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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 9 Who’s the Boss (2)

“Phil,” I said to him, as he stood there before me, entranced, helpless and scared. “I am going to make something perfectly clear to you. What you want is not important. When you are hypnotized, as you are now, there is nothing you can do to resist or to disobey me. In fact, you don’t really want to disobey me, you want to serve and obey me. Each and every time you carry out my commands, Phil, it feels very good to you. In fact it starts to turn you on and you feel yourself reacting. To put it bluntly, Phil, you find obeying me to be arousing, and it gets you hard. The idea of carrying out my instructions, whatever they may be gives you great pleasure, Phil. In a few moments I will tell you to put on your tie and jacket. The thought of doing that, of carrying out my instructions will excite you. You’ll want to do it, but you will wait for me to tell you to.”

Phil just looked at me, still sacred, as these new instructions flooded into his mind. The signs of nervousness and fear slowly were replaced with a calmness and slight indication of excitement. I just waited. Phil, looked around the room a few times, and looked back at me. Soon his gaze was shifting between the coat racket and me, and he was licking his lips nervously. It was obvious what he wanted to do, but he knew he had to wait for me to let him. I could see in his eyes, the unasked question. He was begging me to talk to him. I was sure that soon he would be whimpering, if only it would cause me to talk to him.

“What’s the matter, Phil?’ I asked him knowing full well what his problem was.

“I’d like to put on my jacket and tie, if that is okay with you, Paul,” Phil, replied nervously. “But, I didn’t want to bother you by asking you myself.”

“I see,” I said, calmly. “But why should you need my permission, Phil? Those are your clothes after all.”

“It wouldn’t feel right, or be right for me to do something without checking with you first, Paul,” Phil replied. He seemed relieved and a bit less nervous when I smiled after he said that.

“Well, okay, go ahead then Phil. Get dressed,” I told him.

“Oh, thank you, Paul,” he said, but he seemed a bit uncomfortable while saying my name. Still he went over to the coat rack and got his tie and put it on. After tying it loosely around his shirt collar, he buttoned his collar and pulled the tie tight. He slipped on his jacket and went over to the private bathroom adjacent to his office and checked out how he looked in the mirror. Satisfied with his appearance, after making a few adjustments with the tie, he buttoned the double breasted jacket closed, and walked over to stand in front of me.

“All done, sir,” he said and just stood there looking at me nervously. I could not see if he was having the correct reaction down south, as his double breasted jacket covered the crotch area of his pants completely. “Damn!” I muttered to myself.

“My, you do look handsome in that gray pinstripe suit, Phil. But why did you call me ‘sir’?” I asked him. I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from his lips. It would make my victory over Phil all the more sweeter.

“Thank you, sir,” Phil replied somewhat nervously, and blushed so that his face was beet red. “If it al right with you, sir, I would prefer to call you sir rather than be disrespectful and use your first name. You make me feel very good, sir, when you hypnotize me. I wanted to show you how much I like doing what you say, and calling you ‘sir’ seemed to be the easiest way, sir.”

“I see, Phil,” I said to him. “Count backward from 10 to 0, Phil, and as you do you’ll go deeper in to hypnosis. Tell me how you feel with each and every descending number. When you reach 0, you will tell me what it is that you most want to do. Start counting now.”

“Yes, Sir,” Phil replied excitedly. “Ten. Feeling good, sir. Nine. Feeling even better, sir. Thank you, sir Eight. Like carrying out your instructions sir. Seven. Getting hard, sir, but I like it sir.” He blushed as he said this, and after a moments hesitation, he continued the count. “Six, sir. Feeling myself going deeper, sir. Five. I feel myself surrendering to you, sir. I like it, sir. Four. I’m getting even harder, sir. Thank you sir. Three. I really like serving you, sir. Two. I’m very hard, sir. I feel so good, sir Thank you, sir. One. I’m surrendering to you sir. Completely, sir. Zero. Oh, sir. I’m completely hard, sir. Oh, thank you, sir, thank you. I want to carry out your orders sir. Please, sir, please, command me.” Phil just stood there looking at me. Begging me with his eyes to tell him to do something, anything for me. Victory was sweet.

“Listen carefully, then Phil,” I said to him. “When you are hypnotized by me like this, you carry out my instructions willing and quickly because it make you feel so hard. But you cannot come until I tell you that you can. When you are not hypnotized, you behave normally around me, and you have no memory or knowledge of what happens while you are hypnotized by me. You remember only that you enjoy being hypnotized by me, and that you’d like to have me to it to you again. However, you will never seek me out and ask me to hypnotize you.. You will wait for me to come to you. It is a very private matter to you, and so you will NEVER tell ANYONE at all, that I have hypnotized you. No other hypnotist will ever be able to access this part of you, Phil. Should some other hypnotist ever hypnotize you, you will still be unable to recall your hypnotic sessions with me. Those memories exist only when I hypnotize you.”

