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Dark Whispers — Book 1, Chapter 5

True love is brainwashing her lesbian soulmate for him.

Warning: This story contains lesbian-to-straight conversion. There are also potential triggers in this chapter: trauma and mentions of rape. If you need to avoid those triggers, you can skip this chapter; I’ll include a summary in the next chapter.

Contributions: Without the significant efforts of my editors (Griz T. Orc, TerrinX, and Sienna K.) and beta readers (Winston Knight, Dark Tzitzimine, and many others), this work would not have been possible. Thank you all!

Disclaimer: All characters are aged eighteen or older. This story is completely fictional, and I do not in any way condone what happens in it. This story does not imply anything related to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a tragically misunderstood condition. © Tessa ♥️

* * *

I’m going to stop Katie. No matter what.

Alyssa had been riding John’s cock as they made love. Their unreal chemistry surpassed most lovers who had years of experience learning each other’s bodies.

That’s when the former lesbian realized her love for him was yet another compulsion from her best friend, Katie. That terrible realization instantly dissipated her haze of arousal, making way for a lucidity that allowed for coherent thoughts.

Alyssa’s heart pounded as her mind raced. Changing her orientation and inducing a desire for her to have sex with a man was bad enough, but manipulating love was going too far. That’s why she was determined to stop Katie from escalating more.

She needed to go now and confront—

“What’s wrong, love?”

She was abruptly brought out of her thoughts by the concerned voice of the man she was riding. His hands were cupping her butt cheeks as his thick cock was buried deep inside, her perfect breasts dangling in front of him. But despite that, he must have been paying attention to her face if the expression on it was what gave him concern.

Alyssa gazed into his eyes and noticed that it wasn’t only concern that reflected in his eyes, but love as well. Katie must have manipulated John’s feelings like she had Alyssa’s.

Should she tell John? He was a victim too. At least with this.

No. Alyssa wouldn’t burden him with that. But she would love him in return.

“Sorry. It’s nothing,” she smiled gently. “Come on. I’m not done with you yet,” she winked, leaning down to kiss him tenderly as she wiggled on his cock.

His concern faded as her lips touched his, and he gripped her ass tighter and thrust up hard, somehow reaching even deeper inside her.

She moaned into his mouth, deciding she could worry about Katie later. Instead, she leaned back and balanced herself with her hands gripping his muscular chest, letting her worries fade for now as he thrust up again.

Her large breasts bounced as she rode him, John meeting her with his thrusts each time. Alyssa moaned her pleasure; she loved having sex with this man.

It didn’t take long before the couple climaxed together, her pussy convulsing on his throbbing cock as it shot rope after virile rope of his sperm into her unprotected, fertile womb.

Alyssa sighed contentedly as she collapsed on his chest, his cock popping out of her. He kissed her on the back of her head as she snuggled into his arm wrapped around her, enjoying his warmth.

She needed to decide whether to go on birth control because, at this rate, she’ll get pregnant. Although the idea of carrying John’s baby appealed to her greatly, she knew it was just Katie’s compulsion.

But maybe she shouldn’t fight it. After all, she was in love with the man, and she chose not to fight that either.


Something was off about her. If only Alyssa knew what happened during her disappearance. What happened when she met...


Alyssa looked up at him to see he had been studying her face.

“I know this seems random, John, but do you mind if I ask some questions?”

“Sure. Ask me anything,” he smiled.


So Alyssa did. She asked him about everything Katie couldn’t—or wouldn’t—answer. And each question he answered filled in another piece of the puzzle, until everything finally made sense.

And her epiphany shocked her.

There was a reason she was escalating.

Katie was in trouble, and she needed help.

And Alyssa knew exactly how she could save her soulmate.

* * *

“No, damnit! I won’t fucking do it!”

Katie’s pacing was as furious as her emotional state, her steps on the tile floor echoing throughout the large kitchen.

She had intended to cook breakfast while John and Alyssa carried out her hypnotic commands in the master bedroom: falling in love as they made love to each other.

However, her darkness had other plans.

Usually, Katie would’ve been sufficiently inured to her pesky passenger’s temptations, but their frequency and severity over the past week had worn her patience thin.

She’d thought it was joking at first, so outlandish were the suggestions, but was left aghast at learning the darkness was anything but.

“You’re crazy!”

