The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Sluts Compete for the Job


I grinned as more desperate sluts had barreled into my comic book store to work for me. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on? But it was shot. The first two, a pair of bitchy and competitive sluts that I would fuck the hell out of, but never would hire if my life depended on it, look so disgusted that there was more competition.

“My, my,” I said, grinning at the five new girls that had just come in. “You all want to work here!”

“YES!” the five sluts all chorused. They were all young, eighteen to twenty, and all hot.

“Then get naked and line up,” I said. “You two sluts, join them!”

“I’m Sam!” the older of the two blonde and busty sisters gasped. “And I’m a way bigger slut than them. Didn’t you see all the kinky shit I did?”

“We did it all.” her little sister said. A ripe eighteen-year-old whore who let me deflower her cherry and do so much worse to her just to work here. They were filthy sluts. “The cum we swallowed. The piss! I let you cum in me. You might be the father of my child.”

“Prove it,” I said. “You’re such a whore, who knows how many men have fucked your skank cunt!”

“You’re my first!” she said. “Which one of these girls will give you her cherry!”

“I will,” a petite blonde said. She was slender and young, looking like she was jailbait, but she was eighteen. She wore a pair of skinny jeans and a negligee-style top that clung to her small breasts. Nipples poked hard against the cloth.

“See,” I said. “Get naked girls, line up, and let me figure out who to...” An idea popped into my mind. I had gotten in these items a while ago. They did not sail well. It was a bit of a pipe dream to think that I could have attracted more women into my shop. But I had to try, right?”

So I hurried out into the back as the ladies were ripping off their clothes. I found the box of “parody” sex toys. Lightsaber dildos, Black Widow vibrators, Hulk fists, Superman’s dong, Captain America butt plugs, shit like that. It was all a bust. I couldn’t move it, but...

I came back out to find the five newcomers were naked, too. They were stretched out in a line of them, their tits quivering. Sam and her sister—was that slut’s name Chloe?—stood at one end. Then came the petite blonde, her small breasts quivering in delight.

“What’s your name?” I asked her, loving the way her slender body trembled. She had a thick bush that dripped with her juices. Some virgin. She was wet standing here.

“Angelina,” she said with a bright smile on her lips.

“You?” I asked the next girl. She was another blonde with big boobs that quivered. She had a trimmed bush of golden curls soaked dark with her excitement.

“Janet!” she said, a bright smile on her lips. “I’m ready to do anything. I’ll drink piss, too!”

“You?” I asked the big-titty brunette. She had a dazzling smile and a shaved pussy that dripped cream down her thighs. The air filled with the scents of their cunts.

“Melissa!” She winked at me. “I can take your entire fist in my cunt. Ever fisted a girl before?”

“No,” I said, my cock rising.

“So she’s got a loose cunt,” Sam said from the end of the line. “Figures. Who wants to stick your dick in that?”

I ignored her and pointed to the next. She had the hugest tits of the entire group. Those things must have been J or K-cups. They had such a quiver to them as she stood there, her skin golden brown. A hot-ass Latina with boobs I could vanish between.

“I’m Maria,” she purred with a delightful accent. She cupped them. “They’re K’s. All natural.”

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick throbbing hard.

The last girl was a redhead with a nice pair of jiggling tits. She winked a green eye at me. “I’m Annabelle. I’m so flexible, I can lick my own pussy. How does that sound.”

“Fucking amazing,” I said. I glanced at the box behind me. “There are sex toys in there. You have to pick one and masturbate. The order that you cum in is the order that you will demonstrate your... skill. Pick them. And you will be buying them when we’re done. But I’ll give you an employee discount.”

That would get rid of some of them.

“You have two minutes to choose your toy!” I shouted.

The girls darted for the box. They frowned at them, picking them up and blinking in shock. Several burst into giggles and rolled their eyes. It was clear they hated all this comic book stuff, so why were they so desperate to work here that they would so degrade themselves. I didn’t get it.

But I wasn’t going to complain.

They were all picking their toys, ripping into the packaging. I nodded as Sam and Chloe both grabbed lightsaber vibrators, Sam going with Sith Red and Chloe opting for Luke’s blue. Melissa, who could take a fist, went with the Hulk fist, a green toy that wasn’t nearly as thick as a real fist. But it looked like it would punch up into your cunt. Janet grabbed the Superman dong. It was a thick and flesh dildo that other than the packaging had nothing on theme. Maria grabbed a green lantern double-headed dildo made of a green gel-like material. Annabelle chose another lightsaber. She went with green. She turned it on and grinned at how it glowed.

