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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 16

A Day Out With Michelle: Part 2

Michelle had to admit, spending the day with Connie had been a blast. Though she’d known Connie for years, it was only as Tara’s best friend. Michelle had gotten used to seeing her as a constant fixture around the house, following Tara around like a shadow, and yet Michelle was startled to realize how little she had actually gotten to know Connie.

As they ran errands Michelle had actual conversations with her about school, her interests, what she wanted to do with her life, and to her surprise she found that she shared a lot in common with Connie, which only increased Michelle’s guilt that she had never truly gotten to know the girl. Connie was admittedly shy for her age, but that didn’t seem like an excuse. Here was someone important in her daughter’s life and Michelle had hardly made a real effort to get to know her. Connie was even living in their house now and the closest to a real heart to heart they had ever had was when Connie had come out to her as a lesbian, and Michelle had opened up about her own difficulties with her sexuality. Michelle had always assumed that Connie had said something about their talk to Gloria, since it was a little too coincidental that her mother would apologize to her that night, and even encourage the family to masturbate openly in order for all of them to feel accepted.

Not that she felt betrayed by that. On the contrary, she was incredibly grateful. That whole night only proved that Connie really cared about the family’s happiness, while Michelle was left to wonder if she had done enough to welcome Connie into their home.

They went to the horror movie as planned, with Michelle insisting that it was all her treat. Connie hardly complained, and they spent the trailers discussing their favorite scary movies. They had to quiet down when the movie started, so they settled into a comfortable silence to watch. It was a decent thriller with some popular actors, although it relied on jump scares over plot, which was one of Michelle’s pet peeves about horror films.

Although Connie had professed her love of horror, Michelle was shocked to find Connie clinging to her arm at nearly every scare. Every time the ghosts jumped out on screen Connie seemed to inch closer, stealing apologetic looks.

“We could find another movie,” Michelle whispered, hoping to give her a diplomatic way out.

“Oh, I’m fine,” Connie muttered. It was clear that she was embarrassed. “It just… makes me happy when someone holds me during scary movies?”

Something in Michelle stirred, a maternal instinct to make Connie feel better. She tugged her arm out of Connie’s hands, but before Connie could pout for too long Michelle quickly wrapped an arm around Connie and pulled her in close. She couldn’t see Connie’s face with her this close, although she could feel Connie’s racing heart, and Michelle gave her a comforting squeeze.

“Is this better?” Michelle asked, leaning her head on top of Connie’s.

“Much better.”

Michelle smiled. It was good knowing that she could make Connie happy, a simple rewarding kind of pleasure. For some reason her eyes scanned over the audience, noticing that there were only a few people since it was a matinee showing. The audience seemed to mostly be couples using the horror movie as an excuse to cuddle close. Two rows up a silhouette raised an arm, actually going for the old cliche move of pretending to yawn before they wrapped their arm around the person next to them and brought them in close. Something about watching the dark shape of the couple coming together as one made Michelle giggle.

“If anyone looks over they might think we’re a couple.”

Connie tensed up against her, and Michelle instantly went red, realizing what she’d just said. That sounded dangerously close to flirting with her daughter’s best friend. Michelle was going to laugh it off as a bad joke, but something in the back of her mind stopped her. She had the memory of herself masturbating, calling out Connie’s name as she imagined the two of them fucking passionately. It had been the first time she’d thought of being with a woman in years, and that had only been the first of many fantasies. Idle day dreams of her and Connie kissing, groping, playing.

It had been easy for Michelle to rationalize thinking about the eighteen year old girl that way. After all, they lived together in only their underwear for long enough that the sight became familiar, not to mention that their open attitude about masturbation meant that Connie had walked in one her jilling herself more than a few times. And she’d seen Connie playing with herself as well. Familiarity breeds curiosity, that was all.

That excuse may have worked every time Michelle used it after a guilty orgasm fantasizing about Connie, but now, with Connie actually hugging her, the strawberry scent of Connie’s hair in her nose, Michelle found herself blushing and wondering if it really was just curiosity. Could it be that she actually wanted to flirt with Connie? If it was true then Michelle would have to stop instantly. There was no way Connie would be interested in a woman her age… and it would be wrong of her to be attracted to someone her daughter’s age, Michelle reminded herself forcefully. She shouldn’t even consider Connie’s possible interest in her as a factor.

