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Helen and the Mouse

Part 30

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“Penny for your thoughts,” Kaitlyn smiled.

“What?” Sarah blurted. She’d been daydreaming as they wandered through the mall

“I was just wondering what you were thinking,” Kaitlyn commented idly. “Although maybe I don’t have to ask.”

Sarah felt her cheeks flush as Kaitlyn’s hazel eyes dropped to Sarah’s hand.

Where it held Madison’s.

Madison was blushing too. God, that was so cute.

“You two are adorable,” their friend laughed. “I’m so glad I decided you two should be a couple.”

“Who said it was your idea?” Madison protested, glaring at the other girl. “We, you know…”

“It was totally my idea,” Kaitlyn shot back, spinning around to face them, hands on her hip and her feet spread, not caring about the crowd of people around them.

Kaitlyn looked almost as adorable as Madison, with her brunette hair and small breasts that were oh so tempting on her athletic frame.

She reminded Sarah of Lauren.

Oh. That was who she’d been daydreaming about.

She shouldn’t have been thinking of Lauren at all, Sarah told herself guiltily. Not when she was spending the afternoon with her girlfriend and their friend Kaitlyn. But she couldn’t help it. Before leaving to meet up with Madison and Kaitlyn she’d sent the older girl home. With the recording on her phone that Sarah had made. Lauren should be listening to it now. So deeply hypnotised. Blank. Sarah’s words filling her mind.

Why the hell did I do that?

Sarah couldn’t understand why she’d hypnotised the girl. She didn’t need another slave. She needed Helen. She had Emily and Madison. She didn’t need any more. More was complication. Like her mother.

“Anyone want an icecream?” Kaitlyn asked.

“You sure you can afford it?” Madison laughed. “With your shoulder you’re not in full training. Want to come back from holidays fat?”

“As if,” Kaitlyn huffed, her nose upturned haughtily. “I’ll just do some extra miles. We’re young. Live it!”

Madison turned a questioning look to Sarah, her insides melting in response. That was what a good girlfriend did. Ask. That was what she should do once Helen was her girlfriend. She was learning so much from Madison.

Guilt plucked at Sarah again. She wasn’t being fair to Madison. She wasn’t treating her friend like a proper girlfriend, just as practice for Helen. But she had to do it. She had to be the best she could for Helen.

She had to be perfect.

“So what flavours do you two want?” Kaitlyn asked. “My treat. Not that it matters, you’ll probably feed them to each other.”

Was that would good girlfriends would do? Sarah wasn’t sure. But from the shy smile on Madison’s face it definitely seemed like something worth trying. Maybe. Sarah was all knotted up inside. It did feel good being with her girlfriend. It took her a moment to find the right word. She was … happy. Just being with Madison. Even if Kaitlyn was sort of annoying. Spending time with Madison was great. And that was before Sarah thought about the feelings from where their hands were linked. Or from when their hips brushed together. Or she thought about kissing her girlfriend.

Madison was beautiful.

So was the girl behind the counter at the icecream shop. The girl was a brunette, like Lauren and Kaitlyn. Around the same age as Sarah and her friends. Her hair was cropped short, just above her shoulders, but thick, Sarah imagining running her fingers through it. The girl looked distracted, tired. That would make her easier to hypnotise. She could drop Madison so her girlfriend didn’t notice. That still left Kaitlyn. Maybe she could come back later, just when the girl’s shift was ending. The girl would be so much more exhausted then. Vulnerable. It would be so easy to…

What the Hell?

Sarah had no idea why she was even thinking about it. Yes, the girl was attractive, so temping in her pink and white uniform. Slim neck and delicate, pointed, features that would look so good gazing up at her in adoration. But she didn’t need another slave.

Just like she hadn’t needed Lauren.

“So what would be better?” Kaitlyn mused, once they had their orders, strawberry and vanilla for Madison, salted caramel and mint for Sarah. She was sure Madison liked salted caramel. Chocolate and coconut for Kaitlyn. Madison had teased her about the chocolate, but Kaitlyn had just stuck her tongue out. “Maybe you should sit on either side of the table so you can lean towards each other. But then you can’t sit next to each other and snuggle.”

“Who says it’s up to you?” Madison huffed. “And why are you so worried anyway? You sure you don’t want a girlfriend?”

