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Dark Whispers — Book 1, Chapter 4

True love is giving her lesbian soulmate to him.

Warning: This story isn’t for everyone. It contains offensive material, including but not limited to a strong female lead, brief homophobic language, and lesbian-to-straight conversion using mind control.

Contributions: Without the significant efforts of my editors (Griz T. Orc, TerrinX, and Sienna K.) and beta readers (Winston Knight, Dark Tzitzimine, and many others), this work would not have been possible. Thank you all!

Disclaimer: All characters are aged eighteen or older. This story is completely fictional, and I do not in any way condone what happens in it. This story does not imply anything related to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a tragically misunderstood condition. © Tessa ♥️

* * *

Alyssa didn’t know how she got there.

But she found herself sitting at a desk in a classroom, a packet of paper in front of her, with a pen beside it.

It was her final exam in Psychology.

She heard ruffling papers and looked around the classroom. Other students were just starting to write.

Good. It was the very beginning.

But Alyssa couldn’t remember studying. She’d lost track of so much time. Although she always had fuzzy, fake memories wanting to surface, she discarded those compulsions, now easily able to recognize them for what they are.

She looked over the first page, worried she wouldn’t know the material. But to her surprise, the answers seamlessly came to her. Maybe Katie had her study while she was in trance.

Well isn’t that fucking nice of her, Alyssa thought sarcastically.

Still, Alyssa breezed through her final with surprising ease, feeling good about it as she handed in her paper, and then—

—Alyssa found herself sitting at a desk in a classroom, her final exam in Biochemistry in front of her.

Alyssa couldn’t remember studying, but she breezed through the material quickly, maybe only missing a question or two. She turned it in feeling good about herself, and—

—Alyssa found herself in front of her exam in Maths, and was surprised with the speed she could solve complicated equations, and easily aced it. She set it on the pile of other tests on the desk in front of the teacher’s assistant, and—

—found herself flying through her Physics final, her pen writing nonstop. She realized that tests were fun if you knew all the answers. It gave her a feeling of accomplishment. It was—

—very easy passing her Philosophy final. Although she preferred subjects with objective right or wrong answers, she could still handle essay questions. She just had to make something up that agreed with the professor’s views.


After handing in her finished exam to the teacher’s assistant who was proctoring it, she walked away with a satisfied smile. Back in the hallway, she dug her phone out of a pocket in her unfamiliar short skirt—when did she buy that?—and checked the date. Friday. No more school! Graduation was in eight days!

But she was starting to worry more about the lost time.

She had decided not to actively fight Katie’s hypnotism, because she wanted to be together with Katie, no matter what.

But that was different from giving in.

As much as Alyssa would like to tell her best friend that she’d go along with whatever Katie wanted, she couldn’t tell Katie she knew what was happening. Who knew what Katie would do then?

Alyssa liked to at least know something was going on, even if not exactly what.

She could now identify and reject false memories, but the downside was that it left gaps in her memory, which worried her.

Under normal circumstances, she’d be panicking much worse. But honestly?

She had to admit it was hot.

Alyssa would much rather not have memory loss, but it still turned her on to know she just skipped through finals week, acing every test, not remembering anything in between. Anything could have happened.

And she was thankful that it seemed like she never had to study. But she was still worried Katie was escalating way too much.

But maybe Katie got it out of her system now, and hopefully, there would be no more memory loss or alterations. Maybe she—

—looked around and saw how massive the graduation ceremony was eight days later. Alyssa looked down and saw herself wearing a cap and gown. The plain black gown was unflattering for her figure, but her large, perfect breasts were impossible to miss. She looked around and saw a countless number of similarly dressed students.

Underneath the gown, she was wearing—

Wait. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath!

She squirmed. Katie was really getting carried away.

Alyssa knew her gown covered her completely, but she couldn’t help but wonder what the other students would think if they knew she was completely naked underneath.

She couldn’t get that thought out of her head. Her pussy kept getting wetter as the names of students were called.

“—ssa Banks.”

Alyssa shook her head clear. She needed to get her diploma. She was so nervous and aroused as she walked up on stage. When she was handed her diploma, she went to grab it. And the second it touched her hand—


Her pussy convulsed in a sudden mini-orgasm without provocation.

Her cheeks flushed, both in embarrassment and arousal.

After a few seconds, she regained her awareness and saw the man standing there still holding out her diploma.

Goddamnit, Katie!

She hesitantly grabbed it, but this time nothing happened.

After the ceremony, she exited with everyone else, but realized she didn’t know where she had parked. Or how she got there.