Realizing that they were sitting in uncomfortable silence because of her remark, Michelle’s hesitantly started to take her arm back. But to her surprise, Connie took hold of her hand and brought it back around her waist, holding it to her side.

“I… I don’t mind if people think we’re on a date,” Connie whispered, keeping her face hidden.

Michelle blushed, noticing how warm Connie’s hand was around her own. “I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Connie snapped her head up to look at Michelle, a nervous, happy smile on her lips. “I’m very comfortable with you.” She was about to turn back to the screen, when she stopped and said, “It makes me really happy being close with you.”

At that, Michelle relaxed and hugged Connie to her side. She had to think of what made Connie happy, that’s what was really important. If Michelle had inappropriate thoughts about Connie then she would just need to hide them to herself. Although when Connie laid her head down on top of Michelle’s breasts she had to stop herself from shuddering as warm waves of need washed over her. Something about having Connie so close just felt… right. And hot. Incredibly hot but wrong but still so undeniably good. She felt Connie shivering against her, and she seemed to be rocking gently in her seat.

Michelle took a steadying breath and kept her attention on the movie. In the end she hardly caught anything that happened in the film; she was locked in a mental battle to keep the fantasies about Connie at bay. The entire time she imagined that they were really on a date, and that Connie would suddenly look up with a naughty grin, reaching her hands up under Michelle’s sweater to play with her breasts. She saw Connie dropping to her knees, and Michelle blushing as she rolled her tight yoga pants down, so nervous of being caught but also so wet that it was worth the risk. And then Connie would be eating her out, using her tongue to try and push Michelle over the edge. Gripping the arms of the chair, biting her lip to keep from crying out with delight as this incredibly hot young woman drove her crazy with her tongue, as though she didn’t care that Michelle was twice her age.

The thrill of how wrong these fantasies were had Michelle unbelievably soaked. Michelle tried in vain to tell herself that it didn’t really have to do with Connie, but simply the idea of being desired that turned her on more than anything. She hadn’t dated since Tara and Jane’s father had left, and in fact Michelle had been terrified of seeking anyone out. The fear of being rejected, and the responsibility of wanting to raise her daughters well. Michelle had resigned herself to being nothing more than a mother, and told herself that she was fine with no longer wanting to be the young woman that was eager to fuck and explore every form of pleasure there was. She had actually believed that the depraved part of herself was locked in her past, and yet the thought of Connie desiring her…

Michelle forced herself to push the thought away, grateful to see the credits rolling after the shock ending of who the killer was all along. Not that she remembered who the reveal had been. Connie lingered against her breasts, and Michelle was startled to realize she would have been fine with Connie keeping her head there through the whole credits, just to keep her close, but with a disappointed sigh Connie pried herself away. She smiled an apology at Michelle, as if she’d been an inconvenience. Michelle smiled back, shifting uncomfortably as she felt how soaked she was. Could having Connie touching her tits really get her this wet? Michelle shivered. No, she was just laying there for comfort. That certainly wasn’t Connie touching her tits. Although if Connie did reach her hands up to touch her…

Michelle forced herself to stand, suddenly needing fresh air. Where was all this sexual frustration coming from?

“So,” she said, for the sake of saying something. “Shopping?”

“That sounds good to me,” Connie replied, getting to her feet. She flashed Michelle a look that was dangerously close to desire. “I’m still determined to get you into something sexy.”

Michelle’s heart skipped a beat. Unfortunately Connie quickly blushed and turned away, reverting back to her shy self. It was a joke, Michelle thought with relief. And a little disappointment. Connie wasn’t really flirting with her, that was crazy. Still, even if she wasn’t interested the thought of dressing in something sexy for Connie made Michelle’s fantasies come roaring back. That was definitely the path of temptation, and Michelle knew she should avoid it at all costs before she made a fool of herself.

Instead of following that sage advice, Michelle flushed red and adjusted her tight pink sweater. “I suppose if you brought me something you considered sexy, it would only be fair to give it a try. Not that I’d buy it,” Michelle quickly added, losing her nerve, but Connie was already looking back at her with excitement clear on her face.

