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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 12

Slutty Clothes and Bad Vampire Movies: Part 1

It was the following Saturday that Connie found herself lounging on the back deck of the Silva’s house, doing something she’d never imagined before: reading for fun. Not that she was against reading on principle. Connie enjoyed reading fine enough when it was required for a class or when Tara begged her to read some of her comics to discuss the latest issues. It was just that when Connie had some free time to herself she never really felt the urge to sit down with a good book.

Then she bought that book on hypnosis from the mall and everything changed.

As she expected it was mostly hokey advice, almost like the author wasn’t really convinced that hypnosis worked either, but Connie knew for a fact that hypnosis was completely and amazingly possible, so she kept searching. She dug up two books from the library, and a few more from bookstores around town. In the week since they’d gone to the mall, Connie must have devoured almost six books on the subject of hypnosis, and was actually now having trouble hiding the collection in her backpack with her text books.

Every day she was afraid that one of the Silva’s would discover the incriminating books and confront her on it. Of course, Connie also fantasized about Michelle or Jane asking her about the books, and she would give them a demonstration of everything she’d learned. In those masturbatory dreams, the women would melt like putty before her fantastic skills as they agreed to become her adoring sex slaves.

It was a wonderful fantasy, but Connie knew that a fantasy was all it would be. The books all confirmed what Gloria had told her, that you couldn’t make someone do something they would be against while awake. The books hinted that it might be possible to change someone’s limits with hypnosis, but they all agreed that to do so was unethical.

Connie scoffed at that. Sure, it was easy to stick to your principles sitting in some stuffy office, but none of those professional hypnotists had ever been faced with the temptation of having the Silva family before them. Connie was certain that anyone would jump at the chance to make Tara, Jane and Michelle into their personal harem of lovers. With that goal in mind, Connie had at least decided that she wouldn’t outright force the women into doing anything they didn’t enjoy, and she meant it. If the lovely members of the Silva family were tempted by the fantasies and accepted on their own, however, that would be a different story.

Connie flipped back through the book and studied her hand-written notes, frowning. The theory of it was all well and good, but it depended on Connie actually hypnotizing the other women in the house. She needed to discover just where their limits sat naturally and which ones were firmly rooted in place, as opposed to the hopefully more pliable limits that she could work on over time. Most important of all, though, was that Connie had to accomplish all of this without Gloria catching on. Connie shivered at the thought of Gloria finding her books on hypnotism, imagining giant red letters spelling GAME OVER crashing down over her head.

Gloria was already suspicious about how much influence Connie was having on the family, but luckily for Connie, Gloria seemed to have her hands full dealing with her granddaughter’s wardrobe choices. Doing her best to hide behind her book, Connie risked glancing over to the lush green yard, where Tara and Jane were laid out on bath towels, wearing the tightest bikinis that Connie had ever seen. After Connie had come outside to read in peace, Jane had just happened to decide it was time for her to enjoy the day and sport her new swimsuit.

“Just pretend I’m not even here,” the curvy Jane had said, before laying down on her beach towel in a seductive pose that thrust out her large tits in Connie’s direction. As if that wasn’t distracting enough, Tara had come running out minutes later in her own skimpy pink bikini. Without a word she joined her sister on the lawn, rolling out a beach towel and then striking a similar sexy pose that was clearly meant for Connie’s benefit.

Connie had buried herself in the book, struggling not to fall for the obvious set up meant for her benefit, but she was still human, dammit. She did her best to steal discreet glances at the beautiful sisters, only to find them waiting with bright smiles and a new pose to show off their bodies. It was like they had some special power to know precisely when Connie was about to peek and were preparing themselves to look as seductive as possible.

To try and throw them off Connie had waited nearly twenty minutes this time, before quickly glancing over the top of the book. Just a quick peek was all she wanted, to see if Tara and Jane were hopefully getting tired of their game. Instead, Connie looked just as Jane was untying her bikini top. She held the loose top in place with one arm wrapped over her tits and offered a friendly smile to Connie before she rolled over onto her stomach, leaving herself almost entirely nude except for the skimpy bikini bottom.

