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Dark Whispers — Book 1, Chapter 3

True love is corrupting her lesbian soulmate for him.

Warning: This story isn’t for everyone. It contains offensive material, including but not limited to a strong female lead, brief homophobic language, and lesbian-to-straight conversion using mind control.

Contributions: Without the significant efforts of my editors (Griz T. Orc, TerrinX, and Sienna K.) and beta readers (Winston Knight, Dark Tzitzimine, and many others), this work would not have been possible. Thank you all!

Disclaimer: All characters are aged eighteen or older. This story is completely fictional, and I do not in any way condone what happens in it. This story does not imply anything related to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a tragically misunderstood condition. © Tessa ♥️

* * *

Pure, raw panic.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Okay. Stay calm, Katie. You can do this.

That’s what Katie felt, talking to herself, as she paced back and forth in the living room in front of the entranced John and Alyssa, side by side and mindlessly staring straight ahead, as if they hadn’t even registered her in front of them.

He’s home way too soon. I’d just hypnotized Alyssa, and he witnessed it.

The only echoes in the room were the sounds of breathing and Katie’s footsteps, but she couldn’t hear anything as the blood rush made her ears ring. She rubbed a hand on her chest as her ragged breathing didn’t seem to calm.

Katie wasn’t planning on telling John about her hypnotism plans just yet. But... maybe she should?

No. You will never tell John, her darkness reminded her.

“Then what the fuck should I do?!” Katie snapped at the voice in her head. “When I wake him, he’ll remember, and then I’m fucked!”

She’d unintentionally said it out loud, but she didn’t have to worry about people thinking she was crazy right now.

The darkness rolled its figurative eyes. Just chill the fuck out and make him forget.

Oh. That makes sense.

Do I really have to teach you everything?

“Obviously. You’re supposed to be the teacher!“

The darkness just huffed in response as Katie took a deep breath and prepared to start.

Katie let out her breath slowly, and then addressed John. “You will go outside and forget everything since you came home. Then wait five minutes, wake up, and come back inside like usual. Then go to your study and finish some work. Stay there, ignoring any sounds, until I get you. Go now.”

As John obediently walked outside, Katie’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Was that to your liking, Darkie?“

Yeah, sure, whatever. You want a gold star?

Katie rolled her eyes—literally—as she turned to Alyssa.

“Go to my room and wait for me there.”

Nothing happened.

She doesn’t know where your room is, genius, it whispered, exasperated.


“Here,” she held her hand out. “I’ll take you.”

As Katie brought her best friend to her room, she finally started to calm down as panic turned into... arousal.

I can’t wait to make her my—I mean, John’s good little straight girl.

“You were completely right. Corruption is so hot, right?” whispered Katie to her darkness.

Complete silence.

Katie shrugged.

When they arrived in her room, Katie started on Alyssa.

“Take off your clothes and lie down in bed on your back.”

Katie was straight. She wasn’t attracted to Alyssa. So for a moment, she wondered why she had her strip naked first.

And she didn’t know why she felt she had to strip out of her clothes herself and start rubbing.

But it just felt so... right..

Hypnotized girls should be naked. And so should Alyssa.

As Katie watched Alyssa mindlessly stripping in front of her, she decided that her naked body wouldn’t turn Katie on if she was awake.

But she was turned on seeing Alyssa right now. For some reason, trance made all the difference.

“Why would that be?” she asked herself, expecting her darkness to chime in.

But it was still silent, as if it had never existed.

Katie shrugged again and started rubbing her pussy as she looked over her best friend, naked and entranced.

She looked so... vulnerable. Bare. Open.

Katie moaned and rubbed her wet pussy harder.

She was just as vulnerable to trance clothed, but being naked somehow added to that effect.

Katie tweaked a nipple with one hand as she continued rubbing her pussy with the other.

She needed to calm down and start the trance. She couldn’t make John wait forever. So she’d get Alyssa out of the house for now after she prepared for next time.

“Alyssa, whenever I tell you to ’sink deep for me’ you will drop into a trance like this, deeper each time. When you get as deep as you can, say ‘deep.’ When you leave here, go to your apartment, and then wake. You will only remember us having a pleasant chat, and you look forward to seeing me again.“

Fuck. Why is memory alteration so hot?

Soon... Katie will have Alyssa begging for John’s cock

The thought sent another jolt to Katie’s pussy.