“Alyssa!” she heard a familiar voice call to her.

As Katie ran over, Alyssa noticed that something was odd about her.

It wasn’t odd that Katie hugged her and kissed her cheek.

It wasn’t odd that Katie’s excitement showed through her emerald green eyes.

No, Alyssa realized.

What was odd was that Alyssa wasn’t attracted to any of that now.

In fact, Alyssa wouldn’t doubt that most biologically straight girls were more attracted to Katie than Alyssa was right now.

She didn’t know how she felt about that.

“Katie. You’re here...”

“What, and miss my bestie’s graduation? Never!”

Alyssa smiled. “Thanks.” She couldn’t deny she was happy Katie showed up.

The two girls walked through the crowd over to Katie’s SUV. Apparently, she’d been the one to drive Alyssa to her graduation.

“Ooh! Hey,” Katie spoke up. “Wanna celebrate your graduation at my place?”

Alyssa decided she wouldn’t fight it, but she needed at least one whole night to herself that she could remember. She’d have to decline and suggest they celebrate tomorrow instead. So she opened her mouth and—

“Sure! I’d love to!”

—said the exact opposite.

Damnit, Katie...

They hopped in Katie’s SUV. Alyssa’s cheeks flushed as she sat in the passenger’s seat, the gown riding up, even if she tried to keep it in place. She looked around nervously, worried that someone could see she was naked underneath. Fortunately, everyone was so busy congratulating and cheering that nobody paid attention to the two friends.

“Best to stop at your apartment first to get ready for the celebration!” said Katie as she drove absently to Alyssa’s place.

Alyssa wouldn’t mind a change of clothes. More like putting on clothes. There were no clothes to change. Alyssa was completely naked underneath her gown. She didn’t know how she got that way, but she had no doubt Katie was responsible.

The young woman squirmed, the cotton-polyester gown rubbing against her hard nipples, which were now visible to anyone who looked at her.

But Alyssa wasn’t the only one who was turned on. Katie was clearly enjoying Alyssa’s predicament from the look on her face when she’d occasionally give Alyssa an appreciative glance.

Alyssa noticed that sometimes Katie would stare off, as if she was deep in thought. She even caught her once silently whispering to herself. Something like, “No... I won’t do that.”

She shrugged. Katie’s always been kind of weird. But in a cute way.

When they arrived at Alyssa’s apartment, she went to her room to put on clothes... but Katie followed her.

“Uh... I need to change.”

“Go ahead,” Katie grinned. “It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before.”

Well, yeah. The girls had practically grown up together. Obviously they’d seen each other naked occasionally.

Alyssa didn’t know what to do. Was Katie testing her?

Did Katie give Alyssa commands to obey her?

If Alyssa resisted, would she be dropped into trance again?

She didn’t have a choice.

Katie sat on the queen-size bed, waiting for Alyssa to start stripping.

Embarrassed, Alyssa unzipped the front of her gown slowly.

It didn’t help that Katie licked her lips and watched appreciatively as Alyssa’s large breasts came into view, followed by her trim stomach and shaved pussy.

Alyssa blushed and hung up the gown in her closet.

“Hey, Alyssa.”

Alyssa turned around in the direction of Katie’s voice, only to see her hiking up her dress, revealing her bald pussy. She hadn’t worn panties either.


Alyssa’s eyes were glued.

Katie grinned. “We have some extra time, so, wanna fuck?”

“Wanna fuck?”

That’s what she’d always wanted.

As she looked at Katie massaging her wet pussy lips, she felt—

Alyssa doesn’t want to think about having sex with a woman. Lesbian sex is unnatural and turns Alyssa off.

—extremely turned off!

Although Alyssa caught the foreign thought and discarded the ridiculous homophobia, she couldn’t deny that she wasn’t attracted to Katie anymore.

Katie let out a moan as she slid a finger in.

“Come on. Please lick my pussy?”


Do. Not. Want.

Alyssa needed an excuse to get out of it.

“Um, aren’t you straight now?”

“Mhm. But you’re a lesbian. Aren’t you?”

That teasing bitch. She knew she succeeded in making Alyssa straight.

Alyssa won’t give her the satisfaction, though.

“Okay, sure!”

Alyssa knelt in front of Katie, spread her thighs, and...

Eww. No. Alyssa couldn’t do it!

“Actually, I really want to. But I don’t feel right cheating with you on your husband.”

Perfect excuse, Alyssa!

Katie smirked. “Okay then.”

Damnit. Katie didn’t buy it.

