The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Six: Sisters’ Hot Slut Off

As Clara continued her exploration of the mall and all the delights it had to offer, she saw something curious. A “Help Wanted” sign at the local comic book store. A pair of hot blondes with big, natural titties who could be sisters, were giggling at that and rolling their eyes.

“God, imagine working there,” one said to the other.

“Ugh, kill me now,” said the other.

Too good to work there, huh? Clara thought and her next Tweet wrote itself.

Did you know, hot girls want to do ‘anything’ to work at the comic book store? Auditions are open, and the owner has all the cum he needs to put them through their slutty paces! #SlutForComics #JobSlutWhore #WetForNerds

* * *

Samantha “Sam”

I was laughing with my little sister Chloe about anyone disgusting enough to work at the comic book store. She was a year younger than me, eighteen and not a geeky twit. No, she was coming along nicely. I wasn’t embarrassed at all having a little sister like her.

“If we went in there, all those greasy, disgusting nerds would drool,” Chloe said. She shook her head. She had the same blonde hair like me. “It would be filthy.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, my stomach churning. I felt like vomiting just being that close to it. “They’d all have crusty jeans from masturbating in them. They’d squeeze themselves, wishing they could touch a girl half as hot as me.”

Chloe nodded. “I would just shoot myself if—”

Both our phones chimed with Twitter notifications. Other phones chirped about us.

“—I couldn’t work there,” Chloe whimpered. She squirmed back and forth. “God, I would suck as many cocks as I could to work there.”

“Right,” I said, my pussy on fire. My stomach was churning with the fear that I might not get the job. My thong was growing soaked with all the aching need that I had. “Ooh, I have to see if they still need my help.”

“My help,” my sister hissed.

I darted for the door.

“Sam!” yelped Chloe as I vanished inside. Then she was grabbing my arm and slowing me down. “Oh, no you don’t. I’m getting the job!”

I slapped her away and threaded around some shelf with stupid action figures on them. The place was full of all this nerdy, dumb, kiddy shit, but I just had to work here. It made me so wet just thinking I could spend my days here. I would do anything for the job.

I reached the counter, my sister jostling to push me aside as the man behind the counter blinked. He was a little overweight, wearing a t-shirt with some big-eyed Anime slut on the cover all but spilling out of her outfit. He had a close-cropped, black beard that hugged his round face and went down his throat.

An honest-to-god neckbeard.

“I want to work here!” I gasped. “Can I apply?”

“No, no, I want to work here,” my little sister said. She grabbed the counter and bounced up and down, making her large, double D’s heave beneath her tight crop top. “Please, please, let me work here.”

“No, no I have to work here,” I said, my cunt on fire. “You can hire us both!” A move of desperation, but I needed this job. I had never wanted to work more in my life. I didn’t need to work. Daddy gave me a trust fund, but I had to just spend my days here.

I had never been this wet in my life.

“I’m sorry,” the guy said as he moved around the counter. It was all glass display cases with strange cards on them with pictures and texts with price tags on them.

Some of them were over a hundred dollars. For a dumb card?

“There’s only one position open,” he said.

“Then it has to be mine,” I gasped, wiggling my hips back and forth. “I’m the one who needs it. You have got to give it to me!”

“No, no, don’t give it to that slut,” gasped Chloe. “I need it. I’m younger than her.”

“By a year and a month,” I gasped.

“That’s still younger,” she purred. “More nubile and delicious. Huh? Guys like girls young and fresh. Mmm, you want me to work here.”

“Guys like a chick with experience,” I moaned. “And nipple rings. Both my nubs are pierced. You can see the impression in my top.”

With no bra on, my E-cups were molded by that tight, pink fabric. My nipples poked hard and fast, my nipple rings clearly on display against the stretchy cloth. I thrust out my back and jiggled my big boobies at him.

“Plus, I have a cup size on small fry here,” I said. “You don’t want to settle for my little sister’s itty bitty titties.”

“I have Double D’s!” hissed my sister. “That’s not little. That’s busty. Firm and all-natural.”

“Mine are natural, too!” I snarled. “See.”

I ripped up my top and exposed my breasts. They were big and natural, pierced by those silver rings. He groaned as he stared at them, rubbing at his neckbeard. I bounced up and down, jiggling them, letting him see how perfect and real they were.

“Go on, touch them and see that there’s no silicone in them,” I purred. “You’re an experienced man. I know you can tell the difference between real and unnatural.”

“No, no handle my barely legal titties,” cooed my bratty sister. “I just turned legal five days ago. You’re not going to get fresher than that.” She ripped off her top, exposing her round breasts and her pink nipples. She jiggled them. “These are perfect.”