Alyssa will be so blank and deep like she is now, and Katie will twist the lesbian completely into a straight girl. John’s straight girl.

Katie moaned as her pussy clenched, and sped up her strokes.

Fuck, Alyssa... You’ll start fantasizing about what it would feel like to cum on John’s thick cock. You’ll obsess over it. You’ll beg for it. You’ll want to get knocked up by him.

Out of the corner of Katie’s eye, she noticed Alyssa’s brows furrowing.

Did I say that out loud?

...Nah. If I did, she probably would’ve come out of trance.

Katie was so horny. She needed release.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

She whispered, “Can I make Alyssa lick my pussy in trance? Or will it wake her?”



Still no response.

“Fuck you then, Darkie. I’ll do it anyway.”

Katie crawled on top of the bed and over her entranced best friend, lowering herself down to Alyssa’s blank face.

“Alyssa, lick my pussy until I cum. Give it your best effort.”

The response was immediate.

Before Katie realized it, Alyssa’s hands were squeezing Katie’s butt cheeks as she plunged her tongue into Katie’s shaved pussy, licking and lapping with gusto.

Katie moaned as pleasure swept throughout her.

“Yes! Worship my pussy, you dyke!”

I forgot how good lesbians are at licking pussy. Maybe I should do this more often.

Alyssa licked Katie’s wet folds as she worshiped the pregnant girl with her tongue. The pussy in front of her was Alyssa’s entire world, Katie’s commands her only desire.

“Fuck! Yes! Lick me while you’re still a lesbian!”

Her tongue licked faster and faster. Katie’s large breasts jiggled as her hips bucked, her head thrown back as her orgasm approached.

“Yes, yes! I’m going to cum on your blank face!”

Katie arched her back and screamed in ecstasy as she ground her convulsing pussy on Alyssa’s expressionless face, an intense orgasm rippling through her.

After what seemed like an eternity, it finally settled, and she maneuvered off of Alyssa’s face, which was now blank again, the entranced girl having completed Katie’s command.

As Kate caught her breath, she noticed the room smelled like sex. She’d have to deal with that before she went to get John.

For now, Alyssa had to go home. It’d been much longer than she’d planned.

But as Katie sat up to order Alyssa home, she noticed her pussy juices covering her soulmate’s blank face, sending heat rushing up Katie’s thighs—again.

Katie changed her mind.

John could wait.

* * *

The soft glow of the screen cast some light on John’s face as he opened his most recent work data. And then closed it.


For the past few hours he’d been trying to do work, but failing. It wasn’t that he was having trouble with what he was working on; it was that there wasn’t any work to do.

Every time he closed his data, he immediately opened it again.

He didn’t know why he’d be opening his work if he didn’t have any work to do. But he did know he had to work until Katie came to get him.

John shook his head. It wasn’t worth worrying about. He just has to work. On something.

Even if there was nothing to work on.

Sighing, he opened his work data again.

Just as he was starting to get frustrated again, he heard the door open, followed by Katie’s lovely voice.

“Hey! Working hard in here?” she asked, looking exhausted but with a smile on her face.

“Well, actually, I uh...” he stammered, not knowing how to explain his predicament.

“That’s great!” she interrupted. “Anyway, let’s go watch a movie. I want to cuddle with you.”

“...Sure, hon.” John paused. “By the way, is Alyssa coming over?”

He tried not to sound too hopeful. He had been really turned on at the idea of it.

“Unfortunately, no. She had some urgent business to take care of, and she won’t be able to make it for a week or so. But don’t worry. I’ll take care of you!”

John groaned as Katie’s hand teasingly slid up and down his crotch. “That does sound more fun than a movie.“

“Mhm,” she winked. “Plus, I need some straightening out right now. So how about you pretend I’m Alyssa again and fuck my pregnant lesbian pussy?”

John didn’t know what she meant about straightening out, but it sounded amazing to him.

He couldn’t wait.

* * *

All of Katie’s muscles protested as she woke up the next morning, alone in the conjugal bed. Although she was sore, it was a good kind of sore. The night before, John had gotten carried away again as he fucked her, imagining she was Alyssa.

John was continuing to get more dominant, which Katie loved, but that also meant she would need to get Alyssa for him, and soon. She wanted him to be able to express his dominance and desire for rough sex, but Katie was very pregnant, and wouldn’t be able to handle that again.

