The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Naughty Mommy’s Daughter Solution

Clara was done with the mall. She had a lot of fun here, but she knew there were other places to go. She wasn’t sure where, but she would have a lot of fun at that place. Maybe the park. Perhaps the police station. She heard there was a feminist rally going on. That could be fun. She still hadn’t decided where yet, but she had time to think.

With her sex slave mommy following her, Clara headed for the exit when the sound of fighting made her pussy so wet. She gripped her phone as she saw two women arguing. The younger one was a skinny girl with almost no tits, her fiery hair falling around her face. The other was a busty MILF with brassy tresses. They were in each others’ faces.

Mother and daughter.

“I hate him!” screeched the girl, her face going as red as her strawberry hair. “He will never be my father! NEVER!”

“He is your father!” the mother spat back, fury in her eyes. “You’ll call him dad, accept him, and show him respect!”

“I’ll never show that lazy asshole respect!” The daughter stamped her foot. If she had more than A-cup titties, that would have made them jiggle in the tight tank top she wore. “NEVER!”

“Virginia Mayes, you will—”

“I am Virginia Thompson!” she shrieked, hurting Clara’s ears with the piercing sound of her fury. “That’s my name. I’ll never take his!”

“Virginia Mayes, you will listen to me!” The mother’s eyes bored into her daughter. “I will not let you disrespect him.”

“Oh, I’ll disrespect him if I want to!” she hissed, her eyes burning hot. “I’m Eighteen.”

The moment Clara heard the girl’s name, her fingers started typing her mind-controlling tweet.

Virginia’s mom knows how to get her daughter to accept her new step-daddy. If she wants to act like a little girl, then she needs to be treated like one! He has to spank her ass and pop her cherry! But mommy needs discipline too! #EagerMommy #SpankHerHard #MommyNeedsSpanksToo

Clara hit send. Phones across the mall chirped with their notifications.

* * *

Rita Mayes

I was so tired of this. I knew what my daughter needed to accept my new husband as her daddy. “You need to be spanked and fucked by your father!”

“What?” Virginia gasped, her eyes widened in shock.

I grabbed her firmly by the arm, not about to put up with her whinny shit any longer. Once she felt Bruce’s cock in her, realized what a stud her new step-daddy was, she would stop disrespecting him and accept him as her father.

“Come along,” I hissed and dragged her to Little Princesses, the store for preteens. Virginia still shopped in the Junior Miss section. She took after my ex’s family. No tits. No ass. No curves. “You want to act like a little girl, then I’m going to treat you like one! Dress you like one!”

“What!” she screeched as I dragged her along the mall.

I grinned as I hauled her into the pink and frilly delights of Little Princess. “Let’s get something pretty for you.”

* * *

Virginia Johnson

My cheeks burned with humiliation as Mom dragged me into the house in the new outfit she had bought me. It was a frilly, pink dress. It was something an eleven-year-old would wear to church if she was the lamest daddy’s girl ever. I was eighteen, not a child.

I couldn’t believe how I let her stuff me in this. It didn’t make any sense why I was submitting to any of this. That asshole she married was sitting on his recliner watching the game and drinking a beer, his t-shirt riding up to show off his hairy gut.

He was such a slob. A pig. How could Mom want this guy to be her husband and not Dad? He was a nerd, but he dressed well. He was a good man, not this drunken asshole. It made no sense to me at all. And they fucked all the time. It was disgusting.

“What’s this?” he asked, staring at me with bleary eyes. “Why she dressed like that?”

“Because she wants to act like a little girl,” Mom hissed. “And little girls need their fathers to spank them and fuck them. So come on, Bruce. Get off your ass and discipline her right now!”

“Don’t nag at me, woman,” he grunted. “The game’s on”

“Your daughter needs you to spank and fuck her!” Mom snapped. “Come on. Move it. Don’t tell me you don’t want to redden her bratty ass and fuck some respect into her.”

“Well...” He glanced at me. “Just don’t like your attitude, Rita.”

“Just do it!” Mom dragged me to the stairs. “We’ll do it in her room. On her bed. And don’t worry, she’s not wearing any panties. And I know she’s a virgin. You’ll be the first dick to ever fuck her. So move it, Bruce.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled and finished off his beer.

I heard the recliner closing as Mom hauled me up the stairs. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was insane. I didn’t want to be spanked. I certainly didn’t want to be fucked by that man. I tried to fight my mother, but she was so strong.

