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The Dorvak Protocol 9

“Is your name even Daisy? Or was that just part of their know....’cause I love “Gatsby“?”

The girl Trevor knew as Daisy frowned, keeping her eyes on the desert highway. When Trevor Had woke, he had found himself in the Lincoln, the brainwashed girl driving. He wondered if the pistol was still in the glove compartment. Catching himself, he quickly glanced back at her.

She reminded him of an IBM machine calculating a particularly difficult problem. Finally, she spoke:

“Trev......please. It’ll be so much easier for you if just accept me for what I am.....some one who cares for you very much....someone here to help you serve the Cause.”

“The Cause? Give me a’ve been brainwashed. Literally. The only ‘Cause’ you’re serving is the Man....the CIA or something worse. You’re betraying everything you think is important.”

She blinked in rapid succession, her frown becoming more intense. Then her features smoothed again as her programming re-asserted itself.

“The Cause is whatever my Master tells me. Right now, the Cause requires me to be your...

“My minder......making sure I betray people who actually love me.....then probably kill me when it’s all over.”

She actually looked hurt.

“Guard? Kill you? Why are you saying such horrible things? I love you, Trev....I have since that day in the library. I’m not here to hurt you......I’m here to help you.....protect you.....answer whatever it takes so you can serve the Cause.”

He slowly shook his head.

“I’m sure that’s what your hypnotized brain thinks. Answer the question. Is Daisy really your name?”

“As far as I know, my name is Daisy. I’m....Im sorry if that is not a satisfactory answer., darling, but it’s the best I can do. The Cause only allows me to remember what I need to......but I know this....I love you with all my heart. I want you to succeed so we can be together..... and happy.”

Her apparent sincerity touched Trevor, despite himself. He reminded himself this girl was as much or more a victim as he was. He looked at her pretty face in profile as she drove, and felt the old affection reawakening. He felt the urge to touch her, hold her. Then he remembered there was no Daisy.....just a soulless, programmed automaton.

He affected a businesslike tone.

“OK...then answer me this. What’s the fuss about the papers in my Uncle’s safe? I mean...they didn’t need them to turn you into their robot....what’s some papers from the last century going to do for them?”

Daisy seemed to think, as if she was weighing whether answering the question fell within her instructions to help Trevor.

“The Cause...“

“You mean Uncle Sam.”, he sarcastically interjected.

“The Cause has much of the Dorvak Protocol....but not all. What it has was patched together over the years. What was done to me took months, and only after I proved myself as a good hypnotic subject.“. She sounded proud. “Your Aunt keeps the last....most complete copy of the Protocol known to exist. With it, the Cause will be able to.....enlighten more women, and do it much more efficiently.” She looked so earnest. Then, she added: “Also, the ledger will give the Cause access to many already processed women.”

Trevor saw the near religious zeal in her eyes, and decided he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. She waited for him to say something. When that didn’t happen, she turned her attention back to the road.

* * *

Daisy drove on into the desert night. Soon, the only sounds were the car, the road, and Trevor’s snoring.

“You know....he’s right......your working for the Feds.......not the Revolution.”

Daisy looked in the mirror, and saw the young woman now in the back seat. The woman’s sudden appearance seemed to annoy Daisy more than scare her.

“I told you, Cassidy......I don’t want to talk to you just confuse me.” Daisy hissed, trying not to wake Trevor.

“C’mon, Comrade. You know who I am. I’m a true know that. We’ve always been true to the Cause. The Big Man is the one confusing you......brainwashed you to betray all we believe. You’re not serving the Cause.....he’s turned you into an imperialist lackey.”

Daisy angrily shook her head.

“Shut your fucking mouth, Cass......”

Her voice was just under a shout. The ghost of the woman she had once been disintegrated, and her other passenger began to stir.

“What.. who’s Cassidy?” Trevor, despite himself, sounded concerned for her.

She quickly regained her composure.

“Just a dream, Darling.”

Trevor stared at her for a moment, then turned away again. Soon, he was back asleep.

They drove on, into the night. Every once in a while, Daisy looked in the mirror, but the backseat remained empty.

* * *

Dawn’s light streamed through the windows of Angie Dupuis’ house.

Arty gently closed the bedroom door. He had decided it was best that Petey have the familiarity of his home, so he had decided they would stay there until Angie got back. Looking in on his nephew asleep in the guest room, he had felt his anger rising. He couldn’t believe that his sister had left so suddenly when her boy was hurting so bad. But he pushed his anger at his sister down. She was a great mom. He knew for her to do this, it had to be important. Probably something to do with the Dorvak business. He cursed the memory of the beatnik hypnotist, and all the harm he’d done to so many.