“I know just the place,” Connie exclaimed, grabbing Michelle’s hand and leading her away before she could say no. Michelle felt herself pulled away, and had to remind herself that Connie was just excited about shopping like any eighteen year old girl would be. There was no way Connie actually wanted to see Michelle modeling slutty outfits for her approval. No matter how hot the idea was. Michelle shook her head. This would definitely lead to trouble and she knew it, but she still let Connie lead her by the hand out of the theater.

* * *

As soon as they entered the department store Connie become a whirlwind, racing through the different sections and pulling out one scandalous piece of clothing after another. Form fitting tights, ridiculously skimpy skirts and shorts, even halter tops and cocktail dresses. Michelle tried to keep up with her, and soon her arms were bundled up with a pile of clothes that looked more at place in a trendy young club then in the arms of a single mother. It was a struggle to keep her silence, since Connie looked so happy and she didn’t want to burst her mood. Normally Connie was a quiet and reserved teenager, but now she was a bundle of energy, chatting away and laughing like Michelle had never seen. It filled Michelle with a bubbly pride to see Connie so happy, and if the price for that was to put on some ridiculous outfits then how could Michelle refuse? She only wanted to make Connie as happy as possible.

It was later in the dressing room, though, that Michelle found herself faced with an entirely unexpected problem. She stood before the mirror and admired the way the loose blue dress framed her hips, the plunging neckline accentuating her full breasts, while the stylish heels made her legs look long and sexy. Michelle turned this way and that, but there was no denying it. She looked hot. Incredibly hot.

Michelle’s plain bra stood out where the dress wanted to show off her breasts, and so she shyly slipped the bra off and put it aside. She felt incredibly exposed as she put the thin straps of the blue dress over her shoulders, realizing how much of her chest it really showed off now. Michelle lightly tugged on the side of the dress and the flimsy material fell to the side, exposing her nipple. She blushed deeply, but held the dress to the side, unable to stop herself from imagining others seeing her in such a slutty state, and the words ‘Easy access’ kept ringing in her ears in a terribly seductive voice. It’s the kind of thing she would have said when she was younger. She’d been so wild once. Practically an exhibitionist with the daring outfits she wore when she was Jane and Tara’s age. Clearly they’d gotten their current fashion sense from her.

She turned slowly before the mirror, not bothering to slip her one breast back into the dress, and instead let it hang out as she examined her ass. The dress ran all the way up one side to her hip, where the side of her prudish cotton panties stood out. Michelle ran a hand over her rear, and when the dress went taut she could clearly see the outline of her panties. Wearing a sly smile now, Michelle slipped her underwear off and tossed it on top of her clothes in the corner of the dressing room.

Now when she faced the mirror, Michelle felt the same ecstatic thrill she used to when she was young. She had once lived by the philosophy that some outfits were meant to be worn commando, and Michelle knew for certain that this gown was one of them. The slit in the dress now showed nothing but bare skin underneath, running high enough to confirm that she didn’t have any underwear on. In a mad fit Michelle suddenly whirled about, giggling as the folds of the loose dress blew up around her. When she stopped Michelle was captivated by the image of herself in the mirror, where her glistening pussy was on clear display, the dress still whirling about to catch up with her. Michelle caught the dress and held it to the side so she could continue to see her exposed pussy. There was a grin on her face, a pure look of lust that hadn’t been there in years.

“What’s happening to me?” Michelle suddenly asked herself. She’d spent so long being good, being a proper mother for her daughters. Why were all of these tempting thoughts and feelings coming back now? And the only culprit she could think of was Connie. Ever since Connie had moved into the house things had been different. The period where they’d all worn only underwear had seemed normal, and it was, of course, but that had begun with Connie, she now realized. And the way all of them had taken up casual masturbation, as well. It was like Connie was some kind of lightning rod for erotic desire, affecting everyone around her.

Michelle wasn’t sure, but she suspected that Connie was sleeping with either one or both of her daughters. She had never heard or seen anything, but the suspicion remained from the way the girls seemed to act around each other. Michelle imagined Connie doing all sorts of perverted things with Tara and Jane, though now that Michelle focused on it she realized that these thoughts usually came to her while she was masturbating.