I stumbled up the stairs, almost tripping a few times. Then she dragged me down the hall to my bedroom. She shoved me inside and threw me down on my bed. I gasped, some of my stuffed animals falling over and tumbling on me.

“I’m not going to let him spank me and fuck me!” I hissed.

“You will obey your daddy!” Mom hissed, wagging her finger at me. “He’s your daddy now. Not that nerdy loser. So you will let him do it, or so help me, Virginia, I’ll be so mad!”

I swallowed, my blood-chilling.

Then he appeared in the doorway. He had a big grin on his lips, his hand rubbing across his belly as he stared at me on the bed. I swallowed, my heart pounding with such intensity. He looked at me like I was just a thing. His cock tented the front of his sweatpants.

He marched to the bed and sat on it. He grunted, pulled out one of the teddy bears my real father gave me, and tossed it across the room. Then he grabbed me and lifted me over his lap, my frilly skirt rustling.

He flipped that up and groaned. His hand rested on my ass. He squeezed my naked rump. I shuddered as this hot itch spread in my snatch. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was really touching me like this.

“Damn,” he groaned. “She might look like a little girl, but she’s got your ass, Rita.”

“An ass that needs you to spank her!” Mom hissed. “So get to it, Bruce.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered. “Hate when you nag at me.”

“Only way to get you to do anything around the house. Now, she’s your daughter. So deal with her! Make her respect you.”

His cock twitched beneath my belly. “Respect me, huh. Yeah, that would be nice.” He gave my ass another squeeze. “I’ll make you respect me, Virginia.”

“Never,” I hissed.

His hand lifted from my rump.


I gasped at the stinging pain that burst across my rump. My pussy clenched at the strength of his disgusting hand. I squirmed on him, his cock so hard beneath my belly. My eyes squeezed closed as the heat melted down to my twat.

“Oh, yes, you’ll respect me, pretty Virginia,” he growled. His hand squeezed me where he spanked me. The heat shivered through me. I quivered at that. Then his hand lifted up.


I yelped. My butt-cheeks clenched at the feel of him. The heat melted down to my pussy.


My eyes widened. I gasped, the pain rippling through me.


“Yes, yes, you’ll respect me, Pretty Virginia,” he growled.


My pussy grew wetter and wetter as I really felt his cock bulging beneath me. He had such a thick one. I couldn’t believe it. My cheeks burned with the heat of this. Why was he making my twat feel so... so... itchy.


Why did this feel... good?


The spanks were full of such authority.


Such strength.


Such... fatherly dominance.

I shook my head. No, no, I wouldn’t surrender to this—


To this fat slob’s spanking.


He wasn’t my father!


God, my pussy was so wet.


So itchy!


“Look at you wiggle that ass, pretty Virginia,” he growled. “Is my little girl enjoying getting spanked?”

“Of c-course not,” I whimpered, my pussy so juicy.

“Are you sure?” His hand cupped my furred muff. He rubbed through my curls to touch my juicy folds. He stroked up and down my clit. I shuddered at that.

“No, no, no,” I whimpered. “I don’t! I don’t want to be your daughter!”

“Then why are you so wet, pretty Virginia?” His finger slid through my folds to stroke over my hymen. “Because you want your daddy to fuck your pussy.”

My cunt clenched at that, aching for it. The lust sacred me. “No!” I screeched. “You are not my daddy! You’ll never be my daddy!”

His hand ripped away from my cunt.


I bucked at the heat, pressing my belly into that big cock that would just fuck into my pussy.

“You want your daddy to fuck your cunt hard!” he growled.


“Don’t you!”

The heat melted through my twat. It soaked my cunt.

“No, no, no!” I hissed, shaking my head, red hair flying around my face.


“Liar!” He squeezed my burning ass, my pussy clenching. “You want your daddy’s big dick fucking into you!”


I gasped, squirming on his lap.


The pain burned across my rump and melted to my juicy cunt. It itched.




Ached for that big dick to ram into me.


“You can feel that big cock throbbing against your belly,” he growled. “You’re such a naughty little girl that wants her big daddy’s cock to cuck you.”


“NOOOOOO!” I cried, hating how my pussy betrayed me.


“You’ve heard how your mother gasps in the bedroom,” he growled.


He squeezed my burning rump again, his fingers dipping into my butt-crack.

“How she screams out in ecstasy as I fuck her hard. She loves my dick.”

“Love it,” Mom moaned. “Your real father had such a little thing, but your new daddy... Oh, Virginia, your new daddy will fuck you the way a woman should be fucked. Just pound you!”

