The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Control Software

By Special Programmer

Chapter 7

We’re back home now. The visit to the in-laws was definitely one to remember. I added a thought to Marcy that she would want to come visit this summer and bring Carla with her.

I was rethinking my decision to only affect people in a mode where they will not remember. As long as I was careful I could effect positive change in my life.

Using my program carefully I first dealt with my finances. I no longer had a mortgage and had a generous bank account (not so much as to not attract attention).

My first personal move in my “real life” was going to be a little different. I was remembering watching Frank and Cindy in their kitchen and watching my wife and Carla the other night. I realized that I am a bit of a voyeur . I decided to have some fun with my wife and friends.

First I put Janet under my control and gave her these instructions

I then said her termination code and left. (with the video camera, I wanted to tape this event)

I went over to Frank and Cindy’s and put them under my control. I gave them the following instructions to apply the next day:

I said there termination code and waited to see what would happen.

Janet arrived about 1 hour later and rang the bell. Cindy answered the door.

The two women greeted each other with a hug. Since this was a casual afternoon both women were wearing jeans with sandels. Janet was wearing a green blouse and Cindy a white T-Shirt. Cindy led Janet to the living room and offered her a glass of wine. Janet accepted the wine and sat on the couch beside Cindy. The two women chatted for a while. I could see them starting to squirm a bit. There nipples started getting hard. Just about then Frank came into the room.

“Oops, sorry, I just came in to watch Golf”

“No problem” Cindy said, “you won’t bother us”

“If you’re sure” Frank said as he sat down in front of the tv

The women continued there conversation, but both were distracted and kept trying to steal glances at Frank’s crotch.

Janet seemed to really be getting uncomfortable.

“Excuse me I have to use the washroom” Cindy said.

Cindy left the room and Janet started talking with Frank

“How are you Frank?”

“Fine, yourself?”

“Good, a little warm though” she said as she undid a button on her blouse. She was showing more cleavage than Frank had ever seen on her.

“Funny, I’m not hot” he replied as he stole a glance down her top. Frank had always told me he loved my wife’s tits. He even joked once that we should both take pictures of our wives topless and trade.

Janet was now rubbing her neck and moving her hand down her blouse a bit while she stared at Frank’s crotch. Her nipples were now hard as rocks.

Just then Cindy came back in and Janet jumped up and said she had to go pee now,

She left the room and I followed her. She went into the bathroom and almost immediately started rubbing here tits through her blouse. She undid her pants and showed her right hand down her panties. She was going to town on herself. This was great. It would do her no good since she needed Franks cock to get off. This would only make things worse. I decided to go check on Cindy and Frank.

When I got back to the living room Cindy was on her knees begging Frank.

“Come on baby, let’s just go upstairs for a quicky”

“No, Janet is here”

“Oh, I’ll be fast, I promise.”

“No, it’s not right, we’ll do it tonight”

“I can’t wait that long” Cindy said as she got up and stripped off her T-shirt. She then grabbed her tits and squeezed them together.

“You can’t say no to these”

Frank was looking at his wife, trying to figure out why she was acting this way. “Listen the only way I’m fucking you now is if you strip naked and let me fuck you here” he said laughing. I’m assuming he meant it as a joke.

Cindy looked a little puzzled then said “I will if you want me too, but why here”

“What do you mean you will, I was just joking”

“I really need your cock, I’ll do anything”

It was like a flash went off in his head. He had that “I’ve got a great idea” look on his face.

“Well if you want my cock so bad, I want you to suck it right here and loose the bra”

Cindy unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground. She got on her knees and fished out his monster cock. She started sucking him off and must have really been good, because Frank did not notice Janet come in the room.

She stopped in her tracks. The sight of his 10″ cock must have been too much for her. Her hands went to work, one dropped to her pussy and she was rubbing it over her jeans and the other worked the tits. Frank looked up and saw Janet. He tapped his wife on the head and she also looked up.

“I’m sorry Janet, I just really needed his cock right now. And if you don’t mind I really need to finish. You can wait for us in the kitchen?”

“Or she can watch?” Frank said as he noticed that my wife’s eyes had not left his dick.

“Frank I am not having sex in front of my friend”

“You will if you want my dick”

She looked a little angry, but when he started putting his cock back in his pants she relented “Fine she can watch”

“Janet do you want to see Cindy blow me?”

Janet could only nod.

“Well why don’t you come sit next to me?”

He pulled his dick back out and Janet went and sat next to him. He put his arm around my wife as his wife took his meat back in her mouth.

“My god it’s huge” were the first words out of my wife mouth

“I guess it is a little big, would you like to touch it”

She slowly nodded and reached her hand out. He grabbed her hand and said “Well before you can touch me I should be able to see you. You can touch my cock if you take off your blouse and bra”

Janet looked a little stunned. She pulled back and started covering herself. Cindy looked up at him with a little anger “Hey I never said for you to stop” with that she went back to work

“I don’t know Frank, this seems wrong”

“It’s up to you Janet, but I’ll tell you, I’m getting a little uncomfortable here with my cock out and Cindy is topless. As a matter of fact if you’re not willing to undress I don’t think you should be able to watch either.”

Janet got up and started leaving. She got about 3 steps. She stopped and took off her blouse and bra with her back to Frank. She covered her boobs with her hands and turned around.

“No fair Janet, drop the hands.”

Slowly she did. Franks eyes lit up. “Wow those are some nice tits, Paul is a lucky guy. You can come back and sit next to me.”

