The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 17: Cheerleader’s Spirituous Reward

James Davies

“Who should we have for the staff?” I asked, still feeling a little stunned by what I’d created today. I conjured Dreamgirl Delights out of nothing. Just with my pen and paper, I created this building. I furnished it with the power of my mind.

I didn’t feel like I was anything special, but I must be.

Seth grinned at me and answered, “Asuka.”

I chuckled. “Not surprised by that. Okay, Yurika.”

Seth glances at Ruri before he said, “I see we each have our own favorite shows.”

My girlfriend, Ruri, glanced at me, her head cocking, her purple eyes blinking at me. Orihime then burst out of another room, her big tits bouncing in her schoolgirl blouse, her gray tie swaying before her. “There’s an arcade! You made an arcade, James!”

“Yes, I did,” I said, grinning at her. “So, Seth, your turn.”

“How about Shion,” he said.

“Shion?” I frowned, thinking about who that would be. “She’s from that time loop series, right?”

Seth nodded. “Love that series.”

“Got it and...” I frowned. Who should I choose for the fourth host to work here? There were so many possibilities. So many delicious waifus out there to enjoy. I thought about Mio then an old favorite popped into my mind. “Chun-Li.”

“Nice,” groaned Seth.

“Guess I better get drawing,” I said. I had our employees to create.

Creatio ex nihilo.

* * *

Steve Davies

It was so simple. It came to me what I had to do.

“Yeah, Daddy,” my daughter, Sam, gasped, kneeling before my desk. Drops of my cum ran down from the corners of her lips. She’d swallowed most of my jizz as she blew me. “I told you. Relaxing!”

“Relaxing,” I agreed, buzzing from the pleasure of my orgasm.

My daughter pushed my chair back so she could crawl out from beneath my desk. She hopped onto my lap, my computer chair creaking as my eighteen-year-old daughter seized my saliva-soaked dick. Her gray, pleated skirt swirled about her thigh as she guided my cock up between her legs. I couldn’t see, but I could feel.

My daughter wasn’t wearing any panties.

I groaned as her pussy engulfed my cock. My eyes widened at the tight embrace of her pussy. Her short, fiery hair danced about her face as more and more of her silky cunt slid down my shaft. The wonderful friction shot down to my balls. Her cunt squeezed the entire way down, making me groan.

“Ooh, yes, Daddy, I relaxed you and fixed all your problems!” she moaned, her green eyes swimming before me. She pressed her forehead against mine. “I’m so glad I could help you.”

“Yes,” I groaned as she lifted her pussy up my dick. Her tight sheath sucked at my cock’s tip. Pleasure shot down to my balls again. Then she slammed down on me. “You’re amazing, Sam.”

She beamed at me, her eyes brimming with delight.

My chair creaked as she rode me. I slid my hands up her body, stroking her through her blouse. I cupped her breasts, squeezing and kneading her little mounds, my fingers brushing her hard nipples. I massaged them, making her whimper.

Her arms went around my neck. She hugged me tight and kissed me hard. Her mouth tasted salty, but I didn’t care. I was buzzing from the height of figuring out how to fix my mistake while savoring my daughter’s cunt working up and down my dick, massaging me. Her tight cunt sucked at my cock as she slid up. My balls throbbed.

The door to my office opened. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wife shake her head as she stood in the doorway. “I should have known you snuck in here and bothered your father.”

My daughter broke her kiss and beamed at Linda. “I was just helping Daddy relax and it worked, Mom!”

“Yes,” I groaned, my hands squeezing my daughter’s small breasts. “I figured it out. I think.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, honey,” my wife said. She walked into the room like she often would and rubbed my shoulders from behind. “I’m so glad.”

It felt so surreal with our eighteen-year-old daughter working her twat up and down my cock and my wife massaging my shoulders. Sam’s pussy squeezed me. I throbbed in her sheath. Linda bent down and kissed me over my shoulder. I groaned, the pleasure shot through me. Then Sam joined us. It turned into an incestuous, three-way kiss. Our tongues danced together. My blood burned. Linda’s fingers dug into my shoulders as she whimpered.

Linda broke the kiss and said, “You make your father spill his jizz in your pussy. You milk every drop of his cum out of his balls, young lady.”

“Yes, Mom!” she moaned, bouncing faster and faster on me.

Her pussy was so tight and hot. Her pussy squeezed around me. I groaned as the pleasure shot through me. My chair creaked louder and louder. My hands squeezed around her tits. I massaged her nipples. Her pussy squeezed around me. Her cream soaked my dick, bathing my balls.

My wife kept massaging me, humming behind us as our daughter worked her pussy up and down my dick. Her cunt squeezed around my shaft, giving me a different sort of massage. I groaned as my hands slid around her body. I slid down to grip her rump through her skirt.

