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Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 9: A Special Tool

James Davies

I groggily rose from sleep, unable to ignore my bladder any longer. I thrust off my blanket and sat up, blinking, the world a blur without my glasses. I groaned, wanting to slip back into sleep. It was Saturday. I was up late drawing. I almost finished the next panel of my comic. I glanced at the wall, at the drawing of my two girls.

Orihime and Ruri.

Even without my glasses, I could tell them apart. Orihime was all curves, her stance flirty and open, wanting to love me with her sweetness. Her orange hair swept around her face, her blue eyes almost glowing. Ruri stood slender and aloof. Remote, hiding her feelings beneath a cool mask. Her light-purple hair fell in pigtails, her purple eyes hovering on the edge of disdain and longing, her true emotions peeking through.

I grabbed my silver-rimmed glasses and pulled them on. The world sharpened into focus. I drew in a breath, my toes curling. The house sounded quiet. It was... after ten in the morning. I blinked, surprised my sisters, especially Sam, weren’t up and making a racket. Maybe it was because Mom was visiting her friend in Vegas.

I stood up and stretched. My bladder demanded I do something about it. My stomach rumbled. I grabbed a discarded t-shirt, pulling it on as I stumbled to the door, scratching at my balls through my plaid boxers.

It felt good to piss and relieve myself. As I did, I became more and more awake. My stomach rumbled. I needed breakfast. I headed downstairs. The house was just so quiet. There was no one up at all. I frowned at that, shaking my head as I wondered where everyone was. It looked like no one had woken up. The lights were off.


I poured myself a bowl of cereal. I yawned again, dumping milk over the marshmallow goodness. I clutched the bowl and headed back to my room, taking the stairs with care so as not to slosh my milk around. I was eager to get back to my comic. I was so close to the naughty bits. Ruri was going to finally show her affection. She was unable to hide her feelings behind her outbursts of emotion.

I reached the second floor and...

Becky was slipping out of our parents’ bedroom in her nightgown. She froze at the sight of me. My older sister, her auburn hair falling loosely about her round face. The twenty-year-old girl swallowed as she stared at me. Her large breasts, as big as our mothers, rose and fell in her nightgown.

I shivered. Her nipples were hard. My dick began hardening in my boxers. She was my sister. I shouldn’t get turned on by the sight of her. My cheeks warming, I didn’t know what to do as she stared at me.

“Morning!” she squeaked, always shy, and darted for the bathroom. She vanished inside.

I shook my head, not sure what was up with that. Adjusting my cock, I headed for my bedroom. I slipped inside and glanced at my drawing of Orihime. Big and busty, like Becky, with a round face. I set down my cereal bowl on my desk.

Becky might have turned me on, but I was nineteen. Everything turned me on. It would be Orihime I thought about later. I smiled at her. She and Ruri were almost real to me. When I was drawing, it was almost like they were with me.

I smiled. We would definitely have some fun today.

* * *

Becky Davies

My heart was still beating fast when I emerged from the bathroom. I should have just used the master bathroom, but I wasn’t thinking right. I was so used to this one. I stared at James’s room. Did he think it was weird that I emerged from our parents’ bedroom? Did he have any idea that Daddy popped my cherry last night?

My entire body trembled. James couldn’t know about us. He wouldn’t understand. Just because Mom and Dad understood that Sam and I had incestuous desires for our father, didn’t mean James would. Maybe he would just think I was talking to Dad. I mean, it wasn’t weird to go into our parents’ bedroom to talk to them.


He didn’t say anything. He just stared like an idiot at me.

I glanced at the door to Daddy’s room. Should I risk it to go back in there? Would James realize it? Would he... hear anything? Music thudded from his room. He must be drawing. He always listened to beats while drawing. He’d be lost for a while, drawing those pervy anime girls of his.

I wanted to return to Daddy. Last night was magical. I loved him so much. It was fun playing around with Sam, and I would totally do things with Mom, but it was Daddy I loved. I was his now. Sam and I would share him with Mom and be so happy. A kinky harem underneath James’s nose.

I wished my brother could understand things.

I slipped back into Daddy’s room and... smiled.

Sam was kneeling beside him, her short, fiery hair swaying about her face as she bobbed her head, sliding her lips up and down Daddy’s dick. He groaned, awake, enjoying my sister’s mouth. She looked so cute, her body trembling. Her hips wiggled from side to side as she blew him, her hand busy between her thighs, rubbing at her shaved pussy.