Phil just continued to stare into my eyes and he didn’t say a word. He didn’t have to. I knew my instructions would be obeyed, and that the personality changes I made to him now, would remain in effect while he was hypnotized. For now it was all I wanted. . “Phil,” I addressed him and his eyes lit up with the possibility of carrying out a command of mine. “Clear off your desk, and then stand up on it.”

“Yes, sir! Right away, sir!” He replied enthusiastically. Only moments later he was standing on his clean desk looking down at me and waiting for me to say something. This was it. My long time fantasy was about to come true. I was nervous with excitement as I told Phil, “I want you to give me the best male stripper show in the world. I want you to take it all off, and to try and get me as excited and hard as you are now. In fact, as you strip it is it is going to get you more and more excited. But, you cannot cum without my permission, Phil.”

Phil didn’t say a word, but went straight into his act. If there had ever been an Academy Award for best male stripper, he’d have won it, hands down. (Okay, maybe Steve was better, but he had a better body to begin with.) He just looked at me, and smiled at first, reaching down to his crotch with his hand, and holding it there for a moment. I could see a determined set on his face, as he smiled at me again and started to walk around on the top of the desk. I was sitting in a chair, a few feet away from the desk, but I had a clear view of everything Phil did. He started by just walking about and making sure that I saw every part of his body.

Let me say now, that for a guy of thirty-five years he had a great body, and that Italian light gray pinstripe suit he was wearing, fit him like a glove. His entire outfit spoke of elegance and style. He was wearing a plain simple red silk tie, and matching puff in the breast pocket of his jacket, which was the perfect complement to his blindly white long sleeve dress shirt with the button down collar. I suspected that the collar was starched but I couldn’t be sure as I had not touched it yet. The shirt cuffs were fasten using a pair of plain gold cuff links, and his tie was held in place by a simple gold tie bar. His shoes were plain black leather, but highly polished, and they matched his plain black belt with the gold buckle, exactly.

Slowly he ran his hands up and down the front of that wonderful suit jacket of his, and then turned away from me, and did the same with the back of his jacket. He spun around a few times, with his hands clasped behind his neck, and then started to swivel and gyrate his hips. Slowly at first, but with creasing rhythm he moved around on the desktop. He would frequently look down at me, smile and wink. Without saying anything, he was trying his best to tempt me and keep me interested.

Upon seeing me stifle a yawn, Phil frowned slightly, and proceeded to unbutton his suit jacket and spin around a few times, which provided me with a tempting peek of his ass and his crotch. Phil, didn’t know it, but I wasn’t yawning from boredom. I was tired. Mary was correct. Using my power was draining. Still I was not going to miss ANY of Phil’s show. I’d waited too long for this.

Seeing that he had my attention again, Phil slowly slid his suit jacket off, and twirled it around his head a few times before flinging it out and away. I didn’t bother to look at where it might land...I was focused on the main event. And what an event! Phil jumped down off the desk in front of me and paraded around back and forth a bit to insure that I got as close a view of his body as possible. My eyes were drawn immediately to the crotch of his pants. How could they not be when Mr. Happy was declaring himself to be fully awake....all nine inches of him! Phil’s pants looked as if they would burst from trying to keep his cock inside. God, those pants must have been uncomfortable the way they were binding his crotch and cheeks. Carrying his wallet in his right hip pocket could only be adding to the discomfort, but when I looked as Phil’s face it was aglow with joy. He had me paying close attention to him and his show and he was loving every second of it.

