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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 6

Caught with your Panties Down: Part 3

“First thing’s first,” said Jane angrily, hands on her hips. “You’re going to take off that thong and give it back.”

Tara blushed deeply, ashamed that her sister had caught her stealing her panties. “I’m sorry, Jane, really.”

“That’s fine, but I still want my favorite panties back.”

Tara turned to Connie for help but she held up her hands. “I’m staying out of this one. This should be between sisters.”

With a resigned sigh Tara started heading for the door only to find Jane blocking her way. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“To my room to change,” Tara answered, confused.

“Oh no, you don’t get off the hook that easily. Take them off right here.”

Instantly Tara and Connie’s faces went bright red. Tara’s fingers fumbled nervously at the waist band of the purple thong, incredibly aware of the fact that Connie was standing just a few feet away and would see the whole thing. Spending the day flashing Connie peeks up her skirt had been fantastic but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to go that far yet. If she took the thong off then Connie would be able to see her pussy, and more importantly how wet she was right then.

For her part Connie stood completely still, watching Tara’s nervous reaction to Jane’s punishment. Would Jane actually make her go through with stripping like this? Part of her desperately wanted to stand up and help her friend, but that part was easily outvoted by the rest of Connie who were dying to see Tara’s body completely naked.

Jane just stood in the doorway tapping her foot, dressed only in her underwear like the rest of the girls. “Well? We’re waiting.”

Finally Tara let out an embarrassed moan and took hold of her panties. She put her eyes on the floor, too afraid to see Connie’s reaction to her stripping. What if Connie didn’t like what she saw? What if her ass was too flat or she didn’t like how she looked and Connie lost interest? But then as she was about to pull the undies down Tara remembered the expression of absolute bliss on Connie’s face earlier when she’d flashed her in class. That adoring look as if she were seeing a work of art. With that to give her courage Tara turned to face Connie and bent over to slide the thong down to her ankles, never taking her eyes off Connie’s face.

Connie’s face went a bright shade of red but otherwise had no emotion, completely held in shock. Terrified, Tara stepped out of the panties, nervously waiting to see how her friend would react. Tara glanced down to look at her own flat tits, and the neat little trail of pubic hair she kept trimmed. Even staring down at herself Tara could see the slick juices starting to drip to her thighs, so she could only imagine what Connie saw. Finally she couldn’t take the suspense anymore and looked up to Connie again.

Only to see her friend licking her lips hungrily, which made her shiver with pleasure.

“You didn’t have to make a strip tease out of it,” Jane mocked as she marched over and held her hand out. Tara blushed and gave her back her thong, her other hand quickly clapping down between her legs so she could at least seem modest. Knowing that Connie was fantasizing about her wet lower lips made Tara’s head spin, but there was only so much she was able to take. Jane took the purple thong from her and squeezed them in her hand, pouting.

“God, these are completely soaked. What were you doing to get this wet? Were you getting off on seeing Connie in her underwear?”

“What?” Tara squeaked, face full of guilt. “N-no, of course I wasn’t.”

Connie kept her lips tight, afraid that if she started grinning now she’d only make things worse with Jane. But seeing the flustered way Tara was reacting to being caught was just too adorable, not to mention the wave of ecstasy she was still riding from seeing how wet Tara was for her. She had the crazy urge to grab the wet panties from Jane’s hand just so she could try and suck the juices from them, to taste Tara’s sweet nectar for herself. Of course that would probably only make things worse.

“Look Jane, I’m really sorry. I just wanted to try your panties out,” Tara pleaded, one hand still cupping between her legs to hide her pussy. Only the way Jane was teasing and humiliating her in front of Connie was strangely turning her on even more. With that constant pressure of her hand in that sensitive spot Tara couldn’t stop her fingers from slowly probing at her lips, or pressing the flat of her palm against her clit. She felt so horny Tara was afraid she’d go crazy if she couldn’t touch herself.

“Next time you want to steal clothes from me you could just try asking,” Jane said, arms crossed under her big breasts.

“But asking you for…” Tara gulped. “Asking for a thong is really embarrassing.”

“More embarrassing than letting Connie get a peek at your wet cunt?”

Tara’s eyes guiltily shot over to Connie, who she knew must be enjoying all of this. She’d never recognized that Connie had been attracted to her before but after finally looking for them Tara could see clear signs of how turned on Connie was from all of this. Tara’s thighs pressed in tight against her hand, cupping herself so hard she had to bite back a moan.

