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Following Her Dream 11

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

Violet lay in bed, staring up at her ceiling. Her arm was trapped under the sleeping body of Snow, itself having fallen asleep. She had been up for awhile by now, but dared not move her arm lest she disturb Snow. She turned her head to watch her lover, admiring her peaceful beauty.

Rachel shifted in her sleep at the foot of the bed. She bumped Snow’s leg in the process before settling down in a new position, quietly snoring away. A small amount of drool escaped her mouth, darkening the sheets.

Snow opened her eyes, smiling when she noticed Violet. She stretched, letting out an extended yawn as Violet reclaimed her arm.

Violet recoiled. “Whew, your breath stinks,” she proclaimed.

Snow playfully nudged Violet on the shoulder at the insult, grazing her wrist in the process. She saw Violet wince at the contact. Realizing what happened, Snow gently pulled the arm close to her, placing the most delicate of kisses against the back of Violet’s hand. “Does that make it feel better?” she asked.

“Not really,” Violet answered, doing her best not to flinch from the intense tingling. When Snow began to pout, she followed up by saying, “But I don’t want you to stop.”

She did her best to endure the prickling sensations awakened by Snow’s touch as she resumed her care. When it finally abated, Violet reached over to caress Snow’s cheek before grabbing her neck and pulling her in for a kiss.

Breaking away, Violet grimaced. “Yeah, you definitely need to brush.” Snow slapped at Violet’s arm. “Sorry love, it’s already gone. Slap me again, though, and I’ll make sure you pay for it later,” she teasingly threatened.

“Is that a promise?” Snow asked, her eyes full of defiance. She moved to strike Violet again.

Violet caught Snow by the wrist before it connected, squeezing it firmly. She forced Snow’s hand downwards, pressing it against her sex. “Of course,” she responded. She purred as she felt Snow wiggle her fingers against her lips.

“Good morning,” Rachel said as she sat up in bed, staring adoringly at Violet.

Violet frowned at being interrupted. She wanted some alone time with her girlfriend. “You hungry?” she asked Snow.

“I could eat,” she responded.

Violet turned to Rachel. “Rachel, go get Janet. I want both of you to fix breakfast for us all. Make whatever.”

“Yes, Violet,” Rachel said eagerly. She quickly got off the bed, padding across the room. She was still completely naked as she roused Janet from her slumber on the couch, ready to convey Violet’s wishes to her friend.

“She really is something,” Snow said, grabbing Violet’s attention. “How did you even meet her?”

“Let’s just say she helped me with the device.” Violet looked away from Snow’s eyes, hoping the topic would be left at that.

“So,” Snow began, “what’s on the schedule for today?”

“Well, for starters, we can get some food, and then perhaps the two of us can have a nice. Long. Shower. Together,” she said, walking two fingers up Snow’s chest in time with her words.

She rolled over to sit atop Snow, her arms pressed against the pillow right beside Snow’s head, locked at the elbows as she loomed over her lover. “When that’s all done, when we’re all nice and clean, I propose we get ourselves dirty again, with a little help from the device.” She grinned at Snow, reaching down to play with her nipples, causing bumps to form around them as Snow mewled.

“What other sorts of things can we do with it?” Snow questioned with intrigue.

“Like I said, anything you can imagine. With it, I can make you think anything I want, make you become anything I want. As far as I can tell, the possibilities are endless.” She lowered herself, pressing against Snow and wrapping her arms around her. “So, who would you like to be today? Better yet, why don’t you think of something the four of us can do?”

Snow closed her eyes as she accepted Violet’s embrace, moaning as Violet began nibbling at her neck. “Let’s see,” she said, trying not to get distracted by Violet’s knowing touches. It wasn’t easy. “How about... we make you think you’re a dominatrix, and the rest of us are your new slaves in need of training. We could try to resist. It’d be your job to put us in our place, and we’d enjoy every minute of it.”

Snow could feel the heat building within her at her own idea. It didn’t help that Violet was simultaneously working her up in just the right way as well.

At least... she had been.

Snow opened her eyes when she realized Violet had stopped moving, only to see the frown on Violet’s face as she looked to the side.

“What’s wrong?” Snow asked. “Is that... not creative enough? Sorry, I don’t have the greatest imagination.” She looked hurt, having not meant to disappoint Violet.

