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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 8

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Part 2

Connie had thought that the day before had been the best day of her life. It was easy to think so since she’d managed to get her best friend to flash her constantly, even got to spank Tara’s ass, and became fuckbuddies with Jane. There was the sour note of Tara rejecting anything romantic between them, but Connie couldn’t change their emotions and they were still good friends, which she could live with. All in all Connie didn’t think that things could have been better.

Boy was she wrong.

With her day home sick Connie immediately took advantage of being practically invisible to Mrs. Silva, spending the first hour or so simply standing behind Michelle and groping her enormous breasts while the mature woman did her chores around the house. The young mother was hypnotically oblivious to her touch, allowing Connie to grope her supple ass and perfect breasts to her heart’s content. Connie had spent years fantasizing about this chance and Michelle’s full figure didn’t disappoint. Her skin was deliciously soft and smooth, smelling faintly of soap and lilac. Michelle still wore only a simple bra and pantie set (Connie was seriously considering never letting the Silva family wear clothes at home again) and so there was very little left for Connie to imagine about her stunning body.

However, every time Connie’s hands started to slide down Michelle’s stomach towards the heaven that waited inside her panties she found her heart hammering in her ears and Connie quickly pulled away. Even knowing there wouldn’t be any consequences Connie was too nervous to actually go through with it. Still, being able to rest her head happily against Mrs. Silva’s plump rear as she made herself lunch was more than enough to keep her entertained.

In a risky move Connie had undone the oblivious woman’s bra, hoping Michelle would decide to let the girls free since no one was home, but she simply reached back and rehooked it, ignoring Connie altogether as she muttered to herself.

“Darn thing’s been slipping all morning. I hope I don’t have to throw it away, I love this bra.”

Connie rolled her eyes. “You could always show me your tits. Please? Show me your tits?”

Naturally Michelle didn’t hear her words as the plea was blocked out by Gloria’s hypnosis. It did feel strange, not really existing at all, but thankfully Michelle seemed to have a habit of talking to herself when she was all alone. Or thought she was alone, anyway. Which meant that Connie was able to hear all sorts of interesting details.

She found out that Michelle loved horror movies, munching on popcorn and tearing apart the low budget film for all the cheap effects. Connie had considered trying to sneak underneath her when Michelle went to sit on the couch, just for the idea of having that beautiful ass nestled against her lap, but Connie didn’t want to risk getting trapped with someone sitting on top of her for an hour. Instead she curled up with her head in Mrs. Silva’s lap, stealing bits of popcorn as she watched the movie and listened to Michelle’s funny commentary.

Considering that she wasn’t doing anything all that erotic Connie was surprised to find that watching the bad movie was the most fun she’d had so far with the trigger. Spending a lazy afternoon with Michelle had been nice. For all the fantasies she’s had about her friend’s mother Connie had never really gotten to know Michelle as a person. Michelle was always the sexy forbidden fruit, featuring in her fantasies as the seductive older woman who couldn’t resist her desires for Connie. Wanting to keep fueling those lovely day dreams she’d tried to hang around Mrs. Silva as much as possible when she was over their house; she tagged along on shopping trips, or sometimes tried to help her cook, and yet today Connie realized how little she actually knew about her. The more she watched Michelle go through her day the more enamored she felt with her.

Which, Connie admitted to herself, probably wasn’t a good thing. If she figured out a way to manipulate these hypnotic triggers she might be able to sleep with Michelle some day, but Connie knew that the mother was the one person in the family she didn’t have a future with. There was a chance she could get Jane to want to date her, or figure out some plan to win Tara’s heart, but even Connie knew there was no way for her to realistically be with Michelle.

Still, that didn’t really bother her. With this new trigger it meant she could have fun spying on her all she wanted, and grabbing a handful of her perfectly round tits on occasion. Considering how last week she’d never even kissed another girl Connie was more than happy with her present circumstances.