I groped her, fingers digging through her cloth. I worked her faster up and down my dick. She gasped, her short, red hair swaying about her face. Her pussy slammed down my cock, that silky sheath pleasing me.

“I love that you wear skirts now!” I groaned.

“I’ve always worn skirts!” Sam moaned as she slid down me.

My wife giggled behind me. She knew the truth.

“Right, right,” I moaned. “Just... skirts let you ride my dick.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned, her hips dancing, working her pussy around my cock, teasing me.

The pressure rose to the tip of my shaft. My dick ached and throbbed. That wonderful pleasure built and built. My balls grew tighter. I had so much cum in them. My fingers squeezed and kneaded my daughter’s rump, her muscles flexing beneath me.

She slammed her pussy down my cock, impaling herself with such passion. The friction shot through me. Then she slid back up it, her pussy clenching at my dick. Her pussy built that pressure at the tip as she rose up it, her cunt almost sucking at my cock with her tight warmth.

“Are you going to cum in our daughter’s pussy?” my wife purred, whispering into my ear. “Are you going to erupt into her hot, nubile snatch? Just flood her with all that hot jizz.”

“Yes!” I groaned, my heart pounding. “Jesus, she’s got a tight cunt. I’m going to fire so much cum into her.”

“Yes, yes, cum in me, Daddy!” I moaned. “Give me all that jizz. Just fire that cum into me. Flood me, Daddy!”

Her words were as amazing to hear as her pussy working up and down my dick. My fingers squeezed her rump. My daughter slammed down my dick. I gasped, my eyes squeezing shut. My wife nibbled on my ear.

Pleasure shot down my body. My dick twitched in Sam’s cunt. Her pussy gripped me as she slid back up, massaging my shaft. My toes curled in my shoes. I groaned and growled. The ache swelled up to the tip of my dick.

“Kumquat!” I growled.

My cum fired into my daughter’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” Sam moaned, her green eyes sparkling.

She slammed down my cumming dick, taking me to the hilt. As my cock spurted over and over into her pussy, she shuddered on me. She ground her clit into my pubic mound, moaning and gasping. Then she shuddered.

Her pussy writhed about my dick.

My daughter’s cunt milked my shaft. I groaned, my wife nibbling on my ear. My cum spurted over and over into Sam’s depths. Pleasure spilled through me. This incestuous rush of bliss rushed through my body and slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision.

I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. Her pussy sucked out all my cum and gave me such bliss. I loved the changes I’d made to the world. Even if I messed up the mayor and the city council, I would fix everything. I would save my town and help everyone. It would be amazing.

My wife nibbled on my ear. She licked and flicked against it. I groaned as another blast of bliss shot through me. It carried me to such heights. I hovered there for a moment. Gasping, my pleasure peaked and died, the last of my cum spilling into my daughter’s cunt. I panted, my daughter’s pussy still convulsing.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” Sam moaned, swaying on me, her small tits pressing against her blouse. Her nipples were hard.

“Was that a good cum?” my wife asked. “Did our daughter give you such passion?”

“She melted my mind, honey.”

“Good,” she said. She nipped my ear. “And you, Sam, I—”

“Oh, Mom, that was incredible. I love it when Daddy cums in me. He fills me with so much jizz. I hope to have his baby, Mom. That will be so hot. My friends will be so jealous of me. They’ll all want Daddy to breed them.”

I groaned, my dick throbbing.

“So I came in here to say you have homework to do,” my wife said. “Climb off your father’s dick and go get it done.”

“Fine, Mom,” Sam said, her eyes rolling in that bratty way. “I was just helping Daddy out.”

“You were helping yourself out,” Mom said. “You got a hot, little cunt. Now skedaddle. I need to talk to your father.”

“Yes, Mom.” Sam leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue fluttered against my lips. I groaned into her, squeezing her rump. She broke it and said, “I’m so glad I was able to help you, Daddy!”

“Me, too,” I panted, my heart racing.

She jumped off of me, her pussy plopping off my dick. It smacked wetly into my shirt. Sam darted away, her skirt swirling about her rump. She vanished out of my office, her footsteps thudding through the house towards the stairs then pattered up it.

“So, you figured it out, huh?” Linda asked as she turned my chair around.

I grinned at her. “I just need to edit two people to do it.”

* * *

Linda Davies

“Oh?” I asked my husband, his cock still hard, soaked in our daughter’s pussy. “Only two people. That’s great. Who?”

“So, the first one is Keith Haight,” he said then paused, waiting for me to nod in understanding.

I had no idea who Keith Haight was.

