The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 6: Surprising Consequences

Sam Davies

I was buzzing as Dad rolled off of me. I felt so open now. I wasn’t a virgin any longer, and it was amazing. My awesome, sexy dad deflowered me. His cum leaked out of me. I could feel him in me, brimming in me. He was finally mine. Mom was out of town. I had Saturday and Sunday to make him all mine. To steal him utterly from Mom.

I loved him the most. I cared for him. I would be his lover. If I could marry him, I would. But now I had him. He had felt my feelings and didn’t care that I was his daughter. What we did was illegal, and I didn’t care. Incest should be legal. It was a beautiful thing.

“Mmm, I love you, Daddy,” I said, sitting up. My short hair brushed my cheek as my entire body brimmed with energy.

“You are just sexy, kumquat,” he said, a smile on his lips. His face was flushed, his dark-brown hair mused. His eyes flicked up and down my body, staring at my small breasts. Even though they weren’t as big as Mom’s, or my sister Becky’s, he still enjoyed them.

He’d loved my body. He kissed me everywhere.

“You’re just a hunk, Daddy,” I purred. I stroked his chest, loving how strong he was. My dad kept in shape, and it was so sexy. “I’ve wanted this for so long. You?”

“I... noticed you’d developed into a woman,” he said. His hand stroked my thigh, sending heat rippling through my body.

I shuddered, my deflowered pussy aching. More of his cum leaked out of me. I licked my lips, loving how great I felt. My hand stroked down to his stomach, caressing across his flat stomach, my eyes finding his half-hard cock glistening in my pussy juices.

I loved the taste of my own pussy. I loved pussy. I hoped Daddy could accept I was bisexual. I bet I could bring some of my friends into his bed. I could share him with Rita, Tammy, or Courtney with him. Shame not even my friends could know about this.

What a pity. What Daddy and I did was beautiful. Incest was amazing.

That hot itch grew in me as I licked my lips, staring at his cock. I wanted to go again. So I needed to get him hard. I scooted down his body and settled in between his thighs. My breasts jiggled as I grasped his wet cock.

“What are you up to, kumquat?” he asked, a smile playing on his lips.

“Well,” I said, “you went down on me, and you know what the Golden Rule says. I want you to do that to me again, so I need to go down on you. Just being a good Christian.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Where does it say in the bible a daughter should sleep with her father?”

“Lot’s daughters did it,” she said.

I leaned down, my short hair swaying about my face. The scent of my tart juices filled my nose, making me hunger. My mouth salivating, I licked the tip of his cock. He groaned as my tongue danced around his crown. I swirled around him, stimulating him.

I would make him so hard.

I engulfed his crown, my lips sliding over it. My mouth sucked so hard. His dick throbbed and pulsed in my mouth. It was so incredible. I loved the sounds he made. He groaned, his face scrunching up into pleasure.

“Damn, Sam,” he groaned. “You’ve never done this before?”

I popped my mouth off his cock and grinned at him. “Never! I just want to make you feel amazing Daddy. I love you so much.”

“And you want me hard so you can enjoy my cock again?”

I nodded my head before I nuzzled back into his dick. “I want you in me over and over again. It was amazing! I loved it even more than I thought. You were so gentle. You made me explode, and then you made love to me.”

He grinned at me. Daddy looked so proud that he deflowered me and gave me bliss. I sucked hard on his cock now. It throbbed in my hand. I nursed on it, making such slurping, wet sounds. It was so naughty. More of his cum leaked out of my pussy and stained my thighs. It felt so naughty as I did that.

His cock swelled in my hand. My every suck inflated him more and more. I was getting him ready for my pussy again. My tart juices coated him. I slid more and more of his hard cock into my mouth, and it tasted so amazing. This wonderful flavor coated my tongue, mixing with his salty precum leaking out of his cock.

“Damn, Sam,” he panted. “You are just such a loving girl.”

I shuddered. I was Daddy’s favorite now. Becky would never get to enjoy his cock. My shy, older sister didn’t have the lady balls to seduce our Daddy. But I did. I flirted with him. I excited him. And he noticed. He wanted me.

He groaned as his cock throbbed in my mouth. My hands fondled Daddy’s balls, feeling them. They were hairy and brimming with his cum. There would be more to fire into me. More of his jizz to fill my snatch.

“Sam!” he groaned. “Damn, that’s good.”

I shuddered, sucking harder. One hand fisted the base of his slick dick, the other massaged his nutsack. My tongue danced around the tip, loving the flavor of him mixed with my pussy. I would ride his cock so hard. I would bounce on him.

