The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hypnotic Lap Dance

Chapter 4:

Sarah woke up and swung her legs out from the bed. She yawned, stretched her hands up in the air and turned to face the bed. Jessica was lying in Natasha’s arms, a serene look on both women’s faces as they slept in. Sarah smiled to herself, remembering the incredible sex of the night before, when the three of them had returned from Natasha’s workplace.

As always it had been an experience. Jessica had been round the block a few times and knew what went on in some of the stranger corners of Los Angeles, but even she was taken aback by the... splendour of Natasha’s club. It was located near the hippest part of town and surrounded by a large number of gaudy, neon lit establishments that competed for the custom of the nearby business districts. Power suited men and women would turn up by the thousand, all getting sucked into the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants.

Sandwiched between the Three Kings restaurant and the Star Bar was a simple, elegant doorway more reminiscent of an English country house than an LA late night establishment. It was an effective cover. People learnt about the Birdcage by recommendation, not by garish lighting or extravagant advertising. It was the most select of clubs, catering for the richest clients in Los Angeles but avoiding the hangers on and glitterati of Hollywood with their associated problems of excess and abuse.

Sarah was working two nights a week as a hostess, Friday and Saturday. Her job was difficult: looking after and talking with fairly elderly gentlemen who yearned for the young women escorting them, but there were strict rules... it was a private club for gentle men and women, not a brothel for the rich. Sure there was a vast amount of money on offer for those prepared to earn it, but it was strictly nothing to do with the club, that was set in stone.

More experienced girls looked after the younger men and few ladies who came in. Sarah had never seen such an awesome exquisite collection of young women as when she’d first been introduced to the employees of the Birdcage. All were under thirty and were extraordinarily beautiful but other than that there were few things uniting the girls. They were all colours and creeds, sizes and shapes.

All the girls were universally welcoming to both Sarah and Jess in more ways than one! Sarah was introduced to them all and felt very plain and ugly by comparison. However, after spending half a day in the wardrobe room with the make up artists and stylists all of whom reassured her that they’d never encountered as gorgeous a person as her, Sarah’s confidence returned. Her only problem was that she was still very concerned about the dancing she believed she’d be doing. That did not turn out to be an immediate problem.

In fact, after working at the club for a few weeks, Sarah had yet to see any of the hypnotic entrapment that Natasha had so effectively demonstrated to her. She didn’t know it, but the lap dancing was something that only happened in a very special part of the establishment which she had yet to go into. Each night some of the businessmen and women who entered the Birdcage would go through to the exclusive rooms to the rear, emerging some time later with incomplete memories and various instructions. Sarah also didn’t know why this happened, nor that the most powerful people in the city... nay the country were under the hypnotic control of the Birdcage’s owner.

Back in Natasha’s apartment Sarah got up and out of bed and pulled together the incredible clothes which she’d been given for her work. They were made of the most extraordinary materials: garments worth many thousands of dollars that reeked of a quiet elegance and quality. In the Birdcage there was seldom any need to shout. Sarah felt she was somehow defiling the special dress she had by wearing it at ten thirty in the morning, but it was either that or knickers and she’d be darned if she was going to walk even the short distance back to Jessica’s apartment in those.

As usual her journey was made alone. Both Jess and Tasha slept in every morning they could, although Jess often had to be up very early for her more conventional job. But if there was a choice the lawyer stayed in bed till roused. However, a lifetime of catching the worm meant that Sarah could seldom stay asleep past nine and she didn’t like waking her friends up, so she’d always go to Jess’ flat for a shower, a change of clothes and some breakfast.

This morning was no different. Sarah cleansed herself of the aftermath of her wonderful evening, dressed in a pair of hot pants and simple T-shirt and, having made sure her dress was hung up perfectly, cooked a good old Southern style breakfast. She was in the middle of eating it when the apartment’s doorbell rang. Grumbling about Jess’ forgetfulness regarding keys Sarah walked over to the door and opened it. When she saw who it was her jaw swung to the ground in shock.