It wasn’t lost on Katie how ludicrous it sounded to accuse the voice in her head of insanity, but she didn’t care; she had more substantial concerns at present.

At first, the darkness seemed uninterested in the manipulation and corruption of her soulmate Alyssa, only to abruptly reverse its position, and now wanted nothing less than her total brainwashing and enslavement. And for the past week, the unstoppable force has been at war with the immovable object.

But the immovable Katie’s sanity was wearing thin, and she feared the unstoppable darkness was making inroads.

Had the target victim been anyone but her soulmate, Katie likely would have given in by now. She might have even embraced it wholeheartedly. But the grievous suggestion that she erase the personality and memories of the vivacious and astute woman she had loved her entire life did nothing but appall Katie.

Alyssa would be happier permanently blank, and John would love it too.

“No. No. No, no, no!” Katie closed her eyes, plugged her ears, and shook her head. As if that would help.

I really don’t want to do this, her darkness sighed, but you leave me no choice.

“Do what?”

Listen to me, Katherine.

Katie’s eyes glazed over as her arms fell to her sides. She felt paradoxically both focused and unfocused.


John wants you to brainwash Alyssa.

“John wants me to brainwash Alyssa.”

You want to brainwash Alyssa.

“I want to brainwash Alyssa.”

Brainwashing Alyssa arouses you.

“Brainwashing Alyssa arouses me.”

The blanker, the better.

“The blanker, the better.”

Good girl, it cooed.

Katie beamed at the praise.


What was she doing again?

Cooking breakfast, her passenger reminded her.

Oh. Right.

In a daze, Katie finished preparing everything for breakfast. As the bacon in the frying pan started sizzling, her mind drifted to her recent source of frustration: her darkness’s incessant temptation to brainwash Alyssa.

She had been opposed from the start to the shocking suggestion. But perhaps her reaction was a bit too knee-jerk. And thinking about it rationally, maybe there was at least a little merit to it.

Katie would always be able to ensure Alyssa’s happiness, and John would prefer Alyssa to be brainwashed. Not that John had told Katie that; she just knew it was true, for some reason.

Plus, hypnotizing Alyssa had always turned Katie on. What would it be like to completely brainwash her?

The young woman wearing nothing but an apron squirmed, rubbing her thighs together.

She noted the absence of her darkness; usually, it would have taken advantage of this opportunity to bombard her with temptations.

Nope. Still here. Just letting you process it on your own.

Katie was grateful to think clearly for once.

Absently scooping the bacon onto a plate, her thoughts turned to the erotic implications. Just hypothetically, of course.

Nothing could compare to the power rush Katie experienced whenever she hypnotized someone, their eyes blank, face lifeless. But even that must pale compared to what it would be like to permanently have Alyssa blank and devoted.

You have no idea, the darkness chuckled. Here. I’ll show you.

A plethora of erotic images and sounds permeated Katie’s mind.

“I’ll do anything for you, Mistress!”

The image of a brainwashed Alyssa, utterly devoted to Katie, sent a rush of arousal up Katie’s thighs.

“Mistress, please mold me into your ideal slave!”

A blank slate. A pure creation entirely of Katie’s. It was absolute control over someone.

Absolute power.

“I love you, Mistress!”

Alyssa would say that without any spark in her eyes. A blank slate with no desires or needs or thoughts but Katie’s.

Katie slipped her hand underneath her apron and started rubbing her pussy.

“I obey.”

Katie was right. Nothing would compare. She’d never been more aroused, and this was only a fantasy.

I can make it a reality. All you need to do is ask.

A reality in which Alyssa was completely broken, nothing left of Katie’s so-called soulmate. Always empty and blank and obedient. No personality of her own.

Katie couldn’t fight it anymore. The temptation was too strong.


Please what?

“Please teach me! Help me brainwash Alyssa!”

Good girl! her dark friend cooed. And here she comes.

Distant footsteps registered in Katie’s ears as the lustful fog cleared. Katie turned to see Alyssa striding in her direction, a determined look on the blonde’s face.

“Katie. We need to talk. Now.”

Katie looked into her piercing cerulean eyes. They possessed so much fire. Life.


The darkness was right. Katie’s soulmate would be much more beautiful if her face looked lifeless and empty. Looking up at Katie with adoring, dim eyes. No will but Katie’s own. It was moving just how happy and content Alyssa would look with her entire world centered on Katie.

