The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hypnotic Lap Dance

Chapter 2:

Natasha was sat down on the futon in front of Sarah. The futon was deliberately low in order to make it difficult for anyone to push their way out of it. It was also very soft and deceptively large. Natasha was sitting cross legged in front of her young conquest, waiting to see what Sarah could and, more importantly, would do. Would she be young, naive and virginal without the slightest idea about seduction, or would she be a raging sexpot?

Sarah was wearing a yellow summer dress that fitted close to her young body. She realised that it was already quite sticky with a mixture of her sweat and arousal... it would have to go. Underneath she had matching black lingerie bra and panties. It was the most expensive, sexiest underwear she had and she was only wearing it because she hadn’t done any washing since arriving in LA. She was now very grateful she’d get to show it off.

She began her seduction of her neighbour by running her hands slowly up her sides, kneading her breasts when they reached them, pushing them together and apart, rubbing the nipples to harden them. Sitting on the futon, Natasha looked up into Sarah’s closed eyes and expression of pleasure. ‘She’s certainly not prudish!’ she thought.

Opening her eyes, Sarah took a slow step towards Natasha, gently placing one of her feet onto Natasha’s belly. Sarah’s foot was soft and warm and began to trace a path down towards Natasha’s pussy. Once it got there, she flexed her toes, causing the woman’s already highly aroused areas to almost explode. ‘Definitely not prudish at all,’ thought the woman. ‘She could teach me a thing or two!’

Now Sarah moved her foot away and turned around, bending over like Natasha had done earlier, Sarah pushed her ass out towards her target and started to rotate it. Natasha found herself following its movement and suddenly thought that Sarah might be trying to hypnotise her! However, at that moment, Sarah’s ass pushed against Natasha’s breasts and began rubbing against them. Tasha closed her eyes and was lost in foreplay heaven, feeling the younger girl’s tight bottom pushing against her own, softer breasts. Before she even realised she was doing it, she moaned and reached out her hands to pull the younger girl towards her.

“Ah ah aah,” chided Sarah, leaning back a little, “That’s not how we play this game. But you could stand up and help me undo some of these straps at the back...”

Natasha stood up thinking, ‘That’s a mistake. Don’t let your target get even half away!’ but as soon as she was standing Sarah bent over again and thrust her ass against Natasha’s pussy, grabbing her ass with both her hands and pulling the two of them tight together, all the while wriggling her bottom against the older woman. Time temporarily stood still for Natasha. She gasped down a great lungful of air and fell back down onto the futon, desperately controlling her body’s need to orgasm. She couldn’t let this youngster do that to her when she’d barely taken a single item of clothing off!

Sarah moved a step away and slowly turned round, turning her head and smiling wickedly at the gasping woman.

“Well, if you can’t do it, I guess I’ll have to,” she said, and deftly loosened the straps of her dress. Kneeling down, Sarah slowly removed the dress from her shoulder and proffered the revealed breast towards Natasha’s face, rotating it around so that the woman’s eyes followed it round and around. Once again Natasha had a sneaking suspicion that she was being set up, but she quickly ignored it upon the tidal wave of arousal that engulfed her. Sarah wasted little time in getting the rest of the dress off and, wearing nothing but her finest lingerie, moved in close to the heavily aroused woman.

Natasha straightened up as Sarah came in close. She wanted to somehow re-establish the initiative, but could only gasp as the younger girl pushed her back down, her hands fondling Natasha’s breasts through the gown and bikini. Sarah released the other woman’s breasts only to push open the gown and push her own chest against Natasha’s. Both women gasped as their breasts touched, and both began to rub against each other.

Sarah began to push the gown off the other woman’s shoulders and Natasha helped. Each woman’s actions were getting increasingly fast and wrapped up in sexual desire and soon all concept of ‘dancing’ was gone. Sarah moved a little higher and brought Natasha’s face into her cleavage before moving her own hands to her back and releasing the bra’s clasp. Natasha found herself faced with a mouthful of breast and responded by hungrily licking and sucking on the nipples before her. Sarah was beside herself with lust and pulled the woman’s face hard against her breast simultaneously undoing the back of Natasha’s bikini top.

Now that their breasts were free, Sarah wanted to feel them against each other, as did Natasha. Both women loved the feeling of another woman’s rock hard nipples rubbing against their own breasts and nipples and both were not disappointed. Allowing the wonderful feelings this caused to continue for just a few moments, Sarah then pushed the older woman over so that she was lying on her back, across the width of the futon. She quickly brought her own body back against that of Natasha. Their nipples once again were rubbing against each other, causing both to moan. They also felt their pussies, each dripping with arousal, come together briefly. Natasha started to gyrate and groan and Sarah followed suite, both crying out as the friction increased.

