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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 8. Who’s The Boss ? (1)

I recovered, more or less, from my training session on Saturday, and was back at work in the office on Monday. I tried to act as usual, but it wasn’t easy. I kept wanting to try out my new abilities on people. Only Mary’s cautions prevented me from doing anything more than just thinking about it. I knew that if I was going to do anything it would have to be in private, in a controlled situation where I could be sure of not being interrupted. I would just have to wait and see what I could arrange. Monday and Tuesday were a bust. I didn’t seem to be fully recovered yet, since I found myself still feeling somewhat tired all the time. Come Wednesday morning, I felt refreshed and chipper, and ready to face the day. I looked forward to trying something with someone at the office today, even if I didn’t have any firm plans made. Sometimes, though, fate takes a hand, when you least expect it.

The last few months I had completed some large projects at the office, and with all modesty, I thought I had done an incredible job. Sure it involved extra hours and some of my weekends, but I was trying to show my boss, Phil, that unlike the previous two years, this year I was entitled to a raise. I was not in need of a raise, but I felt that it was time I got one for all the hours I’d put in as well as all the consistently good work I had been doing for the last few years. My annual work review was at 1 PM, in Phil’s office. I was a bit nervous to say the least. I was also determined to get a raise this year, too. It seemed to take forever for one o’clock to roll around, but finally it did, and I headed off to my meeting with Phil.

After exchanging pleasantries, and talking for a few moments Phil cut to the heart of the meeting. “Paul,” he said. “The bottom line is that although your work of the last few months has been outstanding, you have not shown enough consistency in the quality of your work to warrant a pay increase at this time.” Phil had a look of genuine sorrow in his eyes and on his face as he told me this.

I would have let it pass, then and there, since when Phil talks like that there is no room for negotiation. Except, that something just did not feel right to me. I decided to try out my new powers on Phil. So, looking him square in the eyes, I sighed and sent the mental command, “Phil, tell me the whole truth about why I am not getting a raise, this year.”

“I guess you deserve to know this,” Phil started to say, with a slightly puzzled look on his face. “You have worked hard these last few months. You’re not getting a raise this year, or probably any time in the near future. When I keep raises low, I keep getting my quarterly bonus, and there’s no way I’m giving that up, Paul. So, I guess you’ll either have to live with this, or look around for another job. Besides which, you’ve been buying my ‘I am so sorry routine’ for so many years now that I figured it was good for another try.” I was in shock. This was the truth? This is what Phil actually thought of me and my work? It took me a few moments to compose an answer.

“So, you’ve been suckering me all these months, and years, Paul? You’ve been using my hopes of advancement or of a pay raise to motivate me to keep working harder and longer hours, even giving up my social life? How could you?” My voice was ice cold and ice hard. I wanted the truth now, and looking directly into Phil’s eyes, I demanded it of him.

“Yeah, well, can I help it if you’re so easy to trick and deceive?” Phil said in a sarcastic tone of voice. “If you had any backbone or spunk, you’d have caught on to this ploy a long time ago, and done something about it. Frankly, I’m getting just a bit tired of having you around the office anyway, and I’m glad I’m finally telling you this to your face. You’ve always made me feel uncomfortable for some reason. I’ll be sorry when you go, but only a little. You’ll be easy enough to replace.” Phil sat back in his big swivel office chair and just grinned at me, daring me to say or do something. I knew that if I took any action, even just calling him a bastard, he’d make my life hell, and try to blackball me to make it harder for me to find a new job elsewhere.

How could I have been so blind all this time? I finally saw Phil for what and who he was, an uncaring selfish man, who did not ever consider anyone else. He did whatever he had to, to get or keep what he wanted. My desire for him all these years had blinded me to the truth about him. Phil was right about one thing, though, I wasn’t going to take any action. He was going to do it all himself....with just a little bit of help from me.

“Is the door to your office locked, Phil?” I asked him, keeping my voice neutral and calm. “And, just how long did you tell your secretary we’d be in here talking?”