Connie had nearly had a heart attack at the sight. She was wondering why life was being so cruel to her when Tara quickly copied her sister. She stripped off her top and rolled over onto her stomach, lifting her hips up a little to offer Connie the best view. Connie quickly hid back for cover behind her book, listening to the sisters giggling.

They’d been like this all week, and Connie honestly didn’t have a clue what had come over them. All she knew was that she hated them for testing her on the promise she’d made. Connie had come to the decision after returning back with the girls from the mall, still riding the high of watching the sisters coming onto her so shamelessly. She’d walked into the house with a dreamy smile, only to notice Tara and Jane stripping as soon as the front door was closed. Just as they’d been hypnotically commanded to when Connie had first started staying at the house.

Normally Connie relished the sight of them undressing, but something felt off now. Not that she felt guilty or didn’t enjoy it. It was just that the girls stripped so casually, completely unaware that there was anything wrong with what they were doing. It wasn’t anything like the slutty outfits they wore at the mall, which they did so— mostly— of their own free will.

After a taste of seeing Tara and Jane expressing their own desires through their clothing, it just made the innocent stripping a little stale. Besides, having everyone in their underwear was bound to cause trouble sooner or later. They were lucky that none of the neighbors had happened to peek through a window and witnessed what the family had been up to. Fixing up her determination, Connie set off upstairs and found Gloria in her room, enjoying her soap operas.

“Oh, hello Connie. How was the mall?”

“Lots of fun,” Connie said innocently, blushing at the thought of what Gloria would do if she ever found out what really happened. She’d have to hypnotize Gloria to make sure she never asked Tara or Jane about it while they were in trance, but that was secondary to why she was really here. “Anyway, I wanted to ask you for something.”

Gloria spun around in her chair, crossing her legs and giving Connie a stern, suspicious look. A look that implied the old woman was well aware of Connie’s perverted plans to brainwash her family and was going to have none of it. “And what would that be, dear?”

“Can you hypnotize Tara and everyone to start wearing clothes again?”

Gloria’s mouth actually dropped open in surprise. She’d prepared herself to turn down whatever lewd request the horny lesbian tried to get away with, but she certainly wasn’t expecting Connie to ask for Michelle and the girls to cover up.

“What’s this about?” Gloria asked, trying to recover her composure. “I thought you enjoyed being in your underwear around the family.”

“I do, obviously, but I figured I’ve probably been pushing it.” Connie offered an apologetic smile. “I hope I haven’t been causing you too much trouble with all of this.”

“No, no, it’s quite alright.” Gloria pursed her lips, still wondering what Connie was up to. Part of her was convinced that Connie had been somehow manipulating things in the household toward her fantasies, but she knew that depraved vision didn’t involve fully dressed women. “Connie, go into trance for me now. Nice and deep.”

Connie panicked for a moment, then forced herself to relax and let out a deep breath. She put on her best appearance of a hypnotized woman, hoping that it was enough to fool Gloria.

“Very good. Now tell me what you’re really planning.”

“I just feel a little guilty for keeping Michelle, Tara and Jane in their underwear,” she replied, keeping her voice empty. Connie saw that Gloria wasn’t convinced, so she went on. “That and it’s starting to get boring. I still think everyone is hot, but I’ve seen them all in their underwear so much. I figure if they wear clothes again, then it will mean more if I ever convince Tara or Jane to let me see them undress.”

“Hmm, I suppose that makes sense,” Gloria muttered, standing up from her chair. She gazed into Connie’s eyes. “Are you trying to hide anything from me?”

Connie forced herself to keep staring ahead, shoving down the panic in her chest as she thought of the book on hypnosis downstairs. “No, Gloria. I’ve just been thinking that I should lay off relying on your hypnosis more.” It was close enough to the truth, at least.