She was so kinky.

Daddy glanced at me, smiling. His dark hair was mussed after a night of passion. He was so fit and handsome. I shivered as he stared at me. My nightgown felt so heavy on my body all of a sudden. My nipples ached and throbbed. I ripped it off, exposing my naked body to Daddy’s gaze.

His eyes flicked up and down my body. My pillowy tits swayed as I squirmed. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Sam’s wet sucking echoed through the room. She slurped as she worked her mouth up and down his cock, her hand massaging his balls.

“James saw me, Daddy,” I said, my hands rubbing at my stomach.

“Oh?” he asked, voice throaty.

“What if he... wonders why I was coming out of here?”

Sam’s mouth popped off Daddy’s cock. “He won’t realize anything,” she said, shaking Daddy’s cock. “James is dense. So come on and let’s enjoy breakfast.”

I bit my lip.

“It’ll be fine,” Daddy said. “I’ll talk to James tomorrow.”

His words were so confident. Of course, Daddy could handle things. I shivered as I drifted to the bed, eager to share his cock with my little sister.

* * *

Steve Davies

Becky crawled onto the bed, her large breasts swaying. They were as big as Linda’s, big and pillowy. Becky’s auburn hair swayed about her body. She looked good with her hair loose, but she also was sexy with her hair in a braid. My twenty-year-old daughter had a big smile on her round face. Her blue eyes twinkled.

James could wait for tomorrow. When I had my next three edits on the phone. I would make him so happy he wouldn’t care I was fucking both his sisters.

Sam held my cock to her sister. It was so great to see them get along. They weren’t jealous over their crushes on me, but happy that they both could love me knowing that I would care for them as much as their mother. I remembered the true past, not the edited reality where Sam and Becky cared for each other. Loved each other.

Shared their passion with me.

Becky’s head leaned down. She licked and lapped at my cock. Her tongue dragged up my shaft. She brushed the tip of my cock. I groaned. My toes curled as she danced her tongue around the spongy crown.

Then Sam joined her. Their tongues both swirled around my cock. I groaned, my dick throbbing and twitching. This was an incredible sight. Both my daughters pleasured me. They fluttered their tongues up and down my tip, brushing each other. They licked and caressed me. Their lips nibbled and kissed at the sides as they fisted me.

“Damn,” I groaned as my two daughters loved me.

A set of blue and green eyes stared up at me, their cheeks rubbing together. Becky’s hand found my balls. She kneaded them, massaging my cum-filled nuts as the two sisters sucked on the edges of my dick’s tip, their lips meeting, almost kissing around the crown of my cock. It was incredible. My balls twitched. My toes curled.

It was incredible to experience this.

All thanks to Anael and this mysterious app. Why would God give me this power? To let me indulge in my perverted passion. I should be using these abilities to help people. I was being tested and... and...

My daughters were sucking on my dick.

Becky’s lips slid over my cock as Sam pulled away. My youngest flicked her green eyes up to me, a mischievous grin on her face. Becky’s lips slid up and down my cock, her heavy tits swaying back and forth as my eldest daughter loved me.

“That’s it,” Sam purred. She licked her sister’s ear. “Mmm, just love Daddy’s cum and get us some yummy breakfast. Cum’s full of all that protein. A breakfast any slutty daughter should enjoy.”

Becky moaned about my cock. The humming buzz made my dick throb. My shaft twitched as Sam fisted me. Becky sucked harder, bobbing her head up and down my cock. The pleasure spilled through me.

“Yes, yes, get Daddy to cum all over our faces so we can lick each other clean. That’ll make him hard.”

“Damn, you are naughty, Sam,” I groaned.

She flashed me another grin, stroking my cock faster.

Then Becky popped her mouth off and smiled at Sam. “Your turn!”

“It’s so good to see you two share,” I groaned as Sam engulfed the tip of my cock. My youngest swallowed my shaft with skill. She sucked with an enthusiasm that made my toes curl.

“Why wouldn’t we share, Daddy?” Becky asked. “We both love you.”

Those words made my cock throb in her hand. I groaned as Sam took more and more of my cock. My dick brushed the back of her throat. My balls throbbed in Becky’s hand. Sam’s tongue swirled around my cock, teasing me.

“Yes, yes, Sam,” Becky said. “We’re going to have cum for breakfast. That’s so naughty.”