Unfortunately the movie didn’t last long enough and Connie was forced to move her head from off of Michelle’s comfortable lap. She followed her upstairs, debating on what she would try to do next. What Connie really wanted was a chance to get into the shower with Michelle. Sitting down comfortably in the tub as Michelle washed her body thoroughly; Connie got wet just thinking of the show. Of course she couldn’t control Michelle with the limited hypnotic influence she had. For now she was just a passenger riding along and watching her life. Well, technically she was more like a stowaway.

Michelle stopped off in Jane’s room, piling her daughter’s laundry into a basket. She plucked up one of her thong’s with a disapproving shake of her head. “How can you girls wear this stuff? It’s more like dental floss than underwear.”

Luckily Michelle couldn’t hear Connie laughing behind her, or see the aroused look on her face as she tried to imagine what Michelle’s curvy ass would look like in a thong. Connie definitely needed to study up on hypnosis, or get Gloria to teach her some tricks. Because now she was determined to get Michelle to try out some more risque underwear. Or at least take several showers a day. As she fantasized what the power to control the Silva family would feel like Connie slipped a hand between her legs, rubbing at her soaked panties.

Then it occurred to her that school would be out within the hour, and though Michelle couldn’t see the dripping wet panties she wore Tara and Jane would. Connie slipped out of the room and hurried back into Tara’s room, where she was supposed to be sleeping and recovering from her sudden illness. She managed to slip the drenched panties off and put on a fresh pair instead. Her laundry pile was really nothing more than the shirt and pants she’d worn the day before, and several pairs of underwear. It wasn’t her fault that she had to change panties at least three times a day with the way the family was acting. Luckily no one had mentioned anything about her constantly swapping out her underwear, but then again they might just be acting polite. She’d have to check on that, if only she could find out the triggers that controlled the rest of the family.

All she’d seen so far is that the girls all had to obey Gloria, but that meant Connie could only push things as far as Gloria would allow. Though she was surprisingly comfortable with a lot of fun it was definitely a limit that Connie would have to overcome at some point.

Just then the doorknob turned and Connie jumped into bed, putting on her best sick expression and coughing faintly. Michelle entered the room and gave her a passing glance before quietly starting to pick up the laundry off the floor. Connie smacked her forehead.

“Lights on,” she said, and Michelle whirled around in surprise.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Michelle put on her best motherly expression as she sat on the edge of the bed, patting Connie’s arm. “Hope I didn’t disturb you, Connie.”

“It’s fine, Michelle. Thanks for taking care of me all day.” And for letting me feel you up as much as I want, Connie thought about adding but knew that would be inappropriate.

“I’m happy to help take care of you. How are you feeling?” Michelle put a hand to Connie’s forehead to check for a fever, smiling down at her.

“I-I’m doing better,” Connie said, guilt slipping in. “I’ll probably be able to go to school tomorrow.” Her original plan was to milk this for as long as possible, another two or three days at least, but it was easier to take advantage when Michelle wasn’t aware she existed. Seeing Michelle acting so sweet and caring over her made her feel like she was betraying that trust. Sure, Michelle had no idea about anything that happened today and wouldn’t be affected by it, but it still made Connie have second thoughts about doing more.

“Don’t try to push yourself,” Michelle said sweetly. “If you don’t feel up to it tomorrow we can always call you out sick again.”

“Thanks Mrs. Silva.” Connie laid her head back on the pillow, deciding that she’d give the trigger a rest for now. This kind of control was definitely addictive and she’d have to be careful she didn’t get corrupted by it. She’d had an amazing morning, but now she’d take the rest of the day easy. Catch up on her schoolwork, and think about how she could work things out with Tara and Jane. That was at least more appropriate than what she wanted to try and do with Michelle.

“No need to thank me. Taking care of you was a breeze. You practically slept the whole day away,” Michelle said with a laugh. “Gave me an easy morning to enjoy myself.”

Connie smiled, remembering how nice it had felt following her around. She’d seen Michelle not as the caring mother or the sexy older woman but actually just being herself. No matter how guilty she felt Connie didn’t regret that in the slightest.

“Besides, you’re such a well behaved guest. You hardly even have any laundry to—”

Connie gulped as Michelle picked up her laundry, pausing as her fingers happened to squeeze the panties Connie had just stripped off, still wet from her dripping pussy. She saw Michelle instantly realize why the panties were wet, and before she could turn to her Connie quickly yelped out “Lights out!”