Katie: 1 — Alyssa: 0

* * *

John looked at the text on his phone from Katie. She was headed over with Alyssa to celebrate her graduation.

Over the past few weeks, he’d been fantasizing more about things that used to make him feel guilty. Namely, fucking lesbians. And his dick throbbed at the thought of introducing Alyssa to her first cock ever.

But he was still skeptical that Katie’s best friend, the one Katie had been (exaggeratingly?) referring to as her soulmate, would be interested in having sex with a man, even though his wife used to be a lesbian. But maybe he shouldn’t get his hopes up. Maybe it’d just be an ordinary celebration.

He thought about his lovely wife. Wasn’t it weird a wife would seduce her friend to have sex with her husband?

This could be a test of his fidelity, and it would ruin his relationship with his wife if he gave into temptation.

So maybe he should just—

John wants to have sex with Alyssa.

—go through with it. Fuck it.

Still, he knew this wasn’t fiction, where the guy fucks a lesbian once, and then she’s automatically straight. No. It was more complicated than that. But either way, John looked forward to showing Alyssa why she should give up women.

He wondered how to approach it, though. Alyssa had never been with a man before, so maybe he should be gentle, or—

John wants to dominate lesbians.

—dominant. Yes. He wanted to dominate the hot lesbian. Show her the pleasure of his cock. Just like he showed his wife.

Nothing could stop him.


That must be them now.

As they walked in the door together, John looked over his wife’s gorgeous friend.

He’d seen a photo of Alyssa on Katie’s phone, but the pixels on its tiny screen failed to capture the true essence of the blonde beauty in person. Her large breasts almost distracted him from the sharp, cerulean eyes that held her intelligence.

John had a feeling she was often underestimated... to the detriment of those who underestimate her.

He would be sure not to make the same mistake.

* * *

Alyssa bit her plump bottom lip the entire way as Katie drove them to her house.

What was going to happen?

Was this going to be an ordinary graduation celebration, or was she expected to have sex with John?

What if Katie’s conversion of Alyssa’s orientation didn’t entirely work? Would she find out Alyssa was able to fight compulsions to an extent?

If she was expected to have sex with John, could she go through with it?

Doubts and fear were still swirling around Alyssa’s mind as Katie pulled into the driveway.

When Katie ushered her to the living room, that’s when Alyssa saw him.


As if in slow motion, she watched the tall, handsome man walk over to her. He had short, brown hair and deep, blue eyes in which she’d love to get lost. Even in his simple blue jeans and black T-shirt, he looked surprisingly handsome. And it didn’t hurt that his shirt showed off his muscles. His body could be described as athletic rather than that of a bodybuilder.

Seeing him like this—

Alyssa is attracted to John.

—gave her body an immediate reaction. She blushed, seeing for the first time in person the attractive man who Katie must have conditioned her to view him as. She became more aroused by the second.

She couldn’t help but glance at his crotch, noticing a bulge in it, and squirmed.

She vaguely heard someone say a name. Her name.

“Huh?” She finally realized she’d been staring at him.

“I said it’s nice to meet you, Alyssa,” he greeted her pleasantly. “I’m John Hayes. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

She shook her head to clear it, embarrassed that he caught her staring.

“Hi, John. I’ve heard so much about you,” she said shyly.

She couldn’t deny that she was attracted to him now. But maybe it was too soon to have sex with him. She probably wasn’t ready. Maybe she’d rather take it slowly, and—

Alyssa wants to get fucked by John.

—changed her mind. She desperately wanted to get fucked by him, and soon!

She pondered her sudden change of heart and felt a bit uneasy, but only that she didn’t feel uneasy. Even though she knew it was Katie’s manipulation, her sudden desire to fuck him felt perfectly natural to Alyssa.

Katie: 2 — Alyssa: 0

It was John’s turn to appraise her body, and he didn’t even feel shy doing it. From the look on his face, it seemed he thoroughly enjoyed what he saw. Unlike most people, though, he spent the least time looking at her breasts. Instead, there was another part of her body that captivated him.

Her cerulean eyes.

John grinned as if knowing what she was thinking. She winked at him in response.

After a few seconds, his posture straightened as his face took on a serious look.

“Strip!” he commanded.

Alyssa’s heart thudded at the order. The way he said it with absolute confidence made her pussy clench.

He wasn’t asking. It wasn’t a request. He said it with such expectation that it was as if there was no possible universe in which his command to strip wouldn’t be obeyed.

