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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 25

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 7

Despite Michelle’s threats to tease Connie during lunch, she wound up being surprisingly normal throughout the meal. The entire time they sat in the restaurant Connie was on guard for Michelle to do something lewd, and so she never got a chance to relax and really enjoy herself. It was only when they got home and Connie really took stock of how worked up she was that she realized Michelle had done that on purpose. The threat to fool around in public had just been to get inside Connie’s head.

Though it pained Connie to admit it, Michelle was good at being dominant. For someone who’d never considered being all that kinky before, Michelle’s natural confidence went a long way. That’s why Connie was desperate enough to resort to this last ditch effort: To actually let herself be treated like Michelle’s sex slave. The only way to get a first hand look at just what was driving Michelle’s desires.

Connie shivered as she headed upstairs. Whatever she was in for was no doubt going to be humiliating and degrading, if her own fantasies about being in charge were anything to go off of. She ran a hand nervously over her ass, praying that Michelle spanking her had just been a fluke and not an actual turn on for Michelle. If she got a full session of that then Connie figured she might have trouble sitting down for a week.

All she knew for certain was that, whatever was coming, Connie absolutely wanted to have no one else around.

Tara was already out for the day with her girlfriend and wouldn’t be back until dinnertime, and getting Gloria out of the house was almost too easy. Now that Gloria was convinced that Connie would never hypnotize the family the old woman didn’t even blink at the suggestion of spending the afternoon outside. Which just left Jane in the house.

Connie knocked on Jane’s door loudly and heard some muffled moans answer back. When she knocked again, Jane groaned out, “Go away!”

“It’s me. I just wanted to talk about—”

Jane must have crossed the room in three steps, because the door immediately swung open to reveal a very sweaty and very naked Jane. She grinned, still panting heavily. “Hey… Connie… What’s good?”

Connie took a moment just to enjoy the view, and Jane obligingly posed for her, turning to show off her ass. Connie was tempted to slide into the room and kiss her, to pick up where they left off before lunch, but then she remembered why she was here. The priority was to work out how to get Michelle as a slave.

Not sure how to convince Jane how to leave, Connie decided to play it cool. “So you were going out to meet some friends soon, right?”

“I, um, canceled. I’ll see them later.” Jane suddenly crossed her legs, falling against the door frame as she shut her eyes tight. Then she relaxed, blushing deeply. “It’s fine. I just felt like… ngghn… staying in tonight.”

Connie glanced down and saw that Jane’s thighs were completely soaked. As she watched she noticed Jane clenching and unclenching her stomach, her body unable to keep still.

“Are you using that vibrator trigger again?”

Jane giggled. “I never stopped. This thing is… it’s fucking amazing!” With that she stumbled back into her room, and Connie immediately smelt the strong musk of pussy as she followed her. Jane couldn’t seem to walk a straight line as she weaved her way back to her bed. Then she just seemed to collapse face first down onto her bed, leaving her ass thrust up into the air. Jane moaned into her bed, while her ass jiggled from the strong sensations of the hypnotic vibrator working away at her clit.

Jane was practically presenting herself and it took everything Connie had not to take up the obvious offer.

“That’s… fuck, that’s great but I really think you should give it a break.”

“Noooo,” Jane whined, her big ass still humping the air, practically begging Connie to come grab it. “I came so much. Soooo much. I don’t ever wanna stop.” Jane finally picked her head up from the bed. Without shifting her pose, she glanced back and smiled weakly, her eyes nearly lost in pleasure. “It feels like my brain is melting.”

Connie bit her lip and forced down her libido. Any other time she would be all over this. She can fuck Jane and melt her mind tomorrow, but today she absolutely needed to take care of this Michelle problem.

“Look, I need you out of the house, okay?”

Jane buried her face back into her bed, and Connie couldn’t tell if the moaning girl had heard her or not.

“Seriously. It would make me really happy if you left for a few hours.”

That made Jane stop moaning at least. She seemed to mull it over, then shook her ass back and forth. “Sorry. Too good. Don’t wanna stop.”

Connie sat down on the bed next to her, pointedly keeping Jane’s fantastic ass out of sight to stop herself from reaching over for it. “I think you might be getting addicted to the hypno vibrator. Maybe take a break?”