“No!” Kaitlyn protested hurriedly. “But you two are so awesome. And it’s all thanks to me.”

“This again,” Madison sighed, raising an eyebrow in Sarah’s direction. “So, uh?”

Madison was obviously asking her how they should sit. Sarah took a hesitant half step towards the table. Maybe they should sit across from each other. Then she changed her mind, turned around. And ran straight into her girlfriend. Not hard. Nothing damaged. But their bodies pressed together, shivers of desire running through Sarah. Madison’s face was so close, their blue eyes gazing into each other’s. She could just lean forward, kiss Madison’s lips.

“You’re so right for each other,” Kaitlyn declared.

Both blondes glared at the brunette.

Sarah and Madison ended up sitting across from each other. Sarah wasn’t sure whose idea it had been. It didn’t matter. It let her gaze at her beautiful girlfriend. And play footsie under the table. She smiled as her lips wrapped around the spoon Madison offered her. Strawberry. It tasted just like Madison. Kissing her girlfriend after Madison had eaten that icecream would be amazing.

“Oh, that’s awesome!” Kaitlyn cried, staring at her camera. She held it up, showing the photo she’d taken, Sarah caught forever gazing at Madison, her lips wrapped around the spoon. “I’ll send you both a copy.”

“Just don’t put it anywhere public,” Madison grizzled. “I can’t let my parents know.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Kaitlyn reassured her friend while flicking a lock of her brunette hair. “But, God, they’re so boring. What’s wrong with having a girlfriend?”

“Nothing,” Sarah smiled. Except that it wasn’t Helen. She crushed that thought.

“True,” Madison agreed, then rounding on Kaitlyn “But why do you care so much? Oh, I know,” Sarah’s girlfriend added brightly. “I think you’re jealous. Right, Sarah?”

“Oh, definitely,” Sarah agreed. That was what a good girlfriend did, agreed. “Jealous.”

“No, I’m not,” Kaitlyn huffed. “You think I’m jealous of one of you?”

“That’s not it all,” Madison smiled mischievously. “I didn’t mean like that. I meant you want your own girlfriend.”

“No I don’t,” Kaitlyn protested loudly. “I told you, I’m straight.”

“Right,” Sarah drawled, watching in amusement as their friend squirmed.

“What about the girl who served us?’ Madison asked. “She’s cute.”

“No!” Kaitlyn protested again.

Sarah’s eyes flicked to girl, serving some other customers now. In profile she could see the delicate shape of her nose. She had such a sweet smile, almost submissive, as she handed over each purchase. She already knew how to serve. She’d make such a good slave.


“No, you’re right,” Madison nodded. “She’s a brunette. Like you. Maybe you want a blonde?”

Sarah wasn’t sure about that. Maybe if Kaitlyn’s girlfriend was blonde it would be too close to a substitute for her and Madison. But she didn’t have a blonde slave. Sure, her mother and Madison’s mother were blonde. But they were older. And neither Helen or Madison were her slave. Not like Emily or Lauren. Maybe she should look for a blonde. Tall and leggy and with boobs a bit bigger than Lauren’s. Maybe like someone out of a swimsuit calendar. Maybe the girl behind the counter knew someone like that. The girl had to have friends. At least some of them would be as attractive as her. Once Sarah had taken the brunette she could have the girl help her, lure her friends in. Sarah could take them.

Control them.

“Maybe that would be too many blondes though,” Madison grinned, Kaitlyn glaring at her unhappily. “Oh, what about her?”

Madison nodded at a group of girls waiting at the counter. But Sarah knew just which one Madison meant. Strawberry blonde hair that reached halfway down her back. Just the right amount of curves. Sarah frowned, more than hint of jealousy in her as she glanced at Madison, her girlfriend admiring the redhead’s figure. That wouldn’t matter if the girl was her slave. They could both gaze at the girl as much as they wanted. She didn’t have a redhead yet. Strawberry blonde was close enough. She could get a real redhead later. Maybe the girl came here often. Once she had the brunette it wouldn’t be just the girl’s friends Sarah had a way to. It would customers as well. Like this girl. Get the brunette to tell her she’d won a prize. But that she had to collect it. Somewhere Sarah was waiting. Where she could hypnotise the girl. Take her.