“Nooo, I guess not.”

“Plus, you’re not done yet,” Jane said with a grin.

“What? But I did what you said!”

Jane stepped closer, using the six inches of height she had on Tara to try and tower over her. “Yeah, that was to make up for stealing my favorite thong. But then you went and soaked them because you were so horny, so you need to be punished for that too.” The older sister’s eyes lit up with a wicked gleam, glancing at Cathy. “Unless you have a good excuse for being that turned on. What got you so soaked, Tara?”

Tara bit her lip, knowing exactly what kind of fantasies had turned her on so much. She glanced over at Connie and noticed that she also had her hands over her crotch. Tara felt her pussy tremble under her fingers, desperately hoping that Connie was as wet as she was. It wasn’t as if they weren’t both aware of what they were doing teasing each other. And from the way Jane was grilling her on this it seemed like she knew exactly who she was lusting after too. Then if everyone knew the truth why shouldn’t she just say it.


Tara’s mouth went dry as the Sahara, the words catching in her throat. Was she actually about to say she was soaking wet wanting to strip and pose for her best friend? Even if it was true that was way too shameful to say out loud. Casting her eyes down Tara muttered instead, her ears burning up with shame.

“No, I don’t have an excuse.”

Jane laughed. “Guess we’ll have to punish you then.” Suddenly Jane turned and pointed at Connie. “You, sit down on the bed.”

“Wha- what did I do?”

The older girl glared, a scowl that made it clear she was going to get her way. Connie realized even if she hadn’t stolen Jane’s underwear she was standing by as Tara did it, that was practically an accomplice. Still, she’d absolutely loved watching Tara being forced to strip, but there was no way she could survive having to go through with that. She was nervous enough just being in her underwear, and there was no doubt in her mind she was as wet as Tara was. Probably even more soaked since Tara had been teasing her all day.

Connie tried to stand up defiantly, refusing to move, when she saw Jane smirk and her eyes drift down to the bed. Staring right at the spot that Connie had soaked the night before while she’d eater her out. Connie went bright red, instantly terrified that she might reveal what happened to Tara. Things were starting to finally happen between them, but what would her friend think if she knew that she’d hooked up with her sister? Hastily Connie skipped to the bed and planted herself down fast, hoping she wasn’t wet enough to leave another stain.

“There,” Jane said, satisfied. “Now Tara, go and lay yourself across her lap.”

“What?” Tara and Connie shouted at the same time, eyes wide.

“Do it or I’ll tell mom and granny what you were both up to.”

Connie thought about how determined their grandmother was on helping her hook up with the girls and probably would approve of this, but that was besides the point. Tara had no idea that Gloria was hypnotizing the family so the threat worked instantly. Both hands now covering herself Tara awkwardly walked over to Connie, wondering how to do this. It would be more comfortable for her without having her arms pinned under herself, but then her pussy would be exposed completely to Connie. Blushing furiously Tara dropped herself down across Connie’s lap, like a misbehaving toddler ready to be punished.

Connie couldn’t take her eyes off Tara’s bare ass so close to her, or stop focusing on how wonderful it felt to have Tara’s warm body wriggling in her lap. In this position Connie could see Tara’s fingers cupping her pussy, barely keeping her dripping lips hidden from sight. She’d fantasized about this exact situation so many times, but never in her life did Connie think that she’d ever actually have Tara like this.

“Good. Now Connie, go ahead and start spanking her.”

The line was so close to Connie’s fantasies that she actually did a double take at Jane, wanting to make sure she hadn’t just imagined it. Jane rolled her hand to tell her to get on with it. “Hurry up, teach her a lesson.”

Still staring in disbelief Connie hesitantly raised her hand. In her lap Tara was humming nervously, her sculpted ass trembling in preparation for the hit, jiggling in such an enticing way that Connie simply couldn’t resist spanking her even if she wanted to. Living out the fantasy Connie brought her hand down in a hard quick swat…

And all but missed Tara’s ass, hitting her butt with the edge of her hand. Tara yelped with surprise at not being spanked, already so focused on the shameful spanking that she imagined the pain she should have felt. Connie blushed embarrassed, wondering how she could have messed that up.

“I’m guessing this is your first time spanking someone?” Jane chuckled.

“Y-yeah. I’ve never really…” she trailed off, Connie too nervous to ask.

“Then go ahead and spank her again. And again and again until you get it right. I’m not letting either of you leave until you’re an expert in spanking her, Connie.”

