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Dark Whispers — Book 1, Chapter 2

True love is luring her lesbian soulmate for him.

Warning: This story isn’t for everyone. It contains offensive material, including but not limited to a strong female lead, brief homophobic language, and lesbian-to-straight conversion using mind control.

Contributions: Without the significant efforts of my editors (Griz T. Orc, TerrinX, and Sienna K.) and beta readers (Winston Knight, Dark Tzitzimine, and many others), this work would not have been possible. Thank you all!

Disclaimer: All characters are aged eighteen or older. This story is completely fictional, and I do not in any way condone what happens in it. This story does not imply anything related to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a tragically misunderstood condition. © Tessa ♥️

* * *

The other side of the bed was cold, realized Katie, as she slowly woke up. That was usual on a weekday. John had to get up and go to work, and Katie wasn’t currently employed or taking classes.

No, she had a much more important job to do now, she thought as she rubbed her tummy.

Corrupting John, her passenger suggested.

Raising John’s baby, of course.

She walked into the attached bathroom and got in the oversized shower. As she bathed, she let her mind wander to last night’s events.

She hypnotized her husband John against his will.

Changed his morals.

And even worse... planned to corrupt him even more.

What was I thinking? What possessed me?!

She should undo it all. They have a good life. A happy, loving couple, with a baby on the way. Why stir things up now?

It’s so wrong to change him... To change innocent lesbians. To make them into good little straight girls... To have John knock them up...

It’s so wrong...

It’s so...


Her hand drifted between her legs as she started to pleasure herself, her soft moans echoing throughout the bathroom. No. She couldn’t undo her plans now. Morals be damned.

Plus, it’s John’s fault... He made me get turned on by this... He... made me... Oh fuck...

That thought turned her on even more.

I’m know I’m thinking with my clit, but fuck it... It’s too hot. It’s too... right.

Her shower took longer than planned.

* * *

Sitting at the kitchen table, dressed in black slacks and a light blue, button-down dress shirt, sipping coffee and reading the morning news on his tablet, John lifted his head when Katie walked in looking freshly showered.

“Hey. You’re up late,” he noted.

“Um, yeah. I slept in,” she blushed.

Then, as casually as asking if he wanted to get lunch with her later, she asked, “Oh, by the way. How would you like to fuck Alyssa?”

Wait. What...?!

He almost spewed his coffee.


“Yeah. You know. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Tits as big as mine, and she’s not even pregnant! I showed you her pic.”

“Yeah, I remember... But I mean, isn’t she a lesbian?”

His brows furrowed and he had no idea where she was going with that.

“So was I. Plus, don’t tell me you don’t get off to thoughts of fucking lesbians,” she teased him.

He couldn’t deny it. Just the thought of how the once-lesbian Katie was now his doting housewife was enough to make his dick hard.

He shifted his weight on the chair, trying to hide his bulging erection. “Umm... Yeah, guilty.”

“You want her to cum on your cock. Don’t you? You want to show her how superior cock is. Your cock.“

“Fuck...” His cock groaned in his jeans, straining against the zipper.

“Well I want to show her too.” Katie rounded the kitchen island and slid a finger seductively on his arm. “I know you’d give her a night she’d never forget. And I want her to experience the same kind of pleasure you showed me.”

He loved his wife.

It wasn’t just because she was letting him have sex with her best friend. But she genuinely did care about her, wanting to introduce her to something she thought her friend would enjoy.

“You... do?” John’s eyebrows shot to his hairline. “And she told you she wants to try?”

Katie hesitated. “Well, not yet, but...”

She paused, her eyes darting away, as if considering whether or not to tell him something.

“Don’t worry. I know I can talk her into it,” she promised. “I just need some alone time with her, and maybe she’ll even be ready for your thick cock by tonight,” she winked.

He wanted to believe her. So much. But he couldn’t help but doubt she could convince her lesbian friend to fuck a man that easily, or quickly.

“Well, no pressure,” he said, still sounding somewhat unconvinced. “But it is hot. Anyway, I have to get to work.“

He stood up, pecked her on the lips, and turned to walk out of the kitchen.

* * *

Katie would have to be blind to miss the large bulge in John’s pants as he stood up. Not that she was surprised though. Quite the opposite. Her pussy clenched at the thought of her hypnotized husband lying on their bed the night before, waiting to be conditioned and prepped.