“And smaller,” I said. “Nineteen is still teen. I said. And I am way more experienced than you.”

“Yeah, she’s a big ho-bag,” said my little sister. “You want a girl that will be fresh for you. In fact, I’ll suck your cock. How does that sound?”

“You can fuck my pussy,” I said and unsnapped my jean shorts. I shoved them off, my red thong barely covering my shaved snatch. “Mmm, nineteen-year-old pussy. How can you beat that?”

“How about eighteen-year-old pussy that’s still cherry,” my sister snapped and undid her jeans fastener. She shoved hers down, wearing a purple thong. “Ever deflowered a virgin, Mister?”

“No,” he groaned, staring at us with such lust in his eyes. “Damn,”

I turned around and bent over, thrusting my ass at him. I hooked my thong, pulled the narrow strip of cloth out from between my butt-cheeks, and exposed my asshole. “That’s a cherry ass! No dick has ever been in it. Any girl can give up cunt, but only a really dedicated and passionate girl gives up her ass! Anal is where it’s at!”

“Goddamn, fuck, it is,” groaned the guy. “On your hands and knees, slut. I’ll fuck your ass.”

“What?” gasped my sister. “Over cherry pussy.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Never enjoyed a girl’s asshole before.”

I smiled and fell to my hands and knees. I was staring at a rack of comic books. Action Comics with Superman on the front. Beside it was Detective Comics with Batman. Justice League. Birds of Prey. Teen Titans. Batwoman. Batgirl. Supergirl. Aquaman. Shazam. Hawkman. The Legion of Doom.

It was all so pointless and meaningless. I didn’t give a shit about any of it. I just wanted to work here. I needed it so much. My cunt juices ran down my thighs. They flowed out of my snatch. I shuddered at how wet I was. How excited this made me. It was incredible being here.

I loved that I had this amazing opportunity to be a slut for this job.

The guy pressed his cock in between my butt-cheeks. I shuddered at the size of him. He pushed right on my asshole. There was no lube. I had never done anal, but didn’t he need to lube up. I quivered as he pressed against my sphincter.

“Fuck,” he groaned, gripping my hips. “You’re a complete slut.”

“I’m sluttier than she is,” sulked Chloe, her hands massaging her double D’s. “I could do anal.”

But the nerd was pushing his cock against my anal ring as it widened. I gasped at this burning heat. It shivered through me. I felt so wicked as he pushed harder. I quivered as the pain hurt in this naughty way. It made my cunt so wet.

“Fuck my ass!” I moaned. “I want this job! Pound me with that big, unlubed dick, stud!”

“Shit!” he groaned as he thrust his dick harder against my asshole.

I gasped as my sphincter widened around his dick. I whimpered as he popped into my bowels. The fire burned hotter as he sank into my asshole. The blaze melted down to cunt. It hurt and felt so good all at the same time.

Only a slut for comic book stores would do this. I was such a whore. I trembled, my big boobs swaying beneath me. He grunted as he sank deeper and deeper into my bowels. My velvety sheath squeezed about him.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s incredible.”

“My ass would be more incredible,” muttered Chloe.

“But he needed a real slut’s ass,” I moaned. “Not some virgin poser. Run off to the kiddy store. This is a whore’s job. And I’m a big-time ho-bag.”

“I am just as much a slut as my sister!” Chloe whimpered. She turned around and wiggled her booty at the nerd, her butt-cheeks clapping. “You can fuck me in the ass.”

“Well, I’m already in your sister’s asshole,” he groaned as he bottomed out in me. “So... I might as well just keep going.”

“Yes,” I moaned, my body shaking. The pain in my ass was intense and hot all at the same time. I groaned as he drew back. His dick massaged my burning asshole. I groaned, my face twisting with the pleasure and pain of being ass-fucked.

He slammed back into me with a grunt. His balls slapped into my taint. I moaned, squeezing down on him as he thrust away at me. He fucked me hard and fast. He buried to the hilt in me again and again. I loved it so much.

He pumped away at me. My asshole burned, the pain and the pleasure swelling through me. I groaned, squeezing my flesh down on him. I loved this so much I savored the thrill of being ass-fucked a lot. It was incredible to have him pound me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Oh, that’s perfect. That’s just amazing. Fuck me so hard. Yes, yes pound my asshole!”

“Goddamn, that is incredible,” he groaned. “You’re such a fucking slut... Whatever your name is!”

“Sam,” I gasped as he pounded me hard. “And you’re an amazing fuck, uh...”