Janet did as she was told.

She was sitting again and she slowly reached her hand out towards his cock. She looked at him, hoping he would not stop her. He didn’t. Cindy’s mouth was over the top half of Frank’s cock and Janet grabbed the bottom. She was mesmerized. She started jerking him and playing with his balls. He put his hand around her and started playing with her tits. After a few minutes he said.

“Cindy you can stop now”

Cindy took her mouth off his cock and looked at Janet. She seemed a little surprised to see Janet topless. She must have really been distracted.

“Frank what the hell, do you think you’re going to fuck me while she sits there half naked?”

“No, I was actually going to tell you both to get fully naked now.”

“Frank this has gone far enough, let’s go upstairs and finish this.”

“Cindy here’s the deal” I think Frank realized the sudden power her had and was about to push it’s limit. “I’m making the rules, and Janet seems to really want to join us, so that’s how it’s going to be. So I want you both to take all your clothes off now”

Cindy looked angry as hell. “Frank I am not having a threesome, I’ve told you this before”

Frank got up, zipped up his pants and walked out of the room. Janet just sat there in silence and Cindy went after him. She caught up to him in the hall.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving, going to go to a bar for a drink”

“But what about my needs?

“I’ll say this one last time and if you argue again I’m leaving. I want you and Janet in the living room naked now!”

She looked at him and then bowed her head. She turned and went back into the living room. Frank followed her. She started taking off her jeans and looked at Janet and said to her in a shy voice.

“Janet would you like to join us for a ménage a trios”

Janet just sat there. She looked as if she could not understand what was going on. Then she quietly said “yes.”

“I didn’t hear you” Frank said

“Yes” she said a little louder

“Well then you better loose the jeans.”

Both women were now standing in front of him naked. Frank walked around them and checked them out. Janet was stunning with her red hair, large breasts, wide hips and neatly trim red haired pussy. Cindy was equally stunning with her blond hair, smaller, but still large breasts, killer ass and shaved pussy. Frank went and sat on the couch.

“Well Cindy’s blowjob got me pretty hot, I think I need to blow a load soon. Why don’t you both come here and use your tits to get me off?”

Both women got on there knees and crawl over to him. He had Cindy on his right and Janet on his left. They both grabbed their tits and pushed them toward his cock. They stopped before their boobs touched.

“That won’t do. Push them together and work my cock”

Slowly the women did as they were told. There tits touch and they started going up and down on his cock when he stopped them.

“We need some lube”

“I’ll go get some” Cindy said

“No, I have a better idea. Why don’t you two just use your pussy juice to make your tits wet.”

The women reached down between their legs and brought up some juices and rubbed them on their tits. In no time both ladies boobs were wet and they went back to work. After a few minutes Frank looked like he was about to blow his load.

“I’m coming” he said as he grabbed his cock and pointed it right at his wife’s face. She must not have expected it because she almost screamed when the first shot hit her in the right eye. He continued to shoot load after load on her face.

When he was done he said to her “That was for arguing with me earlier, now go get cleaned up, while I recover and get hard again, we’re not done.”

Cindy got up and went to the washroom.

Frank’s cock however did not go down. Janet was still kneeling beside him and she noticed the still hard cock.

“I must really be horny. May as well not let it go to waste. Stand up”

Janet did as she was told. She must have been far gone by now because she was not hesitating at all anymore.

“Turn around and sit on my cock”

Janet turned around and slowly lowered herself on his member. She apprehensively inserted the head into her pussy and dropped down on about half the length. After about 10 strokes she had him all the way in. She leaned back onto him and rested the back of her head on his shoulder. He had his hands working her tits like there was no tomorrow. Just then Cindy came in.

“What the fuck, I figured you would at least fuck me first.”

“Well I was hard and you were not here.” Frank answered

Cindy came over and stood in front of the fucking couple.

“Cindy, don’t just stand there, make yourself useful. Suck on her tits.”

“Frank I don’t want to do anything lesbian”

“Oh I see, well how about this then, I want you to suck on her clit while I fuck her or you can leave now!”

Knowing that she had no choice Cindy got on the floor and put her mouth over Janet’s pussy while her husband’s cock was going in and out. She started sucking and Janet’s clit and got an immediate response.

“Oh fuck I’m coming” yelled Janet. Her orgasm lasted about 3 minutes.

She got off of Frank and he looked at Cindy and said “Get on all fours’, I want to fuck you from behind.”

Cindy assumed the position and Frank got behind her. He easily slipped his cock in and started pumping his wife.

He turned to a recovering Janet and said “You’re not done yet. Get over here.”

Janet crawled over and knelt beside him.

“Doesn’t she have a great ass?”

“Yes she does, I’ve always thought so”

“Don’t worry you have your own great assets” he said as he grabbed her tit.

“Why don’t you message her ass while I fuck her”

Janet’s hand went to work on Cindy butt. She was fondling it and touching Frank’s cock every now and again.

“Stick a finger in her ass, I think she will like it”

Janet stuck her finger in Cindy ass and started moving it in and out.

Cindy seemed shocked at first, but soon realized that the sensation was great. She started coming. She was bucking on Frank’s cock and Janet’s finger. This put Frank over the edge and he pulled out of Cindy and blew his load on Janet tits. Amazingly this load was bigger than the first load. Janet stood there taking his load and rubbed the sperm into her breasts.