Katie licked her lips, craving to crawl under the kitchen table and take care of that herself, but now she was limited in what she could do in this stage of her pregnancy.

A disappointed sigh escaped her lips.

The sight of John’s feet on the tiled floor of the kitchen as he casually made his way to the entryway gave her an idea, and she feverishly stood up to follow him.

“Wait, honey!” As she wobbled in his direction, she asked herself why nobody ever tells pregnant women that running was inconceivable with a belly as big as a house!

“Yes, hon?”

“You can’t go to work like that!” she mock-scolded him as she grabbed his cock through his work slacks.

He groaned as she slowly palmed his cock up and down his length.

“Fuck, you’ll make me late,” he groaned half-heartedly, but as his hips bucked forward, Katie knew she had him hooked.

She licked her lips to cover the small smirk threatening to appear. “Plus, I know you’ll enjoy what I have planned.”

She carefully knelt in front of him, unzipping his pants. His huge, hard cock sprang free, slapping his stomach. The sight of the veiny length made her pussy spasm in anticipation, urging her to be filled, bred, wrecked by his godly cock.

She licked up and down its length twice with the flat of her tongue, never breaking eye contact.

“This time I want you to close your eyes and imagine that I’m Alyssa. Well, a pregnant Alyssa, so that you’re still gentle with me.”

Katie peppered his cock with small kisses, waiting for him to reply.

“Fuck, hon. Okay,” he grinned. “You’re amazing.”

* * *

So many thoughts assailed John as he closed his eyes. Lust, desire, but also wariness and a little sliver of doubt. But he felt the warmth of Katie’s mouth enclosing his cock, and all of his worries flew out the window. The only thing left was the warm, welcoming heat of his wife’s mouth. No, it was Alyssa’s mouth, he reminded himself.

John summoned the mental image of Alyssa from the brief time he’d seen her photo on Katie’s phone. He could imagine Alyssa, bobbing her head on his cock, staring at him with her deep blue eyes, her blonde hair becoming messy from her sexy motions. His fist clenched as he resisted the urge to grab the shiny locks and thrust into her hot, dirty mouth.

A small, distant part of his mind thought it was strange to see a lesbian uncharacteristically sucking his dick, but—

John loves seducing and dominating lesbians.

—but instead it just felt... right.

Dominating lesbians felt natural.

Like it was what he was always meant to do.

He gritted his teeth when he hit the back of her throat. “For a lesbian, you sure are a good little cockslut,” he taunted.

That just made Alyssa moan around his cock, her mouth still bobbing, her tongue swirling around his length like snake coils.

Pure, raw desire coursed through his blood. She was such a good slut, made for his cock and servicing him. She needed to remember her place, at his feet, saliva dripping from her mouth while he fucked her face.


He needed to remind her. It was his role after all.

Gripping Alyssa’s hair, he put a little pressure on the back of her head. Not hard, but enough to control the pace.

Pregnant or not, he still controlled Alyssa.

And from the way she moaned again, she appreciated that treatment.

“Take it all, dyke!” he growled, pulling her head down all the way to his crotch.

Alyssa squealed on his cock, not expecting his aggressiveness, but didn’t complain. Eyes remaining closed, John relished in the feeling of her tight throat massaging his cock, as if she was always meant to take him.

Soon, though, she tapped him three times. He instantly let her head go with a groan, already missing the warmth of her hot mouth. He heard a small whimper, followed by a deep intake of breath. But almost instantly, she put the tip of his dick back in her mouth, sucking him with feverish lust and raw desire in her hooded eyes.

In his mind he could see Alyssa grinning at him mischievously, before she slammed her head back down on his cock, this time on her own. John was sure that, if he inhaled deeply enough, he would smell the tangy, potent scent of her tight pussy, begging for his—

His train of thought shattered as she started bobbing her head again, this time taking him deeper than before.

The pressure on his cock drove him mad, lust tainting every last fleeting thought he had. She was so good at this. His perfect cocksucker. His balls tightened and he took a fistful of hair, pulling her once again all the way down, emptying himself straight down her throat with a low, guttural groan.

* * *

Saying that John’s dominance took Katie by surprise was an understatement. She pulled her hands from her panties—John wasn’t the only one who came—and leaned down. The young woman hummed as she cleaned her husband’s cock, her tongue lavishing his length, enjoying the salty taste.