“Very well. I’ll gather the family and tell them they can dress again. I must say, I’m impressed Connie.”

Connie smiled gratefully. “Thanks, Gloria.”

Instantly Connie knew she screwed up. Gloria’s eyes widened in alarm as she realized that Connie wasn’t in trance. Before she could speak, Connie quickly shouted “Nala Lynpul!”

At the trigger phrase, Gloria’s shoulders slumped and her eyes closed, a happy smile spreading on her face. “Yes Mistress. I am in trance.”

“When you wake up you’ll forget what you just saw,” Connie said, thinking quickly. “You’ll be convinced I was in trance the whole time, and believe me completely. In fact, any time you order me into trance you’ll believe that I’m deeply under, no matter how I act.”

“Yes Mistress, I’ll believe that you’re in trance no matter how you act.”

Connie smacked her forehead. “I’m an idiot for not doing that earlier.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Gloria said in her empty voice, smiling.

“Very funny,” Connie snapped, pouting. She wondered if that was Gloria mindlessly agreeing with her or if she was being a passive aggressive slave. “Oh. You will also never hypnotize Tara or Jane to ask about what happened at the mall today. Got it?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“Now when I wake you up, you can go ahead and hypnotize the family to dress however they want again.”

“I will obey,” Gloria said with a small bow. The elderly woman cocked her head, as if her mindless self were thinking. “Mistress, should I still allow them to masturbate whenever they wish in the house?”

Connie laughed. “Obviously keep that in. I’m not crazy or anything. You can go ahead and wake up now, believing that I’m the one who you’ve just woken up from trance.”

Gloria nodded as her eyes fluttered, a faint smile on her face. “I have to say I’m impressed, Connie. You seem like you’ve matured a bit since you’ve come to stay with us.”

“It’s certainly been an experience,” Connie replied, smiling to herself. She was sad that the family would be dressed up all the time again, but it had to be done. Besides, she needed time to study hypnosis and learn to do it herself. Once she was an expert who could do the work on her own, then Connie could set up whatever kinky dress code she wanted for the household.

And so Connie had let Gloria make the necessary changes and that night they all ate dinner fully clothed again. Connie had to admit it was a little funny watching Michelle and her daughters tugging at their sleeves, unaccustomed to wearing clothes indoors for over a week or so. Still, a bit of normalcy would be good for now. Connie would lay low, find some more books on hypnosis, and start the fun up again when she was ready.

That had been the plan, anyway. Gloria, Connie and Michelle were enjoying an early breakfast the next morning when Jane skipped downstairs, and Connie nearly choked on her orange juice. Jane was decked out in probably the shortest skirt she owned, the piece of clothing clinging for dear life to cover her wide ass and failing. On top of that, Jane wore a blouse that was tied up at her waist, leaving her stomach and a good amount of her cleavage exposed.

“Jane!” Gloria said in shock, “What are you wearing?”

Jane looked at her confused, then put her hands on her hips and scoffed. “It’s just a skirt and blouse, Granny. You don’t have to act like it’s a big deal.”

“But you’re wearing so… little,” Gloria replied, taking in her granddaughters slutty outfit.

“Mom, can you tell Granny to stop freaking out about my clothes?”

Michelle peeked up from the newspaper and gave the scandalously short skirt a brief glance. “It seems fine to me. Honestly, Mom, you should be a little more supportive of what your family wants to wear.”

Gloria shot Connie an angry glance, and Connie held her hands up innocently. For once this wasn’t her fault. She hadn’t even seen Jane all morning. Gloria was nearly ready to accuse her when they heard footsteps running down the stairs. Connie and Gloria turned to the stairs and both gaped as Tara bounced downstairs humming to herself, wearing nothing but a sports bra and a tight pair of running shorts. Tara grinned at them both, oblivious to their stares.

“Morning Granny. Morning Connie. What’s for breakfast?”