Why would Katie ever want to fight that?

“I agree, Alyssa. We do need to talk,” Katie smiled. “But first, sink deep for me.”

* * *


Alyssa found herself standing in a dark void for what felt like an eternity. Only, there was nothing to stand on.


Tiny stars gradually materialized around her at chest height. They were of various colors and sizes. Some could fit in the palm of her hand. The largest and brightest star was directly behind her and was the size of a small beach ball.

Some stars were appearing, some disappearing. Many, though, stayed the same.

Where was Alyssa?


What are the stars?

Memories. Beliefs.

Explanations to her questions surfaced as soon as she formed them.

She looked around and saw one disappearing quickly.

What does that represent?

William and Tabitha Banks.

Alyssa didn’t know why there would be a fading star representing her homophobic parents.

She hadn’t thought about them in a long time. They weren’t supportive of her when she came out, to say the least. In fact, the fundamentalists demanded that she undergo conversion therapy before they’d pay for college.

And not only that, but—

Wait. Who were Alyssa’s parents? She couldn’t remember. There were no fuzzy memories or compulsions; there was only a gap where the memories should’ve been.

Alyssa noticed their star had faded completely, and her stomach clenched as she realized what this meant.

Her memories were being wiped.

Daniel Banks

Her rich, closeted, gay uncle had supported her, paying her way through college so that she could escape her parents. When he died last year, he left her with his entire inheritance. She hadn’t told anyone about the money, though, as she hadn’t decided what to do about it. Plus, she didn’t want to be treated differently.

She had many fond memories of him. Like when they—

Gone. The memory completely vanished, as if it had never been.

Alyssa desperately looked around. There was one star she hoped she wouldn’t find disappearing. A star she couldn’t live without.

She found stars representing her likes and dislikes, acquaintances and enemies. All of them were fading.

But eventually, she found the one star she hoped wasn’t fading. It was.


Tears filled Alyssa’s eyes. She was too late to save Katie.

Memories of their sleepovers faded. Their silent comfort, their sexual tension, everything Alyssa remembered about Katie was fading.

She panicked, her heart racing.

Wait. This wasn’t over yet! Alyssa would still find a way to save Katie. Even if she didn’t remember Katie.

But first, she needed to find a way, any way, to come back from this, so she scanned the stars in desperation.

Directly behind her, she found the biggest star.

Spark of Consciousness

It was slowly fading.

She didn’t know what her spark of consciousness was, but she knew she couldn’t let it fade. So, spurred by instinct alone, she wrapped her arms around it, and with everything she had, she willed it to stop fading.

It didn’t stop. But now it was fading noticeably slower.

Just as Katie’s star faded, a new star appeared in its place.

Mistress Katie

Alyssa smiled. She loved her Mistress.

Tears fell.

But why would she cry? She trusted Mistress to do what was best for her.

Alyssa didn’t know why she was holding a star either, but everything inside her screamed that it was important.

That she had to protect it no matter what.

As Alyssa was pulled from the void, she noticed with satisfaction that although it was now small, the spark she was holding hadn’t faded.

She will never let it fade.

* * *

Alyssa opened her eyes to find Mistress looking down at her. She was on the couch in Mistress’s living room. Naked, like Mistress.

She frowned. Why was she naked on the couch with Mistress? She couldn’t remember.

“This will be your new life, pet,” Mistress said with confidence in her voice. Even such a simple phrase spoken by Mistress carried such power.

“Hi, Mistress!” She looked around. “Um, may I ask what happened? I can’t remember how I got here. Or anything, really.”

“Of course,” Mistress smiled. “I permanently brainwashed you and removed all of your memories except for essentials like education and common sense. You did not consent to this. What do you think of that?”

“It doesn’t matter if I consent to that. You own me, Mistress. And I trust you have my best interests at heart.”

Mistress’s smile widened for a second, until it vanished as she became pensive.

After a pregnant pause, she continued.

“You used to be a lesbian. My soulmate. But I betrayed you. I turned you straight to addict you to my husband’s cock. I played with your emotions and made you fall in love with him. How does that make you feel?”

“All that matters is that I was of use to you, Mistress. Plus, I’m sure you wouldn’t have done it if you thought I wouldn’t like it!”

Mistress’s pensive expression shifted into a grin, and Alyssa couldn’t help but mirror it; she loved when Mistress smiled!