“We won’t be using the device on me,” Violet informed her. She sat back, her eyes downcast.

Snow was partly relieved that it wasn’t because of her idea, yet still none the less concerned for Violet’s sudden change in behavior. “Why not? It’s fun, I can assure you.”

“I just... it’s just my choice, that’s all.”

Snow began rubbing Violet’s thigh, her eyes twinkling. “C’mon, Vi. It can make you feel so much better, I promise. The orgasms I used to have don’t even come close to the ones from last night.” Catching herself, she quickly added, “Not that the orgasms you gave me before weren’t great, of course.” She reached up, attempting to pull Violet closer and trying to entice her to give in. “With the device, it’s just a whole new level. Trust me, you’ll—”

“I said NO!” Violet shouted, facing Snow with anger.

Snow jumped at the reaction, her eyes wide. “Okay,” she breathed. “Touchy subject...” She suddenly felt uncomfortably trapped on the bed as she wrapped her arms around her own stomach.

Violet let out a sigh. “Sorry, love. I just... let’s just think of something to do that doesn’t involve it being used on me.” When Snow didn’t respond, she climbed off of her and lay on the bed, her back to Snow. “I’m sorry,” she said once again.

After a moment of silence, Snow reached her hand over Violet’s stomach, slinking closer to her. “It’s okay, I’ll think of something else.” She felt Violet grab her hand and give a gentle squeeze.

Comforted by the warmth of Violet against her, the feel of Violet’s side as it moved her arm up and down with her breathing, Snow began picking her brain for ideas. Before long, a grin formed on her face. “Actually, I think I have another one.” She leaned into Violet’s ear, quietly whispering her plan.

When Snow was done, Violet chuckled softly to herself. “I thought you said you didn’t have a good imagination.” She rolled over. “Sounds like fun.” As she stared into Snow’s eyes, her mind worked out how to make Snow’s idea a reality.

While Violet was lost in thought, Snow opened her mouth and forced out a puff of breath towards her face. She smiled wickedly as Violet snapped back to reality, recoiling from the attack.

Violet lunged at Snow, clapping her hand over Snow’s mouth and pinning her to the bed.

Snow swatted at Violet’s ass, her eyes daring her to continue. Her squealing laugh was muffled as it tried to proclaim her desires.

“Keep it up, and we’ll never leave the bed today,” Violet warned. Even she was aware it wasn’t a particularly convincing threat.

Violet removed her hand from Snow’s lips. As she leaned in to kiss Snow, the fire alarm went off, startling them both. From the kitchen, they heard Rachel call out, “Violet, breakfast is ready. Janet burned the french toast!”

Snow giggled in amusement.

Violet just looked annoyed at the interruption. She contemplated ignoring it, but the thought of cold food had her deciding otherwise. “Well, let’s eat what we can, and then get you and the others ready for today’s adventure.” With a parting kiss, Violet got up and left the room, Snow following behind with giddy delight.

* * *

“So... we’re playing a game of tag?” Snow asked, confused as to why they were in the middle of the woods. The trees were not particularly dense, but it was still a section of the park that people almost never went to. It wasn’t exactly the setting she anticipated, at least not for the sorts of activities Violet seemed to be implying.

Violet simply grinned back at her, proud that she had the foresight to make Snow forget about her own plan. It wouldn’t be as fun if she knew what was going on.

“Something like that,” Violet said teasingly. “Let’s just say your goal is to be the last one tagged, and the winner will get a special prize.”

“What’s the prize?” asked Janet, unsure if she even wanted to know the answer. For the first time since being put under, Violet had allowed her out of her mindless obedience. She shifted uncomfortably on her feet, wary of what might be in store.

“Well, whoever is tagged last gets to eat me out,” she responded nonchalantly. As Violet expected, Rachel became incredibly excited at the prospect.

“Why would I want that?” Janet stared at Violet with disgust. Part of her would have preferred if she had just been left without her thoughts. She shook her head, disappointed at herself for thinking as such.

“Just play the game, Janet, and play to win,” Violet commanded.

“Yes, Violet,” Janet intoned, her expression going slack momentarily. She folded her arms with a huff, realizing she had no choice but to participate.