His cock would stir me up.

My pussy was so hot. I wiggled my hips as I loved him. He groaned, his face twisting with pleasure. I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. It brushed the back of my throat before I slid my lips back up him. I bobbed my head.

I fucked him with my mouth.

“Sam, you are amazing,” he groaned. “Damn, kumquat. You’re quite the little cock-sucker.”

A wave of heat washed out of my pussy. My snatch clenched, forcing more of his cum to dribble down my thighs. I sucked with all my might. His cock twitched in my mouth. I massaged his shaft with my tongue, stroked him faster, and bobbed my head. My hair danced around my cheeks, caressing me.

Daddy’s face twisted. His chest swelled. His cock throbbed in my stroking hand. The tip pulsed in my mouth. He let out a groan. He made such sexy sounds. I sucked hard again, my cheeks hollowing. His balls twitched in my hand.

“Kumquat!” Daddy howled.

I squeaked in shock as the cum fired into my mouth. Spurts of hot jizz splashed across the roof of my mouth. This wonderful, thick, salty treat spilled across my mouth. More and more of his spunk filled my mouth. My cheeks bulged.

I swallowed it. I gulped down my daddy’s cum. The incestuous delight flowed down my throat to my stomach. My snatch clenched as more and more fired into my mouth. Daddy grunted, his face twisting with the pleasure I gave him.

“Damn!” he grunted. “Oh, damn, Kumquat! That’s incredible. You’re amazing.”

A final spurt fired into my mouth. I gulped it down. I swallowed the last of his jizz. I sucked hard one last time, drawing out his cum. It warmed down my belly, my pussy growing so hot, so in need of being full of his cock.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. “That was amazing.”

I popped my mouth off and giggled. “I got carried away.”

“Mmm, you did,” he said, still smiling.

I gave him pleasure, so even though my pussy was on fire, I was still happy. And his cum tasted better than I thought. It was so hot feeling his spunk spurt into my mouth. I crawled up his body and snuggled against him, my pussy on fire.

“How long for you to get hard again?” I asked him, humping my messy cunt against his thigh. He had such a strong leg, not soft and sleek like my friends. “Will it be a while?”

Daddy laughed. Not a short one, but a deep, long one of pure mirth. His head shook while his brown eyes gleamed. I shuddered, my clit throbbing as I ground against his thigh, little tingles of pleasure racing through me.

“Oh, kumquat, you need to let me rest for a bit,” he said. “I’m in my forties. I’m not your age.”

I smiled. “That’s okay.” I rotated my hips, rubbing my clit on him. “Mmm, but you liked it, right?”

“Loved it,” he said. “And you?”

“It was amazing!” I said, grinning. “I loved it. Love you.”

“I love you, too, kumquat.”

I shivered, aching to talk about what would happen on Monday when Mom came back from visiting her friend. I wanted her to just stay with Marissa. I would take care of Daddy better than she ever would. I would love him and care for him.

But what if Daddy said this would have to end on Monday. That we would only have this one weekend to love each other. I didn’t want to end my dream. I wanted to believe I would have him forever, so I choked back my words, grabbed his cock, and humped against him.

I would savor every moment I had with him.

* * *

Steve Davies

Sam was, to say the least, excited when my cock was ready to go again. She was patient as I pretended it took a while for my dick to reach its full erection again. I had more stamina than I should, but it would be suspicious if a man my age could get it up three times in one night that fast.

I felt like an eighteen-year-old youth with my stamina.

Sam grabbed my dick as she slid down my body, rubbing her wet pussy down my stomach, leaving behind a trail of our mixed juices. I groaned as her hand, reaching behind her to grasp my cock, pressed the tip of my dick into her flesh. She shifted, guiding my cock down her taint to the folds of her shaved pussy.

“Ooh, Daddy, I’m going to ride your dick,” she said, her green eyes sparkling. “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

“Mmm, I know you will, kumquat,” I said, grinning at her.

She rubbed my cock up and down it as she rose, her small, firm breasts jiggling. They were so cute on her. She was such a sexy, young thing. I was such a perv for enjoying this. I was over double her age. I had raised her, created her.

I shouldn’t want to fuck my daughter, but I did. I could. I would rewrite reality to make people accept this. My wife, my son, my other daughter would all love that Sam had found such happiness with me.

That smile on her lips as she pressed my cock against her hot flesh was a delight to witness. She nudged the tip against her clit then slid it back down. Amusement played in her eyes. She was just having so much fun with my cock while pleasure shot down my cock.