John wasn’t usually like that, especially once her baby bump started showing. But Katie loved every second of his dominance over her. Despite her recent orgasm, her pussy clenched in a desperate move to be filled.

Right now, the only thing that made sense about John’s alpha behavior... is that it was due to Alyssa. It had to be because of him envisioning a lesbian servicing his glorious cock.

The thought almost made her moan.

After putting his dick back and zipping his pants up, Katie sat back, cheeks flushed, her hair a mess, and panting from the exertion. She grinned.

“Mm, I loved how in control you were. What got into you?”

She had a good suspicion, but wanted to act surprised. The idea of her hypnosis session transforming her sweet husband into an alpha, dominating man... Fuuuck. She squirmed, rubbing her thighs together.

“For some reason, just thinking about a lesbian blowing me made me want to dominate her. Like it awakened a new side of me.”

“No idea,” she lied. “But I loved it. Just... be careful with the baby. We can’t do anything rough with sex for now, so I want you to be able to fuck lesbians in the meantime... and after,” she winked.

“Shit! I’m sorry. I got carried away,” he apologized, clearly distressed as he caressed her cheek. A heartbeat or two later, his hand stilled and his eyes widened. “Wait. Lesbians, plural?“

Oops. “I just mean in general. I get so wet when I think of you dominating my lesbian bestie!”

“And I can’t deny how hard it makes me,” he grinned. “I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you more!” she beamed.

“Okay, now I really need to go, before you get me hard yet again,” he smiled.

He gave her a hand to help her stand back up, kissing her deeply as he did so.

“Have a good day, hon.”

As the door clicked closed after John’s departure, Katie thought about how far he’d come along so quickly.

She considered telling John about her plan to hypnotize Alyssa. Maybe he would support Katie?

No. Never tell John, the darkness insisted.

For some reason she decided against telling John. If he felt guilty for his own use of hypnosis, there’s no way he’d support her doing it.

For now.

She’d need more time to corrupt him. For now, she’d have to do this discreetly. Get him addicted to fucking lesbians.

That’s right. Corrupt him! it encouraged.

John would love Alyssa’s tight pussy wrapped around his thick cock. And Katie would make that happen.

She just needed to make up with her first.

* * *

As Alyssa Banks drank her coffee, she could see the pedestrians from her usual corner booth in the coffee shop. One sugar. Two milks. That’s how she’d been taking her coffee lately.

She was dressed casually, having come directly there from class, a daily habit she’d been in for the past several months. The last time she saw Katie.

She missed her so much.

Her coffee in hand, she started to wonder where Katie was. How she was doing. If she was well or not.

If she’s happier without me...

“Want a refill, Alyssa?” Her morbid thoughts were interrupted by the waiter, a short brunette in her early twenties who was likely working part time to pay for college expenses. By now Alyssa was there so often, there wasn’t a waiter who didn’t know the gorgeous, blue-eyed blonde by name.

“Yes, please,” she forced a polite smile as the waiter topped up her drink. “Thanks, Lisa.”

As the waiter left, Alyssa’s thoughts returned to her childhood best friend. Her best friend forever.


A sad sigh escaped her lips. She’d been best friends with Katie for as long as she could remember. Two five-year-olds, all pigtails and scratched knees, hitting it off instantly, when Alyssa’s family moved into the house across the street.

“I’m Alyssa! What’s your name?”

“Katie. Let’s be friends!”

Ever since that day, they became inseparable. They attended the same elementary school, middle school, and highschool—when they both realized they were lesbians and came out together. And when it was time to choose a college, there was no doubt they’d be applying to the same one.

They wouldn’t let something like education pull them apart.

Always together no matter what, they were the typical “Will they? Won’t they?” couple to people who knew them; anyone else would just assume they were together by how close they were with each other. Not that they minded.

But they never dated.

It’s not that Alyssa wasn’t interested in her—it was exactly the opposite! And it was obvious to her that Katie was too. But they were rarely single and available at the same time.

The truth was... even when they were both single, Alyssa was too scared their friendship would be ruined if she made a move.

I was such a coward. But I swear... if I ever see Katie again, I won’t make the same mistake.

