The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hypnotic Lap Dance

Chapter 1:

Sarah was staying with a girl from her home town, Jessica Fischer. Jess was four years older and working, very hard, as a paralegal before taking the California BAR exam in order to become a lawyer with one of the more conservative legal firms. She was also a highly intelligent, free spirited girl, who’d left the stifling, religious bigotry of her father’s home at 16 in order to live with her mother, his first wife, in California. She’d done very well at school and graduated from UCLA top of her class whereupon she’d quickly been offered a number of jobs at various law firms and had accepted the one which offered her the best salary. Sarah was staying with her temporarily, before she moved onto campus at the beginning of the academic year.

Jessica’s apartment was quite small for two, but cosy enough and in a good part of town. Unfortunately, Jess was working almost constantly, leaving at eight a.m. and returning after nine in the evening whereupon she’d work at her computer for at least two hours. Once she’d finished she’d be extremely tired and not really able to show Sarah any of LA. Similarly, during the day, Sarah was a little too shy and nervous to head out into the metropolis of Los Angeles as she’d heard too many bad things about the place and none of the good. Instead, Sarah remained in the flat and tried to read up on her subject. That was why she heard the music.

It was about noon on a Friday and a very loud, regular thudding began, coming from the adjacent apartment. Although she really didn’t want to get on anybody’s bad side, it was too loud for Sarah to concentrate on the medical journal she was reading, so she stood up, straightening her summer dress, and went out in her bare feet. She went and knocked on the next apartment’s door. Nobody answered. She continued knocking, getting increasingly worked up, when suddenly the song finished and the door opened.

In front of Sarah was a stunningly attractive woman. She was five ten at least, with a beautifully sculptured face framed by dark red hair and enhanced by vividly green eyes. She was wearing a silk dressing gown that covered her entirely, but Sarah could tell from the woman’s poise and stance that she had a gorgeous body. Sarah instantly felt attracted to her. She was now looking at Sarah with an enquiring expression.

“Err... hi....” said Sarah.

“Hello,” purred the woman, in a soft, rich voice that seemed to reach deep into Sarah’s stomach and put butterflies there. “What seems to be the problem?”

“I, err, was kinda, like, you know... hoping you could maybe turn the music down a bit...? Please?” Sarah asked.

“Oh?” replied the woman, “It’s strange that no-one’s asked before. I’ve played my music like this every now and then for ages and no-one’s complained.”

“Well, I’m sorta staying here for a little while next door.” said Sarah.

“Oh, so you’re my next door neighbour,” said the woman, in an even richer voice that, if Sarah had had more experience of life, she might have considered as slightly flirtatious. “I’ve been wondering who lives next to me for some time and now I finally meet you. I must say, you are an extremely beautiful young woman, won’t you come in?”

The butterflies in Sarah’s stomach were now angry hornets racing around. The last time she’d felt like this had been with Jill, and now this gorgeous woman, who said she was beautiful, was inviting her into her flat...? Sarah felt her knees weaken slightly. She also felt she’d inadvertently misled the woman slightly.

“Oh, I’m not really your neighbour I’m just staying with a friend.” She said.

“Really?” asked the woman, “And where is your friend?”

“Oh she’s out at work. She won’t be back for a while.” Sarah didn’t know why she’d added that detail, but it somehow seemed important.

“Oh, so you’re all alone... at the moment?” the woman replied, smiling in a strange way and looking Sarah straight in the eye.

“Well... yes, I suppose so.” Sarah felt a certain unknown apprehension at the way the woman had said ‘all alone.’

“And you want me to not play my music quite so loud, right?” Sarah merely nodded, she was feeling even weaker, the woman was still looking her right in the eyes and the feeling in Sarah’s stomach was now moving lower, towards the places only Jill had ever aroused. There was a quiet moment until the woman spoke again.

“Well, that’s a perfectly reasonable request, I didn’t realise anyone was next door.” The spell of the moment was suddenly broken. The woman smiled at Sarah in a way that was friendly, not sexy and Sarah released a breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. The woman held out a hand to Sarah and said:

“Hello, I’m Natasha, but my friends call me Tasha.” Sarah smiled back and took the hand.

“I’m Sarah and I’m just sitting around not doing anything!” She meant it as an ice breaker, but Natasha instantly looked very concerned and, still holding onto Sarah’s hand, said:

“You mean that you’re just sitting around a flat doing nothing, during a visit to LA? That’s ridiculous! Come on in. Just let me get changed and I’ll give you a tour of this area.” Still holding Sarah’s hand, Natasha walked back into her flat and brought Sarah with her, closing the door behind them.

Natasha led Sarah over to a futon, set up as a low sofa against one wall. Opposite it was a large, four poster bed beside which was a large music system. The most obvious thing about the room, to Sarah, was that it made far greater use of the space than Jessica’s much messier flat did. There were two doors to the right of the entrance, one leading to a small kitchen the other to a bathroom, but the large window of the bedroom, combined with the relative scarcity of furniture, meant that the room seemed impressively big. Natasha returned from the kitchen with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“Before we go out I’d like to learn more about you. What do you say to a glass or two of wine?” Sarah could think of no reason why not. Natasha stood in front of her and poured out two glasses of red wine. Sarah took one and had a sip. The taste was far better than she expected. What little wine Sarah had drunk in the past had been coarse and cheap, but this tasted wonderful. She took another sip, turned towards her hostess and almost choked.