“Tell me the truth, Phil,” I mentally commanded him

“Of course it is, Paul,” he replied with a touch of surprise in his voice. “I always lock my office door when I have a meeting, especially a worker review. And I told Miss Summers that we’d probably be an hour or two, and to hold all my calls. I figured you’d want to talk out your disappointment with me again like last time. I’m glad to see that won’t be happening. Now you can leave early and I can get back to work..” He turned his head away from me, to pick up some papers on his desk, and ignored me, effectively dismissing me without another word.

“No, I am not leaving, just yet Phil,” I said to him with a touch of anger in my voice. I stood there in front of his desk waiting for his reaction.

“Oh, so just what are you going to do now, hurt me with dirty looks?” Phil said with sarcasm and acid dripping from his words.

“No, I’m going to hypnotize you, Phil, and make you my devoted and loving slave,” I said in a voice of iron. And looking directly into Phil’s eyes, I adjusted my power to maximum and sent the mental commands, “The induction begins now, Phil. You are helpless to prevent it. Each suggestion that I give you will take effect about fifteen seconds after you hear it.” Despite the intense yet brief pain in my head, I smiled. I was going to enjoy this.

“Bullshit, Paul!” He replied with anger beginning to show in his voice. “I know a little something about hypnosis and I KNOW you can’t do that. So forget it and just get out.”

“Really, ‘boss’?” I said with sarcasm evident in my voice. “Then why is it that you are finding it harder and harder to not look into my eyes? Why is it that your eyes, even now are being drawn to mine and you find yourself looking at my eyes?”

“I’m just humoring you, to make a point, is all,” Phil said, as he turned his head and made eye contact with me. “I can look away anytime that I want to. You’re going to feel so embarrassed when this doesn’t work, you know.” And Phil actually laughed as he said that, with his eyes still looking at mine. I moved my head around a bit, and Phil’s eyes remained locked on mine, tracking them like radar.

“But you really don’t want me to go, do you, ‘boss’? You’re trying to make a point here, and this staring contest we are having is actually kind of fun, isn’t it?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I guess you can stay for a few more minutes. I am wondering which one of us is going to turn away first. I’m curious to find out,’ Phil replied. He was still a bit angry with me, but his attention was now focused on looking at my eyes. Mary was right, my power was fully developed and working beautifully. This was one induction that I was going to savor as long as possible.

“You’re very good at this staring contest, Phil. You’re looking at my eyes and hardly blinking at all. In fact, I think it’s becoming easier and easier for you to keep looking at my eyes, isn’t it? You’re so very good at this. And each time you blink, you’re finding it easier and easier to look at my eyes and harder and harder to look away. After all, you don’t want to lose the staring contest.”

“Yeah, it is getting easier to stare at your eyes. I’m gong to win this contest, Paul. Why don’t you just admit defeat now?” Phil asked with more than a touch of arrogance.

“You won’t lose the contest Phil. You love just staring into my eyes. You’re going to prove to me that you’re going to win this contest. With each passing second and with every blink of your eyes, it becomes easier and easier to just keep staring at my eyes. You can’t lose the contest, because your eyes are now locked upon mine. You can’t look away no matter how hard you try. But, you don’t care about that, because you just love staring into my eyes. With each blink of your eyes it starts to feel even better to just stare into my eyes.”

“I’m going to win the contest, easily,” Phil said with his eyes solidly locked on mine. “Like looking at your eyes. It’s so easy to just keep looking at them. Don’t want to look away. Just want to keep staring.”

His eyes were starting to blink somewhat more frequently now, and I could see that his gaze and attention were now directed towards me and my eyes. So I decided that since he was clearly starting to enter the hypnotic state, I’d use a little ‘shock’ induction, and play with him a bit more. “Gee, Phil,” I said in a normal tone of voice. “Sounds to me, like I’m hypnotizing you.”