“Damn,” I groaned, my hands grabbing her hips. “Just such a tease, huh?”

“Yep!” she said with such pride. “That’s how I won you, Daddy.”

“Mmm, you did,” I said. “You were such a wicked daughter.”

“So wicked!” she giggled and impaled her pussy down my cock.

“Fuck!” I groaned at the sudden pleasure of getting engulfed by her tight, juicy pussy. Her silky flesh caressed my cock as she took me to the hilt in a single go, her small breasts jiggling. “Damn, kumquat.”

“Oh, that was incredible!” she said, her back arching, her pussy clenching down on me. “Oh, Daddy, yes!”

“Not so loud,” I groaned while my phone beeped with a notification. Was that a text from my wife?

“It’s midnight,” Sam moaned, her pussy squeezing around my cock. “Becky’s asleep, and if James’s awake, he’s jerking it to those Anime girls he draws.”

“You know about that?” I asked, her hips wiggling from side to side, stirring her cunt around my dick.

“Of course I do, Daddy!” she moaned. “I’ve seen them. They’re kinky. He’s such a perv. I love it!”

I arched an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you and James...?”

“Eww, no!” Her entire face blanched while her pussy squeezed hard about my cock. “You’re the only man I want.”

Then she rose up my cock. Her pussy gripped my cock. My dick throbbed in her pussy. The pleasure shot down my cock. My toes curled, my hands squeezing on her hips. Rapture flowed down my body, my balls twitching, aching to unload more jizz into her.

She swiveled her hips from side to side, stirring the tip of my cock through her juicy snatch. The incestuous delight of my daughter’s cunt sent rapture through me. I groaned as the rapture surged through me. She slammed down my shaft, moaning, her red hair dancing about her cute face.

“Oh, Daddy, I love your cock in me! Your dick is amazing!” Her green eyes almost glowed as she slid up my cock. Her pussy clenched about me as she rose, massaging me. “Yes, yes, Daddy, this is incredible!”

“It is, kumquat!” I groaned, the incestuous treat surging through me. “Damn, you are incredible.”

A huge smile spread across her lips as she rode my cock faster and faster. She rotated her hips, stirring my cock around inside of her. Pleasure rippled through me. Her back arched as she slid her snatch up and down my dick.

Her cunt squeezed around my cock as she fucked me. She worked up and down my cock faster and faster. I could see the pleasure building in her expression while my balls grew tighter and tighter. Her pussy was incredible. I loved being in her.

I loved being in my daughter!

She worked her pussy faster and faster up and down my cock. Her snatch squeezed about my cock. I groaned as her cunt clenched on me. She massaged me, bringing my cock closer and closer to my eruption.

I gripped her sides, feeling her skin slide beneath my body. I caressed her, loved the feel of her. Her tits jiggled. Her nipples were hard, jiggling. Her face twisted, so cute. She leaned over me, planting her hands on my chest as she worked her cunt up and down my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” she moaned. “Oh, you’re in me! You’re in my pussy! Is my pussy stirring you up?”

“Yes!” I growled. “You’re going to make me explode in you.”

“Good!” she snarled. “I’m going to make you erupt in me, Daddy! I want your jizz spurting in me.”

Her pussy squeezed and clenched around me. The incestuous pleasure surged through me. I growled as my balls tightened. Her juices soaked them, flowing out of her cunt. She left my cock drenched when she rose up me. Her hips wiggled, stirring around my cock, stimulating me.

Then her cunt slammed down me, engulfing my cock to the hilt. I groaned, the pleasure surging into my balls. I gripped her hips. My balls tensed. She rose up me, her cunt sucking at my dick, the tip throbbing.

“I’m going to flood you!” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” she moaned, her head snapping back. Her red hair danced about her face. “Cum in me!”

She stared down at me, her green eyes burning. She slammed down my cock, her pussy squeezing around my dick. Her every movement swelled my pleasures. My fingers gripped her hips as the rapture built and built.

I hit that moment. That point where I was on the verge of eruption. Her snatch gripped my cock, massaging me. Her twat massaged me. It was just such a lovely delight. My face twisted from the bliss of her juicy snatch. I hovered at the edge of cumming.

“Fuck!” I groaned.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” she moaned. “Yes, yes! Do it! I want your cum in me!”

This was so depraved to hear coming from my barely legal daughter.

I erupted.

“Sam! Kumquat! Yes!” I snarled.

“Daddy!” she moaned as my cum spurted into her.