“He’s the State Auditor,” he said quickly, a breathlessness to his words. “You see, we have to trigger a recall. And the State Auditor’s office will be behind organizing the election. So I’ll edit him to have all the mechanisms of our state going into effect to have the ballets out by this Friday. We’ll have an expedited recall election, everyone should vote out the mayor and city council, then we’ll have the new elections right after.”

“Okay,” I said, nodding my head. “That makes sense. So who’s the other person? Can the State Auditor trigger a recall for our town?”

“Nope,” my husband said. “That’s where Richard Lawson comes—”

“Oh, I know him,” she said, a sparkle in her eyes. “I met him and his wife at a fundraiser for the homeless shelter. She was cute. I almost seduced her, but I got distracted. He’s the city attorney, right?”

“And the one man who can trigger the start of a recall process,” Steve explained. “It’s one of the powers he has as laid out in our town charter. We’ll have this all backdated so it happens fast.”

“So, who will be the new mayor?” I asked, my heart pounding in joy. I could see the relief in my husband’s eyes. He felt so guilty for ruining everything. He took his powers so seriously. If they were mine...

Well, our city attorney’s wife would be eating my pussy right now. She was just such a beautiful woman. Steve would be fucking her, pounding her, while her husband cowered in the corner, a little cuckold watching us use his wife.

“I’ll just edit it so the previous candidates for the mayor and city council positions will be on the ballot. Then I’ll just do a better job fixing them so they do what I...” My husband cleared his throat. “I mean, what will benefit the town.”

“Of course,” I said, a giddy rush shooting through me.

I straddled my husband’s waist just like our youngest daughter had. I pressed my panties down on his pussy-soaked cock, feeling our daughter’s passion soaking through the cloth. Pleasure shot through me. It was such a delicious treat.

“So, you have one more edit tomorrow,” I purred, a passion swelling through my body. “What will you use it on?”

“Don’t know,” my husband said, his hands sliding around my body.

I ground against him. Pleasure shot through me. My clit throbbed, drinking in the pleasure of grinding on him. My ass clenched. My heart pounded faster as I stared into my husband’s brown eyes. An exhilarated rush buzzed through my veins.

My husband had such power, and he trusted me for my advice. I could guide him. Help shape things. It was intoxicating.

“There’s a certain cheerleader,” I purred. “You deserve a reward for saving the day.”

A smile grew across his lips.

I kissed him, grinding harder on his dick, the rush of power burning through me. I groaned into his mouth, so eager for all the things we would do. How we would change things.

* * *

James Davies

Chun-Li giggled, looking so cute with her hair in those two dumpling buns. “See how limber I am, James?”

My newest creation did a standing split, her right leg kicked up, her thighs toned and delicious. She had such a pale-olive skin, that creamy, East Asian delight. Her modified gingham outfit swayed between her thighs.

She pulled the blue cloth aside and revealed her shaved pussy (a creative liberty on my part since there was no official art on whether or not she had pubic hair) her tight pussy pulled apart by her split. Her pink depths glistened.

“Impressive, right, sir?” she asked.

“I’ll say,” groaned Seth as he sat down on a chair. He was getting a double blowjob from Rei and the redheaded Asuka. It was so weird for those two characters to be working together, licking and sucking on his dick.

“She is limber,” Orihime said as she knelt before another couch. Our new employee, Yurika, a beauty with dark-blue hair, squirmed. Ruri was feasting on Yurika’s pussy, licking and fluttering her tongue through her cunt. Orihime squeezed Yurika’s round breasts, leaning down to suck on a dusky-brown nipple.

Chun-Li gave a girlish giggle, beaming at me. “I’m glad I impress you, sir.”

I was loving this. We had our new employees eager to please. The light-green haired Shion massaged her tits through her schoolgirl blouse. It wasn’t that dissimilar from my own college’s uniform. I made sure all the girls were eighteen in my version, legal and delicious. She bit her lip, squirming in delight.

My dick throbbed. My girlfriends were playing with Yurika, and I was eager to get balls deep into one of my first video game character crushes. I groaned as I lined up my dick at Chun-Li’s cunt, her snatch still exposed as she held her vertical split. I rammed at her pussy.

I plunged to the hilt in her with a single thrust.

I groaned as I sank into the Chinese beauty’s pussy. She let out such an orgasmic moan, her right leg pressing on my shoulder. Her pussy squeezed around me as her limber body worked her hips, stirring her cunt around my dick. My pleasure rippled through my body. I groaned as I pressed against her, her breasts covered by the thin blue of her gingham dress.

I kissed her hard and thrust away, burying over and over into her juicy cunt. Her snatch squeezed around my dick while moans echoed through the room. Yurika was gasping, my two girlfriends teasing the ditzy beauty.