Sam popped her mouth off my dick with a wet plop. “It’s more than naughty! We’re going to be such sluts for Daddy, Becky! Sluts!”

As she re-engulfed my cock, Becky shivered. She glanced up at me, her blue eyes dewy. “Do you want us to be your sluts, Daddy?”

“Yes!” I groaned, the pleasure flowing down my cock. “I would love for you to be my slutty daughters. I love you so much!”

Becky smiled. “We’re his sluts, Sam!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Sam’s mouth. My youngest sucked with such enthusiasm, her incestuous passion surged through me. My cock twitched and throbbed in her mouth. “Damn, I’m going to cum.”

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” Becky said, rubbing her cheek against her sister’s. “Cum on our faces so we can lick it off each other. Won’t that be naughty, Daddy?”

“So naughty!” I groaned my balls tensing beneath Becky’s massaging hand. “Just a little more, Sam.”

The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. Sam’s sucking mouth brought me closer and closer to exploding. Her green eyes twinkled in delight as she loved me. She slurped on my cock, drool leaking down my shaft to her stroking hand.

“Just cum on us, Daddy!” Becky cried out, her voice throaty. Her blue eyes begged, her round face pressed against her sister’s. “We’re your slutty daughters!”

“Yes!” I growled, my balls twitching. I was almost there. “Sam!”

Sam popped her mouth off my dick. Her hand flew up and down my shaft, massaging the tip of my cock. Their cheeks pressed together, Sam aiming my cock right at them. The pleasure surged up my cock to the tip. I was almost there and...


My dick exploded.

My incestuous cum erupted from my dick. It splashed across their faces. Ropy lines of taboo passion painted their expressions. From Sam’s elfin features to Becky’s youthful delight. I sprayed their cheeks. Their foreheads. My pearly spunk dribbled down their faces as I grunted. Every blast of jizz sent a bolt of rapture through me.

I groaned, the bed creaking as my body shuddered. My balls unloaded. More and more cum erupted from my shaft. It coated my daughter’s faces. Becky massaged my nuts, working out all my jizz. Sam stroked my cock with her milking grip.

“Fuck!” I grunted. My body spasmed one final time as the last spurt of jizz spilled over Sam’s hand.

With a moan, Becky turned her head and licked first. My shy, older daughter lapped up my jizz from her younger sister’s face. It was so exciting to watch. Her pink tongue gathered up that pearly spunk. Sam whimpered, her eyes fluttering.

Then they attacked each other.

I watched in awe as my two daughters enjoyed their salty breakfast. Their tongues flicked and fluttered, their naked bodies trembling. I grinned at the hot sight, their lips meeting, kissing. They snowballed my jizz back and forth, the two sisters sharing this delight. They moaned, whimpered. Sam’s hands kneaded Becky’s soft tits.

“You two are just so beautiful,” I groaned, smiling at them.

They broke apart, drops of cum still beading on their faces. “Thanks, Daddy!” Sam said. “Mmm, that was good.”

“Yeah,” I said then my stomach growled.

“Oh, no, Daddy needs his breakfast, too!” Becky said. “Come on!”

She jumped from the bed and darted naked to the door. She reached it and gasped, her cute, curvy rump clenching as she whirled around. She pressed her back to the door, her cheeks a mask of scarlet. Sam burst out into laughter.

“Forget to get dressed?” Sam asked, reaching off the bed to snag her own nightgown. She wore nightgowns now. I changed her from preferring pants to skirts, a minor change that I didn’t think would turn her into preferring feminine sleeping attire instead of her PJs.

“I was just... excited,” Becky said, her large tits rising and falling.

The girls darted into the bathroom to wash their faces before dressing and heading downstairs. I followed them in boxers and a t-shirt. I leaned against the wall, watching them cook pancakes and bacon, giggling and laughing.

It was surreal. For years, the pair had been fighting. Ever since puberty, the pair did not get along. And now they were so close. They kept glancing at each other, sharing giggles and wicked smiles. Becky’s hair danced loosely about her shoulders, tousled by our night of passion.

She looked so much like her mother had when I first met Linda. My dick hardened in my boxers, remembering the first threesome. It was incredible to relive my memories from this edited timeline. There were other threesomes I’d enjoyed with my wife. I could sink into them whenever I wanted.

Interactive porn starring my wife. How kinky.

