The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 23

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 5

Jane opened on the tenth knock, cracking the door open just enough to glare out. “No, I’m not going to help you with the dishes.”

Connie rolled her eyes impatiently. “The dishes are done already.”

“Perfect. Thanks for letting me know.” Jane impatiently slammed the door shut. Connie huffed and knocked again loudly.

“Come on, Jane. I need your help with something.”

Jane let out a pissed off groan and begrudgingly opened the door a few inches again. “What?”

Connie nearly lost her nerve. Jane was in a worse mood than usual. Wringing her hands nervously, Connie asked, “Can I hypnotize you again? It’s important.”

“What? No.”

“Pretty please,” Connie whined.

“Hell no, I’m busy.”

Connie frowned. She needed to figure out why the dream trigger wasn’t working the way she wanted it to, and she had to do it before Michelle got back from work. Which meant that Jane was the only person she could try it out on.

After a moment of indecision, Connie said, “It would make me really happy if you let me hypnotize you.”

Almost immediately Jane’s eyes seemed to lose focus as her body relaxed. Although she’d lessened the hypnotic command Gloria had given the girls, they still possessed a slight need to make Connie happy. Connie didn’t want to use that conditioning as a crutch, but these were desperate times.

Jane shook her head. She started opening the door, but when Connie tried to walk in she suddenly glared and blocked her. “I don’t care if you want to hypnotize me. I’m busy!”

Connie couldn’t believe it. All this time Jane had been willing to dress up slutty for her, or be her fuckbuddy, but the one time she actually needed to hypnotize her Jane was resisting?

Hesitating in the doorway, Connie debated if she should just command Jane to fall into trance for her. She’d never done anything that outright before, and to be honest she wasn’t actually sure if it would work. With Gloria hypnotizing them for years the Silva women were ridiculously susceptible to hypnosis, except that was always when they’d agreed to let Connie try. If she just ordered them to drop when they didn’t want to, would it have any effect? If it failed then Jane would just be pissed off at Connie and never agree to be hypnotized again.

Still, Connie needed to figure this out. There had to be a way to fix the dream trigger and stop Michelle from thinking of being dominant. She had to put things back on the right track, with Michelle and her daughters set up to become her obedient slaves. The last thing Connie wanted was a Mistress telling her what to do.

Just as Connie was about to chance it and order Jane to drop, an idea struck her. “What are you busy with?”

Jane abruptly looked away and blushed. “None of your business.”

“Is it important?”

“Yes it’s fucking important!” Jane shouted, then went even redder.

So she wasn’t actually resisting. Jane just ranked whatever she was doing above Connie’s request. Which meant the sooner she was finished, the sooner Connie could give her the dream trigger.

“Then let me help,” Connie said, taking a step closer. “Whatever it is I’d be happy to—”

“You can’t help,” Jane snapped, and started closing the door.

Connie caught the door and tried to wedge herself into the room, struggling as Jane tried to push her out. “I can help! I don’t care what it is.”

Suddenly Jane threw up her hands in frustration, and that’s when Connie noticed she was holding a small purple vibrator in her left hand. “Oh my god, I’m trying to masturbate! So can you just get lost?”

Connie blushed. “I mean, I can still help you with that.”

Jane groaned and walked away. She didn’t slam the door shut behind her, so Connie invited herself into the room. Now that she could see Jane through more than a crack in the door she noticed that Jane was wearing nothing but a bra and a pair of pajama shorts. Her skin was slick with sweat, and Connie caught the delicious smell of her pussy filling the room.

“God why won’t you leave me alone?” Jane threw herself face down onto the bed and shouted into a pillow.

That made Connie take a step back in surprise. “If you really want me to go, I can…”

Jane rolled over and sighed. “I’m not mad at you,” she said, staring up at the ceiling. “It’s my fucking friend Rachel just being a huge bitch.”

“Wait, I thought you were masturbating?”

“I found out that Rachel went behind my back and got the part time job that I’ve been trying to get, and it’s made me fucking furious, so I decided to get off and clear my head,” Jane said in a rambling manner, as if it should have been obvious. “Except every time I start to relax I just see Rachel’s smug face and it pisses me off so much that I can’t cum.”

“Sounds frustrating,” Connie said sympathetically.

“Of course it is,” Jane snapped. “And to top it off my vibrator’s batteries ran out, and then you started banging on my door wanting to hypnotize me. So do you see why I’m so angry?”

Connie nodded, feeling a little selfish now. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I just… needed to figure something out, and I guess I just assumed you’d be able to help me.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jane muttered and threw her vibrator down on the bed. “I can’t cum and Rachel got my job and today’s just going to suck.”

An idea popped into Connie’s head. “Hey, can I hypnotize you quick?”