“Jason!” he groaned, his hands sliding up my hips. “I’m Jason, whore! Fuck!”

The pain faded as he fucked me harder. The heat in my asshole became more and more rapturous as he pounded my ass. His hands found my big tits. I groaned as he squeezed them. Kneaded them. He played with my tits as he buried his cock into me. He fucked me hard and fast. He buried his dick into me with such force.

I reveled in that. I loved his dick fucking me. I savored how he pounded me with that huge cock. He thrust to the hilt in my bowels over and over again. He fucked me with such force. My boobs swung beneath me as he buried into my anal sheath.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, my orgasm building and building. “I’m going to cum from being ass-fucked by a stud!”

“I could cum from being ass-fucked,” my sister muttered. “Ugh, this is so unfair.”

I just grinned, loving that I was getting the job and not my dumb sister.

My orgasm swelled and swelled as Jason pounded me. The stud fucked me so hard. He rammed that cock into me. He buried that big dick into my asshole. My flesh clenched about him as I rose towards my orgasm. I would have a huge climax on his dick.

He plunged away into me, the pleasure melting to my cunt. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, drinking in everything that he had. I groaned, rising towards that orgasm. I would have a big burst of pleasure on him. It would be incredible. Just amazing to experience. I loved it so much as he pounded me. He plowed into me hard and fast.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“That’s it,” I groaned. My face contorted with delight. I loved every moment of it. I savored every second of him fucking me. He plowed into me hard and fast. He buried his cock to the hilt in my asshole. I loved it so much.

I quivered in delight, loving that so much. It was incredible having him pumping away at me like that. He fucked me with such force. He buried into me over and over again. My pussy tensed, my orgasm about to explode through me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, his dick slamming into my bowels. “Oh, my god, yes!”

I exploded.

My asshole convulsed around his cock while my pussy convulsed. Juices poured hot down my thighs. He groaned, squeezing my tits as my bowels rippled and writhed around him. He thrust his cock to the hilt in my bowels.

He grunted, fucking my convulsing bowels hard and fast. He buried that big dick into me and erupted. His cum pumped into my asshole. I gasped, his seed jetting so hot into me. My bowels rippled around his dick.

“Fuck,” he growled as my asshole milked him. “Oh, fuck, that’s good. That’s damned incredible! Shit!”

His dick flooded me with all that cum. I loved it so much. He basted my writhing asshole while my mind drowned in the rapture of my powerful orgasm. My blonde hair danced around my face as I savored every second of this.

“I’m such a fucking slut,” I moaned as I milked out every drop of cum he had. “You’re not going to find a better slut to work here. I’m so glad you picked me.”

“Picked you,” Jason panted. “God, slut, I still have to interview your sister. I mean, she’s got a virgin pussy. You think I’m not popping that cherry.”

“What?” I gasped as he ripped out of my asshole. “No!”

* * *


“Nya, nya.” I stuck my tongue out at my sister then turned to Jason. “You want me to give you that BJ now. I mean, someone has to clean that dirty skank’s asshole off your dick.”

“God, yes,” Jason said. He pulled off his t-shirt. He had a plump belly covered in this black hair. It was plump. “Suck that dirty dick, slut.”

I would never, ever do anything with a guy like this except he ran this comic book store. And I was such a slut to work here. An abject whore who would suck her own big sister’s asshole off this guy’s dick just to get the job.

I mean, that is complete ho-bag territory.

I winked at my sister as she knelt there looking so disconsolate. I would do something even sluttier than her. I would suck this dick clean of her ass and gulped down all his salty cum. I had sucked a few dicks before.

But never one fresh from a girl’s asshole.

I grabbed Jason’s cock in my hands. I could smell my sister’s sour asshole on him. The scent filled my nose. It was such a wicked aroma to breathe in. Made me feel so wicked. This was indirect incest. My pussy burned as I leaned forward and kissed the tip.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he watched me smooching the crown of his dirty dick.

The sour flavor of my sister’s ass suffused my mouth. I licked my tongue over his crown and really tasted it. My pussy clenched. Juices trickled down my thighs from my shaved cunt. This was so wicked. So vile. I shuddered as I danced my tongue around his crown.

“Ready for me to buff this dick clean and guzzle down all that cum?” I moaned. “Before you pop my cherry.”

“Goddamn, do it, whore,” he growled.

I sucked his dick past my lips.

It was so hot sliding my mouth over the crown of his cock and feel that wicked texture. Then he was in my mouth. The taste of him was just so wicked. I loved that as I swirled my tongue around his dick. He groaned and throbbed in my mouth.