It wasn’t that long ago Katie was having relationship issues with Beth, having fights and disagreements. Alyssa, of course, would give her friend advice and offer her a shoulder to cry on. But inside, she couldn’t help but get hopeful they’d break up. Because it was inevitable they’d get together. No matter what happened until then.

After all, they were soulmates.

At least, they were supposed to be. But one day, she noticed something was off about Katie. No longer her vibrant, passionate self, Katie looked like she was troubled, always distracted and spacing off into deep thought, various emotions playing across her face. Like she had something serious on her mind. Alyssa knew something horrible must have happened to her. But no matter how much she tried to get her to open up, it wouldn’t work.

And for the first time ever, Alyssa and her soulmate started to drift apart.

Katie’s social withdrawal soon escalated into complete disappearance. She wouldn’t answer anyone’s texts or calls, or even answer the door when Alyssa tried to go to her apartment.

Then a few weeks after Katie’s disappearance, Alyssa got a call from Katie in the middle of a class. Shocked, she quickly accepted the call as she grabbed her bag and darted out of class, not wanting to miss the chance to finally talk to her.

* * *

“Katie?!” she blurted. “Are you okay?! Where have you been?!”

“Hi, Alyssa!” her friend’s voice greeted her cheerfully. “I’m wonderful. It’s a long story!”

“Why haven’t you called me until now?! Everyone’s been worried sick about you!”

“I’m sorry to make you worried,” she sounded contrite. “Let’s just meet up and we can talk. Plus, I’ve missed you!”

Trying not to rush, Alyssa took her time to walk to the small coffee shop nearby to the university that Katie and she attended. It was her first time there, even though it was fairly popular among her fellow students.

She looked around the unfamiliar place looking for a sign of Katie...

There she is! Katie!

Sitting in a corner booth was her best friend. Even the way she smiled as she played with her phone sent Alyssa’s heart aflutter.

Katie was so pretty. From the way the light made her naturally red hair shine like gold to the adorable teeth glimpsed over her pouty red lips. Her skin had warm tones from just enough time in the sun, and the smaller girl could have been a Disney princess with how amazing she made even a simple sundress look against her petite frame, especially with the slight cleavage of her perfectly-shaped breasts.

Alyssa caught herself staring and was quickly brought back to reality. Her emotions were a mess. She was angry at Katie’s sudden disappearance. They were always together, and then nothing, no explanation.

Then anger made way to concern. She knew Katie wouldn’t disappear unless there was a good reason. She looked happy now, but that didn’t mean nothing was seriously wrong, or that something horrible didn’t happen to her.

But the most prominent emotion of all was relief. Her Katie was safe. And she had come back to Alyssa. Together forever.

When Katie noticed her approaching the table, she beamed and stood up and hugged her tightly. Alyssa’s eyes welled up with tears as she realized how much she missed the feeling of closeness to her soulmate.

“Oh, Alyssa! I’ve missed you!”

Alyssa savored the feeling of once again being in Katie’s arms. “Me too,” she sighed in contentment.

They broke from the hug and sat down across from each other in silence as Katie collected her thoughts.

Suddenly, Katie brightened up and blurted excitedly, “I’m seeing someone new! I’m in so much love!” she squealed in excitement.

To say that Alyssa was devastated would be an understatement.

They were soulmates! They were supposed to end up together! Sure, they hadn’t been dating yet, but deep down each girl knew they were going to date and marry someday. There was no other possible universe in which they didn’t—that’s how close they were.

But Katie didn’t notice the look of devastation on Alyssa’s face, as she continued.

“He’s so smart! He works in, like, a neuropharma-something company. And he’s so hot too!”


That’s all Alyssa heard.

A man. She was in love with a man.

Beth, Katie’s girlfriend—or was that ex-girlfriend now?—hated men. She was an outspoken feminist and vocally preached about denouncing the patriarchy. She not only found men unattractive, but she found them extremely gross.

Katie made Beth look like a 1930s housewife, barefoot and pregnant.

“Oh, and get this!” Katie held up her engagement ring to show her. “We’re getting married!” she squealed in excitement.”


The word echoed inside Alyssa’s mind.

* * *

Five-year-old Alyssa held Katie’s hand as she approached her parents sitting on the park bench watching over the two playing girls.

“Daddy, Mommy, umm,” little Alyssa started. “One day... I’m going to marry Katie!” The girls held up their left hands, displaying sunflowers wrapped around their ring fingers. “See?”