Her pussy went wild about my cock as my dick erupted into me. She slammed down me to the hilt, engulfing me in her convulsing, eighteen-year-old twat. The pleasure surged through me. This amazing rapture gripped me. Stars burst across my vision. It was this incredible passion. It burned across my mind.

It was incredible.

My dick ached and throbbed in her pussy’s depths as she milked out the last of my cum. The pleasure burned across my mind. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering. My hands gripped her waist as my rapture peaked. Then I spurted the last of my cum into her.

“Daddy!” she whimpered as she slumped over me. I held my daughter against me as her pussy writhed about my softening cock. She mewled and whimpered as her orgasm spilled through her and died.

“That was amazing, Daddy!” she moaned as she came down from her high.

I breathed heavily, stroking her back. “Yeah. That was awesome.”

“Mmm,” she purred, squirming.

Her words tickled at my mind. It was after midnight. I glanced at my phone. It was an alert. I didn’t get many of them overnight. They were rare. I grabbed my phone, curious about it as Sam squirmed atop me.

“Did Mom text you?” she asked as she rolled off of me, lying on my side.

I glanced at her before I pressed the on button, my screen turning on, my notifications in the middle of the screen. There were several app updates and... I had three modifications ready. I could use the reality editing app.

I tapped the notification. I punched the passcode. The moment my phone unlocked and I activated the app in editing mode, reality froze.

Anael appeared kneeling on my bed, her purple eyes brimmed. Her blonde hair spilled about her face. She had her hand between her thighs, rubbing her shaved pussy. Cream dripped from her fingers, her face flushed.


“It was so hot watching your daughter ride you,” the angel answered. She pulled her fingers away and grabbed my frozen daughter’s thigh hooked over mine. “Mmm, she’s just so cute.”

She maneuvered my daughter’s frozen body, rolling Sam onto her back. I shook my head, these powers still so strange.

Pushing how the angel could affect reality when the time was paused, I stared at the app, selecting Sam from the detection screen. It was time to edit her, Becky, and my wife. I already knew what I wanted to do to them.

As I reached for my iPad, Anael swiped her finger up through my daughter’s shaved folds, gathering my jizz leaking out of my daughter, mixed with her tangy cream. The angel popped it into her mouth and sucked on it.

“You are one pervy angel,” I muttered as her cheeks hollowed.

She shuddered and squirmed. She whimpered out in delight, nodding her head.

I opened my iPad to the list I made. I had one for each member of my family and for the mayor and city council members of my town. I was going to fix Rainier. I was going to make it a better place. I should do it first, but...

I was a man.

I wanted to make my family harmonious. My wife had closeted, lesbian desires for her friend, Marissa that she was ashamed of. She cheated on me and hated herself for her weakness. I wanted to take that away from her while making it acceptable for me to fuck other women.

To fuck our daughters.

“Mmm, you two taste well mixed together,” Anael said. “Heaven thoroughly enjoyed watching you make love to her. You made your daughter’s dreams come true.”

My dick throbbed as she swiped more of my cum from my daughter’s thighs. Then the angel leaned down and nuzzled into Sam’s pussy. She licked and fluttered her tongue through my frozen daughter’s snatch.

“You are distracting me,” I groaned. “I need to get this right.”

“Mmm, but she’s just so sexy,” moaned Anael. “You have such a cute daughter. You and your wife made three hot children.”

I worked down my list, navigating through the menus. I took away the jealousy from both my daughters, no longer would Becky and Sam snipe at each other because they both recognized the other had a crush on me. Instead, they would support each other and accept that the other loved me. They would become close. Next, I made sure Sam would get along with her mother and that Linda would be open to her bisexual desires. My wife would find it hot that I was having sex with women, that she found incest sexy, and didn’t even mind if I fucked my college students. I made my wife eager to share women with me, especially our daughters.

I had some other tweaks, like making Sam enjoy wearing skirts so her mother wouldn’t be so critical about her, and make Becky less shy. I nudged my oldest daughter so she would finally admit what she wanted.

Especially since she knew it was okay. James couldn’t know yet, that had to wait for tomorrow’s edit, but the women in my family all knew that I would have sex with Becky and Sam when they were ready.

And Becky would believe she was finally ready.

“Mmm, your daughter has a nice ass,” Anael said while I worked. She’d rolled Sam back against me and now squeezed my daughter’s rump.

“Stop distracting me,” I muttered as I worked. I opened up my wife’s desires again, double-checking I had everything right. “I need to make sure I got everything perfect. I can’t have any mistakes like with Kyleigh.”

