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Daughter Replaces Mother — II

Synopsis: Not related to my other story Daughter Replaces Mother other than a daughter gets her wish to help her daddy

As Ted and Alice’s marriage fell apart their teen daughter Jill was distraught

Jill had learned about Alice’s affair with Sanchez… but she had kept it quiet.

For a year she held the secret and she felt so ill every day—betraying her dad.

Her eighteen birthday had been frosty as she saw Sanchez toying with her mom, right in front of her.

“You’ll understand one day” Alice had said to her before disappearing into the bathroom with her Latino lover

Jill heard her mom moaning through the door “Oh, fuck me. Fuck my ass! Fuck my shitter!”

She’d gone back downstairs to the ‘party’ and found her dad on the sofa by himself. She’d gone and sat on his lap to comfort him

He was living a lie… pretending he didn’t know what was going on.

But a month later he’d kicked Alice out

She’d just now filed papers citing ‘irrevocable differences’

Jill came home to find her dad vomiting in the bathroom, clutching the papers in one hand.

Near-by was the evidence of a sudden consumption of a lot of beer.

Jill felt so deeply sorry for her dad. She always thought he was wonderful, witty, kind, and considerate.

Alice had been ‘out there’. Annoyed at being pregnant as a teen, she’d been flirtatious, and adventurous in the bedroom.

Jill seemed to take more after her dad

“I should have done it…” Ted whimpered

“Done what, dad?”

“Those things she wanted me to do…”

“What things…?”

“I… well… things between her and I….” he cried

“What things?”

“In the bedroom…” he said “Look honey… I am just not the man your mom expected me to be”

“You’re a wonderful man” Jill said

He turned and threw up more

He finally turned around sitting with his back to the porcelain.

“She didn’t deserve me” he whimpered

“You need to shower” she said

“Help me up” he said

Jill did. She unbuttoned his shirt and helped him with his pants

His cock sprung up

“I’m sorry…” he cried

“It’s okay, dad” she said as she ignored it and helped him into the shower

“My little girl is so beautiful” he said

“I’ll always be your little girl” she smiled as she turned on the water

She grabbed a cloth and squirting in some liquid soap she began lathering his back.

She hadn’t intended washing her naked dad. But, she ended up doing so.

There was nothing sexual about it. She had a deep daughterly love for her dad. But no sexual desire. And he didn’t have it for her, despite his cock being semi-hard the entire time.

She helped him out, dried him and (noting bothering to dress him) took him to his bed.

She was careful to lay him on his side—she knew about asphixiation on vomit from alcohol

“I love you” he murmured as she pulled the blanket up over him

“I love you to, daddy” she said. She bent over and kissed him on the forehead

“She didn’t deserve you” Jill said “You deserved better”

“Mm-mmm” he murmured

Jill went downstairs and sat feet up on the couch as the tv screen flickered on. There was a boring news story of Gov. Bob Graham meeting President Reagan. Followed by Tom Flores, coach of the Oakland Raiders on the win in Super Bowl XV

Jill yawned repeatedly. She was no fan of the Eagles, but she hated the Raiders even more.

Then came a story for a planned release of the IBM 5150 later that year. She yawned again. Why would anyone have a computer in their own home?

An ad came on for a local pizza place.

She hated late-night ads

Then another for “Wanda the Spiritualist”

Wanda promised a lot. Palm readings. Predictions of the future

And Jill’s ears pricked up. Jill hoped to see if her dad was going to turn out okay…

She made a note of the number on the back of her hand. Then she fell asleep. She hadn’t bothered getting up to switch of the television.

The television glowed particularly bright.