Michelle cast a concerned eye over to Connie but saw that luckily the young girl was already fast asleep. Poor thing, she really must be out of it to sleep the day away. Still, even though she didn’t have much laundry it was a little uncomfortable finding her underwear so wet like this. She shook her head but smiled to herself.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass her. I remember being young with all those hormones raging too. Probably fantasizing about some boy from school. God, I remember how many times I got off thinking about Tommy—”

Michelle went bright red as she realized what she was saying, and quickly double checked to confirm that Connie was still fast asleep. She sighed with relief. That certainly wasn’t something appropriate for Connie to hear. Then again, girls were becoming more sexually active these days. She’d certainly been terrified over Jane’s behavior at Connie and Tara’s age. Thank god her mother was there to help with that. Gloria just had a way with the girls that she could never seem to duplicate.

As she gathered up the laundry Michelle softly smiled to herself, a wicked idea coming to mind. She had been strangely worked up all morning, after all. Michelle glanced at the clock. “Well, I do have an hour before the girls should get home. And Connie doesn’t seem like she’ll wake up anytime soon.” Michelle held the laundry basket under her arm and hurried out of the room, giggling to herself as she went downstairs. She didn’t notice the door opening and closing after her, or curious footsteps following her downstairs.

* * *

Connie wondered what she was doing as she followed Michelle into her room. Hadn’t she just promised not to use the trigger anymore? Naturally she was able to rationalize everything to herself. Michelle had been acting curious, giggling to herself and talking about hormones. Besides, if they were in her room maybe she could watch Michelle change clothes. At least she wasn’t feeling her up. Connie sat down on the bed and pinned her hands under her ass, not wanting to give in to temptation anymore than she already had.

Michelle went over to her dresser and Connie found her hips wriggling excitedly. Well, maybe she’d let one hand loose, but only to touch herself and not Mrs. Silva. At this rate Connie knew she’d end up running through all of her underwear in a matter of days. She’d have to start doing her laundry before Michelle got any more suspicious. Connie watched excitedly, waiting for a glimpse at Michelle’s naked body, but instead of changing she took her laptop down from the top of the dresser and laid down on the bed besides Connie, curling up with the computer next to her.

The horny girl groaned. Great, she broke her promise to be good just to watch Michelle go through her email. Connie threw herself back on the bed. “Real great use of your power, Connie. Totally worth the risk.”

Dejected, she rolled off of the bed so she could head back upstairs. She really was tired and drained from how much she’d gotten herself off all day and needed some rest. Cumming next to Michelle while she was oblivious had been the ultimate turn on for her.

As she headed to the door she dropped a bored glance down to Michelle’s laptop, before stopping dead in her tracks as her eyes went wide. Michelle was on a porn site, browsing through different videos as she bit her lip. Connie watched in shock as Michelle perused the lewd videos, her eyes constantly darting to the door to make sure she wouldn’t be interrupted. Every time she looked right at Connie her eyes saw through her, so the older woman assumed she was alone. Finally she clicked on a video and Connie heard a woman moaning, a man grunting and Michelle letting out a happy sigh. Using one hand to fast forward the video to the good part the curvy woman used the other hand to slip her plain panties past her wide hips.

Michelle got the underwear down as far as she could before kicking them free, throwing them right into Connie who caught them in disbelief. Connie held the panties reverently, before looking up to see a sight that melted her heart. Michelle spread her legs wider, her fingers teasing her pussy before slipping inside. Connie moved in closer, her blood pounding and her chest feeling tight from the instant surge of need she felt. She put her face as close to that beautiful pussy as possible. The wet popping of Michelle’s fingers was a seductive symphony, and the sight of her fingers slipping in and out while her juices dripped down her thighs was forever seared into Connie’s brain.

