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Daughter Replaces Mother

Daphne held Lucy’s hand as they watched the coffin slowly being lowered into the grave.

Lucy wept. The loss of her mother in such a useless way as a vehicle accident was devastating. An accident; it was hard because there was no one to blame.

Lucy appreciated the Pastor’s words of sympathy but there was nothing he could say that could drive way her pain.

Her dad was there, also; Bob. She hadn’t seen or spoken to him since she left home when she was sixteen; six years ago.

Running away; living on the streets. She had been at wits end till she met Daphne. Though never a lesbian before Lucy fell for the woman who took her in and comforted her. They became lovers.

Lucy could never understand why her mom, Beth would have put up with his shit for so long. He was a brute, and dominated her and his household. He demanded so much; his word was law. She was so glad to get out of that situation. It seemed to Lucy that no matter what Bob said Beth would do it.

She recalled coming home one day early and finding her mom wearing nothing but an apron as she dusted the house. Beth told her that it was what Bob wanted. Had she no dignity? Apparently not. Beth never complained—and even that was strange.

At night Lucy often heard her mom screaming from the master bedroom. Screaming with pleasure. Beth insisted that Bob was a passionate and proper lover. It was something Lucy said she didn’t need to know. Beth also confessed to her daughter that she had been fucked in all her holes.

Lucy now didn’t want to even look at her father. She walked away when he approached.

In the car in the car-park of the cemetery Daphne held her younger lover as Lucy wept further.

“Shall we go?”


“Your dad invited us to the wake”


“You should… you need closure” Daphne said

“I haven’t been there for years… and you are all that I need”

“You need this…” Daphne insisted as she started to drive

Lucy honked her nose into a tissue. She said nothing

Daphne followed the directions on a small piece of paper that lead her from the cemetery to the Roberts house.

Daphne was impressed by the large double-storey house as she got out of the car in the drive-way.

Lucy looked up at her old room, through the car window.

“You coming?”

Lucy didn’t answer, but she did get out of the car.

“I’m so glad you came…” Bob said as he welcomed Lucy and Daphne into the house.

Lucy wouldn’t take his hand or accept a kiss. Daphne accepted a warm kiss on her cheek.

Daphne noticed Lucy’s hesitance and gave Bob a weak smile.

Lucy spent a few moments inside the door taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of a house she hadn’t been in for years.

“Shall I take you on the tour?” Bob asked.

“Thank you…” She looked at Lucy “You coming, babe?”

Lucy simply shook her head.

“Come” Bob said, guiding Daphne up the stairs

Daphne had to admit that Bob seemed quite affable despite the stories Lucy had told him

Lucy had described a father who was authoritarian. He wasn’t physically abusive… not toward Lucy

And a mother who was slavish in her devotion to him

Bob lead her about and then noticed Lucy going into the main bedroom

“Excuse me…” he said, making his apologies

“Sure” Daphne said

Bob found his daughter looking at a photo beside his bed. She noticed the necklace on the bed.

“That was your mother’s” he said

“Yes” Lucy said picking it up “I remember”. She recalled her mom always wore. it. Always.

She held it

“It’s yours if you want it…” he said

“I’m surprised you didn’t bury her with it on… she never took it off…”

“Why don’t you try it on?”

Lucy thought about it for a moment and then she threw it, not place it, back onto the bed.

She turned and left just as Daphne got to the door. Daphne wanted to talk to Lucy about the other bedroom—it had been kept just as Lucy had left it.

“What an unusual necklace” Daphne said

“It was Lucy’s mother’s”

“Really?” Daphne said, taking it in her hands

“Try it on”


“Please….” Bob insisted

Daphne examined it

“Please” Bob said again

“I couldn’t”

“It suits you” Bob lied


“Try it”

“Okay” Daphne said as she took the collar and drew it around her neck. She reached around for it and tried to fasten it

“It clips on”

“Oh, I see” she said finding how it fitted on.

She set it on and then stood and looked in the mirror at herself. She felt something odd.

“Now, take your clothes off” he said

“Yes” she smiled.

She undressed. It seemed perfectly natural for her to do so.

“Suck my dick” he said

Daphne smiled and went to him and dropped to her knees.

She unzipped his pants.

His cock sprung out of his zipper

“You love to suck my dick” he said

“Yes” she said, opening her mouth and taking it in.

Bob smiled as she obeyed him with the slave-collar on she was his to do with as he wished and at that moment he wished to come in her mouth.

“You’ll swallow it all” he added

“Mm-mm” she nodded as she sucked his cock

Moments later her mouth was filled with his hot sauce. She dutifully swallowed it all.

She looked up at him longingly

“I want you to wear this…” he said

“Yes” she nodded obediently

Lucy was shocked when Daphne came downstairs with her father wearing one of her mom’s dresses, and her collar.

“What the hell?”

“Do you like Daphne’s new look?”


“I think it’s wonderful” Daphne said, spinning around in her floral dress

“None of that punk bitch shit” Bob said

“You’ve even got make-up on”

“I know” Daphne smiled, “Isn’t it wonderful?”