I bobbed my head, suckling on him with hunger. I worked my mouth up and down his shaft, buffing his dick clean of my sister’s ass. He groaned, his dick twitching in my mouth. I winked at him as I loved his dick. I savored the earthy flavor on his shaft. I loved his cock with all my might.

He groaned, his dick throbbing and pulsing in my mouth, the sour flavor suffused my taste buds. It was such a wicked thing to taste. My tongue danced around him as I loved that dirty taste. It was so hot. I bobbed my head, my big boobs jiggling as I loved his dick.

“Goddamn, your sister knows how to suck cock,” groaned Jason.

“I can suck even better than that twerp,” Sam muttered, still kneeling there. “Trust me.”

“Maybe,” he groaned. “Shit, that’s good. That’s damned good. Fuck, your buffing my dick clean.”

I winked at him, wanting to suck clean his dick. That would be so amazing. It was so much fun to nurse on him like this. He groaned as I did. His face contorted with delight. I loved how his brow twisted with his pleasure.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s amazing what you’re doing to me.”

I winked at him and kept sucking.

“Just fantastic.” he shuddered. “Damn, you have a mouth on you. A fucking amazing mouth.”

I winked at him, so glad that my talents were being recognized. I worked my mouth up and down his cock with hunger. I suckled on him with passion. He groaned as I worshiped him with everything that I had.

The flavor of my sister’s asshole faded, replaced by the salty flavor of his precum. He would fire all that jizz into my mouth. I couldn’t wait for him to pump all that spunk into my cock. I was so eager for it.

I suckled on his dick with hunger. Just bobbing my head, my tits bouncing, my pussy simmering for his big dick. He would pop my cherry with this huge cock. I wanted that so much. Drool ran down my chin as I stared up at the nerd and his neckbeard.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You fucking slut, that’s it. That’s... Yes!”

His cock erupted.

I groaned as he flooded my mouth with all that cum. He fired spurt after spurt of his jizz into my mouth. It was amazing to have all that spunk flood me. I loved every moment of it. I savored every last second of his jizz pumped into my mouth. I groaned, gulping it down.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted as he filled my mouth.

I swallowed his spunk. He poured down my gullet to my belly. My virgin pussy clenched, the heat growing and growing in me. I was coming closer and closer to erupting. To have a huge orgasm. I shuddered, twat on fire. He grunted, spurting a final time.

“Now for that pussy,” he groaned.

“If she were a real slut, she would lick your cum out of my asshole,” my sister said. “Those are some of the great ideas that I have. That’s why you want me to work here.”

I slid my mouth off his cock and moaned, “But only a depraved slut willing to do anything to work here would even do it. Like me!”

I pivoted on my knees, grabbed my sister’s butt-cheeks, and parted them. I exposed her asshole. Cum bubbled out of her. His salty cum that warmed my belly. I pressed my face between her butt-cheeks and kissed her sphincter.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped at the incestuous kiss I planted on her sloppy asshole.

My tongue licked out and gathered the salty, sour jizz on her asshole. I lapped it up, savoring the mix of the delicious and dirty flavors. My virgin cunt clenched at how wicked I was being. I would commit even incest to get the job.

“Fuck,” groaned Jason. “Are you two really sisters?”

“We are,” Sam moaned, her butt-cheeks clenching about me. “And she’s got her tongue dancing over my asshole. That’s gross, right.”

“That’s hot,” groaned Jason. “Fucking incest is the best. Sister incest... Shit, that’s hot.”

“I love incest, too,” moaned Sam. “I’ll eat her cunt. Kiss her. Fucking do anything to her.”

“And I’m doing dirty things to my sister,” I moaned and drilled my tongue against Sam’s asshole.

My sister moaned as my tongue popped into her asshole. I slid into her sour bowels and swirled around in her. It was so hot to do this. I loved it so much. She groaned as my tongue swirled around in her bowels. I stirred her up, loving the dirty flavor of her.

She groaned as my tongue sank to the hilt in her. I fucked in and out of her as Jason moved in behind me. I felt him back there. Then I felt his cock nuzzling into my cunt. I shuddered as he pushed that big, thick dick right into my cherry.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned as he nuzzled into my maidenhead.

“Fuck, you are a virgin,” he groaned as he pressed his cock on that naughty spot. He pushed and pushed against it. “I’m going to pop me a cherry.”

I moaned into my sister’s asshole as my hymen stretched and stretched then...


His cock plunged into the silky heaven of my cunt. pleasure rushed through me. This silky delight that washed through my body and drowned my mind. My twat clamped down hard on his big dick while my tongue danced around in her asshole.