He walked over to me, and gently but firmly pushed me back into the chair I was sitting in, and straddled my legs. He thrust himself forward at me and I could feel his rock hard cock pushing into my stomach. Phil moaned with pleasure at this and quickly dangled his bright red tie in front of my eyes, like a bullfighter flashing his cape at a bull. I reached out to grab it, and he playfully pulled it just out of my reach, while winking at me in between the moans. I got even with him though, by grabbing his ass with my hands and pulling him towards me so that he toppled forward and on top of me. Those office chairs are well built, I’ll say that for them. The darn thing didn’t even squeak as it took the full weight of both of us, and it stayed upright. Phil pushed himself way from me a few seconds after he planted a warm but brief kiss on my lips, and then slithered off my lap and turned around to face away from me and towards his desk. Looking coyly back at over his shoulder at me, Phil lifted his right leg and put his right shoe on the desk in front of him. He then leaned over and slowly began to untie his shoe as a prelude to removing it. It was a wonder that his pants didn’t split open then and there. They were so tight across his cheeks, especially the right one since his wallet was there, that I swear I could see every muscle in his butt, thighs, and upper legs. I was not objecting to the view, not at all. In fact I stood up and started to run my hands over his butt. I just couldn’t help myself. Phil moaned with pleasure at my touch and stood up straight for a minute, with his hands in front of him. He reached back and quickly removed his wallet and let it fall to the floor. Then he assumed the position he had a taken a few moments ago and continued untying his shoe. He looked back at me and smiled, obviously feeling less constrained than he had earlier. I continued my caress of his butt as Phil removed his right sock. He then stood on his right leg as he brought his left leg up to put that shoe on the desk in front of him. More butt caressing ensued as Phil removed his left shoe and sock, moaning in pleasure all the while.

Feet now naked, Phil turned around without warning, and my hands suddenly found themselves with nine inches of silk shrouded hot and hard cock to deal with. The little sneak had unzipped his pants and let Mr. Happy out for a breath of fresh air, while he was facing away from me! I can’t say as I blamed him. His pants must have been uncomfortably tight. But before I could take any action other than to enjoy the touch of his silk boxers, Phil pushed me back into my chair and waggled his finger at me. I guess he did have a point....he was a stripper after all, not a hooker. He pranced around in front of me, while slowly loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, from the neck to his belt. Mr. Happy continued to salute me the entire time. I’d never imagined Phil was this creative.

Phil fiddled with the knot of his red silk tie for a moment, and I could not make out exactly what he was doing to it. He then sauntered over next to me, leaned over me and dangled his tie in front of me again. I looked at him for a second and raised one eyebrow at him with a questioning look on my face. He just looked at me coyly and winked. So I reached out and grabbed his tie as tightly as I could. Phil pulled away from me and his tie slipped loose of its knot and off his shirt. I sat there with Phil’s tie in my hands while he danced away from me again. I looked down at his crotch and his cock was as hard and steady as a flagpole.

Seeing where my interest was, Phil moved his hands to his belt and unbuckled it, and danced back to where I was sitting. He reached out and took my left hand, (my right hand was still stupidly holding onto his tie) placed it on the buckle of his belt and closed my hand around it. I didn’t have to guess what to do. I pulled gently but firmly, as Phil moved slightly and his belt slipped off from around his pants. The joy on his face was unmistakable. He was thrilled to the core of his being that I was helping him to perform. He moaned a few times in ecstasy and then his hands flew to the front of his pants. He undid his pants and fixing me with a hot and hungry stare, he slowly began to gyrate his hips again until his pants slipped off his hips and fell down to the carpeted floor. He gladly stepped out of them and undid his cufflinks, as a prelude to removing his shirt.

His white shirt and his silk boxers quickly followed his pants to reside on the carpeted floor Finally Phil stood nude before me, and my eyes could drink in the side of his body. Phil’s body was in very good shape. It was obvious that he took care of himself. He may have been 35, but he looked like he was 25. His build was unremarkable, and the word average described it best. He wasn’t fat or overweight, but his stomach was flat and his chest slightly muscled. He was slim and well proportioned. Just your average good looking guy. Not a male fashion model or extremely handsome, but someone that you’d probably enjoy being seen with. Phil grabbed his cock with both hands and began to stroke himself. Slowly at first and then with increased intensity and frequency. He proceeded to dance in front and all around me, with his cock held firmly in both hands as he stroked himself and moaned in pleasure. His breathing became rapid and loud as he build himself towards an orgasm. My own cock was aching by now. I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I was going to ruin MY suit.

“Enough dancing, Phil,” I commanded him. “Come here and service me. Go to the bathroom and bring back a roll of toilet paper.” He stopped in mid-step and turned to look at me, with a puzzled expression on his face. Clearly he did not expect that command from me. I could see the ache, the desire on his face. He wanted to come, to shoot his load very badly, but I had not given him permission. He fairly flew to the bathroom and returned with the toilet paper roll, scrambled over to where I sat, knelt down in front of me, and fixed his eyes on my fly. I opened it and withdrew my rod. It was not nearly as large as his own, but you would not have known that from the look on his face. He was amazed, transfixed and in total awe.