Own her.

After that she could take whatever she wanted from the girl. Everything. Maybe she’d make a collection. All the hair colours, skin colours, eye colours. All hers. Anyone she wanted. Any beautiful woman could be hers. To kneel at her feet. To give her everything.

She’d own them.

She’d be in control.

What the fuck?

“What the fuck, Madison?” Kaitlyn snapped. “I told you. I’m into boys. It’s super cool about you two, but it’s not me.”

“If you say so,” Madison shrugged. “But I’ve heard every girl gets tempted to experiment. You ever admit you want to and I’m sure we’ll be able to find you someone. Right, Sarah?”

“Right,” Sarah nodded. If she had a stable of slaves she could just let Kaitlyn pick whichever one she wanted. Or hypnotise another girl for her. Anyone. There’d be so many, Sarah could have as many as she wanted. Dozens. Hundreds. Hers. She could own them all.


Sarah didn’t know why she was thinking like that. Was that why she’d kept Lauren? Maybe she should have let the girl go. But she was so pretty. And it was so hot owning someone a few years older than her. The girl would be so deep now. Lost in trance. Listening to Sarah’s voice. Becoming more her slave.

She shouldn’t have done it. She shouldn’t do it to anyone else. But it had felt so good. So right.

In control.

“I said no,” Kaitlyn huffed.

“You sure?” Madison laughed. “Maybe you just need to look at the right way. Don’t girls look so hot? Maybe in a bikini? God, when I think of Sarah in a bikini.”

Sarah blushed. Madison thought about her like that? Did that mean Madison thought she was sexy? Madison was her girlfriend. But she’d never thought about what her girlfriend thought of her. Madison liked the idea of her in a bikini/ She’d have to make sure her girlfriend got to see that.

What would Lauren look like? She was sure the girl would look amazing. Maybe she should give the girl some commands like she’d given Helen, to only wear a bikini or lingerie at home. She’d be like that whenever Sarah came to see her. Sarah could do that.

She was in control.

“Yeah, I bet you’d like that,” Kaitlyn shot back.

“Well,” Madison smiled, her tongue darting at the spoon Sarah held before her. “If you ever change your mind, you let us know. We’ll help, right Sarah?”

“Definitely,” Sarah nodded. “We could get you whoever you wanted.”

Sarah could.

She knew it. She could find Kaitlyn a selection. Have them parade in front of her friend. Short dresses. Underwear. Naked. Have them beg.

On their knees.

All of them.

They weren’t begging Kaitlyn.

Sarah couldn’t help it. Every pretty girl she saw after they left the icecream parlour, she imagined what the girl would look like, on her knees, eyes empty, repeating the words Sarah gave her.

Becoming hers.

She was so turned on.

“Are you all right?” Madison asked.

Madison was so pretty. Beautiful. Madison could be a swimsuit model. She had the looks for it. And the body. She’d seen Madison in a bikini. But she hadn’t been so interested then. She wanted to see it again. She could drop Madison. Take her home now. Make her put on a bikini.

Or nothing at all.

Sarah realised she wasn’t breathing, thoughts of her naked girlfriend filling her mind.

“Yeah,” she managed at last. “You’re just so, uh, pretty.”

Oh God, did I just say that? It was true, but she hadn’t meant to say it.

Madison stared at her for a moment before the other girl’s cheeks flushed. She glanced away. “Thanks,” the other blonde muttered.

“Adorable,” Kaitlyn chortled.

Both blondes glared at her.

Sarah could hypnotise Madison and have her naked. But she wasn’t going to do that. It wasn’t what a good girlfriend would do. And she needed to learn to be a good girlfriend. For Helen.

Lauren, though. Lauren was another matter.

Or Emily.

Or her mother.

It was good having slaves,

She was in control.

* * *

“Did you have a good time with your friends?” Sarah’s mother asked.

