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Hypnotic Lap Dance

Chapter 3:

Jessica was on her way home from work. It was about five o’clock and she was angry. She was angry because she was being overworked, angry because her lecherous boss had been hitting on her... again. Angry because she was late for taking Sarah out, very angry that she was going to have to work at her computer for a few hours first and just generally pissed off that this was just the same as her last Friday, and the five before that... She didn’t like the drudgery of hard work. Still, once she was qualified to work criminal law she’d be set up for life, so hopefully the sacrifice she was making would be worth it.

Jessica didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian. Sure, she’d had a fling when she was a little younger, and it’d been great. She’d even had a couple of different lesbian relationships since then, although neither had lasted longer than a few weeks. The thing was, Jess was interested in sex, and most relationships she’d had resulted in her not getting nearly enough to satisfy her. She hadn’t been laid in months and now she had a gloriously sexy, beautiful young girl staying with her, who was supposedly a lesbian, who she hardly saw because she was working so damn hard!

That Friday, Jessica had intended to take Sarah out to a few bars she knew served under aged women. She could buy drinks anywhere, but it wasn’t herself she wanted to get drunk... However, once again she was faced with an insurmountable mountain of work. She had to do it and when she finished she’d be exhausted and Sarah would’ve fallen asleep in front of the TV. Jess had toyed with the idea of waking Sarah up by kissing her and seeing what happened, but she didn’t really know what the girl would do.

What she’d heard from back home was that Sarah had been sleeping with her neighbour for ages. Sarah had thought no one knew but it wasn’t as simple as not getting seen... Cries of passion, fleeting glances and a certain touchy feely aspect of the relationship between Sarah and Jill had taken their toll on any secrecy the two might have enjoyed. The reason Sarah’s dad had returned home was because one of the more bitchy and gossipy girls, who’d been angry with Sarah at the time, had mentioned the rumour to her father, who promptly told the news to Sarah’s parents. The result had been the end of Sarah’s lesbian relationship, but had the encounter turned her onto or away from women in general? Jess didn’t know and didn’t want to risk the confrontation that would happen if she was wrong. Instead, she just looked on from a short distance, mentally picturing her young guest naked and breathless...

She got home and opened her door awkwardly, because of her heavy briefcase. Inside, Sarah was sitting on the sofa in a dressing gown watching TV, an unread medical journal lying next to her. As Jess’ eyes adjusted to the light she noted that Sarah looked strangely different... She couldn’t quite picture what was new about her but it put her tummy in a bit of a spin... Sarah seemed somehow sexier than she had been. Ah well, that would have to wait. She had to closely check through a 150 page document before she could even think of checking her guest out a bit closer.

Sarah looked up as Jessica came closer and smiled. Jess realised what was different. Underneath the dressing gown Sarah was dressed for a night on the town and was wearing very well applied make up. Jess groaned inwardly. She knew that Sarah had been looking forwards to having a night out with her and she knew that she’d promised... It was so damn unfair! She’d have to try and work through her stuff as quickly as possible.

“Hey Jessie,” said Sarah brightly, “You ready for a night on the town?” Jessica smiled ruefully and Sarah’s smile inched away.

“I’m afraid not, sweetie,” said Jess, “I’ve got a ton of work on. Give me a little while to check through a couple of things and I’ll be right with you. That ok?” As Jess had expected, Sarah said it was fine and acted as if she wasn’t at all disappointed. Jessica had come to know it well. Sarah just wasn’t any good at asserting herself! Jess had been putting milk in her coffee for three weeks before Sarah mentioned she preferred it black! She was so non-confrontational and eager to please you could get away with almost anything. But on the flipside, in doing that you felt terrible yourself and Jess was fed up with feeling bad about her poor skills as a hostess.

She went off into her bedroom where her computer was. The flat’s main open space, unlike the apartment next door, was divided in two by a thin partition, to make an extra room. Jess stayed in her bedroom and Sarah bunked down in the living room. This arrangement was ok as it gave them both a little privacy if they needed it. Unfortunately, it also meant that they could hear each other very easily. This meant that Jess heard the TV while she worked and thought of Sarah, while Sarah heard Jess at night and thought about herself! Jess, however, didn’t think her guest knew about her fantasies and with a sigh, due to thoughts of unrequited lust, booted up her computer to check the document on her disk.

