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Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 8: Reliving Changed Memories

Linda Davies

“What are you reading?” Marissa asked, hugging me from behind. My lover’s round breasts pressed into my back, her nipples hard, making me shiver. We’d been making love with Evaline almost non-stop since I’d arrived in Vegas to see her.

I almost said the truth of it as I turned off my phone. It would be bad to blurt out that my daughters had lost their virginities tonight to their father. Both of them. Back home in Rainier, Washington, my husband had deflowered them both tonight. I missed it. I wanted to be there for it. I didn’t expect the girls to decide tonight, while I was visiting Marissa, was the time to do it.

But I couldn’t tell Marissa. She couldn’t understand the incestuous love my husband and I had encouraged in our daughters. I’d recognized that they both loved their father and nourished their affections, letting them know it was okay. Steve and I shared women before, so to enjoy our eighteen-year-old and twenty-year-old daughters would be so sexy.

“Just missing my husband,” I lied, squirming in her embrace.

“You could have brought him instead of Evaline,” Marissa said. “It would have been wild.”

“Money,” I answered. “Two plane tickets... But he’s nice enough to let me come. If you’d visit us again, we’d have had so much fun.”

Marissa swept her hands up my naked body to grope my large breasts. She kneaded them, sending delightful tingles through my body. I shivered, my body wiggling. Her lips kissed at my neck as my thoughts drifted.

“It would be wild if he was here,” I said. “I was so scared when I told him about us.” I let out a soft laugh. “I was so scared the first time we had sex. But I’m glad I embraced my bi side.”

“Shame you married a guy and not me,” Marissa said, her shaved pussy rubbing on my rump, her flesh hot and juicy.

“Gay marriage wasn’t legal back then,” I said. “Besides, Steve helped me accept it when he accepted you. It helped me be happy with it and not feel any shame in my desires to be with women. Besides, it was hot having our first threesome.”

“Mmm, let’s have another threesome,” Marissa purred. “Let’s wake up Evaline.”

I smiled as I glanced at the king-sized bed of my hotel room. My friend, Evaline, lay on the bed, her naked body covered by a thin sheet. The Korean was a beautiful woman, married like me. She was one of the many ladies I’d seduced over the years. Thanks to Steve, I didn’t have to contain my desires for women. He encouraged me to enjoy them.

To share them with him.

“Mmm, that sounds like a good idea,” I moaned.

I broke away from Marissa. It was late, but I felt energized. I was on my vacation to see my lover. I could sleep when I returned home. I sauntered to the bed, feeling like such a naughty vixen, a seductress on the prowl. It was so wonderful to embrace my desires. When I was nineteen, first dealing with these desires, I tried to suppress them.

My parents raised me to believe homosexuality was wrong. If I didn’t have Steve, I would have kept myself in the closet. I would have been miserable. I’d never have enjoyed all my female lovers over the years.

I never would have pulled the blanket from Evaline Gilbert’s body.

She was the wife of one of my church’s deacons. It had been so hot to seduce her underneath her husband’s nose. He had no problem letting her spend time with me. It wasn’t weird nor suspicious for friends to spend time together. He didn’t even bat an eye when I invited her to join me on this vacation to visit Marissa.

I licked my lips as I stared at Evaline’s exposed body. Her Asian heritage gave her such a pale-olive cast to her skin. Her body was diminutive, petite, her black hair spread out on the pillow, her breasts small, nipples upswept. She had such a narrow waist, so skinny. A thick bush covered her pussy, hiding her naughty bits.

I parted her thighs, a hunger growing inside of me. I licked my lips, so glad I didn’t stay in the closet. My parents didn’t have to know I liked girls, but I didn’t hide it to the people who were important to me.

“You are just gorgeous, Evaline,” I purred, wishing it was Becky or Sam I was doing this, too. It would be so hot to lick their pussies full of my husband’s cum, an incestuous delight that would be so wrong but also so much fun.

Evaline stirred as I kissed down her thighs. Her breasts rose and fell. Her arms stretched over her head as her eyes, her lashes long and lush, fluttered open. She let out a purring moan as I nuzzled closer and closer to her pussy, her tangy musk growing stronger and stronger.

“Mmm, Linda,” she purred. “Again?”

“Again,” I moaned, kissing closer up her thigh. “You’re just so sexy.”

“Yeah, you are,” Marissa moaned, my black-haired friend crawling across the bed, her breasts swayed, her nipples hard. “Just a sexy minx. You’re making me so wet.”

Evaline licked her lips. “Oh... Maybe... I can do something about it.”