Tara reached for the food and paused, noticing that Connie and Gloria still hadn’t reacted. Tara looked to Jane for help. “What’s wrong with them?”

“Granny is just being a prude about my outfit,” Jane snapped, biting off another piece of her bagel. “I bet you think there’s something wrong with Tara’s outfit too, don’t you?”

Gloria shook her head slowly, at a loss for words. “I mean, you girls know you can… dress again, right?”

“Duh, that’s why we’re wearing clothes again.” Jane rolled her eyes like it was obvious. Connie was actually curious just how Jane and Tara rationalized their time in nothing but underwear, but didn’t want to risk asking them and making them suspicious of it themselves.

“Come on, Granny,” Tara chimed in. “We’re just wearing what we feel like.”

“Well… I suppose…” Gloria pouted, still wondering how this could have happened. Her eyes snapped back to stare at Connie, still certain that she must be behind this. Connie wanted to try and explain, when Jane suddenly slipped next to her, wrapping an arm around Connie’s shoulders and pulling her in close to her cleavage.

“What do you think of my outfit, Connie?” Jane asked innocently. Or at least as innocently as she possibly could while also pushing her boobs up against Connie’s head.

“I think it’s great,” Connie managed, all too aware of Gloria’s smoldering anger burning into her. Jane being so affectionate was a welcome change, but it certainly only made her look more guilty.

With a loud scrape Gloria slid her chair back and stood up, tossing down a napkin. “Jane,” she said in a serious voice, “Can you come help me get something in my room?”

Connie shivered, recognizing the tone of voice Gloria used when she was giving hypnotic commands. Jane immediately straightened up and followed her upstairs, leaving Connie with the fading warmth that Jane’s tits had left behind. Connie waited until she heard the door to Gloria’s attic close before she leapt out of her chair, giving some half-hearted excuse to run upstairs. She crept quietly up the stairs, making sure to avoid the one step that creaked, and placed her ear against Gloria’s door, her heart pounding.

“Jane, you will speak only the truth,” Gloria said, her voice muffled through the wooden door.

“Of course, Granny,” Jane answered in a clearly entranced voice.

“Tell me if Connie has made you dress like this at all.”

“No, Granny, she didn’t.”

Connie let out a sigh of relief. She knew she was innocent, for once, but it was great for Gloria to believe it too.

“But… but why are you dressed like a whore?”

“I felt like dressing sexy today,” Jane replied easily.

She heard Gloria pacing, clearly trying to figure out the mystery. Connie wanted to know the reason behind the sexy outfit too.

“You never used to dress like this. At least not around the family. What made you dress like this today?”

“I had fun wearing a sexy outfit around Connie so I wanted to do it again,” Jane answered in that empty voice. “It makes me feel good to see how turned on and flustered she gets. Like she thinks I’m the hottest person she’s ever seen.”

“Tell me if hypnosis is the reason for you to feel this way,” Gloria persisted.

“No,” Jane replied, surprising even Connie. “I don’t have any feelings for Connie, although I enjoyed teaching her how to sleep with women. I’m just doing this for fun because I can wear whatever I feel like in the house.”

Connie realized that she was grinning and couldn’t make herself stop. Sure, Jane still wasn’t interested in her like that, but it was definitely a different attitude then how she had viewed Connie before all of this started. It was undeniably the hypnosis that had led them to sleep together, but Jane had never been expressly hypnotized to feel attracted to Connie or enjoy how Connie was attracted to her, so she believed that these were her own real, honest feelings.

Connie crept away from the attic, quietly, and felt a sense of triumph. Even Gloria would have to allow this to continue, since it wasn’t anything that Connie had manipulated them into. At least not with a direct command. Connie snatched up her backpack, double checking that the hypnosis book was safe and sound inside.

Tara twisted around in her chair as Connie opened the front door. “Where are you going off to?”

“Library. I’ve got a lot of reading to do today.”