Snow looked at Janet, curious as to why she seemed to be against the game. She had only seen the girl be silent and completely obedient until now. Her thoughts were interrupted as Violet continued speaking.

“Now, here are the rules. You can’t leave the woods. If anyone sees you, you will act normally until they pass. Anyone I tag will be consumed by lust. The only way to relieve the lust—temporarily, mind you—is by tagging someone else and bringing them to orgasm. They will then feel the same effects. Once everyone has been tagged, the game is over.”

Janet squirmed some more, but remained silent.

“Well, this should be easy,” Rachel stated as she began warming up. Bending at her waist until her arms ran parallel with her outstretched leg, she flaunted her flexibility. “I’ll be sure to win, Violet. That reward is as good as mine.”

Snow let out a hearty laugh. “Yeah, I don’t know if this is such a good idea for you, Violet. I don’t know about Janet here, but you’re not exactly the fit type. Against the three of us, I think we’ll be out here until the sun sets before you manage to catch anyone.”

“Maybe,” Violet said with a shrug, “we’ll see.”

As Rachel moved to her other leg, Violet reached her hand out and clapped it firmly on her shoulder. She watched the horrific expression on the others with amusement as they all turned to see Rachel’s reaction.

Rachel craned her head upward in shock. “Hey, wait! We haven’t even started yet! That’s chea—”

Her voice cut off as she slowly stood up straight, staring blankly ahead. A moan escaped her lips as the others watched on. Her legs buckled, giving out as she dropped to her knees. Her hand shot down her leggings, quickly rubbing at herself, but it did nothing to satiate her.

Grinning wickedly, Violet warned the others, “You might want to get going, before she notices you.”

Snow and Janet both glanced at each other. Taking the initiative, Snow took off running full speed deeper into the woods. With one last furtive glance at Rachel, Janet chased after her.

Violet approached the masturbating girl, kneeling down and holding her by the chin. She angled Rachel’s head upwards so she could stare into her hungry eyes. “Just a moment, my pet. I’m sorry to take away your chance at victory like this, but it was necessary. I’ll be sure to make it up to you some other time, okay?”

Rachel gave no response, and Violet wondered if the girl could even fully understand her. Instead, all she was doing was shoving her fingers noisily into her pussy, panting with animalistic need. Violet looked up, still cradling Rachel’s head, as she watched the other two make their escape. As soon as they were out of sight, she was ready to set Rachel loose. “Cum for me, and then go get them, my pet.”

Rachel’s throat gurgled as the orgasm rippled through her. Without even waiting for it to fully subside, she glanced in the direction her prey had gone. Scrambling to her feet, she bolted after them, stumbling a few times as her body continued to convulse from pleasure.

Violet followed at her own leisurely pace, eager to see the results of Snow’s game.

* * *

“Snow, I’m not as fast as you, wait up!” Janet called out, already starting to feel out of breath.

“Hell no!” Snow called over her shoulder. “Stop following me, it’s better if we split up!” She kept glancing around, looking for a place to hide. As soon as she felt she was out of sight, she had changed course, hoping to throw Rachel off her trail. She wasn’t sure if she could compete with Rachel through speed alone.

Janet was falling behind, her heart pounding in her chest. She had to slow down, already feeling like she was going to lose. If not for Violet’s command to try to win, she would have just sat down right there and waited for her inevitable demise. She hated these kinds of games, and as much as she wished she could throw in the towel, her body wouldn’t let her.

Still, she needed to catch her breath. She paused for a minute, her hands on her knees as she gasped for air. Before long, she felt an impulsive urge to keep moving that seemed to permeate her mind. She glanced up, ready to continue along, when she saw Snow about one hundred feet ahead of her, also standing still.

Janet jogged at a more maintainable pace until she caught up with Snow. She leaned against a nearby tree, glad that Snow finally decided to listen. “Thanks for waiting,” she gasped out.

“I wasn’t waiting, I just can’t go forward,” Snow corrected. She stared at the trees ahead of her as she willed herself to take another step, but her body wouldn’t listen.

Finally calming down, Janet took in her surroundings. She noticed a break in the trees in the distance. “We must be near the edge. Violet said we couldn’t leave the woods. Which way should we go?”

