The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dimensions of Dementia

by J. Darksong

Added 16 June 2001

Updated 14 April 2012

Reader’s Pick: Dark Z

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An inmate at a mental hospital escapes and kidnaps a young college girl, where he uses his knowledge of the human mind and psyche to drive her as insane as he.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter I. Miss Barbara Ann Gordon 3777 words 16 Jun 2001
Chapter II. Detective Robin Wugner 5672 words 23 Jun 2001
Chapter III. Dr. Ivey Parkinson 5840 words 12 Oct 2002
Chapter IV. Coming to a Head 5442 words 05 Mar 2005
Chapter V. On Finale Approach... 8186 words 18 Feb 2007
Chapter VI. A Very Dark Night... 8240 words 14 Apr 2012
Chapter VII. Identity Crisis 5746 words 14 Apr 2012