The parents chuckled. They just thought it was cute. They’d grow out of it.

Alyssa never did.

And she thought Katie wouldn’t either.

* * *

“Oh, and best of all, I’m pregnant! This is like a dream come true! It’s going to be so wonderful to raise a baby, and—”


That... That’s... Now Alyssa knew something happened to Katie. This isn’t like her! She must have been coerced or drugged or something!

Sure, Katie seemed happy. But... she could have been brainwashed or something.

Alyssa needed to find out what happened. She needed to reason with her.

“Katie!” she interrupted. “Are you listening to yourself? This isn’t like you! A husband? A baby? What happened?”

“I—” Katie’s brows furrowed for a moment as if she was struggling to remember something, but just as quickly stopped. “It’s not important.”

N—Not important?!

“What?! How can it not be important? You were a lesbian, and now you’re marrying a man!”

Alyssa was getting worked up. Katie disappeared and told her some bizarre story, yet she wouldn’t even justify it.

“It’s because I... What happened was...” Katie looked like she was fighting a headache as she held her forehead. After a pause she continued, “It... It’s not important!”

“Damnit, Katie! I’m your best friend! Am I not important enough to you to at least give me answers after you disappear?!”

Katie snapped, “If you were really my friend, you’d be happy for me! Instead, all you’ve done is judge me!”

Alyssa’s eyes threatened to fill with tears. This is not how it was supposed to go. Alyssa was going to meet with her. Katie was going to explain everything. They’d go back to Alyssa’s place, cuddling on the couch and talking some more, not unusual for them. But this time—Alyssa had sworn to herself—that she would tell Katie she loved her. Needed her. Wanted her as more than just a friend. She’d make Katie happy for the rest of their lives.

Because the truth was, Katie’s sudden disappearance hurt Alyssa more than words can explain. It felt like a part of her was physically ripped out of her. Like a significant part of her was missing. A huge void in her soul.

Alyssa was incomplete without Katie.

Without Katie, Alyssa couldn’t live on.

Tears filled Alyssa’s eyes.

She finally found her Katie. Her soulmate. Her love. Only to find that some asshole stole Katie from her?

“I’m not trying to, Katie, but... but how could some fucking man cause you to give me up? After all we’ve been through!“

Katie’s fists made the table rattle as she banged them on the table. “Don’t you dare insult John! Look, I thought we’d catch up because I missed my friend, but all you want to do is judge me and insult my fiancé! So until you can accept it and be happy for me, then don’t fucking contact me ever again!“

Furious, Katie got up and stomped out, leaving in her wake a sobbing Alyssa.

* * *

The sound of Alyssa’s phone ringing brought her back to the present, months after her fight with Katie, where she was sitting at that very same table. The one she’d returned to every day since then.

Katie was calling.

It was the first time Alyssa had heard from her since their fight.

* * *

Katie nervously stared at the screen of her phone, her finger hovering over the call button on Alyssa’s contact. She felt bad about how she ended things with Alyssa. She knew she should have contacted Alyssa and apologized.

But Katie’s mind was completely focused on John. Her world revolved around him. She felt a little guilty that she hadn’t thought of her best friend at all, but soon they’ll be friends again.

You’ll make sure of it, the darkness promised.

She’ll make sure of it.

Now determined, she pressed the button and held the phone to her ear.

One ring.

Two rings.



She picked up. “Katie...?”

Both girls were silent for a few seconds and then both spoke rapid fire at once.

I’m so sorry for abandoning you!—I’m glad to hear from you!—I missed you!—I’ve wanted to talk to you!

Another pause. Then both girls broke out in giggles, the tension broken.

“I’m sorry for abandoning you Alyssa,” Katie sincerely said. “Will you ever forgive me?”

“Oh, I don’t know...” Alyssa feigned indecision. “What will you give me in return for my forgiveness?”

“My undying gratitude?” Katie fielded. “And then you can come over for lunch and we can Netflix and chill.”

Awkward pause.

Realizing it sounded like she was offering Alyssa sex, she quickly blurted, “Uh, not that! I mean—you know—like we used to. We can cuddle on the couch and watch something, just enjoying each other’s company. How about just after lunch? John’s at work.”