To my surprise, Angelina went with the slender Hawkeye Arrow. It was the thinnest of all the toys, the tip sort of shaped like an arrow but not sharp. A cone.

“Okay,” I said as the girls all had their toys. “Begin fucking!”

The girls turned on vibrators and started fucking their cunts.

Sam and Chloe buried their dildos to the hilt in their cunts. They churned up their pussies, the glows spilling out over their thighs as the humming toys buzzed away in their cunts. Annabelle joined them, fucking her lightsaber in and out of her cunt. She quivered in delight, moaning her pleasure.

Melissa rammed the Hulk’s fist into her cunt, shuddering as her pussy swallowed the green fist. She groaned, her face twisting in delight. She tossed her head from side to side, moaning and quivering with the pleasure of fucking herself with that big toy. She reamed it deep into her cunt, groaning as she did. She quivered there, a big smile on her face.

Janet rammed the Superman dildo into her cunt, gasping in delight. Her big boobs jiggled as she fucked that thick and rubbery cock in and out of her cunt. My dick throbbed at the sight of her fucking herself with such passion.

“God, pound me, Henry!” Janet moaned, her eyes closed. Well, she knew that much, at least. “Pound me with that huge dick! Yes, yes, I love it!”

“Ooh,” Maria moaned. “That’s good.” She fucked one end of the Green Lantern double-headed dildo in and out of her cunt while the other rammed into her asshole. She was double-stuffed with cock. Her big boobs rippled. Her golden-brown flesh quivered in such delightful ways as she pounded herself.

“Oh, oh, oh,” gasped Angelina as she pushed the Hawkeye arrow into her asshole. That was why she went for the slender one.

She was bent over, left hand pressed on a shelf, right arm reaching behind her to push the cone-shaped head of the arrow-dildo into her asshole. Her anal ring widened and widened. The virgin squealed in delight as the head popped into her bowels.

“Oh, wow,” she gasped as she sank the slender shaft into her cunt. “Oh, wow, that’s different. I can’t believe it. Ooh, yes, yes, that’s good.”

She pumped the arrow-dildo in and out of her asshole with hard strokes. They were all fucking themselves. It was so hot seeing these seven girls masturbating for my enjoyment. I grabbed my phone, filming them as they pleasured themselves.

I would post this on the web.

Melissa fisted her cunt with the Hulk toy and Janet gasped in delight as she fucked the thick, fake dick in and out of her cunt. Maria quivered, her big boobs swaying as she double-fucked her two holes, pumping it in and out of her asshole and cunt. She gasped and moaned in delight. Annabelle gasped as the blue lightsaber vibe hummed away in her cunt. Her red hair danced as she arched her back.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” groaned Melissa. “That’s it. Ooh, just imagine that it’s your fist and not this green one!”

“Look at what I can do!” Maria moaned. “Both holes at once. That’s how good I am!”

“Shit, that’s a cock!” groaned Janet, fucking the thick Superman cock in and out of her twat. “Oh, I am going to cum on this dick.”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” Angelina moaned. She fucked her asshole hard with the arrow-dildo. She jammed it in deep, her cute face twisting with delight as she looked at me over her shoulder. She winked a blue eye.

She was a gorgeous one. Just so delicious. I loved how her anal ring gripped that toy. She fucked it in and out of her so fast. She whimpered, her blonde hair dancing around her cute face. She gasped as she jammed that toy deep into her asshole.

The girls were all moaning. Sam and Chloe kissed each other as they worked their red and green lightsaber vibes in and out of their cunts. Their tongues danced in such an exciting way. Then they grabbed the other’s breasts, squeezing and kneading them.

The lesbian incest was incredible to watch. Sam broke the kiss and ducked her head down, sucking on her sister’s nipple. Chloe moaned, twisting Sam’s nub. They both fucked their vibes faster and faster in and out of their cunts.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Chloe squealed, pinching her sister’s nipple hard. “I’m cumming!”

Pussy cream gushed down her thighs.

Then Sam’s head ripped off her sister’s nipple. Her head tossed back and forth. She whimpered in delight, her pussy cream gushing out around her Sith vibrator. She bucked, her boobs heaving. Chloe’s tits slapped together.

“Disqualified for helping each other,” I said, shaking my head. “You’re going last now!”

“What?” Sam groaned, her face contorting in delight.

“No, no, no, we’re masturbating ourselves!” gasped Chloe.

“Fucking cheating whores,” I said, shaking my head. I delighted in this power I had over these whores. I made the decisions. And it was so fun seeing the anger on their faces as they quivered through their orgasms.

Then Angelina squeaked, “I’m cumming!”