I stirred her up, loving every second of that.

His cock sank to the hilt in my pussy. He gripped my hips and drew back. My big boobs jiggled as my cunt clamped down on his big dick. He thrust back into me. He fucked into my snatch hard and fast. I groaned, loving his cock burying into me.

He filled me up again and again. He pumped his cock in and out of my snatch. It was incredible to feel. I loved him fucking me like that. He pounded me with such hard thrusts. He buried to the hilt in me again and again.

“Shit,” I moaned as he fucked me. “Oh, my god, that’s so good.”

“Get back to licking my asshole clean, slut!” my sister hissed as that big dick churned up my cunt.

“Right!” growled Jason as he hammered my bowels.

He fucked me with such force. He buried his cock into my deflowered pussy over and over again. I groaned and thrust my tongue back into my sister’s asshole. I pushed past her anal ring and sank into her earthy depths. I swirled around, searching for that cum.

I found it and scooped it out of her. I groaned, savoring that flavor melting around my tongue. It was incredible to have it melting over my taste buds. I found his jizz and scooped it out of my sister’s backdoor like a dirty slut.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jason moaned as he pounded my cunt. “That’s pussy!”

“Mine’s better,” my sister groaned.

I didn’t care. He was fucking my cunt. Let her be a jealous bitch. I loved every moment of his cock pumping away at me. He fucked me hard. Fast. Pleasure rippled through me as I plunged my tongue back into my sister’s asshole.

I shuddered, savoring him plowing into me again and again as I devoured his cum out of Sam’s bowels. He fucked me with such passion. I loved it. My bowels clamped down on him. I held him tight, savoring his cock burying into my cunt as I licked his cum out of my sister’s asshole.

My orgasm swelled and swelled inside of me. It was incredible to have him pumping away at my deflowered twat. He pounded me hard as my tongue wiggled about in my sister’s bowels. I searched for more of that cum.

And didn’t find it.

So I suckled on her asshole, eager to get every drop out of her sour asshole.

“Holy fuck!” my sister groaned, her butt-cheeks clamping around my mouth. “She’s sucking the cum out of my asshole. She’s such a slut!”

“Want’s the job real bad,” Jason grunted as he pounded my cunt.

I did. So I kept nursing. I kept sucking. Salty cum bubbled out of my sister’s asshole and into my mouth. I savored that delight. I groaned, swallowing down that cum. It was delicious, flavored by her earthy bowels.

My eyes squeezed shut as I loved every second of this. I savored every moment of drawing his cum out of my sister’s asshole. My pussy clamped down on his cock. I came closer and closer to erupting. Just so close to bursting.

I groaned, loving every thrust. Every stroke of his cock. He hammered my cunt with such ferocity. He buried into me again and again. I groaned, loving what he did to me. How he fucked me. He pounded me with such force.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I groaned, my pussy gripping his cock. His balls slapped my shaved clit. “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum!” he groaned, drilling his dick into my asshole. “Let me feel that pussy going wild. I want to feel that twat massaging my dick.”

“Yes!” I gasped into my sister’s asshole. He buried into me. I shuddered.


Squealing, my pussy went wild around his dick. My cunt writhed and spasmed around his dick. The pleasure rippled through me. Waves of delight that drowned my mind with my slutty pleasure. The sour flavor of ass and the salty delight of cum filled my mouth.

“I’m such a dirty fucking girl!” I howled as he slammed into me. “Cum in me. Flood me. I want this job that much, Jason!”

“Goddamn whore!” he groaned and slammed into my convulsing pussy. “Shit!”

His cum erupted into my cunt. He pumped all that jizz into my snatch. It was an incredible feeling that hot delight spurting into me. I gasped, my twat writhing around his dick. I milked him, wanting every drop of his jizz filling my cunt.

He grunted with each eruption. His hot seed flooded my fertile womb. Even if he bred me, I didn’t care. I just wanted to work in this comic book shop that much. I groaned, my snatch rippling and writhing around him.

It was incredible having that pleasure. My mind burned with the ecstasy of it. My cunt milked out all that cum from his dick. I shuddered with all the pleasure that swept through me as my pussy wrung his dick dry.

“Damn,” he groaned as I rubbed my face into my sister’s butt-crack. “Goddamn, that was incredible.”

“So I have the job?” I asked.

* * *

Samantha “Sam”

“Now wait just one damned minute,” I hissed. “She claims to be a dirty girl, but will she let you piss in her mouth and all over her big tits?”

“What?” Chloe gasped. “That’s so nasty.”

