there in a few minutes.” I knew what was coming up.

When I arrived, it was pretty much what I expected, but a little shocking even so. Four women—Cassie, Jane, Sandra, and Sam—were kneeling on the floor in the living room, completely naked. They sat on their heels with their knees spread wide and their arms crossed behind their backs; heads down, looking at the floor. Doug answered the door and was explaining things again.

“Cassie said she would marry me if I met her conditions. I want you to independently confirm that I’ve done that; since you’re not under my control or influence, and Cassie trusts you.”

I nodded and walked over to inspect the kneeling slaves. Jane had let me read everyone’s account of things a month ago. It looked like Doug’s control had really increased in the last few weeks.

Doug snapped his fingers, and said; “Heads up.” All four of them looked up in unison and gazed unblinking at Doug with total adoration. It was spooky.

“I want to talk to each of them,” I said, “Why don’t you sit over there?”

“I’ve done it, Karen, all the way.” Cassie told me; “My only remaining desire is to please Master. And I desire to please Master because that Desire pleases Master. Every other aspect of my personality and behavior is how it is because it pleases Master that way.” She practically radiated fanatic intensity.

“But Cassie, you’re the one forcing him into this demonstration.”

“I was wrong to do that. I thought it was what he really wanted, but it was my need overcoming my judgment and obedience. I will eagerly comply with whatever he decides now.”

“Doug said he wanted you to say “Yes” of your own Free Will.”

“I have no Free Will remaining, I gave it to Master. For the rest of my life, the difference between Pain and Bliss is not whether I Obey, but how quickly, completely, delightfully I can do so.”

The Cassie I had known was gone. Once fiercely independent, fighting for her beliefs, but also nervous, anxious and uncertain; she was now calm, happy, and assured.

“So Jane, what is Doug about to decide?”

“He’s going to marry Cassie.” Jane smiled, seemingly less changed than Cassie had been. “Though Master has really enjoyed controlling the four of us, these last few weeks especially, sheer momentum is going to make him ask for Cassie. He doesn’t want to admit, even to himself, how right she was about his secret desire to Dominate an entire Harem of slaves.”

“What if he chooses to keep all of you? Are you OK with that?”

“That’s what I wish for in my heart now. I’ve been trained to enjoy Master’s Command. I enjoyed the training itself. And now I love every single facet and nuance of the situation. Master can make me feel thrilled or happy or quiet or safe whenever he chooses. I will be fine, and can go on with my life, if Master sends me away, but I don’t want to lose someone who can make me feel so good, and who has shown that he can be trusted to use that awesome power over me so well.”

I didn’t know Sandra or Samantha from before, so I couldn’t know if they had changed. Both of them told me that they were completely under Doug’s control (they called him “Master” at all times), enjoyed it, and wanted to stay that way. I marvelled at how everyone was so calm and accepting.

When I had finished speaking to each of them, I stood and faced Doug. I nodded.

“So you’ve assured yourself that they are all under my complete control?” Doug asked in a somewhat loud, ceremonial, voice. “I haven’t destroyed anyone’s life or damaged their mind, or anything. All four would continue to serve me, though, as my slaves, if I decided to keep them?”

“Yes, Doug, they are all yours to command.”

“Then I have met all the terms of Cassie’s Challenge, and now she has to say Yes!”

“Not so fast.”

I watched Doug’s confidence deflate like the gas being released from a balloon.

“What? What’s the problem?”

“Cassie said four slave-girls. I don’t think that should include herself. You’re one short.”

Doug did not react well to surprises. He just stood there, trying to figure out his next step.

“I have an easy solution.” I said. I began to take off all my clothes.

To this day I can’t explain why I stripped naked and knelt in line with Master’s other slaves. He had never even asked me to, let alone hypnotized me. I wondered what Ron, my boyfriend, would think as he waited for me back at the apartment we shared. What was I doing? When I had assumed the submissive posture of Master’s other slaves, I said softly “I am yours to command, Master.” Or something like that. I might not have the fantastic fitness level his other slaves had achieved, but I knew I looked good, and fit right into the line-up. I glanced up briefly to see Master’s reaction.

Doug looked at the five women now kneeling before him—all of them trembling in anticipation, and waiting for his decision.