Just hypnotize John into treating you more gently, her passenger suddenly chimed in.

“Finally, darkness! You stopped talking to me yesterday. Where did you go?” whispered Katie out loud.

No response.

“Fine. Be that way!” she huffed.

Katie didn’t need to hypnotize John into being gentle. She just needed to get Alyssa for him, and if absolutely necessary, she could talk to him. He always apologized whenever he got carried away.

Thinking of Alyssa, it was time to call her.

Katie grabbed her cell phone on the night stand and called her.

“Hey, Katie,” came the tired voice on the other end.

Katie wasn’t in the mood for chatting though.

Sink deep for me.

After a short pause, “Deep.”

“It’s Friday, so you shouldn’t have classes. Correct?”


“Good. Clean your apartment and do your inside chores naked in preparation for me. Once you finish, get dressed, wake up, and invite me over. You will only remember a normal morning of cleaning. Understand?”


“Good girl. Go now.”


Katie ended the call horny—or at least more horny than usual. She hadn’t intended to make her clean naked, but the command just came out.

I wonder what she’d look like cleaning in trance with a sexy maid uniform...

Fuck. Katie’s pussy loved that idea.

Apparently her darkness did too. Do it! Go buy one on the way!

Katie shook her head. As hot as that sounded, she had chores she needed to take care of herself before she went to Alyssa’s apartment.

Just as Katie had finished eating lunch, her cell phone rang, just on time.

“Hey, Alyssa.”

“Hey, Katie. Do you want to come over?” Pause. “Wait, no. That’s not what I—”

“I’d love to!” Katie interrupted. “See you soon!”


Katie couldn’t wait. She grabbed her purse and hopped into her SUV. She didn’t need directions or GPS.

After all, she’d been to Alyssa’s apartment more times than she could count. In fact, until John, she’d hung out at Alyssa’s place more days than not. Her apartment was nice for a college student, paid for by her rich uncle. Katie had only had a dorm room until her junior year, and even then her apartment wasn’t nearly as good as Alyssa’s.

Alyssa and Katie had many good times and bad times there. They had celebrated good times, and consoled each other through bad times, like when Alyssa’s uncle died.

Though most of the time, they would just cuddle on the couch, and Netflix and chill—but not in a sexual way. But if she was honest, she would’ve loved it to be sexual back then.

Why did Katie have to date that bitch, Beth?

Oh well. It didn’t matter. Katie had John now, and she couldn’t be happier!

Reaching her destination, Katie switched her turn indicator as she pulled into the apartment complex.

After parking, she was so full of excited energy she would’ve run up the stairs to Alyssa’s second floor apartment had she not been heavily pregnant.

She couldn’t wait.

Alyssa opened her door looking nervous. Her blonde hair was wet, probably just having taken a quick shower. The short shorts and a tight t-shirt she was wearing would’ve turned Katie on had she still been a lesbian.

No. She needs to be in trance to make Katie horny.

“Uh, c-come on in,” her blonde friend said as she rigidly motioned with her hand.

As Katie stepped through, she immediately felt contentment. It was like coming home.

Katie smiled as she walked into the apartment. Everything was exactly as it was the last time she’d been there.

Alyssa’s Pride magnets were still attached to notes and a shopping list on the refrigerator.

The entertainment center was still cluttered with boxes of videos—no doubt half of them belonging to Katie.

She even had the same old couch pillow that belonged to her uncle that she had never gotten rid of. It really, really needed replacing. The burgundy color in it was fading, and didn’t even match the leather couch.

Katie smiled again. Alyssa hadn’t changed at all.

But she will by the time Katie was through with her.

She didn’t waste any time, as she turned around to Alyssa, who was nervously wringing her hands.

Sink deep for me.

After a few seconds, Alyssa droned, “Deep.”

“Strip and lay on the couch.”

Katie went to get a chair from the kitchen as she heard the sound of clothes rustling.


Uncomfortable with a baby tummy.

“Alyssa, get a chair from the kitchen and place it in the living room directly facing the couch.”

When Katie heard the couch groan as she got up, she stood back to let Alyssa pick up the chair. It seemed so easy for her in trance. Then Katie followed her back into the living room and sat down as Alyssa layed back down on the couch.

Actually, fuck it.

Katie stood up to strip her own clothes off, throwing it in a pile on the floor, and sat back down.