Snow clicked her teeth, glancing to both sides, trying to decide. She supposed it didn’t actually matter. With a tentative step, she tried going left, glad that the barrier didn’t seem to affect her in that direction. “I’m going this way, you go the other.”

Before either of them could make any progress, they heard the snapping of a stick from behind.

Snow turned, seeing Rachel barreling after them. “Christ, she’s fast!”

Janet watched in horror as her friend approached. There was no way she would be able to outrun her, even with her breathing now settled. She had to think of something, and quick.

The sound of movement to her side caught her attention as Snow zoomed off. With a snap decision, Janet followed after her, determined to win by any means necessary.

With a burst of adrenaline, she managed to catch up to Snow. Reaching out, Janet grabbed her by the collar and pulled with all her strength, the material ripping in the process. It was enough to slow her down, as Snow shouted a word at her that she didn’t recognize. With Snow by her side, Janet kicked at her feet, causing the girl to stumble and fall to the ground.

Janet raced off ahead, guilty at what she had done, but convinced of her victory. “I’m sorry!” she called out behind her, weaving through the trees. “I’ll pay for your shir—”

Janet let out a shriek as her foot caught on a root that snaked it’s way above the soil. She took a few erratic steps forward, her arms flailing wildly, before entirely losing her balance, crashing down with a tumble.

She looked up just in time to see Snow soaring over her with a mighty leap.

Snow was able to rebound from her fall quickly, for once thankful for the gymnastics class her parents forced on her as a child. “I forgive you!” Snow shouted playfully.

Disoriented, Janet tried to prop herself up. Before she could even contemplate her predicament, she felt Rachel’s body pounce on her. In one fluid motion, Rachel had already pulled her pants down to her knees. “Rachel! Stop! Ple—” was all she managed to get out before the hazy lust hit her.

Snow could hear Janet’s screaming orgasm despite how far she had made it since she fell. She used it as motivation to gain more distance before the two began their hunt again. She realized that if she gave up now, she would still be the winner, but there was a certain thrill in trying to survive as long as possible.

With that in mind, she continued on. She constantly was on the lookout for somewhere to duck behind, but the trees were too thin, the ground too flat.

Eventually even her endurance was reaching its limits. She could feel the beginnings of a stitch in her side. She had tried changing directions so many times, she had lost any semblance of her orientation. By now, she figured it was sheer luck she hadn’t accidentally doubled back towards her pursuers.

Some voices off to the right caught Snow’s attention. She slowed down to a brisk walk, realizing they were just pedestrians. She cursed to herself, frustrated that she couldn’t run with them in sight. When they turned to look at her, she gave a polite wave with a nervous smile.

Snow kept eyeing them, going so far as to walk backwards as she did so. She occasionally glanced around, wary of where Rachel might be. She gave no concern over Janet or Violet finding her. She knew she could still run laps around those two, if needed. Rachel was the only real threat she had.

At last the couple had gone out of sight, and Snow knew she could run again. When she turned around, she saw the most beautiful thing ever.

A large tree, easily three times the diameter of any she had seen so far, was a good hundred yards ahead. The tree was dead and fallen, though the stump still towered above her. From this distance she could tell it was hollow.

Letting adrenaline take hold, she made a beeline for the sanctuary. It was the perfect place to hide, she was certain she would survive the game. Just a few more seconds and she’d be set.

Her heart sank as she saw Janet round the tree, looking every which way, searching for her. Snow slowed to a halt. With nothing to hide herself behind, it didn’t take Janet long to finally spot her. Snow could almost hear the moaning as Janet ran straight forward, faster than she had before.

Snow quickly did an about-face, still confident she could outpace Janet, even with her lust-fueled speed. Unfortunately, as soon as she did, she saw Rachel in the distance, already locked on with her.

“Kurwa,” she cried out. If only that couple hadn’t walked by and delayed her, she could have been hidden safely. She turned to run from them both, managing only a short distance before she stopped moving. She hit an edge, her body unwilling to go any farther. “No,” she whimpered.

Snow closed her eyes, turning to face her trackers, ready to accept her fate. She could hear their steps on the ground, thundering towards her. Soon their hands would be on her, and she would be lost in a haze of lust. She couldn’t possible want anything more than that.