My pussy clenched at that. His dick throbbed beneath me.

“Who am I?” he asked, kneading my burning ass. “Just say who I am.”

I shook my head. His hand squeezed harder. I gasped, my head tossing at the burning pain that shot down to my cunt. My pussy ached. Drooled. His cock twitched beneath me. He was so big. I whimpered, wanting to surrender.

“I can smell how wet your cunt is,” he growled. “Your mother smells like that. Tart. Mmm, you’ll scream just like she does when I fuck you, pretty Virginia.”

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt!” Mom moaned in my memories. “Pound me with that big dick. I’m going to cum. I’m going to fucking cum on your huge dick! YEEEEESSSSS!”

“Just say it,” he growled. “Who am I?”

I closed my eyes, his hand kneading my rump. My pussy burned so hot. “You’re... you’re... my new daddy.”

My step-daddy lifted his hand from my rump. “That’s right, pretty Virginia.”


I bucked on him, my pussy clenching hard.

“I’m your new daddy. The new man of the house, and that means I get to fuck my little girl. Pop her cherry. Your real father was too much of a loser to do it, but I’ll get the job done. He didn’t take care of his women. But I will. You and your mother will get my big dick night and day. How does that sound?”

I whimpered as all the fight left me. “Wonderful, Daddy.”

Daddy flipped me over onto my back. I gasped as he did that. I lay on my bed, my stuffed animals around me. They peered down at me about to be deflowered by my new daddy. My pussy clenched, the heat rushing through me. I whimpered as he stood up and ripped off his t-shirt. He was a big guy. Muscular and husky. A construction worker with a beer gut and a beefy face.

A virile man.

Then he shoved off his sweatpants. I gasped at how big his cock was. It thrust out from his bush, twitching with his heartbeat. His cock throbbed before him. He stared down at me with this wild look in his eyes.

“That’s right, Pretty Virginia,” he growled. “That’s a real man’s dick. You’re going to feel it when I pop your cherry.”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” Mom moaned. “If I had a real man do it, I wouldn’t have ended up married to that loser. Now... Enjoy. Your new daddy is going to ravish you so hard.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I whimpered, my ass burning as I squirmed on my bed.

Daddy mounted it, his cock thrusting out between my thighs. He twitched and throbbed. It thrust out before him with this angry, red tip. I swallowed at how big he was. How his cock thrust out from his thick bush of black hair.

He leaned over me. I trembled in my pretty, frilly dress. A little girl about to be fucked hard by her father. I whimpered as he pressed his cock into my bush. He slid through my curls until he was rubbing right against my virgin pussy.

I gasped at how hot his dick felt on me.

“Daddy,” I whimpered.

“That’s right, pretty Virginia,” he growled. “That’s your daddy’s big dick about to pop your cherry. And you’re so eager for it, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest.

He pushed his cock against my pussy lips. They parted as he leaned over me. I shuddered as he hit my hymen right away. My maidenhead protecting my pussy from being deflowered. He thrust hard against me.

I gasped as my hymen stretched and stretched. My face contorted. Then I gasped as my cherry popped. His dick ripped through my virginity and penetrated into my pussy. I shuddered as his thick shaft penetrated into my cunt.

I groaned at the heat of my cunt squeezing down on his cock. The pleasure swept through me. This wild heat grew as he penetrated deeper and deeper into my snatch. I gasped, my face twisting with the delight of this. He was so thick.

“Daddy!” I gasped, staring up at him in awe. “Oh, Daddy! Daddy! Your cock is so big in my pussy. Oh, wow. Oh, you’re stretching me out!”

He bottomed out in me. I felt him nuzzling against my... my... cervix. I had taken every inch of my daddy’s cock. I shuddered as I smiled up at his beefy face. I understood why Mom squealed her head off. This dick felt amazing in my cunt.

He drew back his dick. I gasped, “Daddy!”

He grinned down at me. “Someone’s a slut for Daddy’s big dick.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped as he buried back into my cunt. He plowed deep and hard. “Daddy! I love your cock, Daddy!”

Mom watched on with a smug smile on her lips.

I didn’t care as Daddy fucked my cunt with that big dick. He drove hard into me. I squirmed, my spanked rump rubbing into the floor. It felt so naughty having him drill into me. He buried to the hilt in my cock with such hard strokes.

