The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 2 — Celeste

Celeste was not used to having a name; the mere idea of having an individual being was alien to her (no pun intended), as she was used to belonging to a common hive mind. But when she was chosen to start the infiltration process on Earth, she had to detach herself from the hive and adapt to a new form, a new name and a new planet.

Her mission was clear: to test the possibility of taking control of Earth without having to use brute force. Their planet was becoming unstable, and a new one was needed to ensure survival. This little blue marble in a cozy solar system looked good enough for them, so they sent Celeste to explore it and maybe establish a beachhead for an ulterior invasion.

She had chosen to start the infiltration in a university campus: it was a closed universe, with a clear hierarchical structure and a limited population; it seemed like a good testing ground. She had selected a female form after discovering that most of the senior members of staff, and most of those in higher ranks, were heterosexual males (although the student population was mostly female), and she had picked the name “Celeste” because it means “from the sky” and, well, who says that an alien race can’t have a sense of humour?

For the most part, infiltration had gone smoothly and almost too easily. With most older men, a couple of swings of her hips and a peak at her boobs was enough to grant her some one-on-one time with them, and then her eyes and her tentacles just did the rest. In a month, she had transformed most of the university leaders into her drooling slaves, willing to do anything in order to have five more minutes to sink into her eyes, smell her intoxicating aroma and have a go at her inner tentacles (which, when entranced, they were unable to see).

Of course, there were exceptions and special cases. The Dean of Philosophy was a foot fetishist, so Celeste transformed ten of her tentacles into feet and massaged him with them into oblivion, ecstasy and submission. The Chair of Comparative Literature was gay, so Celeste had work extra hard to convince him and then had to use her tentacles in a different and imaginative way. Some of her targets were female and not attracted to other females; at least they thought they weren’t until they met Celeste... But these were minor obstacles: she could transform herself into anybody’s object of desire, and after a session of deep conditioning, they all thought they were madly in love with her, and willing to do whatever she asked them to.

But now she was in a different situation with Jasmine. She had not planned this; she had been careless. It was just exhausting to keep a completely human form all the time, she needed to strectch her tentacles from time to time! She should have locked the door, she thought, even if that looked suspicious, but Jasmine was always away at that time of day... Oh, well, it was no use now. She had a problem, and she had to deal with it.

Celeste looked at Jasmine, deep in her exhausted sleep. She looked so little and fragile, naked and sweaty! Her body was bony and pale, and as Celeste had had her in her arms, she knew how little she weighed. Even an alien trying to infiltrate Earth and enslave all its inhabitants is no stranger to feelings of compassion and tenderness. One of Celeste’s tentacles caressed Jasmine’s cheek, and she smiled in her sleep, probably recognizing Celeste’s gelly touch.

‘What am I going to do with you, sweetie?’, Celeste repeated, talking to herself. And then, slowly, a plan started forming in its head.

At first she had not thought about enslaving the students as a whole, firstly because it was too much work (she was only ONE alien, even if a powerful one!), but more importantly because it was not necessary for her purposes: to dominate the campus and control its behavior without being noticed, just as her race would infiltrate the whole planet, she only needed to dominate the ruling elites. She had therefore considered enslaving the head cheerleader, the student representatives on the college board and the leaders of the most influential fraternities on campus... but Jasmine was neither. She was no one important, she was an outsider, a nerd, a bit of a freak even. She had no power on campus, and so, for Celeste’s plans, she was useless...

But... but at the same time, Jasmine had access to a whole area of the campus that was off limits for Celeste: the underground parties, the dark rooms, the hard rock concerts, the underbelly of college education. Celeste, with her pink clothes and her cheery attitude would not last five minutes in those places without being noticed. But if she could turn Jasmine, not just into her slave (which was already accomplished) but into her surrogate, creating a mini-hive of her own in which she would be the Queen... It was theoretically possible, but it had its risks; she had never done nothing like this. Doing it would imply giving Jasmine almost as much power as she had, and although she would still be under her spell, it could derail and turn into a mess. It could, however, also be a good experiment for the bigger invasion: planting human agents in specific environments that were directly unreachable to them.

It was decided: she was going to do it. She inhaled deeply, preparing herself for what was coming, and then, leaning down on Jasmine, she softly kissed her on the lips. Jasmine opened her eyes, looked up, and smiled. (She was already conditioned not to be bothered by Celeste’s tentacles, or maybe she didn’t even notice them by now).

‘Hey’, Jasmine said, with a groggy voice.