Tara moaned anxiously, looking up at Connie with pleading eyes. Connie hesitated, wondering what she was doing. This was her fantasy, but that didn’t give her the right to punish her friend like this. She was about to refuse when her eyes drifted back to Tara’s ass, such a beautiful sight that she couldn’t resist, only to see Tara’s fingers slowly rubbing at her pussy. Her hands were still sealed tight around her pussy so Connie couldn’t see, but now there was no mistaking the way her fingers were sliding eagerly against her. Tara was just as excited to be spanked as Connie was to deliver it. Still in disbelief she looked back at her friend’s pleading eyes, only this time she recognized the arousal in Tara’s eyes. Tara bit her lower lip, humming nervously as she wriggled her ass in Connie’s lap.

Something primal stirred in Connie and she lifted her hand back up, this time smacking it down on Connie’s ass with a sharp spank. Tara moaned and bucked, her hands pressing tight against her soaking wet sex. Connie planted her other hand on Tara’s back, holding her down in her lap so she wouldn’t struggle or slip away. The skin of her palm was tingling from the sharp contact, but already she could see the lovely shade of red on Tara’s tanned skin from where she’d been slapped. Grinning now Connie spanked her friend again. Followed up by another quick spank to her other cheek.

Tara was writhing against Connie’s legs, helplessly trapped as her friend hailed hard slaps down on her ass. Every sharp spank made her body jolt instantly with crisp pain, like a flash of lightning. But that pain almost immediately melted into incredible pleasure, like soft rumbling thunder rolling over her. Tara wanted to soak back into that warm pleasure but every spank brought another shot of pain, the intense hit heightening her sensitivity. Every spank made the pleasure become ecstasy that Tara could sink into, only to be brought back up to consciousness with the next spank. It was like being trapped in a luxurious sea, being sucked down into the radiantly warm waters then being pulled up for air, only to sink back again.

Her ass was stinging with pain and pleasure and Tara didn’t think she ever wanted the punishment to end. Almost immediately she’d lost track of how many times Connie had spanked her, her mind capsizing down into the stormy waves of ecstasy. After another few loud spanks Tara started moaning, too far gone to worry about the embarrassing sounds. All she heard was Connie’s heavy breathing, panting with exertion as she brought her palm crashing down again and again onto her ass. Tara’s fingers wanted desperately to slip inside of her but even in this weird drunken state she knew better than to do that. But without some kind of stimulation the harsh punishment was only feeding her craving for pleasure but offering no satisfaction. Her hands were soaked as her cunt drooled hungrily, clenching with need for something to enter her.

Then from a long distance away she heard a voice that sounded familiar, but Tara ignored it. She braced smiling for the next hit, but nothing came. Gently Tara raised her head, opening her eyes in confusion.

“I said I think that’s enough Connie,” Jane laughed. “I think Tara learned her lesson.”

Tara glanced back at Connie and saw her friend pouting, eager to keep dishing out the punishment. She was struck by the mad urge to tell Connie to keep spanking. To just punish her as much as she saw fit. Anything so that Tara wouldn’t be left this horny and needing more. But then she remembered where she was and kept her mouth shut. Awkwardly Tara slid off of Connie’s lap, her legs so weak Tara was surprised she could even stand. Her hands were cupped tight against her cunt, juices dripping between her fingers.

“Now Tara, did you learn your lesson?”

“Y-yes,” she panted, desperate to get off.

“Then you’re free to go,” Jane said as she pointed at the door. “But not you, Connie. I still need to chew you out.”

Tara watched helplessly as Jane put a hand tight on her friend’s shoulder, keeping her trapped on the bed. She knew she should stay and help, but Tara was so horny she could barely think straight. Without a word she turned and ran out into the hallway, sprinting for her room. As an after thought she kicked her door closed then dove onto her bed, her fingers easily slipping inside her and giving her the relief she needed. Moaning in gratitude Tara humped her hand like an animal in heat.

She’d only ever masturbated a few times before, and those times had been carefully choreographed ceremonies. A steaming hot bubble bath, a few of her mom’s scented candles lit to provide mood lighting. Tara would lean back in the tub and stare at the ceiling, uncomfortable looking at her own body as she did such a shameful thing. Blindly using her fingers to circle at her clit, closing her eyes and trying to lose herself in the fantasy she’d steal from some romantic movie. The fantasies had always felt necessary to fuel her pleasure, but never seemed to provide enough to get her off. It was only something she did to settle that uncomfortably wet feeling between her legs, not something she really enjoyed.

