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Dark Whispers — Book 1, Chapter 1

Synopsis: Katie falls in love with the man who forced her, despite being a lesbian. For some reason, thinking it was due to hypnosis turns her on. So, she decides to start an ex-lesbian harem for him. But maybe she needs to “convince” him first. And why does she keep hearing whispers in her head that tell her to corrupt people?

Warning: This story isn’t for everyone. It contains offensive material, including but not limited to a strong female lead, and lesbian-to-straight conversion using mind control.

Contributions: Without the significant efforts of my editors (Griz T. Orc, TerrinX, and Sienna K.) and beta readers (Winston Knight, Dark Tzitzimine, and many others), this work would not have been possible. Thank you all!

Disclaimer: All characters are aged eighteen or older. This story is completely fictional, and I do not in any way condone what happens in it. Any dichotomy of thoughts represented in this fictional story is purely figurative. This story does not remotely imply anything related to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a tragically misunderstood condition. If you know someone with DID, do some research before you jump to conclusions! © Tessa ♥️

* * *


Forcing the word out was a struggle. His arm wrapped around Katie’s neck and his hard, muscular body lay on top of her, pinning the redhead to her own mattress.

Trying to push him off was hopeless. She’d already pulled up the bedsheet trying to crawl away.

Begging was all she had left now.

“Why stop?” the man asked. “You’re moaning like a bitch in heat.”

She could barely think, her mind overwhelmed with pleasure. It became harder and harder to remember why she wanted him to stop.

“Ngh... nhh... Be... Because... I’m a lesbian!”

She moaned as her pussy spasmed on his cock.

“Katie, Katie, Katie...” he tisked, chiding her. “Why else would you think I’m doing this?” He withdrew his cock all the way and then slammed back into her. “Plus, you say you’re a lesbian, but you and I both know your pussy isn’t!“

She couldn’t deny she was being driven wild. But it didn’t make sense. Why was she fucking this man?! Taking his hard, throbbing cock, her greedy pussy clenching around it like a tight fist. She couldn’t even remember how she came to fuck him. One moment she was studying for class, and the next she was being fucked.

She was a lesbian... She would never choose to fuck a man!

“You’re... You’re raping me!” she blurted, her emerald green eyes opening wide in realization.

There was no other explanation for it. Her foggy brain tried desperately to form coherent thoughts, but it was an uphill battle.

“Am I?” the man smirked. “Is it rape when you’re enjoying it so much?”

Of course it was!

Her mouth opened to argue, when memories of the day flashed before her eyes...

* * *

Katie yawned as she walked back from her morning class. The college senior had a fight with her girlfriend the night before, but that wasn’t the reason she was tired. It was the hours of make-up sex that followed—Beth uncharacteristically allowing Katie to use a strap-on dildo on her, which Katie put to very good use judging by how much Beth begged her for more.

Katie’s smile lightened her face.

She almost looked forward to their next fight.

For now, she needed to rest for a few minutes before her next class. She sat down on a nearby bench outside the Liberal Arts building, letting her bag fall to the floor. She was still rubbing the drowsiness from her eyes when she felt someone sit next to her.

“Didn’t get much sleep either? I had a crazy biochem exam. My recommendation? Never. Take. Professor Smith.”

The voice belonged to a charming man who looked a bit older. But biochem? He had to be a sophomore or junior then. Probably someone who started in the workplace after highschool and saved up for college the hard way.

His disarming smile gave him the aura of a pleasant person to be around, and she didn’t mind his dark brown hair or deep blue eyes. But he was still a man. Katie disliked men on her best of days, and right now she was sleep-deprived and grouchy.

She pointedly ignored him.

“I’m actually a biochemistry major. I find the subject fascinating! I’m kind of a nerd like that. Okay, okay—I’m very much a nerd,” he laughed self-deprecatingly.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” she mumbled.

He must not have heard her, as he continued. “Despite being my favorite subject, it’s insanely hard for me. Did you know that on average, only 30% of students pass his class? Only 30%! How is that fair?”

Katie’s patience hung by a thread now. Another man who didn’t take no for an answer. Why do some men have trouble with the concept of consent? Not like other men are any better. Any man who isn’t a member of the patriarchy is still basking in the privilege its evil produced.