“No. No!” Jane moaned suddenly, her body convulsing. Connie couldn’t tell if she’d just cum or not. It had never actually occurred to her that Jane would use the trigger nonstop for hours. Honestly, this would be a dream come true if the timing wasn’t horrible. Keeping Jane addicted to her hypnotic pleasure would be the perfect way to convince Jane to submit to her more, maybe even convince her to become a slave so she could keep getting the powerful orgasms.

Connie was tempted to focus on that instead, but she knew that Michelle was more vital. While Jane would just be more receptive to the idea of being a slave with the more fun they had together, Michelle was now convinced that Connie truly wanted to be her slave instead. This was something she had to nip in the bud before it could grow any further.

“Buzz end,” Connie suddenly announced.

Instantly Jane flipped over, reaching down in panic at her pussy, like she was searching for the invisible vibrator that had vanished.

“Connie!” Jane yelled, glaring at her. “Not cool! Buzz!”

At the trigger word Jane melted back against her bed as the hypnotic vibrations went right back to her clit. Connie clapped her palm to her forehead. Jane really was going to be stubborn about this, and Connie was running out of time. She had maybe an hour or two alone with Michelle if Jane would leave right away.

She’d wanted to save this tool for a special occasion but Jane just had to go.

“Buzz denial.”

Jane whined as the vibrator vanished. She didn’t even bother yelling at Connie this time. “Buzz!” she said and shut her eyes, waiting for the bliss to return. “Buzz!” she said again. “Buzz? Buzz! Buzz buzz buzz!”

Connie couldn’t help but giggle as Jane kept repeating the ridiculous word over and over. Jane bolted upright from her bed, confused and scared as she looked down at her dripping pussy.

“Oh god, I broke my pussy!”

Connie barked out a laugh. “You didn’t break anything. I disabled the trigger.”

Jane whirled on Connie, with murder in her eyes. “You gave me back those magic orgasms right now!”

“Easy! Easy! Jane, just listen to yourself. You gotta take a break.”

Sighing deeply, Jane nodded. “Fuck. I guess I did go a little crazy there. Sorry, Connie.”

“It’s alright. I probably should have warned you not to keep using it too much.”

“I just…” Jane shuddered, her eyes rolling back. “I’ve never cum like that before. Or cum that much before. Connie, you’re seriously a miracle worker.”

Connie blushed. “Thanks. If you ever wanted to try more hypnosis—”

Jane grabbed Connie by the shoulders. “Yes! You said there’s a whole lot more you can do, right? Like what? What can you do to me?”

Connie groaned. God, why did she have to deal with Michelle right now? Jane was literally begging for it.

“I think… we should give it a day or two, so you can recover some.”

“Okay,” Jane said, pulling her hands back and sounding surprised. “I figured you would have jumped on the chance for that.”

“Believe me, I want to.” Connie let herself fall back on the bed. “But some things you gotta take slow so you can do them right. And I think you definitely need a rest after all of that.”

Jane laid down beside her and rested her head on Connie’s shoulder. “There you go being responsible again. But you have a point. I feel fried.” Jane pointed at her head and made a sizzling sound like cooking bacon, and the two girls laughed.

Suddenly Connie got an idea. “You should head out for a while. Walk around and clear your head. Get some food or go see a movie by yourself.”

Jane shrugged the suggestion off. “Sounds like I’d be taking myself on a date.”

“I mean, you did spend hours up here fucking yourself. You owe yourself a date after all that.”

Jane snorted. “God, you’re so lame. Point taken though.” With a heave Jane got up off the bed. She wobbled a bit, but managed to catch herself and start looking for clothes. “I’ll just walk around the block once or twice.”

“Take your time!” Connie suggested urgently. “Seriously, give it like two hours. Or three hours, that should clear your head.”

Jane was sliding a pair of jeans up her thick thighs but stopped to give Connie a suspicious look.

“Okay, now it sounds like you’re up to something.”

“Uhhhh…” Connie glanced around for help, panicking. Then she locked eyes with Jane and firmly said, “If you spend three hours out of the house and don’t ask any questions I’ll give you back the vibe trigger for the rest of the night.”

“Done.” Jane tossed Connie a salute before sliding a shirt on. “Enjoy whatever pervy thing you’re up to.”

“I said no questions!”

“Not a question, just obvious,” Jane replied laughing. “If you’re gonna go through my panties again just make sure to fold them when you’re done.”

“I’m not going through your panties!” Connie cried back.

Jane put a hand on her hip. “You’ve been going through my panties for years so it was a likely guess.”

Connie’s face flushed bright red. “You knew about that?”