I shivered at the heat in her voice. I had showed her that she could enjoy women. She used to be bottled up so tight she didn’t even know that she had these delights until I awakened her. And now she was eager to feast on Marissa.

As my friend straddled Evaline’s head, lowering shaved snatch to the Korean’s hungry mouth, I nuzzled into Evaline’s bush. Her silky hairs caressed my lips and nose. I breathed in her tangy musk as I found the wet folds of her pussy hidden beneath those silky hairs.

She gasped as my tongue fluttered through her labia. I licked up and down her, caressing her hot lips. She moaned, her hands seizing Marissa’s thighs and yanking my friend down to her mouth. Marissa’s tits bounced. She moaned as her shaved snatch pressed into Evaline’s lips.

Evaline’s pink tongue flicked through my friend’s folds as my tongue flicked through Evaline’s.

“Oh, yes!” Marissa moaned, her back arched. Her hips wiggled from side to side. “Ooh, that’s good. That’s nice. Just feast on me.”

I licked up the tangy juices as Evaline’s hips moved. Her thighs tightened about my face as I feasted on her. I drank her tangy juices, licking them up. I loved her passion filling my mouth. My tongue probed deeper into her pussy, sliding into her married depths.

“Yes, yes!” hissed Marissa. Her hands pinched Evaline’s dusky-brown nipples, twisting them. “Mmm, yes, Linda taught you how to eat pussy!”

“She did!” Evaline moaned. “It’s incredible!”

I shuddered, my hands stroking her thighs as I stared up her body, my mouth pressed tight against her pussy. My tongue flicked up and down her folds then jammed into her married depths. I swept it around, caressing her silky pussy walls.

Her snatch clenched around my tongue. She moaned into Marissa’s snatch, licking, feasting, eating pussy. It was hot. Exciting. My cunt was on fire. I rubbed my thighs together, my clit throbbing and aching. I wanted to touch myself, but...

I was having so much fun eating pussy. It was just such a hot treat to give someone pleasure. My husband, Marissa, my other lovers, and tonight, Evaline. My tongue flicked up to her clit. I brushed her little nub.

Evaline moaned into Marissa’s cunt.

“Mmm, she’s got her tongue jammed so deep into my cunt,” Marissa moaned, her black hair sweeping about her shoulders. “Oh, I love it when you bring friends on your visits, Linda!”

“Me, too!” I moaned then sucked hard on Evaline’s clit.

Evaline bucked hard. Her moans grew louder. She licked my friend’s cunt with such hunger. I watched her pink tongue fluttering through Marissa’s folds. I sucked and nibbled on her clit. I swirled my tongue around her little bud. I made her hotter, wetter.

Her juices smeared across my lips. I wiggled my hips, my juices flowing down my thighs as Evaline shuddered. Her body convulsed, her small breasts jiggling in Marissa’s squeezing hands. Tangy juices flooded around my mouth.

I made my friend cum.

“Oh, damn,” Linda moaned. “Ooh, she’s cumming, isn’t she?”

“I am!” moaned Evaline. “Mmm, now it’s your turn! Cum on my face.”

“Drown her!” I panted then licked and lapped at Evaline’s hot flesh, drinking up her tangy juices.

They flowed down my throat. Such a wondrous treat. I loved it. I jammed my tongue into her convulsing depths. I swirled around inside of her. I stroked her belly, her stomach muscles quivering as her orgasm burned through her.

Marissa groaned. Her face contorted as Evaline kept sucking on her clit. My black-haired friend’s head swayed. She whimpered. I knew those sounds. She was coming closer and closer to exploding on Evaline’s face.

“Do it!” I hissed, lifting my face from Evaline’s cunt. “Drown her!”

“Yes!” Marissa moaned.

Her back arched, her round breasts heaving before her. Her hips wiggled from side to side, drowning Evaline in her juices. I shuddered, watching as my friend surged into her orgasmic delight. Her juices gushed out of her, spilling over Evaline’s hungry mouth.

“Yes!” Evaline moaned. “Oh, you taste so good.”

My own pussy clenched, burning, on fire. This was so hot to watch. I licked my tangy lips as Marissa bucked hard and then fell to her side, landing on the bed beside Evaline. She quivered, her eyes fluttering.

“Oh, god, that’s good,” Marissa moaned, her head lying on Evaline’s stomach. She kissed and mewled, her eyes closed.

“Oh, wow, that was good but...” Evaline’s eyes closed, her face smeared in pussy juices. “Mmm, just need a nap.”

“Uh-huh,” Marissa purred. “So late.”