Michelle looked up at herself, alarmed to find that she had one finger tracing along her pussy lips. She was actually getting off on the thought of Connie sleeping with her daughters. Not to mention all of the fantasies where Connie had Michelle all to herself. It was ridiculous, of course. Perhaps Connie might have an interest in Tara or Jane, but surely not the entire family. And certainly not in an older woman like her. Although when Michelle studied herself in the tantalizing dress, she suddenly felt a surge of confidence. If she dressed like this around Connie then it would be easy to seduce her.

Before she could let herself count the number of reasons that would be wrong, Michelle turned and marched towards the curtain of the dressing room, with Connie sitting on the other side. She gripped the curtain, but then blushed and slipped the dress back over her exposed breast. She wanted to impress Connie, not give her a heart attack.

The curtain slipped aside and there sat Connie, tapping her feet with a nervous smile on her face. The second she saw Michelle in the blue dress, though, her jaw actually dropped. “Holy fuck,” she muttered, and appeared to be shell shocked.

“Do you like it?” Michelle asked, teasing. She spun around, slowly, and stuck her ass out, letting the dress cling to her body so that Connie could hopefully see the lack of panty lines. Michelle glanced over her shoulder, but Connie seemed to have short circuited. Her mouth opened and closed, eyes wide and unblinking. Michelle’s heart raced faster, and an excited shudder passed through her body. She couldn’t help but wonder what Connie would do if she showed off just how flimsy the dress was by having her breasts pop out.

But then Michelle noticed one of the employees walking over towards their area. She was about Michelle’s age, her curly red hair bouncing as she spoke to someone off to the side, and though her attention wasn’t on them Michelle still lost her nerve and quickly ran back to the dressing room. As she drew the curtain closed, she was delighted to see that Connie still had that awe-struck look on her face.

Michelle tittered happily. That had gone exactly the way she’d wanted it to. It was still problematic that she’d basically just flaunted her body in front of her daughter’s best friend to turn her on, but Michelle would worry about that later. All she knew was that she was buying this dress.

Her eyes wandered over the other clothes Connie had picked out, most of which she’d gone through already. Some of them like the white shorts and the tube top were too much for Michelle to bear showing Connie, simply because she looked ridiculous wearing them. Trying on the tight white shorts had only made Michelle look like an older woman trying too hard to be young. Connie had been the one to pick them out, and so it made sense that she grabbed what she thought would look good on a younger woman. Some of the tops and skirts had been nice on her, and Connie had shown her approval for all of the skin it showed off, although Michelle still felt silly and was afraid Connie was just trying to be supportive, rather than actually interested.

This dress was something else, though. There hadn’t been a doubt at all when she’d gazed into Connie’s face that the girl was turned on. Michelle couldn’t hold back the sly smile as she wondered if Connie had gotten wet watching her pose. Unlike the other clothes, Michelle had felt the confidence she possessed back when she was a young slut. It was different though, a more mature kind of sexuality. Not a girl asking for attention, but a woman demanding it. Michelle unzipped the dress and laid it aside carefully, like something prized. Rather than dress again, she instead took a moment to study her naked body.

Even with the dress off, that confidence remained. The powerful knowledge that she had turned Connie on. That she had a body that others desired. It was a sensation that Michelle hadn’t known she’d been missing. But now that she’d gotten a taste of it again, she wanted more. Michelle was struck by the urge to pull the curtain back and simply walk out naked. Or better yet, drag Connie into the dressing room with her and see just how wet she was for her.

Michelle wasn’t crazy enough to do that, of course, but her eyes did wander to that one outfit Connie grabbed. The one that Michelle had assumed was a joke and wasn’t even going to try on. She picked it up now, though. A sheer black negligee, so thin that Michelle could see her fingers through the material. It would leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, and neither would the matching thong. When Michelle had entered the changing room she wouldn’t have dared to try on such a racy thing. After seeing Connie’s amazed reaction, however, Michelle found that she just couldn’t stop herself.