“Yeah,” Sarah replied casually. She wasn’t telling her mother just how good a time. She’d kissed Madison. Not in public. There’d been a stolen kiss amongst the shelves of one shop, the taste of the icecream still fresh on her girlfriend’s lips, all the flavours mixing together, strawberry and coconut and caramel and mint, Sarah melting like an icecream on a hot day. And another, longer, on the way back to Madison’s, longer, sinking into each other, her hand exploring Madison’s hip, rising to just brush the side of her girlfriend’s breast, need flaring in her. In the back of Kaitlyn’s car, telling Kaitlyn to keep her eyes on the road while Madison nuzzled into her neck, ignoring Kaitlyn’s chortles as her fingers traced the lines of Madison’s face.

She wasn’t telling her mother any of that. Certainly not the heat she’d felt, the need. That need was rising again, with her mother in front of her.

“I’m so glad my little girl’s home,” Rachel smiled.

Sarah’s mother was wearing matching lavender bra and panties. And a pair of black high heels. That was all she had on. Beside her collar. That was black as well.

“So glad,” Rachel purred, stroking Sarah’s hair.

Before Sarah realised it, her mother had pushed her up against the wall, was claiming her lips. With one hand Sarah grabbed the hand that was stroking her hair, with her other hand she pushed her mother away, not letting go of that wrist.

“Sarah?” her mother cringed, looking at where her daughter held her wrist. Sarah was gripping that wrist so tightly. Maybe she was hurting her mother.

She didn’t care. Her mother had to learn who was in control.

Rachel struggled for a moment, then stilled as she glared at her.

“Where’s Helen?” Sarah hissed.

“In there,” her mother nodded submissively in the direction of the lounge room.

Sarah headed in the indicated direction, dragging her mother after her. She’d loosed her grip so that it wouldn’t hurt, but she was still holding on tightly.

Sure enough, Helen was there, reclining on the lounge while she watched the television. The sight brought Sarah to a halt. Like her mother, Sarah’s elder sister was just wearing underwear. A vision in white, bustier and skimpy lacy panties. Stockings held up by garters.

Helen’s face flushed. Sarah knew what her sister wanted. Helen would be so turned on by what she was wearing. But she couldn’t get off. Not without Sarah’s permission. When was the last time she had let sister cum? Sarah couldn’t remember. She could do it now. She wanted to, needed to see her sister cum. Watch her sister’s face melt into need and bliss and release.

“You want to get off?’ Sarah asked.

Helen nodded. And then said “Please.”

Desire rocketed through the younger sister. Hearing her sister say that word. Sarah could say yes. It would be so easy to say yes to her sister.

But Helen had to earn it.

“You wait there,” she ordered her mother, pointing at a spot on the floor, before turning back to her sister.

“I want a pose. Bend over backwards. You should be able to do that with your yoga.”

Helen could, Sarah’s jaw dropping open as Helen bent further and further over until her hands were on the ground, her stomach stretched so tight. Like those panties, stretched over her most private place. Displayed for her sister. Sarah could just dive in.

She couldn’t. She wasn’t ready yet.

“Hold it,” she cried, desire ripping through her. “Hold it for as long as you can! Hold it until I tell you to stop!”

Helen was so beautiful, every muscle taut. Sara wanted her sister so much. Wanted to cum. She could. Nothing was stopping her. She could reach into her panties and…

That wasn’t her only option.

“Eat me out,” she ordered her mother.

There was a gasp from Helen, a quiver shooting through the older sister.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Sarah snapped, as she hiked up her skirt, her mother sinking to her knees between Sarah’s legs.

Sarah’s eyes didn’t leave Helen as her mother’s tongue sunk into her folds, her eyes caressing her sister as that tongue played at her opening. Need burnt through her. She could cum right now, just those few strokes of her mother’s tongue enough.

She wasn’t going to.

“Hold that pose,” she ordered as she watched her sister shake. She wasn’t going to break first. She was in control.

Even if it was so hard, as the tip of her mother’s tongue circled her clit, as that tongue dove inside her in long, firm, strokes.

As she gazed at her sister’s body.

Her left hand was shaking, need pulsing through her body. Sarah moaned as her mother hair brushed the inside of her thighs, electric sensations shooting to pool in her breasts. Her nipples were so erect. So were Helen’s.

She was so close.

She had to hold on.

Helen’s limbs collapsed, Sarah’s sister falling to the floor as Sarah’s crest swept over her, Sarah crying out wordlessly.

She pulled herself together.

She was in control.