“Cindy, Janet lick those tits clean” Cindy went to work on the right tit and Janet the left. By the time they were done Janet looked like she was about to come. Frank interrupted her by saying.

“I don’t believe this, but I’m still hard. You ladies want more?”

“Oh god yes” Janet shouted

Cindy just nodded

“Cindy lay on the couch. Janet get on top of her in the 69 position.”

This time there was no hesitation. No sooner was Cindy on the couch then my wife on top of her. Frank enjoyed the lesbian show. He stroked his cock while he watched the women pleasure each other. After a few minutes he laid on the floor and told them to stop.

“One more good fucking for our guest.” He said.

“Janet come and sit on my cock and Cindy you sit on my face.” The women straddled him on either end and they were facing each other. Soon they had a good rhythm going. The women were grinding in unison and kissing each other and rubbing their nipples together. Then Frank grabbed Janet’s hips and lifted her off his cock and shifted her forward a bit so that his cock was pushing on her anus.

“No Frank, I’ve never done that and you’re too big” but despite her protest he started pushing her down. His cock eventually popped in. Then she slowly relented and started moving his cock slowly in farther and farther. He was now fully fucking her in the ass. She was lost in the pleasure. The whole time he never stopped sucking on his wife’s pussy.

Cindy seemed to really be enjoying the show. Janet leaned back pushing her tits in the air while resting her hands on the floor behind her. Cindy took the opening and leaned in and licked Janet’s exposed pussy. Both women started having an orgasm.

The women got off of Frank and he instructed them to sit on the couch.

“Squeeze your tits together and give me a target.” Both women looked spent as they gave him an incredible four tit target.

Frank walked up and pumped his cock furiously until he unleashed the biggest load I have ever seen all over their tits. He was covering them with the white liquid and the women were rubbing it into their skin. That’s when both of them exploded into an earth shattering orgasm.

Cindy and Janet looked at each other and started kissing. Then Janet said “Cindy I just had my biggest orgasm ever from Frank blowing on my tits.”

“Me too, I can’t believe it” Cindy said.

Frank squeezed in between the two ladies and put his arms around each woman. The all lean back and sigh in relief. The three of them just sat there for a good 20 minutes recovering. Finally Janet was the first to speak.

“I don’t know what came over me?”

“I do, this amazing cock” laughed Cindy as she grabbed Franks now soft cock.

“Listen ladies, it just happened, no need to worry about it, we just will never tell Paul.”

“I don’t know Frank, I’m not sure I can keep this from him”

“Well the two of you could do the same for him, that would make it even”

“Hey asshole, stop pimping me out”

“Fairs, fair” he said

“I’ll have to see how he reacts, but maybe that might help, he has always said how hot you are Cindy”

“Right now I’m too spent to think about sex. I’m going to take a shower.”

She got up and left.

“Frank I have to say that I never did anything like that before, but that was amazing, thank you”

“No problem. I’ve always wondered how you would be in the sac. Once you got over the shyness you were fucking awesome.” Frank said as he leaned in and gave her a kiss. The kiss lasted a little longer than I expected. Then Frank’s hand went up to her boobs.

“God haven’t you had enough”

“Yes, but…”

“But what”

“Cindy is great but her boobs are a little too small for a good tit fucking. I was thinking that since you’re here and naked that maybe…”

That’s when she noticed that his cock was hard again.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe that you’re hard again”

He was now massaging her tits with both hands.

“I’m tired and soar, but if all you want is my boobs, I guess that would be ok.” She laid on the couch and pushed her boobs together.

“Why the hell not at this point? What about lube?” she asked

“I’ll be right back?” he said as he left the room and back in no time.

He popped open a bottle of lotion and squeezed a generous amount on to her chest. Janet rubbed the cream into her skin until her tits were shinny and wet.

He climbed on and put his dick between her beautiful boobs. He was sliding his dick between them and seemed to really be enjoying himself.

“Oh my god, this is fucking great. I can’t believe how good this feels.”

Janet was doing her usual great job. Moving her tit flesh against his cock. He was pumping faster and faster and looked ready to go when Janet surprised him (and me) by taking his cock in her mouth and making shoot his load right in her mouth.

“Holy Crap!, that was great. Thank you”

“We’re even.” She said with a wink

“Better not tell Cindy about that. She always gets mad when I tell her how much I like your tits. This would put her over the top.”

“No problem, but now I need a shower.”

“Use the one downstairs”

This video was going to be very useful one day.

I went home and had to masturbate since neither of the women could see or hear until tomorrow.

Chapter 8

The next day Janet looked very guilty. I still did not know how I was going to handle this. I decided to give her a little nudge. I gave her the start code.

“Janet you will feel really guilty for what you did and feel the need to confess. You will not want me to leave you no matter what. You will do anything to keep me from divorcing you. You will not be able to lie to me.”

I then gave her termination code and waited.

By noon she still had not confessed. After lunch she said we had to talk.

“Paul, I did something yesterday that you need to know about”

“What’s that?”

“I know your going to be mad, but please let me finish. When I was with Cindy and Frank yesterday, something happened.”


“I had sex with them”

I did my best to look shocked.

“What do you mean “them”?”

“We had a threesome.”

“With Frank and Cindy”


“You fucked Frank”


“Cindy did stuff to you”


“And you did stuff to her”

“Yes” her face was in her hands now

“Did you suck his cock?”

“Yes” the tears started flowing

“Did you do anything else with him that you don’t do with me”

“He put it in my rear”

“You let him butt fuck you?”