“Holy shit,” Connie muttered, and Michelle suddenly shivered. Curious, Connie blew out her breath softly and Michelle began shivering again, her pussy clenching. Even if Michelle wasn’t able to feel Connie normally her pussy seemed sensitive enough that Michelle couldn’t help but respond. Now she was glad she’d resisted the urge to try and slip her hand into Michelle’s panties earlier. Connie wanted nothing more than to reach a finger out, or stick out her tongue and savor her taste but she lacked the courage to actually go through with it. If she took things too far Michelle might realize something strange was happening and then the trigger might not work anymore.

Instead Connie climbed up onto the bed beside Michelle, moving a hand into her panties to tease at her own cunt. She began pumping her fingers to try and match Michelle’s rhythm, watching her face happily as they moaned in unison. This was a connection like she’d never felt before, even with the fooling around she’d done with Jane. The two of them fucking themselves, not even touching each other. To Connie if felt perfect.

“You like that don’t you?” a faint man’s voice said from the laptop, and Connie groaned in frustration. Alright, it was nearly perfect.

Connie leaned up on her elbow and carefully reached past Michelle to get to the laptop. The older woman had her eyes closed, lost in the moment of pleasuring herself. In the side bar of the website there were a list of suggested videos and Connie saw a lesbian video featuring two beautiful women. Now that would be better than a video with a guy. Connie went to tap it but stopped herself. Since Michelle couldn’t see Connie she’d assumed that the website glitched and went to a different video, which meant she’d probably just click back anyway. Connie pouted and wondered if it was worth it to just try and block out the actor’s voice and focus on Michelle, but she knew it would keep ruining the fantasy in her mind. Then an idea struck her, one that seemed too crazy to even work.

Licking her lips nervously Connie carefully took hold of Michelle’s left hand that was resting on her stomach, her right hand busy fucking herself enthusiastically. Connie took a deep breath and lifted the hand up, watching Michelle for her reaction. She grunted softly, but still seemed absorbed in whatever fantasy she was having. Deciding to do a test first Connie laid the hand down onto one of Michelle’s breasts. The woman smiled in surprise, her hand squeezing her tit and adding to the sensations she felt. She certainly didn’t seem to think some unseen force had taken control. Instead she acted as if she were the one to reach up and fondle her own breast.

Connie smiled, wondering if this would actually work. Carefully she grabbed Michelle’s left wrist and pried her hand away from her breast, making Michelle whine. Her eyes opened and Connie nearly had a heart attack, but Michelle didn’t see her. Instead she seemed irritated her hand had stopped, her eyes resting on her computer. Deciding it was now or never Connie brought the other woman’s hand to the laptop, and Michelle quickly laid her fingers on the small touch pad. She did her best to drag Michelle’s fingers across it, trying to control the pointer but it went berserk with so many fingers tapping it. Then Michelle seemed to brush Connie’s fingers away like a pesky fly and dragged the pointer to the sidebar like Connie had wanted. Deciding to take a more delicate approach she carefully tapped at Michelle’s fingers, which responded by moving in the direction she wanted. It was like trying to manipulate a crane machine up and down but she slowly got the hang of it.

Michelle simply watched curiously, still playing with herself but her fingers had started to slow. She saw her hand scrolling through the other videos available and realized that she really wasn’t feeling this video as strong as when she’d started. She saw several other good options but whenever she tried to click on them her fingers hesitated and scrolled somewhere else. Michelle knew she only had a small window before Tara and Jane got home, or worse if Connie woke up and heard her, so she knew she shouldn’t be this picky to what porn she watched. Finally her fingers settled over a video and clicked it, bringing up a scene of two women in skimpy outfits. Michelle blushed hard since she wasn’t really one for threesome videos, but if the guy was hot she might stay with it. After all what was the harm in trying something new?

However as Michelle went back to teasing her pussy she saw the two women on screen begin to kiss and grope each other, passionately beginning to make love. Now Michelle went wide eyed, realizing that she’d accidentally clicked on a lesbian video. As the porn stars moaned in bliss Michelle reached out to change the video to something else, but instead her hand pulled back and planted itself on her breast again. Michelle watched in surprise as she continued to play with herself as the video went on. Every time she tried to lift her hand away it felt as if some gentle force were holding it down, almost encouraging her.

Michelle sighed in defeat. She’d spent all day with her arousal bubbling under the surface and there was only a small amount of time she’d actually be alone. The older woman turned back to the video, rubbing at her breast as she tried to get into it.