And obey, she did. She didn’t even consider it. And from the rustling of clothes she heard beside her, Katie obeyed too.

Obeying John was automatic as Alyssa quickly lifted her short skirt, easing the pink blouse off her shoulders, unhooking her bra, and pulling down her pan—

Wait. Where did her panties go?!

She didn’t remember taking them off.

“You want my cock.”

It wasn’t a question; it was a statement.

As Alyssa nodded, she noticed the visible outline of John’s cock in his jeans, and wondered how she’d be able to take that.

“Kneel and take my cock out.”

Alyssa immediately dropped to her knees as if by instant reflex. She inched close to him and unzipped his jeans slowly in anticipation. After carefully pulling out his throbbing cock, she shuddered at the discovery that she couldn’t wrap her hand around it.

She looked at it with awe. Arousal. Anxiety.

She would be taking a man for the first time. And somehow, she knew it wasn’t going to be the last.

“Katie, your lesbian friend has never sucked a cock before. Show her how it’s done.”

With a big grin, Katie carefully dropped to her knees beside Alyssa, looking pleasantly surprised at John’s order.

“Here. Scoot over.”

It took Alyssa a few seconds to register Katie’s words, being so entranced by the cock in front of her, but she reluctantly scooted over.

“Okay. Now watch me.”

Alyssa avidly watched as Katie lifted John’s cock, showing her the underside of its head.

“This is called the frenulum. Try giving it a gentle flicking motion with the tip of your tongue, like this...”

John groaned as Katie demonstrated her first lesson to Alyssa.

Katie giggled. “See? He loved it. Now, next is...”

Alyssa was captivated by Katie’s lessons as she went through the basics. Especially with Katie’s enthusiastic demonstration of each technique. The way the ex-lesbian would moan on her husband’s cock would seem exaggerated had Alyssa not noticed that Katie was squirming from arousal.

Katie’s love of John’s cock was evident from how she savored it.

“Oh, fuck, Katie,” John groaned. “Such a good little lesbian cocksucker.”

Katie winked at him, making eye contact as she bobbed her head up and down his thick shaft.

“God... Katie... I’m about to cum.”

Katie abruptly stopped.

“Oh, no you don’t! Alyssa gets your first load tonight. Got it?”

John looked like he was about to complain out of reflex, but caught himself. He would soon get relief.

Katie passed John’s cock over to Alyssa. “Here you go. And remember: wrap your lips around your tee—”

She couldn’t finish her reminder before Alyssa’s head shot forth, hungrily engulfing John’s dick in her warm mouth.

Judging by John’s groans, Alyssa put everything Katie taught her to good use.

“Fuck, Alyssa. Are you sure you’re a lesbian?” she heard him say.

As she was lost in her task, she felt his hand put pressure on the back of her head, shoving her down to the base of his crotch. Her instinct was to panic, but after a few seconds, she calmed down as she let the man use her for his own pleasure.

John grunted, and Alyssa tasted his hot cum unloading inside her mouth.

Despite being a bit dazed, she remembered her lessons, withdrew her mouth from his cock, and opened her mouth, displaying the cum with which John gifted her. Then, she swallowed it all with a wink and opened her mouth again to show proof.

She heard Katie clapping beside her. “Good girl! We’ll make a cumslut of you yet!”

Alyssa blushed shyly. “Umm... Thank you...”

Inside, her emotions were everywhere. She loved this but shouldn’t. And soon, there would be no going back.

Alyssa was startled out of her thoughts by Katie’s big announcement.

“Now comes the real event. Alyssa’s about to get the dyke fucked out of her. Are you looking forward to it, Alyssa?”

Alyssa hesitated. She shouldn’t be looking forward to it. She was supposed to be a lesbian.

But the truth was, she did want it. So badly.

Alyssa sighed and nodded. There was no going back.

Alyssa must have been distracted by her thoughts because, suddenly, she was in the air. John had hoisted her on one shoulder with ease and, with her secure, walked towards the hallway.

Surprised, she reflexively laughed and kicked her legs for a few seconds until she realized what was happening. Where the man was taking her.

And what that meant.

Her heart thumped. Her face flushed. Her pussy jolted.

Alyssa couldn’t see ahead with her legs in front, but she knew they were headed to the main bedroom to have sex. Her first time having sex with a man, and no doubt, not the last time.

The ceiling came into view as John set her down on the bed. Then, she felt strong hands spread her legs wide.

“Katie, line me up,” the man commanded.

Alyssa glanced down to see her naked soulmate obeying his order. But when she grabbed his cock, she rubbed it up and down Alyssa’s folds teasingly, making John groan and Alyssa moan.