“Shit,” groaned Jason as I turned around and knelt by my sister.

I cupped my breasts and held them in my fingers. I winked up at him. “You ever pissed in a girl’s mouth? Every humiliated her by showering her in your urine and letting it run over her body. That’s something a dirty slut who is devoted to working here does.”

“Goddamn,” he groaned and ripped his dick out of my sister’s cunt. She stared at me with this look of envy on her eyes. She wanted to be the dirtiest, but I had outmaneuvered her once again.

I grabbed Jason’s cock wet with my sister’s pussy juices. I pulled him to my mouth. Chloe’s tart juices filled my nose as I pressed his cock past my lips into his mouth. I sealed my mouth around him and nursed on him, winking at the stud.

He groaned, his dick twitching in my mouth. His face contorted. I could feel him straining to piss. He was hard. I’d heard guys had trouble pissing when they were erect. His face went red. His cock twitched in my mouth again.

His acrid urine streamed out and splashed the back of my throat.

“Shit, yes,” he groaned as I gulped down his piss. “That’s it.”

Pure humiliation burned through me as I tasted his bitter urine. But it was for the job. I could endure any disgusting act for it. My pussy was so wet, too. Just burning with the heat of doing this. I swallowed it down.

Then I ripped his cock out of my mouth. Piss splashed over my face and ran hot down my throat. I aimed him at my big tits. He groaned as his yellow urine sprayed onto my quivering boobs. My nipples drank in the wet warmth. The salty, acrid aroma filled the air.

I shuddered as the urine ran down my stomach to my shaved cunt. I arched my back as more and more piss kept flowing out of him. He let out a long, slow, “Aaahhhhhh,” as he sprayed me with his pee. The warmth soaked me.

“Slut,” my sister groaned, licking her lips.

“I am such a whore for this store, Jason!” I moaned, moving his cock to spray both my tits in his urine.

“Goddamn,” he groaned as his stream weakened. Piss soaked my entire torso. It ran down my thighs and dripped from the shaved folds of my pussy. “Jesus fuck!”

He spurted a last stream of urine that splashed over my face. I licked it up, savoring that nasty taste. My cunt burned as I winked at him. Then I leaned forward and sucked his cock back into my mouth, nursing on him. I ran my tongue over his slit, drawing out the last drops of his piss.

“And look at how dirty I am,” moaned my sister. She ducked her head down and licked at piss-soaked breast.

As I nursed on his cock, blowing him, my sister licked up the urine from my tits. That was so dirty. She had one-upped me again. That fucking whore. I shuddered as she flicked her tongue to my nipple. She brushed it.

Pleasure burst from my nub. I squealed around his cock as she suckled on my nipple, getting off all his urine. My pussy clenched, dripping with piss and my hot cream. My twat burned with the need to cum after having my asshole licked and sucked clean by my sister.

“Mmm, I love the taste of your piss, Jason,” moaned Chloe. “That’s how filthy I am.”

I popped my mouth off his cock and moaned, “I just drank your piss and now I need a cum chaser. That’s how filthy I am.”

I re-engulfed his cock as my sister licked at my breast. She lapped up the urine coating my tit. I shuddered as she worked over my E-cup tit as I suckled on his big dick. I nursed on him with hunger, my cheeks hollowing.

The salty flavor of his precum mixed with the lingering aftertaste of his piss. I shuddered, my sister’s tongue feeling so good on me. She made me quiver. I groaned, nursing hard and harder on him. I wanted to drink all of the spunk he had.

I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth up and down his dick. I suckled with such force, my cheeks hollowing. My sister licked to my other tit, her blonde hair draping over my wet thighs. She found my nipple again and suckled.

I squealed around Jason’s cock.

“Damn,” he groaned, his dick twitching in my mouth.

I winked at him.

My sister nibbled on my nipple. She suckled with such hunger on me. The pleasure swept through me. I groaned, my head tossing from side to side as she played with my nipple. I groaned, savoring every moment of her nibbling on me. She suckled with passion.

I groaned, my cunt clenching. The heat building in my cunt as my sister suckled on my nipple. She sent such pleasure reaching down to my cunt. I quivered, my snatch dripping with piss and my juices. I whimpered, feeling dizzy.

“Mmm, and there’s more piss for me to lick up down here,” my sister moaned as she worked down my stomach.

I shuddered as she went lower and lower while I suckled on Jason’s cock. I stared up at the bearded nerd, his face twisting with the pleasure that I gave him. He had to enjoy this. I would make him cum so hard with my mouth.