Like Sarah, Jill hadn’t changed a bit. She was still the thin, svelte, gorgeous girl of two years before with the same incredibly beautiful combination of African and American features. Sarah had resigned herself to never seeing her friend ever again. Not only had Jill left the town but the look of hatred she’d given Sarah, upon the latter’s lie about the nature of their relationship, had suggested that even if they did see one another again the meeting would not be happy. However, she was now standing in Sarah’s doorway. The Southern girl, all her emotions regarding her friend floating to the surface, could barely keep herself from bursting into tears.

“So aren’t you going to invite me in?” Jill’s voice was cool and calm, suggesting that her feelings were considerably less turbulent than Sarah’s. Opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish Sarah finally rallied herself.

“Sure, sorry, absolutely... err... come in.” She stood aside and Jill walked in, looking around the room with mild interest. Sarah remained at the door for a moment, breathing deeply to try and restore her composure. Seeing Jill, not to mention her very mini denim skirt and tight, sleeveless top, aroused so many feelings that Sarah was worried she wouldn’t be able to move. Jill, on the other hand, had already made herself comfortable in the flat, placing her hand bag on the floor and sitting at the kitchen table in a chair adjacent to where Sarah had been eating her breakfast.

“Won’t you sit down?” invited Jill and Sarah, completely losing the initiative, did as she was bade, taking her chair in front of her breakfast, which had gone lukewarm. Regardless, she wasn’t at all hungry all of a sudden. However, she concentrated on cutting up a piece of bacon and spearing it with some eggs rather than look at her friend. Sarah’s mind was in turmoil. She had no idea how Jill had even found her, let alone why she had bothered. Now she had her former lover in her temporary home while her new lovers lay in each others’ arms next door! What was going on?

“You might be wondering why I’m here?” asked Jill somewhat unnecessarily. Sarah could only nod, fearful that if she spoke her voice would be either non-existent or squeaky.

“I came to show you something,” said Jill, dipping her hand into her bag. Sarah concentrated on her bacon and eggs, cutting warm, nourishing food into smaller pieces as a prelude to eating, though her nervousness made any hunger an extremely temporary thing. Her friend had got what she was looking for out of her bag. It was a blue gem on a silver necklace. In the bright light of a summer’s morning it sparkled. Forgetting her apprehension Sarah found herself staring at the necklace.

“What’s that?” she asked. Jill, holding up in front of Sarah’s eyes, answered.

“It’s a gem a friend of mine gave to me. It’s very beautiful, isn’t it Sarah? Look at how it sparkles in the sunlight, Sarah. It really attracts your eyes, doesn’t it? You want to keep looking at it, looking deep inside, feeling the sparkling sapphire absorb your focus, your attention.” For the second time that month Sarah found her brain focussing on a bright shiny object while she listened to the sweet, soft voice of someone she fancied something rotten. The results were predictable. Sarah’s mind began to slip into a daze.

“That’s right Sarah,” continued Jill, “Keep focussing on the gem... let your eyes get swallowed up in the blue... blue like the sea... you find yourself sinking into it, like you’re swimming in the sea... only it’s not cold or wet and you can breathe perfectly normally... deeply... breathe deeply, Sarah... deep, calming breaths... with each breath you slip deeper into the sea... deeper into the gem...

“It’s so tiring to keep looking into the gem Sarah... it’s so bright and sparkly and you’re so tired... you feel your eyes slowly closing Sarah... slowly closing shut but you can still feel the wonderful, calming sea all around you... and my voice, guiding you... taking you to the wonderful, calm place in your mind... You want to stay in that lovely place Saran, but the only way to do so is to let me take control of you... let Jill take control... All you have to do is let Jill take control... Will you let me, Sarah? Just nod Sarah...” Slowly the entranced girl’s head tilted forwards. Jill had succeeded.

“That’s great, Sarah. You’ve been hypnotised by me. Do you know what that means?” Again the hypnotised girl nodded.