“What? No. No your not!” Phil suddenly replied as he wrenched his eyes away from mine and looked at the far wall of his office. “See, I can look away from your eyes whenever I want to.” He proceeded to look around the room a few more seconds, until his gaze slowly swung around to me and his eyes locked on mine again. “I just want to look at your eyes a little bit more,” he sighed. “I like to look at your eyes. They’re kind of nice.”

“Yes, they are nice. A warm soft blue, aren’t they? And looking at them starts to make you feel a bit better, a tiny bit relaxed, doesn’t it? And the more you look, the more relaxed you start to feel. Just a tiny bit relaxed. After all, a staring contest is hard work, and you are such a hard worker, Phil.” (God, I was enjoying this. The gradual surrender of Phil’s mind and will to me was sweet and delicious.)

“Nice blue eyes, yes. I guess they are kind of relaxing. They are nice to look at. Nice and blue....and a bit relaxing,” Phil started to drone.

“Getting easier and easier to look with each breath you take. And the easier it becomes to look at my eyes, Phil, the more relaxed you start to feel. Each blink of your eyes helping you to relax a bit more. So very hard to look away now, that you just can’t even think about doing it much less trying to look away. Just looking into these wonderful blue eyes of mine, and feeling yourself relax is all that you can think of right now.”

“Feeling better, yes. Eyes are easy to look at. Just want to look at them now. Feeling good just looking at eyes. Don’t want to look away. Feels so good,” Phil repeated.

It was clear that Phil was going under, even if he was not admitting it to himself. “You’re going into a hypnotic trance now, Phil, aren’t you?” I asked him.

“ No. Not going to let you hypnotize me.” Phil managed to say in a nearly normal voice. Once again he wrenched his eyes away from mind, but it was clearly a major effort for him to do so. “See, I was just faking you out,” he continued. “You might as well give up trying because I’m not going under. you can’t put me under because my will is too strong.” But he was back staring at my eyes before he’d even finished speaking.

“Sure, Phil, sure.” I said to him. “But you feel so relaxed as you continue to look into my eyes. With each breath that you take and with each word that I speak you can feel your body becoming more and more relaxed. The tension leaving you, as relaxation enters your body. Just sitting back in your chair and relaxing even more as you continue to look deeper and deeper into my eyes.”

“Feels good. Comfortable. Relaxed,” Phil droned as he leaned back in his swivel chair and his face muscles relaxed more and more. “Just want to keep looking at your eyes....nice blue eyes.”

“That’s right, Phil. Relaxing more and more. You’re feeling relaxed and warm right now. In fact you’re a bit too warm. It’s starting to be a bit uncomfortable. So why don’t you take off your jacket, and hang it up?” I asked him.

Phil, pulled slightly at his shirt collar and moved around in his chair. He stood up, and started to walk towards me but then stopped, with a puzzled look on his face. He just stood there unmoving.

“What’s wrong, Phil?” I asked him, though I new exactly what the problem was.

“I’m too warm. Want to hang up my jacket, but I can’t take my eyes off yours. Can’t look away from your lovely blue eyes,” Phil said in a low even tone of voice that did not have a trace of anger, sarcasm or arrogance in it.

“That’s because I’ve hypnotized you, Phil,” I said gleefully.

“Hypnotized me....hypnotized me.....hypnotiz....wha...what... no. No. NO. NO!” Phil blurted out as his voice increased in volume. “No you haven’t.” And will a huge effort apparent on his face, Phil tore his eyes away from looking at me, and looked around the room. His gaze fell on the coat rack, and he immediately walked over to it, removed his suit jacket and hung it up. Phil just stood there, slightly confused and looking at his jacket. Since he was facing away from me I could see his back and his butt. What a lovely ass he had. The suit pants fitted him very well, and very snugly bordering on tight. I was enjoying this more and more. He continued to look at his jacket for a few seconds and then reached inside it and took out his wallet which he then slipped into the right hip pocket of his pants. It made a most attractive bulge, and caused his pants to cling to his butt just a bit tighter.

