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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 18

A Day Out With Michelle: Part 4

Connie gulped and watched as Michelle slipped her sweat pants off, kicking them out onto the sand.

‘I should stop her,’ Connie thought, still staring raptly as Michelle took off her panties next.

‘I should probably stop her,’ Connie thought as Michelle crawled over the sand to her, completely naked now. Still entranced to believe she was a dog, Michelle saw nothing wrong with leaping into Connie’s lap and wrapping her arms around her. She gazed up into Connie’s eyes innocently, while her bare tits pressed against Connie’s chest.

‘… I’m not stopping her,’ Connie finally admitted, smiling as Michelle hugged her tighter.

“Thank you so much for taking me to the beach, Owner,” Michelle said, punctuating it with a high pitched bark.

“No problem,” Connie muttered, distracted by the warm presence of Michelle’s tits against her. She had to fight to keep her hands where they were and not start feeling Michelle up. She’d hypnotized Michelle to think she was a dog so clearly she wasn’t in her right mind. Then again, Michelle wouldn’t do anything that violated her limits no matter how deep in trance she was. Did that mean that Michelle actually wanted Connie to see her naked like this?

Lost in her mental debate, Connie slowly realized that there was something wet against her leg. She looked down and nearly had a heart attack when she saw Michelle straddling her leg, gently rocking back and forth and pressing her clearly wet pussy against Connie’s pants.

“Mhm, I have such a cute Owner,” Michelle mused, like she was thinking out loud. “Does Owner think I’m cute?”

Connie fumbled for an answer, still dealing with the way her brain was overheating knowing that Michelle was actually humping her leg like… well, like a dog would. “Um, yeah, of course I do.”

Michelle let out a happy bark and her hips started thrusting with more urgency, bouncing her cunt off of Connie’s leg. “Feels so good to make my Owner happy.”

Connie couldn’t take her eyes off of the gorgeous woman getting herself off like this. She felt like she could have died happy just from watching Michelle hump her leg. Still, this was definitely more than they had discussed before. There might have been a part of Michelle that wanted to do this with her, but Michelle would definitely be upset if Connie let this go any further.

Savoring it for just a few seconds more, Connie eventually sighed and reached up to put her hand on the side of Michelle’s head. Still in dog mode, Michelle eagerly nuzzled into the hand and let out a low bark.

“Michelle, go back into trance for me.”

Michelle whined, but her eyes quickly glazed over. Her hips ground to a halt, but as Michelle relaxed she abruptly put her weight down and pinned Connie’s leg to the sand. Connie yelped and tried to pull her leg away, but it was impossible without shoving Michelle off of her. The older woman’s cunt felt warm and wet as it soaked through her pant leg, and Connie decided that it wasn’t really so bad of a position.

“Can you hear me, Michelle?”

“Yes,” she answered softly.

“Are you, um, okay with being naked right now?”

“I am.”

That took Connie by surprise. “Huh, alright. Are you also cool with… humping my leg?”

Michelle let out a faint moan and her hips rocked down against Connie’s leg, just once. “Yes,” she gasped.

“So you would hump my leg like this if you were fully awake?” Connie asked, barely able to believe it.

That made Michelle pause. “No, I’d be too embarrassed to do that.”

“But you can do it now? What’s the difference?”

Michelle didn’t answer at first. Her brow furrowed and her lips tightened. Before Connie could worry too much, though, Michelle’s face relaxed. “When I’m a dog it’s fine, because it’s normal for dog’s to hump their owners, but people don’t do that to each other.”

Connie considered that. It seemed like Michelle had different ideas of what was acceptable depending on who she thought she was. Michelle clearly enjoyed it either way, but wouldn’t have allowed herself to do it as a person since humping each other’s legs wasn’t socially acceptable. Did that apply to other social taboos, though?

“Michelle, when you’re your normal self, how would you feel about incest?”

Connie was worried that it would take her by surprise, but Michelle’s entranced expression never changed.

“It’s wrong, of course.”

“Why is it wrong?”

That seemed to catch Michelle off guard, as she took a few seconds to answer. Connie sat and waited nervously, knowing that her answer would either mean her dream harem was really a possibility, or send it crashing down in flames.