I blinked in shock as that cute, petite thing was the first to cum. Her body quivered. Pussy cream dripped out of her bush as her virgin twat went wild, needing something big and thick to fill it. My dick would do that.

She jammed the arrow-dildo deep into her bowels and arched her back. She swayed there, her blonde hair dancing around her back. She groaned out her delight, looking so cute as she came there. It was quite a delight to witness.

“¡Madre de Dios!” squealed Maria. Her big tits heaved as she came, her tits jiggling. They slapped together. Just such a delight to watch. I savored them smacking together. Those huge boobies rippled with the flesh impacts with each other.

There was nothing quite like seeing that delight. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. I grinned, drawing in a big, deep breath. It was a delicious sight to witness those two tits heaving as she jammed the double-headed Green Lantern dildo deep into her holes. I licked my lips, eager to enjoy all of this.

“Oh, my fucking god!” Melissa howled. She jammed the Hulk fist to the depths of her cunt. “Yes!”

She shuddered, pussy cream spilling out around the green sex toy. She let it go, her hands squeezing her boobs. She pinched her nipples as she quivered through her pleasure. I grinned, wanting to fist her hard.

Sam and Chloe both scowled as they watched their competition shuddering in delight.

“Henry!” howled Janet a moment later.

She plunged the huge Superman dong into her cunt. She gasped in delight, her entire body quivering with the pleasure of this moment. It was quite the sight to witness. It was a thing of beauty to watch her tits smacking together.

She looked so fucking sexy doing that as her pussy writhed around that huge cock.

“Fuck!” howled Annabelle. The last girl to cum jammed the blue vibrator deep into her cunt. The glow bled through her pale skin, giving an impression of just how deep that toy had gone in her twat. She must be kissing her cervix. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! I love it!”

“So do I,” I said, glancing at Angelina. She had that arrow-dildo buried into her asshole. I grinned at her. “So, what are you going to do to prove your sluttiness.”

“Let you pop my cherry,” she said, starting to draw out the dildo.

“Keep that toy in you,” I said, stretching out on the ground. “Then come over here and impale that cunt down my dick. Reverse cowgirl style. You know that one.”

She shoved the arrow-dildo back into her bowels until the handle just peeked out of her butt-cheeks. “It’s where I ride you but look away.” She smiled nervously at me. “Right?”

I winked at her.

She headed to me, the other girls panting and shuddered as they watched this naughty, petite thing dart over to me. She straddled me and lowered herself to my cock. She pressed her furred muff on my dick, rubbing herself up and down my shaft. I groaned at the heat of her and the way her thick bush tickled my rod.

She glanced back at me, her face flushed. Then she lifted herself up and gripped my cock smeared in her cunt cream. She raised me to her virgin pussy. I shuddered as she pressed the tip of my dick into her bush. Her curls spilled over the tip.

Then her hot flesh kissed my cock.

I groaned as she pressed her wet folds down on my cock. I gasped at the kiss of her virgin twat on my dick. She arched her back and pushed down. She whimpered as her labia parted around my crown. Her hymen blocked the way.

Her virgin membrane stretched and stretched. Her maidenhead protected her pure pussy. I shuddered, about to be the first cock to ever enjoy Angelina’s twat. The cute blonde pushed down hard. She gasped.

Her cherry popped.

“Fuck!” I groaned as her deflowered pussy sank down my cock.

Her young cunt devoured my dick. The eighteen-year-old cutie swallowed more and more of it until she bottomed out on my cock. She clenched her cunt around me. I groaned at the silky heat of her engulfing all of my of rod. I twitched in her.

She shifted her weight, whimpering. The other girls were watching on, hoping she wouldn’t perform well. Her butt-cheek clenched as she rose up me. Her hot twat squeezed about my cock as she slid higher and higher up my dick.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Oh, that feels so good.”

“Of course it does, little slut,” I growled as she slammed her cunt back down my dick.

The pleasure rushed through my body. She felt incredible sliding up and down my dick. Just fantastic to enjoy her riding me like this. I enjoyed it immensely as she worked her cunt up and down my cock, her twat clinging to me.

She held me tight as she rode me. She gripped me with her hot twat. It was amazing to feel sliding up and down my dick. She massaged me with just the right amount of friction. I shuddered as she brought me closer and closer to cum with that deflowered twat.

I grabbed the dildo in of her asshole and drew it back.

“Oooh, ooh, ooh!” she cooed as I pulled it out. “That’s... Ooh, that’s so good!”

I grinned as I thrust it back into her asshole. “Aren’t you an anal slut? I mean, you fucking came from masturbating with one.”