Connie watched with amazement as Michelle seemed to go for it. She continued to fuck herself to the lesbian video as if she were the one who’d put it on in the first place. Connie flopped back on the bed and punched the air excitedly. This was a victory she’d never expected. If she could make Michelle masturbate to lesbian porn could she actually change the older woman’s sexuality? The young girl was lost in the exciting possibilities when she heard Michelle moan in frustration.

“Mhm, this just isn’t working.”

Connie blushed in embarrassment. Of course hypnosis wasn’t as easy as this. She could manipulate Michelle like a puppet, but that didn’t mean she could change her real feelings. Feeling foolish and guilty Connie lifted Michelle’s left hand off of her breast and put it back to the keyboard. Michelle smiled and began scrolling for a new video, while Connie rested on her shoulder comfortably. Fine, so this had been a bust. But she could move Michelle around. That was something to be proud of. Still, if she really could have changed Michelle, it meant she might have been able to change the others too.

She watched absently as Michelle went to select another video featuring a hot guy, but then saw her fingers hesitate. Instead they went up to the search bar and looked up LESBIAN PORNOGRAPHY. That caught Connie’s attention as she leaned in closer. Michelle searched through the videos of sexy women kissing and grinding and groping, the mother blushing deeply. Finally she clicked on the video of a young curvy black woman going down on another girl. Connie watched Michelle’s expression carefully, her excitement almost too much to bear.

Connie didn’t even look at the video as it started to play, but from the sweet moans of the actresses it sounded like something she would have gotten off to herself, though Connie would try to substitute Tara, Jane or Michelle in place of the actresses. As the video heated up Michelle began to smile, licking her lips as her fingers began to pick up the pace. In disbelief Connie watched as Michelle’s eyes fluttered and an excited moan left her, but even as she began to grind her hips and wriggle on the bed her eyes never left the video of the two lesbians eating each other out.

“Oh my god I really can make you a lesbian,” Connie said, voice full of astonishment. “Well, maybe bisexual at best, but you’re really getting off to this, aren’t you?”

Michelle didn’t hear the question but her lewd moan seemed more than enough of an answer for Connie. The young girl slipped her fingers back into her panties, the possibilities flooding through her head. It would be risky to get Michelle alone again like this. The invisible trigger only worked on Michelle, unless she could convince Gloria to give the triggers to Jane and Tara too. Not to mention she’d have to plant the trigger in Gloria herself, but that would depend if it really worked. If nothing else this was a way to make her fantasies come true. She’d have to find Michelle every time she masturbated, gently encouraging her to search for beautiful women over muscular men, but it seemed as if Michelle were open to it already. Change the porn she watched to the sapphic kind for a start, then she could get more specific.

Videos of an older woman and young girls. Videos of lesbian threesomes and foursomes. Then to incest porn of mothers and daughters, sister on sister. Connie whimpered, realizing how wrong this was. Changing Michelle’s sexuality was bad, but making her want to have sexual fantasies about her own daughters was truly wrong. It went beyond being taboo. It was…

“So fucking hot,” Connie moaned to herself, laying her head beside Michelle. This was the way. Or at least a starting point to making her fucked up fantasies a reality. Making the others lust for her, want to serve her, but more importantly make the Silva family want each other. If she could manage that then she’d have everything she might ever want in life. She’d truly be happy.

Connie came hard, and though the trigger should have kept Michelle ignorant of Connie the young mother suddenly came too, spurred on subconsciously by the voice she couldn’t hear. They came together, Connie hugging Michelle tight and grinding against her ass.

“Fuuuck, Michelle. I love this, I want this so bad,” Connie moaned, losing control of herself as stars went off before her eyes. “I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me. And I’m going to make you love me.”

Connie let out a deep shudder as she finally came down, blushing deeply from what she’d said. Being invisible really was freeing. As she lay there wrapped around Michelle’s perfect body Connie considered trying to initiate a second round, but the truth was she was utterly spent. And when she glanced at the clock she realized that Tara and Jane would be home any minute. She quickly slid out from around the older woman and high tailed it out of the room, sprinting upstairs and praying that Tara and Jane wouldn’t come home to find her dripping juices running down her thighs as she smelled of sex. Or worse, if they realized that she smelled like their mother.

