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Catalogue Shopping

by HB5211

Added 14 October 2017

Updated 18 November 2017

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When you have enough power and influence, you can get anything you desire in life—anything. Everything and everyone has a price and no tastes are too extreme for the owners of Fantasy Girls Inc on the Dark Web. Bethany Bowles had never heard of the company or really much about the dark web as she went about her life as the city’s newest prosecutor. It made no difference as once her picture appeared in the online catalogue, it would not be long before there would be a buyer.

Chapter Length Added
Part 1 5057 words 14 Oct 2017
Part 2 3585 words 28 Oct 2017
Part 3 2225 words 04 Nov 2017
Part 4 2188 words 18 Nov 2017