“It means that you have to do everything I say, Sarah... that’s right, isn’t it...? You have to do everything Jill says... do you understand?” Once again Sarah nodded.

“Open your eyes but remain hypnotised Sarah,” Jill commanded. Sarah did so. The turn on from seeing her former lover so entranced was a real thrill for Jill. She’d been given information about how to find Sarah from the person who’d taught her hypnosis... taught her how to get her lover back. Jill’s heart had been broken the day she’d been forced to leave Sarah. The feeling of betrayal had been so intense that, for a moment, she’d thought that she hated Sarah! However, she’d soon found out that what she’d believed was hate was, in fact, love... a love that, despite spending so long apart, had managed to survive and grow... enough to make her take such an extraordinary course of action as finding her friend and hypnotising her former lover to make her a lover once more...

“Sarah, do you remember the last day we made love?” she asked. The entranced girl nodded. “I want you to tell me about how you felt on that day, now.” In a dry monotone Sarah recounted her emotions.

“When we made love I felt so good that I thought if I’d died I would’ve been happy. But when my father came home I realised that he knew and that we weren’t going to be able to see each other any more. That made me so sad but I was also afraid: I knew my father would hurt me if he thought I was a lesbian so I told him that it wasn’t my fault. When he turned on you I realised I’d made a terrible mistake but I couldn’t stop him. He tore you away from me and I was afraid I would never see you again.” Sarah stopped. Jill, swallowing back the tears at the memories of that day asked her friend about how she felt about that time now. Sarah took a breath and continued in the same, emotionless voice.

“Since we were split up I have cried so many tears about what I did to you... about how I blamed you instead of admitting what I’d done as well. The look you gave me when you left for the last time, although I deserved it, has haunted me every day and every night that I have been alone. I knew that I wouldn’t ever see you again and that made me cry every night until recently.”

Sarah said all this as sincerely and... lovingly as she could in her hypnotised state. Jill sat through it, unmoving and tight lipped. How she’d longed to hear such words from Sarah! Now Jill was faced with that love returned and she wanted it... oh she wanted it! Without realising she was doing it, Jill leant forwards and kissed Sarah on the lips but Sarah did not respond. In her hypnotised state she didn’t really comprehend that it was happening. However, sitting back again, Jill was slightly surprised: what had Sarah meant ‘Till recently?’

“Sarah, what happened recently to stop you being sad about me?” Jill asked. Her friend replied.

“I met Natasha. She showed me her dancing and I forgot all about my sadness. When I woke up I gave her a lap dance and we made love.” The bombshell was dropped in the most causal and monotonous of ways. Jill’s eyes bulged as she listened to her friend. What had been going on in LA?

“What about her dancing made you forget all about your sadness, Sarah,” asked Jill.

“She hypnotised me,” was the simple reply, “And when I woke up I felt very different.” ‘My God!’ thought Jill. No wonder she’d entranced Sarah so easily, she’d already been hypnotised long before! Who had done such a thing and why?

“Sarah, tell me why Natasha hypnotised you?” Jill asked, fearful of the answer.

“She wanted me to work in the club for her mistress,” Sarah replied. Jill wondered what her friend was talking about. She continued her questioning.

“The club? What club?”

“It’s a private club called the Birdcage. I work there on Fridays and Saturdays.” Jill had never heard of it, but there again she’d never been to LA before so why should we have. But what about the other part of Sarah’s explanation?

“Who is Natasha’s mistress?” asked Jill, wondering how far the conspiracy went. Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

“I haven’t met her,” she replied, “Natasha told me that I will be summoned to meet her mistress but that I shouldn’t worry about it. ‘It will happen when the time comes.’” Sarah repeated this last bit verbatim. Jill was shocked. What had she uncovered? Whatever happened she had to get Sarah out of it!

“Sarah,” she asked, “Where is Natasha?”

“She’s next door,” replied the hypnotised girl. Jill practically choked.

“What?” she demanded.

“She’s next door,” said Sarah again, “With Jessica,” she continued.