He fucked me with such prowess. He buried into me again and again. He plowed to the hilt in me with such force. I loved that big dick fucking me like that. He buried that cock into me. It was magnificent to feel him ramming into me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, filling his cock plow into me. He buried his dick to the hilt in my snatch. He thrust into me with force. He fucked me with such prowess. I loved it so much. I savored how he buried into me again and again. He had such an amazing cock.

I loved him so much. I savored how he pumped into me with such heat. He thrust into me hard. He fucked me with passion. I squeezed my snatch down around him, loving my new daddy’s cock burying into me over and over again.

He fucked me hard and fast, grunting, “Take my dick, my little girl!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned, squeezing my snatch around his cock. “I am your little girl!”

He grinned as he buried into me. “My little girl with that tight pussy.”

“So tight, Daddy!” I moaned, gripping his dick. I squeezed about him as he fucked me hard and fast. He buried into me again and again. I loved him burying into me like this. He had such an amazing cock. It was just outstanding to feel him driving his big cock into my pussy like that.

I loved it so much.

My pussy clamped down on him. I squeezed him with force, reveling in his cock plowing into me. He fucked me with such prowess. He buried into me again and again. I gasped and shuddered, loving every second of him burying into me.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy,” I moaned. “Bury that big dick into me. Fuck me with all that passion. Ram your cock into your little girl’s pussy!”

“Such a tight fucking pussy!” he groaned, drilling my barely legal twat. “Shit!”

I gasped and moaned, shuddering in my frilly dress. My ass burned in such an exciting way as he buried into me. He fucked with passion. He buried into me over and over again. I loved every second of his shaft plowing into me. He buried deep and hard into my snatch.

My orgasm built and built as his nuts slapped into my taint. I loved the feel of his heavy balls full of all that cum he would fire into me. He would drench my snatch with his jizz. I squeezed down around him, wanting that so much.

I wanted to be bred by my daddy.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I gasped, squeezing my cunt down around him. “Oh, Daddy, that’s so good! Cum in me! Flood me!”

“Getting there!” he groaned, his dick plowing into my pussy. He slammed hard into me. It was an incredible feeling that dick burying into me. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m getting there!”

His dick hammered my snatch. He fucked me with such passion. It was just such a delight. His balls slapped into my taint. It was incredible feeling him drilling in me. My cunt clamped down on his shaft. I whimpered.

He buried that dick into me. He fucked me with that big cock so hard. I whimpered, so ready to just burst with pleasure on his dick. He hammered my cunt, building the rapture in me. I loved the feel of him burying into me over and over again.

He drew back, the pleasure stimulating me. He rammed back into my pussy. His heavy balls slapped into my taint. My twat quivered. The pressure in my snatch hit that bursting point. I exploded in rapture.

“Yes, Daddy!” I squealed as the most powerful orgasm of my life crashed through me.

A tsunami of bliss shot through me. It crashed into my mind and drowned my thoughts. I gasped, my twat writhing around his cock as he pumped away at me. My twat spasmed around him, sucking at him. I loved how big and thick he was.

My face contorted with the bliss as he plowed into me with such force and erupted.

“Yes!” he growled.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I squealed as his cum pumped into my fertile pussy.

He showered my snatch in his cum. He flooded me with all that spunk. I loved it so much. My head tossed from side to side. I whimpered, bucking with the delight that shot through me. It was incredible having all that cum spurting into me.

I loved his hot seed flooding my cunt. I savored him basting my fertile womb with his seed. My new daddy bred me. My head tossed from side to side. I shuddered, my cunt rippling around his dick. It was amazing to have him spurting into me. He pumped so much of his jizz into my naughty snatch.

“Oh, Daddy, yes, yes!” I gasped. “You’re my new daddy! I love you!”

“Fuck, yes,” he grunted, pumping the last of his jizz into my pussy.

“I knew you just had to spank her and fuck her to get her to behave,” Mom said. “Got off that La-Z-Boy and did something, Bruce!”

“And that’s how I get you to stop nagging at me to do shit!” Daddy growled and ripped out of my cunt. “Time for you to learn your place, too, Rita!”

* * *

Rita Mayes

“What?” I gasped as my husband climbed off the bed. He grabbed my daughter’s legs and turned her so her pussy, her blonde bush matted with cum, aimed right at me. “What do you mean, put me in my place? This is my house!”

“Not any longer,” he growled and seized a fistful of my hair. I gasped as he yanked me down onto the bed and shoved my face into my daughter’s bush.

“Bruce!” I squealed.