“Yes” she was crying full out now

“So why with him and not with me”

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t help myself”

“Anything else”

“Later, when Cindy was in the shower I let him tit fuck me.”

“I see. So what now, you want to leave me and be with them.”

“No, I love you, I want to make it up to you”


“Whatever you want. Frank and Cindy suggested that you might like a threesome with me and Cindy”

“Interesting, but I’m not sure yet”

“Just tell me what I can do”

She cheated on me and now she was giving me the power. What to do.

“You’ll do anything?”


“I think I need to be alone for a while, to think things over. I’m going for a walk”. With that I left.

I returned an hour later with a plan.

“Hi Paul” she greeted me with her head down, when I came in the kitchen.


“Well have you decided?”

“Yes, I’ve decided that I love and I don’t want to lose you. But we need to make this right”

“What can I do?”

“You understand that you fucking my friend and his wife is very degrading to me, and for me to feel redeemed I will need to degrade you too,”

“Yes I know, do you want to do things to me”

“Yes I do, but I need more”

“What do you mean?”

“Please understand that I’ve considered this and the only way I can be OK with this is for you to do what I’m about to ask?”

“Yes, I know, I’ll do whatever it takes.” She answered apprehensively.

“Well first I am going to want you to do with me all the things you did with them”

“OK, I can do that”

“You will have to be enthusiastic about it too”

“Trust me that won’t be a problem, I’ve been thinking about those things all day. I really want to try them with you”

“What things, be specific”

“I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum, and I want to ride your dick and have you fuck me from behind an then I want you to fuck me in the ass.” She said with a surprising amount of zeal.

“That definitely will be a good start”

“What else do you want?”

“I’m going to want another woman with us”

“Cindy said she would join us if you wanted too”

“Tempting, but too easy. She is hot and I would like to see you two together, but she’s already agreed and there’s no work in it for you. Besides I’m going to talk to them later. Oh by the way, I get to fuck Cindy once, without you saying anything about it.”

“Ok, that sounds fair. So what do you want?”

“I want you to go and find another woman to join us. But I have certain requirements. She has to be pretty, dark hair. She has to have a curvy figure and her boobs have to be at least as big as yours.”

“Do you have someone in mind?”

“No. I’m leaving that up to you. To make it a little easier on you, she does not have to agree to anal, but she does have to do everything else”

“Where am I going to find someone to do this?”

“You have friends, and a couple that meet my requirements, or you can go to bars and find a stranger. No strippers or prostitutes.”

“I want to make you happy, but I don’t know if I can do that”

“Janet let me make this crystal clear. I love you and want this to work, but this is the only way I can live with what you did.”

“Then I will find someone”

“Fine then.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“Great. One more rule. Until you complete that task you will be my sex slave. You will do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. That also means that the sex is going to be for my satisfaction only, if you don’t get off by the time I am done, you will have to finish off yourself. Agreed.”


“Well then lose the close”

She quickly stripped and stood before naked. I stood up and walk behind her. My right hand roughly grabbed at her tits and my left went to her ass. I moved my left hand down her ass cheeks and went between her legs.

“You’re already wet, you’re a horny little bitch aren’t you”

“Yes” was all she said.

I took off my shirt and turned her around. “Finish undressing me”

She knelt in front of me and proceeded to take my pants off. When I was naked she didn’t even wait for me to ask. She took my cock in her mouth. She was giving me the best blow job ever. I was sure I was going to blow my load right there.

“Ok that’s enough. Go get some Vaseline and put on some high heels.”

She left the kitchen and came back in no time. She was wearing nothing but 3 inch black heels. I told her to put her hands on the counter and stick her ass out. The sight of my wife bent over, in heels waiting for me was a glorious one for sure. I walked up to her.

“Put some Vaseline on my cock” she complied.

I grabbed her wide hips and pushed my cock head up to her anus. I slowly inserted it and started pumping her. Within a few minutes I felt that I was getting ready to blow. Janet was really enjoying this. She moved her right hand to her tit and started squeezing it hard. Her breathing told me she about to come. I pulled out with a plop.

“Turn around and get on her knees.” She did

“Open your mouth” I pointed my cock at her waiting mouth. She had one hand working her tit and the other furiously rubbing her pussy.

I started blowing my load towards her mouth. My aim was off. I covered her face and neck with my load. I backed away and admired the sight of Janet masturbating on her knees covered in my spunk.

She was totally lost in pleasure and continued until she came.

When she was done she hung her head in shame. She got up and grabbed a towel and wiped her face. She looked like she wanted to cry.

“No tears! This is how is has to be.”

“I understand”

“I suggest you find someone for our threesome fast.”

“I’ll do my best. Can I go get cleaned up now.”

“Answer this first. Did you enjoy being fucked in the ass?”


“How about my coming on your face?”

“No I found that degrading. I would have preferred you do it in my mouth. Or even on my tits, you like that don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Actually I love that. But from now and until you complete your task I am only going to come on your face. Understood!”

“Yes Paul.”

“Good, now go get cleaned up. I have to decide if I’m done with you tonight or not”

She walked pass me on her way upstairs. I gave her ass a nice firm slap.

Man this could not have worked out better. I’m really curious who she was going to get. I only fucked her once more that night. I had her fuck me while I watched football. I made her do all the work. I even made her finish me off by jerking my cock over her face.

Tomorrow I would have to go and deal with my friends.

Chapter 9

The next morning I went over to Frank and Cindy’s place. When I walked in I activated them.