“They like incest,” she said like she was ticking off a list. “That having sex with your college students is fine. Your wife wants to share women with you and is accepting of her bisexual passion. Becky isn’t shy. Your family will get along wonderfully. You’ll have your own harem. It sounds perfect.”

“I only get one chance at this,” I said, checking Sam next. I’d replaced her rebellious desire to wear pants with an urge to wear dresses because I liked her in skirts. But I didn’t affect her other tomboy traits. I loved how she worked with cars and liked to play around. She could still wear pants to have that sort of fun, but for college, church, and as casual wear she would prefer something more feminine.

I couldn’t wait to see her looking cute in her college’s school uniform. It was a private, Christian college that had a dress code.

“I think that’s it,” I said, a nervous writhe shooting through me. There was no going back. Once I made these changes, I could never edit my wife and daughters again. Nothing I did should affect my wife’s love for me.

In fact, she should be even closer to me.

“Are you sure you got everything?” Anael asked. “I mean, your daughter has a great ass.”

I frowned at Anael. Her purple eyes glimmered.

My cock throbbed. “Are you suggesting...”

“You could make Sam really crave anal delights,” she said. “In fact, you could edit her asshole to be made for taking dicks with ease. No lube even needed.”

“Damn,” I muttered, my dick hardening.

I opened up Sam’s Spiritual Menu, Sexuality Sub-Menu, and then Desires Sub-Menu.


I hit Revision, remembering she had some interest in anal. I increased it, moving it up her tier, adding her desire to have her daddy’s cock in her asshole. Or her mother’s dildo. I added my wife’s desire to have strap-ons to fuck her daughters.

That done, I backed up to the Physical Menu.


Where would ass be...?

I hit the Groin Sub-Menu.


It wasn’t there. I backed up to the Physical Menu and... Was it under the Legs Sub-Menu?


I spotted Buttocks.


Nothing. I frowned. Where was it? I glanced at Anael, arching my eyebrows.

“Torso. The colon is an organ.” She winked at me. “It’s not counted as a sexual place like the uterus and ovaries are, though. Don’t ask me, I didn’t program it. I would totally have it in the groin.”

I backed out and hit Torso Menu and Organs Sub-Menu.


I went to work, making it more elastic, her asshole not quite as tight. I added self-lubrication, something I had to type in. There was no option. I shuddered as I played around with my daughter. This was so wild. She would be an anal slut.

Anael was great at temptation. Once again, I wondered if she was a demon. But... I didn’t care. I was having too much fun. If this was wrong, I would use it to do as much good as I could. Yes, I was enjoying it, but at least I was making my family happier. And once I had my fun, I would bring real change to the world.

So it was okay if I took a few depraved pleasures. I deserved it.

I hit the Compile button. The warning message popped up, letting me know it was all final and asking if I wanted to do it.




Of course, I hit yes.

I felt reality rippling around me. It was a bubble that swept out across me, emanating from my phone. I groaned, shuddering, my eyes dancing around the room, looking for anything that changed and...

My wife had left her closet door open. She had a little cubby for shoes in there only now there was a second one full of all sorts of sex toys for women to use on each other. Dildos and things I didn’t even know the name of. My daughter’s pajamas, a flannel top and pants for bottoms, discarded when she came in, became a cutesy nightgown.

My phone suddenly brimmed with new text notifications from my wife. I opened them up.

“So, did Mom text you back yet?” Sam asked, squirming against me, her eyes wild. “Huh? Why hasn’t she responded? I texted her that you took my cherry, Daddy!”

I didn’t know how to respond as I opened the texts from my wife and...

They were snaps of her naked body and Marissa’s. They were kissing. They were nuzzling each other. They had dirty captions like, “Just ate her pussy out, look at how she creamed my face,” or “hot three-way kiss” and the one that really blew my mind, “Look at Evaline devouring Marissa’s pussy! I’m so glad she came!”

My jaw dropped. There was Evaline Gilbert—the wife of my friend and fellow deacon at my church—with her face in between Marissa’s thighs. Evaline had gone with my wife to Vegas to see her “friend.” Then my jaw dropped.

My wife was having sex with Evaline Gilbert?

“Ooh, that’s a hot one, Daddy,” Sam said, humping against me. “Mom is having a blast. Mrs. Gilbert looks so hot. I’d love to go down on her! Can I, Daddy? I won’t tell her that we had sex. I’ll keep that a secret.”

“I... I...” What was going on? Why was Evaline Gilbert with my wife on her trip to visit Marissa?