In the end Michelle shrugged, and in her blank voice said, “Because that’s what everyone says. There must be good reasons against it, like gene pools or something.”

Connie grinned. All she needed was for Michelle not to have a personal reason against incest, and why would she? Society declared it to be a taboo, which meant that most people just restricted it without actually thinking about it. Michelle’s only objection was because polite society said it was wrong, and as Connie had just learned, there were ways of changing which social rules Michelle obeyed.

“Michelle, did you know that animals commit incest all the time?”

“I didn’t know that,” Michelle replied softly.

“They do,” Connie stated. She didn’t have a clue if it was really true or not, but Michelle couldn’t disprove it. “In fact, it’s perfectly normal for mother and daughter dogs to have sex with each other.” Her hands were shaking, and Connie had to take a deep breath to steady herself. “Michelle, you still have the mind of a dog in trance right now. So as a dog, would you have sex with Tara or Jane.”

“Of course not,” Michelle quickly replied, and Connie felt the disappointment crash down like a lead weight.


“Bestiality is wrong, after all,” Michelle added, and Connie slapped her forehead.

“Your daughter’s are both dogs, as well. You’re a dog, so Tara and Jane are dogs too. You’re all my dogs who live with me.”

Michelle nodded.

“So would you have sex with your daughters?”

“Yes, if they wanted to,” Michelle answered easily.

“They want to,” Connie pressed. Hopefully they would, with Connie planning to stack everything that way by conditioning the girls. “With all of you as my dogs and you’re attracted to each other, would I regularly find you having sex around the house.”

“Probably,” Michelle said. “I have a very high libido. I probably wouldn’t be able to keep myself off of my daughters.”

Connie wished she’d had a camera out to record that. Just listening to Michelle’s peaceful face saying something so filthy would be enough to get her off for years to come. Connie just stayed in that fantasy, realizing that it was possible. Gloria would be the biggest problem, but if she had a way around that then she really could make this happen. Having Tara, Jane and Michelle all to herself.

“Fuck,” she muttered to herself, feeling indescribably wet. “Getting to watch all of you fucking. Getting to fuck all of you.”

Michelle suddenly stiffed. “No, I wouldn’t have sex with you.”

Connie stared in horror. “Why not?”

“Bestiality is wrong,” Michelle repeated again, and Connie instantly saw the flaw in her plan. It might be possible to turn the family into dogs who happily engaged in incest, but Connie would never be able to join in.

“What if I was a dog like the rest of you?”

“Oh. That would be okay then. I know I’d be happy to fuck you along with my daughters.”

Connie gulped. That certainly sounded amazing, but it meant that she’d have to act like a dog too. She was too shy to ever go up on stage in school, and yet here she was wanting to commit to having to act like a dog. The thought of crawling around naked made Connie’s face turn red, and she imagined what people would say. Except, the only people around would be Michelle and her daughters. Who would also happen to be acting like dogs too. Horny dogs. With a reward like that, wouldn’t it be worth it?

The logical part of Connie told her to stick to her plan of taking things slow, to keep the course which already seemed to have a fun end on the horizon. Still, it wasn’t the kinky harem that Connie dreamed of, and that meant taking risks.

“Michelle, when I wake you up you’ll still be a happy dog like before, but this time you’ll see me as another dog like you. We’ll still have human bodies and speak normal, but you’ll have a dog’s thoughts, and think I’m a dog the same as you.”

Michelle nodded and Connie found herself incredibly nervous. It seemed natural for Michelle to crawl around and bark, but then she had the advantage of being hypnotized. Connie was still self-aware enough to be humiliated, and her stomach tied in knots at the thought of doing all of this. She managed to push through, however, because if she could act convincingly enough for Michelle to buy it, then that meant there’d be a lot less restrictions on what Michelle would be ready to do with her. And for her to do with her daughters, too. For that Connie would accept paying any price.

“Okay. Wake up on the count of three. One. Two.” Connie crossed her fingers. “Three.”

The entranced Michelle shook her head as the dog version of her came out. She was back to panting, and when she noticed Connie underneath her she tilted her head and let out a curious noise.

“Um, hi,” Connie said lamely, remembering what a terrible actor she was.

Michelle had still been straddling her leg, but now she jumped back, settling down on all fours.

