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Change of Heart (Etherealust)

by Etherealust

Added 05 February 2022

Updated 07 May 2022

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Central City is full of cruel villains, none more so than the deadly Nightshade. She’s been trying to get her arch-nemesis under her sway for years. But things are not always how they appear, and Miss Magic isn’t always the goody-two shoes she acts like.

Chapter Length Added Updated
Chapter 1: A Typical Encounter 2148 words 05 Feb 2022
Chapter 2: A Fresh Outlook 4261 words 12 Feb 2022
Chapter 3: All Around Me Are Familiar Faces... 3059 words 26 Feb 2022
Chapter 4: Reconciliation 1874 words 26 Feb 2022 07 May 2022
Chapter 5: Same Mind, Change of Heart 1115 words 07 May 2022