“That is completely unlike you,” Tara said teasingly. Then a concerned look flashed over her face. “You’re not in trouble at school or anything, are you?”

“No, I’m not as bad of a student as you,” Connie called back, ducking as Tara tossed a wadded up napkin at her. “I’m just working on a new extra credit project. For psychology. I’m really excited about it.”

Tara tilted her head. “But you don’t take psychology.”

“Well, yeah,” Connie muttered. “That’s why it’s extra credit.”

She threw up her hands at that, accepting defeat. “Alright, have fun I guess.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” Connie ran out of the house towards the library, ideas already coursing through her. She just needed to learn how exactly to make all of them come true.

That was about how the rest of the week went. Every day Tara and Jane would come down in a new skimpy outfit, almost like they were still competing over who could dress like the biggest slut for Connie. The outfits were amazing, but it didn’t lead either sister to make a move on her. They were a little more flirtatious, with the occasional hug or kiss on the cheek being the most Connie could expect. That was fine with her, since the teasing nature of it only made Connie more determined to study up on hypnosis.

The funny thing was that as soon as they left the house, Tara and Jane would quickly toss on another shirt or pair of pants, or unroll their incredibly short skirt back to it’s respectable knee length. All of this only confused Gloria more, and Connie overheard several interviews she had with the girls. Constantly checking to see if Connie had hypnotized them, which she hadn’t. If she was trying to take advantage of the triggers left in their heads, which Connie also hadn’t touched. Her only real offense had been using the happiness trigger at the mall, but thankfully Gloria never seemed to find herself asking about that particular day, and so her alibi was air tight.

Connie spent the week reading about inductions and trance and fractionation and suggestion, while Tara and Jane continued to outdo themselves with amazing outfits. Even now as Connie sat on the back deck going over her latest notes, the sisters were still trying to tease her. Connie glanced up from the book and saw Tara and Jane laying out on their towels, still in nothing but the bikini bottoms, the loose tops by their sides. If she’d seen such a sight a month ago, Connie probably would be drooling and touching herself already. Instead she ignored their sun-bathing, turning back to her notes to try and figure out how to enslave the girls to her will. Once they belonged to her, then they’d happily strip and pose for her whenever she wished. With such an amazing end goal in mind, Connie knew she couldn’t afford to be distracted so easily.

Which was easy to say to herself, but that didn’t stop Connie’s body from getting more and more worked up from the attention.

“Coooonnnniiieeee,” Jane whined, peering over her shoulder. “Will you come and put sunscreen on me?”

“Can’t. Reading.” Connie turned the page, hiding her smile behind the book as she could nearly see Jane huffing from being turned down. The curvy girl was used to getting her way around people by flirting, and apparently having Connie deny her blatant attempts was only making Jane more determined to make Connie crack.

Tara pulled down her sunglasses and leaned up on an elbow, making sure to cover her smaller, perky tits with one arm as she looked back at Connie. “Make sure to put sunscreen on me too,” Tara called, as if she hadn’t heard Connie deny Jane’s request.

“Still reading,” Connie called back, fighting hard to keep her eyes on the page and not staring at the topless Tara. Last time they’d tried to goad her into putting sunscreen on them Tara had ‘accidentally’ forgotten to cover up one of her nipples. Connie knew that all her plans depended on her not rocking the boat by messing with the sisters until she was confident in her powers, but damn did they make it hard on her. Connie carefully adjusted herself in the deck chair, well aware of how wet she was.

“Come on, Connie,” Jane tried again. “Don’t you want to put that lovely sunscreen all over our bodies?”

Connie blushed deeply and forced her eyes back to the top of the page, realizing that she hadn’t absorbed anything she read in the last ten seconds.

“I’d love to,” Connie said, coughing as she tried to keep her voice even, “But I’m pretty sure that Tara has a gymnastics meet in half an hour.”