“Lick that damn mess up,” he growled as he rubbed my face into her sloppy cunt. “That’s your job, Rita. Fucking clean the house. Start with that pussy!”

“No, no, I won’t,” I gasped.

“You will,” he growled. “You’re such a shrew. A hot shrew with a bratty daughter. You both have to learn your place.”

He reached around and unsnapped my jeans as he held my face down into my daughter’s furred snatch. Her tart pussy cream and his salty cum spilled over my lips. Some of it trickled into my mouth. I tasted the incestuous flavor of my daughter’s creampie. The taboo mixing of her and her stepfather.

“Bruce!” I gasped as he ripped my jeans off my hips and hauled them down my thighs. “What the hell!”

“You’re my wife!” he growled. “You’re going to love, honor, and obey me!”

He yanked my panties off. I gasped into my daughter’s pussy. More of her tart cream and his salty cum poured into my mouth. I stared at her sitting up on her elbows in her frilly dress, her face flushed from being fucked hard by her new daddy.

“Listen to him, Mommy,” she cooed with such delight in her eyes. “You need to obey him. Be a good mommy. I became a good girl!”

Bruce dragged my panties down to my knees. He left them bunched there with my jeans. I shuddered, my ass exposed. He wasn’t going to spank me? I was his wife. I wasn’t his bratty little girl that needed to be put—


“Holy shit!” I squealed in pain. More salty cum and tart cream spilled into my mouth.

“Yes, yes, spank Mommy, Daddy!” moaned my daughter as she humped her furred muff against my face. “She’s been bad. So bad!”

“So bad,” agreed Daddy. He squeezed my rump. “You will stop being a nagging bitch and eat your daughter’s cunt!” His hand drew back. “Or else...”


My eyes bulged at the pain that burned through my rump. I whimpered at how strong he was. How dominating he was. He wasn’t about to take no for an answer.


Wasn’t weak like my first husband.


Bruce knew how to take charge.

“Eat my pussy, Mommy!” groaned my little girl. “Do it!”


“Bruce!” I yelped, my ass burning. The heat melted to my cunt.

“Eat our little girl’s pussy,” he growled.


“Clean up that mess!”




“Yes, honey,” I gasped and obeyed my husband.

I licked at my daughter’s furred muff. I stroked my tongue up and down her cunt. I gathered up the salty cum leaking out of her tart snatch. The mix of my husband’s cum and my daughter’s twat melted across my taste buds.

“She’s eating my pussy, Daddy!” moaned my daughter, her voice throaty with delight. “She’s being a good Mommy!”

“Yes, you are, Rita,” Bruce said, his hand squeezing my rump. “Just feast on that pussy.”


I moaned and thrust my tongue into my daughter’s pussy. I quivered at that. This wave of heat rushed through me as I did something so kinky. This was such a wicked thing to do. I loved it. I scoped out his cum from her depths. I licked it out of her.


“That’s it,” growled my husband. “Lick that up, Rita.”

I shuddered as he kept squeezing my rump as I licked my daughter’s sloppy twat. I feasted on Virginia. My tongue danced through her folds as my husband pressed his dick, wet with my daughter’s tart juices, into my butt-crack.

“No, no, I don’t do anal,” I whimpered.

“You do now,” growled Bruce as he pressed his cock against my asshole.



“Yes,” I whimpered, my ass burning.

He chuckled and drilled his cock into my anal ring. My asshole widened and widened to take his dick. I whimpered into my daughter’s snatch as my bowels swallowed my husband’s dick. He sank into my bowels. My velvety sheath devoured his dick.

He groaned as he sank more and more of his cock into my bowels. I shuddered at the delight of his dick penetrating further into my asshole. My tongue danced around in my daughter’s cunt, searching for all that cum that was in her.

I licked it out of her snatch. It was such a delight to feast on her as my husband sodomized me. His cock bottomed out in me as I scooped out salty cum from my daughter’s deflowered depths. I quivered as he drew back his cock.

“Fuck, yes,” he growled.

“Oh, daddy, fuck Mommy in the butt!” Virginia moaned, her cunt clenching about my tongue as I probed into her.

I licked around in her. I swirled about, caressing her with hunger. My daughter groaned, her face twisting with delight as I thrust my tongue into her snatch to find more and more of my husband’s cum. Bruce pounded my asshole as I did that.

He fucked me hard. He buried into my bowels again and again. He slammed into me, my pussy drinking in the heat. The spanking already had my cunt simmering, but now I was warming towards that boil of ecstasy.