Jane threw her a death glare. “Oh my fucking god.”

“Not for what I wanted,” Connie quickly said, “But to help you cum. I think I can help you relax.”

Jane raised an eyebrow skeptically, but didn’t say no.

“You said yourself that you’re too angry to be able to enjoy yourself, so maybe I can hypnotize you to loosen up. Or forget about what’s going on, at least until you get to cum.”

“Ugh, fine.” Jane sat up on the edge of the bed. “I guess I’m desperate then.”

Doing her best to hide her smile Connie hurried over to the bed and sat down next to Jane. They turned to face each other and Connie saw that Jane was still scowling. Undeterred, Connie cleared her throat and said, “Alright, Jane. Just stare into my eyes.”

“No offense, but if I’m too worked up to cum I doubt you can hypnotize me. I know you got lucky last time, but I’m not going to just—”

“Sink for me,” Connie commanded, and instantly Jane’s voice trailed off. Her shoulders sagged, her arms fell limp at her sides, and her eyes took on a peaceful, blank stare. Connie reached over and shook Jane’s shoulders lightly. Jane offered no resistance, her head bobbing from side to side. That blank expression never left her face.

It still amazed Connie that the family could be this easy to control. Why did she keep running into so many problems?

“Can you hear me, Jane?”

“Yes,” she answered in a mono-tone voice.

“Good.” Connie grinned. Maybe Jane really would have dropped for her if she’d just told her to. Now she could get on with the dream trigger and figure out what was going on with Michelle. “Now Jane, I want you to—”

Connie stopped herself. What was she doing? Sure, she needed to solve her problem, but she’d promised to help Jane. Was she really the type of person to just lie to get what she wanted?

As pressing as her problem was, Connie knew that she didn’t want to just take advantage of the others. If she’d promised to help, then she’d stick to her word, even if it took up her time. “Jane, tell me why you’re so upset about Rachel.”

Suddenly Jane stiffened, her fingers twitching, and Connie thought she was waking herself up from trance. After a few tense seconds, though, Jane relaxed again.

“Rachel is beautiful and hard working and everyone likes her. They even gave her the job because they liked her more than me. Everyone likes her more than me.”

Connie just stared at her in surprise. She’d always been in complete awe of how amazing Jane was. The older girl’s confidence had been one of her most impressive traits. Connie had never even suspected that Jane could feel self-conscious like this.

“Are you really angry at Rachel?”

“No,” Jane admitted in her empty voice. “I love her, she’s a great friend. I’m happy she got a job to help her out, but I’m angry at myself for feeling jealous and wondering why people don’t like me as much.”

“Okay. When you wake up from trance, I want you to focus on the positive things about your friend. And focus on the positive things about yourself. Remember why you’re friends, and let that insecurity you’ve been feeling just float past.”

Jane nodded.

Connie hoped that would be enough to help for now. She didn’t want to just tell Jane to lock her feelings away; that certainly wouldn’t be healthy. At least this might help Jane relax enough to cum.

Thinking about that, Connie reached over and picked up Jane’s vibrator. She gave a worried look over at Jane, who usually hated anyone touching her stuff without permission, but the entranced Jane seemed perfectly fine with it. So Connie examined the sleek, purple vibrator and was extremely impressed. She’d never had the privacy in her own house to try and buy herself a vibrator. Connie wondered if Jane had owned her toy all along, or if her messing with Jane’s casual idea of sex had made her bold enough to go out and buy it.

She turned it on and the vibrator gave a low, wheezing hum. It was barely stirring in her grip, and after a few seconds the batteries gave out and it went still again.

Connie frowned with disappointment. Guess she’d have to run out and buy new batteries for it.

Then she looked over at Jane’s blank face, and Connie grinned wide as an idea struck her. “Jane, I want you to listen closely now.”

* * *

“And let yourself wake up now.”

Jane opened her eyes and gave a huge yawn. How long had she been asleep? Then she noticed Connie sitting next to her, with a dangerous smile on her face. Oh right, she’d let Connie hypnotize her. It was such a childish thing too. Who even wanted to learn hypnosis?

Except, now that she was waking up more, Jane realized that she did feel better. In fact, she felt great.

“Huh, guess you actually were able to help.”

Connie bounced in place, clearly pleased with herself. “So you really feel better?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jane muttered. It was a mistake praising Connie right off the bat. Now she was bouncing around like an excited puppy, and would no doubt want to keep hypnotizing her all the time. To Jane, there was no doubt in her mind that Connie was only interested in hypnosis to make her flash her tits or try to sleep with her. Which, to be fair, she’d already fucked Connie a few times, but that was different. The first time was just to be polite, so that was fine. And then she wanted to help Connie be a better girlfriend for Tara, except Connie seemed to have screwed that up somehow. So now Connie was probably trying to hypnotize her into wanting to be her girlfriend or something dumb like that.