In her own mind, Sarah was at a level of lust and desire she hadn’t felt for two years, and those two years without sex were building up into an almighty orgasm. Natasha was feeling similarly aroused. She had spent the previous night with her mistress, so she wasn’t aching for orgasm in the way that Sarah was, but the feeling of dominating someone else’s mind combined with the girl’s sexiness was leaving little room for anything other than mind blowing sensations.

Without so much as touching one another’s pussies, both women hit an ecstatic climax almost simultaneously, Sarah arching her back while simultaneously gyrating as hard as she could as she tried to push her pussy out through her panties, Natasha similarly straining to push her aching clitoris against Sarah’s. With a small scream Sarah felt the tsunami of orgasm released through her once... twice... and a third time. Natasha felt the explosion through her breasts and pussy and had an orgasm of similar proportions.

Utterly spent, Sarah rolled off Natasha, onto the futon. She put her arm under the other woman and pulled her close. They kissed during a long embrace and then both fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When she awoke, Sarah was gob smacked. She thought she’d completely lost her lesbian tendencies when she’d been discovered, aged 16, with her female neighbour, yet here she was lying in the arms of a beautiful woman, despite having known her for less than an hour! It was very strange, yet Sarah felt perfectly at ease with the state of affairs. It had been her who’d seduced Natasha, not the other way round. Sure, the other woman’s attitude and behaviour before hand could easily be considered as seducing Sarah, but it had been her who’d made the first move sexually.

Natasha stirred and woke up. She looked across at Sarah and smiled in recollection. They were both still more or less naked and yet Sarah, who’d woken up first, hadn’t instinctively tried to leave or get away. ‘Perhaps I’ve stumbled onto someone who really is a dyed in the wool lesbian,’ thought Natasha. She’d ‘turned’ women before, but nearly always with the help of her mistress. They’d found that in most cases the woman or girl who had been hypnotised took an awful lot of persuading to become a lesbian, or at least bisexual, because of the social stigma they often associated with it... even if they’d felt lesbian desires! Similarly, when they had their first lesbian sexual encounter they tended to panic afterwards and feel guilty and upset. Sarah, on the other hand, looked as if she wanted to go again!

They kissed, Sarah pulling Natasha’s face towards hers while Natasha stroked Sarah’s sides, causing a slight giggle to emerge from the girl. She broke of the kiss and looked into Tasha’s eyes with a naughty smile:

“That’s how I knew I was a lesbian,” she said.

“How do you mean?” asked Natasha.

“Well, I had this really good friend who lived opposite me when I was fifteen. She always used to come over, especially when my parents were out since her mother was black and they don’t really ‘like’ black people.” For a moment Sarah frowned at the recollection. Her parents’ biggest problem with her lesbianism had been that her partner was black, or half caste as her father called it. That alone had turned her love for them into an icy cool indifference. It wasn’t hate, but she felt she’d never value their opinions ever again. She continued telling Tasha about Jill.

“Anyway, I was really attracted to her, but thought she didn’t think the same about me. One time, though, we were in my bedroom wondering what we wanted to be when we grew up. I was lying on my bed and said I wanted to be a movie star who could lie in bed all day! Jill said she wanted to be a doctor. She then said that anyone who wanted to lie in bed all day had to be ill, so she had to examine me! She came over and started touching my sides... I guess she thought that was what examining people was all about!

“Anyway, I started giggling as it tickled, so she did it even more! I was wriggling on the bed, laughing like hell, but it felt really good in a strange way, so I didn’t ask her to stop. I guess she took a hint from that ‘cos she climbed on top of me and started tickling me all over. Well, she was lying on top of me, touching me all over, and her... you know... was right on top of mine, so you can guess what happened next. Before I knew it, I was grinding up against her and she had this look on her face. I guess I was caught up in the moment ‘cos I suddenly rolled her over onto the bed, lay myself on top of her and kissed her full on the mouth.

“She didn’t tell me to stop so I moved one hand down towards her... you know... and began touching her through her skirt and put my other hand on her breasts and started rubbing them too! Within a few minutes we had all our clothes off and were kissing and licking and rubbing and tickling each other’s bodies... After that we did it whenever my parents were out. It lasted about a year before the time my daddy came back early from work.” Once again, Sarah’s expression clouded over slightly. Natasha asked her what happened next.