“It felt so good,” she moaned. “I’ve always liked fingering my butthole when masturbating.”

I grinned and fucked her asshole with the dildo. I pumped it in and out of her bowels, loving the way she slammed her cunt down my dick. She gripped me with just the right amount of force. It was a pure delight to enjoy. I loved every moment of her riding me as I fucked her asshole with the toy.

She squealed, her blonde hair dancing down her back. My nuts swelled with the massaging delight of her cunt working up and down my dick. She left my cock streaked in her frothy juices as she rode me. She had such a tight twat.

I jammed the arrow-dildo hard into her bowels. I fucked it in deep. She whimpered, her pussy heating up around my cock. Her head tossed from side to side as she impaled her cunt down my dick over and over again.

“I’m going to cum!” she moaned.

“Fucking hell, you are, ass-slut!” I groaned. “Going to cum on my first dick, aren’t you, whore?”

“Yes, sir!” she moaned.

Her flesh massaged me. It was such a hot delight to experience. “I’m going to spurt all that jizz into your cunt, whore!”

“Please, do, sir!” she moaned as I rammed the dildo into her asshole while her pussy impaled down my cock. “Yes!”

She climaxed on my dick.

Her pussy went wild around my cock. She spasmed and bucked, her body shuddering on me. I loved the feel of her twat writhing around my aching cock. She suckled at my dick. The pressure hit that peak at the tip.

I erupted into her cunt.

I fired into Angelina’s deflowered pussy. I dumped the first load of cum that she would ever take in this pussy. I flooded her with every drop of spunk I had. She gasped, her blonde hair sweeping down her back as her naughty hole milked my dick.

It was incredible. Pleasure slammed through my body with each eruption of cum. I flooded her twat while she nursed me dry. I grunted and groaned, loving this moment. Such bliss shot through me. Such rapture.

“Oh, sir, you’re filling me up!” she moaned, her cunt rippling around my dick and working out the last of my cum. “Ooh, that’s incredible.”

“Yes, it is,” I said. “Go sit on Chloe’s mouth now. She’ll lick you out. She’s a slut.”

“I will, sir,” Chloe moaned. The blonde slut sank onto her back and smacked her lips.

Angelina rose off my dick, the arrow-dildo still lodged firmly in her bowels. She stumbled over to Chloe and sat on her fellow blonde’s mouth. I had deflowered them both today. Angelina planted her furred, sloppy muff on Chloe’s mouth.

The slut drank it up as Maria stepped up before me, her huge tits swaying from side to side. I stood up, feeling so amazing, and asked her, “So, slut, what are you going to do for me?”

“Give you a titty fuck,” she moaned. “Have you cum on my face then piss all over my huge tits!”

“Shit,” I groaned. “Sam, grab me that chair so I can sit down. Move it, you fucking dumb whore!”

“Yes, sir!” she gasped and darted over to get it, her big tits heaving. Her plump ass jiggled. She ran over to me, smelling of cunt, cum, and piss. “There you go, sir.”

I sat down and spread my legs wide apart so Maria could kneel between them. The Hispanic beauty sank to her knees before me. She hefted her tits. She held those big boobs in her hands, squeezing them. They were magnificent. She piled them around me. The silky warmth of them engulfed my cock. The tip barely peeked out of them.

Her hard nipples rubbed into my stomach. I adjusted my glasses as she slid her tits up my cock. I loved how they massaged my wet dick with their silky softness. Angelina’s pussy juices provided such a delicious amount of lube, letting her glide her tits up and down my dick.

I groaned, loving every second of those boobs flying up and down my cock. It felt so incredible. They were so big and soft and warm. The golden-brown titties massaged my dick with such passion. It was incredible to feel her doing that to me.

“Mmm, do you like that, Jefe?” she purred, that accent so delicious. “Do you like my big boobies massaging your huge cock, Jefe?”

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned, savoring every moment of it. “Shit, that’s good. Work those tits up and down my dick. I am going to cum all over your face.”

“Then piss on it!” she moaned, her voice throaty with passion.

“Then shower you in piss,” I growled.

She grinned in delight and worked her tits up and down my cock faster. Those hard nipples massaged my stomach. I loved the feel of those points sliding over my skin as she massaged my tits. The pleasure swept down my shaft to my nuts.

The heat from her tits soaked into my balls. My cum drank it in, the pressure growing and growing with her every slide. I shuddered, loving it. My chair creaked as I shifted. She stared up at me with these dark, soulful eyes.

“Mmm, Jefe, you’re going to fire so much cum, aren’t you? Just hose me down?”