Finally, Katie guided his cock to her entrance.

Alyssa felt so small and fragile underneath John’s strong, manly body as he leaned over her.

“This is it,” John warned. He was giving Alyssa one last chance to back out.

But Alyssa knew there was no going back.

She looked into John’s blue eyes, gave a brave smile, and nodded... and then screamed as John thrust his thick cock into her all the way.


That’s what the lesbian saw dancing in her vision as she felt the invading, fleshy rod forcefully part her folds.

“God... You’re so tight!” he moaned.

She hadn’t been prepared for this. She had no idea it would feel this way.

But she was offered no respite as the strong man on top of her withdrew... and then rammed back inside of her.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried in ecstasy.

Alyssa had never felt so full. So complete.

Real sex with John felt much better than her imagined sex with him, no matter how realistic it felt under hypnosis.

Her wet pussy spasmed on his cock that was filling her so deeply as he pumped in and out of her.

Moan after moan escaped her as he jammed his dick into her pussy.

Then, another moan joined hers. Alyssa looked over and saw Katie beside her, furiously rubbing her pussy, one hand teasing a nipple, as she watched her lesbian best friend get fucked by her husband.

“Do it, John! Show her why cock is better!”

Alyssa panted. Her large breasts jiggled. Her pussy clenched. The room filled with the smell of sex and the sound of moans and groans.

“Yes! Show me! Fuck!”

Alyssa was in ecstasy. She’d never felt better.

But even though it felt so good, that should just be a biological reaction. In reality, having sex with John should feel—

Alyssa feels completely natural fucking men. It was what she was always meant to do.

—completely natural. This was what Alyssa was meant for.

But she was sure that she was a lesbian. That didn’t feel unnatural. Having sex with women was—

Alyssa’s lesbianism was just a phase. Alyssa is grateful that Katie introduced her to her true sexuality.

—actually unnatural, even if it didn’t feel like that at the time. It had been just a phase, and Alyssa was lucky her best friend opened her eyes.

It would’ve been a tragedy if she’d gone through her entire life under the delusion she was a lesbian.

Alyssa vaguely noticed compulsions taking root, her mind in too much of a haze to fight them off as her pussy spasmed on the man’s thick cock over and over.

“I’m cumming,” John grunted, warning her.

That’s when she noticed she wasn’t on birth control. She had never needed it. John was giving her a chance to ask to pull out.

Alyssa’s eyes popped open. She needed to let him know. She wanted him to pull out. She had to—

Alyssa wants to be impregnated by John. The feel of his sperm shooting inside her is the final trigger to solidifying her straightness.

—beg for him to knock her up!

“Yes! Cum inside me! Knock up my lesbian pussy!”

“Take it all, dyke!” he snarled.

Her pussy convulsed in orgasm as she felt him slam his cock deep, her pussy squeezing out ropes of cum.


Her pussy spasming.


Euphoria surging through her.


Her womb filling up.


Her eggs craving his sperm.


Her desire for men growing.


Her desire for women fading.


Alyssa arched her back, throwing her head back as her pussy convulsed again. Katie cried in orgasm beside her.

After what seemed like forever, Alyssa felt her two bedmates collapsing on the bed beside her. As Katie moved to cuddle with John on the other side of him, John opened his other arm for Alyssa, who rolled into his embrace, savoring the closeness they felt as they cuddled lovingly.

She contentedly sighed as she enjoyed the intimate moment the three of them shared.

Alyssa saw Katie’s hand reach over John towards her in invitation.

As she entwined her fingers with her soulmate, she couldn’t help but smile.


Maybe if I did get pregnant, it wouldn’t be so bad...

* * *

Alyssa opened her eyes groggily, surrounded by the warmth of other bodies.

Oh. That wasn’t a dream.

She thought about how she felt about the night before.

She looked over at Katie’s sleeping body and smiled contentedly.

Now we’re together forever, once again.

As long as she was with Katie, it didn’t matter if she was straight or gay.

Alyssa heard rustling sheets just before she felt the bodies next to her moving, and looked over to see the other two start to wake.

“Good morning,” John said with a yawn.

Alyssa smiled. “Good morning.”

“Alyssa!” Katie squealed. “What’d you think? I told you his cock was amazing. You loved it! Right? Right?”

“You were right,” nodded Alyssa. “I loved it.”

Because you hypnotized me into loving it, she added mentally.

John grinned. “Hey, hon.” He kissed Katie on the lips. “Hey, Alyssa.” He kissed her cheek.