Just who does he think he is? Just because he’s tall, dark, and handsome, doesn’t mean he can score with me.

“Oh, by the way. I’m John Hayes!” He smiled and reached out his hand.

Seriously? Time for this asshole to be taught a lesson.

Sneering, she yelled, “Gross. Don’t talk to me! Let me guess. You want to hit on me, despite the fact I’m clearly gay.”

Her unexpected outburst surprised him. He blurted, “No, I just—”

She cut him off, hard. “Shut up! I’m not going to have sex with you! Your tiny dick couldn’t pleasure me like my girlfriend can!”

His face turned red. He looked around, noticing all the students who had witnessed it. Some were laughing, and others trying their best not to.

She almost felt bad for him.


So far he’d only made small talk, and it was technically possible for him to have no ulterior motive. But now everyone thought he had a micropenis and he’d probably never been more humiliated in his life.

But he was a man.

He was clearly struggling to remain calm, but all he did was politely say, “Sorry to bother you,” as he stood up and left, walking in the opposite direction, students still giggling behind him, mocking him. His fists tightly clenched in either frustration or rage, but she couldn’t see his expression.

Yeah. She’d definitely feel bad for him.

If he weren’t a man...

* * *


His thrusting brought her back to the present, his cock driving the lesbian wild with a multitude of emotions.





He ignored the question and snarled out a demand instead.

“Tell me you love my dick.”

She had to admit—she couldn’t have been more wrong about his size. It was larger than any dildo she’d been fucked with. But she wouldn’t admit that to him. Because fuck him! That stupid rapist can go to—


He spanked her hard, sending a jolt of arousal and fear up her spine.

“Fuck! Okay! It’s huge!“

He kept fucking her roughly, never losing his rhythm. If he didn’t stop, she’d cum, and soon.

“Admit you love it!” he commanded.

“It’s so good. I love it!”

The reply was out of her mouth before even thinking.

Wait. No! She needed him to stop, before the pleasure drowned her like a wrecked ship on a stormy sea.

“P-Please!” she whined, moaning even more.

“Please what? Please stop? Or please make me cum?”

It was getting so hard for her to think, that she forgot what she was about to beg for.

“I’ll stop if you want, and leave. But if you want me to make you cum... then beg for it. Beg for me to cum in your tight, little pussy, and maybe I’ll let you have the biggest orgasm of your life!”

His offer to leave gave her a moment of clarity. She shouldn’t want that. Right? She was being... raped.

And even if she... wanted... him to make her cum, she would never beg for it.

Not from a rapist.

And especially...

Not from a man!

And... and... she wasn’t under any kind of birth control! She was a lesbian and didn’t need it! She realized with a startle that she was ovulating, so there was a good chance she’d be knocked up!

It was easy. There was absolutely no question which she’d choose.

He had to stop!

“Please cum in my lesbian pussy! Make me cum so hard I never think about women again! Fuck the dyke out of me!”



That’s not what she decided! It just came out automatically. And that doesn’t even sound like something she’d say!

“Good girl.” She could hear the smug smile in his voice.

Although the degrading “compliment” would’ve usually made the feminist seethe, right now her pussy spasmed at the praise.

He was no longer pinning her down, his hands now on her hips. She vaguely noticed that she was now a fully willing participant, pushing back to meet each thrust, squeezing her pussy on his cock.

“I’m cumming,” he growled.

He was about to impregnate her. She didn’t want that. She had to get him to stop. Or at least pull out. She was going to beg him to stop. She was going to beg him to pull out.

She was...

She was...

“Cumming!” she screamed out, electricity shooting through her as the biggest orgasm she’d ever had consumed her, making her mind go white with raw, unadulterated pleasure.

The sensation of her pussy convulsing on John’s throbbing cock pushed him over the edge.

He thrust once more all the way, and unloaded the first rope of cum inside her.


She moaned, her orgasm intensifying as John’s semen coated her cervix.


More cum spilling into her abused pussy as her womb fills up.


Sperm traveling up her ovaries, her eggs craving his sperm.


Never before had she felt so womanly. So fulfilled. So...



She knew now that this was what she was made for. What girls were made for. They were made for cock.

She was made for cock.