She stuck her tongue out playfully at Connie. “You weren’t exactly subtle.” Then Jane gave her a warm smile. “I always knew you were a pervert Connie, but at least you’re a fun one. Have fun with whatever you’re doing.”

With that she headed off downstairs, and Connie relaxed. That was one problem solved. Still, dealing with a horny Jane was going to be nothing compared to tackling dominatrix Michelle. She had to find some kind of a weakness in her desires. Michelle loved being controlled when she was hypnotized, so it wasn’t like those desires would just vanish. Connie just had to find them again.

As she ambled downstairs, Connie caught Jane giving her mom a hug goodbye.

“I’ll just be out for a little bit. I’ll be back for dinner.”

“Have fun, sweetie!” Michelle waited until Jane was out the front door before she immediately turned to Connie, wearing a knowing smile. “So Jane’s going to be out for a while.”

“Um, yeah,” Connie muttered. “I guess she is.”

Michelle’s smile grew wider. “Jane mentioned it was your idea. And I heard you suggesting to my Mom that she go out for a little while too.”

Connie blushed, but stood her ground.

“Connie, if you wanted some alone time you just had to ask.”

Michelle was walking over slowly, a teasing smile on her face, but this time Connie cut her off by charging in and wrapping her arms around Michelle. Michelle seemed taken back by Connie taking the initiative, and she even gasped in surprise as Connie suddenly groped her ass.

“That’s right, I wanted some time alone with you,” Connie grinned. “There’s something I wanted to try with hypnosis really badly.”

After being teased relentlessly by Michelle all day, Connie had truly started to worry that Michelle’s dominant attitude was here to stay, but now, with Connie grabbing her ass, Michelle’s confident smile immediately faltered. She blushed and looked away, wriggling helplessly in Connie’s grasp.

“Ah! Well, if you really want to… I guess we can.”

Connie grinned and gave Michelle a playful pat on the ass. “Good. Then how about we—”

Michelle suddenly grabbed Connie’s hands and pried them away. She was glaring down at Connie now, all hints of being bashful gone. Connie immediately winced. Maybe spanking her ass had been a step too far.

“Young lady, I think it’s time I taught you a lesson in respect.”

Connie tried to back away but Michelle had her hands caught. “I- I was just playing around.”

Michelle pulled Connie in closer, her red lips making a cruel smile. “Perhaps I should teach you how to really spank someone on the ass.”

Fearful of going through something that humiliating again, Connie slipped a hand out of Michelle’s grip and clapped it against Michelle’s forehead.


The word hit Michelle like a physical force and she stumbled back, her eyes rolling back into her head. Connie let out a sigh of relief, until Michelle suddenly grabbed her by the wrist. She still looked woozy, but Michelle was fighting back against the trance now, her dazed eyes focusing on Connie.

“You’re not… going to get… away that easy…”

Connie stared in horror. Oh god, if she couldn’t control Michelle then she’d really be at her mercy.

Michelle was straightening up now, brushing off the trigger.

“You’re going to… get the punishment coming to you, Connie.”

Knowing she had to think fast, Connie blurted out, “But I want to be punished!”

Michelle tilted her head. “Then why are you… trying to put… me in trance?”

“Because…” Connie glanced around for help, but there was no one in the house but her and the monster she’d created. The worst thing was that she was actually going to let Michelle be dominant this time. Connie’s eyes went wide. “Because I’m embarrassed that I want to be your sex slave. I’m scared of going through with it, so I wanted to put you in trance to make you my Mistress. So you can use me but you wouldn’t remember. It would make me feel safer.”

Just like that Michelle let go of Connie and offered her a warm, motherly smile. “Why didn’t you say so, Connie? I completely understand.”

“You do?”

“Of course. I’m sad I’ll miss out, but you do what makes you feel safe.” Michelle flashed her a smile again, then immediately her body slumped and her eyes went blank, like someone had flipped a switch on her back to turn her off. Connie flopped down onto the couch and laughed at herself. She was so scared of getting punished by Michelle that she couldn’t even appreciate how hot it was that Michelle could just shut her mind off like that.

Then she realized that she might still get punished yet. Connie went pale, imagining what Michelle might do when she was in a dream believing she was the Mistress. And Connie would have to play along in order to keep the act up.

She gulped, but sat up straighter as she set her resolve. There was no choice but to go through with it. Connie had to get at the root of why Michelle wanted to be so damn dominant all of a sudden. She’d never shown any interest in being like this until Connie had started that first stupid dream trying to turn Michelle into a sex slave. Connie must have woken something up, and she had to deal with it.

