The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The operating manual for a life size blonde sex toy.

Diary of a Hypnotist

Commands for my Little Doll:

Since I’m starting a diary of my time as a hypnotist, I feel I should have a record of the trigger words. I have always trusted them to memory, not because I have a prodigious one, but because it is difficult to forget what you have to say to put a blonde between your legs.

With Rocío, I have affection for her being a problematic, rebellious, annoying young woman, undoubtedly rude, until I utter two words and she becomes my little doll, to play with as I please.

With her I use two types of triggers, the accessories or partials (they are pre-established commands, which do not put Rocío in total trance, but rather order a series of actions), and the main one, which is “Little Doll”.

These are the commands I’ve already mentioned. Obviously they are not the only ones. There are also positions:

Here ends the direct triggers, with them I have enjoyed Rocío without trouble. Being with such a problematic girl would be uncomfortable for anyone. And for me as well, if it were not for this delicious sex doll.

Even so, it is cumbersome and limiting for any hypnotist to have to resort to a double command to effect some action. It’s that phenomenon where, the store is a few blocks away, you can walk and arrive in reasonable time, but, you could also go by bicycle and get there faster, or by motorcycle, or car, or even by plane. Well the point is, if you can have faster, then all the better. For this reason I prefer to use accessory commands, when I can. It’s just saying or doing something, and I’ll have what I need. The trance is less deep than the previous one, and there are none of the other far-ranging side effects I’ve mentioned with the sub-triggers.

These are all the commands for my Little Doll, in some future, near or far, I will include more if I feel like it or the situation warrants it, until then, goodbye.