Breakfast was almost as good as Linda’s. My wife had a magical touch in the kitchen. Becky had it, but Sam, even in this edited timeline, was hopeless. The bacon was burned at the edges, but I nibbled around it. I didn’t say anything because she was just so happy to serve me.

I left the girls to clean up and took a shower, feeling refreshed. I came downstairs in a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. I was thinking about diving into another memory of fun with my wife when my phone rang.

My wife’s smiling face appeared on the screen. I grinned and swiped the screen, wandering away from the kitchen.

“Hey, honey.”

“Hey, stud,” she said, a throaty quality to her voice. “Both our daughter’s cherries? In one night? Are you still alive?”

“I feel amazing,” I said. After reliving that memory of Linda embracing her bisexual side and sharing her love with me, I felt more comfortable with this conversation. I still remembered my life where Linda hid the truth from me, disgusted and ashamed of her lesbian desire for her friend, Marissa. “They were... eager.”

“I bet they were,” Linda moaned. “I am so jealous that I missed it.” She let out a sigh. “Why did they have to wait until I was out of town?”

“Sam started it,” I said, lying. Should I tell my wife about my phone? Could I even convince her of what I could do? How? I couldn’t edit her ever again. Once I changed someone, that was it. “Maybe she just wanted me all to herself. You’d have to ask her.”

“I did. She just said it felt right tonight. Like she just knew it was time.” She sighed. “Becky, too.”

“Sorry, honey,” I said, sitting down on the couch in the living room. “But you’re having fun in Vegas. You looked happy with Evaline and Marissa.”

“Mmm, she’s a vixen,” my wife said. “Still... I’d kinda rather be home right now.”

“Our daughters aren’t going anywhere,” I said, surprised by this strange twist of guilt. I should be angry at Linda. She’d been cheating on me since we started dating, hiding her relationship with Marissa. But... it was me she chose, and... I cheated on her today. And thanks to my changes, well, she never cheated on me in this timeline.

That Linda no longer existed.

That made my head ache.

“You can play with Sam and Becky on Monday. They’re eager for you to come home.”

“I know,” Linda said. “My phone is full of texts from Sam. She’s snapped me so many naughty pics of her pussy. She captions them with things like: ‘Can’t wait for you to lick this pussy, Mom,’ and, ‘Imagine your face between my thighs.’ Stuff like that.”

“Good thing you have two women to lick your pussy and calm you down after getting those pics.”

My wife gave a throaty laugh. “Good thing. Though they’re sleeping at the moment. We were up late last night.”

“Me, too,” I said. “Our daughters woke me up with a blowjob.”

“Lucky stud,” she said. “You’re getting so much pussy this weekend. I’m glad. I always feel a little guilty when I go on these trips knowing you’re home alone.”

I shifted, swallowing. “You ever wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t told me about Marissa. That you... were too ashamed to admit you were bi. That you were hiding it from me.”

“Why are you asking that, Steve?”

“No reason,” I lied, feeling my phone in my hand. It grew so heavy. I had so much power in it.

“I don’t know. Probably miserable trying to hide it. Marissa would hate me.” She shuddered. “She’s never really forgiven me that I chose you over her.”

“So you think it’s better this way?”

“Than denying myself? Or course. Just like it’s good that our daughters don’t deny their love for you.”

“Yeah, it is,” I said, my dick throbbing. I adjusted myself in my jeans. “So, what are you three doing today?”

“Going to a strip club, I think. After seeing a few shows. I’m going to buy Evaline a lap dance and see how she reacts.”

“That sounds—”

“Daddy,” Sam said, appearing before me wearing a short skirt. It was such an alien sight to me, her lithe legs on display. She had an old shirt on that fit tight to her petite body, molding to her small breasts. “It’s time to work on the car.”

“Our daughter is standing before me in a short skirt,” I said. “She looks insistent.”

“I bet she is,” Linda said. “Old perv, just staring at those young legs.”

“Yeah,” I said, my dick throbbing as Sam grinned at me. “I love you, Linda.”

“Love you, too, stud. Enjoy!”

“We’re just going to go work on the car,” I said.

“Riiiiiight.” I pictured her smiling. “Later.”

The phone went dead as Sam took my hand. She had a naughty grin on her face as she pulled me from the couch. My dick throbbed. All those times my daughter flashed that smile at me and stared at me with this eager look I now knew it was her flirting with me. I was just too dense to realize my eighteen-year-old daughter had the hots for me.