“Oh, that’s so good. Oh, Ruri, you’re so sweet now. Oh, wow. I love your tongue in me. Ooh, and Orihime... Those are my titties. Oh, wow, you love my titties. They’re not as big as yours.”

“But they’re still cute!” Orihime said.

“Damn,” my friend groaned. “Look at her go, Rei.”

“Yes, I always thought Asuka was a slut,” the cool words of Rei said, hardly a hint of emotion in them.

“That’s good, Rei. Suck my balls, and Asuka...” Seth groaned. “I’m going to cum in your mouth. Keep sucking.”

“She’s really blowing her, sir,” Shion moaned, her fingers fumbling to open her blouse.

“Good!” I groaned. “You four hostesses need to be friendly and accommodating.”

“I can’t wait to love all the boys who pay for me, sir,” Chun-Li moaned, her pussy clenching around my thrusting dick.

“You’re going to make me so much money,” I groaned, nibbling on her ear. I could draw money, create it from thin air, but it was more fun this way. I would use my art, creating hotties to please everyone.

Dream girls.

My balls swung as they smacked into her flesh. I panted as I slammed into her. I buried into her depths. She whimpered, her pussy squeezing around me. My hands massaged her rump. I kneaded her, gripped her. I nibbled at her neck.

She smelled so sweet. She felt so amazing. Her breasts pressed against my chest through her dress. Her nipples were hard. It was incredible. My balls were so tight, full of cum that I would fire into her. I would flood my creation with all my jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me with your big dick!” she moaned. “Oh, this is so much better than fighting! I love it! I love fucking!”

“Yes!” I groaned, her foot flexing beside my head. Her cute, bare toes curled as my dick plunged into her cunt.

I nibbled down to her neck, kissing her as I buried into her. Her leg twitched against my chest. It was incredible how limber she was. She squeezed her snatch around me, welcoming me with every thrust.

The pressure built and built at the tip of my dick. My cum grew hotter in my balls. I would spurt so much jizz into her. I would fire so much cream into her hot depths. I sucked on her hot flesh, loving her as my pleasure grew.

Rapture buzzed through me.

“Oh, yes, Ruri!” Yurika moaned. “Your tongue... Your tongue is so deep in me.”

“Just cum on her cute face,” Orihime moaned. “She loves drowning in my pussy cream.”

“Yeah, she does,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in her depths.

“Damn!” Seth groaned. “Swallow that jizz, Asuka.”

“Do it, slut,” Rei said in her near monotone. It somehow made it hotter. “Swallow every drop of my Seth’s cum. You’re lucky to touch him with your filthy mouth.”

“Damn, she is lucky,” Seth groaned. “Fuck, she’s swallowing it all.”

“Good!” I groaned, glad my creation pleased him.

“So lucky,” Shion whimpered, her large breasts exposed. She squeezed and kneaded them, her skirt swirling about her lithe legs. Her sea-green hair spilled loose down her face, her bangs swaying over her forehead. She bit her lip. “Oh, I’m so wet.”

It was incredible. I squeezed Chun-Li’s tits and buried to the hilt in her. I slammed into her juicy pussy. She whimpered. Her body trembled against me. The Chinese fighter gasped in delight. Her neck arched.

Her pussy convulsed around me.

My creation came on my dick. This wonderful heat swept through me. I groaned as I buried into her pussy. I slammed to the hilt in her. It was a treat. An amazing delight to experience. Pleasure slammed through my mind. The pleasure spilled through my mind. My eyes fluttered as her pussy sucked at my dick.

“Please, cum in me, sir!” Chun-Li moaned, her toes curling by my face.

“Yes! Cum in her, James!” Orihime moaned. “Yurika’s cumming on Ruri’s face.”

“So hard!” Yurika moaned. “Oh, so hard! Ruri, yes!”

Shion whimpered nearby, her hands beneath her skirt, rubbing at her pussy. I grinned, slamming into Chun-Li’s pussy. I buried to the hilt in her and erupted into her. I fired into her cunt. I spurted blast after blast of jizz into her.

I bathed her with my cum.

She gasped and bucked against me. Her pussy writhed around my dick. My cum fired into her depths. Powerful blasts that sent ecstasy slamming into my mind. Stars exploded before my vision. It was pleasure. It was incredible. My spunk flooded her cunt.

I made this pussy I was cumming in. I held Chun-Li tight, squeezing her lovely tits as she whimpered in delight. Her cunt milked me dry. I groaned, leaning my head on her shoulder, panting as the pleasure spilled through me.

“Oh, that was amazing serving you, sir,” Chun-Li moaned.

“You made my man cum hard!” Orihime exclaimed in delight. She bounded up beside us, her orange hair sweeping about her body, her naked tits heaving. “You are going to be perfect to work for us, Chun-Li!”