“Now you can cum,” she told her sister. “On your knees,” Sarah added, as Helen rolled onto her back, her hand reaching for her centre.

Helen shot Sarah a look as she pulled herself into a kneeling position. But it wasn’t what Sarah expected. Not disdain or annoyance or resentment. It was almost gratitude.

There was a smile on her mother’s face as well, Rachel glancing at Helen before turning back to gaze up at her younger daughter.

Sarah raised an eyebrow at her mother. “I didn’t tell you to stop.” With one hand she guided Rachel’s head back to her centre.

Even though she’d arranged it, Sarah almost couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mother was eating her out while her sister got herself off. Helen didn’t look away. Sarah had expected her sister would. Look anywhere else than at what their mother was doing. Or close her eyes. She’d told her sister to think whatever Rachel and Sarah did was normal, but that didn’t mean she wanted to watch.

“Like what you see?” Sarah smirked. Helen’s fingers were busily working away, Helen’s face flushing and a familiar look stealing over her features. Her crest wouldn’t be long.

“No,” her sister replied firmly.

“But you’re watching, you going to watch.” Helen had almost gone to look away but at Sarah’s command her eyes swivelled back to where their mother knelt between Sarah’s legs.

Helen didn’t look away.

Even as she came.

“Do you want to look away?” Sarah asked, after she’d crested again.

“Yes,” Helen replied shortly.

“But you can’t,” Sarah laughed. “Because I’m telling you that you can’t. That right, sis?”

“Yes,” Helen repeated. There was a breathlessness to her reply this time. Sarah could see the need in her sister’s eyes. Obeying Sarah turned Helen on. She could feel the need rising off her sister.

“I think you need to cum again.”

Helen didn’t object. Far from it. A quiver shot through Sarah’s sister, the sight taking Sarah’s breath away. There was something desperate in Helen’s eyes.

Both sisters came more than once before Sarah decided it was time for their mother to make dinner.

“Don’t think you’re going anywhere,” she shot at Helen. “Wait right there.”

Sarah dived upstairs. She had to do something. It was so hard to think. Maybe her diary had something. Helen would do whatever she wanted. Desperately she flicked through the pages, scanning the words. “God, yes,” she moaned as she lighted on one of the more recent pages.

Spinning around she grabbed a scarf from one of her drawers and hurried back downstairs.

“Turn around,” she ordered her sister. “Hands behind your back.”

Helen didn’t make the slightest protest as she obeyed. Not a sound. Only a sharp intake of breath as Sarah grabbed her sister’s wrists, wrapped the scarf around them, tying it tightly. Not enough to hurt. She wouldn’t do that to Helen. But securely in place.

“You can turn around now,” Sarah declared after she’d resumed her seat and smoothed down her skirt.

Helen did. She looked so beautiful restrained, the pull back of her shoulders emphasising her breasts.

“Lick my shoes,” the younger sister ordered slowly, each word so clearly enunciated, her eyes falling to one of her shiny black high heels, the shoe tapping in space as her left leg lay crossed over her right. She almost forgotten that she’d been wearing the shoes. She grinned, thinking how she’d chosen them so her legs would look good for Madison.

They were the right shoes, expensive, elegant. Something someone in control should wear.

There was a sound from Helen. It wasn’t a protest. Sarah told herself it couldn’t be the moan she thought it had been.

“Do it!” she ordered. Firmly. Not loudly. But there’d been steel in her voice.

Just like someone in control should have,

Helen fell to her knees, leaning forward, Sarah able to see where her elder sister’s hands were trapped behind her back. Another quiver shot through Helen, Sarah knowing that was when her tongue landed on Sarah’s shoe.

“Every inch of them,” Sarah ordered. “I want them clean.”

Helen quivered again, the involuntary motion accompanied by a sharp intake of breath, need lacing it. Sarah wasn’t surprised. She’d told Helen to be turned on by her younger sister’s orders. Helen was obeying.

It felt so right.

Heat rose from Helen, a living thing, Sarah’s sister quivering visibly. Helen was obeying, each lick turning her on more and more. Sarah knew that her sister wanted to cum, would be so aroused, she could see Helen drowning in it.

Helen wasn’t going to get to cum yet. That was up to Sarah.

She was in control.