There were more and more pictures. Then a new text appeared. A new pic had arrived. The three women, my wife in the middle, the petite and Korean Evaline cuddled on one side of my busty wife while sultry Marissa—her curly, black hair falling across my wife’s brassy-brown locks—snuggled on the other side. All three were smiling as my wife snapped their wicked selfie.

“Just had one hot threesome,” my wife had captioned this one with. “Marissa loved the new vibrator you bought me.”

“I bought her a vibrator...” I whispered.

“Will you buy me a vibrator, Daddy?” Sam asked. “Now that you deflowered me, I could really jam one in there. That would be hot.”

Then a new text message appeared. “I can’t believe Sam waited until I was in Vegas to lose her cherry,” it read. “I just got away from Marissa and Evaline. Those two are insatiable. Evaline really got into having a threesome. Don’t tell her husband though.”

“Sorry,” I texted back. “Sam just couldn’t wait.”

“Tell her I couldn’t wait, Daddy!” Then Sam let out a frustrated moan and grabbed her own phone off the nightstand. She hadn’t brought that in during the original timeline. Everything felt so different. I had no memory of any of these changes.

My daughter texted fast, muttering, “Did you like the shot of Daddy’s cum leaking out of my pussy, Mommy?”

Mommy? She called Linda “Mommy” now? “Jesus,” I muttered, my mind reeling. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Sam’s phone beeped. She squealed. “She loved it, Daddy. Mommy says, ‘Can’t wait to eat your daddy’s cum out of your pussy on Monday night, kumquat!’” My daughter texted back, muttering, “You bet, Mommy! Threesome!” Then she glanced at me. “Now I want my anal cherry popped, Daddy. Can you get it—”

I opened the editing reality app, pausing everything.

“Well, you look like you saw a ghost,” Anael said as she squirmed by my daughter. Sam was frozen in pure joy, her fingers blazing across the keyboard of her phone.

“I don’t have any memories of this,” I muttered. “My wife is sending me naughty pics. And why is Evaline Gilbert with her? She’s a happily married woman.”

“Why don’t you see what effects your edits had on your wife,” Anael said.

My fingers blazed fast. I hit Spiritual Menu and then Social Sub-Menu.






I scanned down and spotted what I was looking for. I hit the Relationships Sub-Menu.

The list looked different. Her relationships had shifted around. I was still at the top, the person she was closest to, and our daughters were high up, but beneath me was Marissa, and then... other women from our church. Evaline was about fifth down. I tapped Isadora Mingo, married to a great guy named Danilo, and saw that my wife and she had been engaged in a three-year-long lesbian affair.

An affair that my wife loved telling me about.

I clicked on other women. She was seducing ladies and often bringing them to our bed. There were women at our church I had sex with and didn’t remember it. There were women my wife worked with when she was a nurse that she still was having fun with, sometimes sharing them with me, sometimes just telling me after. I clicked on Marissa and my eyes bulged. I had sex with her before I even married my wife. When we were all still in college, we had threesomes.

“This... I...” I shook my head. “Jesus. I don’t remember any of this!”

“Wow, you have had a wild life,” Anael said. “You made your wife more open and eager to share women with you.” The angel laughed. “The only way she could share women with you was to seduce them. Plus, it let her indulge in her own bisexual desires.”

“But... but... I don’t have memories of any of this,” I repeated, stuck on that idea. “My wife and I have been having threesomes since before we were married. She’s like a different person from the woman I know. Our lives have gone in a completely different direction. Why don’t I remember any of this?”

“Why would you?” Anael asked. “You’re outside of cause and effect now. Any changes you edit to reality, and how those new changes affect the decisions of others, are out of your hands. You changed the fundamentals of your wife. You didn’t make a provision to limit her sexuality so there are new changes. These things ripple, especially when you change a woman’s last twenty-two years.”

“Some of these women are divorced now,” I groaned. “They left their husbands and became lesbians because of what I did.”

“They probably were unhappy in their marriages in the old timeline, maybe wondering if they should be with women, but didn’t have that push to indulge without your wife showing them the joys of lesbian sex,” Anael said. “It’s something to think about in the future if you want to have changes reach so far back. I mean, look at Kyleigh. You made her not fat, and it changed how everyone always saw her.”

“Fuck,” I muttered as I closed the app.

“—up again, Daddy!” Sam continued, startling me. I forgot she was speaking when I paused everything. “I want you fucking my ass so badly!”

“Huh?” I blinked, struggling to understand this new reality.