This was nothing like those other times. Tara was grunting and writhing over her bed, fingers pumping into her dripping hole as fast as they could while her other hand groped at her breasts. Every inch of her skin felt alive, pulsing with pleasure. Her ass stung as the tender skin dug into her bed, but the pain reminded her how fantastic it had felt for Connie to use her like that. Tara moaned mindlessly, hardly even thinking as she got off. There was no fantasy, no long scenario in her mind to get her thinking about sex. All she saw in her head was Connie. Those beautiful eyes she wanted to stare into, plump lips she wanted to kiss and lick and bite. How Connie’s hair would feel gripped in her hand. Wishing that she could feel Connie’s weight on top of her, skin sliding over skin as they gave in to this impossible feeling.

Tara opened her eyes in shock as she came without warning. Her body seized up and lifted off of the bed like she’d been possessed by some incredible force. Her vision went white, her mind going blank. She froze in place, the only noise escaping her a quiet groan.

“Coonnnniiiieeee,” she whined, lost in the orgasm.

Then she was back in her body and collapsing to the bed, a sweating and panting mess. Tara wiped the sweat from her face, wondering why the hell she’d never tried coming like that before. Sex was amazing, and she wasn’t even with anyone else. Then again she’d never felt this kind of desire before, but Connie did. Connie had always stared after her longingly, or peeking at her body. She’d been so blind to it for years. If Connie felt this way for her too then did she fuck herself like this too? How many times? Tara couldn’t stop her mind from racing, wondering how Connie would touch herself, the kind of fantasies she’d make up about her. Tara smiled, satisfied. She had to go talk to Connie now. She didn’t care if it was shameful or wrong, that wasn’t important. Now that she’d had a taste of true happiness she wanted nothing more than to share it with Connie and make her happy too.

* * *

Connie felt betrayed as she saw Tara sprint out of the room, leaving her trapped with the angry older sister, but she didn’t really blame Tara too much. If she were in her friend’s shoes she’d want to get away as fast as possible, though she suspected it was less to avoid a fight with Jane and more so she could get some privacy to fuck herself. Connie was shifting nervously on the bed, grinding her ass down into the sheets and feeling how wet she was from the chance to spank Tara. No matter what punishment Jane had in mind for her it would be well worth it for the chance to hear Tara’s cute little squeaks of pleasure.

“Alright Jane,” she said, gathering up all her strength to look confident. Of course even that wasn’t enough to keep her from shaking with fear. “S-so what do you have p-planned for me?”

Jane grinned. “Oh, no punishment. I just wanted a chance to talk alone.” The college girl was grinning wide, unable to hold back her laughter. Jane leaned in close to Connie, whispering like they were conspirators. “So be honest, how much did you enjoy getting to spank my sister’s ass?”

Connie went pale, eyes going wide. “I- I- I—”

Jane put a hand on her shoulder and Connie flinched. Only this time it wasn’t an iron grip but a gentle squeeze, reassuring. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Connie. We did talk about you having a crush on my sister.”

Connie let out a sigh and felt the panic attack vanishing. That’s right, Jane was in on this with her. “I… I liked it. A lot. I never thought I’d ever get to do anything like that with her.”

“Then you’re welcome,” Jane said with an over the top bow. It took Connie a second but then she caught on.

“Wait, did you do all of that just so I could touch Tara’s butt?”

“Again, you’re welcome.”

The shy girl stared at Jane in awe. For so long she’d hidden off who she really was, the lesbian that wanted so desperately to really connect with people, but she’d been too terrified to think of even trying to make her fantasies become real. Now here was Jane, acting like a wing-woman to help her get closer to Tara. As an overwhelming bright light filled her heart Connie realized Jane wasn’t the only one. Even Tara herself was conspiring to help Connie catch peeks at her body, and seemed to be eager to help her do so much more. Gloria too, in her own overenthusiastic way wanted to make Connie’s dreams come true. Connie smiled to herself, wondering if Michelle would share the same desire to help Connie. The entire Silva family seemed to not only accept who she really was, but were actively encouraging her. They might not be so accepting of her fantasy for a family orgy with the mother and two daughters, but simply knowing they accepted her as a lesbian was victory enough.

“Thank you, Jane,” she said quietly, basking in the warmth of the moment. “This is- I never thought anybody would really accept me.”

Jane pulled her in for a hug. “I can’t help it, I guess I have a soft sport for you. You remind me of how insecure I was at your age.”

