The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Drug Slaves

by Don CA

Added 01 August 1996

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Cathy attends a party where she unknowingly ingests a powerfully addictive pleasure drug. Withdrawal begins slowly, but the pain and fear increase; a strange message comes for her, offering to help her. When she reaches the address she learns the cost of more of the drug: Her total surrender to her new Master.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter One—Cathy’s Recruitment 5518 words 01 Aug 1996
Chapter 2—Cathy’s Training 4133 words 01 Aug 1996
Chapter 3—Luan’s Morning 5117 words 01 Aug 1996
Chapter 4—Flight to New York 3859 words 01 Aug 1996
Chapter 5—Cathy’s Training 4577 words 01 Aug 1996