“I want to have anal sex with you!” she moaned and sat up. She bounced on the bed, her red hair swaying about her face. It was still cut in that cute, tomboyish bob. Her small tits quivered. “You know I like fingering my asshole when I masturbate. I can get all four digits in me with ease. I know I can take your cock! Please, Daddy, please, fuck my asshole.”

My cock throbbed as I remembered that change I made to her.

“Sure, kumquat,” I said while my mind still reeled. Damn, I missed out on so much fun in my life, but... I had the phone and... I wondered if it could do other things? I could watch people in the present, but if it could reach into the past, and it must change the underlying conditions of reality to edit the present, then maybe...

I grinned and said, “Daddy would love to fuck your ass!”

* * *

Sam Davies

“Yes!” I shouted in delight. I grabbed my phone. I just had to tell my mom. I was so glad I was close to her. I could tell her anything. The first time I made love with my three friends, I told Mom every last detail.

She gave me some hot pointers.

It was sad that other girls weren’t as close to their mothers as I was. I loved licking Mom’s pussy. She tasted so yummy. It was hot when Daddy watched, stroking his cock. Sometimes, Becky would join us. She never would lick Mom, but I could tell she wanted to.

I couldn’t wait for Becky to get over her shyness and discover all the fun I was having. James was oblivious, fantasying over his cartoon women while the rest of us were having so much fun. And I was about to have a lot of hot fun.

“About to lose my anal cherry to Daddy,” I sent as I knelt on my hands and knees, staring at my phone.

The three dots appeared at the bottom of the Messenger app.

“Not waiting for poor old mom to get back, huh?”

I sent a winky emoji. “Sorry, it just felt right. I kissed Daddy on the lips today, and we made out in the car and it just felt like today was the day. But you’re having all that fun in Vegas!”

“We’re going to a strip club tomorrow. Evaline’s first time. She’s going to love having a lap dance.”

“I wish I was old enough to go in a strip club,” I moaned. You had to be twenty-one in a Vegas strip club because they served alcohol.

“When you’re twenty-one, I am taking you to Vegas!” Mom texted back.

I shivered, then I groaned. “Daddy’s getting into position. Text you when we’re done.” I capped it off with a heart emoji. “Oh, Daddy, Mommy is so jealous.”

“I bet she is,” he said, his voice strained. He was acting so weird. Did Mom send him something that freaked him out? I couldn’t imagine what. Those two did such kinky things together.

I sometimes felt like I had an asshole made for fucking. I could easily pump all four of my fingers in and out of my asshole, unlike my friends and even Mom, who took Daddy’s cock back there, who were so tight. Maybe I was destined to be an anal queen.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Daddy said as he pressed his cock against my asshole.

“I’m sorry for waiting so long, Daddy,” I moaned. It had been two month since I became legal. That was naughty of me to wait so long.

“It’s okay,” he groaned, rubbing his cock against my sphincter. “You were worth the wait.”

I knew why my mom loved Dad more than anyone. It was stuff like that. He made you feel like the most important woman in the world. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. His cum leaked out of me and down my thigh. He must be so turned on by anal delight to be ready this fast.

It took him so long to get ready for our last go. My ass must just be that exciting.

Then Daddy pushed against my anal ring. I whimpered, that wonderful, tingling delight raced out of my sphincter as it spread wider and wider. I groaned, swallowing him with ease. He was so thick, like my four fingers, but he was pressing deeper than I could reach. I whimpered, my bowels clenching down around him.

“Daddy!” I squealed as he took my anal cherry. “Oh, Daddy, you’re breaking in all my holes tonight!”

“Mmm, of course, I am, kumquat,” he said, his hands sliding around my hips to rub at my stomach.

I whimpered as his cock bottomed out in me. His crotch pressed into my rump while his hands stroked my belly. Such delicious tingles rippled up from his touch while my asshole squeezed down around his cock.

His hands reached lower. I quivered, my asshole squeezing and relaxing about his dick. His fingers shoved between my thighs. I groaned as he crossed my shaved flesh and found my clit. He diddled me. My hips wiggled, stirring his cock around in my bowels.

“Oh, Daddy, yes, yes!” I moaned. “But you don’t need me to relax. Trust me! I am able to take your cock.”

“I can tell,” he said. “Mmm, you feel so slick. Different than Kyleigh’s asshole!”

“Ooh, you fucked her, Daddy?” I gasped. “She’s one of the hottest girls at our college!”

“Yeah, she’s my little schoolgirl-slut,” he growled and drew back his dick. “I fucked her at lunch.”