“Of course, slut,” I groaned. “Or puta, right?”

She winked at me. “You can call me whatever you want, Jefe. I’m yours!”

“Shit,” I groaned, my cock throbbing. An idea burned in the back of my mind. “Shit, shit, shit! Keep working those tits up and down my dick.”

Angelina squealed in the background as she rode Chloe’s face. My heart pumped fire through my veins as I rose closer and closer to my orgasm. I would just have such a big huge burst of cum. I would shower her. I would baste her in all my spunk.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. “Just don’t stop. Keep massaging my dick with those tits. I am going to shower all over you.”

“Shower,” she moaned, her eyes so hot with her passion. “Coat me in cum. Dump it all over me!”

I grinned, so glad to do just that. The pressure rose as she slid her big boobs up my cock. She massaged the crown with her silky breasts. She slid them back down again. I gasped and groaned, the heat building and building in me.

I erupted.

My cum fired out from between her tits and splashed across her golden-brown features. She moaned her delight as I painted her face in cum. I coated her in all that jizz. The pleasure shot out of me. It was an incredible delight. My cock twitched and pulsed between her huge boobs.

“Fuck,” I groaned, the pleasure slamming through me. “Goddamn, that’s incredible. Fuck, Maria!”

“Just splash my face, Jefe!” she moaned as I spurted over and over on her.

“Yes, yes, splash her face!” Angelina moaned. Her body bucked as she came on Chloe’s face. She quivered there, smearing her cunt on that hungry mouth. She licked and lapped at that cutie’s cunt. “Cum on her, Sir!”

I groaned as I spurted over and over again. The pleasure shot through me. It slammed into my mind. I groaned at the heat that swept through me. It was incredible to enjoy. I loved it so much. I panted as I fired the last of the cum.

“Now the piss, Jefe!” she moaned, opening her mouth wide, her tits squeezing around my dick. Cum dripped from her golden-brown features and splashed across her face. It was such a sexy sight. “Urinate on my dirty face!”

I groaned as my pleasure faded. The pressure in my bladder swelled. Then I pissed all over her face. The golden stream shot up from between her huge tits and splashed over her cum-coated face. It was so hot to witness.

My urine washed the jizz away as it drenched her face. She caught it in her mouth. The piss spilled onto her big boobs and ran over her large mounds. She turned her head, bathing her face in my urine, letting it soak her skin.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, the piss flying out of me. “What a fucking puta. You want this job that bad?”

“I do, Jefe!” she moaned as I soaked her face.

My urine ran over her huge boobs. Dripped from her face. Pearly streaks of my cum flowed in the yellow rivulets. I shuddered as I emptied my bladder. I ran dry in moments. I had no more cum or piss to hose her down with.

I panted in delight. That felt just amazing. I was so glad that I had sprayed over her. It was an awesome delight. I panted as she slid her big, piss-soaked tits from my cock. The urine spilled down her body. It coated her with all that nasty liquid.

“Sam, lick her tits clean,” I ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Sam moaned.

The blonde and busty older sister ran forward, eager to please me. She ducked her head down and licked at those urine-soaked tits. She sucked off all the drops of my piss that she found. It was hot to witness. I had such power over these women.

“I’m next,” Melissa said. “You can fist the fuck out of my cunt. I mean, just ram it. You got such a huge one. You’ll stretch me out. How does that sound?”

“Like I’m not going to cum at all,” I said, arching my eyebrow.

She winked at me. “Well, Sir, if you let me sit my tight, little asshole on your dick, I think you’ll find plenty of stimulation.”

I grinned and slipped off the chair. I moved away from the piss on the floor and sank down onto my back. Melissa hurried over, her brown hair dancing around her face. Her shaved pussy dripped with juices, her pussy lips thick and coated in her passion.

She straddled me and grabbed my cock, those large tits of hers jiggling. They were F-cups, and seemed so small compared to those K’s that Maria was rocking. But Melissa was still hot. She pushed my cock to her pussy.

“Just lubing you up,” she assured me, her cunt swallowing my dick.

I groaned as she sank down me. Definitely not as tight as Angelina or even Sam, but it was still hot and juicy. She bottomed out on me with ease. She squeezed her cunt around me. I loved the feel of her engulfing my dick.

After a minute, she rose back up me. I shuddered at the caress of her hot pussy against my sliding up my aching cock. She popped off me. I shuddered as the juices dripped down my shaft. It was such a hot delight to have running down my dick.

Then she shifted me back to her asshole. She groaned as she pressed me into her anal ring. I groaned as she sank her weight down on my cock. Her backdoor widened to let me in. Her hot, velvety flesh spread over my pussy-lubed dick.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned as her much tighter asshole swallowed my cock.