“You will both feel very guilty about what happened. You will not lie to me. You will feel the need to make it up to me. You will do whatever it takes for me to forgive you.”

I then said there termination code.

“Janet told me what happened” they both looked a little surprised

“Dude I’m really sorry, things just got out of hand”

“I know, she explained it. But the fact is that you fucked my wife buddy.”

“I know, I’m really sorry”

“And Cindy, you licked her cunt and made her do the same to you”

She bowed her head “I am so ashamed. But like Frank said, things just got out of control.”

“Well Janet and I are going to be fine. She is making amends.”

“That’s great to hear” Frank said.

“I just don’t know if I can forgive you two”

“Paul, please let us make it up to you” Frank said.

“How do you suppose you can do that?”

“Whatever you what, just ask” he said.

“Since you had my wife I guess I could take yours.”

“That would seem fair, don’t you think honey” he said to Cindy

“I don’t know, it seems a little creepy.”

“I understand” I said “I’ll just be leaving, but please don’t ever call us again.” I turned to leave

“Wait!” Cindy shouted “I didn’t say no” she paused “I’ll do it if it will make things right”

“Fine, but what you guys did is very embarrassing. To make is right I get to degrade you as much as I want, any problem with that Frank?”

“No, I guess not.”

“What about you Cindy? Any problems?”

“No I guess not. When do you want to do this”

“Right now.”

“I’ll leave you two alone” Frank said

“No, you stay. I want you to watch what I do to her”

“Fine” he said with a little smile that Cindy did not see

“Cindy, go and get changed into the sexiest lingerie that you have. Make you it includes heels.”

“Fine, I’ll do it” with that she left

“Frank, listen, I’m not really that mad, but you should let me fuck her to be fair.”

“Yeah no problem. By the way thanks for suggesting I watch. I would have spied on you anyway.”

“Sure. Janet told me everything you did to her and how you treated her like a whore. I’m going to do the same to Cindy. OK”

“Fairs, fair”

“Any limits”

“After what I did, no, none; except no hitting”

“Not my style man.


“Then just sit there and don’t say a word, oh and try not to enjoy it too much. When I’m done I’ll tell her I want to see her suck you off, deal”

“That sounds good – enjoy her, she’s pretty good”

“Have you ever fucked her in the ass.”

“No, actually Janet was my first.”

“Well then I guess it’s only fair that I be Cindy’s first”

“Man I think she will resist that.”

“We’ll see”

Cindy walked in just then. She was wearing a matching set of red underwear. The bra was cupless and the panties were crotchless. The top it off she was wearing 4 inch red heels. She put her right hand on the wall and stuck her left hip out.

“How’s this”

I wanted to drool, but composed myself and said “It’ll have to do. What do we say we start with a blow job? Crawl over here” I pulled my cock out and feed it to this vision at my feet.

I noticed that while she was blowing me her hand reached down and was working on her cunt. She kept looking up at me for approval, but I managed not to say anything.

“That’s enough. Not bad, but I guess you didn’t take advantage yesterday and learn anything from Janet”

“Did I do it wrong?”

“Not so much wrong, Janet is just much better”

She looked like a kid who had just made a mistake. In the corner of my eye I could see Frank trying not to laugh.

“Let me try again.”

“No thanks. Maybe you’ll be better at fucking. Stand up and turn around.” She did. “You do have a great ass” I said as I groped it.

“Bend over”

“Now spread your ass cheeks for me” she did

“Yes, definitely nice. You look like you’re really wet”

“I am”

“Finger yourself for a while, let’s see how many finger you can get in”

She stayed in the bent over position and just spread her legs and began to masturbate for me. She started with two fingers and eventually had four in there. She was pumping in and out like crazy. I thought she might actually cum right there.

“Stop. Stay bent over and look at me.” She moved head head to the right and looked at me.

“Now lick your fingers clean”

She slowly put her finger in her mouth and sensuously lick her fingers clean one at a time.

“That was great. Now get on all fours like the bitch you are.”

“Hey, is that necessary?”

“Don’t talk back or the deal is off.”

“Sorry” she said as she assumed the position.

I got behind her and inserted my dick in her pussy. It was so wet that I just slipped in.

“Oh ya, you’re a good little whore.” She was moving with my motion now and fucking me like she had a point to make.

“That’s real good, but now for something different.”

I pulled my cock out and put it at her anus

“No way Paul, no anal” She protested.

She barely had to say finish her sentence when I pushed my cock in and drove her face into the carpet. She had her hands to the side and was screaming to Frank

“Frank please stop him. It hurts.”

She could not see, but Frank had his dick out and was pumping pretty fast at the sight of his was being sodomized.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. What did you say?”

“Paul please take it out.”

“But you were ok with Janet get ass fucked. The way she tells it you got off watching Frank do it to her. Is that right?”

“Yes, but I don’t want it done to me. Please no more”

“I’m not done. Why don’t you rub your cunt that might help.”

She did as she was told. After a few minutes she relaxed and then started cuming. She was bucking back and forth while she orgasmed.

“Did you just cum?”

“Yes” she said with shame

“From being butt fucked?”


“Well I guess it can’t be that bad”

She said nothing. I was ready to blow my load now. Time for one last degradation.

“I’m going to cum, were do you want it?”

“I like it when Frank cums on my ass or tits.”

“Fine then” I pulled out

“Get on your knees” I said as I stood up

She cupped her breasts and look up at me.