I nodded, my pussy on fire. I was tired, too, but I wanted to watch that video Sam sent me. She recorded Becky losing her virginity. I ached to witness my oldest child losing her cherry to my husband. I shivered as both of my lovers fell into sleep.

I rose and grabbed my phone I left on the bed. I padded across the hotel room, my eyes heavy, but my pussy smoldering. I slipped into the bathroom and sank down on the toilet, my legs spread, my fingers rubbing at my trimmed bush. I stroked my hot flesh as I played the video.

Sound assaulted me. The screen was jerky, shaking as Sam filmed it. She knelt beside her sister, Becky, who was on her back, her father already atop her, in her. Sam hadn’t gotten the moment of her losing her virginity but started right after.

“Are you making a video?” Becky gasped, her big tits pressed against my husband’s chest.

“Yes!” Sam moaned. “Say hi to Mom!”

“Hi, Mom!” Becky gasped.

Her eyes fluttered while Steve grunted and groaned atop her, making love to her. Our daughter. I thrust a pair of fingers into my pussy, so wishing I was there right now. My digits sank into my juicy snatch, stirring them up.

“I’m a woman now!” Becky continued. “I’m going to cum on his dick! It’s so amazing!”

“It is,” I muttered, my fingers plunging hot and fast into my cunt. I licked my lips, stained with Evaline’s tangy passion. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Daddy’s going to spurt all his jizz in her,” Sam said, her enthusiasm undeniable. “Wouldn’t it be hot if Daddy knocked her up, Mom? Or me!”

“Oh, my god!” I gasped. I thrust a third finger into my cunt. It was the hottest thing I’d heard. Of course, Steve had to breed our daughters. He had to pump their fertile, young wombs full with his incestuous seed.

This video was so hot.

My body shuddered on the toilet. My eyes were locked on the screen, at the naughty sight before me. I plunged my three fingers faster and faster into my cunt as I witnessed the naughty fun happening at my home and...

I felt, for a moment, like I was being watched. What a strange feeling.

I shook my head, my orgasm building and building in me as Steve and Becky drove towards their own orgasms. I whimpered, my cunt clenching on my three fingers. And then my rapture exploded through me.

My pussy convulsed about my digits. I heaved on the toilet, my thoughts dancing with the idea of my husband breeding our daughters. It was so naughty. So wrong. I couldn’t wait to return home on Monday to make sure he did it.

I was such a naughty mother.

* * *

Steve Davies

The Memories Sub-Menu opened, revealing my wife’s entire life before me. I stared at my phone as Anael straddled my waist. The purple-eyed angel grabbed my dick, stroking me. I shuddered as I stared at the list. The most recent memory was labeled:

• Threesome with Marissa and Evaline (No Orgasm for Self)

I shuddered at the other memories. There was a memory of learning Becky lost her cherry, more sex with her friends, finding out Sam lost her cherry, more sex. More sex. She was having a lot of sex in Vegas since she arrived. She even had fun on the plane ride there. I scrolled down the list, seeing all her memories. There were so many of them, dozens and dozens per day.

I groaned as Anael’s pussy engulfed my cock. I savored the feel of the angel’s tight cunt sliding down my shaft. Her silky flesh stimulated me. Pleasure burned around my futa-cock, my hand gripping my phone, my two daughters frozen by paused time, my wife in Vegas masturbating as she watched the video Sam recorded.

“This is incredible,” I groaned, flicking through the list, the memories flying by. There was last night when we made love. I caught a glimpse of a threesome we had last week with a woman I didn’t even know in my original life.

Some things looked familiar, like Sam’s birthday last month, but others were so different. Talking to Becky about lesbian sex. Watching our eldest daughter masturbate. Seducing Evaline Gilbert. Other women. My wife was having a lot of sex with and without me.

It looked like we were having more sex, too. And not just the threesomes.

“I don’t remember any of this,” I muttered as I went farther and farther back, my dick throbbing in Anael’s pussy. I had scrolled far, and I was barely into last year. I would never find what I was looking for at this rate. There was an entire lifetime of memories here. “Is there a search feature?”

“Probably,” Anael moaned. “Mmm, you have such a nice cock. I’m so glad I chose you. Ooh, yes, yes.”

Her small breasts jiggled as she rose up me and then slammed down my dick. My toes curled, the angel’s pussy hot and juicy around my cock. It made it hard to think. I stared at the app, my eyes flicking around the screen and...

In the corner was a little magnifying glass. I wasn’t a technology expert, but I knew that was the symbol to do a search. I hit it and then typed: Steve threesome. I wanted to see that first time she shared a woman with me.