“Hi there, who are you?” Michelle asked.

That made Connie falter. She’d assumed that Michelle would still know her, but then she’d barely given Michelle any instructions. Apparently all she saw was another strange dog.

Connie awkwardly sat up on her knees and put her hands down in the sand, mimicking the dog pose like Michelle was.

“I’m, uh, Connie,” she said, mustering all of her improv skills. When Michelle didn’t seem convinced, Connie let out a half-hearted bark. It made Michelle smile, at least.

“Nice to meet you, Connie,” Michelle said, wagging her butt back and forth. “I’m here at the beach with my owner.” Michelle spun around, then turned again, moving in a worried circle while looking around the beach. “My owner was just here…”

Connie realized that Michelle was looking for her, well, the human her anyway, which would be impossible for her to find. Before Michelle could get too riled up, Connie said, “Oh! She went off with, uh, my owner. They’ll be back soon.”

That seemed to calm Michelle down. She trotted over to Connie, but then continued past her. Connie was worried about having to crawl around the beach like this, which would only be more humiliating, when she abruptly felt Michelle’s nose pressing into the crotch of her pants. Connie yelped in surprise, the most convincing animal noise she’d made yet.

“Wh— what are you doing?”

“Getting to know you,” Michelle replied casually, pulling her face away from Connie’s ass.

Connie groaned. Right, they were dogs. As fun as it seemed, Connie was ready to throw in the towel and admit she didn’t have it in her to play the part, even if it meant she couldn’t put her plan into action. It just felt a little too ridiculous. As she was getting up Connie saw Michelle spun about, and next thing she knew Michelle had her butt lifted in the air, with a clear view of her slick pussy.

Connie’s brain stopped working. Her jaw dropped and she just stared longingly at Michelle’s cunt. Michelle wiggled her butt.

“Go ahead and get to know me too,” she said, like it was obvious.

This certainly wasn’t what Connie had in mind, but she wasn’t about to turn down such a polite offer. Licking her lips nervously, Connie leaned in closer. It wasn’t her first time seeing Michelle’s pussy today, but this was different from hiding invisibly in the shower beneath Michelle. This time, Michelle was actually spreading her legs and offering herself up for Connie to inspect.

Connie got as close as she dared and sniffed in the scent of Michelle’s cunt, shivering happily. She’d been dying to know what Michelle tasted like, and as soon as the aroma filled her Connie knew that she couldn’t hold back. She’d gone this far, after all. She stuck her tongue out and tasted Michelle, running her tongue along her wet pussy lips. Michelle’s ass bounced a little at the unexpected contact, but she didn’t pull away. In fact, after a few more licks Michelle began pressing herself backwards, trying to get more. Connie took that as permission and dove in with her tongue.

“Mhm, I like you,” Michelle said as Connie ate her out. Connie had to keep acting like a dog, which meant she couldn’t use her hands to grab Michelle’s ass like she wanted to. She used only her mouth, ducking her head lower to get better access to her cunt. When Connie sucked on her clit, Michelle let out a high pitched bark.

Connie shut her eyes, losing herself in the experience. She’d fantasized about this for so long, and now it was finally happening. Then, without warning, Michelle pulled her ass away and Connie was left with her tongue stretched out into the air. She opened her eyes and blinked. Had she done something wrong?

Then she saw Michelle turn around, a hungry grin on her face. “My turn to make you feel good,” she said, and Connie lit up. She barked loudly, still drunk off the taste of Michelle’s cunt, and Michelle barked back at her. Connie spun herself around to offer herself up to Michelle’s mouth, only to realize that she still had her clothes on.

Michelle giggled. “Your owner makes you wear clothes?”

Connie blushed. She’d been too nervous about being caught naked by someone arriving at the beach that she’d left her clothes on. Of course, being caught with her tongue deep in Michelle’s pussy wasn’t any less incriminating. For the chance to have Michelle actually eat her out, though, it was worth being naked.

“Give me a sec,” Connie said, reaching underneath herself to unzip her pants. All of a sudden she felt something tug on the back of her pants, jerking her hips backwards. Connie glanced over her shoulder and saw Michelle biting the back of her pants.