“So, where did we leave off?” I asked, wondering if we were still working on the same car in this timeline. What else could have changed?

“Rebuilding the carburetor,” she said. “D’oh.”

“Just testing you,” I said as she led me through the living room. I was glad that she was still the tomboy that wanted to rebuild old cars with me.

We entered the attached garage where the 1969 Chevrolet Impala waited for us to work on, the hood open. There were parts laid out on the workbench. The tools were there. But, strangely, Sam didn’t go for her jumpsuit hanging up. She was wearing old clothes which were clearly too small for her, but she still wouldn’t want to get them stained, right?

She leaned over the hood, peering in the engine. I froze, my dick aching in my pants as her skirt rose higher and higher. It must be an old one to be so short on her. It hugged her rump now. The bottom hint of her butt-cheek appeared, that delicious swell. Her hips wiggled as she looked at the engine.

“Mmm, could you get me the ratchet with a 10-inch handle, Daddy,” she said, wiggling her hips. “I know just where I need it.”

“Um, a 10-inch handle?” I asked, frowning at her. “That’s not a tool.”

“It’s not?” she asked, her hips wiggling. She leaned over farther, her skirt hiking up a little higher. More of her butt-cheeks appeared and...

Was that a hint of her pussy? Did she forget to wear her panties?

My cock was so hard. My blood pounded through my veins. I licked my lips, transfixed by the sight of my eighteen-year-old daughter. Did she have any idea what she was flashing at me? She shouldn’t be wearing this skirt out of the house.

“Come on, Daddy, give me that 10-inch tool!” she purred, her voice so throaty. “I need to slide it right into the slot. It’ll be a perfect fit.”

“I don’t have any 10-inch tool,” I said, struggling to think. My mind didn’t want to work at all. Not with this nubile temptress wiggling her hips at me. A line of her pussy juices trickled down her thigh. “Wouldn’t you need a spanner with a ¼″ driver?”

“Daddy!” she said, sounding exasperated. “It’s your special tool. It’s just perfect for my slot.” She wiggled her hips and bent lower into the engine compartment. Her skirt slid up another half-inch, her pussy now on display, a tight slit, her puffy vulva beading with her cream. “It’s in your pants, Daddy.”

My cheeks burned with more than lust now. I felt like an idiot. I groaned, right here in the garage. But who would come in here? James was upstairs. He would be busy drawing his pervy Anime girls, and if Becky caught us, well, I could probably teach her how to use a tool properly now.

I unzipped my fly.

“I’m sooooo telling Mom how dense you are, Daddy,” Sam said, flashing me a mischievous grin over her shoulder. Her green eyes flashed.

“Yeah, she’ll get a chuckle,” I said, producing my ten-inch cock through my fly. It thrust out before me, aching to be in my daughter’s tight snatch.

I could feel my phone burning in my pocket. I knew Anael and the other angels were watching right now, perving on this moment. I didn’t care. Not with the sight of my daughter’s juicy snatch beckoning me on.

I grabbed her hips, my dick nudging against her pussy. She leaned out over the engine, wiggling her hips back and forth. Her wet, shaved folds caressed my dick. This was incredible that I got to enjoy this delight.

I thrust to the hilt in my daughter.

She gasped, her back arching. Her hair swayed about her face. Her pussy clenched down on my dick as I sank into her flesh. My daughter’s juicy snatch gripped me. It was an amazing treat to behold. A wondrous delight that I was so glad I could enjoy. I slid deeper and deeper into her, enjoying her around me, squeezing my dick.

I drew back my hips and then thrust into her again. I rammed my dick to the hilt in her. My balls smacked into her hot flesh with a meaty thwack. Her skirt rustled. My jeans shifted against me. I held her hips as she moaned, her voice echoing through the Impala’s half-rebuilt engine compartment.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” she moaned. “Ooh, work that tool! You’re so skilled at this! You’re just such a stud! Oh, wow. That’s good. Mmm, yes, yes, I told you this was the perfect spanner for the slot!”

“Definitely!” I growled, her pussy clenching around my dick. The pleasure surged down my shaft. It reached my swinging balls, heating them up.

My cum brimmed in them.