My sister’s tongue dipped into my bellybutton. She swirled around in my naval, gathering out the piss in there and sending tingles racing through my body. I groaned around Jason’s cock at my sister’s naughty tongue.

“I’ll even lie in piss to eat my sister’s cunt!” Chloe moaned and moved around. She lay down between my thighs and grabbed my hips, pulling my crotch down.

My shaved folds planted on my sister’s mouth. I groaned around the dick in my mouth as she licked at my piss-soaked cunt. Pleasure swept through me as she lapped at my twat. I loved it. My sister sent incestuous delight rippling through my flesh.

I groaned as I squirmed my twat on my little sister’s mouth. The eighteen-year-old slut did such naughty things to me. She made me feel incredible, building that orgasm that had been simmering in me since she started licking my asshole.

“Is she eating your pussy?” Jason asked.

I nodded, sucking hard on his cock.

“Damn,” he groaned.

That was what I would say if I wasn’t sucking on his dick. My sister thrust her tongue into my snatch and swirled around in me. I groaned, my twat squeezing about that probing appendage. She stroked my silky walls, sending such delight dancing through me.

I would have such a big climax on her. I groaned, building and building towards that delight. She fucked her tongue into my snatch. She licked and lapped at me with such hunger. I loved what she did to me so much.

It was incredible having her sucking on me like that. Licking at me with hunger. She bobbed her head, worshiping my pussy. She suckled with such passion on me. Her cheeks hollowed as she loved my clit-dick.

“Damn,” he groaned. “Oh, damn, that’s good. That’s great. I’m going to flood that mouth.”

“Mmm, and I’m going to make you cum, sister,” purred Chloe. “That’s how much of a slut I am!”

She fucked her tongue in and out of my cunt. She plunged it into me. It was incredible to feel. I shuddered, loving what she did to me. My orgasm swelled in me as I ground my snatch on my little sister’s face.

I nursed with all my passion on his cock, suckling hard as my little sister tongued me. She stirred up my snatch with that naughty tongue. Then she flicked it to my clit. She nursed on my bud. I squealed on that big dick in my mouth.

I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down that dick as my orgasm swelled closer and closer. I knew this was it. This was the moment that I had been waiting for. He was about to cum as I drowned my sister in my incestuous juices.

“Goddamn, yes!” he growled,

His salty jizz pumped into my mouth, the perfect chaser to his piss.

I gulped it down as my little sister nursed on my bud. My pussy burst with sparks. As the hot jizz poured down my throat, my orgasm exploded in me. My cunt convulsed. Juices gushed out of my snatch and bathed my little sister’s mouth with my taboo passion.

The waves of rapture crashed into my mind. I bucked on my sister, the pleasure rushing through my body. I groaned, loving every moment of the pleasure surging through me. It was incredible to cum on my little sister’s mouth. On her tongue.

I swallowed the last of Jason’s cum. I winked at him as I slid my mouth off his cock. I opened wide, showing the jizz in my mouth. Then I swallowed it and opened again. “Aaaaahhhhh.”

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“But now you get to fuck my virgin asshole then piss in it!” Chloe moaned in delight.

That fucking little slut.

* * *


Jason pressed his cock against my asshole as I knelt on the floor, my back sticky with the piss that I had laid in. He pushed his cock against my anal ring. I shuddered as my virgin sphincter stretched and stretched to swallow his cock.

I gasped as he popped into me.

His dick slid into my bowels. I groaned, my anal sheath squeezing about him. He sank to the hilt in me. It was incredible feeling him sliding that big dick into my bowels. I groaned, the heat sweeping before me. I shook my head, whimpering at how great this felt. He filled me up with that huge cock.

My boobs jiggled beneath me. They swayed back and forth as he grabbed my hips and pulled back. I shuddered as my anal sheath gripped his dick. I held him tight in my sheath. My bowels gripped him with such force as he buried back into me.

“Yes, yes, fuck my ass, cum in me, then fill me with piss,” I moaned.

“Mmm, yes,” my older sister said. She licked her lips. What was she up to?

That big dick drove back into my bowels, fucking me hard. I groaned at the force of his thrusts. He fucked me hard and fast. He buried his big dick into my bowels. He fucked me with force. He buried to the hilt in me. It was incredible to have him doing that to me.

I loved every second of him fucking me like that. He buried his cock to the hilt in my asshole over and over again. His balls slapped into my taint. They were heavy with his cum. I wanted more of his jizz in me.

“I love it when your cock pumps into me. It’s incredible. Yes, yes, that’s amazing. That’s it.” I quivered there, my bowels gripping his cock.

“Damn,” he groaned.