“Sorry but those are too small for me to cum on.” The weren’t, but hey what the hell. “Open your fucking mouth.”

“No, not after being in my ass”

I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock into her mouth. She relented and opened up. I blew my load into her mouth as she gagged.

When I was done I looked at her and said. “Well I guess we are about even. One last thing”

“What’s that?”

“I want to see you suck off Frank and let him blow his load”

She crawled over to Frank and for the fist time noticed that his cock was out. She took his penis in her hand and started sucking. It only took about 1 seconds for him to lose it. She swallowed every drop.

“Cindy I’m sorry I was so rude, but it was the only way I could release my anger and get ride of it.”

“I understand. Are you better now?”

“Yes, I think we are going to be fine. By the way those things I said about your body I did not mean them. You are great.”

“Thanks. I’m just glad we can get past all this. Hey are you horny again.”

She had noticed that I once again had a hardon.

“I guess you’re just too hot.” She look at my hard cock, licke her lips.

“I could take care of that for you.” She said and then turned to Frank.

“Frank is that ok?”

“Sure, no problem”

“Paul sit back, this time we do it my way.”

She sat on my lap, facing me. She reached down and took my hard cock and put it in her wet pussy. I started sucking on her tits as she bounced up and down.

We were pretty distracted. We did not notice Frank walk up and start massaging his wife’s ass.

“What are you doing honey”

“I want some too”

“When I’m done with Paul”

“No, I want your ass”

“Frank your too big”

“Janet took it, so can you”

“Ok but slow”

Frank had lubed his cock with some cream and started pushing the head into her ass. It took a while but eventually we were both fucking Cindy at a good pace. She started cuming and looked like she was going to pass out. When she came down from her high she looked at me and said “That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.”

“Frank I’m going to blow soon”

“Me too”

“How about we give her a little shower.”

“Sounds good”

Cindy got off of me and got on her knees. We stood at either side of her pumping our cocks. Frank let loose first. I was right behind him. We covered her face and tits with our loads.

“Oh my god” was all she said as she laughed and started wiping the huge amount of sperm off her face.

“Well we are definitely even now” they both laughed

“I’m glad this is resolved, but maybe we can try this again with the four of us?” Cindy suggested

Our friendship had definitely just changed.

“I think with some ground rules we can make it work. I have to go now.” I shook Franks hand and since Cindy still had our spunk on her I gave her ass a little squeeze.

This had worked out pretty good. I think I can handle sharing women with Frank. Now to go home and see if Janet found us a woman yet. I decided to tell her all about today’s activities.

Chapter 10

I got home and sat Janet down and told her everything that happened at our friend’s house.

“I’m a little angry, but I understand why you did it.”

“Good, and Cindy wants to know if we can get together as couples sometimes”

“Paul I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.”

“Really, Janet stand up now.” She did

“Drop your pants” She did

I stuck two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out soaking wet

“You wet just hearing about what I did with them, so don’t give me this crap about being uncomfortable.”

“Your right, it’s just a little weird that’s all”

“You’ll get used to it. Now pull your pants up. Any ideas for someone to join us”

“I have one. Do you remember my friend Carol from my old job (Janet had recently quit her job, since I was making so much money)?”

“No, remind me”

“She’s a little older then us. She’s 48. She is divorced and has 3 kids in college. She’s about 5 foot 5, she have black short hair. She has wide hips, small waist and really big boobs. I think she is bigger than a DD cup”

“Did you introduce me at the Christmas party and I made a joke about her boobs when she left?”

“That’s her.”

The women she was speaking about is older but very pretty. She looks like Rachel Welch with bigger boobs and a little more fat.

“Well we use to go out for drinks after work and one time when she was drunk she told me that she had an affair with a women after she got divorced. It did not last, but she said the sex was great. She has also mentioned that she found you very handsome. I’ve also caught her looking me up and down.”

“She’ll be fine, how are you going to get her?”

“I meeting her for drinks tomorrow and when she’s drunk, I just going to tell her that I want to do something special for you, for you birthday and would she like to join us.”

“My birthday is in four months”

“I’ll lie”

“You think she will say yes?”

“I think so. If she does you had better be ready for tomorrow.”

“Sounds good. I guess that means that you’re only my slave for one more night”

“I guess so”

“Well then I better not waste it. Get upstairs and get naked”

I fucked her twice that night and blew my load on her face both times. I had to save my energy for tomorrow.

The next day Janet left at about 6 to meet Carol. I waited patiently.

At about 8:30 Janet’s car pulled up. She got out alone. I was very disappointed. She came in the house.

“No luck”

“Oh no, she just wanted to go home and get ready. She’ll be her in an hour. She was all for it. She said she’s had fantasies about us. I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to this.”

“You’re looking forward. I’m going to bust a nut right now”

“Save it big guy, she’s not even here yet.”

“Does she have any ground rules.”

“She says all the girl on girl stuff is fine. She loves the taste cock and cum, she just does not do anal, she said she would prefer it if we didn’t do it in front of her either, it turns her off.”

“Well for one night I can go without.”

“We can save that for another time honey. Just think about the four huge tits your get to play with tonight” she said as she lifted her top and squeezed her tits for me.”

I reached out to touch them and she slapped my hand away.

“Not ‘til later, now go make a batch of margaritas. She’ll be here soon and we both had 3 drinks, so we need to keep our buzz.”

I did as I was told.