• 317 results

Over our more than twenty years of marriage, we had, what, nearly fifteen threesomes a year. My dick twitched in Anael’s pussy. I shuddered the top of the list was:

• Coming out as Bi to Steve and having a threesome with him and Marissa.

There was a date beside it. A timestamp. It was in the evening. It looked like this memory happened after we’d been dating a few months already. While we were falling in love, she was carrying on this secret relationship with Marissa in the background. My editing had changed it so Linda had the courage to admit her bisexual desires to me.

I clicked the memory, wanting to watch it while Anael rode my cock. My screen flashed and...

Reality flashed. It twitched around me and...

I found myself falling into my screen. The world flowed around me. An image appeared of my younger self, looking so much like my son James, my cheeks smooth, a boyish nervousness about me. My dark hair was short and combed back. I wore those baggy skater jeans, complete with the wallet chain. I forgot I was into that style when I was that young.

Linda resembled Becky. Her cheeks were so girlish. It was my wife, but she was only nineteen, a little slimmer than now, her breasts not as big and looked perkier in her top, her brassy-brown hair longer, falling down to her waist. I remembered her braiding it sometimes, a thick cord of silk falling down to her cute ass.

It was so surreal to see us paused like this outside her dorm room. Memories rushed through me of the first time she took me to her dorm room. Marissa had cleared out for us. At the time, I thought my wife’s roommate was annoyed at having to leave the room, but now...

Now I realized she was annoyed that her lover would rather be with me. It was surprising their friendship survived Linda choosing me.

I drifted, moving as a bodiless spirit. Everything was paused. How did I make it move? I drifted to my younger self, shaking my head at how scrawny I looked. I had this foolish grin on my lips, my arm around Linda’s shoulder. She looked... tense.

It was subtle.

“Probably worried about how I’ll react,” I said to myself. We were both Christians in college. We met at a local bible study. Of course, I had to ask out the cutest girl there. I smiled, remembering how it was her long hair I’d noticed first.

“Damn,” I muttered as I came closer and closer and...

I felt a vacancy in my body like my past self was hollow. I could feel it. I touched myself and... fell into him in the same way I fell into my phone. I wrapped myself up in my past flesh. I shuddered as I settled into me and...

...the future faded away as reality lurched and...

I was so excited to be going back to Linda’s dorm. It wasn’t our first time together, but it felt different going to her place and not mine. I swallowed, hoping I could perform again. Her perfume filled my nose as we stopped before her dorm room.

I had this strange feeling that I knew what would happen in there that... I’d done this. A weird deja vu washed over me that momentarily swallowed my nervousness. Linda fumbled for her keys out of her purse.

“I hope you’re not going to be mad,” she muttered.

“Mad?” I frowned. An unease settled into my stomach as she produced her keys and jammed them into the lock. “Why would I be mad? I mean...” My dick was so hard. “Are you not feeling up to... it?”

Her cheeks went rosy. “No, no, it’s just... I can’t hide this. I don’t want to be ashamed of who I am. I thought I had to, but... I’ve been thinking... You’re a great guy. I have to get this out in the open now before it becomes impossible.”

“What are you saying?” I said, my heart pounding in my chest. I wasn’t that experienced. I had a few other girlfriends. I even slept with one, which was a complete disaster. Was I not satisfying her?

She opened the door to her dorm room as she said. “I... like women.”

I blinked as we entered her dorm. “What? You don’t mean like like? Right. You can’t...”

My words trailed off. It wasn’t her dorm room that shocked me—it didn’t look that much different from my own, the furniture all the same but the decor different, feminine and far cleaner—but her roommate. Marissa was draped across her bed in a lacy bra and panties, a smoky look on her face.

Linda broke away from me. She almost floated to her roommate’s bed. Marissa rose, her curly, black hair spilling about your youthful, predatory face. She had bright, red lipstick. Her round breasts jiggled in her pale-lilac bra, trimmed in this dark purple lace. She looked so lovely like she was ready for a date and...

Linda cupped her face.

“You’re gay?” I gasped at my girlfriend as she leaned down and kissed Marissa.

Despite the punch to my guts that left me spinning, the pain of watching my girlfriend kiss another person, heat surged through me. My dick hardened in my jeans. My cock swelled as I watched their lips meet, work together. I’d never seen two girls kiss before. It was... hot.

A part of me rebelled. This was wrong. Homosexuality was a sin, but... but... Their lips were so soft, Marissa’s so red, Linda’s so pink. I’d kissed Linda’s mouth, and now Marissa did the same. My girlfriend’s fingers caressed her friend’s cheeks. Their tongues met, their kiss growing hotter and hotter.