“Jessica? Who’s Jessica?” This was getting too weird for Jill.

“She’s my flatmate,” replied Sarah, “I seduced her and Natasha hypnotised her and now we all live together in Tasha’s apartment although Jess works out of this one and all my stuff is here.” Even when hypnotised Sarah’s giving nature meant she provided far more information than needed. Jill was thankful. She now realised that time might not be of the essence.

“When will Jess or Tasha come back?” she asked.

“Not till the afternoon. They’re in bed next door and will be asleep till later. They always sleep in.” That was perfect for Jill. She could use her skills on Natasha and find out just who was behind it all. Breathing a sigh of relief Jill decided that her work was all but done.

“Tell me Sarah, has Natasha left any post-hypnotic suggestions in your subconscious?”

“Yes,” replied Sarah.

“You will forget all of them,” imposed Jill, “And if she ever says or does any of them you will tell her... ‘Have you spoken to Jill?’ Do you understand?” Sarah nodded. Jill continued.

“However, when you hear me and only me say the words: ‘Have you seen my pendent?’ you will fall back into this deep hypnotic state. When you hear me and only me say the words: ‘Time to wake up,’ you will slowly regain consciousness but will not remember anything that has happened while you were asleep although you will remember all my posthypnotic suggestions in your unconsciousness. Do you understand?” Sarah nodded.

“Finally Sarah: when you next awake you will think that you and I have discussed what happened the last time we made love. You will believe that you apologised to me and that I accepted it and said that ‘I really missed you.’ When you hear those words you will remember how much you love me and will desire me. You will also believe that I desire you. Do you understand?” Sarah nodded for a final time.

“Excellent,” said Jill, “In which case: it’s time to wake up.” Sarah slowly regained consciousness. There was Jill! What was she doing here? Her mind quickly provided the details, plus the fact that she still found Jill incredibly attractive. Well there was nothing strange about that, but did Jill feel the same way...? Yes...? Why was she so sure? Trying to cover her confusion Sarah turned to the breakfast in front of her and made to eat something, but it had somehow got very cold. When had that happened? Sarah began to feel that something very strange but she couldn’t figure out what.

“Sarah, is anything wrong?” Jill, her face full of concern, had leant across towards her friend. Sarah found herself looking down the full extent of Jill’s ample cleavage. God how she’d fantasised about kissing those full, plump breasts with their tender nipples. Before she could control the feeling Sarah groaned slightly. Jill smiled at that, but the expression was more predatory than gentle. Standing up she moved close to Sarah.

“Come here, baby.” Sarah hadn’t been called baby for two years. It had been Jill’s nickname for her and hearing it now reminded her even more of everything she wanted. She stood and, without another second’s hesitation, pulled her friend close and kissed her full on the mouth. Jill’s lips parted and their tongues intertwined once more. The feeling of each others’ full, more adult bodies against each other was heavenly and they took up where they’d left off all those years ago.

Sarah led her friend towards Jess’ room. The lawyer used it during the week but changed the sheets every weekend so it was much fresher and more comfortable than the futon Sarah used to sleep on. Feeling Jill’s breasts and hard nipples through her friend’s top Sarah’s lust took control. She yanked up Jill’s T-shirt and kissed the girl’s dark nipples on her coffee coloured, braless breasts, hearing Jill moan as she did so.

The black girl hadn’t been laid since she’d last seen her own mistress and was in no mood to waste time. She pulled of her top and kicked off her shoes, lying on the bed in just her denim skirt. Sarah tore of her own T-shirt and crawled forwards on top of Jill. The two of them wasted little time on their shorts and skirt, soon becoming completely naked as the white skinned girl kissed and touched the darker skinned one. It took little time for them both to have massive orgasms, better than the less skilful love making of their youth. Having reminded one another of why they were such good friends Jill turned to Sarah.

“Have you seen my pendent?” she asked. Instantly the white girl fell into a trance.

“Get up, get dressed and follow me,” instructed Jill, “We’re going to get you out of this place.”