“You don’t have to—”

Michelle growled and tugged hard, yanking Connie’s pants down to her knees and leaving her ass completely exposed.

The ocean breeze on her wet cunt made Connie shiver. Luckily, it was quickly replaced by Michelle’s warmth as her tongue began probing Connie’s pussy. The sensations sent electric shivers up Connie’s spine. Michelle was actually eating her out! Sure, Jane had gone down on her before, but there was something even more exciting about knowing that it was a woman twice her age who was pleasuring her so eagerly. Michelle’s tongue made her feel thing’s she’d never experienced before, and it didn’t seem like she was going to let up anytime soon.

“Of fuck,” Connie whimpered, and that only spurred Michelle on. She forced her tongue deeper into Connie, and the incredible experience made her go weak. Her arms collapsed and Connie’s head fell down against the sand. Michelle didn’t give her a chance to recover though. She kept pushing Connie down into the sand, forcing her ass up higher as she ate her out. The new position opened her up more and Connie couldn’t believe how deep Michelle’s tongue was able to go.

Connie lost herself in the pleasure of it all. As she sunk into her own kind of trance, Connie had a dream of herself hypnotizing Jane and Tara to have the same animal instincts for pleasure that she’d given Michelle. They wouldn’t have any concerns about what was appropriate or right. The entire family would dive into their desires, with nothing being too taboo or wild for them. She saw Michelle eating Jane out with the ferocity that she was showing now, while Connie would make Tara do the same to her.

She could keep them normal most of the time, let them have jobs or go to school, but when they got home she’d reduce them to horny animals. Even if it meant that she had to act like an animal too, it would be worth it. Connie would establish herself as the alpha in charge, and then she’d have her own pack of animalistic lesbian lovers.

Her toes curled and Connie slid her cheek against the sand, moaning as she felt the orgasm cumming. Yes, this was going to be her dream come true. Not the way she’d pictured it, but it would work! There was nothing that could ruin that moment of triumph for her, with Michelle about to make her cum in celebration.

In the distance, a truck horn blared, coming from the other side of the hill.

Michelle sat bolt upright, her tongue popping out of Connie’s cunt so fast that it made her cry out. Connie shook, her ass in the air, so close to cumming now, but Michelle had left her on the edge.

“Noooo,” Connie whined. She lifted her head up to bark, to beg, anything to keep Michelle going. Only when she looked behind her Michelle was gone. Connie snapped awake. She forced her still shivering body up onto her knees, and that’s when she saw Michelle bounding across the beach on all fours, an awkward naked scramble that was taking her right to the sandy hill out of the beach. She was barking excitedly, and it took Connie a moment to figure out what she was yelling.

“Come on, Connie! There’s a truck!”

And just like that Connie recognized a giant flaw with turning someone into an animal.

Connie leapt to her feet and made to run, but immediately got caught up in the pants around her ankles. She managed to catch herself from falling, but when she glanced up she saw that Michelle was already working her way up the hill. She kept sliding in the sand on the steep embankment which slowed her down, but it was still only a matter of time before Michelle made it over the hill and was running naked towards the road to chase traffic.

“Michelle, get back here!” Connie screamed as she kicked her pants off. It was easier than rushing after Michelle with a pound of sand in her pants, and soon enough Connie was racing across the beach with every ounce of energy she had. Which wasn’t easy since her legs were still weak from being eaten out.

“Get back here now, Michelle! That’s an order!”

Michelle just barked back, “You’re not my owner!”

Connie groaned, taking off up the steep hill. “Go back into trance for me now!”

That seemed to make Michelle stumble a bit, but she quickly shook it off.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Connie muttered as she charged up the hill. Michelle was nearly to the top, and almost in view of everyone from the road. Shouldn’t Michelle not let herself be seen naked by others? Her limits would stop her, unless she had some crazy exhibitionist desires that Connie didn’t know about. Or maybe having a dog’s mind made her not care about being seen naked, the same way she accepted incest.

The worst was knowing that this wouldn’t have happened if she’d just been a little more patient. She could have put in a trance trigger, like Gloria had. Or put in any number of suggestions to keep Michelle safe. But no, Connie had to go thinking with her clit and care more about getting off than being safe.