“I want you to catch every bit of what comes out, Phil,” I told him. Make a big wad of paper and be sure to catch everything. Don’t you dare spill one drop.” He ripped off the plastic from the roll of toilet paper and as quickly as he could made a large wad of it the size of a baseball catchers mitt. Glancing up at me for permission, he slowly took my hot and hard cock and wrapped it securely in the mitt, and started to stroke my cock with the tips of his fingers. I was so near to bursting that it took only a few strokes before I shot my load into the paper. I bucked like a prize bronco at a rodeo. I don’t recall what I said, but I know it was the best orgasm I’d had in a long, long time. (Okay, to be fair, it was the best orgasm I’d had since that Monday night when Steve had searched me for concealed weapons.)

When I was finally through, I looked up to see Phil still kneeling in front of me. He was frantically trying to hold my ocean of jetsam, in the mitt of toilet paper, and doing a pretty good job of it. “You can go put that in the toilet and flush it down, Phil,” I instructed him. “Be quick about it and you can lie down on your desk when you come back.” Phil, scurried off to carry out my instructions. His cock was still as hard and firm as a flagpole, when he came out of the bathroom and lay down, face up on his desk. His eyes were pleading with me to let him cum. I was surprised, actually, that he’d managed to hold himself back this long. Still he had been a good ‘slave’ for lack of a better word, and he deserved a reward.

“Phil,” I said to him. “Take hold of your cock and point it at your stomach. When I touch your forehead, you will count silently to yourself, from 1 to 5. When you reach 5, you will be able to shoot your load and you will have the most intense orgasm you have ever had in your life.”

“Oh yes, sir,” Phil panted. “I can’t wait sir. Thank you, sir.” I touched his forehead and stood back. When Phil shot his load, it covered him from chin to belly button, literally. He must have been saving up for this for months. He was moaning and stroking himself for all he was worth, for what seemed like hours to me. It was only a few minutes though.

When he was finished, Phil opened his eyes and said, “Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. That was the best I’ve had in a long time.” And then he looked down at himself, covered in cum, and just smiled at me. “Sir, may I clean up now?” he asked in a plaintive voice.

“Of course, Phi,” I answered him. “Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. After that you should put on your clothes, exactly as you had them when this session started.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you again, sir.” Phil said as he slowly climbed off his desk. He didn’t seem to have quite as much energy as before, which is not surprising when you consider all that he had done in the last little while. As Phil headed to the bathroom to start cleaning himself up, I walked over to the window in the office and looked outside, and thought. My earlier plans for Phil had changed. I had wanted to hurt and humiliate him. I had wanted him to cum all over that lovely suit of his and then force him to wear that suit home. I had wanted to have him take a piss in that suit and ruin it. And he would have been more humiliated since I had intended to force him to remember the entire hypnosis session, but be unable to talk to anyone about it. But now, those thoughts didn’t feel right anymore. The anger and hurt I had felt so intensely for Phil had faded with his successful show. Such cold and cruel thoughts of revenge left me feeling cold. I wasn’t happy about how Phil had deceived me all this years, but I also knew that I didn’t want to hurt him, either. All I really wanted was justice, and a bit of respect. Unexpectedly the words that Mary said to me popped into my mind, “Paul, your natural compassion and kindness, is the safety net that will prevent you from misusing this power. It is why I am permitted to train you in how to use it.” She was right, again. It felt spooky. She knew me far better than I knew myself. As much as I had wanted to earlier, I knew I could not cross the line, and use my power to hurt or humiliate Phil. With that settled in my mind, I turned around to look for Phil, only have him standing nearby, fully dressed and waiting for me.

He was smiling, as I looked at him, but that smile quickly faded and a look of concern and worry crept onto his face as he saw the troubled expression on my face.

“Excuse me for asking, sir,” Phil said. “But didn’t you like the show? Did I do something wrong? I thought you liked it, sir, since you let me come after I was finished.”

“No, Phil,” I told him. “The show was fine. It was better than fine, it was great. I was very happy with what you did.” Relief washed across Phil’s face as he heard this. “Now, would you mind telling me exactly how your feel about me right now, and what you think our relationship should be?”

“It is not really my place to say, sir, but if you insist I will tell you,” Phil stated with a touch of worry in his voice. “When I am not hypnotized by you, sir, our relationship is as it was before. I am your boss and you are my subordinate. Except that now, I like you a lot more than I did before, because you hypnotized me and made me feel so much better about myself.”