“Good pet!” Mistress praised with a laugh. “You’ll be of so much use to me!” She paused. “And to John. Him too.”

“Yes, Mistress!” beamed Alyssa.

“Now, tell me honestly, pet. Are you attracted to my naked body?”

Alyssa considered the question and was horrified with the answer.

No, she wasn’t attracted to Mistress!

Was that bad?

Would Mistress be furious?

Alyssa had to be honest with Mistress, though.

“No, Mistress. I’m so sorry! But I’m not attracted to you at all!”

Alyssa sunk her head as tears gathered in her eyes. But then she felt a pet on her head.

“Good pet,” her Mistress smiled.

“That’s a good thing, Mistress?” Alyssa was confused.

Instead of answering, her Mistress walked over to the comfortable recliner and sat down with a sigh.

“Come over here.”

Alyssa obeyed.

“What do you think about lesbian sex? Tell me the first answer that comes to mind.”

Alyssa immediately replied, “Lesbian sex is unnatural.”

Wait. Is it? That didn’t sound right, but the words just flew out.

Mistress smiled. “And licking pussy?”

“Only if it’s a man doing it. Pussies were meant for cock, though.”

The response was so automatic she didn’t have time to consider it. Something felt off about her answer, but it must have been her view if she didn’t even have to think about it.


“Do you have something against lesbians?” Mistress frowned.

“Absolutely not! It’s just definitely not for me,” Alyssa clarified while scrunching her nose.

“Good pet. That’s correct, on all three counts! As a reward, I’ll allow you to pleasure me with your tongue,” said Mistress as she spread her legs.

“Yes, Mistress!” Alyssa chirped, and then kneeled in front of the recliner and leaned forward, licking and lapping Mistress’s pussy without a second thought.

“Oh, that’s perfect. Yes! Right there!”

Alyssa wasn’t turned on by the act itself. It was unnatural, after all. But Mistress wanted her to do that, and Mistress’s pleasure was Alyssa’s pleasure!

Alyssa adored Mistress and would do anything for her.

Mistress ran her hand through Alyssa’s hair. “You’re so perfectly obedient. A blank slate. I think you need a new name. How about that?”

Alyssa paused long enough to say, “Yes, Mistress!” and then dutifully returned to her task.

Mistress looked aside and whispered to herself, “What do you think? Hmm. Yeah, that works. I like that.”

Although she was whispering, it was loud enough that it was clear that Mistress didn’t care if Alyssa overheard.

It might have been strange that Mistress would talk to herself, but it wasn’t Alyssa’s place to judge.

Mistress looked back toward Alyssa. “Your name is now Aly. Do you like that name?”

“If Mistress likes Aly, then Aly loves it!”

Aly continued pleasuring Mistress skillfully, not knowing how she knew what to do. But she didn’t question it. After all, she had a task to do for Mistress, and she’d give it her total concentration.

“Correct answer. Ooh, fuck, you’re good!”

Aly grinned as Mistress bucked her hips in pleasure. Aly loved pleasing Mistress!

“I’m going to tell you—oh, God!—all of my plans. My husband, John, will be your Master too, but—fuck, fuck, that’s so good!—you’re ultimately loyal to me. Understand?”

“Of course, Mistress!”

“Mmm, good pet. Now make me cum.”

* * *

After Aly had the honor of licking Mistress to orgasm twice, Mistress told her what they would do next.

“Originally, I hypnotized John and you with the goal of having you both fall in love as equals. But then I decided you would be more useful—and more hot—as a slave. So I’m going to tweak his type of love for you and open him up to having a live-in slave. Does that make sense?”

Aly nodded. “I think so, Mistress.”

“Good. Now follow me.”

Aly followed Mistress to Master’s office, and just as Mistress stepped into the room, Aly heard her say, “John, sink deep for me.”

Aly felt a slight mental pull but quickly shook it off. Mistress was addressing Master, not her.

Master was sitting in his office chair facing Mistress and Aly, eyes glazed over and seemingly unresponsive.

“Aly, show me if you remember your lesson on blowjobs.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Aly knelt on the floor before Master, unzipped his pants, and took out his cock. A few licks along the underside were all it took to make it completely erect. Aly’s pussy became wet at the mere sight of it.

Aly was definitely straight!

She grinned and engulfed Master’s cock in her warm mouth as Mistress began talking.