“Mommy,” my daughter moaned as I swirled around in her tart cunt, looking for cum. “Ooh, you are going to make me cum!”

“Yes, yes, make her cum, Rita!” my husband groaned as he fucked me hard.

His dick rammed into my bowels. He buried deep and hard into me. I groaned, squeezing my asshole around his shaft. I whimpered as my tongue fluttered up and down my daughter’s slit, gathering up her tart juices.

She tasted so good. I loved the flavor as my husband ass-fucked me hard and fast. I swelled towards my orgasm. Towards that big burst of delight. He rammed into me hard and fast, his balls slapping into my taint.

“Shit, Rita, I knew you had a tight ass,” he grunted. “Such a fucking tight ass!”

“Fuck my ass, honey!” I moaned, my pussy drinking in the bliss. “Yes, yes, just fuck my tight ass!”

He buried his dick into my bowels as my tongue slid up to my daughter’s clit. I latched onto her and nursed with hunger on her bud. I nibbled on her. She groaned as I did that. I suckled with such passion on her.

She trembled, her frilly dress rustling as I nursed on her clit. She gasped louder and louder, her head tossing. Her new daddy hammered my bowels with such force. He plowed to the hilt in me with all he had.

“Fuck!” he grunted.

“Mommy!” my daughter gasped. “Oh, Mommy, yes, yes, that’s it! I’m going to... to... cum!”

She bucked on the bed, her skirt rustling. Tart pussy cream flooded out of her cunt and bathed my mouth. I drank my daughter’s pussy cream. I gulped down her passion. That was so hot. I was such a wicked mother.

Her juices poured into my mouth. I savored her hot passion as my husband’s cock rammed into my bowels. He fucked me hard. He buried that huge dick into my anal sheath. The heat melted down to my pussy. I licked my daughter’s twat as my orgasm burst in me.

“Yes!” I howled into my daughter’s cunt.

“Mommy!” she moaned as I squealed my orgasm into her twat.

My anal sheath writhed around my husband’s cock. I quivered about him, loving the pleasure of his dick hammering my bowels. He drove into my spasming depths, his hands squeezing hard about my hips as the pleasure drowned my mind.

“Fuck!” he growled.

His hot cum pumped into my bowels.

Spurt after spurt of his jizz flooded me. I groaned, my asshole writhing around his dick, milking him. I moaned into my daughter’s twat, licking up her cream as my mind drowned in ecstasy. My husband filled me with his jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted. “Such a fucking tight ass, Rita! Damn!”

I quivered as he filled my bowels with all his cum. I shuddered, my orgasm peaking in me as I licked at my daughter’s cunt. I shuddered, loving this bliss that shot through me. My daughter wouldn’t be a brat any longer.

* * *

Bruce Mayes

I ripped my cock out of my wife’s ass. My new daughter was quivering on the bed in her frilly, little girl’s dress. It was a perverted look. I didn’t like that she was so flat-chested, but I had ideas on how to fix this.

“Prove that you’re a good girl, Virginia, and suck Daddy’s dick,” I groaned, staring at my new daughter with such lust beating in my heart. “It’s dirty.”

She grinned at me with this wicked expression on her face. It ruined the innocence of the dress. “Yes, Daddy. I’ll suck your dick clean of Mommy’s asshole.”

“Oh, my,” groaned Rita as she crawled out of the way. She sank on the bed and pulled off her top. Her large breasts were held in a white bra. She undid that as her daughter crawled across the bed and knelt there at the edge.

Virginia opened her mouth wide. “Aaaahhhh!”

I grinned and thrust my dirty cock into her mouth. The little slut closed her lips around my cock and nursed on me. My balls twitched from the pleasure. I groaned as the little whore suckled on my dick, her red hair swaying about her face.

She nursed on me with such hunger. She suckled on me with force. It was amazing to feel her suckling on me. She bobbed her head, working her lips up and down my cock, polishing off the sour flavor of her mother’s asshole.

“That’s it,” I growled, grabbing the sides of her head. “Suck Daddy’s cock clean, you little slut.”

She moaned with such wanton lust around my cock as I thrust forward.

I drove my cock to the back of her mouth then I pulled back. She moaned around me, nursing with her passion. She suckled with such delight, her cheeks hollowing with the force of her hunger. His wicked tongue darted around my cock.