Chun-Li smiled, her delicate face lighting up.

“Yes, you are,” I groaned into her ear. I nibbled on her lobe.

“We are going to kill it here,” Seth said, sounding so eager. “Tomorrow, we’re advertising hard. We’re going to make every guy in our school be our huge fans.”

“Yes, this is going to be amazing!” I groaned.

* * *

Steve Davies

The next day, I strode into Rainier Christian College, grinning as I strutted into the main building. I felt energized. I had made a mistake, but I knew this would fix it. The moment midnight hit, I was editing. I had changed the basis of reality again, affecting the two people I told my wife about, and I was eager to see it all fix itself.

“Hey, Steve,” my friend, Bob, said. He taught computer science. “Thank god the recall election is this Friday. I cannot pay that tax. My ballot is in the mail. Sent it this morning.”

“Me, too,” I said, smiling. After I made the changes, the ballots for my wife and I were sitting on our counter, ready to go into the mailbox already filled out. Of course, Linda and I both voted for the recall.

I loved seeing the changes I created to the world. It was a rush. It was addicted. I started to understand why God created things. To witness it play out, to see how it happened, and try to guide it. “I can’t believe Mayor Wright would impose a 23% property tax.”

“It’s insane,” Bob said. “I was sweating bullets. I just got a second mortgage. I could not afford it.”

“Well, the mistake is getting fixed,” I said. “We’re going to throw him out of office.”

“Yes, we are,” Bob said. He clapped my shoulder. “You have a good one.”

“Oh, I think it will be,” I said, a hunger shooting through me.

My phone chirped as I headed through the halls, moving through the sea of college students, the boys in their gray slacks, the girls in their swishing skirts. All had their shirts and blouses tucked in, ties falling straight. It was sexy on the girls, seeing their youthful breasts pressing on their schoolgirl tops, the ties dangling between their tits.

Such hunger shot through me. I was getting more and more used to leering at their barely legal delights. I could enjoy them if I wanted. I could edit them to have desires for their professors. For me. Their lives would have led them to that wonderful moment of sharing their passion.

I strolled into my classroom, my students already filtering in. I noticed Seth talking to Mathew Tollemache and Brian Blackwood, showing them a flyer. Both of the boys looked at it, shooting Seth questioning looks. The nerdy guy just nodded. He seemed confident. Getting contacts had really boosted him. He used to be so quiet, reserved.

It was good to see him making friends.

Matthew grinned. He nodded his head and gave Seth a fist bump.

I glanced at my phone to see what the message was. I saw a text from my wife. I grinned as I read, “You better give me all the details. Take pics, too.”

“Naughty wife,” I said. “You shouldn’t encourage your husband to perv on his students.”

“If they’re hot...” She added a winky emoji. “Enjoy, you dirty, old teacher.”

I was about to respond when Nikkole sauntered in.

I groaned as the cheerleader pranced to her desk, her pleated, purple skirt swaying about her thighs. The color was so vibrant compared to the drab, muted tones of the school’s uniform. Her round tits bounced and jiggled in her sleeveless top, also purple but with a diagonal slash of gold down the front. The college’s angel mascot seemed to soar as she was stretched across those lush breasts. Nikkole’s blonde hair, gathered into a pair of pigtails, swayed as she sauntered to me. The red highlights were gone, I never was a fan, her hair her natural hue.

“Good morning, Mr. Davies,” she purred, her ruby lips gleaming. They were waxy and delicious, looking so naughty. She sauntered towards me, her hips cocking from right to left, an exaggerated sway that had her pleated skirts dancing. “You look like you need a pick-me-up.”

“Oh?” I asked, curious about how she would react to the changes in her life after I’d edited her.

“Yes, it’s a cheerleaders job to spread good cheer,” she said. “You are in need of some pep.”

The other students weren’t paying much attention to Nikkole as she did a pose before my desk then a scissoring high kick. Her skirts flashed up and I groaned at the glimpse of her shaved pussy before her leg snapped down.

“That’s quite the pick-me-up,” I said, my dick throbbing. “I think I’ll need some of your cheer.”

“Oh, yay!” she said, bouncing like a cheerleader, her hands clapping together. “Isn’t that great, class?”

“Oh, yeah,” Seth said. “You need to spread all that cheer.”

“Mr. Davies does look a little down,” said Courtney, my daughter’s Sam’s friend. She gave me a hot look. “I could... help.”

“Oh, but you’re not a cheerleader,” said Nikkole as she sauntered as she turned around and bent over. She twerked her ass at me, her skirt swirling around her rump, threatening to flash her naked flesh at me.

I groaned at the sight of her. My heart raced.