“Dream for me, Michelle,” Connie commanded, and Michelle nodded absently. This time she would construct the dream carefully.

“Michelle, you will dream that you’re in a world just like ours, but with a key difference. In this dream world people are allowed to volunteer to be sex slaves, to be owned and used by the family who owns them. I will be the sex slave for your family, and you will be my Mistress.”

Michelle nodded, seeming to believe it. It sounded completely crazy, but then again Connie had to play into dream logic.

“You’ll believe that I’ve been your slave for about two months now, and I’ve made you and your daughters much happier. You enjoy having sex with me, and your daughters enjoy having sex with me too.”

Michelle stirred at that, but Connie pressed on.

“It isn’t the same as being romantic, so sleeping with a sex slave isn’t like cheating on someone. It’s a purely physical thing, and it’s normal for families to all have sex with the same slave. Just something fun everyone can do.”

She felt like that was pushing it a bit, but if Connie was going to go through with acting like a sex slave then she was sure going to use this as an opportunity to normalize casual sex around the family. It wasn’t quite incest, but maybe there was a way to use it to her advantage later down the road.

“You will start the dream just going about a normal day with me as your slave. You will also believe anything I tell you in the dream to be true, and accept it easily. If I say or do anything that makes you question the dream, then you will easily slip into a trance and tell me what’s making you doubt it. Do you understand?”

Michelle nodded, and Connie was grateful. This time she was making sure she could control things from within the dream, to avoid having to use her trigger as a last resort. Connie was about to start the dream, but then an idea struck her. She stood up and stripped, feeling herself getting a little more excited from being naked in front of Michelle, even if the older woman was in a deep trance. Or rather, that probably just turned Connie on more. She was quickly naked and tucked her clothes into the corner.

She braced herself, shifting from one foot to the other. Connie had been planning this out, but now that it was time she was almost too nervous to go through with it. But she had to know if there was a solution to this slave problem.

Taking a deep breath, Connie finally said, “Begin the dream now, Michelle.”

Michelle came awake, blinking and looking around the room in surprise. Then she saw the naked Connie and went bright red. “C-Connie? Why are you naked?”

Connie stood there nervously, feeling incredibly exposed and foolish. “Well, I’m your sex slave. I figured I should be naked.”

“Oh right.” Michelle bit her lip, running her eyes up and down Connie’s body. “Right. You’re my slave. You’re all mine.”

“That’s right. I’m yours to command.” Connie made an awkward smile. “How- How can I serve you, Mistress?”

Michelle smiled wide, and Connie braced herself. What embarrassing thing would Michelle make her do first?

“You can start by vacuuming the rug. And the trash needs to go out too.”

Connie blinked in surprise. “You… you want me to do chores?”

Michelle laughed and gave Connie an odd look. “You ARE the slave, aren’t you?”

Connie couldn’t think of a come back to that, and so she begrudgingly went off to get the vacuum from the closet.

For about an hour Connie worked as a sex slave, and not once did Michelle make her do anything sexy. She cleaned and made Michelle a sandwich while she lounged back and watched TV. Every time she waited for Michelle to try and take advantage of her, just like she’d been doing all day, but Michelle didn’t seem to show a spark of that same wild desire. Connie even started bending over in front of her purposefully, making suggestive comments, every embarrassing thing she could think of to flirt with her, but Michelle didn’t react to any of it.

What the fuck was going on? Michelle had been gung-ho about making her a sex slave all day, and yet now that she was living that dream she just wanted to make Connie clean the house?

Connie was polishing the living room table, getting entirely fed up with this dream, when Michelle happened to pass through. “You’re doing a wonderful job, Connie.”

Connie wiped some of the sweat off her forehead. “Thank you, Mistress. Are you sure there’s not ‘anything else’ I can take care of for you?”

Michelle tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Maybe you could wash the car.”

Connie pictured herself washing the car naked, for the entire neighborhood to see. That would certainly get some unwanted attention. “I, um, already cleaned it yesterday.”

“Right. Great work.” Michelle stood there for a bit, just watching Connie polishing the table. “Something must have you really fired up today. I’m surprised you didn’t take a break or anything.”

Connie’s head snapped up, her hair matted with sweat. “I could have taken a break?”

And Michelle burst into laughter. “You crack me up sometimes, slave.”