Not like anything as ridiculous as that could work on her. Jane knew that nobody would be able to brainwash her like that.

Wanting to play it cool, Jane casually said, “Thanks for the hypnosis, I guess, but don’t expect this to be a regular thing.”

Connie smile fell at that. “But, I thought you would help me with my problem.”

“I never said I’d do that,” Jane countered, although she did feel a little guilty. Connie had helped her, but that didn’t mean she had to be her guinea pig.

Still, Connie was cool, in her own dorky way, but you couldn’t get ahead in life if you went around trying to hypnotize people. It was just… weird. She’d humored Connie before and had been lucky that it worked out. Making everything covered in snow was kind of cute, if Jane was being honest. Still, if she want around asking to hypnotize people then Connie would get a bad reputation. It was for her own good, really.

“So I can’t hypnotize you?”

“No. I appreciate you helping me to chill out, but we’re not going to make it a habit.”

Connie frowned, although she didn’t seem as heartbroken as Jane had expected. She’d been so excited a second ago, but now she just seemed fine with it.

“Okay then.” Connie got up to her feet, and Jane noticed that she was holding the purple vibrator out to her. “By the way, I fixed your vibrator.”

Jane gave her a dirty look. “Cute. So you just left me sitting here all hypnotized and drooling on myself while you got new batteries.”

“I didn’t get any new batteries.” The edge of Connie’s mouth twinged as she badly tried to hide her smile. “I just fixed it.”

“Sure you did.”

“If you don’t believe me then try it for yourself.” Connie offered her the vibrator, which is about what Jane expected. The little perv just wanted to get a bit of a show.

“Fine,” Jane said as she snatched the vibrator. “But you can’t watch.”

It was incredibly satisfying to watch that cocky smile vanish right off Connie’s face. “Why not?” she asked in a weak, confused voice.

“Because I said so.”

“It’s not like it’s anything I haven’t seen already,” Connie complained.

“Sure, we’ve had sex. But I don’t want you watching, so you can’t.”

Connie looked like she wanted to say something else, but then wisely kept her mouth shut.

Jane grinned. “Maybe if you actually fixed it I’ll let you watch a little bit.”

At that, Connie broke out into another of those secretive smiles. She probably did put new batteries in, if she was that certain she’d get to watch. Jane twirled her finger at her, and Connie obligingly turned around.

Jane sighed and slid the crotch of her shorts aside. She pressed the vibrator against her clit, and felt a weak jolt of need run through her. She really was worked up from not being able to cum earlier. For a second she actually hoped that the vibrator would work. Even if Connie got to act smug at least she’d be able to cum.

Taking a deep breath in anticipation, Jane pressed the button to turn on the vibrator. It buzzed weakly, giving her about two seconds of mild pleasure before it shut off, still dead.

“Wow, really?” Jane glared at the back of Connie’s head. “I figured you were just hoping to watch me get off, but that’s a fucked up prank. You don’t promise someone a working vibrator and then fail to deliver.”

Jane saw Connie’s shoulders shake, and heard what was unmistakably a laugh. Anger flared up in Jane’s gut. Now Connie was going to regret it.

Then, without turning her head, Connie said the word, “Buzz.”

Instant ecstasy shot through Jane as the vibrator sprang to life. She’d left it pressed against her clit and now the toy was suddenly running back at full capacity. A shocked moan escaped Jane as she bent over, nearly slipping off the bed in surprise. She managed to catch herself and sat there on the edge of the bed, knees shaking and the toy buzzing excitedly against her clit.

“What… the… fuck…” Jane groaned, wondering what the hell had happened.

“See? I told you I fixed it.”

Jane glared at Connie. She still had her back to Jane, rocking in place casually as if there wasn’t a moaning girl masturbating just behind her.

Jane had a ton of questions, and some nasty remarks, but the vibrator was relentless against her clit, and Jane had trouble bringing herself to pull it aside. She flopped back onto the bed, her hand keeping the toy rubbing up and down against her clit, and since talking like that was basically impossible, she boiled all her questions down to one. “How?”

“It’s a trick about hypnosis I learned.” Connie still wasn’t looking around at her. How the hell was she passing up on watching something this hot? “Basically, with the right prompts, a person’s brain can recreate anything they’ve experienced before. Like you can convince someone they’re eating their favorite foot and they’ll be able to taste it as if it’s real.” Connie giggled. “The book I read it from didn’t specifically mention sex toys, but I figured your mind could recreate what a vibrator feels like just fine.”

Jane bit back another long moan, while her hips started squirming all on their own. She felt like she was going to cum any second now.