It was about 10 PM and I was wondering if she had decided to back out. Just then the doorbell rang. Janet (who was upstairs) yelled “Paul can you get that”

“No problem”

I answered the door. There was Carol. She was even prettier than I remembered. Her hair was black and down to her shoulders. Her skin was a little dark, she had to be of Italian decent. She was wearing a beige trench coat, but her full figure was still visible through it. She was also wearing 4 inch black heels. She came in and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Happy birthday Paul”

“Thank you, come in” just then Janet came down the stairs. What a site. She had on a blue one piece negligee, which was cut high on the thigh and did very little to hold in her huge breast. To top it off she was wearing 4 inch black heals as well.

“Welcome Carol, glad you could make it”

“You look fabulous.” Carol said to Janet.

I just stood there in awe of my wife. She walked up to Carol and said “Sorry my husband seems to be at a loss, let me take you coat.”

“Thank you” Carol replied. Janet came up behind her and slipped the coat off her shoulders.

My jaw hit the floor. Carol was wearing the exact same outfit under her coat. Janet ran her hands up Carol’s side to display the women.

“You like it? We stopped at a shop after out drinks.”

“I must be in heaven” was all I could say.

“You will be by the time I’m done with you fella” Carol retorted.

The women walked past me to go into the living room. I watched as the walked while shaking there asses in unison.

Once in the living room I pour us all a drink.

“Well Paul, Janet tells me you like curvy women.”

“Yes I do” I almost yelled.

“Do I have enough curves for you?” she said as she playfully cupped her massive breasts.

“More than enough. How big are they?”

“My “girls” are 44 EE and very sensitive”

“How sensitive?”

“If you play with them right I can cum”

“Oh, I’m going to like you” I got up to touch her melons

“Easy fella, we have all night. First how about you just watch as I take care of your wife here.”

“Sounds good to me”

She went over to Janet who was sitting on the couch. Carol knelt down between Janet’s legs and started kissing her. Janet responded with more enthusiasm that I expected. They were kissing and mashing there boobs together, what a sight.

Carol slipped Janet strap off her shoulder and pulled out one of her breasts. She started sucking on her nipple and massaging her boobs. After a while Carol looked up and slipped off her straps, exposing her glorious breasts for the first time. They were magnificent. Huge, full, heavy and firm. It was almost as if they defied gravity. How a women of almost 50 could look that good is beyond me. I decided right then and there that before she left, I would have control of her. There is no way this was going to be a one time thing.

Janet now was really working on Carol boobs. Carol was really enjoying herself. She changed positions with Janet and sat on the couch. She looked over at me.

“Why don’t you loose the clothes and join us Paul”

I took off my clothes and walked over. Needless to say my cock was hard as a rock.

“Oh my, I guess you like the sight of your wife sucking some women’s tit. Bring that here would you”

I brought my cock to her face and she reached out and took it in her mouth. She was sucking like a pro. I looked down and smiled at Janet. She now had her finger slipped in the side of Carol’s panties and was fingering her good.

Janet lifted her ass and removed her garment without taking my cock from her mouth. She sat back down and spread her legs. I could clearly see her freshly shaven pussy. Janet now got up to remove her clothes. I was shock when I saw that she had also shaven her pussy.

“You like it, it was Carol’s idea”

“I think Carol is a genius” was all I could say.

Carol now pushed me down on the couch. She was laying on her side with her leg spread and her hands working on her tits. Janet then pulled out another surprise. She had in her hand a huge black double dildo.

“Where the hell did that come from?”

“We found it when we got the outfits. Carol figured you would enjoy watching us use it?”

“Again, genius”

Janet inserted one end into Carol dripping pussy and pumped it in a few times. She then sat on the end of the couch facing me and inserted the other end into her own pussy. She was now working it nicely into both of them. The sight was too much for me. Carol sucking my cock, while playing with her tits and being fucked by a dildo while Janet was fucking herself and playing with her own tits. I just lost it.

“I’m cuming” I warned Carol

She never stopped. I blew my load in her mouth. Once I was done, she pulled out my cock and sat up. Now facing the women who she was sharing a dildo with, she pulled her in for a kiss. As they kissed I realized that she had not swallowed my load. She was sharing it with Janet. My spunk was spilling out of their mouths and falling on Carols tits. Janet broke the kiss and leaned in started cleaning the sperm off of Carol tits. She continued doing this and took her nipples in her mouth and sucked hard. That and the dildo put Carol over the top. She started bucking wildly in her orgasm. When she was done she looked at Janet and said. “Poor dear, you haven’t cum yet”

“No, but I’m close”

“Let me help you” with that she removed the dildo and put her face in Janet’s crotch. She stated licking and sucking her twat. Janet had both hands working on her tits furiously. She soon had her own orgasm.

“Well that’s the end of round one” Carol said “I really hope were not done for the night”

“I doubt it, my friend here seems ready for more” I said as I pointed to my once again hard cock.

“That was fast. I’m impressed”

So far this has been fun, but Carol seemed to be in charge, now it was turn.

“Carol come here and sit on my cock.” I ordered

The voluptuous women got up and came to me. She started sitting down facing me when I stopped her.

“No, face away. I want to fuck you from behind.”

“No problem”

She turned around and lowered her lovely ass towards my cock. Once I as in we started fucking at a good pace.

She leaned back and I was playing with her tits. That’s when Janet joined us. Janet feed one of her tits to Carol who gladly accepted it. We fuck this way for a while when I could tell that Carol was ready to go again.