The material felt fantastic as she slipped the lingerie on, so light and luxurious against her skin. Wearing the thin material only emphasized how little Michelle had on, and the effect was amazing. She stood in the mirror and marveled at the woman standing there. Michelle practically couldn’t recognize herself. She reached up and gathered her thick hair together, holding it up on top of her head. Now the effect was complete. The woman in the mirror was a seductive figure with her hair up, her dark eyes shining as she left her perfect body on display. And it truly was on display, with her nipples fully visible, not to mention the wet trace of her cunt. This time she really would give Connie a heart attack.

It was that thought that did it. Michelle was forced to let her hair down; she didn’t have anything to tie it up, but it was certainly a look she’d keep in mind. Shaking her hair out, Michelle spun and threw open the curtain. She saw Connie actually do a double take, and in her most confident voice Michelle asked, “What do you think, Connie?”

Connie didn’t answer since she was too busy staring, her face turning bright red. Unfortunately, the red-haired employee that was talking to Connie also stared in shock at Michelle.

Michelle’s throat made a weird noise, all of her confidence gone. The woman looked from Michelle’s lingerie to Connie sitting in the chair, then back to Michelle. In that moment Michelle was trying to think of any explanation that wouldn’t seem suspicious, when Connie suddenly leapt to her feet and simply ran away, leaving Michelle alone with the employee and looking more suspicious than ever.

The red-haired woman watched Connie flee and she suddenly let out an amazed laugh. “I think she definitely likes that look on you.” She turned and winked at Michelle, who wrapped her arms around herself in response, as if she could cover up her near nudity that way.

“I— This is just a misunderstanding.”

“So you weren’t trying to dress sexy for her?” The store employee gave a high pitched laugh. “Please, no need to be embarrassed. My name’s Barb.” She held out her hand, but Michelle just stood there like a deer in the headlights. Barb didn’t seem to mind, though. Her eyes roamed over Michelle’s body, making her feel even more exposed, but too scared to move. Barb let out a low whistle. “Honestly, I’m jealous of you. I wish I could pull off lingerie like that.”

For some reason that comment was the one to do it, and Michelle suddenly whirled about and dove back into the safety of the dressing room. She stood there panting, shaking. Someone had just seen her trying to seduce Connie! What the hell was she even thinking dressing like this?

She heard the curtain draw back and was shocked to see Barb slipping into the dressing room.

“What are you doing?” Michelle hissed, for some reason afraid to raise her voice. She didn’t want to risk anyone else finding out about this whole humiliating incident.

“Woah, easy there,” Barb said in a calming voice, holding up her hands innocently. “I just wanted to apologize for interrupting. I’m sorry I got in the way of your date.”

Michelle blanched. “That— that wasn’t a date.”

Barb giggled. “Oh, don’t play innocent. Do you really think you’re the only cougar in town?” She turned to peek around the curtain, checking to make sure no one else was around. Then she faced Michelle with a conspiratorial grin. “So we’re fair, I’ll let you know that I happen to have a thing with the local university’s star player,” she whispered, though she looked completely pleased with herself.

Michelle just stared, her embarrassment giving way to confusion. This woman had to be her age, but she was seeing someone in college?

“Don’t tell anyone,” Barb quickly added, putting her hands up in a pleading way. “It’s the cougar code not to snitch on each other right?”

She’d never heard of any kind of code before, but Michelle nodded her head absently. “Sure. I won’t tell anyone.”

Barb relaxed. “Thanks. I really am sorry about getting in the way. You’re girlfriend is totally cute, and from the look on her face I bet she would have fucked you right here in the dressing room if I wasn’t around.”

“She’s not my—” Michelle stopped, blushing. “You— you really think she liked the lingerie that much?”

“Definitely,” the red-head said, giggling. “Technically you’re not supposed to try on the lingerie like that, but you’re totally buying it after seeing that kind of reaction, right?”

Michelle gulped. That had been her first thought when she’d seen Connie’s face. “I don’t know, I’m a little old for—”

“Hey, none of that,” Barb suddenly snapped. “That young woman was completely into you, so you don’t get to doubt how hot you are. Snatching up someone that young and hot is a total accomplishment.” Barb flashed her a reassuring smile, taking her shoulders. “I’m glad I managed to run into you too. Seriously, I was starting to think I was the only cougar in town. So how long have you two been a thing?”