Connie pulled back, surprised. “You were insecure? About what?”

The college girl pulled back and waved her hands over her voluptuous curves. “Are you kidding me? I was so afraid people wouldn’t like me because of how thick I was. That nobody found me sexy.”

Connie shook her head forcefully. “I refuse to believe that. You’re so hot! I swear I could lose myself watching you shake your hips whenever you walk.”

Jane cackled with laughter and jumped to her feet, throwing a hand to her hips and another behind her head, posing like a model as she began to strut around the room. True to her word Connie followed Jane’s wiggling rear with delight.

“So you’re saying this is doing it for you?” Jane asked, snickering.

“Absolutely,” Connie replied, wanting to do nothing more than keep staring. “I bet every guy wants to dance with you at the club with the way you grind your ass.”

Jane stopped and turned, raising an eyebrow. “And how do you know what I do in clubs?”

With a start Connie remembered how Gloria had used Jane to show off her hypnosis, making her dance in the same seductive way she did when she went out. It had been one of the first ways to impress the powers of hypnotism on Connie, but it also meant that Jane had no memory of it. Stumbling, Connie couldn’t help but blushing.

“I, um, just assumed that you… you know…”

“You think I’m some kind of a slut, grinding my big ass on anyone I meet?”

Connie hid her head in her hands. “No… but I kinda fantasize about you like that.”

Jane held the haughty pout for another few moments then burst into laughter. “I’m just fucking with you, Connie. So you fantasize about me too?”

Barely moving, Connie nodded her head.

“I wonder if Tara would be jealous of that,” Jane said with a wink.

“I don’t even know if Tara likes me like that,” Connie confessed. Gloria’s manipulation of the girls had led to fantastic results, but it also made her feel so much more uncertain about Tara and Jane’s honest feelings in all of this.

“From the way she was blushing and staring at you longingly I think it’s a safe bet that my little sister is interested. Or at the very least curious, but it gives you a chance.” Jane sat back down next to Connie. “If you let me I’ll do everything I can to help hook her up with you, but you’ve got to try and have some more confidence in yourself.”

Connie hesitated, the same anxious worries dancing around her head. Then she pushed them away and nodded, determined. “I’ll do my best. But, why are you helping me?”

“I just want to do what I think will make you happy,” Jane said, and the words echoed in Connie’s head. They were the instructions that she’d given to Gloria, hoping it would be enough to get the elderly hypnotist on her side. With a grin Jane continued. “And seeing the way you gaze after my sister I’m certain that you’d be happiest if the two of you were dating, so I’ll do what I can.”

The younger girl smiled back, grateful. And then shied away, bashful of the fantasies coming into her head. “And what if, um, I’d be happy dating you?”

Jane blinked then laughed slyly, batting her eyes. “Oh, you want to date me, do you?”

Connie blushed deeper. “I… well…”

“No offense Connie but you definitely wouldn’t be able to keep up with me,” Jane said earnestly, wearing a feisty grin. Connie felt herself sink at the rejection, but it wasn’t as bad as she’d always feared it would be. Jane hadn’t made fun of her or laughed her out of the room. Instead she’d been honest, and if Connie was honest Jane did have a point. Given how often Jane liked to pretend to be furious as a prank Connie didn’t think she’d be able to last long in a relationship without having more panic attacks.

“Yeah, I guess you do have a point.”

“But you are cute, no doubt about that,” Jane added. “If you had a little bit more of a backbone you’d be a definite catch, though my personality tends to grate on everyone so don’t take it too personal.”

“You think I’m cute?”

“In a shy, innocent lesbian sort of way,” Jane giggled. “Which is why I think you and Tara will be great together. All you have to do is win her over.”

“But… I don’t know how to do that,” Connie whined nervously. “I’ve never been on a date with anyone, or know how to act cool. I’ve never even kissed a girl before.”

Jane put her hands on her hips, staring at her hard. “Are you telling me that I ate you out last night and you haven’t even kissed someone before that?”

Connie blushed and shrugged her shoulders. “I really really liked it though.”

Jane sighed and hung her head, thinking. “Hmm, that could be a problem. Especially since Tara was basically asexual before she started showing an interest in you. She’d definitely need someone to show her the ropes about everything, and you don’t have any experience at all.”

Connie moaned and threw herself back on the bed, one arm wrapped over her head. “Oh god, you’re right. It’s hopeless, how am I supposed to date Tara if neither of us know how to do anything.”