“Janet get down and suck on her clit. I bet that will push her over the edge.”

Janet went down on the other women’s pussy and started sucking her clit.

“How do you like that” I asked Carol. No response. Instead she grabbed her tits and started squeezing them real tight. This sight made me blow my load into her deep. When she came down from her orgasm, I pulled my cock out.

“Janet be a dear and clean that please.” She took my soft cock into her mouth and licked it clean.

“What about our guest. She needs cleaning too.” She hesitated for a second but then started licking Carol pussy.

“Actually why don’t you two get into a 69 position for a while.”

“That sound great to me” Carol said

Carol laid on her back on the couch and Janet got on top of her. The two were now doing some serious licking and really enjoying it. I walked behind my wife and started fuking her. Caral switched from licking Janet’s clit to sucking my balls. I pumped Janet for a good 20 minutes and then pulled out and blew my load all over Carol’s tits. Not too long after the both had another orgasm.

We were now just sitting on the couch having a drink and talking.

“Thank you for inviting me over, that was great.” Carol said.

“Your not leaving yet are you?” I asked

“Why, are you up for more.”

“Well it would seem a sin to have two women with such incredible assets here and not have a good tit fuck” I said as I grabbed a handful of each of the tits.

“What did you have in mind honey” my wife asked.

“Do you have any cream or lotion”

She pulled out a bottle of massage oil “will this do?”

“Perfect, why don’t you two get those tits nice and slick and then come here.”

They pour some on each tit and then Janet rubbed the oil into Carol’s boobs and Carol did the same to Janet. They then came over to me. With the four tits smashed into my cock and the women working them up and down while kissing each other I only lasted about 5 minutes before losing it all over them. They cleaned up and we all snuggled naked on the couch.

The women dosed off and I went to my computer. I made a file for Carol and loaded it on my iPod. While she slept I played the file for her. I then activated my wife and told her to sleep. I then activated Carol and told her to wake up.

“Carol when I say your termination code you will wake up, hornier than ever and with an incredible desire to see me cum. You will do anything to see me cum one more time.”

I said Janet’s termination code and then Carol. Carol woke up and Janet stayed asleep. Carol noticed that I was awake.

“Hey stud, Do you think you could go another round”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty worn out.”

“Awe, I think you have one more in you.” She said as she grabbed her tits and presented them to me.

“Well I may have one more in me. but let’s let Janet sleep, she looks so peaceful.” Janet was laying there naked with on hand under her head and the other on here hip.

“OK, first let’s get you hard” she leaned into me and took my cock into her mouth. I was soon hard and ready to go.

“So how do you want to fuck me?”

“Well we’ve done a lot tonight and I am pretty worn. Normally I can only cum at this point with one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Well Janet said you had a problem with it”

“Oh, no you mean anal”

“Yes, I do”

“No way. I don’t do that” she said defiantly

“I understand, let’s try tit fucking then”

“That’s better” she said as she wrapped my cock in her tits and pumped away.

It took all my will power not to cum. After 10 minutes I stopped her and said “Sorry, it’s just not going to work, let’s just go to sleep” At this point I could tell she was too far gone.

“No, maybe if you fuck me you can cum?”

“No, it’s OK, I don’t mind”

“But I do, I need to see you cum again”

“Well like I said there’s only one thing”

“Fine, then let’s wake up Janet, she told me she does that”

“Yes she does, but I’m not waking her up. If you want it so bad you’re just going to have to it yourself. Don’t be so selfish”

After a little pondering, she looked at me a said “ok then, you can do me in the ass”

“That’s better. Get the lotion and rub it on my cock.” She did that.

“Now come her and sit on my cock you selfish little bitch”

She slowly lowered herself on my cock and inserted it into her butt. It was incredibly tight. She was now riding my cock into the ground. I reached around and started finger fucking her. This resulted in an orgasm for her. She was so loud that she woke up Janet

“What’s going on you two?”

“Paul’s fucking my ass” Carol answered before I could.

“You horny prick, she said she didn’t want anal.”

“Hey she wanted me to cum again and this is the only thing that would work”

“So why didn’t you wake me up”

“Why, she wanted it she should do it”

“Could you both shut up, I’m trying to cum here” Carol yelled

“I guess she likes it” Janet said

“Looks that way”

When her orgasm stopped I said to her “I going to cum, where do you want it?”

She bent over and in doing so my cock came out of her ass “Shoot it on my ass” she ordered

I pumped a few time and pointed it at her butt.

“Janet put your tits on her ass would you?” she came over and did as I asked.

I shot the biggest load of the night all over Janet’s tits and Carol’s ass.

When I was done, Janet licked up the sperm on Carol’s ass and then let Carol clean her tits.

We then all went to bed and slept in each others arms. In the morning, when Carol was in the shower Janet turn to me and said “Well does that make things even for us.”

“I would have to say that we are good. I love you”

“Love you too”

“Now what about Carol, she was great, do we tell her it was a one time thing” I asked Janet

“Well I have to say that she really got me wet and when she was licking me I was losing my mind. If she’s up for a repeat sometime I’m ok with it.”

“I think she will be, trust me, why don’t we join her in the shower”.

It turned into an hour long shower finishing with me fucking Carol against the wall of the shower. She had one leg wrapped around my lower back and her tits were mashed in my chest. Janet was behind me pushing her tits in my back and helping me thrust into her friend. Ya I think she may come back.

Between Carol, Cindy and Frank, I was sure that our sex life was about to get a lot better.