“But, when you hypnotize me, sir, I feel a great joy and pride in serving you. It is the most wonderful thing in the world for me to serve you. I do not know when you will want to hypnotize me, but I look forward to it. I only hope, sir, that you will not require me to do anything that might hurt my family or my career. I care about you greatly sir, but I also care about my family, and my future at this firm. I...I hope I have not offended you sir, but you did ask me.” Phil was shaking just a bit, as he spoke the last sentence to me.

Flashes of what Steve had said to me that first night, came into my mind. It seemed that this power I had worked consistently. Phil, like Steve before him, was my willing and obedient slave, at least while he was hypnotized. Like Steve, Phil still had a mind and will of his own, but it was subservient to mine. True, I did push this a bit more with Phil, but there didn’t seem to be any lasting personality problems. I place my hand on his forehead and scanned him mentally, as Mary had taught me, and confirmed that his new relationship with me, both hypnotized and not, was now fully integrated into his existing personality. There would be no psychological damage from this session. The scan took a few minutes, which made Phil even more nervous, since I was not talking to him.

“It’s okay, Phil,” I said to him, just as soon as the scan was complete. “That is just fine. Now, you go back and put your papers back on your desk, and then sit down just as you were when we first started this session. You make yourself comfortable in your swivel chair and just close your eyes and relax.”

“Yes, sir,” Phil replied, and he eagerly set to work. It took him only a few moments to arrange things. He was sitting back in his chair with his eyes closed and a smile on his face by the time I’d looked up from my watch to check the time. “2 :15 PM. Hmmmm,” I thought to myself. “This has taken less time that I thought it would. Good. Just a few loose ends to tie up and I’ll see just how well Phil’s new opinion of me has taken hold.”

I told Phil, that upon awakening, he would not remember anything of the session, other than that I had successfully hypnotized him and helped him to get rid of a lot of stress and worry. He would wake up feeling refreshed and very good, with a very positive attitude about me, and my work. (Okay, so maybe I crossed the line here. I really don’t think so, though. I deserved that raise and I was going to get it.) I also told him that our conversation before I hypnotized him had never happened, and that he could not remember something that had never occurred. I checked the room to make sure everything was in place, and closed the bathroom door, since it had been closed when I first came in. Then I counted Phil out.

“Wow!. I feel great, Paul! I should have let you try this years ago!” Phil said to me with a smile on his face and wink of his eye. “I didn’t really think it would work, but it did. Guess I can’t be right all the time.”

“Well, I’m sorry that I left you in that state for such a long time, Phil,” I said to him. “But you really seemed to need it. Do you think we can finish my worker review before three? It’s 2:20 now, by the way.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Phil said, and then looked at his wrist watch. “Wow! You’re not kidding! I was out that long? Amazing! Well, your review shouldn’t take very long at all. You’ve done a really good job this year, and your work the last few months has been outstanding, so I’m going to recommend you for a 20% raise. But before you get too excited, I should tell you that with the accountants around here, you’ll be lucky if they give you 15%.”

I was amazed at this news. Mostly because it was coming from Phil, but without any mental suggestions or commands on my part. This was really how he felt about me now. The attitude adjustments I’d made on him earlier were working much better than I’d dared hope. My face must have shown my shock at the news because Phil said to me, “Why the surprise, Paul? You’ve definitely earned this raise. I’m lucky to have someone like you working for me, and it’s about time I let you know that.” And with that Phil stood up and shook my hand warmly, smiled at me, and escorted me out of his office.

It looked as if my new power was going to be a lot more useful to me, than I’d thought. I wondered to myself, as I headed home from work that evening, what someone else would have done in my position that afternoon. I could easily have had Phil give me a blow job while I had him there kneeling in front of me. It would not have been a problem, and he probably would have enjoyed it, too. “Why didn’t I?” I wondered to myself. The answer was as simple was it was old fashioned. It wasn’t the right thing to do. Having sex, even just oral sex, with my boss would have changed my relationship with him a great deal, and not at all for the better. It did not matter that Phil would not have remembered the event, because I still would have known about it and had to deal with it. I had enough changes in my life to deal with right now. Turning my boss into my personal sex slave would only add to the confusion. I would not have been able to keep the same working relationship with him that I had now. It’s true that our relationship was a bit different now, in that he liked me more, but that was a positive change for both of us. Having Phil as my sex slave at work, no, that would not have been at all a good thing.

My mind was somewhat less troubled as I arrived home that evening. I had managed to use my power to improve my situation, and I had not crossed over the line. I had come close, and almost given in to my anger and hatred, but I had held myself back. Mary was right about me, and that was a comforting thought. I feel asleep that night with warm thoughts of what I would buy myself with the extra money I would be seeing on my paycheck. I could always use a couple of new suits.