Michelle’s first instinct was to tell her that it really was just a misunderstanding, that she wasn’t involved with Connie like that. Only that would make modeling in her lingerie almost impossible to explain. Besides, there was something about Barb’s enthusiasm that made Michelle not want to disappoint her.

“Well, you see…” Michelle bit her lip. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun. “I’ve been sleeping with her for a few months,” Michelle said quickly, amazed at herself. But the impressed look on Barb’s face made the lie worth it.

“You definitely have to tell me how you managed to seduce that little filly, but I think you should probably go catch her first.” Barb laughed. “Stop by the store sometime so we can gossip.”

Michelle found her smiling, despite the circumstances. It had always been a nagging worry of hers that she didn’t have any friends her own age. Sure, there were the other parents at Jane and Tara’s schools that she spoke to, and the occasional chats with the neighbors, but there wasn’t anything serious about any of that. And yet here was Barb, holding out her hand and smiling as if they were already thick as thieves. Michelle supposed that they were, since Barb thought that they were both cougars after younger people.

Surprised at herself, Michelle shook Barb’s hand. “I’m Michelle. And thanks… for not judging me.”

“Think nothing of it.” Barb suddenly clapped another hand over Michelle’s before leaning in to whisper. “And now that we’re friends, I’d be happy to share my employee discount on any other lingerie you’d like to buy.” She giggled. “As long as I can hear a few fun details about what you get up to.”

Michelle blushed deeply. Barb was a little too eager for gossip, but Michelle still felt a little guilty that she didn’t actually have the exciting sex life that Barb seemed to expect. Of course, she might have some stories to share if she actually did seduce Connie…

“I might just take you up on that.”

* * *

Shopping bags in hand, Michelle made her way to the store entrance and saw Connie waiting by the doors nervously. As soon as she saw Michelle she raced over, questions pouring out rapidly.

“Michelle, are you okay? Where were you? Did you get in trouble? Did I get you into trouble?”

Before Connie could have a panic attack Michelle gave her a reassuring smile and patted her head. “I’m perfectly fine, Connie. I just explained that it was a misunderstanding.”

Connie looked doubtful. “The employee really didn’t mind that you were in lingerie?”

“I mean, that was a bit of an issue. But I resolved it,” Michelle said, opening up one of the bags. Connie glanced in and gasped, recognizing both the sexy black lingerie and the blue dress.

“You bought them?”

Michelle blushed deeply. “Maybe you were right when you said I could still look sexy. I’m sure I can find someone to dress up for.” She did her best to keep her voice neutral, and luckily Connie still seemed too shocked from the daring purchase to catch her meaning. Just as they were turning to leave, though, someone called Michelle’s name.

Both she and Connie turned to see Barb waving, a wolfish grin on her face. “Nice to meet you, Michelle. Enjoy your purchase.”

Connie blinked in shock. “She seems… friendly.”

Michelle played with the straps of the shopping bags, her guilt getting the better of her. “Okay, maybe it’s possible that Barb thought that we were dating and I was a cougar who seduced you.”

The astonished look on Connie’s face was adorable. “Why would she think that?”

Michelle stared at the floor to hide her face. “Because I may have told her that we were.”

Something flashed across Connie’s face, an emotion that seemed to be somewhere between desire and hope. “Why did you tell her we were dating?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle mumbled. “She just got the impression and it… it was fun to fib to her. To make her think I was one of those sexy older women like on TV. It felt good to feel like I had an exciting life for once.”

Michelle couldn’t handle the guilt and finally looked up to face Connie, only to her surprise Connie was smiling wide, her cheeks bright red. It was almost like she was just as excited by the idea of dating Michelle.

“You’re not mad at me, are you, Connie?”

Connie snickered. “Not in the slightest. I just can’t believe you made up a lie like that.”

Michelle let out a relieved sigh. “Well, it’s not like I have to keep it up since I won’t be seeing her again. I doubt Barb would want to gossip if she knew how boring I really am.”

“Well,” Connie said, blushing and reaching out to hold Michelle’s hand. “Maybe we can make your life a little more exciting.”