My heart drummed in my chest. I should stop this. I should tell them they can’t do this, but... I couldn’t make myself say anything. Their passion was so obvious. Linda kissed Marissa like she kissed me.

I thought Linda loved me. I know we were only dating a few months, but we had this powerful connection and... and...

This wasn’t a new thing between them. There was a familiarity to their passion. The way Marissa’s hands went to the hem of Linda’s top, sliding it up to expose pale flesh, was practiced. Linda’s hands slid down her friend’s face to her neck. To her collarbone. She cupped Marissa’s breasts through her bra. Linda’s touch appeared skilled. She’d touched Marissa like this.

They’d made love before.

My dick was rock hard. I shifted, my wallet chain rubbing against my jeans. I swallowed, my heart hammering as Marissa pushed Linda’s top up and over her breasts. She wore a red bra cupping her large tits. They broke their kiss long enough to rip off their blouses.

“Mmm, this is so hot,” Marissa moaned and then kissed Linda again.

I could only groan.

As wrong as I knew this was, as jealous that I was that Marissa was kissing my girlfriend, the sensuality of this moment rooted me in place. They kissed again, squeezing each other’s tits through their bras. They were lesbians.

I couldn’t look away.

I groaned as Linda shoved up her friend’s bra cups, exposing dusky nipples. They broke the kiss and my girlfriend ducked down and sucked on Marissa’s nipple. She loved it, her tongue swirling around it between hot sucks. It was naughty. I had never thought of doing that with a woman’s nipple.

With Linda’s nipple.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Marissa moaned, her hands slipping off Linda’s bra straps. “You are so good at that.” Her brown eyes flicked to me. “She was so shy the first time she sucked on my nipple. Scared, Steve?”

I swallowed. I was scared. As horny as I was, I was terrified at what this meant. Why I was even here?

Linda sucked with passion. Her cheeks hollowed. Her lips would pop off with wet smacks. She nipped that dusky nub. Linda moaned, her hips wiggling, her jeans hugging her rump. Her bra came off, her breasts dangling, Marissa’s hands squeezing them, kneading them the way I had.

Linda moaned. There was a passion in her, that passion I’d tasted. She pushed Marissa down on her bed, still sucking and nibbling on those breasts. She went back and forth, loving them, making Marissa gasp and moan.

I swallowed. My mouth dry. I rubbed sweaty hands on my baggy jeans.

Marissa’s hands slid down Linda’s sides to her jeans. I jumped at the pop of the fastener coming undone. Zippers rasped. Marissa winked at me as she pushed Linda’s jeans off her hips, exposing the red panties clinging to her slender ass.

“Damn,” I muttered as those jeans slid down her pale thighs. A dark spot had formed on her panties gusset centered right over her pussy.

“Mmm, damn indeed,” Marissa moaned. “She’s making me so wet. We’re going to eat each other. Guys like that, right?”

I just swallowed.

“Oh, yes, you’re going to just love this.”

Linda popped her mouth off Marissa’s nipple. “You will, Steve. Right?” She threw a look over her shoulder at me, her green eyes stared at me, imploring me. “Right?”

I just swallowed, not sure what to say. Did she want my blessing that she was leaving me for a girl? Did she want to prove that she was a lesbian so there would be no confusion? Did she want to make sure I was okay with this? Did she think we could be friends after she broke my heart?

Was I just a... a... beard for her? That was the term, right? For a gay person dating a straight person to pretend to the world they were something they weren’t. Why should they hide it?

Because it was a sin.

But... people had the right to sin. I had sex with Linda. It was just as much a sin, right? All sins were the same to God and...

I groaned as Linda tugged down Marissa’s panties. My eyes widened. Marissa didn’t have a bush. She was shaved. I’d heard about it from guys I knew boasting about wild girls who shaved their bushes, their pussies exposed. Marissa’s vulva was puffy. Her inner pussy lips peeked out. Juices gleamed on them. I licked my lips, my heart pounding.

This was the hottest thing I had ever watched.

“I’m going to eat her pussy, Steve,” Linda said. “I hope that’s okay.” She glanced at me again. “Steve?”

“What?” I croaked.

“Is that okay?” she asked, her voice tremulous.

“If it’s what you want to do,” I said. “I mean... I don’t own you or anything.”

“You’re not handling this well,” she said. “Do you hate me?”

“I... I don’t know what I feel,” I said, honest. “I just...” My words trailed off as I saw her finger stroking up and down Marissa’s pussy.