With Snow’s body tense, bracing for impact, a sharp whistle pierced through the air. The footsteps stopped. Snow opened her eyes carefully as she saw Rachel mere feet from her. Janet was still a good ways away. Snow studied Rachel’s face, still horny and needy. The girl remained motionless.

“I didn’t really expect any less, but I’m still glad it was you that made it to the end,” Snow heard Violet say as she approached from behind.

Breathing deeply, Snow turned to face her. She could hear the beat of her own heart in her ears as it pounded in her chest. “I guess I won,” she exclaimed between breaths, “but... do I still get to... you know?” She stared at Violet with hope in her eyes.

Violet slowly approached her, reaching her hand out.

Snow watched the hand warily as it approached, ready for it to make contact, ready to fall into a pit of lust with no thoughts of her own. Time seemed to slow as she could feel the desire build within her. Just inches away, moments before she could surrender herself to more carnal emotions.

The hand stopped just above her shoulder.

Snow looked up at Violet with pleading eyes. Violet was teasing her, judging by the cruel grin on her face. Snow wanted to slap her. More than that, she wanted to be slapped. That way she could share in the experience that the other two had. She wished Janet had been more athletic. That way she didn’t have to be the last one standing, being tortured like this by Violet.

She could feel the pleasure smoldering within her, a mere phantom of what she imagined it would feel like if Violet would just finish the game.

With lightning speed, Snow reached up and grabbed Violet’s hand. Violet tried to pull away, surprised by Snow’s action, but it was too late. “Please,” she whimpered. She had to know what it felt like to lose herself. She forced Violet’s hand, pressing it hard against her chest.

Her world became white.

* * *

Light poured through the leaves as they danced with the wind, shadows playing across Snow’s face. As she roused from her slumber, she heard the noise of the trees and the songs of the birds as they sang from above. She felt her head resting against something soft as her eyes fluttered open.

“Welcome back,” Violet warmly greeted. She was seated on the ground, her back against a tree. She cradled Snow’s head gently in her lap as Snow looked up at her, gently combing her hair with her fingers.

“What happened?” Snow asked, still feeling disoriented. She felt something on her lips as she reached a hand up to wipe Violet’s juices away.

“Ready for this?” Violet asked, eager to see Snow’s reaction. Without even waiting for a reply, she reached her hand out and snapped her fingers.

All at once, the memories came flooding back. She remembered the intense arousal that overwhelmed her body the moment Violet touched her, how she became so focused on bringing Violet to orgasm, as if that’s all there was to possibly do in that moment. She could still feel the remnants of her own orgasm that followed as her mind replayed the events.

She even remembered how it had been her plan from the very beginning. She wondered how such a simple detail as that could just be erased from her brain. What surprised her the most about it, though, was how much it turned her on. She didn’t realize how hot the idea of her mind being manipulated was until she was uniquely aware of it. To be at the mercy of someone else, capable of believing lies, forgetting truths, and not being able to comprehend the difference. Such a concept left her wanting for more.

With the same snap, Rachel and Janet were brought back to their senses as well, cognizant of everything that had transpired. Rachel took it in strides, simply going along with the flow, glad to participate in anything Violet wanted.

“Wasn’t that fun, Janet?” Rachel asked.

She was of course disappointed that she wasn’t able to win, but she was still the first one to cum for Violet of the three, and that was enough for her.

Janet flushed as she watched Rachel, nodding absently. She never realized how good it would feel to have Rachel eating her out. Her heart beat faster as she tried to burn the memory into her brain of Rachel pinning her to the ground, her face between her legs. She couldn’t believe that after all this time, she had never experienced it before.

Janet suddenly realized just how beautiful Rachel truly was. She wondered how she had never seen it before.Her mind drifted to all the fun they had been having over the weekend. If what was in the diary was true, Rachel was even falling for her as well. Janet never even noticed. She was so focused on Melanie, she didn’t even realize what she already had.

Janet’s heart wrenched as she was once again reminded of how she failed Rachel. If she ever got out of this herself, she vowed to make it right. She could only hope that when that time came, Rachel would find it in her heart to forgive Janet.

“That was incredible,” Snow exlaimed. When she felt she had the strength, she sat up, crawling over to sit next to Violet. She leaned her head against Violet’s as they held hands.

