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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1998. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author.

Part 7. Fitting All The Pieces Together

Maybe 10 AM on a Saturday morning is a bit early to be going off to a coffee shop, but I felt a strong urge to get back there as soon as I could, and I had Steve with me. I’m not sure exactly why, but I knew I had to bring him with me. I suppose I should mention that the name of this establishment is “The Coffee Shop,” and that Steve said he had never been there before. He’s not much of a coffee drinker it seems. As we were heading down to the Coffee Shop in Steve’s car, I thought back to what had happened so far this morning. It was just a little bit odd.

I woke up beside Steve. (In case you have not figured it out, dear reader, this is NOT the odd part, this is the wonderful part.) His arm was draped across me and his head was lying on my chest. It was a wonderful way to greet the morning. Just then the alarm clock went off and broke the spell, literally. I reached over and hit the snooze bar on the clock radio. Steve woke up and came of hypnosis. I know, because the whole time he was thanking me for a wonderful night, he never once called me ‘sir’. I was content to just lie in the bed and watch him get dressed, knowing that he had things to do today that did not include me.

I looked at the clock as it went off again, and saw that the time was 9 AM. I don’t like to sleep in on a Saturday morning, as there are usually too many chores for me to do on a weekend. As Steve was getting dressed I called out to him and asked him if he’d like to share a morning cup of coffee with me at this little coffee shop I knew of, that is if he didn’t have any plans. He seemed on the verge of saying ‘no’ and then shook his head for a moment and agreed. He also said that he wanted to stop off at his place and take a quick shower and change, but that he’d be back here in about half an hour. And with that he called out a good-bye to me and slammed the door closed as he left.

As I was going through my morning routine, trying to make myself look like a human being again, I was struck by how odd it was that I felt almost a need to have my morning coffee at the Coffee Shop. It was not like I was any type of a regular there. Heck, I’d only been there once...a week ago. I smiled as I considered just how much my life had changed in that one week. Who would have thought all this would happen to me in only a week. Right on time, Steve arrived back at my place, dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red pull over shirt. I was dressed in jeans as well, but with a long sleeved black casual shirt.

We arrived at the Coffee Shop at about 10 AM, and for some reason that I could not put my finger on, I felt relief that we had not arrived later. The shop was as I remembered it, with that motherly waitress behind the counter. We exchanged pleasantries, and she asked how my head was as I ordered a hot coffee and Steve ordered a large cold orange juice. When the drinks arrived, the waitress put them in front of us. Steve and I talked small talk (we couldn’t dare talk about the night’s events), and tentatively made plans to get together for another night out in a week or so. The waitress passed by me, and placed her hand on my forehead and said something to me. Suddenly my head was swimming, and as my eyes started to close, I heard myself saying the trigger phrase that would hypnotize Steve. I couldn’t stop myself! God, the last thing I wanted to do to him was hypnotize him in public and embarrass him. We’d just started what could have been a beautiful friendship or more and I had just blown it away. Worst of all, I couldn’t for the life of me think of why I had done this.

I guess it was only a few minutes later that my head cleared and I was able to open my eyes and look around. I found myself in the back room of the Coffee Shop, sitting tied to a chair. Next to me was Steve, also sitting in a chair, with his eyes closed, his head nodding forward and a smile on his face. He was hypnotized and enjoying himself. I do no know HOW I knew I was still at the Coffee Shop, but I was certain of it. My first impulse was to awaken Steve and have him untie me so we could leave. I could not say the words. No matter how hard I tried or how much I wanted to, I could not speak them.

I am not sure how long I sat there waiting. Eventually, though that ‘motherly waitress’ walked into the room and sat down in an empty chair that was next to me. She looked at me for a moment, and smiled at me with warmth and joy. My head was filled with visions of what I would do to her (with or without Steve’s help) once I got free of these ropes. She reached out with her hand and touched my forehead again. I tried to move my head, to do anything to avoid that touch, but not one muscle would obey my will. She spoke one word, in a clear soft and yet commanding voice, “Remember.”

My head started to spin. I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach, and was glad that all I’d had to eat this morning was the few sips of coffee before all this started. Slowly I started to feel better. My stomach settled as my eyes closed tight and stayed closed. (Great more muscles that won’t obey me. This is just NOT my morning.) My mind was the white screen at a movie theater before they start to show the movie. Seconds later, my ‘movie’ started to play.

I was seeing myself sitting in this back room again with Mary (so THAT was the waitress’ name), and she was talking with me and explaining things to me. I remember her telling me that I had some kind of ‘power’ that she said she could help me develop, if I wanted her to teach me. As an example of what the possibilities were, she said she would give me a gift...a sample of what could be. Her eyes seemed to boar into mine. I felt my mind begin to open as if someone were lifting the lid off a heavy chest. I felt her place something golden and soft inside me...inside my my mind. Then I heard her instructions to me. “Paul,” she said. “You now have the ability to influence and control any one mind that you would most like to control. Sometime, within the next week, you will meet someone who you will be very strongly attracted to physically, and when you are this gift will allow you to impose your suggestions on the mind of that person. Eye contact is all that is required. This person will not know why, but they will feel very willing to go along with you...and with whatever you ask of them. If you hypnotize them, as you most likely will do, they will feel themselves becoming submissive and obedient to you. It will feel right and natural for them. If they feel any type of attraction for you, then that feeling will grow into a very strong affection and possibly adoration. This is my gift to you. The chance for you to experience love and devotion from someone else, for you. A week from today, you will feel compelled to return here, with your companion for a cup of coffee. I will explain everything else then.”

And with that the ‘movie’ stopped playing and I opened my eyes to see Mary, and Steve still in the room.