I loved it. My balls swayed, growing tight with the pressure of my cum. I would pump so much of my cum into her mouth. It would be fantastic. I was so eager for it. Just so ready to cum in her. To flood her with all that spunk.

“That’s it,” I groaned. “That’s fucking it. Take my cock in your mouth. Yes, yes, you dirty slut. Your mother’s asshole is all over it, and you’re sucking it clean.”

She moaned around me, her green eyes shining up at me.

I fucked her mouth. I drove my dick to the back of her throat and pulled back. The wicked slut nursed with such hunger on me. She sucked and slurped as I pounded her oral pussy. I drove my cock into her warm, wet mouth again and again.

My balls swung, growing tight with the pressure. I would flood her mouth with my cum. Just fill her with all the spunk in my nuts. I groaned, burying deep and hard into her mouth. My cock kept brushing the back of her throat.

I grinned and thrust even harder.

I hit her gullet and kept going.

“Take it, slut!” I snarled as I drilled my cock against the back of her throat.

She choked and spluttered as my cock rammed down her throat. A big smile spread on my lips as I savored that delight. Pleasure shot down my shaft. It felt so incredible. I loved sliding down her gullet. Letting her taste more and more of her mother’s ass on my dick.

I slid my shaft all the way until her lips and nose were pressed into my bush. She whimpered around my dick. That felt incredible having her massaging my shaft with her throat and vocal cords. A big grin spread on my lips.

“That’s daddy’s little whore,” I growled. “Goddamn, Virginia, you are just a big slut for me!”

She nodded, whimpering.

“You took all of your daddy’s cock,” Rita purred. “That’s amazing, honey!”

I drew back my cock, loving how she suckled on me. My cock popped out of her gullet and into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my tip before I thrust back into her throat. I drove down her hard this time. My nuts slapped into her chin.

I loved that sound.

My nuts slammed into her chin over and over again. I fucked her gullet hard and fast. The pressure in my balls swelled and swelled as I used my step-daughter’s throat as a pussy. I fucked her with such force. I buried into her again and again.

“That’s fucking it,” I growled. “I’m going to cum. Fuck!”

My cock erupted as I drew back.

I flooded my new daughter’s mouth with my jizz. The pleasure shot through my body. It was incredible to feel that delight shooting through my body and crashing into my mind. I groaned as I unloaded in her mouth, savoring the ecstasy.

“Fuck!” I growled.

My new daughter gulped down my cum. She swallowed it with such an eagerness. I loved it. My cock erupted over and over again. My heart pounded. The pleasure swept through me. This was incredible. I had wanted Virginia since I met Rita. I never thought I would get her.

But I had her now.

She swallowed the last of my cum. I groaned as I pumped that jizz into her mouth. My heart pounded with this wild beat. It swept through me. I loved it. My cock twitched and throbbed in her nursing mouth.

She suckled on me with hunger. I loved how her tongue danced around my cock. She swirled about me in such an exciting way. A big smile spread on my lips. I shuddered from the delight as I ripped my cock out of her mouth.

“You like the taste of your mother’s asshole?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned.

“Then lick my cum out of her asshole as I fuck that pussy of yours again,” I growled. “I need more of that tight, young cunt.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned and turned on the bed. “Mommy, would you kindly kneel before me?”

“Yes,” Rita moaned with such lust.

She moved into position. I watched as my wife’s daughter buried her face into Rita’s butt-crack. I grinned at the wicked and incestuous sight before me. I moved onto the bed behind my new daughter as she rimmed out my wife’s asshole.

And licked out my cum.

And there was my daughter’s pussy, surrounded by her red curls. Those would have to go. She needed to be shaved. I was too horny to wait for her to do that. So I pushed my cock into her cunt and thrust into her pussy.

I savored sinking into her cunt. She moaned into her mother’s asshole. Rita quivered there, her head tossing. I groaned as I bottomed out in my new little girl’s pussy. My balls rested against her bush. I savored the heat of her.

I just took a moment to enjoy this twat.

To luxuriate in being buried to the hilt in her snatch.

Then I drew back my hips. She groaned, squeezing her cunt around me. She held my dick in that tight and juicy embrace. It was such a thrill to have her gripping me like that. Her deflowered pussy massaged the tip of my dick.

Eighteen-year-old pussy. What a fucking treat.

I rammed back into my new daughter’s cunt. I buried to the hilt in her snatch. She moaned into her mother’s butt-hole. Her red hair spilled over her mother’s ass. Rita groaned. She must be enjoying having my cum licked out of her asshole.