After what felt like hours, he finally stopped cumming. By now, she had almost passed out from the pleasure.

Before he left, though, he had one more thing to do.

He turned her over, and propped up her butt with a pillow. He wanted his sperm to have every chance to fertilize her eggs.

She would be his.

* * *

As dinner slowly cooked in the large pot, Katie hummed along to a tune playing through her earbuds, a light blue apron hanging from her neck and tied around her waist. Her husband would be home soon and she knew he appreciated dinner being prepared by the time he came home from work.

She smiled as she rubbed her round tummy. She’d taken to pregnancy well. All her life she’d thought those breeders had been lying, but it was true. She really did have a glow about her.

As she stirred the simmering pasta sauce, she felt a kiss on her cheek from behind. She took out her earbuds and turned around to find the man who raped her all those months ago. Impregnated her.

The man she loved.

Her husband.

“Mmm... Smells good. Hey, sweetie. How was your day? Missed my cock?”

She blushed. It was true. She’d missed his cock so much. Her pregnancy hormones were driving her crazy.

“Sh-Shut up, you fucking rapist!” she stammered as John laughed.

It was only mock anger. She’d long forgiven him. Sure, what he did was horrible, but in the end, he really was a good man. She just made him snap that day. Like they say: she had been asking for it.

John apologized a few weeks later, profusely. She accepted his apology and started dating him soon after. As strange as it was, Katie couldn’t remember the day of the apology well. Every time she tried to remember it, her memories would get fuzzy. But each time, she did remember that it wasn’t important.

After all, how could it be very important if she didn’t even remember it? His apology must have been good enough if she forgave him.


Plus, how could she stay mad at him? He’s the father of her baby!

Anyway, what was important now was focusing on making dinner for John.

And that’s what she did. After they ate dinner in an affectionate companionship, John went to his study to finish up his work, and Katie cleaned up after dinner.

She sat on the couch in the living room, lost in thought.

A small smile appeared on Katie’s face. It was strange how quickly she fell in love with John. And she had no idea how she became completely straight, with absolutely no attraction to women anymore!

It must have been manipulation, a quiet part of her whispered.

“It must be love!” she grinned, ignoring her dissenting voice.

Ever since she fell in love with him, she’d heard whispers in her mind. She had taken to thinking of the whispers as her “darkness” because of how filled with hate and negativity it was, as opposed to the love for him she truly had.

But... the voice did have a point. Isn’t it impossible to change that much from one fuck? She’d never been attracted to men before. The complete opposite! She used to be the gayest gay girl she knew.

That’s right. You used to be strong and independent! the darkness argued

So then what could it be? She then recalled one of her old fantasies she used to have. She used to fantasize about having a harem of hypnotized straight girls.


Maybe it’s possible to change someone’s sexual orientation with that?

The darkness was quiet, as though it was waiting for her to continue the thought on her own. Yes. There was no other explanation.

In fact, it made sense.

Her unexplained arousal during sex with a man. The massive orgasm she had on his cock. Her sudden feelings for him just weeks later. Her quickly dissipating attraction to women. Her sudden acceptance of his apolo—no, that part wasn’t important. But there were a lot of things that didn’t add up, and hypnosis was the only explanation. So that meant he hypnotized her... How did she feel about that?

He violated you, a part of her whispered. Hypnosis or not, it was rape!

Exactly. She should be furious... Right? She was controlled against her will. Made into his obedient little fucktoy, nothing but another good little straight girl to carry babies and serve her husband.

Get furious! Get revenge! her darkness demanded.

But she wasn’t furious, she realized. All she felt was...

Overwhelming arousal.

Wait. What?! Her darkness was aghast.

The thought of him controlling her turned her on so much she couldn’t help but start rubbing.

“Fuck... That’s hot... He controlled me... Changed me... Made me love him!“

She moaned, rubbing furiously. She couldn’t remember a time she’d felt hornier.

“I was a lesbian... And he made me straight. I don’t want pussy anymore... I just want John, and his huge cock!“

She kept rubbing her pussy with one hand, bringing her other up under her shirt and tweaking a nipple.

First, he must have hypnotized her to beg him to fuck her and breed her. And then after that, he must have...

She kept rubbing as she fantasized about it.

