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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 26

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 8

Connie stared in horror between Jane, who stood speechless by the front door of the living room, and Michelle, who was naked and kneeling between Connie’s legs. Michelle’s chin was slick with Connie’s pussy and she had a happy, easy going grin on her face. Of course Michelle didn’t see anything wrong with the situation, since the hypnotic dream she was in had her convinced that the entirely family was casually accepting of sex slaves.

Unfortunately Jane was in the real world, where coming home to find your mom eating another girl out and calling her Mistress wasn’t normal.

Connie had frozen up completely. If she’d had the time to be rational, Connie might have decided to explain to Jane that she was in the start of a relationship with her mom, and that the hypnosis and sex slave stuff was actually something they both found hot and agreed to. It would have been embarrassing and ruined her plans to brainwash the rest of the family, but there’s a world where Connie came clean and lived a happy life as Michelle’s girlfriend, with Jane still teasing them about catching them in the act.

But Connie didn’t act rationally. Instead she panicked and leapt up to her feet, shouting, “Dream for me, Jane!”

Jane recoiled as if she’d been shoved, her head rolling as the strength seemed to be sucked right out of her. Connie stood there tensely, watching and wondering if Jane would be able to fight the trigger if it was sprung on her by surprise. For a moment Jane seemed to straighten up, giving Connie an incredulous look, but then her eyes went blank and she just stared ahead, lost in trance.

“Holy shit it worked.” Connie nearly passed out as relief washed over her. She’d nearly been sunk right then and there.

Then she heard an amazed voice whisper from below, “Oh my god.”

Connie had forgotten all about Michelle, who was still kneeling but was now also staring at her hypnotized daughter, a hand clapped over her mouth and her eyes wide in shock.

“Shit,” Connie whimpered, immediately plunged back into cold panic. “This wasn’t… I didn’t…”

“You hypnotized Jane.” Michelle still spoke in that quiet, almost shell-shocked voice.

Michelle only believed in the dream world Connie had created for her, and Connie hadn’t included anything about hypnosis. As far as Michelle remembered they’d never had any discussions about hypnosis, much less Connie using it on her daughter.

“That’s so…”

Connie winced, waiting to hear the outrage in the angry mother’s voice.

“… hot.”

Connie’s eyes snapped open. “Excuse me?”

Michelle got up to her feet, and as her hand fell away from her mouth Connie could finally see that she had an enormous grin on her face. “How did you do that?” she asked, wonder and awe in her voice. She kept moving closer, studying her hypnotized daughter as if it were the greatest thing Michelle could imagine.

Connie gulped, her panic instantly replaced with arousal. “You like that I hypnotized her?”

At the question Michelle seemed to shy back a little and blushed. “I- I do, Mistress. I’ve never told anyone this before, but I’ve always wanted to be hypnotized.”

Connie could have slapped herself. Even if it was a dream world it was the same Michelle, and Connie had just casually revealed one of her greatest fantasies before her. Obviously she’d love it.

“Would you like to go into trance too?”

The utter joy on Michelle’s face made Connie shiver happily.

“Please! Please hypnotize me, Mistress!”

Connie couldn’t hold back the dopey grin. “I’m absolutely going to keep making you say that for me, because that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Michelle happily presented herself before Connie, but couldn’t stop herself from glancing back at Jane’s empty expression. “Fuck, she looks so hot being in trance like that.”

Connie was reaching out for her forehead, but stopped when she heard that, her heart racing. “Okay, forget what I said. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.”

For some reason Michelle gave her a strange, almost uncomfortable look. “Mistress…”

“What’s wrong?”

Guilt on her face, Michelle replied, “I know I said it was hot, but that’s still my daughter. It’s not appropriate.”

Connie frowned. Right, people didn’t naturally like incest the way she did. She’d nearly forgotten in all the excitement.

“Drop,” she said in a frustrated voice, but Michelle didn’t catch any of the tension in Connie’s command. She simply dropped easily into a mindless trance, leaving Connie to wonder how she could change their ideas on incest. A light breeze blew by, and Connie realized the front door was still open, giving anyone on the street a clear view of a naked Connie standing in front of the hypnotized mother and daughter.

“Gah! Michelle, close the door.”

“Yes Mistress.”

It certainly improved Connie’s mood to hear that in a hypnotized voice, but she suspected it was still because Michelle was in the dream. Once she woke up she’d have that ridiculous limit back that prevented her from seeing Connie as a Mistress.