Connie huffed and hauled herself up the sandy hill, except that Michelle was just about to reach the top, and then it was game over. Everyone would find out what she’d been doing, and no matter how Tara, Jane and Michelle felt about her now they’d never forgive her for fucking with their heads.

Suddenly Connie stopped, realizing she’d never reach her in time. Instead she raised her hand high up in the air and shouted, “Who wants a ball?”

Michelle was just climbing to the top when she suddenly whipped around, stopping so suddenly that she skidded in the sand. Her eyes locked onto Connie, and then onto her raised fist. “Ball?”

Connie waved her hand around wildly. “Come get the ball, Michelle!”

Connie didn’t stop to think about logic. She just turned and pretended to throw the ball with everything she had. She gave a quick prayer to the patron saints of lesbian hypnotists and turned. Michelle was bounding down the hill towards her, barking madly. Connie let out a sigh of relief. At least she’d saved Michelle from public embarrassment, and herself from being evicted from the Silva household.

Recovering from the panic, Connie never even noticed Michelle charging right at her until the older woman abruptly tackled into her, knocking the wind out of Connie. They both tumbled down the sandy hill together, Michelle barking and laughing the entire way down.

Connie crashed down on the beach, and Michelle landed on top of her.


Michelle sat on Connie’s aching chest, panting giddily. “Again, again!”

“No again,” Connie wheezed, grateful that they were safe but very much exhausted.

Michelle crawled backwards off of her, and Connie saw that she was sniffing her way back down to her crotch. Michelle licked at her clit, making Connie’s hip buck reflexively. “Want me to keep making you feel good?”

Even with being scared half to death and getting knocked down a hill, Connie still desperately wanted Michelle to make her cum. Felt that she deserved an amazing orgasm from her older crush, just to make up for everything she went through. This time, however, Connie had learned her lesson.

She reached up and caught Michelle’s face in her hands, pulling her closer. Michelle happily went in and began kissing Connie, and Connie tasted herself on the other woman’s tongue. She broke the kiss, smiling sullenly as she stroked Michelle’s hair. “Much as I want to keep going, it’s time for you to go back into trance.”

Michelle gave Connie one last happy bark before her body relaxed and she sat back on her heels, her face blank and empty. Connie stood up on shaky legs, her chest aching from the fall. “Come on, Michelle, let’s go get dressed.”

“Yes, Connie.” Deep in trance, Michelle rose like a graceful doll and walked across the beach. Connie had her shake out her scattered clothes as best she could before getting dressed, making sure that nothing was out of place. Then a cold breeze reminded Connie that she was bottomless and she hastily found her own pants.

When they were both dressed, Connie made Michelle lay down near where they had started. That seemed like hours ago now after everything that had happened.

“How do you feel, Michelle?”

“Okay,” her blank voice answered. “Itchy.”

Connie scratched at her own pants, feeling the exact same way with the stubborn sand that had stuck to the inside of her pants.

“Tell me how you would respond to everything that happened when I wake you up.”

Michelle’s face stayed impassive as she spoke. “I’d probably freak out and be extremely embarrassed.”

Connie had been hoping she’d say something like that. “If it would make you feel better, I can help you to forget everything that happened. When you wake up you won’t remember any of that embarrassing stuff at all.” She had her own reasons for not wanting Michelle to remember her time as a dog, but it would help if she’d rather forget it too.

Michelle nodded. “Please. I’d like that.” She frowned slightly, and in a hollow voice added, “I enjoyed everything with you, but I’d be mortified to know that I acted like that.”

That helped cheer Connie up a bit. She did feel a little guilty being able to remember them eating each other out, but if she ever wanted to hypnotize Michelle again then it would be easier to leave out the part of her nearly running into traffic naked.

“Okay, Michelle. I want you to imagine a little box in your mind. Something strong and sturdy, like a safe. This is a special safe that you can’t look into while you’re awake, so any memories that I put in there will become inaccessible. It’ll be like you forgot them completely.”

That was more or less the technique she’d read about for hiding memories, though she’d never had a chance to try it out before. Gloria was certainly good at wiping away her family’s memories and probably had her own system in place, but Connie couldn’t exactly ask her for advice. It should work well enough for now, but it was a shame that she had to get rid of the memory completely. Aside from the scare at the end, it had been incredible. Still, it’s what she had to do.