Tara snatched up her phone to check the time and gave a startled yell. “Shit, I’m late!” She leapt up to her feet, completely forgetting her bikini top, and wound up flashing her tits right at Connie. Connie’s book nearly slipped from her hands as she stared in awe. She’d gotten used to Tara and Jane in their underwear, but seeing Tara’s naked breasts was still new for her. Tara’s hands flew up to cover her tits, but stopped as she saw Connie’s reaction. Instead Tara let her hands rest on her abs, taking in a deep breath to try and thrust her breasts out for Connie, who couldn’t seem to look away.

“…your top…” was all Connie could mutter.

“How clumsy of me,” Tara said, her face flushed red. She was clearly struggling with her own embarrassment at being so exposed, but whatever she felt seeing Connie staring at her tits must have made it worth it.

Suddenly Jane reached out and flung the bikini top at Tara, and caught her by surprise in the side of the head. “We do have neighbors, Tara,” Jane cackled.

Tara went bright red and covered her chest, running off into the house as she’d clearly reached her limit. Connie watched Tara’s round ass as the girl ran inside, before letting out a long sigh and shivering. Dammit, Connie thought. How was she supposed to resist messing around with all of this temptation around her?

“Clearly seeing my little sis got you in the mood,” Jane called, catching Connie’s attention. “So why don’t you come over her and let your hands see why I’m the bigger sister.” At that, Jane jiggled softly, letting her huge ass bounce in the way she knew Connie loved.

Connie slammed the book shut and told her body to calm down already. She wanted to be Jane’s Mistress after all, not just another person wrapped around her pinkie and easily manipulated. But seeing the naughty grin on Jane’s face as she continued to sway her ass back and forth, Connie could certainly understand why people allowed themselves to be manipulated by the older girl. With a gargantuan effort Connie managed to get to her feet and slip the book back into her backpack for safekeeping.

“Please, Connie? I need some sunscreen.”

Connie rolled her eyes and looked up at the gray sky, completely swallowed up in the soft clouds. “You do realize the sun’s been gone for, like, an hour, right?”

Jane turned up her nose. “It still doesn’t change how important preventing skin damage is.”

“Yeah, I’m going inside.” Connie marched into the house and shook off her excitement, knowing that her panties were soaked and she’d have to change. Again. Seeing Jane and Tara laying out on the lawn, nearly naked and begging her to come over and touch them, it was the stuff her fantasies began with, but Connie knew better than to be tempted. A situation like this was how one of her fantasies would begin, but there was a limit to where the girls would go. Just keep to the plan, learn hypnosis and then she knew she’d have a chance to work on them. That sounded great, but still didn’t make her any less horny.

Suddenly the door opened and closed behind her, and Connie turned to see Jane with her bikini top back on, her beach towel tucked under one arm. “God, you’re no fun anymore,” Jane muttered.

“I just don’t want to start anything you’re not interested in finishing,” Connie said truthfully.

Jane considered that and let out a sigh. “Yeah, I guess it was a pretty obvious tease. Still, I can’t believe you’d give up a chance to feel me up.”

“I wouldn’t be touching anywhere really fun though,” Connie countered, laughing. For all the frustration their teasing gave her, Connie did enjoy being open with Tara and Jane about being a lesbian. It had always hung over her like a heavy weight on her neck, the fear that showing the slightest interest would have her cast out. At least now she could joke about wanting to grab Jane’s tits and Jane would only respond as if such a desire were obvious given how great her tits were. Even now, Jane was smirking at her.

“Come on, Connie, I’m not cruel. If one of your hands happened to wander a little south… I wouldn’t say anything.”

Connie shivered at that, but kept her resolve. “Nice try, but I’m not going to be tempted by your feminine wiles.”

“We’ll see about that,” Jane said with a wink. Then she dropped the flirting and looked around, bored. “So what do you want to do now, Connie?”

She just stared at Jane blankly, surprised that the older girl wanted to hang out with her. Over the last week Jane saw no problem flirting or wearing slutty clothes, but that hadn’t turned into Jane spending time with her for fun.