“You- you can’t really do that,” Jane gasped. “It’s- it’s not possible.” It couldn’t be real. She must have put in new batteries.

“Weeeell, I can show you it’s real, but I’d have to turn around.”

Jane was moaning openly now, unable to stop herself. The toy was buzzing and sending pulsing waves of pleasure all through her body. Jane could almost feel her teeth shaking from the strength of it. “Do it!” she finally cried out.

Connie spun around, and Jane knew she must love what she was seeing. While she continued to writhe on the bed, Connie walked over and sat down next to her, wearing that smug smile the whole time.

“Hey Jane, want to see something really awesome?”

Jane just grunted, knowing she couldn’t talk at this point. She was too close, too damn close to cumming.

Then Connie reached out and suddenly took the vibrator out of her hand. As Connie pulled the toy away from her clit, Jane let out a frustrated yell.

“Give it!” She snatched out to get the vibrator back but Connie kept it out of her reach. With her body still tensed up from the promise of a powerful orgasm Jane felt too sluggish to reach her. “Please,” Jane whined, already feeling the imminent orgasm fading.

“Fine, fine,” Connie giggled. She yanked down Jane’s shorts and put the vibrator back to her clit, and Jane was so grateful for the ecstasy that she didn’t even care how embarrassing it felt to beg. All she needed now was to finally cum. After that she could be angry and indignant.

“I still have to show you my trick, though,” she said, leaning over Jane with a confident grin. “In a second, I’m gonna take your vibrator away again.

“Noooo,” Jane whined, but Connie shushed her.

“Easy, just listen. When I take the vibrator away from you, you’re going to feel the pleasure still. Just as if the vibrator were really still working on your clit. Ready?”

Jane whimpered. She was so fucking close, just a few more seconds. If Connie pulled it away now…

Her worst fears were realized. As soon as the orgasm felt like it was about to strike Connie pulled the vibrator away. Jane made a pathetic moan of need and was going to beg for it back, except the powerful vibrations were still working on her clit.

Jane’s eyes went wide, darting back and forth between the vibrator in Connie’s hand and her own bare pussy, with nothing against it. She shut her eyes and felt it, the pressure of the vibrator was right there as if it had never left. Even when Jane opened her eyes and saw that nothing was there it didn’t stop the unrelenting pleasure the invisible vibrator gave her.

“H-how?” Jane moaned, back arching as she was finally about to be put over the top.

“It’s magic,” Connie giggled, waving the vibrator in front of Jane’s face. “Oh, and when I put the vibrator back it won’t replace the one you feel now. Instead it’ll be like there are two at once.”

Jane’s head snapped up in shock. “Wait, what are you—”

That’s as far as she got before Connie pressed the purple vibrator against Jane’s clit and the world exploded into a flash of white stars and pink sparks of pure bliss. Jane collapsed to the bed as the enormous orgasm ripped through her. Her eyes crossed at the unbelievable rush of pleasure, too much for her brain to handle.

In a tiny, barely audible voice Jane let out a high-pitched, “Fuuuuuuuuuck.”

Connie sat there watching Jane convulsing and babbling in ecstasy, enjoying this new sense of power. The vibrator was completely dead in her hand, and yet Jane was reacting as if Connie had stuck a high voltage wire right into her clit.

When it looked like Jane was at her limit Connie pulled the vibrator away and said, “Stop Buzz slowly, letting it taper off to nothing.”

Jane gurgled as her thighs shook and shivered, but gradually she started to settle down. Her eyes uncrossed and Jane blinked blearily up at the ceiling. Finally she ran a hand through her kinky hair and sat up, still wearing a thousand yard star. Without turning to look at Connie, Jane said, “What was that, and how do I get more?”

“It was a hypnotic trigger to make you feel pleasure.” Connie brought the vibrator up to her lips and licked the tip of it, tasting Jane’s pussy. “Basically I can make you experience what your vibrator does to you whenever I command you to.”

Jane gave her a disbelieving look, but she certainly seemed far less skeptical than she usually did about hypnosis. “So you can do that again? Make me feel that with just a word?”

“Technically for double strength like that I’d have to say the word twice,” Connie giggled.

“Fuck.” Jane threw herself back onto the bed. “Why the hell didn’t you mention you could do that before?”

“I’d never tried doing that with someone before.”

Jane let out a bitter laugh. “And here I was giving you sex lessons so you could learn to please a girl. With that little trick you’ll have girls lining up around the block to have a go at you.”

Connie blushed shyly and put the vibrator down on the bed. “I doubt that, but I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“I’m serious.” Jane grabbed Connie’s wrist and tugged so the shy girl would look at her. Still slick with sweat from the intense orgasm, Jane grinned and said, “If I had known that’s what you wanted to hypnotize me for, I’d have been on-board from day one. I thought you were trying to do something creepy, like brainwash me to fall in love with you or something.”