“So, if your not hypnotized, Phil,” I asked him. “Why did you just take off your jacket after I told you to do it?”

“I was too warm is all,” he said to me as he walked back to his desk and sat down in the chair. He was speaking in a bit of a monotone and a bit slower than normal as he continued to address me. “I told you this would never work and it hasn’t. I have too strong a will to be hypnotized, so you are just wasting your time.” He looked up at me from his desk, and as he made eye contact with me, I could see his body relaxing as a sigh escaped from his lips as he said to me, “Such nice blue eyes. So warm and blue. So nice.”

He was hypnotized, and I could have forced him to acknowledge that fact very easily, but I wanted to continue playing with him. Looking back now, I know that what I did was wrong, but at the time I was angry and hurt and I wanted revenge of some kind against Phil. I was determined to get satisfaction of some type.

“Phil, you’ll be more comfortable and go even deeper into relaxation if you just stand here in front of me, and continue to look into my eyes.” I said to him.

A few seconds later he did just that, moving easily and eagerly towards me. “Such deep blue nice...just want to lose myself in them,” Phil muttered as he stood there a few feet in front of me.

“You know Phil, you’re feeling better and better the deeper you go, and the deeper you go the better you feel. You can’t help yourself, as you look into my eyes. You are just going down even deeper. And with every blink of your eyes, your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. And soon and very soon indeed, you’ll start having trouble keeping them open as they just get heavier and heavier.”

“Feeling good. Like to look at your eyes,” Phil said. “So good.” He was starting to blink more and more frequently. I could see that it was requiring an effort on his part to keep his eyes open. He was trying very hard to keep his eyes open so that he could continue to look at mine, and I could see the effort was starting to tire him.

“ heavy. Can’t keep them open much longer...but got to try. Want to just keep looking.......looking at your lovely warm blue eyes,” Phil said, with some difficulty.

“Phil, when I touch your forehead, your eyes will close completely and you will be unable to open them. A few seconds later, your head will become even heavier than your eyelids and your head will drop forward with your chin on your chest. You want me to touch your forehead so that you can finally close those heavy, heavy eyes, don’t you Phil?” I asked him.

“Yes, want to close hard to keep them open....want you to touch ‘head,” Phil softly said. He was barely able to speak now.

“Phil, when I touch your head, you will fall deeply asleep, but you will remain standing. And when your chin touches your chest you will feel yourself letting go completely of any cares, worries or troubles. Your mind will become carefree and calm, and your body will be very comfortable and you just stand there and go even deeper,” I said to him.

“ heavy...want to close....can’t,” Phil mumbled. Clearly he was on the edge of going completely under on his own. His eyes were closing and then popping open again as he continued to struggle to keep them open, and to keep looking into my eyes.

“Sleep!” I commanded him as I touched his forehead. Phil’s eyes snapped shut instantly and a second later his head nodded forward until his chin was touching his chest. And he stood there, swaying just a bit, as his breathing became even and regular, and his face become relaxed. I could almost feel him going even deeper.

“Going down even deeper and deeper Phil. And the deeper you go, the warmer you get and the warmer you get the deeper you go.” I said to him, with a smile on my face. “Feeling even better, and going even deeper with each breath that you take, Phil. And you are enjoying this state even more as I talk to you, aren’t you?”

“Yes, feels so nice,” Phil whispered so softly that I could hardly hear him. “Feels good. Want to go deeper.”

“Phil, each time you reply it becomes easier to talk, and you go even deeper. Speaking clearly so I can understand you. Going deeper and deeper and getting warmer and warmer. And Phil, when you get too warm...just open your eyes and tell me so.”

“Yes, feel nice and warm.. Feel good.", Phil said in a clear voice. I just stood there waiting for what I knew would happen soon. It took only a few minutes for Phil to start tugging at his shirt collar, and at his shirt sleeves.