Natasha had sat down next to Sarah on the futon and had folded her legs towards her. In doing so, the dressing gown had fallen open a little, revealing a perfect body. Natasha was only wearing what looked like a two-piece swimsuit made of a strange black and white material. It showed off her body in almost all its entirety: deeply tanned, good physique, with large, extremely inviting breasts. To cover her confusion Sarah leant forwards, looking away.

“What’s wrong?” asked Natasha, her voice radiating concern.

“Oh, nothing,” replied Sarah, “Just some wine went down the wrong way. It’s delicious though.”

“Yes, it is. It’s from here in California, and can be quite cheap if you know the right sort of people. I’ll give you the bottle after we’ve finished it.” Sarah looked grateful, but inside was thinking about how drunk she’d get off an entire bottle of wine! Natasha asked Sarah about herself and Sarah told her, leaving out some of what she regarded as the more shameful details. After half an hour, and two more glasses of wine, Sarah had almost finished and was quite giggly. Natasha seemed unaffected.

“So then I got accepted to UCLA and now I’m here, about to go to university!”

“Any boys in your life?” asked Natasha casually. The question caused quite a commotion inside Sarah but she masked it well, or so she thought.

“Oh... no... I just haven’t had time with all my studying... Tell me what you do for a living, Tasha?” she asked, to cover her confusion.

“Oh, I work in a night club.” replied Natasha, quite unashamedly.

“You mean like a dance hall?” asked Sarah. Natasha smiled:

“You could say that. But it’s more like a gentleman’s club, if you know what I mean.” Sarah didn’t.

“You mean, like the Rotary club back home? They don’t allow women in there accept as waitresses...” Sarah realised that wasn’t what Natasha meant, as the other woman looked genuinely surprised. Natasha was taken aback by her young guest’s ignorance, but was also beginning to consider some extremely naughty ideas: ‘Perhaps,’ thought the older woman, ‘this girl really is that naïve.’

“Sarah, do you know what a lap dance is?” she asked.

Sarah didn’t.

“Well, it’s what I do,” continued Natasha, and a wicked thought that had been growing during the entire conversation bubbled to the surface. “Perhaps I can show you how it works?” she asked. Sarah nodded slightly. She didn’t have a clue what Natasha was talking about. The woman stood up in front of Sarah and took the now empty wine glass out of her hand, placing it to the side. She went over to the music system and put on some slow, sensuous music before walking back, loosening her dressing gown slightly as she did.

“A lap dance is where someone dances very close to another person while wearing not a lot. The only rule is: the person who isn’t dancing, that would be you in this case, cannot move or touch the person doing the dance. Do you understand?” Sarah nodded, her heart was racing and the butterflies had returned in force. She sat up, put her hands in her lap and waited for her hostess to begin.

Natasha turned her back to Sarah. She’d intended to do this, but much later as it usually took an awful lot of prep work, especially for women. But Sarah clearly had lesbian urges and was, equally clearly, attracted to Natasha. That, combined with her naivety, meant that thirty five minutes after meeting her Natasha could begin to seduce and hypnotise Sarah.

She began to swing her hips from side to side. The movement couldn’t be anything other than sexy and Sarah fidgeted slightly uncomfortably. She’d been told so often that being a lesbian was bad, but she was feeling incredibly attracted to this woman and didn’t want her to stop. She decided to stay a little while longer.

Natasha continued swinging her hips and raised her hands to her shoulders, slowly pulling down the dressing gown. As it went past her ass she bent over, pointing at Sarah with her bottom, which she began to swing in little circles. Sarah audibly sighed. Natasha edged it closer and closer to Sarah’s face, rotating her ass and causing Sarah to begin to rotate her head. The strange white and black spiral pattern on the bikini bottoms were blurring in her eyes as Natasha edged closer. Sarah didn’t know what was going on... All she knew was that it felt good and she didn’t want it to stop.

As she got to within a few inches of Sarah’s face, Natasha turned around and put her hands around Sarah’s neck, pulling Sarah’s eyes down towards her breasts which were rotating like her ass had been. Sarah instinctively moved forwards towards the glorious mounds before her, but Natasha moved away slightly with an ‘ah ah ahh, you can’t touch,’ which Sarah obeyed. The hypnotist now moved in very close, putting first one of her breasts in front of Sarah’s eyes, and then the other.

Sarah was feeling like she hadn’t done for two years. Staring at Natasha’s breasts as they moved in front of her, Sarah found that the blurring black and white shapes of the other woman’s bikini top were weaving in front of her eyes, blurring slightly and causing a strangely relaxing feeling. She began to reach out with her hands again, to pull the sexy woman closer to her, but once again Natasha said no, only this time she continued speaking, whispering into Sarah’s ears as Sarah’s eyes followed the gorgeous breasts in front of her.