“Hey, Vi,” Snow whispered as she relished their closeness. “What would have happened if I hid, and no one was able to find me?”

Violet reached over to put her arm around Snow. “Don’t worry, I had contingencies.” When Snow looked up at her inquisitively, she elaborated. “Let’s just say if the game had gone on much longer, you would have been making more noise, and doing a bit less moving.”

Smiling, Snow closed her eyes. “What a beautiful day,” she declared. “How about we go for a walk along the river, just the two of us?”

“If that’s what you want, then that’s what we’ll do,” Violet responded.

They enjoyed the moment for a bit longer before Violet stood up. “Come on. Let me tell the others, and then we’ll head out.”

Helping Snow to her feet, they walked over towards the rest of the group, holding each other’s hand. Violet noticed the expression on Janet’s face as she stared meekly at Rachel. Smirking, she quipped, “Been awhile since I’ve let you out, hasn’t it? I’m feeling charitable. You gonna be a good girl, or should I make you mindless again?”

Violet reached up to grab Janet by the chin, but she pulled away. “Very well, slave.” She said with disappointment as the life drained from Janet’s eyes. She wasn’t going to let her stubbornness ruin her day.

Snow had watched, slightly confused at the exchange. She didn’t understand Janet’s reaction to Violet. Before she had time to ponder it further, Violet began speaking.

“You two go back to the store and wait for us upstairs, Snow and I will be back later.” She turned to Snow, smiling warmly. “Ready?”

“Um, Vi?” Snow tentatively asked. “You’re having them go to your place?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Don’t you think maybe it’s time they go home?” She looked nervously at Rachel, not really wanting to appear rude with her question. Rachel simply smiled back at her.

“It’s fine, they don’t mind,” Violet replied, ready to head off.

Snow pulled her back, causing Violet to grow impatient. “Hold on, that’s not the point. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun together and all, I just would like to have some time alone, just the two of us. Don’t they have friends and family to be with, anyways? Let them go home. We can get together again some other day.”

Violet turned towards Rachel and Janet. No, she wasn’t ready to part with them just yet. They were hers to do with as she pleased. “They’re not leaving,” Violet firmly declared.

“Why are you being so stubborn?” Snow accused.

“I’m not being stubborn, I just want them at the store for now.”

Rachel took a step forward. “It’s okay, Snow. I don’t mind,” she said, hoping to diffuse the situation. She didn’t like to see Violet upset.

“Stay out of this Rachel!” Violet snapped, causing Rachel to shrink back.

Snow’s eyes filled with compassion as she saw the hurt look on Rachel’s face. She wanted to comfort the girl, but she had to settle this quarrel first. “Hey now, don’t to be mean to her,” Snow said.

Violet brought her attention back to Snow. “It’s my decision to make. Don’t worry about it.”

“Excuse me? Don’t worry about it? This concerns me too, you know. What, do you expect them to just live with you? Without asking me? I never agreed to that.”

“It’s not up to you!” Violet shouted.

Snow held her mouth open in shock. She couldn’t believe how obtuse Violet was being. It was enough to break through her composure as her own temper flared. She forcefully pulled her hand away. “This isn’t the bedroom, Vi! You aren’t the only one that gets to make decisions! That’s not how relationships work! If you want to spend the rest of the day with them, then fine, you can do so without me.” Snow started off in a different direction with a huff, muttering to herself in Polish.

“Snowfall!” The word rang out from Violet’s lips, her hands clenched into fists, her eyes squeezed shut. She waited until all was silent to reopen them.

Snow’s back was to her, shoulders slack and arms hanging limply by her side. Guilt suffused Violet as she walked up to Snow and embraced her, arms wrapped around her stomach, holding her tightly.

“Don’t go. Please. Just don’t leave me again.” She sobbed into Snow’s shoulder. With a sniffle, she walked around and looked up into Snow’s eyes. Her hand snaked it’s way through her hair, holding her head. “Forget about the argument. You don’t mind that Rachel and Janet stay with us.”

She held onto Snow for some time without speaking, their argument replaying in her mind as she was filled with regret. Something Snow had said stood out to Violet as she realized Snow had a point regarding the other two.

“Rachel,” she called out. “Starting tomorrow, you and Janet are going back to school.”

* * *