Unsurprisingly, seeing Alyssa naked and blank-faced on the couch sent a rush of arousal through Katie.

She snaked her hand down past her large breasts and around her baby belly to tease her clit as she started—

Wait. Where should she start?

Get a baseline, the darkness reminded her.

Oh, right

Katie unlocked her phone and opened up a photo of John.

“This is John. How attracted to him are you?”

“Not at all,” she replied immediately.


With a swipe on the screen, the photo changed to Katie’s favorite dick—John’s.

“How about this?” Katie asked.

“Disgusting,” Alyssa’s nose wrinkled.

This might take a little work.

Use trance logic, the darkness suggested.


“Alyssa, disgusting things make you feel bad, and attractive things make you feel good. In general, would you rather have a positive or negative feeling about something?”

“Positive feeling.”

“So that means that if you could, you’d want to change something disgusting to attractive. Correct?”


Katie lifted up her phone again to show Alyssa the photo of John’s cock. “Based on this logic, you want to be attracted to this.”

Alyssa paused, brows furrowing. Only in trance would this absurd logic work.

And fortunately for Katie, Alyssa was in trance.


“Then you will become more and more attracted to cock each day. Because you want to. It’s good to be attracted to cock, and to men. Objectively. You admitted it. Say that: ‘I want to be attracted to cock.’”

“I want to be attracted to cock.”

“Good girl! And I’ll help you do that.”

Katie was so turned on she couldn’t help but rub more.

“What now?” whispered Katie to her passenger.

Visualization, it muttered. It didn’t seem very excited when it came to hypnotizing Alyssa.

Katie shrugged.

“Alyssa, I want you to vividly imagine a control room deep inside your mind. It has all types of levers and gauges. Can you see them?”

After a few moments Alyssa responded, “Yes.”

“Imagine that there is a ‘straightness gauge’ there that represents sexual orientation. It goes from negative ten—eww, lesbian—to positive ten—awesome, straight girl! The higher the number, the better. Right?”


“Good! Higher is better, and you want better, so push it upwards.”

After a few seconds, Alyssa’s brows furrowed. “Difficult.”

“That’s okay! What were you able to push it to?”

“Negative eight.”

“Well, that’s still good. It’s progress!”

Umm, that’s still good, isn’t it?

Obviously it is, Katherine, the darkness replied, then paused. Katie. I meant Katie.

Katie ignored the slip of its figurative tongue. So how do we increase the gauge?

...Mantras, it said, hesitantly.

Katie nodded and got to work.

“Alyssa. I’m giving you some things to repeat. And every time you say them, they will become truer: ‘I am attracted to men. Women do nothing for me.’ Keep going until I tell you to stop.”

“I am attracted to men,” Alyssa droned. “Women do nothing for me. I am attracted to men. Women do ...”

Katie’s pussy clenched.

Fuck. This is so hot!

Katie couldn’t help but rub herself to an orgasm as she listened to her best friend mindlessly condition herself to no longer be attracted to Katie—or any woman.

This is way too hot. I could get addicted to keeping her in trance. Maybe all weekend. Mm, yeah I think I’ll do that. Isn’t it so hot?

An urge to rub again shot through her.

The darkness stayed silent.

“Oh, God. That’d be so hot. And then I’ll keep the dyke blank and deep all week!”

No. She’ll have finals next week and then graduation two weeks from now, her darkness pointed out.

True. The timeline is right. That was when Katie was originally going to graduate. Though she wondered why her darkness knew about—

Because I’m a part of you, so obviously I’d know, it quickly interjected.

Katie nodded. I must not be thinking clearly when I’m this horny.

No shit, it agreed.

“Alyssa,” she interrupted the mantras. “Do you have finals next week?”


“How much do you need to study?”

“A little.”

It made sense she didn’t need to cram much. Alyssa was always studious.

“Then I want you to study now for two hours, then go back to saying mantras, and right before bed, try to push your straightness gauge up until you face a lot of resistance. Understand?”


“Good! Then when you wake up, drop back into trance and repeat the mantras until I come back. I still have a key so I’ll let myself in.”

Katie paused. Was there anything else to do?

Safety, her darkness reminded her.

Right. “When I’m not here, you need to prioritize your health, and any important tasks you need to do.”

That should be good enough. Katie needed to get back soon.

With that thought, she noticed there was no longer sunlight shining through the gaps in the window blinds. She must have taken way longer than she thought.