“No, Sarah, don’t touch and don’t move. Just feel your eyes on Tasha’s body, see how sexy she is... arousing you, making you feel sooo goood.” Sarah whimpered slightly. She was feeling incredibly stimulated and Natasha’s voice was pouring sweet honey directly into her mind. The voice was so arousing... all she wanted to do was listen to it.

Now Natasha pulled back slightly and moved Sarah’s head up even closer to her breasts. They were now directly in front of Sarah’s eyes which went round and around, following the other woman’s erotic movements. ‘She’s just about ready,’ thought Natasha.

“Sarah, look at my breasts, nothing but my breasts. See them rising and falling before you... rotating round and around. Rise and fall with them... follow their movement with your eyes. Try to imagine my nipples beneath my bikini... Look deep into the centre of the fabric around my right breast... around the nipple. Look deeper and deeper into the centre of my breast... You feel your self getting sleepy as you focus on my breast... feeling your eyes drooping as they stare at my nipple through the deep... dark material of my bikini.” Sarah’s every thought was focussed on Natasha’s breast. Her mind was a bizarre mixture of arousal and sleepiness... She didn’t pull away.

“As you feel so tired, Sarah, you must focus on something else... something nearby and equally beautiful... You must look at my other breast Sarah... now...” Sarah’s eyes slowly traversed to the other side of Natasha’s chest. The breast there was indeed equally beautiful and, far from waking her up, Sarah found herself sinking even deeper into the feelings of desire and tiredness as she looked at it. Her head began to follow Natasha’s other breast as it rotated... round and around.

“That’s right, Sarah,” continued Natasha, “It’s so good to look at my breasts... As you do so you feel even sleepier... As you get so tired the only thing that keeps you awake is to look at my other breast...” Sarah’s head moved towards Natasha’s other side even slower than before. ‘And now for the coup de grace,’ thought the sexy hypnotist.

“You know that you can’t keep awake much longer, Sarah... you know that the spiralled material before your eyes is hypnotising you. When you close your eyes you know you will be completely under my control...” Sarah’s mind belatedly tried to rouse herself from her stupor. She didn’t want to be hypnotised! But she realised that the older woman had her in her control and... she realised she wanted to be there! All she could do was nod, very slowly, as her eyes focussed completely on the depths of the black and white spirals in front of her.

“That’s right, Sarah,” continued the extremely aroused hypnotist. “You will soon be completely under my control. Your head swings from one of my breasts to the other and you know you cannot resist them... cannot resist the power of my breasts... of my bikini... of my nipples.” Sarah’s head was now totally focussed on one of Natasha’s breasts. She tried to move her head but couldn’t and she knew if she didn’t she’d soon close her eyes and release herself to Natasha.

“That’s right, Sarah, focus on my breast. Look deeper into the hypnotic material of my bikini. As you go deeper you realise the true power of my breasts are their nipples... You are now so tired that you cannot keep your eyes open much longer. When you see my nipples your eyes will shut. When your eyes shut you will be completely under my control... completely hypnotised. Say it!”

“Completely... hyp... no... tised...” said Sarah.

Natasha smiled wickedly. With a flick of her wrist the bikini fell and her breasts were free, revealing her achingly hard nipples. Sarah’s eyes clamped shut. Natasha had hypnotised her.

“Sarah, you are completely under my control. Obeying me gives you pleasure and you love to feel pleasure. When I tell you to awake, you will forget ever being hypnotised, but you will remember me giving a lap dance to you. You will feel extremely aroused but will believe that I haven’t noticed. Your lesbian desire for me will be too much for you to ignore it. You will offer to give a lap dance to me where you will do your best to seduce me. You will always think that you seduced me. You will be yourself in public and in private with me, but when you hear me and only me say the words ‘I think you are looking very tired’ you will count to ten, gradually becoming very tired and re-entering this hypnotic state when you reach ten. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Sarah.

“Now,” continued Natasha, “I will slowly count down from thirty to twenty, when I reach twenty, you will continue counting down from nineteen to zero. With each number you will wake up a little more and when you reach zero you will wake up to find me standing before you. You will not remember any of this either. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Sarah.

“Good. Thirty, twenty nine, twenty eight...” Natasha continued down to twenty while doing up her bikini, whereupon Sarah counted down to zero at which point she woke up to find Natasha standing in front of her. Sarah felt so aroused. The lap dance had reminded her of everything she had missed when Jill went and she desperately wanted the satisfaction of another lesbian encounter with this woman in front of her. But how to do it?

“Tasha,” said Sarah, “Can I try and give you a lap dance?”

Natasha smiled and said: “Be my guest.” She sat down where Sarah had been sitting and felt the dampness where the girl’s arousal had soaked through her dress. Natasha smiled to herself. She was very much looking forwards to Sarah’s ‘seduction,’ and her mistress would also be doubly pleased: that the hypnotic material of her bikini had worked so well and that she had this gorgeous girl to add to her collection...