Before Michelle knew what was happening Connie had suddenly pulled her in close and kissed her on the lips. Michelle froze in shock, her mind locked up in the mental struggle of deciding if this was wrong or amazing. Connie was only eighteen, it wasn’t appropriate. And yet, she had been the one to kiss her, and her lips were so soft.

Unfortunately Michelle was too busy stuck in her own head, and before she could enjoy the kiss Connie had already pulled away. Michelle quickly glanced around, terrified that they were making a scene. However no one had seemed to notice them. No one except Barb, who broke into a ridiculous grin and gave Michelle a big thumbs up.

“What was that for?” Michelle asked, her mind still trying to catch up.

“I think it’s safe to say that your new friend believes you now,” Connie said, embarrassed and looking off to the side.

“You did that just to make me look good?” It made sense, in a way. To Connie it was just a game, like playing a prank. She didn’t really mean it. Still, Michelle couldn’t deny the way her heart was racing. “You didn’t have to go that far, Connie.”

“I wanted to do something to pay you back for how fun today was.” They made there way out of the store, standing close enough together than no one else might overhear. “And if making you look cool in front of your new friend meant that I also get to kiss a hot older woman, well, that’s just a bonus.”

Michelle stared at her, surprised. Today she’d spent so long agonizing over these strange feelings for Connie, but the greatest unknown was how Connie felt. Although, knowing that Connie thought of her as hot didn’t make deciphering her own feelings any easier.

“Connie, I appreciate that, but you know it would be inappropriate for us to ever have any kind of interest like that.” It hurt Michelle to say, but it was the truth. And from the sad acceptance on Connie’s face, she knew it, too. “I think you’re an amazing girl, and you’ll find someone equally amazing to be with. It’s just that, you’re still young and inexperienced.” Michelle gave her a concerned look. “And if I ever did make advances on you, then I’d always feel like I manipulated you into a relationship without you knowing.”

Connie suddenly stopped, her eyes locked on Michelle. And then she burst into laughter.

“I’m serious,” Michelle pressed on. She didn’t see what was ridiculous about that. “You wouldn’t really be in control of your actions, and I would be corrupting you.”

Connie doubled over laughing, and Michelle felt an angry prickling over her skin, only to realize the sensation came from her hurt pride.

“Do you think I’m not capable of seducing someone younger? Because I could,” Michelle said strongly, only to blush. “That’s not what I meant to say.”

Connie threw up a hand as she tried to stifle her laughter. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She snorted. “It’s not you, just… there was something funny about how you put it.”

Michelle looked at her, concerned. “I know these kind of things can be confusing. And it might hurt, wanting something you can’t have. That’s why I want to help, Connie.”

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Connie straightened up and took Michelle’s hand, smiling. “I know, I apologize for laughing.” She put on a more thoughtful expression. “It really does suck when everyone thinks what you desire is wrong.”

Michelle nodded. She’d felt that same kind of fear of her sexuality when she was Connie’s age. Only Michelle had dealt with it recklessly and gotten herself pregnant, and then tried to repress her desires completely, like something dangerous. She may have made mistakes in her life, but Michelle had always tried to support her daughters to be smarter than she was. And now she wanted to help Connie the same way, even if that meant repressing the urges she felt now.

Connie suddenly stared into her eyes. “Is there really no way for people to be together, even if society says it’s wrong?”

Michelle hesitated. Was Connie speaking about her experience as a lesbian, or about something more?

“I think as long as the emotions of both people are genuine, then you should pursue it. I don’t want you diving into something you’re unsure of and risk getting hurt. But,” Michelle gulped. “If they know that what’s there is true, then they should do what they need to so they can be happy.”

Michelle didn’t know if that made sense, but Connie seemed to take it to heart as she started to smile. She squeezed Michelle’s hand, and Michelle squeezed back, smiling herself. Then the moment continued, and Connie didn’t look away or take her hand back. And neither did Michelle. Something changed in Connie’s eyes, then. A determined look, as though she’d come to an important decision. Michelle simply stood where she was, suddenly struck by the thought that Connie looked like she was about to kiss her again. Even with everything she said, Michelle still found herself unsure of how to react.

Connie opened her mouth and Michelle found herself leaning in for the kiss. Only instead of kissing her, Connie instead asked, “Michelle, can I try to hypnotize you?”