She checked her cell phone and saw missed texts from John, and noticed the time. She needed to get back soon to prepare dinner!

“I have to go. Bye bye!” said Katie out of habit.

“Bye bye,” droned Alyssa.

Hmm. That was a little weird.

Oh well. She needed to get back home. And after dinner, asking John to scratch her itch with his thick cock—

* * *

—is what Katie planned to do. But instead, she had John in trance chanting mantras.

“Dominating and seducing lesbians is natural. I will not panic if I see Katie hypnotize someone. Dominating and ...”

Her darkness had talked her into it. For some reason it was more interested in hypnotizing John than Alyssa. Even more than sex with John!

That’s all you, because you want to corrupt John, her darkness stated.

It’s all me, because I want to corrupt John, Katie immediately repeated.

Good girl, it cooed.

Katie grinned and started rubbing.

* * *

Katie arrived back at Alyssa’s apartment the next morning. It was Sunday, the day before Alyssa’s first final, so Katie would give her plenty of time to study.

After Corruption Time, of course.

Using her old key, Katie walked in to see Alyssa sitting in the living room recliner, chanting mantras, in trance.


Oops. Katie forgot to tell Alyssa to get dressed.

Katie felt a jolt of arousal thinking about her friend spending all night and morning naked.

“Hey, Alyssa. I’m back!”

As soon as the entranced girl heard Katie’s words, her senses started to return as she came out of trance.

“Katie? Why are you...”

Damnit! Katie had only told Alyssa to stay in trance until she got back.

Sink deep for me!

Fuck. Uh...

Oh. Memory modification.

“Deep,” Alyssa said.

“Alyssa, when I wake you from trance, you will remember yesterday and this morning being completely normal. You enjoyed spending time with me yesterday watching movies. This morning you invited me over again. Understand?”


“Good. Now wake up!“

This time, when Alyssa’s senses returned, she smiled and said, “Katie! I really had fun yesterday!”

Katie grinned. She did too.

“Oh. Be right back. I need to go to the restroom real quick,” Alyssa said nervously as she looked around, and then, finding what she was looking for, picked up her cell phone from the table and headed to the restroom.

Did she not notice she was still naked?

* * *

Alyssa was panicked. She hoped Katie didn’t notice her not having a reaction to being naked.

She didn’t know what Katie would do if she saw Alyssa panicking over the nudity.

And she definitely didn’t want Katie to know Alyssa was easily able to fight the compulsions of false memories.

Alyssa still didn’t know exactly what happened during the trances, but she was able to fight the ridiculously blatant memory changes, and she was able to piece together what Katie was doing to her in general.

Alyssa had figured it out shortly after she got back from her visit with Katie. She had suddenly found herself in her kitchen and wondered what happened.

And that’s when she “remembered” having an enjoyable time catching up with Katie.

Alyssa didn’t think anything about it at first. Until a thought suddenly entered her head.

It told her she wanted to fantasize about John’s cock, and beg for it.

But there’s no way she wanted that!

It was obvious the thought was foreign. That it was planted there somehow.

She fucking knew it all along. That something odd was going on with Katie.

So that night, she had sat at her small kitchen table with a pen in hand and paper in front of her, and wrote notes about each of the odd occurrences with Katie over the past several months.

In a relatively short period of time, Katie went from hardcore lesbian to domesticated straight girl—even dropping out of classes and completely withdrawing from her closest friends. And what was also worrying was how Katie responded whenever Alyssa asked her for details about how or why she started her relationship with John.

“I, uh... It’s not important.”

When she thought about it, Alyssa realized that Katie clearly wasn’t trying to trivialize it. She went from extremely frustrated to relieved in a matter of seconds. She really was trying to remember.

She just couldn’t.

“What, do you think he hypnotized me or something?”

She said it jokingly, but that was the only plausible explanation. Maybe she was trying to give Alyssa a message?

Alyssa was familiar with the subject because she used to tease Katie for her obsessive interest in learning hypnotism two years ago. That would explain what happened to Alyssa: Katie hypnotized her.

But that still left a big question: Who hypnotized Katie?

It had to be John.

It was a safe assumption to work under. And maybe he forced her into revealing her old interest in hypnosis, as well as her best friend—Alyssa.