Connie had to break that idea, convince her that incest was hot, and get her to live as her obedient slave for the rest of her life. There was so much work still to do, and that was just for Michelle.

It was too much to consider, and so Connie simply pushed it aside. She had to focus on what was in front of her. Which right now was a hypnotized Jane, who’d just witnessed Michelle eating Connie out.

“Can you hear me, Jane?”


“I want you to forget—” Connie paused, a wicked idea creeping into her head. “Jane, you are in a dream. In this world, people are allowed to be sex slaves…”

* * *

Connie settled back down onto the couch, confident that she’d given Jane the same instructions as Michelle. It was especially gratifying to grab the hypnotized Michelle’s head and push her down to her dripping pussy, recreating the same scene where they were caught. She double checked on Jane, then announced, “Enter the dream now.”

Michelle and Jane both stirred, as if they’d been paused and Connie had just pushed play. Jane looked around, confused, but Michelle saw Connie’s pussy inches away and dove in, eagerly eating her out again.

The wet sounds gave Jane something to focus on and, still seeming a little dazed, she turned to catch her mom eating out Connie.

“Wow, you two sure seem to be enjoying yourselves.”

“I certainly am,” Connie said with a grin, lounging back with her arms spread over the couch. She was letting Jane watch as Michelle went down on her, and Jane just accepted it as completely natural. The rush it gave her was like the excitement Connie had felt when she’d first been shown what hypnosis can do to the family.

Michelle pulled her head back, panting and smiling. “Hey sweetie. I’m just showing Mistress Connie how much I love being her slave.”

Connie wriggled happily, which only made Michelle and Jane giggle.

“Right, I guess it is about slave o’clock, isn’t it?” Jane cocked a hand on her hip, almost posing. “Guess my hour of being your slave starts now, so would you like me to do anything for you, Mistress Connie?”

“I can think of a few things,” Connie replied, heart racing with delight.

“Before we get into that,” Michelle cut in, “How about a kiss for your mother?”

Jane groaned. “Your face is covered in pussy, Mom.”

“Oh please, like you’ve never tasted Connie’s pussy before.”

Jane rolled her eyes, but Connie watched as Jane bent down and kissed Michelle on the cheek. It was so close to being perfect that Connie couldn’t stop herself.

“What, no tongue?”

Jane and Michelle gave Connie a shocked stare.

Connie withered under their looks. Her first instinct was to retreat, but she was so close, dammit. Instead of backing down, Connie just stared back incredulously, as if they were the ones acting strange, and made her bluff. “You two make out when you greet each other all the time. What’s wrong?”

Jane straightened up, her face scrunching in thought. “That’s… no, we don’t do that… do we?”

Michelle seemed lost and confused, with what she knew was right crashing up against Connie’s influencing words. “I don’t…”

Both women couldn’t make sense of it, and so they did exactly what Connie had told them to: to drop into trance and await instructions from Connie. Mother and daughter slipped into trance, and Connie’s heart was pounding so loud that she could hardly hear herself think. She was actually doing this.

Mouth dry, Connie pushed through to say, “In this world it’s normal to own sex slaves. There’s nothing immoral about owning someone in this world, is there?”

“No,” they both answered instantly. There’d certainly be something immoral about owning sex slaves in the real world, but in this dream it was the norm, and so they believed they saw nothing wrong with it.

“There’s also no such thing as incest. In this world family members simply view each other as if they weren’t related. If they’re hot, you think they’re hot and are attracted to them. There’s no shame, or any reason to feel anything but joy as you hook up and sleep with someone attractive, no matter if you’re related.”

Jane began to shiver, her mouth stuck in a tight line, but she didn’t object. And Michelle just sat there staring, offering no reaction.

Would they really buy this? It technically wasn’t making them accept incest, since they’d view each other more as two women than mother and daughter. But if Connie could get them to make out for her, all while calling her Mistress, she was pretty sure she could die happy.

“Jane, in this world is there anything wrong with kissing Michelle.”

She was a little hesitant to answer, but then in an emotionless voice replied, “I don’t think so. She is older than me, but she is really hot.”

Connie considered that. “Would you make out with an older woman if she was really hot?”

“It depends on the situation.”

“What if it was because your Mistress ordered you to?”

Jane nodded. “Of course, I’d obey my Mistress.”

Connie pumped her fist in the air over and over. “What about you, Michelle?”

“I don’t know if I would make out with an older woman, Mistress.”