Sarah’s shoes were shining by the time dinner was ready. Helen had even dried them off. Using her hair.

Sarah hadn’t even had to tell her sister to do that.

It was just like what she’d written in her diary.

She wasn’t finished with Helen yet.

Sarah could tell how turned on her sister was. The shortness of Helen’s breath, the flush in her cheeks. The look in her eye, need and desire. The way the flush reached down to her breasts, Helen’s chest heaving.

Helen looked so good when she was turned on.

“On your hands and knees,” Sarah ordered. “In front of me.”

“No,” she corrected her sister, the toe of one shiny high heel lifting her sister’s chin, Helen swallowing soundlessly in response. “Not facing me. Side on.”

Sarah smiled as her sister shuffled into position.

It wasn’t long before her mother called out that dinner was ready.

“I’d like my dinner in here,” Helen called back.

“Yes, dear,” her mother replied, soon emerging carrying her daughters’ meals. “Uh, where do I put them?”

“Put Helen’s there,” Sarah replied, indicating a spot on the lounge next to her. “And put mine there.” She pointed at Helen’s back.

“Are you sure dear?”

Sarah just gave her mother a look.

Rachel didn’t say a word as she placed Sarah’s plate on Helen’s back. “I’ll just get mine,” Sarah’s mother smiled before turning and heading back to the kitchen.

“You’re going to stay still,” Sarah whispered, leaning forward. She was so close to Helen’s ear. It would be so easy to kiss that ear. Trace its curve with her tongue. The thought had Sarah’s breath catching. But she wasn’t going to do it. She wasn’t ready. “Totally still. Every time something moves it’s going to earn you a smack. And don’t even think about what’s going to happen if you spill my dinner.”

More orders for Helen to obey. More fuel for the fire already burning in her. Sarah smiled thinly as a quiver shot through her sister. That’s one you’ll be getting, she thought smugly.

“This is nice,” Rachel declared after taking a place on the lounge near Helen’s feet. “A bit more informal than eating at the table. But still nice to eat as a family.”

Sarah was popping a morsel into Helen’s mouth but she wasn’t sure she would describe this as a family dinner.

She grinned as another quiver shot through Helen.

“So do you want to tell me about your day now?” their mother asked.

Sarah was happy to do that. Although she wasn’t so sure when her mother said they should have Madison over for dinner. If she did that she’d have to let Helen sit at the table.

This was their secret.

Although Helen could be better at being a meal table, Sarah’s plate rocking twice more.

When the meal was over Rachel was happy to take the plates away.

“Well,” Sarah announced. “Nothing spilt. But you couldn’t keep quite still, could you? Four times I think. So four smacks.” She pulled her hand back, ready. Helen’s rear was so enticing. Rounded just so. Ready for her hand. “Keep looking straight ahead,” Sarah ordered as Helen looked over her shoulder, her eyes wide, need burning wildly in them.

Helen’s head snapped back into position.


Sarah’s hand landed on her sister’s rump, a shiver passing through Helen, a yelp escaping her lips.

“Be quiet,” Sarah hissed. “You’re going to take this and not make a sound.”

Helen simply nodded. Sarah could see her sister tensing in anticipation of the next blow. There was a tautness to her limbs, to her body, that was just so delicious. Sarah wondered just how long she could wait, gazing at her sister.

She didn’t want to wait all that long.


There was a sting from Sarah’s palm, a delicious heat. Although it would be nothing like what Helen felt, the red mark from the smack creeping out from under Helen’s panties, arousal coming off her in waves.

“You made a good table,” Sarah smiled thinly. “Not perfect. You’ll have to work on it. I would have thought with your yoga you could have held the position better. We’ll have to give you more practice.”

That evoked a definite moan.

Smack, Sarah’s hand fell again, Helen rump so beautiful.

“You’re decorative though,” Sarah mused, her hand falling for final time, the red mark glowing even brighter now. “You made a good piece of furniture. Maybe we’ll see what other pieces of furniture you can be. You’d do that if I told you to, wouldn’t you Helen?”

“Yes,” her sister gasped, Helen’s hair hanging around her head.

“Do you want to get off again?” Sarah asked, almost innocently. She didn’t have to ask. She knew. She didn’t need the sheen of sweat on her sister’s glorious body or the arousal that had laced Helen’s reply. Helen had been obeying. Sarah knew just how turned on her sister was.