“You want to do something with me?” Connie asked, confused.

“Who else is there to hang out with? Mom and Granny are out shopping, and Tara ran off to her gymnastic… thing. Whatever they’re called. And I don’t feel like driving out to my friends. So I guess I’m stuck hanging with you.”

“I feel so honored,” Connie muttered in a dejected voice.

“Oh come on, I didn’t mean it like that.” Jane crossed her arms and tapped her foot. “Okay, maybe I did say it like that, but I was just joking. It’s not that I don’t like you, Connie, we just don’t have anything in common. The only time we really get along was when we were eating each other out.”

Connie fidgeted and smiled in excitement, but Jane held up her hand.

“Not an invitation, pervert,” Jane snickered. “So we can either just hang out apart or you can suggest something to do together.”

Connie made a show of shrugging her shoulders. “I mean, if sex is off the table then I don’t know what else we can do.”

“Is that you trying to flirt?”

“No. Yes. Maybe, shut up.” Connie put her backpack down, grateful to let go of the heavy pile of hypnosis books inside. She thought of asking to hypnotize Jane, but that didn’t seem like something she would go for. Besides, Connie had never hypnotized anyone before and Jane seemed like she’d be the toughest audience in the family. “I don’t know, wanna watch a movie?”

“What did you have in mind?” Jane asked, skeptical but interested.

Instantly, Connie thought of trying to put on lesbian porn again, but it wasn’t movie night yet. If anything, Connie really just wanted to keep hitting the books and working on her plan to brainwash the family, but Connie had been doing nothing but going over her notes all week. She really did need a break, even if it was just sitting down and watching whatever.

“I don’t know, how about one of those terrible vampire films you like?”

Jane froze, her eyes narrowing. “You’d really watch one of those?”

“Sure,” Connie shrugged. “Like you said, there’s not much else to do.”

Jane burst into a grin. “Maybe you’re good for something after all, Connie. Give me a minute to change and I’ll pick out one of my favorites.”

“How many vampire romance movies are there?” Connie asked, a little less certain now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you the best ones. Then we can watch the best series, although you have to start with the prequels first to really understand the characters.” Jane made a giddy squeal, and Connie didn’t think that she’d ever seen Jane so genuinely excited before. “Just you wait, Connie. I’m gonna make a full fledged vampire junkie out of you yet.”

“Yay?” Connie nervously replied, but Jane didn’t hear the doubt in the reply, or at least chose to ignore it. She ran off upstairs to change out of the bikini, and a dejected Connie dropped herself down onto the couch. “Great job, Connie. What did you talk yourself into now?”

She’d heard plenty about Jane’s terrible taste in movies from Tara, but she’d always assumed that Tara had been exaggerating. Well, now she was going to find out for herself. Still, at least it meant a chance to hang out with Jane without her shameless flirting. Maybe if things went well she could convince Jane to spend more time with her. Besides, if she did hypnotize Jane into dating her or being her sex slave, that wouldn’t do anything to change Jane’s taste in movies. May as well get used to it now.

Connie relaxed back into the couch and tried hard to find a silver lining, but either way she was pretty sure this afternoon would be a bust.

* * *

Two hours later Jane sat on the floor of her bedroom, resting on her knees as her eyes stared ahead with a blank expression. “Yes,” she said, her voice low, “I want to obey anything you tell me.”

Connie wiped the sweat from her forehead, struggling to contain herself. “You will do everything I command, if it doesn’t violate your limits?”

“Yes, Connie. If it does not violate my limits then I will do everything you command.”

“Then tell me,” Connie said nervously, “Would showing me your tits violate your limits?”

“No,” Jane answered softly, a faint smile on her lips. “It won’t. I’d be happy to show you my tits.”

Connie grinned and thanked the patron saint of lesbian hypnotists that she’d agreed to watch that vampire film with Jane.

“Alright, Jane, then here’s your first command…”