“No wonder you looked so happy when I saw you,” I moaned, wiggling my hips, the friction incredible.

He thrust back into me. His dick rammed to the hilt in me. I shuddered, my cunt clenching. My bowels squeezed around his dick. The velvety friction sent waves of heat washing into my cunt. My juices dripped. They poured down my thighs. His balls smacked into my taint and the tops of my pussy lips.

Then he drew back. I gasped, my fingers digging into the sheets. This was so much better than using my fingers or sneaking out one of Mom’s dildos to pleasure my asshole. Daddy rammed back into me, that naughty crack echoing through the rooms.

“Damn!” he groaned, his balls smacking over and over into my flesh, his crotch spanking my rump. “Damn, you are so tight, kumquat!”

“And you’re so big, Daddy!” I moaned, loving the incestuous bliss shooting through me. My eyes fluttered. I wiggled my hips from side to side, stirring him around. My eyes fluttered. It was so incredible. I groaned and gasped. My asshole squeezed down around his cock. He buried into me again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Oh, Daddy, that’s so amazing! You’re filling my asshole with your cock! I love it!”

I did. I was so glad I was his daughter. This was great. Amazing. My pussy dripped juices and his cum down my thighs. The pleasures in my asshole melted into my cunt, building my orgasm. It swirled in me. Every thrust of Daddy’s cock brought me closer and closer to my eruption.

He diddled my clit faster, harder. Those little sparks of delight made me squeal. My asshole squeezed about his thrusting cock. He grunted, pounding me hard and fast. He jammed his dick to the hilt in me.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned. “Make me cum! Then flood my ass with all your jizz!”

“Yes, kumquat!” he grunted, hammering me so hard and fast.

My butt-cheeks rippled as the pleasure washed through me. My eyes widened. My fingers squeezed and clenched into the sheets. I groaned and grunted. He fucked my ass so hard. My bowels rejoiced, the friction melting into me.

I was an anal slut. I loved my daddy’s big cock reaming my asshole. I never wanted this to stop. I wanted him to keep fucking me. To keep ramming into me. It was incredible. I only needed a little more, and I would explode.

He rubbed my clit faster. He massaged my bud.

“Oh, Daddy! I’m going to cum!”

“Do it, kumquat!” he growled, hammering my bowels. His crotch spanked my rump hard. It stung.

I loved it.

“Cum on Daddy’s cock and milk me dry!” he snarled. “My balls have so much jizz for you!”

“Yes!” I howled.

Daddy rammed into me deep and hard. My asshole was made for this. To give my Daddy this pleasure. It was incredible. My eyes rolled back in my head. Stars danced before me as the ache swelled and swelled in my cunt.

Daddy rolled my clit between his thumb and finger.

His cock buried into my asshole.

Incestuous friction engulfed my bowels.

I exploded.

“Daddy!” I howled.

My asshole writhed about his dick as he drew back and fucked in me again and again. My cunt convulsed. Juices squirted out of me, coating Daddy’s finger playing with my clit. The rapture rushed through my body, making every bit of me tingle, before drowning my mind.

The passion inundated my thoughts. Again and again, his passion swept over me. Drowned me. My head tossed back and forth. I whimpered and moaned. My bowels convulsed around him. I bit my lip, fighting back the urge to scream my head off while the pleasure surged through me.

“Kumquat!” Daddy howled.

His cum fired into my bowels.

My convulsing asshole milked him as another orgasm swept through me. More and more juices flooded hot down my thighs, filling the air with my tart passion. My mind melted. I groaned, fireworks detonating before me.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I howled as my orgasm peaked, my anal sheath milking his cock dry.

“Damn, that was good!” he panted as I collapsed onto my belly. My asshole was full of his cum. “You were amazing, Sam.”

“Mmm, and so were you,” I purred. “Ooh, Becky will be so jealous. Now that I’ve had sex with you, she might just have the courage to do it. I know she wants you, Daddy.”

“I’m sure she will, soon,” Daddy said, sounding so confident.

That made him so sexy.

Then a soft rap knocked at the door. My head shot up to see it open. Becky was there, my twenty-year-old sister wearing her pink nightgown, her auburn hair fell loose about her face. Her green eyes twinkled as she shivered in the door, her big boobs swaying beneath her nightgown.

She took after mom.

“Daddy,” Becky whispered. I could hardly hear her voice. “I... I...”

“Are you ready to lose your virginity, sweetheart?” Daddy asked, his voice gentle.

Becky nodded her head and slipped into the room, closing the door behind her.

To be continued...