Guilt hit Connie like a sudden drop into icy water. It must have showed on her face because Jane propped herself up on her elbows and gave her a hard look.

“You aren’t trying to make me fall in love with you, right? I said I wasn’t interested in dating.”

“I’m not. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want. And I wouldn’t try to manipulate your emotions like that.”

Jane kept glaring, clearly waiting for something.

Connie’s face went red. Jane knew something was up, and probably wouldn’t agree to be hypnotized again if she was suspicious like this. With a sigh, Connie said, “I mean, maybe I kinda sorta fantasize about turning you into my obedient sex slave.”

Jane raised an eyebrow.

“But I wouldn’t make you think you love me or anything,” she quickly added.

That made Jane laugh. “Okay, as long as we have that cleared up.”

Something made Connie turn back to face her. “Wait, aren’t you a little bit freaked out that I want to make you my sex slave?”

“I had a feeling you were into some kinky stuff,” Jane said with a shrug. “And I am hot as hell, so it makes sense for you to want me, I guess.”

Connie’s face lit up with an eager grin. “Does that mean you—”

Jane held up a hand. “Now, I might be a bit of a slut, but I’ve never really done any of the leather and whips BDSM stuff, so I’m not really interested.”

Connie sighed, figuring that would have been too good to be true. And it wasn’t exactly a dead end, since that was just Jane’s conscious opinion. Connie could still try to convince her subconscious to be open to being her sex slave, which wasn’t technically manipulating her emotions, although if Jane was against it then that would be a big roadblock for her.

Connie was staring off into the corner, moping while her mind worked on a way around this new problem, when she suddenly felt warm arms wrap around her waist. Jane kissed the back of Connie’s neck, making her squirm happily in surprise.

“Of course, I was a little weirded out by hypnosis at first, but you doing that trick with making it snow in my room was pretty cool. And the vibrator thing?” Jane rolled her eyes back and hummed happily. “I’m definitely a fan of that, and if we’re still doing the fuck buddy thing then I may come asking for it again.”

Connie couldn’t keep the grin off her face. “I’d be happy to help you out there.”

“Good.” Jane kissed her cheek. “So what I’m saying is that if you want to try out the bondage and sex slave stuff I could be talked into giving it a try.” She cut off Connie’s giddy reaction with a pointed finger. “But only after I’ve looked into it for myself. I wanna figure out what I’m getting into first.”

Connie nodded vigorously and Jane laughed.

“Omg. You look like a puppy getting taken for a walk. You’re really into this stuff, aren’t you?”

“It’s kind of been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “Alright. I’ll do my best, but no promises. So don’t get your hopes up.” The huge grin on Connie’s face betrayed exactly how high her hopes had gone, and Jane shook her head ruefully. “I’m so going to regret this.”

Connie put an arm around Jane’s waist. “I promise to be gentle with my future slave.”

“Oh that’s reassuring,” Jane said as she burst out laughing. Then she bit her lip and smiled slyly at Connie. “So, my vibrator still seems to be busted.”

“Oh really?”

“Yup. And I’m currently holding auditions for a new vibrator, if you’re interested..”

Connie leaned in closer to Jane, pinning her back to the bed. “So you’ve got an opening that needs to be filled?”

Jane groaned and slapped Connie’s shoulder. “That was awful. Forget it, I’m not fucking you now.”

“You sure? I do have magic fingers.” Connie waggled her fingers in front of Jane’s face.

“Fine, but no more bad sex jokes or you’re out of here.” Jane grinned as she met Connie’s lips, kissing her playfully as she slid her shorts down again.

Connie slid a hand down the side of Jane’s hip, but then pulled back. She ended the kiss and looked down thoughtfully at Jane’s face. “Hey Jane?”

Jane wriggled underneath her impatiently. “Ugh, what?”

“Dream for me, Jane.”

She gave Connie a confused stare, before her eyes glazed over and she let out a happy sigh. Jane’s body went limp against the bed, and Connie climbed off of her.

“Can you hear me, Jane?”

“Yes,” she answered sleepily.

“Good girl. And you remember how I told you this trigger works?” This time Connie wanted to hear it from her lips, to make sure there wasn’t a miscommunication.

In a monotone voice Jane explained, “I will go into a deep trance, ready to dream. You will describe what I will see in the dream, and then we will act it out. I will believe I am in a dream the entire time, though I won’t do anything to put myself in danger or break my limits. Once you tell me to wake up, I will believe that everything that happened was only in my head, as a dream I can remember.”

Connie nodded. Good, there didn’t seem to be any room for error there. But now she had to ask the million dollar question.