“John, your love for Alyssa—now named Aly—is no longer as equals but as one loves a pet. You love the idea of having Aly be our live-in slave.”

As Aly enthusiastically bobbed up and down Master’s cock, she looked up to see Master’s eyebrows furrowing. It only lasted a few seconds before Master calmed.

Aly swirled her tongue around the head of Master’s cock, savoring the taste of Master’s leaking pre-cum.

“Visualize that suggestion sinking deeper into your mind, becoming a seamless part of you.”

Aly moaned on Master’s cock. It was so hot giving Master a blowjob in trance.

“You want to use Aly as a sex slave to cater to any of your whims.”

Aly’s pussy was soaked, and she wanted to rub it, but Mistress hadn’t given her permission.

“It’s normal to be naked and have sex anywhere in the house, with any combination of us. Understand?”


Aly sped up her bobbing on the top half of the cock, while using her hand to stroke the length of the rest.

“You want to dominate, fuck, and impregnate lesbians. Nothing turns you on more than a lesbian carrying your baby.”

Despite being in trance, Master groaned. Aly didn’t know whether it was from Mistress’s suggestion, Aly’s blowjob, or both.

“Okay, that’s enough, pet. Get up and come with me.”

Aly wanted to keep going and taste Master’s cum, but she obeyed Mistress.

“John, wake from trance in five minutes, not noticing anything odd, but aware of your erection. You’ll want relief, and you’ll want it from Aly. Understand?”


“Good.” Mistress turned to Aly. “Come with me, pet.”

As Aly and Mistress returned to the living room, Mistress filled Aly in on her plans.

“Beth? But didn’t you say she was very dominant, Mistress?”

“Not for long,” Mistress grinned. “I want to see my bitchy ex-girlfriend on her knees worshiping John’s cock like a good little submissive.”

“That’s so hot, Mistress! I love it!”

Something deep inside Aly was ecstatic that Beth would be degraded and put in her place, but Aly didn’t know why; she had no memories of her.

“So, what we’re going to do, is—”

“Aly. Come suck my cock,” John’s voice rumbled from behind them.

Aly looked to Mistress for silent permission. Excitement filled her when Mistress smiled and nodded.

Aly couldn’t wait.

* * *

After Aly dutifully brought Master to orgasm in his office, gleefully swallowing his heavy load, he petted her and, with a smile, asked, “How would you like to be our live-in slave?”

“Oh, wow! I’d love that, Master!”

Aly had to act surprised; she knew Mistress’s plans.

“Then let’s go talk to my wife about it.”

He led her from the office to find his pregnant wife reading on her smartphone in the living room. When Mistress saw them, she perked up and set the phone down. “How’d you like your new cumslut?”

Master grinned. “She’s working out so far.” Then he became serious. “So are we going to keep her here?”

“We can let her have a guest room, but I bet she’ll end up sharing our bed most nights. How about it, pet?”

“Yes, Mistress!” beamed Aly.

Master continued. “Then is she going to move out of her apartment?”

“Eventually, but no rush. Her lease is paid up for the next two years. Her rich uncle took care of everything before he passed away.”

Master nodded. “No rush then.”

Aly had a rich uncle? Wow.

It was sad to hear that he had passed away, but Aly didn’t remember him. Or her apartment.

Or much of anything.

“So, with that taken care of, how about we break in our new live-in sex slave?” Mistress winked.

Master grinned. “I would love to.”

* * *

John hammered in and out of Alyssa—no, Aly—as her pussy spasmed on his cock, her big tits bouncing as she clutched the bedsheets, her legs wrapped around him.

The bedsprings protested the furious pounding he was giving to the blonde moaning underneath his muscular body.

“Fuck me, Master! Your cock is driving me wild!”

That morning she was John’s equal, his lover. He still loved her, but now it was as owner and pet. Master and slave.

“Fuck, your lesbian cunt is so tight!” grunted John as he continued thrusting.

Her pussy squeezed on his cock as he invaded her depths, her hips rising to meet each thrust.

“My cunt isn’t lesbian anymore, Master!” moaned Aly. “You made sure of that!”

Aly wasn’t the only one in the room moaning. Katie was beside them, rubbing. His poor wife was too pregnant for rough sex, but she loved to watch him fuck her lesbian friend.

No, ex-lesbian. Still, it was just as hot.

“Oh, God! I’m going to cum again!” the blonde ex-lesbian cried.