She winked at me over her shoulder then straightened. With a naughty strut, she sauntered around the desk, her skirt swirling. A bead of her pussy juices trickled down her thighs. I had edited her to want to spread school spirit to her professors, especially me. I also added into her relationship lines that people didn’t care and would be more than happy to let her do whatever she wanted to them to increase their school spirit.

Once she finished college, it would fade from her. She would remember her time as a cheerleader fondly but would focus on a more normal life. I would get to enjoy her now, and I was sure there would be other cheerleaders in the future I could... edit.

“Okay, class, start reading the town charter,” I said. “We’re going to discuss the recall election going on right now and why your parents are all probably excited to oust the mayor.”

“Yeah, he’s a problem,” Seth said. “I can’t believe it happened. My parents were stunned.”

Other students nodded their heads.

“Do I have to read it, Mr. Davies?” asked Nikkole as she stood before me, her hips swaying, her pigtails bobbing around her cute face. “I can’t do that and cheer you up.”

I sat down in my chair and swiveled it to face her, my dick throbbing. I was eager to enjoy my reward for fixing everything. Friday, the results would be announced since all the ballots had to be in the mail by today. By tomorrow, they would be at the auditor’s office, and they were under orders to get it done as fast as possible.

Then the new election ballots would be sent out next week. In a month, things would be back to normal.

“No, you can’t,” I said, my heart pounding as she fluttered her eyelashes at me. “You’ll just have to hope you can keep up with the assignments after your done... spreading cheer. But I’m sure you will. You’re bright.” I did add that to her, giving her more than her beauty to rely on. She had a bit more of an academic focus. I imagine if I checked her last essay it would be different from the one I remembered grading.

She probably earned an A instead of a C+ in this version of reality.

“Wonderful,” she said. “I learned this thing called a lap dance.” She grinned. “Doesn’t that sound... cheerful?”

“Yes, it does,” I groaned as she turned around and flipped up her skirt, flashing her naked rump at me.

Then she sat down on my lap, squirming to rub against my hard bulge. She threw a look over her shoulder and fluttered her eyes at me. Her tongue danced over her glossy lips as she ground on my hardon, her juices already soaking through my pants. A sweet musk filled my nose.

I groaned at the scent of her nineteen-year-old passion. It was an intoxicating delight to enjoy. I shuddered as she squirmed, my dick throbbing. She giggled and cooed then hummed the college’s fight song as she rubbed her shaved cunt up and down my dick through my khaki pants.

I leaned back in my chair, groaning. I glanced at the class, the students all working, even Kyleigh. They were reading the charter. Seth was taking notes like I’d expect from a member of the chess club. His eyes were moving, reading the text. So were the other students.

None of them thought it odd their classmate was acting like a stripper.

“Mmm, yes,” Nikkole said. “You can touch me, too. You don’t have to keep your hands to your side.” She grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands from the armrests. She brought them to her stomach then slid them up the sleek material of her top to her breasts. “Mmm, right there. Just hold on tight.”

“Yes,” I groaned, feeling her firm, perky breasts through her shell. Her nipples were hard knobs. She wasn’t wearing a bra, either. Something else I edited into her. She had a kinky desire to never put on underwear while dressed in her cheer outfit. I gave her even more of an exhibitionist flair than she had before.

“Ooh, just hold on tight while I dance,” she moaned, her hips wiggling, rubbing her pussy from side to side over my throbbing girth.

I wished my pants and boxers weren’t in the way. Then she changed her movement, rubbing up and down my erection’s length. My hands tightened on her tits, groping her, massaging her. She whimpered in delight. My dick throbbed against her, the ache building.

Could I cum just from her dry-humping me?


She felt incredible about me. My forehead broke out in sweat. I kneaded her breasts, enjoying my cheerleader reward. I pinched her nipples, making her coo and press her pussy harder into my erection.

She must love the rough feel of my khaki pants on her pussy lips. She kept cooing and groaning. Her juices were soaking my crotch. Her musk filled the air. That sweet delight of her youthful passion tickled my nose. It was incredible.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Davies, you’re feeling so... inspired!” she moaned. “You’re just bursting with school spirit.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, massaging her tits.

“But what is this?” She pressed her pussy down on my dick. “There’s something in your pants. Ooh, is that your passion for our school? Has it engorged you? Are you just throbbing.”

“So much!” I groaned. “I need your help.”

“You do?” she gushed, sounding so innocent. She looked over her shoulder, blonde pigtail swaying. She fluttered her blue eyes at me. “Oh, no, what can I do about it?”

“Well,” I groaned. “I heard there’s another form of dancing you could do. Something that would make my school spirit just erupt and fill you.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh, Mr. Davies, would you fill me up with all your yummy school spirit?” she bounced on my lap, pigtails dancing. The pressure made my dick throb. “Would you give me every drop?”