“I want you to take the memory of everything that happened while you were a dog. Just focus on it, and then I want you to—”

Connie stopped, an idea striking her. It would be useful if Michelle could remember, since it might help her be more forward with Connie and act on her urges, but she couldn’t let Michelle remember without freaking out about the whole thing. Except, there might be a way to do both.

“I want you to take that memory and realize that it was a dream.”

“A dream?” Michelle asked, tilting her head.

“Yes. We’re going to alter your memory now, just slightly. You’re going to listen to everything I say now and believe that it’s the absolute truth, that whatever I say is what truly happened.” Connie rubbed her hands together, hoping this would work. “When I put you into trance the second time, I said that I would do something to prove to you what hypnosis could do. And so I told you to lay back in the sand and have a dream. You would live out one of your hypnotic fantasies, experiencing everything you imagined as if it were real. And when you stopped being a dog and went back into trance is when the dream ended as I woke you up. I told you to remember the dream vividly, as if you’d lived it for real, but it was all really only happening in your head.”

Michelle frowned at that. “Didn’t it happen, though?”

Connie squirmed. “Michelle, tell me what happened after you asked me to hypnotize you for the second time. Say everything you remember.”

Michelle nodded. “Yes, Connie. You touched my face and told me to go into trance. I dropped so easily. And then… then you laid me down in the sand and told me to have a dream. You made me pick out one of my fantasies about hypnosis and I picked being turned into a dog. That one always seemed fun in the stage shows and I always wondered what it would be like. Then I dreamt that you gave me a dog’s mind and I got to run around and play in the sand. I took off my clothes and it was fun letting you see me naked. And then for a while I dreamed that you had a dog’s mind too and we got to be dogs together. You started to eat me out and I ate you out after.” Michelle stopped and licked her lips. “I really loved that part. Then I tried to chase traffic, and then we played with a ball. Then you stopped the dream and put me back into trance, telling me to remember everything in the dream as if it were real.”

Connie relaxed, grinning. “So when you wake up, will you think that you really ran around like a dog?”

“No, I only did it in my head,” Michelle said, believing it completely. “And you made the memory feel so real, as if it had actually happened. I swear I can still taste your cunt. I wonder if it really tastes this good.”

Connie blushed and quickly stroked Michelle’s hair, calming her down.

“Easy there, just relax. Now, would you like me to know about what happened in your dream, or would you rather know that you didn’t tell me anything about it?”

Michelle’s blank face blushed a little. “I would prefer if you didn’t know. It’s embarrassing what I find hot.”

“Then you can remember that you never told me about the dream, and wake up believing that I have no idea what happened. You can choose to tell me as much as you wish. This way you can wake up with the fun memory and have no embarrassment about whether I know.”

Michelle smiled softly. “Thank you.”

“Alright Michelle, it’s time for you to wake up now, the exact way that I told you to. Slowly come out of trance, remembering the dream and all the fun you had.

Michelle let out a long, shuddering breath, and when her eyes opened she was blushing madly. “Wow,” she whispered. “That was… wow.”

Connie did her best to look innocent, like she didn’t still have the taste of Michelle’s cunt in her mouth. “Did you have fun with the dream?”

“Of course I did! I can’t believe you managed to make me—” Michelle suddenly froze, a scared and embarrassed look on her face. “You don’t know what… I mean, did I tell you about…”

“You said you’d prefer that I didn’t know what you dreamed about,” Connie said, managing to keep a straight face. It wasn’t technically a lie, since Michelle really did prefer to think that she didn’t know. “I just told you to experience the fantasy like it was real.”

“It certainly did feel real,” Michelle tittered. She was rocking back and forth excitedly. Michelle licked her lips, her eyes closing slowly. “It felt really real. Virtual reality has nothing on hypnosis.”

Connie smiled. “I’m glad. And if you’re ever interested in doing more—”

“Yes!” Michelle cried out, then clapped a hand over her mouth. “Sorry. That was just, probably one of the best days of my life.”

“I feel the same way,” Connie laughed. “I’m just happy that you enjoyed yourself with me in charge.”

“I truly did. Thank you so much, Connie.”