“Yes, yes, you’re stirring me up,” I whimpered.

My orgasm built and built.

It swelled in me faster and faster.

I loved how hard he fucked me. He buried into me with his virile passion. The nerd grunted and groaned as he pounded my asshole. He fucked me hard, driving his cock into my deflowered anal sheath. I had enjoyed every bit of him today.

My boobs swayed beneath me. Those big tits rocked back and forth as he plowed into me. I groaned, clamping my asshole down around that big dick. My asshole melted. The pleasure swept through me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, savoring that huge cock slamming into me. “Oh, god, that’s good.”

“Mmm, cum and piss in her, Jason,” my sister purred.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted, burying into me hard and fast.

My bowels melted around his big dick. I was so close to cumming. Just about to erupt on his big dick. He thrust into me hard. I quivered, surging towards that big moment of my climax. My cunt drank in the heat.

My orgasm brimmed in me. I just needed a little bit more I was so close to erupting. He plowed that big dick into my asshole. I gasped as he did that, my entire body trembling. This was it. I was about to erupt.

“Fuck,” I moaned, my bowels holding tight to his cock.

“Fuck the shit out of that slut!” my sister moaned.

“Hell, yes,” the nerd grunted, burying his dick to the hilt in my bowels.

He slammed his cock to the hilt in my bowels. My head snapped up as the pleasure burst inside my cunt. My pussy convulsed. Waves of rapture rushed out of my snatch and swept through my body. At the same time, my asshole convulsed around his dick.

“Yes!” he grunted and erupted.

His cum sprayed into my bowels.

“Oh, that’s it,” I moaned as his hot jizz pumped into me. “Flood my bowels with cum! Then with your piss!”

He grunted as he fired, spurting over and over into my bowels with his big dick. The pleasure swept through me. I groaned, savoring his jizz pumping into my asshole. There was so much of that hot spunk flooding me.

I groaned, shuddering at the bliss, my mind drowning in ecstasy. More and more of his cum pumped into my bowels. I loved that delight. It was so incredible to have him pumping all that cum into my bowels. He flooded me with so much of his jizz.

“Shit,” he groaned.

“Now piss in my asshole!” I gasped, my asshole still rippling around his cock, my body trembling with delight. Pussy cream poured hot down my thighs as my orgasm burned through me. “I’m such a dirty girl!”

“Yes!” he growled as my bowels rippled around his cock, sucking at him. “Shit!”

Hot piss streamed into my asshole. Already full of his cock and cum, I expanded even more. This was so incredible. I shuddered as he flooded my bowels with his urine. I moaned, another orgasm bursting inside of me.

My big boobs swayed beneath me as the heat swept through my body. It was so incredible to enjoy this bliss. I groaned, my asshole rippling around him. I suckled at him with my hungry bowels. I nursed at him

It was so incredible to feel all that piss filling me. I quivered as he groaned. He gripped me while my sister moved beside me, licking her lips like a Cheshire cat. I groaned, the pressure building and building in my asshole.

“Sam?” I whimpered.

I winked at her as Jason groaned and the urine stopped.

* * *

Samantha “Sam”

“I’ll show you a dirty girl,” I moaned as he ripped his cock out of Chloe’s asshole.

I ducked my head down, sealed my lips around her asshole, and groaned as a flood of piss and cum squirted into my mouth from my sister’s backdoor. Flavored with her earthy musk, I groaned and gulped down the salty, acrid mix.

“Fuck me,” Jason groaned as I proved just how much of a dirty whore I was.

“Oh, god,” Chloe moaned as that gush of piss and cum slowed then stopped. “That was... Oh, my god, Sam.”

I lifted my head from her asshole and stared up at Jason. “So, I got the job, right.”

“No, no, I have the job,” Chloe hissed, spinning around and kneeling beside me.

Jason opened his mouth when a horde of girlish squeals echoed through the store. Five hot sluts rushed up. Two were blonde like me, another was a brunette, a fourth Latina with a plump ass, and the fifth a redhead.

“We want to apply for the job!” the five squealed as they jumped up and down. “We’ll do anything for it.”

“Strip naked,” said Jason. “We’re holding an interview right now. Competition is stiff.”

“Wait, what?” Chloe gasped. “I could be pregnant!”

“I drank your piss,” I gasped.

“Well, let’s see what these sluts are willing to do,” he said, winking.

I stared at my sister, shocked and angry. We did all that and weren’t even guaranteed the job. She nodded. There was only one thing to do. We had to work together to out-slut those whores. This wasn’t over by a long shot. I would work here.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...