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Reader’s Picks: Dark Z

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Dark Z is a male who enjoys Evil Transformations, Epic Tales, and certain Romances (though not at the same time). I prefer ff, mf, and Ft (fetish wear and body modification) in my fantasy worlds. Different stories result in different reactions, but I would describe my favorite stories as either Epics or Corruptions. Both types appeal to me on different levels.


A Small Case of Overkill by Sara H

From the light into the dark, the reader gets to experience the gradual transformation of a loving wife into a latex clad seductress under the control of her mistress. The true fun of this story is watching as the subtle changes in Lindsey’s perception of a moment in time transform her.... Body and mind . This is the first of the “Goddess Julia” stories, and my personal favorite.

Dimensions of Dementia by J. Darksong

This is a fun trip into the mind of a mad man. The good Doctor Jacob Thorton, enjoys inflicting a sexual insanity upon his victims. Erasing their mind, then rebuilding it. Although the conversion sequences are well done, watching the characters recall their pasts, and then watching his now demented victims recall their new pasts is incredibly erotic and where the true fun lies. Watch as the (not so) Good doctor turns a college girl into his loving assistant, and a pair of cops into his enforcers. What will he do to his former therapist? Stay tuned.

Shortskirt Street By Colleen Whyte

This is more of a fun story than a dark corruption. Rachel is a prudish girl whose father runs a clinic that has just started offering physical enhancements to its patients. Of course, Rachel cannot abide by this and is determined to put an end to it. But after a taste of the new services that the Clinic has to offer Rachel embraces a new lifestyle. Now she can’t wait to spread her new outlook of sex, fetishwear, and mild incest to the other women in the clinic.

Social Security Slut by Jackpot

This story doesn’t involve the use of Powers, chemicals, or any other normal MC element. Stacie makes the mistake of being rude to the wrong woman, and we watch as her new mistress forces her to erase her life’s history from the computers. The shock of this loss combined with a rapid induction by rote reduces Stacie to a whore for her mistress.

The Curse of the Wereslut by dor_01

A great transformation story, the protagonist finds herself at the mercy of a were-slut who wants to control her. The main character is two powerful to fall under her power so the only option is to convert her into a were slut as well. This has to be one of the most erotic conversions ever to be written. The transformation only takes seconds, but the visualization is perfect. As Jamie’s breasts erupt from her body, and her skin color changes from Caucasian to Asian. All of dor_01’s stories contain erotic transformations of some type, and I could hope for nothing more than to see continuations of them.

Our Girl in Blue by Grace Fairway

This story is unique as the first piece of cybergoth corruption erotica I’ve seen on the internet, introducing me to a fetish I didn’t know I had. Additionally, Grace does an excellent job of setting up the protagonist as a total stick-in-the-mud before removing her inhibitions and allowing her to choose her transformation into a cybergoth rave-girl.

Alternative Lifestyle By: Kallie

Kallie has a number of good stories, and it was hard to choose between this story and Dykeification, however this story combines straight to lesbian transformation and brainwashing in unique fashion, with moments of the mental transformation being shown in detail, juxtaposed with timeskips that highlight Mrs. Conway’s physical transformation from a straight married woman into an alt-dyke.

Descent by Tabico

One of the earliest and best corruption stories transforming an angelic being into a sex demon by the incomperable Tabico, and one of the few to use “Transformation by fetishwear”. This story has a decent amouint of fan art, and a number of web comics inspired by thie transformation.

The Outsiders: A Package Deal by hush

A great body modification/ reality warping story involving an extradimensional being who warps our two main characters from an upscale pair of professional women out for some weekend shopping, into a pair of extreme whores and porn stars. The interesting aspect of this corruption is watching as they adapt to their reality changing both in their present as well as their past.

The New Housemate by Grace Fairway

a straight woman says some disparaging things about a pierced goth dyke, naturally the response is to turn said woman into a goth pierced dyke herself.. This would be a great gothification story byitself, but this story is unique as it does extend into serial transformation, with the initial victim becoming an accomplice in the gothification and lesbian transformation of her best friend.

Xhalation by Jukebox

This story is wonderful as a stand alone corruption scene where Rowan, a goth stoner chick uses her vape pen to enslaveas a Common Karen (or in this a case a Basic Becky) named Sarah. As a stand alone story, this is a fun MC /FF/FT Corruption story. However, when combined with the sequel stories, it can become a dark tale warning of the perils of Sci-Fi mind control. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their humanity.


Ahead of the Game by Night Wolf

Today, the Greek Gods of legend are merely that, myths... Or are they? Jeff never imagined that his 16th birthday would begin an epic date with destiny and the Gods themselves. This story starts out with a fun MC story as Jeff discovers he has mental powers... and they work on women. One by one women and friends join his family, teaching him and training him for a future battle, and sharing in his love (and body). Written with an excellent understanding of Greek mythology, and applied well to the world of today, this story is modern mythology at it’s best.

Pretender to the Throne by URN My Power

When you start with a name like Kevin Shadows you know you’re in for something special :) Rather than the Myths of Greece, this story is a fine example of Fantasy/Horror. It starts out as a decent story about a Half Vampire, Half Elf learning about his powers... until during a moment of horror where an evil creature is at his throat, he is granted the power to become more. This story brings together the modern myths/horrors such as the Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Valkries, etc. Like all great epics this story involves the gathering of heroes around a focal point. Additionally, this story contains some interesting side characters. A unique aspect that most writers aren’t capable of achieving as flawlessly as done here.

Alan by Julian Coreto

Alan is a kind young man who is given a power by a man in the hospital bed next to his Grandfather. After leaving the hospital, he finds that the power is the spirit of an ancient, and that this spirit has imbued him with certain mental gifts. Which Alan of course tests on his “girlfriend’s” sister and turns her into a submissive for him. As the story progresses Alan learns to respect others and their decisions and while meeting allies and fighting enemies, he enjoys exploring new sexual horizons with several women. A good adventure with some erotic use of toys and very light bd themes, I can’t wait for the next part of this series.

Brainy Teen by YourName

An epic story involving a grand lesbian corporate conspiracy that sees Wendy transformed into a lesbian slut in pursuit of her ideal boyfriend. When her best friend realizes something is awry Madelynn is turned into a gothic lesbian whore... whatever will happen when the girl’s moms become aware of the corruption of their daughters and their town?