“Jane, would you have any problems having a dream in which you’re my sex slave?”

“No,” Jane answered without delay.

Connie inched closer, excited. “So if I told you to have a dream in which I’m your Mistress and you’re my sex slave, you’d have it?”

“Yes,” Jane answered.

“And you’d act like my sex slave?”


“And do everything a sex slave would do? Within your limits, of course.”


“Like… you’d have sex?” Connie asked sheepishly.

“Yes,” Jane answered, a little louder and with a hint of annoyance in her otherwise blank voice. Even deep in trance it seemed Jane hated to repeat herself.

“Alright,” Connie said, standing up. She suddenly felt full of nervous energy. It was really going to work this time. She was finally going to have one of the girls as her sex slave… even if it was temporary and she wouldn’t think it was real after. But this was definite progress.

Getting herself under control, Connie stood before Jane and struck a confident pose. Or what she hoped would look confident. “Jane, you are going to now have a dream in which I am your Mistress, and you are my obedient sex slave.”

Jane nodded.

Connie grinned. “Then allow yourself to enter the dream now.”

That’s when Jane frowned slightly, eyes fluttering. “Any other instructions for the dream?”

It caught Connie off guard. “Um, no. You are just my sex slave, and I’m your Mistress.” That’s all she needed for now to make sure it worked.

Jane nodded, the hesitation gone. After a few moments she sat up from the bed, smiling serenely as she opened her eyes. When she saw Connie a look of adoration passed over Jane’s eyes.

“Mistress,” she sighed happily, and Connie felt a jolt of pure electricity race up and down her spine.

Jane dropped off the side of the bed and knelt on the floor, bowing her head to Connie.

“I am yours to command, Mistress.”

“That’s awesome,” Connie couldn’t help but mutter. Jane lifted her head and gave Connie a strange look.

Connie straightened up and cleared her throat. “Excellent, my slave.”

Jane grinned from the praise, bowing her head once again. For some reason sex slave Jane was being way more formal than Connie had expected, but then again Connie had specified that she would be her Mistress. Maybe Jane had the expectation that she should be formal before her Mistress.

It didn’t matter at all, as long as she was obedient. With a tilted smile, Connie commanded, “Strip for me.”

Jane rose and stripped her bra off in one fluid motion. She left her bra dangling from her fingers for a few seconds, before she let it fall to the floor. Her pajama shorts were already around her ankles and so she simply kicked them off. Jane posed herself, standing naked in front of Connie.

“Forgive me, Mistress, but I didn’t have enough clothing to perform a proper strip show for you.”

“That’s fine,” Connie said absently, engrossed by the sight of Jane’s curves on display, while she stood with her head bowed and hands clasped submissively behind her back. Connie was already feeling drunk with power. “Who do you serve?”

Jane offered another peaceful smile as she bowed her head. “You, my Mistress.”

‘Perfect,’ Connie thought. She opened her mouth to speak again, when Jane kept talking.

“I serve only you, the Empress of the Dwindalian Galaxy. You who commands the starways. I hope this humble Earth servant you’ve kidnapped has been able to please you with her body.”

Connie blinked, face frozen. “Um, what?”

Jane glanced up, looking concerned. “Oh no, did I displease you, Empress?”

Connie shook her head, still trying to get her head around this. “N-no, you’re fine. Did you say Empress of the Twin… the Twindle…?”

“The Dwindalian Galaxy, the alien conquerors who have enslaved my planet. I submit to you, my alien Empress.” Jane promptly got down on one knee to bow again.

“I’m an alien?” Connie asked, completely at a loss now.

“Yes,” Jane said, blushing. “Though you are a beautiful alien, with your green skin and four arms.”

Connie glanced down at herself, looking very clearly human.

Jane smiled seductively at her. “You are the best lover I’ve ever known, Mistress.”

Connie cocked her head and cupped her chin, just staring at Jane’s prostrate form. “Huh. That was not what I expected.”

Jane bowed even lower. “Forgive this silly Earth girl. I shall learn a better oath of devotion. Anything for my—” Jane suddenly leapt to her feet, looking terrified. “Get down, Empress!”

Before Connie could stop her Jane grabbed her and threw her onto the bed, before quickly leaping on top of her.

“Get off me,” Connie cried, but Jane kept her pinned down.

“We are under fire, Empress! They are attacking the capital to end your reign of terror, but I will lay down my life to save you!”

“Jane what the hell are you on about?”

Jane suddenly turned and lifted her arms, mimicking that she was holding some kind of gun. Her shoulders shook as she fired off a shot. “Glory to the Dwindalian Galaxy!” she yelled to the empty room.

Connie clapped a hand to her face. “I’ve clearly lost control somewhere.”