Connie sighed. This was getting her nowhere. It was time to put a stop to things. But just then Michelle suddenly sat down on the couch beside her, wearing a concerned frown.

“Are you okay Mich- uh, Mistress?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s just weird having you as a sex slave. Does that make sense?” Michelle looked over, concern clear on her face. “Like I know you’ve been living with us, and I enjoy getting to have sex with you. Lord knows my girls love fucking you.”

Connie raised an eyebrow at that, but she didn’t have time to appreciate it.

“What are you saying, Michelle? Don’t you want me to be your sex slave?”

“I know you volunteered for it, but honestly… I wish you weren’t.” Michelle put a hand on Connie’s thigh. “Because I wish we could have maybe gone on a date. I know that sounds crazy.”

Connie smiled, thinking she’d pieced it together. Since this was practically an alternate reality to Michelle, they’d never made their promise to date and sleep together when Connie was in college. They’d fucked, but Michelle seemed to miss the romantic feelings they’d had for each other. Connie had set this dream up to be all about sex to play into the dominant Michelle’s insatiable appetite, but that version of Michelle was nowhere to be found.

“I mean, we could still go on a date?” Connie said hopefully.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Michelle replied with a laugh. “It would be impossible for there to be anything between us. It just can’t happen.”

It stung like a paper-cut on her heart to hear Michelle say that so strongly, but she knew it was just the dream. Knowing how Michelle truly felt about her, Connie was able to hear the pain and anger in Michelle’s strong refusal. She thought it was impossible to date Connie, and so Michelle was turning her down harshly in order to spare her own feelings.

Which is when it clicked in Connie’s mind. Michelle angry refusal had been almost the exact same way that she’d refused to accept Connie as a Mistress. Did that mean that deep down, part of Michelle wanted it to really happen? Did Michelle want Connie to be her Mistress after all?

Connie glanced up at the clock on the wall, noticing that it was nearly four. An idea struck her, and she grinned.

“It’s almost time to reverse positions, Mistress.”

Michelle looked up, confused. “What?”

“Every day at four the slaves and owners switch positions for an hour. To keep things fair and balanced.”

Michelle just stared at her, her mind trying to process the new information.

“We’ve done that every day since I moved in,” Connie continued. “And for the hour that I’m a Mistress, I say we can do whatever we want. The rule about slave and owners not being able to date is optional when the slave takes charge. And for that one hour every day, I can show you how I truly feel.”

Connie reached out and grabbed Michelle’s hand. Michelle still had her eyes wide, almost in disbelief. Connie expected her to drop into trance, to ask to explain this further. Instead, Michelle clutched Connie’s hand tight and broke into a wide smile.

“So for an hour, I can be your girlfriend?”

Connie grinned. “Well, personally I find it really fucking hot to have you as my slave. But I’d be happy to have you be my slave girlfriend.”

Michelle blushed. “Then I’ll be happy to serve you… Mistress.”

Connie’s heart thumped against her chest. She glanced nervously at the clock, but it was two minutes to four.

“It’s not quite time yet,” Connie muttered, wishing she’d said it happen at 3:58.

But then Michelle grabbed her and leaned in. “Close enough,” Michelle said, then kissed Connie hard on the mouth. Connie happily kissed her back. She didn’t have a clue why it was different for her to be the Mistress now, but Connie didn’t care.

Michelle suddenly pulled back, clapping a hand to her mouth. “I’m sorry!”

Connie sighed. Of course that was too good to be true…

Michelle folded her hands in front of her and bowed her head. “I forgot to ask for permission to kiss you.”

Now Connie’s heart was jackhammering in her chest. Hearing Michelle being so cute and submissive after all this time was the reward that Connie always dreamed of. “You have my permission to kiss me whenever you want, slave.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Michelle tackled into Connie, pinning her to the couch as she kissed her desperately. Connie wanted to lose herself in the kiss and how hot it was to hear Michelle finally call her Mistress, but she couldn’t afford to space out. She’d already lost an hour, so she might not have a lot of time left.

Connie pushed Michelle away. She smiled up at her. “I think you should be naked, slave.”

Michelle blushed and nodded. “Anything for you, Mistress.”

With that Michelle rose up from the couch and immediately began to strip. She moved slowly, making it a show. Connie had been expecting her to be clumsy about it, but instead Michelle moved with the grace of a trained stripper, sliding out of her blouse and business skirt in a tantalizing display. Connie watched awestruck as Michelle put on the best striptease that she’d ever seen. Not that Connie had a lot of experience with strippers, but she recognized talent when she saw it.