“Yes,” I groaned, my heart racing.

She rose up and bent over at the same time. Her skirt was short enough at this angle that it had ridden up enough for me to see her pussy covered in her juices. Her hands shot between her thighs to reach the soaked crotch of my slacks, her fingers fumbling at my fly. I shuddered as she caressed my dick through my jeans.

Then she found my zipper.

It made such a loud rasp but only Seth’s eyes flicked up from the charter for a moment. Then he looked back down, engrossed in the reading assignment. I loved this form of teaching. Nikkole reached her hand into my open fly and found the slit of my boxers.

“Oh, yes, you have so much school spirit in here,” she moaned, drawing my dick out of the front slit in my boxers.

I groaned as she stroked me. She pumped her hand up and down my shaft, my cock slick with her pussy juices. Then she angled it up and leaned back down, guiding herself down to sit on my dick with ease.

I shuddered as I enjoyed her pussy sinking down my shaft. What a thrill to have a new cunt to enjoy. Her tight, coed flesh slid over my shaft. My dick ached and throbbed in her. Her cheerleader skirt swirled over her rump as she settled down on my lap. Her back arched, her pigtails swaying.

“Oh, Mr. Davies, yes!” she moaned, leaning over. “Ooh, I’m going to work out every drop of your school spirit into my pussy.”

“Yes!” I panted as she squeezed around me.

She slid her cunt up and down my dick. I moved my hands to her thighs, feeling her toned flesh flexing as she worked her pussy. She was in great shape. She moaned as she rode me, pumping her snatch up and down my cock, massaging my dick.

Pleasure surged through me. My balls grew tighter in an instant at the feel of her hot flesh sliding up and down my shaft. She bounced her ass, her skirt swaying. She stayed bent over, moaning and gasping, her voice rising over the rustle of paper and creak of desks.

I was getting fucked by my cheerleader student, and the rest of my class didn’t care one bit. It was incredible. Such a rush. My dick ached and throbbed as I watched her rump rise and fall. She had such a cute tush.

“Damn, work that ass,” I groaned. “Show me how much you care about school spirit.”

“So much!” she moaned, her pussy clenching around my dick as she rose. “Can’t you feel it? How hot it makes me! How wet!”

“God, yes!” I groaned, my hands squeezing her thighs. They rubbed up and down her flexing muscles. “How much do you love it?”

“So much,” she groaned. Her pussy clenched around me.

“Would you do anything?”

“Uh-huh!” she moaned, slamming that juicy cunt down my dick. Her rump smacked into my crotch, her pleated skirts swirling as she rose again. “Mr. Davies, let me prove it! Just tell me how!”

“I’ll show you!” I growled.

My arms hugged her torso tight to me. I slammed her down my cock then stood up. She gasped, impaled on my dick. Her pussy clenched as she squirmed. I pivoted, turning her so she was bent over my desk. She knocked a stack of papers to the side. Her elbow hit my keyboard.

She threw a look over her shoulder, her blue eyes glassy. She opened her mouth to say something when I ripped out of her cunt. She groaned, biting her lower lip. I flipped up her skirt, revealing that tush.

That crack dividing her heart-shaped ass.

My left hand pulled her butt-cheeks apart, revealing her puckered asshole. I aimed my cock with my right, plunging my pussy-lubed dick right at that sphincter. I hit her anal ring. Her back arched as I speared into her bowels.

Despite going to a Christian college, she wasn’t a virgin in any of her holes. She was a naughty girl, getting up to all sorts of wicked fun. She whimpered, her back arching as I sodomized her with ease. The cheerleader’s bowels swallowed my cock.

“Mr. Davies!” she howled as her ass took more and more of my dick. “Oh, yes, yes, let me prove my school spirit!”

“Yes,” I groaned as I filled her bowels. Her tight bowels engulfed my cock. Her hot flesh squeezed about me. It was incredible to feel. I shuddered as I buried to the hilt in her. My crotch smacked her rump.

Then I drew back, her bowels clutching to me. The pleasure surged through me. I rammed forward again, burying to the hilt in the slut. My crotch cracked into her rump. The sound echoed through the classroom.

My heavy balls swung, smacking into her taint over and over again. I shuddered and grabbed my phone. I fumbled at it as I fucked her bowels. I opened up the camera, starting a video and recording the slut squeezing her asshole about my dick.

“Oh, yes, yes, give me that school spirit, Mr. Davies!” she moaned, flashing a smile at my phone. “Ram that big dick into my asshole.”

“You’re going to milk it all dry, aren’t you?” I moaned. “You’re my naughty cheerleader!”