“No!” Jane grabbed Connie’s shoulder, giving her a grim face. “The ship is still yours. They haven’t licked us yet if I have anything to say about it.”

“Who’s attacking us?” Connie asked. She could easily put Jane under again, but she was almost transfixed by Jane’s strange performance. She was a surprisingly good actress, but then again she was hypnotized to actually believe what was happening was real.

So with a cocksure smile Jane mimed reloading her gun and casually replied, “The British Navy.”

Connie felt like she had whiplash. “The British Navy is attacking the Dwindalian Galaxy?”

Now Jane gave her a confused look. “The Twindle-what? Captain, have you gone mad?”

“Captain? Wasn’t I an Empress?”

Jane fired off another pretend shot. “You must be coming down with sea madness.” She turned to Connie and cupped her cheek. “Remember, you’re the dreaded pirate captain Connie, and I’m your loving sex slave, who you kidnapped from the vicious duke I was set to marry.”

“Alright, I’ve about had it.” Connie sat up, as Jane leapt up onto the bed. She yanked an invisible sword from off her hip and held it out before it.

“You’re right, Captain. It’s time to take the fight to these dogs.”

“Drop back into trance for me, Jane.”

At the command, Jane’s battle-ready expression was wiped away and she dropped her imaginary sword, hands falling to her sides. She stayed standing on the bed.

“And sit down comfortably,” Connie said, rubbing her eyes.

Without a word Jane climbed down from the bed and sat down beside Connie. Her blank eyes stared ahead with no hint of emotion.

Connie took a deep breath, letting her thoughts settle before she said, “Jane. What the fuck was that?”

“I had a dream where I was your sex slave and you were my Mistress,” she replied easily.

“Then why was I an alien at first?”

Without batting an eye Jane replied, “You were my alien mistress.”

“And then I became a pirate?”


Connie shook her head. “Explain how those dreams had anything to do with what I said.”

“Your only requirements were that you be my Mistress and I be your obedient sex slave. So I ended up dreaming settings where that could happen.”

“And the first place your mind went to was an alien empire?”


“And then pirates?”

“Yes,” Jane replied again.

Connie chewed on her lip for a second. “Jane, tell me about any dreams you had last night.”

“I dreamt that I was the ambassador to Russia,” Jane said in her emotionless voice. “But then ninjas kidnapped my daughter and I had to chase them to Mexico. Then I was working in a copy shop but every time I tried to make a copy of something it turned into the Mona Lisa and people kept yelling at me. Then I was on a rowboat trying to escape from something flying after me, and I found an island made out of textbooks. I had to eat a Calculus textbook to survive and it tasted like sushi. Then I was sitting in a movie theater watching a movie about you and I having sex, and then I woke up.”

Connie was staring at her agog. “So those are normal dreams for you?”

“Basically normal, yes.”

“And you had a sex dream about me?”

Jane shook her head. “We were having sex but it wasn’t a sex dream.”

Connie gave up on trying to see the logic of any of this. And yet it was starting to make a weird kind of sense, in that nothing Jane explained made sense at all.

“Jane, when I told you to dream about me being a sex slave, your imagination filled in everything else, right?”


That was it. “Jane, if I told you to have a dream and described the setting specifically, and described how we looked and acted specifically, would you have that dream exactly as I would describe it?”

“Yes, I would dream whatever you told me to, and my imagination would fill in anything left unspecified.”

Connie sat back and closed her eyes, feeling a little relief. “So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong,” she muttered to herself.

Jane didn’t offer any comment, which was fine, since Connie was lost in her own thoughts.

When she told Tara to dream that they were dating, that’s all she’d needed for Tara to see it clearly. Tara had always had pretty boring dreams, so there hadn’t been a huge deviation from it. In this case, though, Jane’s imagination had taken over since Connie had left so much unspecified. It was still a dream, after all, and not some stand alone fantasy that Connie created for them. Connie had just assumed that their dreams would resemble their everyday life with the added addition of whatever she said, except that dreams came from the subconscious. Connie could give directions for the dream, but it was still happening inside their heads and was subject to their imaginations. So when Michelle refused to be her slave…

Connie frowned. It was because Michelle’s subconscious really can’t see her acting as Connie’s slave. The first time she’d left the roles ambiguous, and Michelle’s imagination had put her as the mistress. The second time, though, Connie had specifically instructed that she be the Mistress, but Michelle’s imagination overrode the setup. Though Connie could influence the fantasy, she apparently wasn’t able to change something Michelle viewed as a firm fact.

Which meant she really couldn’t change Michelle to be her slave. Something in Michelle’s subconscious had it fixed in place that she couldn’t be submissive.

No, that wasn’t exactly right, Connie realized grimly. Michelle said she could picture being submissive, but not with her in charge.