“And that collar?”

“This necklace”

“It’s a fucking collar”

“It’s adorable”

Bob pinched Daphne and Daphne giggled.

“Daph?” Lucy said

Daphne turned and suddenly kissed Bob on the mouth. It was a heavy passionate kiss

Lucy was dumbfounded

“Daph?” she cried

“Your dad… you never told me he’s so hot”

“What the fuck?” Lucy cried

“What’s got into you?” Lucy said

“I love him” Daphne said

“What have you done with her?”

“I’ve got her to wear the collar…”

“Take it off!” Lucy screamed. She lunged at Daphne but Daphne parried her attack with skill and determination. She grabbed Lucy and flung her to the floor. “You will not make me leave my Master” she said.

“Please, Daphne”

“Do you want your lover to be free?” Bob asked his daughter

“Please, let her go”

“How badly do you want her to be free?”

“Let her go”

“What would you do for her?” he insisted



“Yes, anything”

“Would you wear the collar yourself…?”

Lucy was shocked.

But she loved Daphne

“Would you wear it?” Bob asked, wanting an answer.

“Yes!” she whimpered.


“Then you only have to take it off Daphne and put it on yourself”

“You see…” he added, “The irony is that the slave collar only works if the person puts it on herself”

Lucy thought of simply taking it off her lover and leaving

“It will only release Daphne when it has a new owner…” Bob said as if anticipating her trickery.

This time Daphne acquiesced and let Lucy take it off of her.

When Lucy unclipped it and removed it she looked at Daphne who simply had the same look on her face, confirming that she had not been released.

Lucy realised that in order to save her lover she would have to take the collar on.

She looked at her father. He nodded as if to urge her on.

She drew it on over her neck and clipped it on.

Daphne’s eyes widened suddenly as her faculties returned to her.

“What… what’s happening?” she asked. She had no memory of how she had got in the room downstairs or when she had put on a dress. The last thing she remembered was trying on the collar that Lucy now wore on.

“Lucy has decided to stay here with me…”

“What, Lucy?”

“Yes” Lucy said, “I will stay with Daddy”

Daphne had a sense something was not right. She had never heard Lucy call her dad “Daddy” before.

“Come, Lucy” he said

Lucy turned, smiling skipped to her father and embraced him. He kissed her on the forehead and she hugged him harder.

“Tell her you don’t want her in your life” he said to Lucy

“That’s right…” Lucy said, “You were a mistake. A horrible mistake”

“Lucy?” Daphne cried

“I don’t love you” Lucy said, “I never loved you…”

“Lucy?” Daphne now wept, “How can you say this…”

“It’s true” Bob said as he slipped his arm around his daughter’s waist “Family has to stick together”

“And…,” Lucy added “You’re not family”

“Please, Lucy” Daphne said moving a step closer.

Lucy slapped her “Leave me alone you ugly bitch”

Daphne slunk back stung by her words as well as her assault

Daphne was going to say something

“Fuck off home” Lucy said, “I want to stay here and look after my Daddy”

Daphne turned, her head cast down. Her tears; whimpering, her body shaking as she trundled away.

“I love you baby”

“I love you, Daddy” Lucy said even as they heard the front door close Lucy drew herself close to her dad. He grabbed handfuls of her ass and kneaded them

“I want to fuck you so bad” he said

“Yes” she murmured

They undressed. They kissed too.

He took her hand and they went upstairs to the bedroom.

Lucy was a virgin.

She gasped in pain as Bob slid into her.

“Are you okay”

“It hurts a little, Daddy” she said as she lay under him


“Don’t stop” she pleaded and he pushed into her further.

He rolled more onto her, so she took all his weight and she hooked her feet around his thighs holding him to her as he fucked her.

She loved it, it had burned at first but it was a nice burning.

Her cries of orgasm encouraged him to his peak and he emptied into her

Lucy enjoyed her Daddy’s attentions.

* * *

Daphne returned to the house. She had never been able to fully reconcile matters. Could she really get Lucy back? She had always held hope. After-all it had been such an abrupt ending of years of relationship—a brutal sharp ending.

She knocked on the door.

Lucy answered it

Lucy wore a floral apron over her dress. She was pregnant

“Yes?” Lucy asked

“I…” Daphne began, looking at Lucy’s swollen belly.

“What do you want?” Lucy asked coldly.

“I had hoped…”

“I told you… I love my Daddy” Lucy said, emphasising the final word she patted her swollen stomach.

Daphne realised with horror who the father of the child was.

She wanted to argue about how wrong it was…. what Lucy and her father were now doing.

“Is there anything else?” Lucy coldly asked, drawing the door closer.

Daphne slunk away.

“Who was that?” Bob asked as Lucy returned to the kitchen to continue baking

“No one” Lucy said

Her father embraced her from behind and she melted into his embrace and kisses. He took hold of her stomach.

“I love you, Daddy” she said

“I love you too” he smiled

They looked like any other domestic couple as he returned to the table to read his paper whilst his daughter-wife baked cookies

The End