“Fuck,” I groaned as she sank her velvety sheath down my dick.

The hot massage of flesh caressed my dick the entire way down. I groaned as she swallowed every drop of me. It was incredible to enjoy her sinking down on me. She felt amazing engulfing my dick. Just fantastic.

I shuddered, her bowels clenching about my cock. She made me feel amazing. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest as she took all of me. My eyes focused on her pussy lips just begging to be fisted. She leaned back, her boobs swaying.

“Mmm, just ram that fist into my cunt, and I’ll make you cum, sir,” she moaned. “You will love sinking your fist into my pussy.”

“Shit,” I groaned, her asshole squeezing and relaxing about my dick. That tight sheath made me feel so good.

I thrust my hand at her pussy and formed a fist. I had never done this to a girl. It was so hot. A big grin spread on my lips as I pushed my knuckles right against her pussy. She nodded with encouragement. Could she really take that much in her cunt.

Especially with my dick already filling up her asshole.

I pushed on her pussy lips. I loved the way they stretched open. They widened and widened, spilling wet and silkily over my hand. Her juices soaked my knuckles. I extended my hand, pushing harder at her cunt.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, her asshole clamping down on my cock, massaging me. “I can do it. Just keep going. I can take it.”

She whimpered, sounding unsure. A bit of fear flitted across her face. She was forcing herself to do this. She had never done it. That made my dick ache even more. I pushed harder with my hand, wanting to force my fist all the way in her.

She gasped as her pussy lips stretched even more. I drilled my fist against her naughty hole. Her cuntlips slid hot over my hand. Then she gasped as I flexed my arm and thrust hard against her. Her twat swallowed my fist.

I groaned as I sank into her. I ventured into her cunt. It was so hot feeling her engulf me. She surrounded me with all that hot and silky flesh. It was amazing to sink into her. To feel her engulfing my hand as I went deeper and deeper into her cunt.

She groaned, her back arching. Her head tossed from side to side. Her boobs jiggling and bounced as she quivered in delight. She licked her lips, her eyes gleaming with such hunger in them. She moaned as I sank my hand all the way in her cunt. She swallowed my wrist. My forearm.

I had so much hot pussy around me. It was incredible. She groaned, squeezing herself down me. She shuddered as I drew back. I pulled on her. She squeezed her asshole down on my cock. Pleasure shot through as I pulled back.

“Sir!” she squealed as I punched my fist back into her cunt.

I buried my fist hard and deep into her cunt. I loved the feeling of her gripping me. It was incredible to have her massaging my hand as I worked it in and out of her loose cunt. She quivered, her asshole clenching and relaxing on my dick.

My dick throbbed in her anal sheath. Her velvety flesh caressed me as she squirmed and moaned. Her boobs jiggled as I punched my hand in and out of her cunt. She squealed like the abject slut she was. She did this just to get a job.

“How much of a whore are you?” I gasped.

“Such a big one, Sir,” she moaned. “Can’t you see how much of a slut I will be? For you, sir! Always for you! Ooh, I just love this so much!”

So did I.

It was so hot having her cunt squeezing about my fist. Her silky flesh spilled over my knuckles. My hand and forearm emerged dripping in her cunt cream. Frothy streaks coated my flesh as I punched my hand into her cunt over and over again.

She moaned, clamping her asshole around my dick and massaging me with her squirming passion. It was incredible to feel that ache building and building at the tip of my cock. It swelled and swelled with every moment.

She flexed her thighs, sliding her asshole a few inches up my dick before slamming her bowels back down my shaft. I grunted, my fist plunging into her cunt. She grabbed her tits, squeezing them as I pounded her cunt with my hand.

“Shit!” she gasped. “Oh, shit, that’s incredible. I love this so much. Yes, yes, just fist me. Keep slamming your hand into me. I love it. I love it so much!”

I buried my fist over and over into her cunt. She squeezed her ass around my dick. She held me tight. Her asshole slid up and down my cock as I pounded her twat, massaging me with that velvety sheath. It was an absolute delight to have her quivering on my dick.

Her asshole swelled the pressure in my nuts. I came closer and closer to bursting in her asshole. I groaned, her cunt squeezing about my hand. I drove it deep into her pussy, all the way to her cervix. She gasped, her twat soaking me with her passion.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. Fuck me. Fuck me with that huge fist! I’m going to cum!”

“Cum, you fucking slut!” I growled.

“Yeah,” Angelina moaned in delight.