Katie had just cum hard, and was blissed out when John used the trigger he’d just given her before he fucked her. Katie dropped into trance and John started filling her head with commands.

“Over the next month, you will realize you have feelings for me and become more attracted to me, and less attracted to women. You’ll quickly fall in love with me, and devote yourself to our relationship fully. In fact, you’ll become my fucktoy. My good little straight fucktoy. And you’ll love every minute.”

“Yes, yes! I’m your straight fucktoy!” Katie moaned again in pleasure, rubbing even faster. She was so close.

“And if you ever discover what happened, you won’t be angry. In fact... it’ll turn you on more than anything.”

Her eyes opened wide. If the only reason she’s so turned on right now is because he made her. If he manipulated her to this degree, and all of this arousal is artificial. Then that’s...

Even hotter!

That thought pushed her over, and the orgasm crashed into her like a tsunami, overwhelming her. It was the ultimate control over her. The ultimate manipulation.

She basked in the afterglow for a while, and then started thinking about this revelation, now that her arousal had abated.

So he hypnotized her. That’s why she felt that way. Felt so much love and lust for him. But... it didn’t feel fake. It felt more real than anything had ever felt.

And although he had taken everything from her, he had given her everything in return. Even after she...

She frowned. She rejected him. Humiliated him. He was just trying to be nice, but she was filled with so much hate and loathing, she lashed out at him. Now, she’s no longer hateful and miserable like she was before she’d even met him. She was happy now. Content.

She was better now thanks to John hypnotizing her.

The truth is, she deserved worse. For humiliating him, he could’ve told her to fuck every guy in a frat house, telling everyone she was a cockslut.

Hell, she would’ve done the same to him.

But he didn’t. And now she’s happy.

Thank you, John. For saving me from myself, and from misery and hate. I wish I could only return the favor.

Her darkness gagged in disgust.

Slowly, an idea started growing in her mind, like a tiny seed taking root in the soil. He’s turned on by lesbians getting turned straight? If she knew hypnosis, she could turn lesbians straight for him! They could even do it together...

Her darkness perked up. I can teach you.

She frowned. Usually her darkness tries to mislead her into hate. Why was it being helpful now?

Plus, there’s another issue. For whatever reason, he seemed to have given up hypnosis. Probably punishing himself for what he did to her.

Then hypnotize his guilt away, it suggested.

Katie knew that he’d be happier if he was free to enjoy what he wanted deep inside without feeling guilt. And her darkness was offering the ability to take that burden from him.

She... She’d do it. She’d hypnotize his guilt away. And while she’s at it, she could make sure he would enjoy a lesbian harem.

She frowned again. But wasn’t it wrong to change someone against their will?

So what? He’ll thank you later.

She couldn’t argue with that.

The ends justify the means.

Exactly. Her mind was set. Moral or immoral, this is for John, she rationalized.

And for some reason, the more she thought about it, the more turned on she got.

Changing him... Corrupting him... Improving him... Just like he did to me...

Where did that thought come from? She had considered herself to be largely submissive to him. So why did the thought of dominating him like that also get her wet?

You want to dominate and corrupt him.

She did. Her pussy was starting to get wet all over again. For some reason, she was getting just as turned on by that as she was by the idea of him hypnotizing her.

No. Even more, it stated.

Her hand immediately shot down to her pussy and started rubbing again, Katie’s soft mewling sounds filling the empty room.

I’m going to corrupt him so much. And I’m going to corrupt every hot lesbian for him... and he’ll love me for it...

After all... It’s for his own good.

She forced herself to settle down. She could get off later. For now, she had a task to do.

Such a good girl, her darkness cooed

She cleaned up, threw some clothes on, and went to his office to look for the love of her life, like a wolf after its prey.

* * *

John was sitting at his desk, staring at his computer screen with a frown. He was on a deadline, but this data didn’t make sense. He ran his hands through his dark brown hair—not for the first since he started working. By now, his hair was messy, practically standing up. He brushed his hair back down with a hand and refocused on his work.

He was so absorbed in it that he didn’t notice someone was behind him until he felt arms wrapping around his neck. He jumped and turned around, smiling when he saw who was there.

“You scared me, babe! How long were you there?”

His wife was standing behind him wearing only a mischievous smile.