The phone rang.

* * *

Trevor stood in the phone booth, with Daisy standing outside. She insisted door to the booth stayed open. It’d taken some persuasion to get permission to call his aunt, but he finally prevailed by pointing out it’d be more suspicious if he didn’t check in.

“Hey.......Uncle Arty.....what are you doing at Aunt Angie’s this early?”

He listened. When his uncle finally paused, he interjected.

“Yeah.....I got an idea what’s got her upset. Norma got away from me.....I think she’s awake again. Aunt Angie must have found out...she must be headed to Vegas. Arty.......Norma doesn’t know Aunt Angie’s trigger, does she? Good....thank God. But, you better warn Patricia Breckinridge and the others not to take any calls from anyone until she’s caught.”

Daisy reached into the booth, ready to disconnect the call.

“That’s enough, Trevor. End the call, now.” There was a hint of threat. Trevor, remembering how easily she had dealt with him in the bunker, told his uncle he had to go.

* * *

Arty hung up the phone, worried. He was pretty sure Norma didn’t know how to put the whammy on his sister, but not positive. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone’s ring, again. He looked up and saw Petey, in his pajamas, at the top of the stairs. He nodded at his nephew, then picked up the phone.

* * *

Daisy and Trevor were back in the car parked in the parking lot of the closed desert gas station.

“Trev...we need gas. And the station doesn’t open for a half there some thing I can do to make you feel better? She leaned in, and kissed him. At first, he kissed her back as he had done so many times in the past. But when he closed his eyes, he saw the Big Man’s face sneering back at him. Trevor pulled away.

Daisy, misunderstanding, began slowly kissing down his chest, putting her left, bare foot on the steering wheel so she could fully bend over. Her hands reached for his fly.

Trevor pushed her head back up, and shook his own.

“I know you’ve been ordered to keep me happy......but I don’t want it. We’re never doing anything like that again.” There was more sorrow than anger in his voice.

Daisy blinked two or thee times, then smiled.

“OK, Darling......whatever you want.” Her tone held no hurt. She just stared vacantly through the windshield, her foot slowly sliding back to the floor.

Despite himself, Trevor was hard as a rock. But he knew it wasn’t for Daisy. It was the memory of another, beautiful, woman who had tried to make love to him on the desert highway.

* * *

Norma Breckinridge loved the feel of the red designer dress, so different from the coarse and drab secretarial wear that had been forced on her for over a decade. She was glad that Patty and her had similar sizes, so the dress fit her. After all, the Chanel dress and indeed all of Patty’s possessions and riches now belonged to her.

She was also glad that the Dorvak hypnosis continued to preserve her youthful looks. Part of her had been terrified that now she was fully awake, she would rapidly whither and age like some movie witch.

Norma realized she should be paying attention to the ongoing phone call. She got up from the love seat and padded over to Angie.

She hated the Widow Dupuis. Norma with her brilliant mind and great beauty deserved everything she wanted. Yet this guttersnipe had stolen Johnny, the only man who might of deserved Norma. She had kept Norma a hypnotized slave, commanding her like a trained monkey.

Her first thought had been to have the waitress go play in traffic. But, then she remembered what the old Nazi had told her years ago about Angela.....Dorvak had never finished “processing” her. She’d follow most commands, but she definitely had her limits.

Anyway, killing her would have been too quick, too easy a revenge. Norma had always liked playing with her prey. Besides, so long as Norma was careful in her suggestions, the waitress had her uses.

How scrumptious the bitch looked, standing in her simple white bra and undies. Norma understood why Johnny loved Angie. That only made her hate the waitress even more.

Again, she tried to focus on the conversation.

“Look....Arty.....Again...I’m sorry...I guess I let it all get to me...Johnny....Norma.......yeah I know about Norma. I got the Agency boys hunting her down.....they got leads..........Yes, Arty, I’ve warned Patricia and the others. Look, I...STOP talking dummy...I’m back in town. Meet me at the diner....”. Angie looked towards Norma, who held up nine fingers. “Yeah, Arty.....better make it 9......I promise, Aristotle...I’ll tell you everything then. I gotta go......Love you, too, Arty.....Bye.”

Norma took the receiver from Angie’s unresisting fingers, and put into its cradle.