‘Hey’, Celeste replied, smiling back. ‘You slept quite a lot’.

‘Yeah, I needed that after... after...’, Jasmine said, and then stopped, her brain trying to catch up with what had happened. ‘Did we really... I mean... You and I...?’

Celeste didn’t reply; she just kissed Jasmine again and let her draw her own conclusions. She knew that her gel was still covering Jasmine’s skin, and that her smell was already intoxicating her over again. She would need her to be open and submissive for what was to come...

‘But... I don’t understand’, continued Jasmine, with a puzzled look on her face. ‘You are not my type...’

‘Oh?’, Celeste replied, jokingly, pushing her hips to the side and making her boobs jiggle.

‘Don’t get me wrong! I think you are... fucking gorgeous! But usually I... I am attracted to other type of girls, you know... Red hair, tattoos, piercings, all that. Like, there is this waitress at the bar who I’ve been kinda stalking for a while? That is my kind of girl! And now... I don’t know. I don’t understand’

‘Who needs to understand?’, Celeste said, and leaning down she kissed Jasmine again.

Jasmine responded avidly to her kiss; she was thirsty of her. Celeste pressed harder against her, and slid her tentacles around her body, teasing her with subtle touches on different parts of her body. She noticed how Jasmine’s body responded, how she wanted to have her again; but before getting into that, she needed to prepare her mind for what was about to happen. She gently pushed Jasmine back, and grabbed her hands.

‘Jasmine, sweetie... I like you very much. I want you. I want to have you. But I want you to be open for me before we go anything else. Do you want that too? Do you want to look into my eyes, deeply, deeply into my eyes?’, Celeste asked.

‘Yes, please!’, Jasmine asked without even blinking an eye.

‘Then, look into them, Jasmine, get lost in them’

And as their eyes locked, and Celeste’s eyes started to spin in their spiral of colors, everything came rushing into Jasmine’s mind again: all the conditioning, all the orgasms, all the sweat and gel and other fluids mixing together. And she craved more.

‘You are... so... beautiful’, she said, as Celeste’s tentacles started to surround her waist, arms and legs. Two of her tentacles had already attached to Jasmine’s temples, and were opening up her mind to the whole truth.

‘Look deeper, Jasmine, you are going to have to look deeper’

Jasmine tried... She looked harder into Celeste’s green eyes, trying to get past those beautiful patterns of colour that seemed to move and shift and call her in. She wanted to go in, even if she didn’t know what she was getting into. She looked, and looked, and looked... and suddenly, she saw it. It was like a whole galaxy, a whole world inside of Celeste’s eyes. Stars and planets and comets... and other beings who were locked in there with her. It was an abyss, and it was calling her, and it was impossible not to fall into it. It was so beautiful that was almost unbearable. Jasmine started crying, overwhelmed by awe and happiness.

‘Thank you’, she said, ‘thank you’.

Celeste herself was starting to feel the connection forming: she was deep inside Jasmine’s mind too. But this mental connection was not enough. In order for her plan to work, she needed to put as much of her gel inside of Jasmine as she could, so that it could run through her veins, her tissues, her nervous system, all of her internal organs.

Momentarily releasing Jasmine from her tentacles, Celeste lay down on the bed and spread her legs to Jasmine.

‘Pleasure me, Jasmine’, she said, and it wasn’t even necessary, because Jasmine was already on all fours, placing her face between her legs and her face closely pressed against her thighs. Slowly, almost timidly, she put her tongue out... and she licked Celeste’s labia. Celeste moaned and shivered, half theatrically and half sincerely (she wasn’t expecting to feel any physical pleasure, and yet...). But Jasmine wasn’t going to stop for no shiver: losing her shyness, she started licking from the outside in, opening Celeste’s sex with her fingers. Her mouth was covered with Celeste’s gel, and she could not have enough of it: she licked it, devoured it, pressed it against her lips and her tongue.

And then she started focusing on Celeste’s clit, flickering it with her tongue, sucking, licking, worshipping. Celeste couldn’t be happier that her human form was so realistic: she felt waves of pleasure coming from her sex, running through her body and exploding into her mind. She made an effort to concentrate and focus, and extended her tentacles to cover Jasmine’s body once again: it was important to keep her on edge and on rhythm. One of her tentacles explored Jasmine’s ass, while the other pushed between her legs and inside her vagina. Jasmine gave a small scream and trembled in surprise and ecstasy.

‘Please, don’t stop’, Celeste asked, eagerly.

