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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1998. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author.

Part 5 Time for Some Fun.

There were so many possibilities, that I wasn’t sure where to begin. True, sex was out of the question, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have him jack off for me, and give him the pleasure of an orgasm. Damn it! I was getting close to one myself as I thought about it. Best to start slow and easy, though, and relish the moments.

“Steve, open your eyes and stand up.” I said.

“Yes, Sir.” He replied as his eyes popped open and he stood up, in a fluid motion.

“Steve, When I tell you to, I want you to put on your hat, put your badge back on, and then I want you to do a police ‘pat search’ of me for any objects. While you are doing that, you’ll find that it turns you on just a bit, and that you’d like to have me do that to you, when you are done doing me.”

“Yes, Sir. I like that idea, Sir.” He replied with shining eyes, looking at me.

“Let’s start then, Steve.” I said with a wink of my eye.

“Oh, yes, Sir!” Steve replied joyously. As he bent over and picked up his hat from the floor where it had fallen earlier, and put it on. (My cock saluted him.) He picked up his badge from the coffee table and replaced it on his uniform, then he reached over and grabbed my arm hard and pulled me (with little resistance, if any, I might add) over to the wall where he made me ‘assume the position’, that suspects always assume on police shows; facing the wall with my arms up and over my head.

He started with my right foot and gently but firmly moved his hands over and across my foot feeling every inch of it and patting it to see if there was anything concealed. I couldn’t really see what he was doing, but I could sure feel it. I tried not to tremble when I thought of him searching my crotch. My breath was starting to come fast now. Steve was methodical, and efficient, as his searched first my right foot and leg up to the knee, and then searched my left foot and leg up to the knee. His hands were strong but very gentle as if he were afraid he would bruise me. Still his touch was warm and wonderful....all that I had ever dreamed it might be....and I still had my clothes on! He continued to search up my left leg to just below my crotch, and then switched over to the right leg and did it. The anticipation of him reaching forward and grabbing my now hard and throbbing cock, was sending waves of pleasure into my brain.

I was surprised then, when he suddenly put his hands on my head, and started to search there. In the same quick and methodical way he searched my head, arms, shoulders neck and chest, leaving only my butt and pelvic areas alone. For a second, I was not sure exactly what he was doing, until I realized that he was saving the best part of the search for last.....and my cock throbbed even harder as I started to sway gently back and forth with anticipation.

Without any warning he suddenly grabbed my ass and started to run his hands all over it. He wasn’t just searching for a concealed weapon, he was giving me a butt massage! He wasn’t deaf, so I know he heard me as I began to moan with pleasure and call out softly to him, “More....more...don’t stop.” He gently increased the pressure and push on my ass, with each and every stroke of his hands. I surrendered myself to the coming climax as I called out to him, “Oh, God, YES!. Oh keep doing it, Steve! Oh, I’m so close!” All at once his right hand reached out and spun me around to face him. In a heartbeat his right hand was down on my rock hard and hot cock and stroking it and grabbing it as best he could without opening my fly, while his left hand continued to massage my right buttock. This was every fantasy I’d ever had about a hunk cop, coming real at one time. I gave myself over to it, willingly and totally. I came. With the force of a thousand denied dreams, I came, and the ecstasy eclipsed everything. The hot liquid fire erupted into my shorts, as I threw myself forward at Steve. Effortlessly he caught my body as it suddenly sagged forward, and gently lowered me to the floor with all the care and compassion of a mother putting her baby down for a nap. I was totally drained.

I opened my eyes to find myself sitting in the chair by the sofa, with Steve watching me like a hawk, the concern and worry on his face only starting to fade as I smiled at him. “WOW!” I said. “What do you do for an encore?”

“Whatever you want, Sir,” he replied, with obvious relief. He was sitting on the sofa next to me. “I was worried that I might have hurt you, Sir.”

“No,” I said, smiling at him easily now as my strength started to return. “It was such a rush and joy and so much more than I could have hoped for. I guess I shouldn’t have skipped supper tonight.” I looked at him sitting there beside me and my hands and arms ached to caress that body, but I was just too damn tired. Still there was one more thing that I did have the energy for, and after looking at the wall clock, I knew there was still enough time for it.