“Now, that wasn’t so hard, Angela, was it?” Norma’s voice dripped fake concern.

“No, Goddess, it wasn’t hard.” The animated tone of her phone conversation was now replaced with an entranced monotone. But then her eyes watered, and her voice began to shake. “You’re not going to hurt Arty, are you, Goddess?”

Norma feigned shock. “Now why would you say such a thing, my dear?”

“ made me call him....told me To tell him to meet me at the diner.....Goddess.”

“No. I didn’t. You must forget such nonsense. You made no call. Besides, you couldn’t. Arty and Petey are visiting family in Greece. You know there’s no phones there.”

A crease of doubt flashed in Angie’s eyes. “I do, Goddess?...but I was.....”

Norma frowned. ”Now, Angela, you know you must listen to all I say.”

It worked. Angie’s face became blank and her arms hung listlessly at her sides. “Yes, Goddess. We have said the words and I must obey.”

Reassured, Norma continued. “That’s do trust me when I say you never called Arty couldn’t call him. He and Petey are safe, with family in Greece. Say it, and believe it with all your heart.”

Angie sighed, her relief palatable on her face. “I never called Arty....I couldn’t... he’s in Greece with Petey....they’re safe there.”

Norma saw the effect of these words and realized her love of family could be of use.

“Yes, my dear, they’re safe now.....that burden is lifted from your pretty no longer have to worry about Arty and Petey...all thanks to your Goddess.”

“Thank you Goddess.....thank you.” Angie’s evident gratitude nearly made Norma laugh. She struggled to contain her glee while Angie continued. “And Goddess....can my nephew Trevor be safe too.....please, Goddess.....he’s a good boy.”

“Of course, silly, your Goddess has a lot of plans for young Trevor.”

Angie was too far gone into trance to catch the sinister nuance,

“Thank you, Goddess.”

Norma sensed it was time to seal the deal. ”And you know, dear... the key to your family staying safe is your utter obedience to your me.”

Angie, utterly broken, murmured: “Yes, Goddess,”

Norma could no longer contain her glee, and laughed. She then sauntered back to the love seat and sat, her long, toned legs crossed at the knee. She stifled a giggle.

“You love your Goddess, don’t you, Waitress?”

Angie frowned. “I.....I...we have said the words, Goddess..and I......

“That’s not what I asked you, Waitress. I said you love your Goddess. To keep your family love me. Say it.” There was now steel in Norma’s voice. Angie’s shoulders slumped, and she answered in a near whisper.

“I love you, Goddess.”

“Louder...with feeling, Waitress.”

Angie’s eyes became half lidded, a sensual smile forming on her lips. She slowly steeped over to Norma, and kneeled at her feet.

“I love you, Goddess.”

Norma grew flushed. Typically she preferred men but she had always considered minded when it came to sex. She had meant it when she told Johnny she’d happily let his waitress friend join them in bed. And, to have such power over a hated was utterly intoxicating....and alluring .

“Show me, Waitress. Start with my toes and work your way up.” Now Norma was nearly whispering.

Without hesitation, Angie began lovingly kissing, nibbling, and licking Norma’s toes. Her Goddess began breathing heavily, telling her she was pleasing her Goddess.

Angie was licking Norma’s ankle when there was discrete throat clearing. Norma’s eyes snapped open. She looked and saw her stepdaughter, Patricia, standing at the room entrance.

it was remarkable that Patty’s UCLA cheerleader uniform still fit. Whatever tightness there was only accentuated her curves. Her double pigtails furthered the illusion that she was once again in her early twenties.

Norma held up her hand, signaling Patty to wait. She then pulled her foot away from Angie’s mouth, and lightly pressed her big toe against her slave’s nose, like she was pushing a button.

“You just hold on for a moment, Waitress, while Goddess takes care of some business.”

Angie, in her sexual fervor, could only nod. Norma got up and padded over to the barefoot cheerleader.

Patty’s voice was cartoonishly infantile.

“I did it, Mumsy.....I brought you the papers you wanted..See?” Patty offered two pages from Dorvak’s post hypnotic trigger ledger, giving a little curtesy as she did.

“Good girl, little Patty...Good girl.” The former business magnate giggled in response. “Thank you, Mumsy.” She curtsied again.

Norma glanced back at Angie, and whispered to her step daughter.

“Let’s go to the other room. I have a phone call to make, and we don’t need to bother our waitress friend.”