“I just got here, and thought you could use some relaxation and a nice massage. Judging from your ruffled hair, I’d say I was right.”

Well-acquainted with his habits, she knew his tendency to run his hair back with his hands when stressed. She’d joke that the best indication of how stressful a day he had was how messy his hair was.

“I’d love that! You’re the best!”

“I know,” she winked.

John didn’t give himself another chance to think about it. Five minutes later, the married couple was in the bedroom, John face-down on the king-size bed as Katie straddled him, hands gently gliding across his back.

* * *

After massaging his back for a while, Katie had him roll over to work on his front, running her hands up and down in a slow motion on his chest, as she straddled his waist. Before she continued, she couldn’t help but admire his attractive male features.

Mmm... His strong chest looks so yummy...

That sudden thought caused her to marvel at the degree to which she had changed. With hypnosis he’d turned her from extremely gay to being a strictly-dickly straight girl in love with a man. There’s no doubt about it. She’d changed—body, mind, and soul.

It didn’t happen all at once, of course. First there was just a craving for his cock. But over time, she’d also become extremely attracted to his body.

His hot, masculine body, and his thick, long—

She barely stopped herself from drooling, realizing she was getting distracted. She needed to stay focused if she wanted to hypnotize him.

She cleared her mind and continued.

* * *

John was in heaven from Katie’s expert massage. He hoped she would do that more often.

“You know what would help you relax even more?” Katie said softly. “Taking some nice, deep breaths. Inhaling through your nose, holding, and exhaling through your mouth. Try that for me.”


For such a simple exercise, it felt surprisingly good, John thought. Relaxing. Calming.

Katie continued gently rubbing his chest, her expert fingers dancing up and down, tracing small patterns, softly pressing on the most tense muscles.

“It’s relaxing. Isn’t it? Now, the next time you exhale, I want you to allow every part of your entire body to relax completely. As if all of your tension leaves along with that breath.”

It was so relaxing, it was as if he could physically feel the tension leaving him.

“So relaxing...” he mumbled.

His eyes were half-lidded, as if he was about to fall asleep at any minute.

“That’s right. You’re so relaxed. And you relax more each breath you take, along with the relaxation you feel from my massage. And I know that you can feel tension leaving you each time you exhale.”

She was absolutely right. He’d never felt so relaxed before.

“When the body relaxes, so does the mind. And that’s why your mind is so relaxed right now. I know you can even feel it.”

It was true. Just as she said that, he immediately felt something different in his head, a feeling completely novel to him. A slight tingle, of sorts. Just barely there, but there was no mistaking that it was there.

Part of him vaguely noticed that he didn’t feel the tingle until the moment she said he did. He didn’t know why that was, but he was too relaxed to care.

“You’re doing great. Just keep breathing like you are. You have no worries at all. There is nothing you need to do but breathe and relax, and follow everything I say.”

The tingling seemed to become stronger, more tangible, but not unpleasantly so. His mind drifted more and more as this strange feeling grew. And as it grew, so did his desire to just follow her words, not having to think or make any decisions.

Eventually, she paused her rubbing and asked, “How do you feel now?”

Despite being so relaxed and seemingly zoned out, his response was immediate this time, as if by reflex.

“Relaxed. Heavy. Full. Empty. Tingly.”

* * *

Katie grinned excitedly. It worked! He’s in trance!

Of course it worked, the darkness whispered imperiously.

And Katie couldn’t help but get turned on by how trancey his voice sounded, with his eyes glazed, his mind empty. It was as if he was paradoxically both focused and unfocused.

“That means you’re in trance. And being in trance means you’re always honest and obedient to me. Doesn’t it?”


“And in trance, my words have ultimate power over you. Because they’re inside your mind right now. That’s how listening works, after all. You hear my words, and they flow into your mind. And with them, flow the power of my words. Right?”


“You want me to be happy, and you always want to make me happy.”

She knows that her overly simplistic logic may not work in a normal state of mind, but it does in trance.

And she’s going to thoroughly take advantage of that.

Force him to admit his rape, the darkness suggested.

No. It wasn’t rape; he hypnotized me with love! she thought back, smiling dreamily.

“How did you feel about hypnotizing me?”

He started shaking.