Katie arched an eyebrow. “Honey, after fucking her like you did last night, I’m sure she’d be fine with more than a peck on the cheek. Kiss her like you mean it!”

John looked to Alyssa, who nodded.

John reached over to Alyssa’s face and held her chin. Alyssa’s eyes widened as he leaned in. Holding her chin, he seized her lips in a kiss. Owned them. She shuddered and moaned into his lips. As he broke the kiss, she took a deep breath, cheeks flushed.

“Wow. Now that was a kiss,” Katie giggled. “I’m going to make some breakfast. In the meantime, I’ll let you two stay in bed to get more... acquainted. But first, both of you: sink deep for me.”

The world went blank.

* * *

Alyssa woke up to find herself in bed with John, inside his comfortable embrace, the two lovers naked but comfortably warm underneath the bed sheets.

As she enjoyed his natural body heat, she felt at peace with this incredible man. She sighed contentedly.

When she looked up at him, her heart fluttered. Her face flushed.

She saw him gently smiling back at her.

This was so different from last night when he had been dominant. This morning, he was sweet, kind.

She was having problems thinking of anything other than how much she liked this man. How she wanted to kiss him. To be held tenderly in his arms.

To be cherished by him, just as he cherished Katie.

Then, spontaneously, Alyssa and John sought out each other’s lips, kissing sweetly.

It felt so natural. Like there was never a universe where these two didn’t kiss at this very point in time.

Like they were meant to be together.

After they broke their kiss, she looked up into his eyes, contentedly smiling as they wrapped their arms around each other.

Her feelings for him at this moment were overwhelming. She felt peace, contentment, passion, desire.


That’s right. Alyssa was falling in love with this man she had just met last night. It hardly made sense, but that was the truth.

And she accepted it.

Suddenly, she had an urge. A strong desire to consummate this new bond between them. She rolled the sheets over, looking down to see his cock erect.

“John, I...”

He nodded, grinning.

Alyssa swung over his lap, straddling him. She rubbed her pussy back and forth over the length of his cock, causing John to groan.

Rubbing against his cock felt so good, so right. But Alyssa couldn’t wait to take it for real, so she hopped up, lined up the cock, and... plunged down.

Alyssa moaned loudly, stopping there, just savoring the feeling of being filled by him for a while before she started moving.

“Fuck,” John groaned. “Your pussy is so tight. I don’t know how long I can last this time. Yesterday I had a first cum to hold me off longer.”

Alyssa just smiled, loving the idea that she could drive John wild. Drive a man wild.

“Don’t cum too soon, John! I love how your cock feels. Try to hold on.”

That said, Alyssa raised her hips, and then slammed down again.

John held her hips as she moved, the two moving in sync. And then something interesting happened.

Everything became natural, as if they’d done this a thousand times before, fully compatible with each other’s bodies.

This wasn’t a rush to the finish. This was just two lovers enjoying each other, giving each other the most pleasure they could.

Alyssa smiled, so glad that Katie had set this up. She hadn’t expected to fall in love with a man.

But she did, and she was surprisingly okay with—

Alyssa will make love with John as she falls madly in love with him.

The foreign words echoed in Alyssa’s mind as her eyes opened in shock and horror.

No, no, no... Katie...

What have you done?!

She looked at John and saw his expression held only concern for Alyssa rather than shock.

He didn’t seem to have any idea of Katie’s compulsions. Could he be oblivious?

Well, first, Alyssa needed to fight the compulsion. Get rid of this artificial feeling.

She glanced back at John, and her heart ached at knowing what she had to do.

She needed to remove the compulsion. Being near John was dangerous for her.

But she’d miss being inside the strong arms of that hunky man.

Maybe she could stay here a little longer.

Plus, John was a victim too, and Katie probably made him fall in love with Alyssa as well. If she removed the compulsion, that would leave the love one-sided.

Could she really do that to him?


She’d give in to the compulsion and continue to love him in return.

Even if it was fake.

And honestly, Alyssa had never felt so wonderful, so alive, outside of how she felt with Katie.

Alyssa’s anger flared.

She loved Katie with her whole heart, but Katie went too far this time. Playing with orientation and sex was one thing, but playing with love? Her own best friend and husband!

Alyssa had initially wanted to lay all of the blame on John, which wasn’t surprising—he was an easy target to direct her jealousy towards.

But she had to admit; John was a victim, at least with this.

The one to blame was Katie. And Alyssa was going to stop her.

No matter what.

* * *