Alyssa sounded both hopeful and disappointed when she replied, “Yeah. I would very much like that.”

Katie felt relieved. Now she just needed to prepare.

Excitement bubbled in her body as the clock ticked by. Ever since she convinced Alyssa to come over, she couldn’t keep still. She was so excited to see her old best friend. The one she was so close to for so long.

But that’s not the biggest reason, the darkness stated the obvious.

Exactly. The biggest reason she was excited was that she was going to hypnotize her first lesbian for John. Alyssa would come to love being a good little straight girl. Squealing in pleasure on John’s cock. Begging him to cum inside her. Katie squirmed at the thought of—

Her fantasy was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

Alyssa is here!

Things were about to change.

* * *

Alyssa entered her best friend’s new address into her phone’s GPS, and started driving.

Katie... I can’t wait to see her again.

Ever since Katie called her an hour ago, she was ecstatic. Alyssa had missed her soulmate so much. She was dying to see her. She’d neither seen nor heard from her close friend in months. Ever since their fight.

The hole in her heart had only grown.

As she neared her destination, she entered into a nice neighborhood in the suburbs. Could her husband be rich?

Her husband...

Alyssa shook her head. She didn’t want to think about that. She just wanted to see Katie.

She found what looked to be the house, pulled in the driveway, and stopped the car.

Standing nervously before Katie’s front door, Alyssa took a deep breath... and rang the doorbell.

The door opened wide almost as soon as she rang, making Alyssa wonder if her best friend was as excited as herself for their reunion. Katie, in her maternity dress, looked absolutely vibrant and happy. Her breasts had clearly grown in her pregnancy, and now she was displaying the largest baby bump Alyssa had ever seen.

And she had to grudgingly admit it was a beautiful look on Katie.

She also noticed Katie’s engagement ring had been replaced by a marriage ring.

Katie squealed, “Alyssa!” She leaned over to hug her, the round belly not making it easy. “Come in!”

Katie led Alyssa inside their surprisingly large home, sitting her on the three-seat living room couch.

“So how have you been, Alyssa?”

“Umm...” she started to talk.

She considered what she would say. If she was honest, she would’ve said...


She was missing her other half, after all.

“I’ve been fine,” Alyssa lied. “How about you?”

“I’ve gotta be honest. Married life has been good to me,” she absentmindedly rubbed her tummy. “Look... Like I said on the phone... I’m sorry for throwing you out of my life like that. And I was an idiot for not trying to apologize for that until now. I’ve missed you so much. Just... please accept this part of my life now.”

It hurt Alyssa to be asked that. To accept that they’d never be together.

But, if she didn’t want to lose Katie again, she’d have to pretend to accept... whatever happened to her.

“I’m fine with it now,” Alyssa lied again.

She didn’t have a choice.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Katie hugged her, kissing her on the cheek. “Now we can be together all the time again! You’ll love meeting John. He’s so dreamy!”

Alyssa wasn’t looking forward to meeting John, but she’d do anything to be with Katie.

No matter in what form it is.

As the two parted from the hug, Alyssa asked, “So tell me about your husband. How did you come to be dating?”

She had to at least feign interest. After that they could just enjoy each other... and cuddle! She couldn’t wait.

“I—” Katie’s brows furrowed. “I, uh...”

This was just like the last time she asked all those months ago. Something was off. Something happened to her.

Alyssa knew it.

* * *

Katie was having a difficult time remembering. “We, umm...” She knew there were memories there, but they were just too fuzzy for her to make heads or tails of. It was as if...

It was as if she was hypnotized.

That was it! That was why Katie was never able to remember that time period!

John must have made her forget. There must be a reason he didn’t want her to remember. And that was...

So. Fucking. Hot.

She didn’t care that she couldn’t remember, now that she knew John was responsible. In fact, while Alyssa was patiently waiting for her to talk, Katie was fantasizing about what John did to her during that time.

But she caught herself. She needed to tell Alyssa something, so she decided to make it up.

And as the lies started to roll off her tongue, a small part of her mind realized how far she was truly gone, having no trouble lying to her best friend.

* * *

Alyssa opened her mouth to voice her concerns but Katie cut her off.

“Remember the night I told you that Beth and I made up after our big fight—the most recent one, not the other seventeen—and then I said we had a date planned that night? It was the night I had to cancel our plans.”