“Steve,” I said as I looked at his handsome face. “I’m sorry but I’m too tired to do the police ‘pat search’ of you that I mentioned. So I’d like you to do something for me, instead. Strip for me. Give me the best male stripper show in the world. Do your best to turn me on, and to show off that incredible body of yours to me. And as you remove each piece of clothing, you’ll get more and more turned on. Once you’re dancing naked in front of me, Steve, you’ll start to stroke your long hard hot cock. As you do, you’ll get closer and closer to an orgasm, and when you do cum, Steve, you’ll hold your cock against your stomach and cum all over yourself. The pleasure will be incredible.”

“Right away, Sir!” Steve replied as he frantically scrambled off the sofa to go and stand a few feet in front of me and await my signal to begin. I nodded my head and smiled at him.

I suppose that if there had been some music playing on the stereo, the show would have been even better, but frankly, I doubt it. Steve slowly started to sway his hips as he made eye contact with me and smiled that killer smile of his again. The motion was gentle and regular as he slowly started to walk around in front of me and show off his uniform, in a coy and almost teasing manner, spinning around every now and then so that I could see all of him. Standing right beside me, he slowly lowered himself into a swat, and sensuously ran the fingers of his right hand down the red stripe on the seam of his pants, all the way to the cuff. Then he surged up and turned his back to me, and started to gyrate his hips as he raised his arms to clasp his hands behind his head. He thrust his head back suddenly, and his hat came flying off to land in my lap.

Suddenly he turned around and kicked off his left shoe, quickly followed by his right shoe, in my general direction. His hands traced a slow and sensuous path from his neck and down his chest to his waist where they met at the buckle of his gun belt. As his lips were blowing kisses to me, his fingers undid the clasp and he wiggled his butt until the belt dropped to the carpeted floor with a soft thump. He dropped to the floor and rolled onto his left side, facing me. Looking straight at me he slowly brought his right foot to his left knee making sure to keep his legs spread wide so I could see the hard on that he was starting to develop. His hands walked down that heavenly chest of his, down past his waist, and did a brief walk on his now harder cock. He proceed to remove his right sock, pulling it off slowly while smiling that killer smile at me yet again. The left sock quickly followed, except that Steve rolled over onto his right side first with his back to me, while he slowly brought his left foot up to his right knee, which afforded me a wonderful view of his uniform pants tightly caressing his butt. (The man had imagination, you had to admit that.)

Pushing himself easily off the floor now, Steve, moved in front of me again and turned to face me. His hands moved to his tie bar and effortlessly undid it. He stroked his tie a few times holding it out away from his body, and letting it fall back against his wonderful chest. Slowly his hands traveled upward towards the knot. When they arrived there, Steve gently pulled his tie down in a sensuous, smooth and fluid motion until there was just enough room for him to reach up and undo the collar of his shirt. Glancing back at me, he reached up, pulled his tie out from under his shirt collar, and then pulled the tie down until it was no longer knotted. I didn’t think it was possible to be so turned on by watching a good looking guy undo his tie. Boy, was I wrong. My jeans were getting just a bit uncomfortable, but I was too engrossed in the show to really pay much attention to them. Steve moved over to one end of the living room, and looked around as if checking to see exactly where all the furniture was. “What is he up to?” I wondered to myself. He adjusted his tie again, making sure that it wasn’t caught up on any other part of his uniform. Then with just the briefest grin at me, he did a cartwheel right in front of me, and his tie fell to the floor near my feet. I was amazed to say the least. He was putting on one hell of a show, and he hadn’t even undone his pants yet! Walking slowly back from where his cartwheel had left him, his hands moved slowly but deliberately towards the topmost button of his light blue police shirt, the one below the collar button, and I stopped breathing as he slowly undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt, right down to his waist. Like something out of a Superman movie, Steve pulled open his shirt to reveal a white cotton T-shirt underneath. With a graceful and fluid motion, Steve pulled his shirt out from within his pants and slowly slipped it off his chest, and let it slide down his body to the carpet. He then proceeded to strut around the room for a few minutes being sure that I got a good view of every side of him. His hands were moving slowly across his body as he walked around, from his chest down to his mountain of a cock and from there to his beautiful bubble butt. The motion was continuous and completely natural. He looked as if he was enjoying himself immensely, almost as if he were caressing himself. In fact, I am sure that is exactly what he was doing.