I would spurt so much jizz into my daughter. I would pump her full of all the cream swelling in my nuts. I thrust harder, faster. I hammered my cock into her juicy snatch. I loved her pussy squeezing about my cock, loving me. She had such a tight grip on me, sucking at me.

The car groaned and creaked as I fucked her, rocking on its shocks. The open hood creaked. Her moans grew louder. Her short, fiery hair hid her face from me, but I knew she loved it. Her juicy cunt squeezed about my dick, massaging me with her silky passion.

I couldn’t get enough of young cunt. My daughters’ snatches were amazing, plus I could enjoy Kyleigh’s at the college. I could edit other girls to want private tutoring from their professors and... and... I had to control myself. I couldn’t go down that road but...

It was hard to remember that with my daughter’s cunt gripping my cock.

Her pussy squeezed about it. She massaged me. Teased me. She groaned and gasped, stirring her hips, working her hot snatch around my dick. I loved it. Her juicy twat massaged me. She brought me closer and closer to erupting.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy, work that tool! You’re so good with it! So skilled! Teach me!”

“I am!” I groaned. “Yes, yes, twist your hips just like that. Stir that naughty hole around my tool. You’re learning, too!”

“Am I as good a fuck as Mom?” she moaned, her pussy squeezing around my dick.

“Yes!” I grunted.

She whimpered, thrusting back into my strokes. Our bodies smacked harder together. My jeans rubbed against her skirt. I groaned, her pussy molten around my cock. The pressure in my balls swelling, growing. I was getting closer and closer to erupting into her. I would spurt so much jizz into her. I would bathe her pussy.

I would breed my daughter. She would have my baby. That would be incredible. The result of the changes I made to this world. I edited this into being possible. My strokes pounded her, ramming my cock into her pussy.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, Daddy, that’s it! You’re going to make me cum! Ooh, we’re going to—”

The garage door opened.

I gasped, burying to the hilt in my daughter as I threw a look over my shoulder. James appeared, his dark-brown hair its usual mess, his glasses slipping down his nose as he stared at his phone. My dick throbbed in his sister’s pussy. Sam’s cunt squeezed down around me as she squirmed.

“How’s the car fixing going,” James said, heading to a stack of Costco brand sodas that Linda bought. It was a large case sitting on the floor.

“Fine!” Sam groaned, her voice so throaty. “We were... really making some progress and...”

“Yeah,” I panted, pressed so tight against her, my dick throbbing in her depths. I was so aware of my son pulling out cans of soda. “None in the fridge?”

“Yeah,” James answered. “So, what are you working on?”

“Um...” My mind struggled to work.

“Carburetor!” gasped Sam. “Daddy’s... Daddy’s showing me how to use this special tool on it! Very... intense!”

“Cool, cool,” James said. “I’m gonna be working on my comics for a few hours. Want to play Fortnite after lunch, Sam?”

“Yeah!” she squeaked, trembling, her hips wiggling and stirring her pussy around my cock.

“Well, have fun,” James said as he cradled eight or nine cans of soda in his hand and headed for the door.

The moment it closed behind him, I let out an explosive breath.

“Oh, my god, that was hot!” Sam moaned, her pussy squeezing around me. “Ooh, we have to get almost caught again. I almost came! Just keep fucking me, Daddy! Use that big tool in me!”

The feel of her pussy drowned out any lust of getting caught. James didn’t think there was anything weird. To him, I was just leaning over Sam and teaching her, not fucking her. I drew back my cock through her tight pussy, savoring her juicy tightness and thrust into her again.

She moaned and whimpered. Her cunt squeezed around my cock, my dick on the verge of erupting still. The thrill of almost getting caught burned through me. My strokes grew harder, faster. I pounded Sam. Fucked my daughter.

She moaned. She gaped. She arched her back and rocked back into me. The car’s shocks squeaked louder. The open hood creaked and flexed, held up by the thin stand. I buried into my daughter’s pussy with my passion.

“I’m going to cum in you,” I growled. “I’m going to breed you.”

“Yes, Daddy!” she whimpered, her pussy squeezing around my dick. “I want that! Please, please, breed me, Daddy!”

Molten delight burned around my cock. I shuddered as my strokes thrust harder, faster. I buried into her again and again. I fucked her with all my might. My balls tightened. I couldn’t hold out much longer.

Then she came.

My daughter’s pussy writhed about my cock. Convulsed. Her hot flesh massaged me as I thrust over and over into her tight slot. Her back arched. Her moans echoed through the garage. The tip of my dick ached, teased by her silky flesh.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” she begged.