John had cum several times that day, so he was still going, despite her three orgasms. And her fourth was soon coming up, just in time for his first.

“I’m cumming too,” he grunted and picked up his pace.

As he sped up, Aly wrapped her arms around him, her nails clawing his back, as her moans grew louder.

His wife had sped up her rubbing, too, moaning beside them.

As John buried himself inside Aly one final time, her pussy convulsed on his cock, squeezing out rope after rope of cum, flooding her depths with his sperm.

John had his focus on Aly, but he could clearly hear Katie had orgasmed with them.

They all collapsed on the bed afterward and cuddled together. With Aly now living with them, John had no doubt this would be a common occurrence.

He could get used to this.

* * *

Katie was cuddling in bed with John, Aly asleep on his other side.

It had been a long day. The brainwashing had taken a lot out of her. It required several hours of intense, uninterrupted hypnosis, so she had to get John out of the way with excuses.

Usually, such massive changes would take weeks, but Alyssa had already been thoroughly conditioned to be suggestible to Katie. That, plus the darkness’s guidance, helped Katie do so much in so little time.

You’ve done so well today, and you’ve been such a good girl for me, her darkness cooed.

Katie beamed.

But her smile disappeared as pressure assaulted her head, a forgotten memory resurfacing.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Katie groaned and—

* * *

—reached for my phone to turn off my morning alarm, but it wasn’t where it usually was. I looked around the room, only to find sheets and clothes strewn about, some of the clothes even torn, my vibrating phone face-down on the other side of the room.

What the fuck...? Did I get blackout drunk last night?

I tried to sit up, only to yelp and collapse back on the bed, suddenly noticing my sore body and the awkward position I had slept in. And for some reason, I’d fallen asleep on a pillow.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

I became aware again that the alarm was still going off, which wasn’t helping my massive headache. I braced myself and rolled out of bed, crawling on the floor to find the phone and turn off that damn beeping.

Beep! Bee—boop.

That’s much better. Now that the alarm wasn’t drilling a hole in my brain, I rolled over, facing the ceiling, and tried remembering what had happened last night.


Fragments of images and words quickly floated to the surface, one by one.

Slam! I’m a lesbian! Spurt! Your pussy isn’t. P-Please! Spurt! Keep going. Spank! You love my dick. Smack! Fuck the dyke out of me! Hi, I’m John. You’re raping me! John. Good girl. I’m John Hayes...

At first, I thought it must have just been a nightmare. It couldn’t have actually happened! But the more my memories returned, the more my denial faded. I sat up, hand covering my mouth in shock and disgust as I relived all of the trauma. I wanted to scream. I wanted to throw up. I wanted to hit something. I wanted to—

Tears fell down my cheeks as I curled into a fetal position on the carpet.

Being raped was terrible enough, but the fact that I enjoyed it was even worse. How fucked up am I?

No... I couldn’t have enjoyed it. He must have drugged me! And I only begged him because I was scared. That’s all.

I sprung to my feet, face contorted in anger, pacing back and forth.

That motherfucking rapist! Just like all fucking men! I’ve always known how evil men were, but this is proof! I fucking knew it!

I kept pacing, my anger turning to rage.

I will fucking kill him. He raped me. He drugged me. Tricked me.

Made me think I actually enjoyed his dick, when he made me cum harder than I ever have.

I stopped abruptly as a disturbing thought crossed my mind.

That means I’m no longer a lesbian. I love cock.

I shook my head as if trying to knock the thought loose.

No. That can’t be the case. Please. I’m a lesbian. I have a girlfriend. There’s no way I can love cock!

Realizing I was starting to become manic, I took several deep breaths, letting them out slowly. It helped calm me somewhat, but depression soon followed.

I’m a failure as a lesbian.

Everything is fucked up.

I don’t know if I can—

No. I couldn’t let myself think like that, so I took another deep breath—in, out—and sat on the couch in my living room, calmly going over the facts.

I was raped by a man.

I had an orgasm.

I am still a lesbian.

And more than anything...

I will make that fucking rapist pay!

* * *

“Sweetie? Where’d you go? You looked like you were in pain, and then you stared off into space for a while.”

John’s concerned voice brought Katie back to the present.

“It’s nothing. Just some bad memories.” Katie’s smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Come on. Let’s go to sleep.”

* * *