“Where did you learn to dance like that?”

Michelle stood proudly naked before Connie, twirling her panties on her finger. “I’ve got a lot of fun skills you don’t know about, Mistress.” She tossed the panties to Connie, giggling. “Why don’t you order me around some more and find out just how good I can be for you?”

Connie caught the panties and felt so happy she could die. Michelle was such an amazing slave… so why couldn’t she do this for her in real life?

“Michelle, is there anything that would stop you from wanting to be my slave?”

“Nothing. I exist to be yours,” Michelle said as she dropped to her knees. She crawled closer to Connie, wiggling her hips in a hypnotic display.

“Fuuuuck,” Connie muttered, then shook her head. “No, I mean, if we lived in like another world, and you said you could never be my slave, what would make you say that?”

Michelle cozied up between Connie’s legs. She licked her lips as she stared longingly at Connie’s pussy. “I have no clue what you’re saying, Mistress. You should just let me eat your pussy instead.”

Connie groaned as Michelle moved closer, but had to put out her hand and stop Michelle. “This is serious. I need to figure this out. And, and I promised that we wouldn’t have sex so I can’t let you eat me out, even though I really really want you to.”

Michelle made a disgusted sound. “Why would you make a promise not to fuck me, Mistress? Who’d you promise that to?”

“Um, you? But like, a different you.”

“All I know is that you didn’t make me a promise,” Michelle said firmly. Suddenly Connie saw that determined version of Michelle who’d been torturing her all day long. Michelle flashed that some confident grin she’d worn while teasing her, only now she said, “I’m your slave, you’re my Mistress, and I just want to eat your cunt and make you cum. So I’m going to serve you.”

Michelle knocked Connie’s hand away and grabbed hold of Connie’s hips.

“You can either order me to stop, or just enjoy your slave’s tongue. Your choice, Mistress.”

Connie didn’t know what to make of it. This was definitely the tone and expression Michelle used when she went into dominant mode, but now she was using that same attitude to make Connie use her as a slave?

Suddenly Connie realized what was happening, as if a light went off in her head. When Michelle was the Mistress but there was no romance, she hardly seemed interested in it. She didn’t have any inherent interest in the idea of owning a slave. But when Michelle was awake and attracted to Connie, she eagerly teased Connie with that dominant attitude. Because that’s what she thought Connie wanted. There was still some kind of mental block against Connie as the Mistress, but since Michelle thought Connie could be her slave and wanted that, she was diving into it with all her energy.

And now, here in this dream, Michelle thought of Connie as her Mistress and knew she wanted it, and so all that energy was directed at being the best slave she could. Michelle didn’t want to be a mistress or slave for her own interests, but for Connie she would. If it was for Connie, then Michelle would become the best sex slave she could.

It was possible!

Connie grinned and announced, “I think I figured it—”

Then she was promptly cut off as Michelle buried her head in between Connie’s legs and began to eat her out.

“Oh fuck, fuck! That’s… fuck, you’re… really great at that.”

Michelle purred happily and kept eating her out. Connie wanted to stop her, they’d made a promise, but then again, Michelle would stop herself if it was really against her limits. And Michelle had broken the promise twice today to tease her. Maybe Connie could just enjoy herself, just this once.

Connie settled back into the couch and affectionately ran her hands through Michelle’s hair. “Keep going, slave.”

Michelle responded immediately, her tongue probing deeper and feeling wonderful.

“That’s it. Make me cum, slave.”

Even as she relaxed into the pleasure, Connie knew she still needed to figure out whatever mental block it was that stopped Michelle from seeing her as a Mistress. Because now Connie was certain that when she removed whatever was holding her back, Michelle would eagerly switch gears and become her happy slave. Connie could finally have her first sex slave!

“You’re my slave now,” she mumbled, feeling drunk on power. “You’re nothing but my obedient sex slave.”

Michelle pulled her head back, panting. “Yes, Mistress. I’m all yours.”

Connie grinned, eyes closed tight as Michelle went back to eating her out. It was all going to finally work out.

“Um, what the fuck is this?”

Connie and Michelle both turned to the front door in shock to see a very confused Jane standing in the living room.

Before Connie could say something, Michelle just smiled easily.

“I’m just serving Mistress Connie, honey. Oh, Mistress, would you like Jane to eat you out instead? I’m sure you love having her as a slave too.”

Connie groaned. Why couldn’t things just be simple for her?