I couldn’t say no. I rammed to the hilt in her and exploded. My jizz pumped into her with powerful pulses. The incestuous rapture surged through me. It burned through my mind. I groaned, holding her tight as my dick spurted again and again. That wonderful bliss surged through my body.

Stars burst across my vision.

“Sam!” I grunted.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped as her pussy milked my dick. “Oh, Daddy, yes! So good! Mmm, you’re giving me all your jizz!”

“I am!” I groaned. I fired the final blast into her, my body trembling as the bliss billowed through me.

“Mmm, I love working on cars with you, Daddy,” she purred, her hips stirring around me. “You have such amazing tools.”

* * *

James Davies

My full bladder drew me out of sleep Sunday morning. I blinked as I lifted my head off my pillow, groggy. It was after ten again. That was weird. Dad didn’t wake us up for church. Even with Mom out of town, he would do that.

I’d rather be drawing my girls than go to church.

I rolled onto my back, my head propped up by my pillows, and stared at the two pictures of Orihime and Ruri on the wall. They appeared blurry without my glasses on. Even still, I could feel their love for me. I knew it wasn’t real, that I shouldn’t be obsessed with them, it was just so much easier to create girls who loved me than talk to the real deal.

They weren’t like Sam or Becky. They weren’t my sisters who didn’t care that I was a dweeb. Becky just smiled at me, and Sam would rather play video games than tease me. We kicked ass in Fortnite yesterday, teaming up and unleashing ourselves on the internet. We actually won a 100 man battle royale.

That was great.

I groaned, my bladder begging for relief.

I rolled out of bed and grabbed my glasses, slipping them on. I stepped out of my bedroom. It was so quiet in the house. Again. Sam wasn’t one for sleeping in, and I was shocked Becky wasn’t up and getting ready for church. She was into it.

I took my morning piss then headed downstairs for breakfast. I wasn’t complaining that we weren’t going to church. I wasn’t a fan of going. It was hard to draw while Reverend Fekete was preaching from the pulpit. And I was at the good stuff in my comic. Ruri was finally succumbing to her feelings. She was naked, getting eaten out, ready to lose her virginity to my avatar.

It would be hot to draw that moment of deflowering her. My dick hardened in my boxers as I poured my sugary cereal. It was Costco brand Trix this morning, the colored rings dying the milk. That couldn’t be healthy but, fuck it, I was nineteen.

Cereal in hand, I headed upstairs. I took the steps two at a time. I gained the landing and found Dad coming out of the bathroom in only his boxers. He paused when he saw me, his dark hair mussed. He looked tired like he’d been up late last night.

“No church?” I asked, my stomach twisting.

“Overslept,” he said. He glanced at his door. I thought I heard giggling coming from his bedroom. I shook my head. Who would be in there? It must be his TV on.

“Seems to be going around,” I said. “House is quiet. Sam must be passed out in her room.”

Dad nodded his head. He lifted his phone, checking something. “So, how’s the art going?” Dad asked as he unlocked his screen. “Still drawing those girls?”

My cheeks burned. If my parents ever found the more explicit art... Mom would have a fit, and Dad would lecture me on the “evils of pornography.” They were so boring. They married in college and had us kids fast.

“Yeah, still drawing them,” I said, shifting.

“Good, good.” He glanced at me. “You like them, right? Those girls?”

I shifted.

“Wish they were real?”

His question made me swallow. “I know they’re not real, Dad. They’re just pictures. I’m not crazy.”

“I didn’t say you were crazy,” Dad said. He smiled at me. “I just asked if you wished they were real.”

“Maybe.” I shrugged. “Sometimes girls are...” I swallowed. “How did you and Mom...?”

“Well, it helped that I socialized,” he answered. “I didn’t stay cooped up in my room all day. I went to mixers and church gatherings. I talked to them. That helps a lot. If you talk to girls, it turns out they’ll talk back.”

“But... but... that’s so hard,” I said. There were a few girls, like that hottie Kyleigh, at my college I would like to talk with, but...

“I get it. Fantasy’s a powerful thing.” He glanced down at his phone again. Must be a text from Mom, updating her on the boring things she was doing with Marissa. They probably saw the lamest Vegas show.

“Well, if we’re not going to church this morning...” I said, glancing at my door.