“He wants to watch,” Marissa moaned. “He’s a guy. Mmm, get those panties off. Let’s sixty-nine and give him a show.”

Linda shivered. She rose, her large, naked breasts jiggling. Her dark-red nipples thrust hard from her areolas. Her hips wiggled as she hooked her panties. She shoved them down, rolling the panties down her butt-cheeks. She had such a peachy rump. I loved her ass.

I groaned as her bush peeked between her thighs, trimmed, a redder hue than her hair. She leaned over, pointing her rump at me, her pussy lips peeking through her curly bush. Then she stepped out of her panties and mounted the bed.

“I’m a little afraid, Steve,” Linda said. “You’re not saying much. I want you to like this.”

“He likes it,” Marissa said. “He’s hard. Look at him.”

Linda’s eyes flicked down at me. She stared at my crotch. My girlfriend—was she still my girlfriend?—licked her lips. She shivered, then she knelt beside her roommate—or was Marissa Linda’s actual girlfriend?—and rubbed Marissa’s stomach. Linda’s fingers reaching towards her roommate’s bush.

“Come on, sit on my face!” Marissa moaned. “I’m so wet. Your boyfriend watching me is turning me on.”

“Really?” Linda asked.

“Yes!” Marissa’s grabbed Linda’s wrist and tugged her to her. “Come on, let’s eat each other out!”

I groaned as Linda straddled Marissa’s face, lowering her bush to her roommate’s mouth. She settled on Marissa and... Marissa licked Linda’s pussy. I groaned, watching lesbian sex for the first time. My eyes stared at Marissa’s tongue running through my girlfriend’s pussy, the same pussy I’d eaten.

“Oh, yes!” Linda moaned, her voice so throaty, her big boobs jiggling. “Mmm, I love that, Steve. She’s good at eating pussy. Different from you.”

My cheeks burned. My dick felt like led.

“I have to eat her,” Linda moaned. “I love eating her. I tried to deny it after our first time. I tried to pretend like it was a mistake. I was just caught up in college, but... It was amazing. I couldn’t get enough of it. Like the first time I sucked your cock, just... I... I like this, Steve. A lot.”

She bent over, her breasts pilling onto Marissa’s stomach. Linda nuzzled her face into her roommate’s shaved pussy. Her brassy hair fell around her face, hiding what she was doing. I wanted to see, to witness. Marissa moaned. Her body arched and I knew Linda’s tongue was lapping through her roommate’s pussy.

“Damn,” I muttered, my hands rubbing on my jeans, my dick aching. This was so wrong, but... they made such sounds of passion. They looked so beautiful as they writhed together. Marissa’s hands grabbed Linda’s rump. Linda’s hands slid up and down Marissa’s thighs.

They feasted on each other.

Loved each other.

My girlfriend was a lesbian. Should I go? I felt like I wasn’t needed here. The door was right behind me. But I couldn’t look away. I squeezed my cock through my jeans, feeling that rush of pleasure shot through me as they moaned. They licked. I could hear their tongues fluttering. They squirmed, the bed creaking.

They made love to each other. They stroked each other. I could smell their passion, a mix of the familiar, spicy musk from my girlfriend with a sweeter aroma. Marissa’s passion. That was what Linda was tasting.

“Linda!” Marissa moaned. “Mmm, yes, yes. Play with my clit! Ooh, that’s good.”

I squeezed my dick.

“Mmm, you’re fingers are being naughty!” Linda gasped.

My eyes shot to my girlfriend’s ass. Marissa’s slender fingers had dipped into Linda’s butt-crack, sliding down lower and lower until... Was Marissa playing with Linda’s asshole? My dick throbbed against my squeezing hand as Marissa’s moved like her finger circled something.

Then she thrust in.

Linda’s head shot up from Marissa’s pussy, my girlfriend’s lips and chin smeared in glistening cream. “Oh, that’s so naughty!” Linda’s green, glassy eyes met mine. “Steve! She’s fingering my butt! Isn’t that naughty of her?”

“Yeah,” I croaked.

Linda buried her face in between Marissa’s thighs, resuming her feast. I swallowed, my heart racing. This was so surreal. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I shook my head. It felt like the room was spinning.

They moaned. They gasped. Marissa plunged her finger in and out of my girlfriend’s asshole while eating her pussy. The bed croaked. The aroma of their combined passion filled my nose. It felt so stifling in this dorm room. I didn’t belong here. They were loving each other. I should go, but...


Their moans. Their naked bodies pressed together. The sounds of their licking tongues. It all swirled around me. I wanted to masturbate. If I kept groping my cock through my jeans I’d spurt in my boxers. I was so turned on right now.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Marissa gasped, shuddering.