Michelle pulled Connie into a tight hug, and then they got up onto their feet. They smiled briefly, before Michelle started to scratch at her chest.

“The beach was nice and all, but maybe we should have brought a blanket. I feel like I’ve got sand everywhere.”

Connie winced as she started walking up the hill. “Yeah, I’ve got that too. Weird how sand can manage to get everywhere, huh?”

“We definitely need to take a shower when we get back,” Michelle instructed. “Oh, but we’d have to take turns with the hot water issue. You can go first, Connie.”

“It’s fine. I chose the beach so I’ll go last.” Connie was honestly fine with an ice cold shower right about now. Besides, nothing could diminish how amazing today had gone. Then she turned and winked at Michelle. “Unless you want to share a shower?”

Michelle shook her head, but Connie caught her biting her lip a little, considering it. “Don’t tempt me, young lady. I’m staying firm on this. No sex until after your first year of college.”

Connie imagined that hypnosis might help shorten that cutoff, although she did see the wisdom in waiting. Sleeping with Jane had been fantastic, but it had caused problems with her and Tara. If she slept with Michelle then that was likely to cause it’s own hornet’s nest of problems with the girls. Best to wait until she had the rest of the family hypnotically primed to accept it.

“It sucks having to wait, but I think you’re right,” Connie finally said.

Michelle favored her with a smile, looking proud. They’d reached the top of the hill and, without saying anything, both had stopped to admire the sun just starting to set. Connie found herself wanting to say something, and was amazed that she had the courage to do it. She’d been so shy before, but today had certainly made her more daring if anything.

“What about going down on each other?” she asked brazenly. “Does that have to wait that long?”

Michelle seemed ready to say something but stopped. Her tongue trailed over her lips slowly, and she abruptly turned away. “… Wait until you’ve at least graduated before asking that again.”

Connie stared in amazement. To think if she hadn’t said anything then that would have seemed off the table, but now it appeared like Michelle might be open to going down on her when she graduated two months from now.

“Now I’m definitely motivated to pass all of my classes.”

Michelle shot her a disapproving look.

“Connie, you need to be serious about your future. You have to start thinking seriously about what you want to do with your life.”

Seeing Michelle go back into Mom-mode made Connie burst out laughing, which only made Michelle lecture her even more sternly, though she was smiling herself. They talked all the way back to the car, but Connie was already drifting away from the conversation and back into her head, deep in thought.

So far she’d been focused on trying to make Michelle and her daughters fantasize about new things to tempt them, but she’d never really been able to see how successful she was about it. There was no way of knowing what stuck and how effectively. Connie was pretty much working blind, trying to program them with no clue if it was working or not.

If she made the girls think that they were dreaming, though, then she would be directly involved. Just like with Michelle, she could make them believe that they were in a hypnotic fantasy. They’d think that she was just an imaginary Connie in their head, nothing but a character in a dream. She’d have a front row seat to gauge their reactions when she introduced them to the fetishes she wanted, and could figure out ways around their resistance. Connie would be able to learn exactly what might be holding them back and overcome it. And when it was all over she’d make them believe that they’d woken up from the dream, with none of it having been real. Just a weird, kinky dream in their heads starring Connie, which would also work in her favor.

Connie was grinning now as she got into the car, oblivious to what Michelle was saying. The possibilities with this new trigger were endless. It would be the perfect tool to make her dreams come true, and also had the added bonus of letting her actually be part of the fun. Michelle was already fantasizing about her, and since they were (sort of) sleeping together it would be easy for Jane to accept a sex dream about her.

Then there was Tara. Even though things were still weird between them, Connie was nearly certain that Tara was still fantasizing about her. Everything was set for them to be together, except for the awkwardness around relationship statuses. Even after that misunderstanding was cleared up Tara had still been acting strange around her. Connie wasn’t certain just what was holding Tara back from admitting her feelings, and it was about time for her to go into Tara’s head and find out.

Connie shuddered happily as she imagined what Tara would act like when she didn’t have to worry about inhibitions or restrictions. What would Tara be like as a lover? Soft and caring, like she usually acted, or would all that athletic energy come out as rough and needy sex? Tara had been Connie’s first crush, and she’d been the only family member that Connie hadn’t really made any progress towards. Connie decided that it was about time to change that.