“Oh, yes, yes, sweetie,” Rita moaned. “Oh, get your daddy’s spunk out of my asshole.”

“Yes, yes, feast on that jizz, Virginia!” I panted, pumping away at her pussy.

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned. “It’s so good. I love it.”

“Of course you do,” I groaned. “You’re such a slut. Yes, yes, just lick out that cum, you dirty whore!”

She did. She was going to town on her mother’s asshole as I fucked her cunt. I pounded her, savoring the way my daughter’s silky twat gripped me. She held me tight as I fucked away at her. I pounded her with such force.

She gripped my cunt with passion. I loved the way she held me. I groaned, pounding her cunt with all my might. My balls slapped into her bush. They brimmed with all the cum I would fire into her. I would just pump her with all that spunk I had.

“Daddy!” she groaned. “Oh, Daddy, that’s so good.”

“Mmm, I bet,” moaned Rita. “Your daddy has the best dick. And... Get that tongue in me. Swirl it around. That’s it!”

Virginia moaned as she pleasured her mother and found my cum.

I loved it.

My dick throbbed in her cunt. I fucked my little girl hard and fast. I buried into her again and again. I loved how she clenched about me. She held me tight in her naughty sheath. The pleasure built and built in me. I groaned toward that bursting point.

I shuddered, loving this delight so much. I groaned, my face contorting with the delight of pounding her cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. I plowed deep and hard into her twat.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groaned. “Take it. Take it, slut!”

She squeezed her pussy down on me, building that ache at the tip of my cock. Her hot and juicy pussy had me coming closer and closer to spurting my cum into her. I buried into her barely legal twat again and again.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she moaned, holding me tight.

“Yes, yes, cum on my dick!” I panted.

“Cum on him, honey!” my wife moaned.

My little girl moaned her agreement, squeezing her snatch around me. I loved how she gripped me. I hurtled toward that moment of the eruption as I buried into that juicy twat. I drew back, her cunt gripping me with a hot, silky grip.

I buried my aching dick into Virginia’s cunt. My daughter squealed in delight.

Her cunt went wild around my dick.

“Daddy!” she howled as her twat spasmed around my cock. Her flesh suckled at me. “Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Cum in me! Breed me!”

“Shit!” I gasped as she said that and buried my cock to the hilt in her cunt. I erupted.

My cum fired into her fertile depths. Her hot flesh suckled at me as she moaned into her mother’s asshole. My wife quivered there as our daughter licked at her asshole and milked my cock. That hot cunt rippled around me, suckling at me.

My nuts emptied into my new daughter’s hot cunt. I groaned, savoring that hot delight spasming around me. I grunted with each eruption, the pleasure hammering my mind. Stars burst across my vision. Cumming in my daughter was such an amazing thing.

I loved every moment of it. I savored every last eruption of cum into her snatch.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned, my chest rising and falling. “Goddamn, you’re such a slut!”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she squealed.

“Oh, yes, yes, you have straightened out our little girl,” Rita moaned. “Mmm, such a good husband.”

“And don’t you forget it,” I growled. “I’ll spank either of you and fuck your asses hard if you misbehave!”

“Yes, Daddy!” my daughter groaned as my wife panted, “Yes, honey!”

I grinned as my dick throbbed in my daughter’s cunt. This was so hot. I ruled this house now. Just the way it should be. And I had plans. Big ones.

* * *

Virginia Mayes

“I think I’ll turn this room into my man cave,” Daddy said as he stood over Mommy and me. His cock thrust out hard before him, his beefy arms folded across his chest. “Since you’ll be sleeping in our bed from now on.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, so glad that I was Virginia Mayes. My new daddy was such a sexy man.

“And you know that college tuition your real dad gave you, well, we’re going to get you some tit implants,” Daddy continued. “The fucking best on the market. You’re going to have tits as big as your mother’s.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, beaming up at him. “That sounds perfect. I want to have big, huge titties for you to play with!”

“Damn straight,” he said. “Now suck my cock like you fucking love it, slut!”

I grinned, opened my mouth, and swallowed his cock covered in my tart pussy cream. I was so happy. This was my place. On my knees serving my daddy. I couldn’t wait to have his child. I hoped it was a daughter that I would raise right to love and obey her daddy.

Because when she turned eighteen, she would be sucking on this dick, too. That would be just so wonderful. Mommy was right. A spanking and a fucking was just what a rebellions brat like me needed to be straightened out.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...