Connie grumbled and said, “Would you make out with Jane if you were ordered to?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“… What if you weren’t ordered to?”

“I’d still make out with her. Jane is a very attractive young woman.”

By now Connie’s cheeks were starting to hurt from grinning so much.

“It’s also normal to make out with everyone when you get home. It’s just a polite greeting.”

Jane and Michelle nodded obediently.

“Then wake up now. And Jane can greet us properly.”

Both of them came awake, and Michelle immediately put on an impatient face. Still on her knees, she gave Jane a haughty look. “Connie’s right. Do you really call that a kiss, Jane?”

Jane had seemed a little uncertain as she woke, but hearing the challenge she immediately grinned and knelt down beside her mother. “Alright, you asked for it.”

Heart racing, clit throbbing, Connie watched as Jane held Michelle’s head in her hands and pulled her in for a deep, soulful kiss.

Connie clapped her hand against her bare hip, searching in vain for her phone but her pants had been tossed into the corner of the room. She’d wanted to grab a picture to always remember this moment.

Michelle and her daughter lost themselves in the kiss. It wasn’t fervent passion, like they were lovers, but there was undeniable attraction between them. Jane moaned quietly into her mother’s mouth, a happy and surprised sound, before she pulled away.

“Damn, Mom, I forgot what a good kisser you are.”

“I know what you mean,” Michelle said, rubbing a thumb over her lips. “I know we kiss all the time, but something just felt… special about it. Like it’s the first time we’ve done it.”

Jane nodded, hugging herself. “I know it’s normal, but it was also like it felt a little bit wrong… but that kinda made it hot.” She turned to Connie, laughing at herself. “I must sound crazy, huh?”

“Whuh?” Connie was still staring, replaying that wonderful kiss in her mind over and over.

“Get over here, you.”

Before Connie knew what was happening, Jane had grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her in for a deep kiss too. Connie was slow to respond to Jane’s tongue, but gradually it dawned on her that there was a musky taste to the kiss. The taste of pussy. Her pussy. Jane had made out with Michelle hard enough to get the taste of Connie’s pussy on her tongue too.

Connie made a muffled, delirious sound. This was like a dream come true for her.

When she opened her eyes Connie found Michelle watching them close. Except she didn’t seem jealous, like Connie had expected. She had a weird, almost tense expression that Connie couldn’t place. Until she heard a wet noise and glanced down to discover Michelle was fingering herself.

“You’re getting off as I make out with your daughter?” Connie asked in sheer disbelief.

Michelle just shrugged and kept playing with herself. “It’s hot watching you two make out. I’m sure you were fingering yourself as I made out with Jane.”

“I, uh, forgot to.”

Jane snickered, sliding a hand around Connie’s waist. She leaned in close and gave Connie a seductive smirk. “Would you like to fuck yourself while I make out with my mom?”

Connie nearly passed out, and managed a quiet, “Yes, please,” while Michelle and Jane laughed.

“I don’t know. That doesn’t sound too convincing to me.”

Catching on to what was at stake, Connie pulled herself together. She glared imperiously at Jane and in a strong voice said, “Slave, make out with Michelle. Now.”

The smile vanished from Jane’s face as her cheeks flushed red. She shivered. “Wow. You’re kinda hot when you’re in charge like that.”

Connie grinned. She reached out and took Jane’s chin in her hand. “I am in charge. You’re my slave, and you’ll obey me. Now make out with your mother, and make it a sexy show for me.”

Jane stared in surprise, completely caught off guard by Connie’s new attitude. Arousal clear in her eyes, she bowed her head and muttered, “Y-yes, Mistress Connie.”

As Jane meekly made her way over to her Mom, Michelle was grinning proudly at Connie, clearly delighted to see her take control. Then, with both of them looking to her for approval, Jane and Michelle embraced and began to make out again. This time they moaned into each other’s mouths, making a show of running their hands over each other’s bodies and letting their tongues play over one another. Every few seconds one of them would sneak a peek at Connie, and when they saw her fingering herself their eyes would light up in delight, and they’d eagerly return back to making out.

Connie was shuddering as she sat there playing with her clit. Her thoughts were whirling while her slaves performed for her. This was all so perfect, but happening so fast. Connie could barely believe any of this was real. She almost expected to find herself waking up to discover it was all a wet dream, but at this point she didn’t care. She just kept pumping her fingers into her soaking wet pussy, not caring at all about the juices pooling under her ass and staining the couch. Nothing was going to stop her from enjoying herself.