Dad just gave me an absent nod.

I shook my head as I headed to my bedroom door. I slipped into my room and sat down at my desk. I set my bowl down and stared down at the fresh page. The boxes were drawn in and I had rough sketches, in the faintest lines, to show the action of me spreading Ruri’s legs apart and going down on the blue-haired girl.

She was such a tsundere. Too scared to admit her feelings but burning with them. Lashing out in anger, but once you weathered her emotions, once you broke through that outer shell, she was such a lively girl.

I really, really wished they were real. That would be so incredible.

I took a bite of my cereal and set it down. The bed creaked behind me.

I drew in a deep breath, staring at the blank page. I was eager to start a new story. I’d just finished the last adventure of Dirk Jameson, International Man of Danger yesterday. I needed a new one. My webcomic fans were eager for it.

“What sort of adventure can we have today?” I asked.

“I was hoping to suck your cock today, James,” Orihime purred behind me.

“And... and...” the halting, blushing tones of Ruri added, “I think I’m finally ready... If you’re careful. If you take your time.”

I pivoted in the chair to see my two naked girlfriends on the bed. It still stunned me that my passion for them, my love, had birthed Orihime and Ruri from the page. They had come to life one night two weeks ago and entered my world. They sat on the bed, both so beautiful and lovely, Ruri’s body slender and petite, her light-blue pigtails falling about her tremulous face. The busty Orihime stretched beside her, thrusting out those massive tits that were still so perky, her pink nipples hard. Her orange hair shifted.

“That sounds more fun than drawing a comic,” Orihime said. “We could lick her pussy together, James. Mmm, I bet that’ll melt her passion.”

Ruri shifted. “I can’t believe I’m letting you do this. I have to be crazy.” She gave me a hard look. “You better do it right and not be an idiot.”

I grinned at her. “Of course I’ll do it right,” I said, my dick hardening in my boxers. “Ruri, Orihime and I are going to make you melt into a puddle of passion. You won’t know what hit you.”

Ruri beamed at me.

I was the luckiest guy in the world. Dad could fuck Sam and Becky all he wanted. I didn’t need my sisters when I had my naughty creations. I rose, my dick throbbing in my boxers. In fact, I was glad Dad was fucking my sisters.

It let him sleep in. Deflowering Ruri sounded like such a better treat than going to church.

* * *

Steve Davies

I nodded outside my son’s door. It was great hearing the two girls eager to love him. My son deserved to have his own fun. This was what he wanted. It took a lot of work to create Orihime and Ruri. To James, it may have seen like no time passed, but I had a headache. It felt like I spent hours and hours in paused time. I had to edit those two posters of his, modifying each one, setting up the parameters of the girls.

So many variables.

And not just their bodies. I had to give them personalities. Interests. I was able to glean a lot from James’s mind. But it was worth it. Any father would spend the effort to make his children happy. James would have two real girls that would love him, and he would love them back.

Plus, he didn’t care that I was fucking his sisters.

I rubbed at my head then glanced down the hallway. I sauntered to it. My two daughters awaited.

They would soothe away all the fatigue with their nubile touches. I heard their giggling. I opened the door and smiled, the pair locked in a sisterly sixty-nine, feasting on each other’s cunts. My dick twitched as I closed the door behind me.

I was so glad I had this app. It was the greatest single thing in the world. I would accomplish so much. The next day, I would start changing my town of Rainier for the better. I would edit the mayor to not be a douchebag. To care about the poor and downtrodden. Rainier would be a beacon to those in need.

“Aren’t you two just a beautiful sight to see?” I said, grinning.

Becky’s head snapped up, her face smeared in her sister’s pussy juices. “Did you talk to James?”

“Yes, he understands. He won’t cause problems.” I shifted. “Besides, he’s busy with his two girlfriends.”

“That dweeb is so lucky to have his pervy Anime girls come to life,” Sam moaned. To my daughters, Orihime and Ruri had been around for about two weeks. They had already grown used to their presence. It was easier this way.

I didn’t have to deal with all the drama they would have caused.

“They are cute,” Becky said. “But not as cute as you, Sam.”

She buried her head back between her sister’s thighs and feasted. I peeled off my boxers, my dick popping out, and sauntered to the bed to enjoy my new life. I set my phone on the nightstand and joined their naughty fun.

Through the walls, I heard my son having his own delights.

To be continued...