“I am, Mr. Davies!” she gasped. “I love it! I love exciting everyone! Ooh, yes, yes, bury that dick in me. I love it up the ass!”

Her bowels squeezed around me as I filmed. I drove my dick into her hard and fast. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to erupting into her. My desk creaked as I sodomized the cheerleader. Her moans echoed through the classroom. They resounded with her passion.

With her spirit.

Her anal sheath squeezed around my dick. The velvety friction brought me closer and closer to my eruption. I grunted with each stroke. I buried my cock into her depths. I fucked her hard. I sodomized her with powerful thrusts into that tight, anal heaven. Her moans sang through the classroom.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “That’s it, Mr. Davies! Oh, fill my rump with your cock! Sodomize me harder! Faster! Oh, that’s incredible! Oh, yes, yes! I’m going to explode on your dick, Mr. Davies! I’m going to cum so hard on your cock!”

“Good!” I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. It thundered, the pleasure filling me up. I grit my teeth as I plunged harder, faster. I fucked her with every ounce of strength I had. I sodomized her again and again. Our flesh slapped together. “Just take it, you whore.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she gasped. “I’m your cheerleader-whore, Mr. Davies! Oh, my god, your dick! Your dick is amazing! Go, Angels, go!”

Her asshole writhed about my cock. Her anal sheath rippled and spasmed. The pleasure shot through me. I groaned as her tight bowels sucked at my dick. The pleasure slammed through my mind. This wave of bliss that rocked my body. I groaned as I pumped away at her convulsing asshole.

She sucked at me. She needed my salty spirit to fire into her depths. I would flood her with all my passion. I grunted, my hand gripping my camera as I buried to the hilt in my student’s convulsing bowels.

My dick erupted.

“Yes, Mr. Davies!” she howled as my cum spurted over and over into her anal depths. “Give me all your spirit! I want it filling me all day long! Oh, god, there’s so much!”

“Yes!” I snarled as the pleasure slammed through me. My thoughts burned. Stars burst before my eyes.

I savored the heat spilling across my thoughts. This wonderful bliss that had me panting and groaning. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering. The heat melted through my mind. I sucked in deep breaths, my hand gripping my phone as I recorded this moment.

Her asshole milked me dry. My pleasure peaked. I groaned, spurting that last blast of cum into her. My bliss died to trembling euphoria. I panted and stopped recording. I pulled out of her asshole with a loud plop, her sphincter gaping open for a moment, swimming with my pearly spunk.

I sank heavily on my chair.

I sent my wife the video.

“Mmm, let me clean you, Mr. Davies,” Nikkole purred.

She turned around and sank to her knees. Another thing I added when I edited her. She had a fondness for sucking dicks clean after they came in her. She didn’t care which hole. She engulfed my dirty cock, sucking her ass off of it.

“Oh, this is going to be a hot video to watch,” my wife texted back. “Going to get me all nice and wet for my lunch date with Evaline.”

I smiled, hoping my wife had fun with her new lover. “Make a video for me,” I sent as the cheerleader buffed my cock clean. “I want to see you having fun with your lover.”

My wife sent a winky emoji.

I leaned back in my chair and said, “Did everyone finish the reading?”

My students looked at me while the cheerleader bobbed her mouth. Everything was working out perfectly now. I had a handle on my editing power. I would make this town into an amazing place. I would fix everything.

And enjoy myself doing it.

* * *

Sam Davies

“Did you see this?” my friend, Rita, asked. The Black girl thrust a flyer at me printed on pink paper. “Your brother and his friend Seth are handing them out.”

I looked at the top and it said, “Dreamgirl Delights.” Then, beneath it, was printed. “Where the girls of your dreams are brought to life. Your favorite Anime girls, comic book superheroines, video game damsels, and move starlets brought to life for your enjoyment.”

There was a picture of a sexy Chun-Li drawn on the front and a bunch of contact information and rates. It looked like my brother and his nerdy friend were running a prostitution ring of Anime characters he liked to draw.

“Is your brother drawing porn?” asked Rita.

“Something like that,” I said. “At least now we know what that new business that just opened up by the school is. I’ve been wondering what they were building there for months.”

“Your brother owns that?” asked Rita.

“I guess so,” I said. “This sounds hot. I wouldn’t mind getting it on with Zero Suit Samus.” I licked my lips at the thought of stripping the video game character out of her tight, blue bodysuit and seeing what she was like beneath. “I wonder if my brother will give me a discount?”

“You’re weird,” Rita said. “You can’t do that with Samus. She isn’t real.”

“That’s why she’s a dream girl,” I said, walking faster. We passed my dad’s classroom. The window was dark, but I knew he was in there with Kyleigh for his morning fuck with the hottie. “We should stop by after classes and check out Dreamgirl Delights.”

To be continued...