Michelle was nude and visibly wet, but Jane was still dressed in the clothes she’d thrown on earlier. “Slave Jane, strip for me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The slaves peeled away from one another, and Jane was smiling happily as she started reaching down to strip. But then Connie raised a hand and stopped her.

“Wait. Slave Michelle, I want you to strip her instead.”

Michelle chuckled. “Anything for you, Mistress Connie.”

Jane submissively put her hands above her head as Michelle moved in. She seemed equally excited as Michelle grab hold of her shirt and tugged it off. As Michelle removed Jane’s bra she began to kiss at her daughter’s shoulders and her neck, making a teasing show of it, always turning Jane so that Connie would have a perfect view.

Connie, for her part, had her legs spread wide over the couch and was fingering herself frantically. A voice in her head was telling her to slow down, that she’d end up cumming before Jane was even naked, but she didn’t care. This was one of her deepest fantasies come to life and Jane and Michelle were both grinning and giggling as they made it come true. They were both loving this as much as she was!

As soon as Michelle had zipped down the fly of Jane’s jeans, Jane wriggled her hips and her pants slid to the floor in an instant. Michelle gave her a stern look.


“What? I’m just trying to make it a good show for Mistress.”

“Mistress ordered me to strip you,” Michelle scolded her daughter, who was now dressed in nothing but a pair of striped panties. A very clearly soaked pair of panties. “So I expected you to stand there as ordered.”

Jane rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath, and Connie saw an all too familiar angry scowl pass over Michelle’s face. Before Jane knew what was happening Michelle spanked her hard on the ass, making Jane’s voluptuous body shake in the best way possible.

“Mom! What the fuck?”

“Good slaves should know to obey their Mistress.”

“Cooonnniiieee,” Jane whined, rubbing her ass, “Mom spanked me.”

Connie definitely had some sympathy for her, since she’d gotten a full dose of Michelle spanking her just the day before. And yet, Connie’s fingers were rubbing at her clit faster as she’d watched it happen. There was something about watching Jane jump, her ass and tits jiggling from the blow, and the confident grin on Michelle’s face as she punished a disobedient slave…

Without a doubt Connie had set out to stop Michelle from spanking anyone. Now, however, she kept rubbing herself and said, “Slave Michelle, spank her again.”

Jane’s eyes went wide. “But Connie, I—”

“That’s Mistress!” Michelle snapped, spanking Jane’s big ass again and catching her off guard. “Now apologize.”

“Ah! I’m sorry Mistress.”

Michelle spanked her again, and again, spurred on as she watched Connie’s toes curling in pleasure and her fingers playing with her cunt faster every time she spanked her daughter. “You will show Mistress Connie respect, won’t you?”

“I will! I’m so sorry, Mistress!”

Connie plunged her fingers deep into her cunt as she came, breathing hard. “Stop, enough. Fuck.” Connie was shaking, bliss running through her as her cunt clenched tightly around her fingers. “Good work, Michelle.”

Michelle beamed from the praise. “Thank you, Mistress.”

Connie focused on Jane, who was biting her lip, her hips twitching. Her first instinct was to be the cruel Mistress and make sure Jane learned her lesson. Instead Connie’s gaze softened. “Are you okay, Jane? That wasn’t too rough, was it?”

The college girl had appeared on the edge of tears, but all at once the pained look was gone and she tilted her head, confused. “What? Yeah, I’m fine. You think I’ve never been spanked before?”

“You just… it looked like it hurt.”

“That’s the point of being spanked, Mistress,” Jane said in an obvious tone. “It seemed like you were getting off on it so I wanted to make it good for you.”

Connie couldn’t help but smile. “You two are great slaves.”

Jane’s arrogant demeanor vanished, and she blushed as she smiled shyly. “Thank you, Mistress,” she replied in a voice that sounded surprisingly genuine.

“How did you enjoy yourself, slave Michelle?”

To answer her question Michelle grabbed a handful of Jane’s luscious ass and licked her lips. “I loved it. Jane’s got a fantastic ass for slapping.”

“Hey, I got my big ass from you, you know.” Jane broke out into a grin. “Mistress, can I spank my mom’s ass to make us even?”

Connie pictured Jane bending her mother over and spanking her ass relentlessly and couldn’t suppress her happy groan.

“But Mistress, I haven’t been bad,” Michelle said with a pout. “Slaves should only be disciplined if they’ve been bad.”

“True, but I can also decide if my slave needs some discipline just because I find it hot.”