“He found us and tore me off her... He hit me and told me I was a slut while I cried and Jill screamed. He then said ‘How long’s this been going on?’ I said it had only started that day and he said ‘So why the hell’re you sleeping with this black trash?’ I said that she’d come in and dragged me to bed.” Now tears were filling Sarah’s eyes. She hadn’t told anyone any of this for ages. “The look on Jill’s face made me feel like I’d been stabbed. She ran off and soon left the town... I never got to say how sorry I was... or that I loved her...” She broke off and looked away. Natasha gently took her head in her arms and pulled her back towards her, kissing her on the mouth with a certain amount of lovingness. Sarah hugged Natasha close and breathed deeply, letting the negative feelings get washed away in the other woman’s warmth. Gradually she felt better.

Natasha’s warmth eased Sarah’s troubles away quickly. Feeling better Sarah began to kiss slightly at Natasha’s neck, but the woman had something on her mind and didn’t respond. Instead she was thinking very quickly. She had to take the girl to ‘meet’ her mistress, but she didn’t want to force her, especially after her quite touching story. The girl seemed so nice and wholesome, despite her sexiness, and it somehow seemed wrong to force her to work at the club if it was against her will, as a pose to the bitchy girls she’d hypnotised previously, who pretty much deserved it and even came away from it as better people! But perhaps Sarah would be willing?

“Sugar,” she asked, “I’ve got to ask you this and if you say no I completely understand.” Sarah looked up and into Natasha’s eyes, wondering what she was going to say.

“The place where I work, Sarah, is run by a very close friend of mine. She’s always on the look out for new dancers and you’re exactly the sort she’s looking for: young, gorgeous, sexy and already very good at dancing... Would you be interested?” Natasha’s voice had a slightly brittle quality. She was worried Sarah would say no... In fact, as she saw Sarah’s face crease up in concern she realised it was crazy, there was no way Sarah would go for it!

“I don’t know, Tasha, I only did it here after a few glasses of wine and in complete privacy... I’m not sure I could do it in front of... people...” Natasha could hear the indecision, but it wasn’t a complete knock back... Perhaps if she offered it another way:

“How about you come to the club for a couple of nights and see what happens. If you don’t like what you see then you don’t have to do it. But it’s good, safe work with flexible hours and very good pay. I’d hate to think you wouldn’t try it at all...” Sarah’s brows furrowed as she considered it.

“All right,” she said, “I’ll see what it’s like. But I’m not sure...”

“That’s great,” said Natasha, hugging the girl warmly, “You’ll not regret it and I’m sure you’ll love my friend, she’s from Thailand originally, but she’s been in LA for ages and she has the most amazing club where I work! She’s great, you’ll love her!”

“I’m sure I will,” said Sarah. “Anyhow, I should be going.” She stood up and began to collect her stuff together. Natasha looked slightly crestfallen. She’d been looking forwards to getting to know Sarah even better. The girl had ignited a raw passion inside of her she hadn’t felt for some time. She felt the same way about her mistress, but was always submissive to her. With Sarah she’d dominated the girl, but afterwards been dominated herself. It was extremely thrilling! She asked Sarah why she had to leave.

“Well... you see... My flatmate is coming back early from work today to show me some of the town! I have to get showered and changed before she gets back or she’ll know I slept with someone and she’ll go crazy!” Natasha was slightly confused.

“Why’d she do that, Sarah?”

“Well, she hasn’t had a boyfriend or anything for ages! I don’t think she’d be particularly happy if I managed to score within a week!”

“Plus she wouldn’t like you being with a woman, I suppose,” added Natasha innocently, though the question had far deeper motives.

“Actually, I don’t think that’d bother her,” Sarah replied thoughtfully. “She was a very ‘free spirit’ back home. I heard lots of stories about her, although how many were true or not I couldn’t say... In fact,” she continued as if saying a big secret, “I think I’ve seen her giving me the eye, if you know what I mean! Never too obviously, but when I come out of the shower and she’s there, or when I’m wearing just my jammies... It’s probably nothing, but... And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her masturbating a few times... One time I think I even heard her say my name!” Sarah looked into the distance, considering her conjecture. Natasha looked at the girl, feeling her pulse quicken. She’d seen Sarah’s flatmate, on occasion. She was very attractive but always in a rush. Could it be that she could ensnare two beautiful girls in one day...?

“Sarah,” she said, “I think you are looking very tired.”

Sarah’s eyes fluttered and she slowly sunk to the ground. Natasha instructed her to sit down on the futon and then said:

“Sarah, this is what we’re going to do...”