Shit. He’s about to come out of trance. She needed to do something, and fast.

“Stop! Relax! Ignore that question.”

He instantly relaxed.

Phew. Obviously she needed to be careful and work around the fact he hypnotized her. If she mentioned it explicitly, he’d wake, and that would be bad!

“I want you to visualize a massive calendar opened to the date we first had sex. At it, you can see notes made with temporary marker about all of the emotions you had for that day. Tell me when you’re done visualizing it.“

He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to remember and process it, but in abstract. Not reliving the emotions, but indexing them.

“Done,” he finally said.

“Great! Now, there is a section that includes all of your feelings of guilt that day. You don’t know which memories they’re associated with. You just see the scribbles that represent them. Now, I want you to imagine an eraser and erase that whole section for that day. Nothing with guilt remaining.”

He frowned as his brows furrowed in concentration.

“Can’t,” he said.

She sighed. She somewhat expected this.

“Why can’t you?”

No response. Interesting.

She’d have to move on and get back to it later. It was time to work on his corruption.

“Do you want to have sex with women other than me?”

“No,” he responded immediately, almost before she had finished her question.

Aww, that’s cute... He’s so singularly devoted to me.

But she was just as devoted to him.

“You don’t have to worry about my feelings. In fact, it’d make me happy if you wanted to, because I’d love to watch you with women, as long as I’m always your Number One.”

It was all too easy to exploit the fact that he wanted her to be happy.

“I enjoyed being turned straight. Did you enjoy making me straight?”


Fuck. It was making her even hornier just remembering it. And with her dark side influencing her now, there was no holding the fantasy back; she no longer felt guilt or reluctance to embrace it.

“I was a lesbian, and I’m happy you turned me straight and impregnated me. It would make me happy if you turned other lesbians straight and bred them, because other lesbians deserve happiness. Don’t they?”


“That means you want to turn lesbians straight. Right?”

The slight pause made her palms turn moist. But finally trance logic won out.


At this point, it took everything she had not to start rubbing herself. But she had to continue. This was important.

“You want to impregnate lesbians.”

She was soaking wet by now, and trying to keep calm was a losing battle. She couldn’t help but rub herself.

“You’re going to introduce lesbians to the superior pleasure that only cock can bring.”

She let out an involuntary moan. She couldn’t remember being so turned on.

“You’re going to show them why girls were made for cock.”

She moaned again, rubbing faster. We’ll show them, John! Girls were made for cock, and especially your cock!

“You’re going to knock them up, their bellies swelling. And they’ll love it!”

As soon as she said that, Katie became completely lost in pleasure, her twisted mind filled with fantasies of lesbians with pregnancy bumps.

The once-man-hating lesbians surround John, begging for his cock as he rams his thick, manly cock into a new girl that Katie just finished luring and hypnotizing for him. He grunts loudly as he cums into her fertile womb, her pussy spasming on his cock. He rolls over and meets Katie’s lips in a passionate kiss. ‘I fucking love you, baby,’ he says. ‘I love you even more, my virile hubby,’ she responds.

She notices his cock getting hard again. It’s Katie’s turn. Now that she’d recovered from the first baby, it was time for John to give her a second one. She straddles him, ready to take his cock in her fertile pussy. She slams down on his cock and—

“Yes, yes, yes!” She exploded in orgasm atop him back in the present, collapsing on John’s chest. It took a while for her mind to clear, at which point she realized...

Oh, fuck! I need to finish the trance before he wakes up!

She sat back up and shot a quick look at John, and sighed in relief to see he was still in trance. By now she was mostly finished. All that she needed to do now was wrap it up.

“John. Any time I tell you ’sink deep for me’ you’ll fall back into a trance, deeper each time, obeying everything I say.“

She thought for a moment to review everything, making sure she left nothing out.

Lesbians... impregnation... trigger... All there.

“When I wake you up, you will feel refreshed, but not remember anything that happened during trance. Understand?”


“Great. Now, wake up!“

John opened his eyes, and sat up as he stretched his arms. “Wow, I feel great! I must have dozed off though. Thanks, sweetie.”

“Anything for you,” Katie smiled.

She was excited. She couldn’t wait to start corrupting lesbians.

For John, of course.

And she knew exactly who their first victim would be.

* * *