At that, Michelle nodded obediently. “Yes, Mistress Connie. Should I let Jane spank me now?”

Connie was tempted, but there was too much to do. How long had they been playing, anyway? Tara and Gloria were likely to come home soon if they spent too long fooling around. Suddenly paranoid she peeked out past the window curtain, but there was nobody heading towards the house. It was probably tempting fate too much to be doing all of this in the open. Connie reasoned that it would be smarter to head to the bedroom, and yet something about using both women in the living room just felt too exciting to stop.

“Mistress? Can I spank my mom’s fat ass now?”

Connie spun around from the window to face her slaves. “Another time,” Connie said as she began playing with herself again. Slower this time, to make it last. “For now, Michelle, I want you to take off Jane’s panties.”

Michelle nodded and reached out for them.

“With your mouth.”

Michelle looked up, a little shocked, but Jane grinned.

“I like the way you think, Mistress.” She turned and cocked her hip towards Michelle. “Go on, Mom. Mistress Connie gave you an order.”

Michelle scowled, but it was clearly still playful. “You’re such a brat, Jane.”

Jane just put her hands up behind her head, closing her eyes with a happy grin on her face. “If I am then it just means someone didn’t raise me properly.”

Lightning fast Michelle caught one of Jane’s nipples and twisted, making Jane cry out in surprise.

“Mistress Connie, can I please teach my daughter some manners?”

Connie had to admit that, when it wasn’t directed at her, it really was hot to watch dominant Michelle in action. Someone to keep Jane in line when she acted up, and judging by her attitude it didn’t seem like Jane would behave respectfully for too long before she tried to rebel. As hot as it was to picture Michelle disciplining her daughter, right now Connie was more excited to see Michelle submit and obey.

“Maybe later, but for now take her panties off with your teeth, slave.”

Jane stuck out her tongue as Michelle had no choice but to kneel down next to her daughter. She grabbed hold of Jane’s hips and kissed at the waistband of her panties, before catching the thin strip of fabric with her teeth. Connie eagerly watched as Michelle began tugging down, trying to drag the panties off but the wet fabric seemed to be clinging in place. Finally Michelle had to drop down to all fours to start making any progress. She yanked Jane’s panties down over her wide hips, bowing her head nearly to the floor to finally get the panties to fall to Jane’s ankles.

All the while Jane was posing for Connie, keeping her elbows up and her hands behind her head as if she were a centerfold model. Connie’s own personal centerfold. She winked, as Connie just continued to finger herself.

This whole time Connie had been testing them but neither woman seemed to hit a limit with anything they’d done. She truly could order Jane and Michelle to strip each other, to make out with one another. To spank each other. Connie was ready to step on the gas, and see just what she could make the hypnotized family members do to each other.

Connie sat up on the couch, picturing Michelle eating Jane out. Or Jane eating Michelle out. Or both of them eating her out at once.

“Freeze in place, both of you.”

Jane went rigid, still posed, while Michelle was stuck with her chin against the floor, Jane’s panties between her teeth as she rested on all fours, her ass in the air. Connie quickly ran over to her pants and hurriedly searched for her phone. This was just too hot of a moment not to capture for posterity.

She brought up the camera on her phone, but paused before taking a picture. Would Jane and Michelle really let her take a picture of themselves like this? It was such a compromising position.

“Um, do you mind if I take a pic?”

On the ground Michelle nodded her head, tugging on the panties that were still stuck around Jane’s ankles.

“Only if you send me a copy,” Jane chuckled. Her brow furrowed, before her eyes went wide. “Holy shit, I really can’t move at all. This is so hot! You can really do this to us, Mistress? Leave us frozen and dripping wet and completely helpless like this?”

Connie couldn’t help but grin. So Jane might have a thing for bondage? That would certainly be fun to explore.

Holding up the phone, Connie aimed the camera at her posed slaves. “Say cheese.”

“Cheese,” Jane said with a grin.

“Theeze,” Michelle’s muffled voice said, keeping the panties in her mouth.

Connie took the pic, and it was perfect. Her fantasy finally real, and she’d always be able to remember. She’d definitely have to find a way to hide it though, since if anyone else saw the picture of this scene they’d freak out.

Which was right when Connie heard the door open behind her and spun about to see Tara bounding in.

“Hey, Mom I’m home—” Tara froze, taking in the naked Connie, and the also naked Jane and Michelle posing lewdly in place behind her.

Connie threw up her hands. “Are you fucking kidding me!?”