That would make Alyssa a target of John. He was probably no longer content with just Katie; he wanted Alyssa too. So, there was one thing Alyssa knew for sure: she had to avoid John at all costs.

But then she received a call the next morning from Katie, and her memory became fuzzy from then on. And the fact she had a strong belief that nothing odd happened after she picked up the phone was proof that it was odd. So she was able to fight that compulsion.

Alyssa wondered how Katie could make so many mistakes when she’d studied for so long. Well, she eventually took a break from studying hypnotism to focus on classes, so she might be rusty. But still...

Anyway, Alyssa needed to find out what happened during the trances. And she came up with an idea. She’d just needed to prepare it.

She looked into the bathroom mirror, determined, bracing herself.

It was time.

Now prepared, Alyssa walked back to the kitchen, and—

Sink deep for me.

Everything went blank.

* * *

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, John!”

The next Alyssa was aware, she was rubbing her pussy, her eyes closed, imagining John fucking her.

“Take it, you lesbian slut!” snarled Imaginary John as he pounded her over and over.

She knew it was just a fantasy, but it felt almost real. And his cock felt amazing!

Alyssa knew it was just a compulsion. She should’ve been able to fight it. But she couldn’t focus, her thoughts in a haze as her pussy clenched on the imaginary cock.

It was so good. If it felt this good in reality, then maybe she could...

Alyssa shook her head. She was a lesbian.

But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy this harmless fantasy right now, her right hand rubbing circles on her clit as her left tweaked the nipple of her large left breast.

“God, yes! Fuck my lesbian pussy!” Alyssa and Imaginary Alyssa said in synchrony.

As soon as Imaginary John thrust his cock down to the hilt, both Alyssa and Imaginary Alyssa came hard, her pussy convulsing on the imaginary cock that had driven her wild.

As she laid in bed, panting and recovering from her orgasm, her tits rising and falling, she brought her hand to her mouth and tasted her juices. She vaguely noted that it didn’t appeal to her as much anymore.

She also noticed that her pussy felt... empty. As if she needed something to fill it with.

Her breathing finally calm, she looked around and saw she was alone.

Oh! My phone!

She picked it off of the nightstand by her bed and noticed it was Sunday night.

Damnit. She had finals the next day!

But she hadn’t gotten her phone just to check the date. She scrolled to the sound recording app and loaded the latest recording.

The words that came out of the speaker shocked her.

“How do you feel, Alyssa?” asked Katie’s voice.

“Relaxed. Empty. Blank,” droned Alyssa’s voice.

“Good! Now take a look at my phone again. What do you think of John’s huge cock?”


“Very good! Now start rubbing as you think of how much you want to be straight, so that you can earn that cock.”

Alyssa heard the sound of pussy rubbing, soon joined by another one.

“Fuck this is so hot,” Katie moaned. “I felt a tiny bit guilty at first, but manipulating you was worth it just to see you like this. John hypnotized me into loving him, and now I’m doing the same with you. John wouldn’t appreciate that just yet. But in just a few more sessions, he’ll want to corrupt other lesbians too.”

After a pause, Katie continued. “Fuck... Corrupting, being corrupted... I can’t get enough.”

Katie moaned. “Soon, Alyssa... Soon, you’ll be a good little straight girl for John. The first in my—his harem. You’ll come to love his cock as much as I do. And then you’ll help me lure and corrupt other lesbians... and you’ll love it.“

Alyssa felt dazed from the confession as she listened in horror.

Katie had been manipulating Alyssa on her own. John didn’t have anything to do with that.

The voice continued. “I love you, Alyssa. You know that, right?”

Despite feeling terribly betrayed, hearing that made Alyssa’s heart melt. She instantly rewound it.

“I love you, Alyssa.”

She jumped back to that part again, wanting to hear it over and over. Her feelings were chaotic, but she held onto that small clip like a lifeline.

Eventually she continued the recording.

“Not romantic love—I’m not attracted to you now. But this way, we can be together. Forever. You and me, once again.”

“Together forever,” murmured Alyssa.

Tears ran down her cheeks. She wanted that. So badly. Hadn’t she decided that she’d do anything it took to stay with Katie? No matter what.

“I love you, Alyssa.”

As she kept playing the clip over and over, she became determined.

“I love you, Alyssa.”

She knew what she had to do.

“I love you, Alyssa.”

“I love you, Alyssa.”

“I love you, Alyssa.”

* * *