In a surprising turn of events, he did not remove his pants next, but instead reached down inside them and began to pull out his white cotton T-shirt from within them. When he had the T-shirt out, he grabbed one side of the T-shirt with each hand and pulled it up and over his head, in a single motion. He swung it around his head for a second, sauntered over to me, tossed the T-shirt into my lap, and winked at me coyly. As he bent forward and gave me a brief but passionate kiss on the lips, I took advantage of the moment to run my hands through the thick mat of hair on his well muscled chest, and to feel his smooth strong skin beneath my fingers. How I would have loved to pillow my head on that chest, if only for five minutes.

He should have been ticketed as a ‘moving violation’ his ass was swinging back and forth so much as he casually strolled back in front of me. He knew my cock was rock hard again, and that I was enjoying this immensely. He ran his fingers up and down his fly so many times in the next few minutes, as he playfully unbuckled his belt and bucked it again, that I was tempted to tell him to drop his pants. Before I could though, he unzipped his fly, flipped open the belt buckle, and undid his pants. Then he wiggled his ass back and forth until his pants surrendered to the force of gravity and slid down off his hips and onto the carpet. There he stood for a second or two, before he stepped out of his pants and walked towards me. He stood in front of me, and winked at me as he took my hands and placed them on the elastic band of his boxers. No words were necessary. He placed his hands over mine and forced my hands down as he made me pull the last item of clothing off his body.

In the uniform he was gorgeous...naked...he was a work of art. Michaelangelo’s “David” come to life...and he had the rock hard cock to prove it. His body could have been sculpted by the artist himself it was so perfect. Evenly tanned, without any moles or blemishes, and smooth, except for that wonderful thick mat of hair on his chest, and the normal amounts of hair you’d expect to see on his legs, arms, armpits and elsewhere. No body shaving for this guy. Not an ounce of fat anywhere Everything in proportion, and I DO mean everything.

Steve had already grabbed his hot, hard and throbbing cock, which was at least eight inches long, and was stroking it for all he was worth. His eyes were closed in ecstasy as he moaned almost continuously, bringing himself closer and closer to climax. As big and strong as they might have been, even Steve’s hands could not contain the monster that lived between his legs. When he erupted, seconds later, and shot his load all over his washboard stomach and heavenly chest, his cries of ecstasy and delight were like hearing a foghorn go off in your ear. Good thing the apartments here were sound proofed. It was intense but brief, and so very soon Steve was standing there with his eyes open, looking at me, with his cum all over his chest and stomach. Never have I seen a man who looked as happy and content as he did at that moment. All he did was gently smile at me and mumble the words, “Thank you, Sir.”

I told him to go clean himself up in the bathroom, and then put on his socks and boxers and sit down on the sofa. What I really wanted was to have him spend the night, but I knew it was much too soon for anything like that. No, I did not want to have sex with him... just sleep with him. Just fall asleep with my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around me.

When Steve returned, I had already changed into another pair of jeans, since the first ones were kind of damp. (Okay, they were soaking wet and were getting a bit uncomfortable.) I took a deep breath and then counted him out.

“Hey, Paul,” Steve said as he blinked his eyes a few times, and looked at me. “You must have hypnotized me again, because I feel wonderful. Listen, what do I owe you for all this, anyway? There must be...HOLY SHIT! What the hell happened to me? What are my clothes doing over there? DAMN IT, PAUL!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME????”

“Nothing that you didn’t want to do, Steve,” I replied with a small smile on my face.

Steve looked at me.....and the anger in his eyes quickly faded, as he began to appreciate the joke. After all, he’d said earlier that I couldn’t make him do anything he didn’t want to do and that a strip tease was out of the question. Well, it appeared now as if that wasn’t the case.

“Steve,” I said as he gathered up his clothes and started to dress himself. “You’re a good looking guy, but I wouldn’t give up your day job for this.” I smiled at him to show that I was only joking.

Over a cup of herbal tea, I talked with Steve and told him all that I felt was safe for him to know, as to what happened while he was hypnotized. I did not tell him the truth, far from it in fact. Mostly, though because I did not know the truth myself. He accepted what I told him easily enough, but only because I suspect his subconscious was still accepting me as Steve’s master. I would have to think about all that had happened tonight, very carefully, and try to work things out. But, for right now Steve was safe, I was safe and we both had to go to work in the morning.

He left my apartment happy and content with his first session, and sure that he’d want another one again (but no stripping he made me promise). I wasn’t really sure of much right now, except that I was so tired from the night’s activities that I wouldn’t have any trouble falling asleep.