And oh she didn’t: she kept licking and licking, and expertly inserted two fingers inside Celeste’s vagina, pressing the G spot in sync with her licking. With her free hand, she explored Celeste’s body, pressed and pinched her nipples, caressed her ass, pressed her whole body against her mouth from behind. Celeste’s tentacles mimicked her movements: they both were giving as much pleasure as they were receiving. Celeste moaned and twisted in her semi human body: she wanted more of this, how could she have missed this before? Jasmine knew what she was doing, and she was good at it. Licking Celeste, pressing her clit, maintaining a constant rhythm, bringing Celeste (and herself) closer and closer to orgasm.

But the connection was not complete yet, and Celeste knew it. She forced herself to move away from Jasmine, pushed her down on the bed, and placed herself directly in front of her, over her. She opened Jasmine’s legs and put one of them over her shoulder, and slowly, playfully, moved forward until their sexes were pressed against each other. Her tentacles were now dancing all around her, like a Hindu goddess’s arms; now she didn’t need them to pleasure Jasmine.

‘You have dreamed about this, haven’t you?’, she asked, with a cheeky grin.

‘Yes, yes I have’, replied Jasmine, almost out of breath.

‘Well, it is not a fantasy any more...’

Their bodies began to move almost in perfect sync; their minds were so close together now, that they didn’t even have to speak to know what the other person wanted and needed. Celeste’s gel was getting all over Jasmine’s pussy, and from there inside her nervous system, colonizing her from within. But all Jasmine felt was pleasure, her pleasure and Celeste’s, all summed up into one, while they rubbed against each other, in circles, in cycles, pressing harder and harder, closer and closer to orgasm. Celeste was feeling it too: every time her clit rubbed against Jasmine’s flesh, she felt the urge to scream and explode. But she had to keep going, keep going, keep going.

They were both moaning and moving in perfect unison now. Their voices were one, their pleasures were one, their minds were one, even if they were in two different bodies. Pleasure kept striking them, and they kept riding it to the next level. Celeste started licking Jasmine’s small foot, which was resting on her chest, and she felt another tingle in her own skin; she tried pinching Jasmine’s nipples, and her own reacted too; she slapped Jasmine’s ass, and she felt a rush of heat and pleasure in hers. Jasmine was also discovering it, even if she didn’t understand it: she pressed Celeste’s hips against her, and the pleasure in her pussy seemed to multiply by two, four, eight. She caressed her belly, her waist, her breasts, and felt her own fingers on her skin.

Orgasm was almost there, they were almost able to touch it. And yet, they both wanted to prolong this sensation as much as possible. With Jasmine’s toes in her mouth, Celeste closed her eyes and tried to slow sensations down; Jasmine did the same, almost simultaneously.

And so, when the orgasm came, it grew almost in slow motion, and from a multitude of places at the same time. It started as a wave of heat from their clits, and from inside their pussies, but also from their feet, their hands, their hands, their tongues. Every inch of them was tingling. Each of their nerves was sending pleasure signs to their brains—to both their brains, escalating and multiplying in infinite mirrors. Celeste screamed; Jasmine screamed; they didn’t care if anybody could hear them from the other side of the door.

They were pure pleasure, pure bliss. Heat kept increasing, and they kept rubbing one another, soaked in gel and sweat and juices. The last peak of the orgasm was in fact like a little death: they felt pleasure ripping them apart, breaking them into pieces, transforming them. All of their muscles tensed, their sexes still pressed against each other, squirting into each other, exploding into each other, trembling.

And then, slowly, it started to fade, letting them fall into the bed in spasms as the last waves of pleasure still cursed their bodies. They both lay still, trying to catch their breaths and savouring the sensations. They were still tangled and embraced, morphed into a mass of arms and legs and hands and feet and tentacles.

After a few minutes, Celeste rolled to her side and looked at Jasmine. Yes, the connection was complete: she could see everything that Jasmine saw, hear everything she heard, and most importantly, she had complete command on her will and mind. She was her Queen.

Jasmine opened her eyes: they had turned to the same shade of green as Celeste’s. She smiled: she felt happy. She was one with her Mistress, her Goddess, her Everything. What else could she desire? This was pure Love...

‘What now, my Queen?’, she asked, ‘what do I have to do?’

‘Oh, I think you know, sweetie’, Celeste responded, with a soft kiss on her lips. ‘You know very well’.

And yes, Jasmine did know. And when she stood up from the bed to go get dressed, Celeste saw that the first tentacles were beginning to grow from her spine, and she was satisfied.