“Oh, Marissa, you’re so naughty!”

“My clit! Suck my clit!”

Linda made such obscene, sucking and slurping sounds. Her hand slid down Marissa’s inner thigh. My eyes widened as my girlfriend jammed her fingers into Marissa’s snatch. I caught a glimpse of Linda’s slender digits vanishing into pink flesh.

“I’m going to cum!” hissed Marissa. “Finger me! Flutter against my clit! Like that!”

Linda squirmed. She wiggled her hips, her butt-cheeks clenching about Marissa’s fingers. The two girls moaned and gasped. The bed creaked as they shuddered against each other. I swallowed, feeling their passion swell and swell.

Then Linda cried out in that familiar tone of her orgasm. She quivered atop Marissa, still sucking on the black-haired girl’s clit. My girlfriend trembled, moaned. She jammed her fingers deep into Marissa’s snatch.

“Yes!” gasped Marissa. “That’s so good and... and... Linda!”

They were both cumming, writhing in their lesbian passion. My dick twitched in my jeans. I should go. Let them enjoy themselves. If I didn’t, I would be stroking myself so hard. I would be masturbating to their sinful pleasure.

Linda’s head snapped up. Her green eyes locked onto mine, simmering with her passion. Juices gleamed on her pink lips. More dribbled down her chin and neck. Her large tits swayed before her, nipples so hard.

“Kiss me, Steve!” she moaned.

“What?” I gasped.

She reached out to me, fingers flexing. “Come kiss me!”

I drifted to her like a sailor towards the siren’s rocks. I had no control. My lusts had seized me. I stared at her pink lips smeared in Marissa’s cream. Her imploring hand snagged my jeans’ belt loop, pulling me closer. My head ducked down.

Our lips met.

I tasted the sweet cream as she kissed me. Her left arm hooked my neck, holding me to her while she moaned and whimpered against my mouth. Her tongue thrust into mine, dancing with unbridled passion. Her left hand slid down my body, caressing me through my shirt. I felt her fingernails. Heat rippled through me.

My dick throbbed.

Her hands reached my pants. My crotch. She squeezed me through my fly. My dick twitched in her grip as I kissed her. I don’t know how I kept from cumming. I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t think with the taste of sweet pussy adorning her lips.

She broke the kiss, her fingers unzipping my fly. “You have to fuck her, Steve.”

“What?” I gasped.

“I don’t want to hide who I am,” she moaned. “I’m bi. I love you, but... but... I like girls, too. There are things they give me you can’t but... I want to share them. We can enjoy them. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Enjoy... them...” My eyes widened as she unsnapped my jeans. They fell off my hips while her hand shoved into my boxers. “You mean...”

“If you don’t hate me,” she moaned. “If you can accept who I am.” She smiled at me. “I love you, Steve. I do. I just... need more. Won’t you... share that with me?”

“Yes,” I groaned as she pulled my hard cock out of my boxers. “I... I would.”

“You don’t hate me for liking girls?” she asked, pressing the tip of my cock against her roommate’s—her lover’s—pussy.

“No,” I groaned, staring into her eyes, speaking the truth. “How could I ever hate you. I love you. You have to be true to yourself. You won’t be happy otherwise.”

“Even if it’s a sin?” she asked.

My hands squeezed her breasts. “When we make love, it’s a sin. I don’t care. I just want to be with you. God will understand.”

She kissed me hard as she rubbed me up and down Marissa’s hot cunt. My girlfriend’s mouth tasted so sweet while pleasure rippled through me. It flowed from my cock and threw my body. I groaned, my heart pumping blood through my body.

I thrust into Marissa’s pussy as I kissed my girlfriend. Loved my girlfriend.

Hot, tight cunt engulfed my cock. Marissa felt different from Linda. Tighter and deeper in her sheath. I groaned as my cock throbbed in her. My balls thwacked against her rump. She was right at the edge of the bed, making this easy for me. My tongue dueled with Linda’s. She moaned into my mouth as my hands...

My hands found her breasts.

I squeezed and kneaded her boobs, loving the feel of them as I pumped away at her lover’s pussy. Marissa moaned, her passion muffled by... Linda’s pussy. The realization that the black-haired beauty was still licking my girlfriend’s snatch electrified me.

I thrust harder, kissed Linda with more passion. The pleasure flooded down my shaft. I groaned, dizzy with this passion. With this moment. It was incredible to experience. To get to enjoy this delight with the girl I loved.