Sam looked up from Maria’s tits, finished with her cleaning. “Shit, that’s wild.”

“It fucking is,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in that tight asshole. “Come on, let me feel you cum, whore!”

“I’m almost there,” she moaned, her bowels sliding up my dick. My fist plunged to the hilt in her. She gasped and impaled her anal sheath down my cock. “Fuck!”

Her asshole spasmed around my dick while her cunt worshiped my fist. She squealed and gasped, her flesh rippling around me. I shuddered, her anal sheath sucking at my dick while she bucked. Her spasming bowels slid up my cock.

Then slammed down it.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

I erupted into her bowels.

My cock spurted over and over again. I groaned, shooting my jizz into her flesh. I shuddered as I erupted over and over again. I groaned, savoring this delight. It was fantastic to have all this pleasure shooting through me.

Her asshole milked my cock. I ripped my fist out of her cunt and groaned as I basted her asshole. Her pussy gaped open, pussy cream spurting out and bathing my stomach. My dick throbbed in her asshole. I savored it so much.

I was dizzy with the pleasure of this moment as she worked out all the cum from my dick. “Shit!”

“Now it’s my turn!” squealed Janet. “Ooh, I want to do such naughty things to you.”

“Right, right,” I panted. “Angelina, suck the cum out of Melissa’s asshole.”

“Yes, sir,” the little virgin slut said. She even saluted me, her small tits quivering.

Melissa slid her asshole off my dick and collapsed on her belly nearby me. Angelina moved into position, bent over, and pressed her face into the brunette’s butt-crack. The petite girl’s blonde hair spilled over that gorgeous ass.

She started sucking out my cum, making such obscene sounds. I groaned and Melissa purred in delight. This was such a hot day. I turned to Janet, curious what she was going to do to prove that she was a big slut.

“So, what are you going to do?” I asked.

“I will drink the piss of every girl here while riding your big dick,” Janet moaned. “And since it’s fresh from her asshole, that makes it even kinkier.”

“Fuck,” I groaned and stretched out on my back. I held up my cock for her to ride. She straddled me and winked. She lowered herself to me and grabbed my dick. The busty blonde brought me to her silky bush. She rubbed the dirty tip of my cock into her cunt.

Then she impaled her pussy down my dick.

“Form a fucking line and piss in her mouth,” I groaned as the slut devoured my dick. Her juicy pussy polished my pole as she slid back up me.

Maria stepped up as the slut worked her cunt up and down my dick. The Hispanic girls straddled me. I stared at her booty and shaved cunt. Janet pressed her mouth into that twat and moaned her delight. Maria’s butt-cheeks clenched.

The Latina puta pissed in Janet’s mouth as the whore worked her cunt up and down my dirty dick. I groaned as she polished my dick with her juicy cunt. She worked twat up and down cock, buffing me clean, as she drank that piss.

Urine ran out of the corners of her mouth and spilled down her chin. Maria groaned as she pissed, emptying her bladder into the slut’s mouth. It was so hot to witness. My dick throbbed so much in her juicy cunt.

Maria shuddered and stepped away. Janet licked her lips and moaned, “Next!”

Sam was there. She seized Janet’s brown hair and yanked the slut to the side. Sam winked at me as she pissed in Janet’s mouth. The piss-slut’s big boobs bounced and heaved as she polished my pole with her juicy cunt. I watched Janet’s throat work as she gulped down the urine.

“Fuck,” I moaned, my dick throbbing in that hot cunt. This was all so hot. It was such a wicked delight that swelled the ache in my balls again.

Sam finished pissing. Annabelle was already waiting on the other side. She seized Janet’s head and yanked her to the right, planting her into the redhead’s trimmed bush. Annabelle moaned her delight as she released her stream of urine.

“Drink it all down,” the redhead moaned while Janet impaled her twat down my dick.

Her juicy pussy slid back up, cleaning my cock and leaving my shaft soaked in her frothy juices. I watched Annabelle’s big boobs quivering as she pissed in the slut’s mouth. It was so hot hearing Janet gulp as she rode me.

She finished with her and moaned, “Who’s next? I need more piss. Fill me with your urine!”

Melissa and Angelina were busy, that blonde still sucking out all that cum from her asshole. But then the cutie popped to her feet, smacking her lips. She rubbed at her belly, clearly finished nursing out my spunk from Melissa’s asshole.

Angelina stood over me and bent over, her face above mine and her pussy shoved out at a Janet. The slut buried her face into her fellow blonde slut’s twat. Angelina groaned then pure joy spread on her lips as she pissed.

“So good,” she whimpered as she unleashed the pressure in her bladder. “She’s gulping it all down.”