Sarah continued sitting on the sofa in front of the TV for an hour. Everything had gone according to Natasha’s plan. Jessica’s next door neighbour had hypnotised Sarah previously and, when she found out that Sarah was sharing an apartment with a gorgeous blonde, she instructed the girl on what to do.

Sarah, while awake and in normal conversation, had mentioned that Jessica seemed a little eager to be more than just a good hostess and Natasha, reasoning that there was no smoke without fire, had given Sarah a coded instruction to fall into a hypnotic trance. She’d cross examined Sarah and found out Jessica’s usual habits upon arriving home from work. She’d also come to the same conclusion: Jessica, although probably not an out and out lesbian, was almost certainly interested in Sarah. She put a couple of suggestions into Sarah’s head and awakened her with her memory of being in a trance erased.

Sarah had looked slightly confused upon waking up. She’d felt a tremor of arousal at the thought of being with Jessica previously, when she’d started to stay with her. But now, after being with Natasha, she felt a real lust for the first time. Natasha asked her about Jessica and, as she talked about her more, she felt her lust for Jess increase.

Soon she had to tell the woman about the feeling, as she’d always been faithful to Jill when she’d been with her and she didn’t understand why she was suddenly turning away from Natasha. But that wasn’t quite it... She wasn’t turning away from Natasha, far from it. She was feeling increasingly aroused by Natasha! But that also wasn’t it... The more she thought about it, the thought that was really exciting her was the concept of her, Jess and Natasha all together at once!

She hesitatingly explained this to her new best friend, expecting to hurt the other woman, but instead Natasha smiled in a very sexy yet somewhat disconcerting way, as if she’d anticipated this, and said that she wouldn’t mind helping Sarah at all. Sarah had blushed a little at the thought of making her sudden fantasy a reality, but was caught short when Natasha asked what her plan was.

Natasha had placed the fantasy in Sarah’s mind with instructions for it to grow as they both talked about Jess. She’d stretched Sarah’s moral barriers slightly having sounded out what Sarah considered right and wrong, in order to allow Sarah to sleep with two women in one day. Sarah hadn’t been very receptive to this. Despite being a little too eager to be liked, Sarah did have a highly developed moral code that respected monogamy and loyalty. Natasha was impressed, but managed to squeeze her idea around this block. After that she left one final instruction: that Sarah would have no idea how to make Jess ‘receptive’ to the ideas she had in mind. Natasha had her own methodology for breaking through that barrier but preferred Sarah not to know about the hypnosis. However, there were some alternative possibilities.

Sarah had been watching TV for a little over an hour. She could hear the sounds of Jess muttering as she read through the document on her computer: the typing as she changed something and the groans and clicks as her back and neck ached under the strain. Sarah stood up, took off the dressing gown and straightened out her skirt. Like her top, it was black, made of silk and belonged to Natasha. She had been lent the outfit in order to give her something a little glamorous and very sexy. The blouse left little to the imagination up top: thrusting out Sarah’s ample chest, with nothing at the back save for a single strap around the neck, to keep it up. The skirt fitted very snugly round her ass and ended halfway down her thigh. If she bent over too far, the cloth would ride up her leg and reveal her best, recently laundered black panties to anyone who might care to look. She didn’t need to worry about a bra: the top did that job well enough.

Sarah walked gently into Jessica’s room, her bare feet making no sound on the carpet. Jess was leaning back, stretching her arms out in a vain effort to loosen her shoulder muscles. She rested her arms and lent forwards to begin working again when she suddenly felt Sarah’s firm fingers on her shoulders. Initially startled, Jess’ short scream became a groan of pleasure as Sarah’s hands began to work away at the knots of muscles in her back. Closing her eyes, she lent back and felt Sarah’s warmth go into her neck and shoulders. She shuddered slightly at the feeling.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “That feels so good.” Sarah continued to knead the area around her friend’s neck for a small while. Jess was really enjoying the feeling when Sarah stopped. Jess turned to her, a questioning look in her eye.