It wasn’t the first time Katie canceled on Alyssa for a girlfriend, and it was one of Alyssa’s pet peeves. But she knew which night Katie was talking about, so she nodded.

“Well, the very next day after class, I was sitting on a bench in between classes, and suddenly a man sat next to me, and started talking. At first I was hesitant, shy—because I’d never met a man I was attracted to! Until John! I was a lesbian, yet for some reason, I couldn’t help but flirt with him. We hit it off really well. Exchanged numbers. Talked to each other each day. A week later, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I showed up at his apartment and jumped his bones! He said it was the best sex he’d ever had... and it was my best too.”

Alyssa listened skeptically to Kate’s story until she pointed out, “You didn’t find that odd? You are—were—a lesbian, and you jumped his bones?“

“Of course I found it odd. I was conflicted for a long time. Trying to reconcile my feelings as a lesbian. Having a crush on a man—an ‘evil member of the patriarchy’ even!” she used finger quotes, laughing at her past self. “Back then, you might’ve noticed I was distracted a lot—” Alyssa nodded. “—but that was what was on my mind.”

Katie’s story seemed to make sense. But Alyssa wasn’t completely convinced.

“But going from that, to engagement, in just a few weeks?” Alyssa shook her head. “It’s hard to believe you’d willingly go for that.”

“What, do you think he hypnotized me or something?” Katie snorted. “No. It was love. Maybe even at first sight. This was meant to be. Please accept this and be happy for me, Alyssa,” Katie begged with her eyes.

If you had any idea of what you’re doing to me, Katie, I’d call you cruel.

“Fine.” For now, anyway. “So when did you get engaged?”

“Oh, that’s a good story! But it’s a little long. Here,” Katie extended her hand. “Let’s cuddle like old times while I tell you.”

Alyssa let Katie pull her in, and for the first time in way too long, they were cuddling with each other.

It felt so natural, so right to Alyssa. There was no place in the world she’d rather be than in Katie’s arms.

Katie stroked Alyssa’s hair, and continued in a softer voice. “It was actually right on this couch, exactly like this! He held me in his arms, and he started talking to me gently. He told me he loved me. That I was safe in his arms. That I could just relax so much. With nothing to worry about. You can just relax in my arms, Alyssa.”

Alyssa relaxed even more as she said it, starting to zone out a bit. It felt so nice.

She didn’t know how this related to the engagement, but it felt too good for Alyssa to care.

* * *

Katie giggled internally. Alyssa bought it!

None of what she told Alyssa was the truth—she didn’t even know what was—but Alyssa bought it and now she was headed straight for trance. It wouldn’t be long before she knew the pleasure of John’s cock.

Katie’s voice became softer. “And when we’re so close like this, maybe you can hear my heartbeat—not just with your ears, but with your mind. Our two heartbeats are beating close together... becoming more and more synchronized. Can you feel it?”

Alyssa nodded weakly, barely able to stay awake.

“Good. And what happens is, as heartbeats like ours synchronize in our minds, your mind opens up to me, and it will feel so good, so freeing, to bare your mind for me. They’re getting closer and closer... deeper and deeper... Now,” Katie snapped her fingers. “They’re together.”

“Together,” Alyssa droned.

“That’s right. And you’re in trance now. Feeling so empty and wonderful and obedient to me. Isn’t that right?”


“Good girl. Now, I’m about to give you some commands to—”


Katie’s brows jumped to her hairline as she struggled to get up from the couch, between her baby bump and the dead weight of Alyssa’s warm body.

* * *

John whistled as he unlocked the front door and walked in. He was able to finish his work early, putting him in good spirits as he thought about spending time together with Katie before he met Alyssa.

Although his wife had told him that her best friend would be interested in him, John had his doubts. But he couldn’t deny the thought of fucking Katie’s lesbian friend made his cock hard.

He frowned.

Since when was he interested in anyone other than his wife Katie...?

As he set his keys and wallet on the counter, he heard rustling from the direction of the living room. “Honey?” he called out.

The sight waiting for him in the living room caught him off guard. Alyssa was on the couch, looking spaced out for some reason. Katie was standing up, looking panicked.

“Hey, John!” his beautiful wife said nervously. “I have to tell you something.”

“Yes, hon?”

“Sink deep for me!”

That’s when everything went blank.

* * *