Connie threw herself into the cold water of the shower, scrubbing herself quickly to try and wash away the incriminating juices. But as she washed at her crotch Connie felt her arousal spiking again impossibly. Her fingers slipped inside her even as she shivered from the ice cold water. The knowledge that she’d gotten Michelle to watch lesbian porn, that changing her was even possible, it was too much to bear. Connie came suddenly and bit her lip hard to stifle her moans. She had to get Michelle alone again to try and push this further. She had to find a way to make Jane a lesbian too. Tara was already interested in her, but she had to give her more perverted fantasies.

She’d always felt like a freak for her desires, but with this hypnosis she could finally change all that. Now Connie could make the Silva’s as perverted as she was. They could all live together, a perfect incestuous family that loved each other dearly, and of course Connie would be in charge. Tara, Jane and Michelle wouldn’t just be her devoted sex slaves; Connie realized that she could make them want to be her devoted sex slaves.

Connie fell shivering to her knees, still shaking even after the water had started to heat up. She realized that she’d taken things to another level now. Beyond just harmless fun and hooking up. Connie grinned as she saw the possibilities before her. Now all she had to do was learn how to change them all so they’d want to be with her.

* * *

Michelle was panting, wiping the sweat off her forehead as she finally came down from the incredible high. She hadn’t cum that hard in what felt like years.

She turned to the lesbian porn, feeling the same strange sense as before that it was wrong, but somehow she couldn’t deny that it was responsible for that wonderful orgasm. It had felt like she wasn’t in control of herself. Like some unknown emotions had taken control and steered her toward a video of women sleeping together. Michelle had never really fantasized about women before, but perhaps there were some hidden, repressed feelings that were finally coming to the surface. Michelle turned off the laptop and laid back on her bed, basking in the afterglow of it all. Perhaps she’d have to try a lesbian video like that next time she pleasured herself if it made her feel this amazing.

Michelle rolled over and was surprised to find a wet spot on the bed beside her. She slid her fingers over it and recognized the smell of a woman’s privates, but it smelled sweeter than her own juices. Michelle shrugged, figuring that she must have slid over and spread the stain at some point during her fun. Good thing she was doing the laundry later. She’d have to wash this sheet before her family noticed the wet spots and realized that she’d done such a naughty thing.

At that Michelle thought of Connie’s panties and how she’d found them similarly wet. She’d never mention anything to Connie, no need to humiliate Tara’s friend after all, but she couldn’t help giggling to herself. She’d chalked it up to teenage hormones, but here Michelle was making a mess with her own masturbation. Perhaps she wasn’t getting as old as she thought after all. Smiling to herself Michelle began to get up and realized that she was still thinking of Connie. Wondering what the young girl must have been fantasizing of to soak her panties like that. Was she touching herself in those panties to make them so wet? Who was Connie thinking of fucking as she came? And as she asked that awful question Michelle instantly saw an image of Connie on her knees, eating out the woman she’d seen from the video.

Michelle gasped and shook her head. That certainly wasn’t an appropriate thought in the least. Michelle quickly got up to rearrange her sheets, doing her best to brush the terrible thought aside. It must have been because she’d just watched a lesbian video. Yes, that had to be it. Just some lingering arousal from her orgasm getting caught up in thoughts of the young girl. It made her question if she should really try to get off to lesbian videos again if it gave her naughty thoughts like this…

Michelle decided it was worth the risk. That orgasm had been nearly mind blowing, so much more intense than anything she’d felt in years. She had no idea what had made it so perfect, but Michelle would happily try to chase that high again. And if it meant that some idly inappropriate thoughts of other women she knew crept in, well that was an easy price to pay. Besides, Michelle was a responsible adult. Even if there were thoughts about Connie, she’d never do anything so untoward as ever act on them. Smiling to herself, Michelle loaded up the laundry and set off to get everything ready, happy that she’d put the awkward thoughts behind her for good.