“Steve!” Linda moaned, breaking the kiss, her arms still around my neck. Her green eyes danced before me. “Oh, she’s groaning into my pussy. She loves your dick in her.”

“I love being in her!” I groaned, my balls swaying. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Me either!” she moaned. “I was so scared. A part of me wanted to hide this from you. To never be honest with you, but... but... I just had this feeling I could trust you.”

“You can!” I panted, thrusting away. “I love you, Linda!”

She kissed me harder. Our tongues met, dueled. She moaned into our kiss while Marissa’s pussy massaged my dick. It was so incredible. I pounded hard into her, my orgasm building fast. This was too hot. I was too excited by watching them to hold off my longer. I wanted to enjoy this, but it was impossible.

I couldn’t control my strokes. I just pounded Marissa, driving myself towards my orgasm. Her silky pussy felt incredible. My hands squeezed Linda’s tits, brushing her hard nipples. I groaned into her mouth, loving her while Marissa pleased us both.

Marissa pleased us both.

Threesomes were incredible.

Linda broke the kiss. Her eyes widened. “Yes, yes, yes, Marissa!”

“What?” I gasped as she trembled.

She pressed her forehead against me. “She’s fingering my asshole again and sucking on my clit and.. .and... I’m cumming!”

My girlfriend’s breasts quivered in my hand as she came on her lover’s face. Marissa’s pussy squeezed around my dick as she licked and feasted on Linda’s spicy cream. I groaned as the knowledge that Linda’s orgasm screamed through her electrified my nuts.

I buried into Marissa’s pussy and erupted.

My cum fired hot and thick into her depths. I grunted and groaned as I thrust into her. Her pussy grew hotter around me as the pleasure slammed into my mind. Marissa moaned. Then her cunt convulsed around me, milking my cock.

It was incredible. I kissed Linda with such passion as my dick spurted a final time into her lover’s depths. Marissa’s snatch kept writhing about me, bathing me in her juices. Linda whimpered into the kiss, clutching me. I squeezed her tits as my body buzzed with rapture.

Linda broke the kiss. “Wasn’t that amazing?”

“Yes!” I groaned, panting.

“Mmm, now you just watch us get you hard again,” Linda purred. “I want you to fuck me next.”

I nodded my head. I knew it wouldn’t be long at all until I would get it up. I pulled out of Marissa then groaned as Linda ducked her head down and licked my cum flowing out of her girlfriend’s snatch. Marissa whimpered.

“Damn, Steve, that was hot!” she groaned. “You’re not a bad fuck, for a guy.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I just ripped off my shirt and kicked off my jeans bunched around my ankles while watching the show. This was incredible. Linda was incredible. I was so glad she trusted me to share this with me and...

I left my body.

I watched the past me with this foolish grin while I... remembered it all. That night. What happened after. How I fucked Linda while eating Marissa out. How they played with each other to get me hard. Five times. I came five times that night until my dick was sore from fucking, pushing my nineteen-year-old self to the limits of biology.

Then I was back in my own body in the present, holding the phone. Anael was sliding her cunt up and down my dick as I...


“Fuck!” I grunted, my dick spurting into the angel’s pussy while I remembered my first threesome with my wife. It set aside the memory of that original night where we just made love once and held each other before I slipped out to do homework. “Goddamn, that was incredible. I can view her memories. Relive them.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Anael moaned. “Ooh, that’s exciting.”

Her pussy milked my cock as my cum pumped into her. I spasmed beside my time-paused daughters. My mind boiled beneath the pleasure firing out of my dick. The angel’s cunt writhed about my cock, stimulating me, giving me another burst of pleasure.

I loved these powers, and what I could do with them. I would enjoy myself and make something better in the world.

* * *

Are you enjoying the game, Most High?

Indeed. Anael’s choice is perfect. The right mix of righteousness and lust. What will he make of the world? What will he change? How shall he shape it? He yearns to do good.

But will his intentions lead to ruin, Most High?

Not even I can tell. He is outside of fate. The possibilities...

The Divine Council is inspired. The Host is intrigued by the game. Many are... envious of Anael’s position in it.

Yes, yes, she is indulging her passion. She has whispered into the Mortal’s ear, nudging him towards her own predilections.

She is the Angel of Sexuality, Most High.

Now our Mortal needs a challenger. An opponent. Summon Jophiel.

The Angel of Illumination, Most High?

Yes, yes, she needs to choose an adversary. Let us see how the Mortal handles a second player on the field. Jophiel’s light shall guide her to the appropriate Mortal.

Her light shall illuminate the Mortal’s wants and desires, Most High. The game shall be... intriguing.

To be continued...