“Yes, she is,” I groaned, hurtling towards my orgasm. “Fuck!”

I was so close to cumming as Janet swallowed that piss. Then Angelina stumbled away and Melissa stepped up. She straddled me the way Maria had, my eyes staring at the brunette’s curvy rump. Janet grabbed those asscheeks and planted her lips on Janet’s thick pussy lips.

“Fuck!” gasped Melissa as she came.

Janet drank down that piss, impaled her twat down my cock, and squealed. Her pussy writhed around my cock, milking me as she drank down the urine. I shuddered, the pressure bursting at the tip of my cock.

I unloaded into her pussy. I fired blast after blast of jizz into her pussy. I basted her with everything that I had. It was incredible to fire into her cunt as she drank down that piss. She swallowed it with such hunger, the whore.

The pleasure slammed into my mind as I emptied my nuts into her cunt. I shuddered as her juicy cunt worked me dry. She milked out every drop of cum I had ready in my nuts. But I knew I would have more. These sluts were just so... delicious.

“So, Annabelle,” I moaned as Janet finished drinking down all that piss. “What are you going to do?”

“Eat my own pussy,” she said and sat down, her legs spread wide. Then she bent over. I gasped at how flexible she was, Her boobs piled into her stomach. Then her face nuzzled into her own pussy. She licked at herself. She feasted on her twat.

“Shit,” I groaned as Janet slid off my cock.

I shuddered and stood up, my wet dick swinging before me. I moved around Annabelle, watching her in awe. So were the other girls. She was licking at her cunt. Just tonguing that pussy. I just stared at her in awe.

Without even being told, Angelina fell to her knees and suckled on my dick.

She nursed on me as I watched Annabelle feast on her own cunt. I couldn’t see much, but I could hear her moaning and groaning as she ate herself to an orgasm. Angelina bobbed her head, sucking on me with such hunger as I savored this delight.

The others watched Annabelle feasting on her own cunt.

She devoured her pussy.

“I taste so good,” Annabelle moaned.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Angelina’s mouth.

It was almost hypnotic watching that redhead devouring her own cunt. She feasted on that twat with hunger. She licked and lapped and moaned her delight. I smiled, savoring the sight. My nuts tightened.

I wouldn’t last long in Angelina’s mouth.

Annabelle moved her head. I think her tongue was wiggling around in her own snatch. She was digging about, trying to make herself cum with such force. It was such a sexy thing to witness. I was so glad that this happened to me.

Then she nursed on her clit.

She suckled on her bud.

She trembled there, bent in half, her boobs rubbing into her own stomach. Her toes twitched. My balls tightened. I was about to cum in Angelina’s sweet mouth. She nursed on me with just the right amount of hunger.

My heart pounded. I trembled, anticipating Annabelle making herself explode. It would be so hot. Just the perfect thing to witness. My face burned with the heat. My cock twitched in Angelina’s mouth as Annabelle nursed on her own clit.

Annabelle squealed out, “Yes!”

I watched her cumming on her own face as Angelina suckled on my cock. The naughty cutie bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my dick. She suckled on me with such passion. She bought me closer and closer to cumming.

“So yummy!” moaned Annabelle.

I erupted.

I fired my cum into Angelina’s mouth. I pumped my jizz over and over into the slut’s hungry maw. She gulped down my cum. She swallowed it all. I groaned with each blast, my head throwing back. I shuddered as the pleasure slammed into my mind.

I groaned with the bliss of this moment. I panted, savoring every eruption. Every blast of cum into her mouth. My heart pounded with such delight. The pleasure swept through me. It was incredible to feel this ecstasy rushing through me.

“Damn,” I groaned.

Annabelle unfolded herself, her face smeared in pussy cream, and moaned, “Who got the job?”

“Yes!” the other sluts all squealed, staring at me with such hope.

“It’s not over,” I said, smiling as Angelina kept nursing at my dick. “You need to all go buy sexy maid outfits and collars. Then you have to show up at my house. I’ll give you the address. You are going to have to spend weeks—even months—before I can make my decision. You’ll have to be the most obedient bang-maid sluts ever. And pay for those sex toys!”

They all squealed in delight. I gave out my address, they paid for their toys, and off they went to go and be my personal sex slave maids until I got tired of them. And you know what, more girls were heading up to me desperate to work here.

I smiled. I would be making a fortune off them. Just all the money that I could by using them as whores. Charging my customers to fuck them. To even buy them.

I had such wild ideas. Fuck selling comic books. I had sluts throwing themselves at me for some reason. I would take advantage of it.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...