Connie had some wriggle room to affect conscious decisions or desires, by working on their subconscious impulses. Except if this mental block was actually in Michelle’s subconscious then she might not be able to overcome it.

Connie hung her head in her hands. “I can’t have her as a slave,” she muttered. Michelle wanted to flirt with her. Michelle wanted to fuck her. Michelle even wanted to be hypnotized and manipulated by Connie. And yet Connie now saw that Michelle would never be her slave. Just like Tara could never be her slave, since she lost out on that opportunity.

Connie glanced over at Jane’s blank, hypnotized expression. “Looks like it’s just you, then.”

Since it wasn’t a question Jane didn’t respond. Connie sighed and was ready to let herself fall into a depression when she heard Jane’s phone chirp with a text.

“Jane you can go ahead and wake up easily,” Connie said, never picking her eyes up off the floor. “And forget all about the trance you just had.”

She heard Jane stretching as she woke up from the trance. Then Jane was suddenly hugging her arm and nibbling at her ear. “What happened?” Jane asked playfully. “I thought you were going to use your magic fingers on me.”

Connie slapped her forehead. Right, she’d forgotten all about that. Amazingly she wasn’t even in the mood to fuck Jane since she was still reeling with the knowledge that she’d never get Michelle to call her Mistress.

“You got a text,” Connie said as an excuse.

Jane turned in surprise and plucked her phone off of the table.

“Oh, Granny and Mom came back early. They’re eating lunch in her office.”

“Guess we better go say hi then,” Connie replied, desperate for a chance to get away for a bit. She needed some time to think and come to grips with this.

Except then she noticed Jane giving her a bewildered look, as if she’d grown another head. “They’re in Mom’s office,” Jane repeated. Like that explained everything.


Jane got a strange look on her face. “We can’t disturb Granny when she’s talking to someone in the office.” She shook her head, blinking in surprise. “I- it’d just be rude, anyway. So let’s leave them alone.” Jane purred playfully. “Besides, that gives us some time to have fun.”

Only Connie was already on her feet, running towards the door.

“Connie, where are you going?”

“I gotta talk to them fast,” she said, already throwing open the door. Connie was about to step out when Jane suddenly grabbed her wrist and yanked her back into the room. She hadn’t even heard Jane run across the room.

“We can’t disturb Granny,” Jane said again, forcefully.

Connie groaned. She didn’t have time for this. Not now. She suddenly clapped her hand on top of Jane’s head. “Jane, drop into trance for me now.”

Even in her worked up state Jane’s eyes immediately rolled back and she settled down.

“Let me leave, you’re not responsible for me right now,” Connie instructed, talking fast. As soon as Jane nodded Connie started running to the door, but realized she almost left Jane in trance.

She spun around, panicking now. “Um, Buzz, your vibrator can last until you cum again. You really need to get yourself off, and do it quietly. Now wake up.”

It wasn’t elegant, but it got the job done. As soon as Jane blinked awake she suddenly blushed deeply and dived onto her bed. She snatched up her vibrator and pressed it against her clit, rolling back and forth and moaning happily. Connie couldn’t help but stand there and watch as Jane humped the vibrator, her eyes rolling back into a blissful expression. Jane opened her mouth to cry out in pleasure, and she suddenly reached down and caught a pair of her panties, shoving them into her mouth to gag herself from making any noise.

Connie groaned. Fuck, this was way hotter than she expected. And as much as she wanted to stay and watch, Connie had an emergency on her hands.

She turned and sprinted down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time as she landed down hard on the landing. Connie raced across the living room in a rush to get to the office. It was the text Jane had gotten. She’d been adamant that they couldn’t go down to interrupt, and that had been one of Gloria’s instructions for the whole family. It meant that she was hypnotizing one of them and didn’t want to be disturbed or caught. But if Gloria was hypnotizing Michelle…

Without stopping to knock Connie burst into the home office, panting and out of breath. Gloria spun around in her chair, clutching her necklace in surprise at the intrusion. Connie hated the idea of scaring Gloria by accident, but it looks like she was just in time.

Which is when she noticed that Michelle hadn’t reacted at all to her suddenly bursting into the room. Instead, Michelle kept the same gentle smile on her face. And she kept on talking, heedless of the interruption.

“Connie’s been hypnotizing me all week,” she said in a monotone voice. “She’s been using all sorts of suggestions to control me. Each session leaves me incredibly wet and I fuck myself to fantasies of having sex with Connie. I can’t wait until Connie and I can actually have sex.”

As Connie stood there in shock, slowly going pale, Gloria turned in her chair to look at her, still holding the green crystal necklace in her fingers. “It’s a good thing you’re here, Connie. Seems we have a lot to discuss about your recent behavior.”