“So, now you know why Steve is so willing to spend time with you and wants to be with you, Paul. He truly does love you, but only because you wanted him to...deep in your heart. Yes, Steve is currently hypnotized, and you did that. He will not awaken until you tell him to. He will not remember any of this. All that he will know is that it was necessary for you to hypnotize him. He will not wonder why, since he trusts you completely.”

I just looked at Mary for a few seconds and tried to think. Some of what she said made sense, but there were still many unanswered questions.

“Okay, Mary, but why am I still tied up?” I asked.

“The memory recall can cause physical strain with some people, Paul, and I didn’t want you to hurt yourself by having a muscle spasm that would knock you to the floor,” replied Mary. And with that she reached over and untied me. I was free to go. If I’d been smart I would have just left, with Steve, but I was curious and had other questions I wanted answered.

“What was that ‘ping’ I felt in my head when I gave Steve those suggestions? Why did you pick me for this? What makes you think I want anything more to do with you?”

“The ‘ping’, as you call it, was the result of your using up part of the ‘gift’ I gave you.", Mary said. “That gift is now gone. You can still control Steve, but you cannot do anything more than simple hypnosis with any other person, just as you have always been able to. As for your other two questions...I didn’t pick you. You have the power, and you would have been drawn here to this shop, to me, sooner or later. You won’t leave, either. Now that you’ve seen an example of what you could learn to do, you want to know everything, and you want to know how to use this power.”

She was right on all counts. I did want to know more, and for some reason I knew that I could trust her. I also knew in that instance that I was now able to say anything at all, and that I could command Steve again. I told Steve that we would now go back to the coffee shop, and that when he sat down in his chair he would wake up and not remember any of this. I said a warm good-bye to Steve a few moments later as he left to do whatever else he had planned that day. Then Mary and I went back to the back room, where she explained that all the people in “The Coffee Shop” had already been ‘influenced’ that morning so that they would ignore anything out of the ordinary. Most of them were regulars anyway, and this was a frequent command that Mary gave them every time she greeted them, and looked them in the eyes. Of course she had many years experience with ‘adjusting’ minds and perceptions so she was able to affect an entire room full of people with ease, and needed only the briefest of glances to implant the command. . It would be pointless to attempt to describe to you any of the details of the training I underwent. If you have not experienced it, then you cannot understand it. It would be like trying to describe the color red to a man born blind. In only a few short hours of that afternoon, I learned all about my power and exactly how to use it. I know it sounds too simple and too easy to be true. Mary and I literally had a meeting of the minds. We linked our minds together, well actually she did the linking, and she proceeded to take me on a mental journey of exploration. I saw her enter my mind and cause my dormant power to grow and develop to the point where I could tap it at will. I learned how to look into a mind, and how to reach in and adjust the controls within it. I could make people like or dislike me, or other people, and I could literally make someone fall in love with me. I learned that the ‘gift’ Mary had given me was the power to make the man of my dreams fall in love with me and become devoted to me, mind, body and soul. Well, that explained Steve all right.

I became amazed at the possibilities that opened before me. This was POWER! I had this wonderful POWER! I knew, though, that I was not all powerful by any means. There were many limits to my abilities, such as I had to make eye contact with my subject and use my voice to instruct them. So, I could not use this ability on deaf or blind people. Another limitation was that I was NOT telepathic. I could link with another mind and read it at will, but only if I had physical contact with the body housing that mind. I could force people to tell the truth, using only eye contact, though. Should I encounter anyone else like myself, I would now feel the same ‘resonance’ that Mary had first felt with me. The single most important limitation was that I could affect ONLY one person at a time. I could super-hypnotize one person, and once they were under, I could then turn my attention to someone else, but I could NOT super-hypnotize two people at the same time. I could super-hypnotize a group of people, but only in a very general way, such as having them ‘not notice me’ if I walked by. I would not be invisible, just unnoticed. They wouldn’t remember me as anything out of the ordinary. Mary said that my abilities and level of control would improve and increase over time, but in the beginning, I would find the process of super-hypnotizing someone to be somewhat draining.

Perhaps I am making this sound too easy and simple, as if Mary waved a magic wand and ‘zap’ I had this ability. It was far from it. I learned and earned every bit of each ability that Mary taught me. I learned all that I could do, and all of the consequences that could result. Simply put, being able to adjust a mind, means that you can easily hurt or damage that mind, even unintentionally. I felt a deep and icy fear strike my heart when Mary described to me all the things that misusing this power could cause. Suddenly, I didn’t want it. The weight of the responsibility seemed too great. But before I could object, her warm and tender thoughts caressed my mind as she told me that if I had not been worthy of this power and ability, she would not be helping me now. My natural compassion and kindness, she said, was the buffer or safety net that would prevent me from misusing this power. It was the primary qualification necessary to permit her to train me. If my natural caution and compassion for others were not so deeply integrated into my personality, she would never have approached me in the first place.

I also learned from her that caution and secrecy were of the utmost importance. I had to be cautious and careful not to call attention to myself when I used these new powers of mine. Helping others, and myself, was fine, but doing anything out of the ordinary that others might find strange was asking for trouble. So walking into the local bank, and having the bank manager give me all the money I wanted was out of the question. The manager would do it, but I would have to cover my tracks, and that would prove to be somewhat difficult, given what banks are like for procedures and checking on their cash. Then there would be the problem of how would I explain my sudden wealth? I began to understand that with this power there limits both in terms of ability, and in what I could get away with, without people noticing.

I left “The Coffee Shop,” a changed man to say the least. I was also dead tired. Like the weekend before, I spent all my free time in bed, resting. My mind had been altered in many ways, and the drain on the energy reserves of my body were high. All I could do was eat a bit and just sleep. I did have some fantastic dreams, though. I only hoped that Steve was having a good weekend too. I looked forward to his next session with me.