“You should move onto the bed,” said Sarah, “Your back needs a proper massage.” Sarah’s usual chipper voice had been replaced by a deeper, richer, sexier sound that massaged Jess’ ears like her neck had been previously. In the half light of the computer monitor and desk light Sarah looked dark, mysterious and extremely attractive, with the short skirt revealing her sexy legs and her breasts trying to break free of the skimpy top. Jess began to mumble some sort of ‘get back to work’ statement but quickly ignored that idea when Sarah took her hand and led her towards the bed.

Jess flopped face down on the double bed. She giggled slightly and looked back at Sarah, expecting to see her flop down beside her, laughing at her act. But Sarah had decided to stay in character for now. She moved slowly, languidly over to the bed and, when Jess tried to turn over and sit up, pushed her back down gently. Jess started to protest but lost any trace of annoyance when Sarah began to massage her lower back.

Her back had always caused her problems. It was long, slender and graceful but didn’t like being part of someone with 36 DD breasts. Jess’ chest was the most public thing about her: it often seemed to get a lot more attention than the rest of her, especially when she was talking to men... and some women... Well, just about anybody really. Her breasts seemed to grab people’s attention with a finality that could have had her take anyone home. But Jessica Walker had high standards, despite her appetite, and she didn’t want to sleep her way to the top. So her breasts held many a follower in quiet servitude for the moment, as all she was doing was working and she wouldn’t break her own rule.

It would be wrong, however, to only mention the beauty of Jessica’s breasts. Her face was pretty as a picture, although not a lot of people ever took the opportunity to look at it. She had shiny blue eyes and sun bleached blond hair that went down to the small of her back. She was about five nine and had jogging trimmed legs with a small, tight ass that looked achingly good in a short skirt or tight trousers, although she’d taken to wearing loose trouser suits with shirts to cover both her legs and her breasts as they seemed to be distracting her co-workers. Similarly, it helped with the uphill battle to be taken seriously: when she wore more revealing clothes it seemed that all the men wanted to do was fuck her while all that the woman wanted to do was bitch about her. But she persevered, worked twice as hard as everyone else and had no social life. Her back was a catastrophe of knots and twists that needed to be soothed, but at that moment all Jess felt was her pussy moistening as she imagined the massage developing.

She moaned again and Sarah, taking that cue, climbed up and straddled her, easing out a horrendous knot. ‘Now,’ thought Sarah, ‘let’s go for stage two...’

“Jessie,” she said, “Why don’t we take off this top of yours...? You’re so tense and I can’t give a proper massage through a shirt.” Jess thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that if Sarah wanted to see her half naked it bode well for her aching clitoris. She undid a couple of buttons of her shirt and, with Sarah’s help, pulled it off. Sarah saw Jess’ deeply tanned back and sighed gently. It was very nice, marred only by her white bra... Well that needn’t last too long.

Sarah continued her massage. The feeling of her soft, cool hands on Jess’ skin was driving the lawyer quietly wild. Similarly, the tense areas of her back were succumbing to Sarah’s excellent massage techniques. However, Sarah wasn’t satisfied with only getting Jess’ shirt off. ‘Now,’ she thought, ‘time for stage three.’

“Jessie,” she said once more, “I think that I can’t really do much about your lower back at the moment. The problem there is more to do with your thighs... your hamstring and calf muscles are so tense from wearing high heels... if you want, I can try and massage them... But I’ll need to get better access to them... Is that ok?” She was, in essence, asking Jessica to take her trousers off so that Sarah could massage her ass. This was not something many people would tolerate. As both Sarah and Natasha suspected, however, Jess acquiesced immediately, pulling off her trousers and revealing the lower half of her body to Sarah.

Jessica was wearing a matching white thong that stuck firmly to her ass. She was shaven, or else naturally hairless in that area and deeply desirable. Sarah initially began massaging the bottom of Jess’ ass. Although the overall intention was to get into Jess’ pants, it was a good idea to make her as relaxed as possible... for some reason... Besides, Jessica desperately needed a good message and Sarah was enjoying giving it to her. So she continued to massage the area where Jess’ legs met her ass, a little over an inch away from Jess’ throbbing clit.