The screen seemed to stretch out towards Jill, like it was hot glass being blown by a glass-blower

Somehow out of the screen Wanda emerged

The tall eastern European woman looked around and saw Jill lying there asleep

She went over and squatted down

She ran her hand over Jill’s head

“Tell me what it is you wish…” she whispered

She smiled as she read Jill’s thoughts

“You must be careful what you desire, my sweet young thing…”

She waved her hand over Jill’s head again and stepped backwards towards the tv

She pushed back into it as if reversing being born

Jill suddenly woke up as the tv burst into a flash of light

She sat up. She looked at the tv… nothing odd

Suddenly she wondered why she was asleep on the couch

She realised she had to get up and go to bed

This time she remembered to turn the tv off as she went past it and up the stairs

She walked into her dad’s bedroom and she stripped off and got into the bed next to him.

She nudged up behind him, almost spooning him

A hand over his waist, her head against the back of his neck and she was soon fast asleep

Jill woke in the morning as her dad opened her legs

“Daddy?” she gasped

“Oh, honey” he said “I need this so badly”

“No, daddy! No!” she cried as she felt him press against her virginal slit

“Shhhhh” he grinned “Let daddy have this…”

“No… oh, my God! Nooooo” she screamed as he pushed into her “It hurts! It hurts!”

“Yeah, honey” he grinned

She looked at his face in horror. There was something odd about his expression. It was like… he was not ‘there’….

She fought against him but he was too strong

“Let it happen” he whimpered “Let daddy have this!”

“No… no… this can’t…” she cried

It was like he was possessed

He humped her harder and harder.

She cried. Horror. Pain. Humiliation.


He rode her, his tongue lashed against her cheek. She turned her head so as to avoid his mouth.

“Pleeeeassseee” she cried

“Oh, baby” he grunted “You feel so good”


“You’re even better than your mom”

She beat the balls of her fists against him to no avail

She tried scratching him

“Now! Now!” he grinned, pinning her hands over her head

“Fuck…..” he grunted and came

She cried as she felt him unload in her. She didn’t know it, but he came a lot.

Ted unceremoniously pulled out of his daughter’s despoiled cunt. He rolled over and farted and went back to sleep,

Still crying Jill sat up. She wanted to look between her legs as she felt like she’d exploded.

She saw a little bit of mensural blood. And, a lot of come.

Shivering, shaking, sniffling, quaking she got out of bed. She was so sore.

She grabbed her dress and threw it on and then slipping into her sandals she tip-toed towards the door

Out in the corridor she made her way to the front door.

As she reached for the door handle her hand suddenly went limp. She was shocked. Her arm hung useless

She moved away and suddenly feelings returned to her arm

She reached out again and just as before her arm fell limp, almost lifeless

She tried the other arm

Only when she stopped attempting to leave did her arms return to full function

She had to try it … she went to the kitchen to try the back door

And, the same thing happened.

She found herself going back upstairs. She tried to use the phone but the moment she’d dialled the second 1 in 9-11 her arm went limp and she dropped the phone hand piece


“Yes, daddy?”

“Come back to bed”

“Yes, daddy” she said

She went back to the main bedroom, slipped off her dress and got into bed. She lay there and she suddenly realised where she was.

“I’m so confused” she said aloud

“Huh?” Ted grumbled

“Why am I here?” she said

He rolled over

“You’re here to be my wife” he said

“Yes, daddy” she said

She bit her lip. No.. this is not what she wanted…or… was it

She remembered wishing that her dad had a wife that would treat him right.

She remembered that she said she would love him and take care of him.



She realised she was her dad’s wife

“Are you okay, honey?” he asked

“Yes, daddy” she smiled weakly “I think I am…”

“Good” he said “Because I’m still horny” he rolled onto her

“No.. daddy…. no… please…” she said but she opened her legs

“Fuck you’re so beautiful” he said as he mounted her

He reached down to take his hard cock and he guided it towards her

“I love you honey” he said

“I love you too, daddy” she half-smiled as he pushed into her

She relaxed back into the bed.

“When I come in you you can go make breakfast” he stopped to say, before continuing

“Yes, daddy” she grinned as her left leg came up and hooked around behind his thigh

This felt much better….

The End