Seconds later, Phil opened his eyes, looked at me and said, “Paul, I’m too warm.”

“Take off your tie, unbutton your shirt collar, hang up your tie, and you’ll feel a lot cooler, Phil. And you can stand in front of me again, and look into my eyes and go even deeper.”

“Take off tie...yes...feel better....go deeper,” Phil said, as his hands moved up to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt collar. I could see the relief on his face as he walked over to the coat rack and hung up his tie. He was almost smiling with relief as he walked back to me and stood in front of me so that he could look directly into my eyes. (Yes, dear reader, I did that so I could see Phil’s ass in motion. Hey if a guy has a cute butt, I want to see it.)

“Phil, each and every time I say to you ‘My feet are hot’, you will return to this level or an even deeper level than this, because you really do want to feel this good...and because you just can’t help yourself. There is no way you can resist returning to this state,” I said to him as he continued to gaze into my eyes. I mentally reinforced this command while I looked at him. I wasn’t taking any chances with what was about to happen. “Phil, you finally realize now, that you are in a wonderful hypnotic trance, and you really don’t care because all you want to do is to keep going deeper.”

“Feet hot....return this level....feel good. Yes, trance...go deeper,” Phil replied without the slightest hesitation or concern. He didn’t even blink as he admitted to himself that I had hypnotized him. But I wasn’t through with him yet. He was going to learn a couple of lessons before my ‘workers review’ was finished. I rubbed my hands with glee as I thought about what I’d do next with him.

“Phil, I am going to count to you from 1 to 5 and at the count of 5 you will wake up and not remember anything that just happened.", I said to him. “1...2...3...4...5.”

Phil blinked his eyes a few times, and then suddenly came to his senses. “Who....what the...What’s going on here?” Phil asked as he moved away from me and looked around the room.

“Why I hypnotized you, Phil,” I replied. “Don’t you remember?”

“No way!” He nearly shouted. “I told you it wouldn’t work and it didn’t!”

“Phil, look at the coat rack,” I said to him with a smile on my face.

Phil, turned and looked to see his jacket and tie on the coat rack, and his surprise increased as he suddenly noticed the weight and bulge of his wallet in his pants pocket. He turned back to me and I could see the surprise turning to panic and even terror as he started to understand what had just happened. He was scared...of what had just happened to him and of me. I could almost feel his terror as he realized that he had lost control of the situation and of himself. I couldn’t help myself. I smiled at him, without saying a word.

“Get out! You’re fired! " He exclaimed. “I never want to see you again, and if I do I’ll call the police!”

He was reacting out of panic and fear, and trying desperately to regain some control of the situation. He was trying to remain ‘the boss’, even though he knew that it couldn’t possibly be that easy to get rid of me, or of what I had just done to him. I just stood there and looked at him for a few seconds....letting him stew in his own juices as it were.

Once he started to reach for the phone I said to him, “Phil, my feet are hot.” The effect was immediate. He stopped, closed his eyes, and his head nodded forward to his chest as he stood up straight. He just stood there, waiting.

“Phil, open your eyes and come here and stand in front of me, and go even deeper as you do,” I instructed him. Once he was there, I told him to look at me and to listen carefully to every thing I said. “Phil, you feel pretty good, right now, and you are enjoying being hypnotized because it feels so good, aren’t you? Tell me how you feel, now.”

“Yes, I feel good when you hypnotize me. But I don’t want you to hypnotize me. I’m afraid of you, of what you will make me do,” Phil replied with a quake in his voice. It reminded me of what Steven had sounded like, but this time, I did not feel an ounce of regret in the feelings that I was generating in Phil. Not even the tears I could see forming in his eyes had any effect on me. I thought of all the years he had deceived me, and mislead me and yes, used me. All I could think of, was that it was pay back time. Still, he had never humiliated or embarrassed me in public, so I would at least show him that kindness, if no other.