The curvy girl laid back on the bed next to her, a wide grin on her face. “If only there was someone else you trusted who’d be able to help you out. Teach you what to do in a relationship and how to please a girl.”

“I wish I had someone to help me like that,” Connie muttered in defeat.

Jane pretended to inspect her nails, nudging Connie in the side.

“Someone maybe a little older, some more experience. Maybe someone who already knows about how you two like each other.”

“You’re right,” Connie replied, before hiding her face back in her hands. “It’s hopeless.”

“I’m talking about me, idiot,” Jane snapped.

Connie lifted her head, shocked. “You?” Jane nodded her head. “You would do that for me?”

“Yes, so that you can make my sister happy. But also so that you can be happy too.”

Tears welling up in her eyes Connie leaped onto Jane, laughing and nearly crying with happiness. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

“Easy there,” Jane giggled as she pretended to fight off Connie’s affections. “I can’t promise to make you an expert or anything, but I’ll at least teach you how to properly eat a girl out. That should at least come in handy.”

Connie looked up at her eagerly. “So how are you going to do that? Is there like a book you can lend me or—”

Jane gently pressed her lips against Connie’s, her hands cradling her head. Shocked at the sudden intimacy Connie remained still as a mannequin, not thinking at all. She only let herself enjoy the sensation of her moist lips, the way Jane’s tongue gently flicked against her own, invitingly. After another few blissful moments Jane broke the kiss, but kept her face next to hers.

“You do have to move, Connie.”

Connie blinked and nodded. This time when Jane kissed her she pressed back into her, trying to imitate every movie she’d ever seen. Every move felt awkward but amazing, making her wonder if she was doing it right but also hardly caring at all.

“Better, but you don’t have to move your lips as much. Just go slowly, take your time and enjoy it. Try and flick your tongue like I do.”

Connie kissed her this time, immediately wanting to go back to the passionate kiss but forced herself to move in slow motion. This felt better, more sensual, as if they were both slowly reacting to the other. Like a dance only for their tongues and lips. When Jane slowly peeled herself away Connie was left breathless, panting with happiness.

“That was… amazing…”

“Not bad,” Jane said with approval. “If we keep that up you’ll get better in no time.”

“So, will this be a regular thing for us?” Connie asked shyly.

Jane pulled her in for a hug, smiling. “Mhm. I promise I won’t stop until I make you happy, Connie.”

Connie grinned as they fell into another passionate kiss. Even as she enjoyed the feeling of Jane’s soft body pressing against hers Connie couldn’t help but think this was the best rejection ever. Jane wouldn’t be interested in dating her, but was still eager to be a good friend. One who’d be willing to sleep with her to teach her how to make love with confidence, which was almost as good. And everything she did with Jane would help make her ready to be with Tara. Somehow this all felt right, as if pieces were falling into place and moving them towards something amazing. It wasn’t her dream fantasy to have the Silva family as her sex slaves, but this felt like something real that Connie could actually achieve. She’d have Jane as, well, she supposed fuck buddy was the most accurate phrase, and she’d have Tara as a girlfriend, if she was open to it.

Rather than feel anxious for the future Connie felt hopeful. For the first time she felt certain about what the future held for her, and couldn’t wait to move towards it.

* * *

Tara watched from the doorway as Connie and her sister made out on her bed, gently rolling over the blanket as they enjoyed one another. She watched Connie’s hands gliding curiously over Jane’s hips and could hear the soft moans and gasps between them. Tara took it all in and grinned, feeling so incredibly happy.

She’d wanted Connie for herself, of course, that’s what she’d realized after the punishment she’d received and that mind blowing orgasm after. Naturally part of her felt a little rejected as her friend kissed Jane instead of her. With the way Connie had been acting around her all day, and had acted for most of their friendship, Tara had felt so certain that Connie was interested in her. Instead she seemed to really be interested in her older sister.

But Tara didn’t feel jealous. Not much, anyway. Because in the end it didn’t matter what she wanted, it was really about making Connie happy. That’s the way good friends acted, unselfishly doing what they can to help. So Connie was happier with Jane than her. Then that only meant that Tara would dedicate herself to making sure that Connie and Jane were the happiest couple that ever existed. Already she was thinking of ways to help them, like setting them up to go on proper dates if they were hesitant, and sneaking away so they’d have plenty of time alone together.

Tara quietly closed the door and went back to her room, wearing a bright smile. As long as it made Connie happy she’d be ready to do anything to help.