Jess herself was going wild. Although she was hiding it well, her recent lack of sex plus her desire for Sarah meant that she was in serious danger of losing control, but she held back. For all she knew, Sarah could think that she was just being nice, giving Jess a message, not engaging in exquisite foreplay. She controlled herself and felt Sarah move further down her legs, massaging them both very skilfully. All the tension in Jess’ body had drained away, she felt better than she had done in weeks. She was also desperately turned on and wanted to have steamy, passionate sex with Sarah, but she felt very tired after Sarah’s excellent massage. What would she get to do?

Sarah finished massaging each leg.

“Jess, I’m almost done.” Jessica, face down on the bed, managed to groan out something along the lines of ‘I don’t want it to stop.’

“Ok, Jess, I can probably do a bit more around your shoulders and back, but I’ll need to get your bra off for that.” As she looked closer, Sarah suddenly realised that Jess’ bra didn’t have its clasp at the back! That meant...

“Sarah,” said Jess, “My bra has its release at the front.” She began to roll over. “If you want, we can open it.” Jess was now beneath Sarah, in nothing but her bra and thong. She wanted Sarah to undo her bra and kiss her breasts all over. Sarah, in accordance to her instructions from Natasha, complied with relish.

Jessica rolled over fully and Sarah unclasped her bra. She moved the two halves away from Jess’ breasts and pushed her face against them. Placing her lips and tongue around one of Jess’ engorged nipples, Sarah began to suck hungrily. Jess closed her eyes and moved her hands up Sarah’s body, groaning at the feeling of Sarah’s lips around her nipples and wanting to see more of the body that had been paraded in front of her for so long! She grabbed Sarah’s ass with both hands, oh how she’d wanted to do that! Before she could help herself Jess rolled Sarah over onto the bed. It was no time for finesse! She wanted Sarah so badly and she couldn’t wait any longer.

Under Jess’ furious assault, Sarah’s breasts flew out from her top. Jess pushed her face deep into the cleavage, pushing them together against her face as she felt her own arousal prepare to burst. She had to have this girl as soon as possible. She yanked up Sarah’s skirt and thrust her hands down Sarah’s panties, furiously pushing in her fingers while simultaneously pushing her pussy against Sarah’s hip.

Sarah was somewhat overwhelmed by the attack but quickly recovered. The feeling of Jessica’s fingers deep inside her was wonderful and she felt obliged to return the complement. Jess still had her thong on and was pushing too close to Sarah for her to get her hand in that way, so she reached around and plunged her finger in against Jess’ ass. Jill had always loved that and so, it seemed, did Jess. As Sarah began to play with Jess’ asshole the lawyer pushed against her harder, moving her hand even harder. Before long the two of them were on the verge of massive orgasm. With a scream, as the dam burst, Jess climaxed. Seconds later Sarah did also.

It had only taken a scant few minutes from the releasing of Jess’ bra to tumultuous orgasm! Jess rolled off Sarah and closed her bra, which was still around her shoulders. Sarah pushed her breasts back into her top and rearranged her skirt. She turned to Jessica and smiled.

“Feel any looser?” she asked mischievously.

Jessica merely leaned over a pushed her lips aggressively against the younger woman. She was extremely tired after the massage and sex but didn’t want to succumb to sleep quite yet. However, Sarah quickly pulled away. In answer to Jessica’s questioning look she told her that there was someone she wanted Jess to meet. The blond haired woman was quite surprised... who else did Sarah know in LA?

There was a knock at the door and Sarah immediately went to answer it, as if she’d been expecting it. Jessica heard a muffled conversation and the sound of someone walking towards the bedroom. She sat up, expecting Sarah to walk in, but was instead confronted by a tall, sexy, red haired woman she didn’t recognise, who was dressed in nothing but a bikini! She tried to rise from the bed but the gorgeous woman quickly came over and pushed her back down.

“Sssshhh,” she said, “I’m a friend of Sarah’s... She asked me to show you something...” Jessica looked questioningly at something the woman had in her hand, a golden pendent with a ruby at the centre... The woman started speaking and Jess listened, but her eyes, and her thoughts, were focussed on the gem. As she looked, she felt her eyes becoming very sleepy. Within a few moments, offering scant resistance in the face of her exhaustion and susceptibility, she was deeply hypnotised. Five minutes later, she, Sarah and their next door neighbour Natasha were all enjoying each other’s company... for the first time of many!