“Yes,” Helen repeated, the word forced out, desperate and needy. “Please.”

“Well,” Sarah declared. “You were pretty good. And you took your smacks. So I can be generous. So you get to cum again. But remember, you only get to cum when I say so. Oh, and on your knees again.”

It felt so good. Helen was doing exactly what Sarah said. She watched as her sister rearranged her position. Cautiously, Helen obviously trying to position her heel so it didn’t connect with the sore part of her rear. Sarah could allow her sister that. Helen was obeying her.

Sarah was in control.

She watched avidly as Helen’s fingers slipped inside her panties. Sarah knew she could join in. She wanted to, need singing from her centre. She could see the movements of those fingers, Helen’s head tipping back, her sister’s mouth forming a glorious ‘O’ as bliss stole across those gorgeous features. It was just for Sarah. No-one else would ever see Helen like this, not unless Sarah allowed it. Helen cumming was one of the most wonderful things in the world and it was just for her.

Helen’s body shook as she came, the sight almost enough to push Sarah over the edge, her own crest pulling at her, beckoning.

“Enough,” Sarah declared as her sister looked at her imploringly. No matter how good Helen looked cumming she didn’t get to do it whenever she asked. “A little bit of an edge won’t hurt you. It might help you to stay still when I tell you to.”

“Now get up here and let’s watch something.”

It was always nice to spend time with her sister. Especially when Helen was still turned on enough to make her fidgety.

Sarah was turned on too. As the evening ticked away she thought of all the things she could do with Helen. When she was ready. When she could be the lover her sister deserved. So many times she swallowed nervously. So aware of her sister, so close beside her. Wanting to reach out, touch her. Kiss her. Take her. Sarah’s body was crying out for it. To lose herself in Helen. Dive in to that wonderful ocean and never surface. To take everything her sister had to offer. She couldn’t. Sarah knew she wasn’t ready yet. But she knew what to do about that.

Once Helen was safely in bed, Sarah letting herself gaze just for a moment at her sister’s lingerie clad magnificence she made her own preparations.

She didn’t head to her own bedroom.

“My little girl,” her mother purred.

Her mother wasn’t Helen. But it still felt so good. To press her body against her mother’s. o peel that lingerie from her mother’s body, feel the eagerness rolling off Rachel. To wrap her lips around her mother’s nipples. To feel her mother’s tongue teasing her clit. To draw her own tongue along the line of her mother’s opening. To dive inside as her mother dove into Sarah’s centre. To cum together, both of them crying our wordlessly.

They came so many times.

“I’m going out,” Helen announced the next morning. It was a little odd, Sarah thought, hearing those words delivered so definitively as her sister knelt next to her, Sarah feeding Helen her breakfast. But she didn’t mind too much. Not after what she and their mother had done last night.

And again, in the morning, before Rachel had left for work.

Sarah was tempted to invite herself along to whatever her sister was doing.

So tempted.

But Helen did deserve her own life. Sarah didn’t want to take that away from her sister.

She couldn’t do that.

“And,” Helen added just before she left, looking so gorgeous in a short skirt and right top, “I you see an of your little friends don’t you dare tell them about our secrets.”

Sarah wouldn’t do that. And anyway, she had things of her own to do. There were some books she wanted to read. Maybe call Madison. There was her blog. She still needed to update that with the exercise recording from the other day.

After Helen left, Sarah headed up to her room, plugging her phone into her computer. She frowned as the video started uploading. She didn’t remember their exercise session taking that long.

Just to check there wasn’t anything wrong with the recording she started it playing as soon as it had uploaded. There was a sympathetic ache in her muscles as she watched herself go through the exercises. She was already picking out which snippets she could upload.

She frowned again as she watched herself and Helen reach the end of the exercise routines. The video still had ages to run. But she was sure she’d stopped the recording as soon as they’d finished.

Maybe, tired as she’d been, she hadn’t.

It didn’t matter.

She watched herself on the screen, complaining about how much her muscles ached as she and Helen went through their warm downs.

On the screen, Helen turned to her and said.

“Sarah, go down the stairs.”

(To be continued)