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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 9

Movie Night: Part 1

Connie lounged in the bathtub, allowing the heat of the water to soothe her exhaustion. After the day she’d had invisibly trailing Michelle, she certainly needed time to compose herself. It wasn’t just the endless fun of being able to touch Michelle’s body freely, although she had enjoyed that greatly, or being able to cum right besides Michelle as she masturbated. No, despite how amazing everything today had been, there was one thing that still gnawed at her thoughts, daring her to give in and dream bigger.

She’d gotten Michelle, of her own free will, to cum to a fantasy about her.

Even with Gloria’s hypnotic influence under her control, Connie knew there was one indestructible barrier in the way of her perverted dreams: the fact that Gloria and the others would never do anything they didn’t agree with themselves. Connie had been surprised at what she’d been able to accomplish so far, with Jane becoming her lesbian sex coach and Tara even opening herself up to the possibility of being a lesbian, but so far Connie had been at the mercy of the family’s emotions. No matter how she might try to manipulate things the simple truth was that once she’d encountered a limit for any member of the Silva family, she’d been forced to accept that this was as far as things could go. It was impossible for her to overcome Tara’s phobia of affairs, Jane’s lack of romantic interest, and the fact that Michelle was a straight woman. Connie had accepted these restrictions, content to enjoy what fun she could create through Gloria’s hypnosis.

Only today had changed everything. Even if Michelle wasn’t a lesbian, she didn’t question the lesbian pornography that she’d gotten off to. Sure, she’d changed it to a video that was more to her tastes, but that only meant that it was possible to expand their horizons. If Connie continued to manipulate Michelle so she only masturbated to pictures and videos of lesbians, would it convince the older woman that she herself might be a lesbian? Not to mention the fact that Michelle had incorporated Connie into the fantasy.

Connie had to admit that was probably Michelle’s subconscious picking up on her presence there; even if she was invisible to Michelle’s conscious mind, she no doubt heard Connie moaning. Still, that didn’t feel like a side effect so much as an unseen perk. If Michelle was only able to pick up on Connie’s presence in her subconscious, she’d probably believe that meant the thoughts came from herself. All Connie had to do was make sure she was present each time Michelle had an orgasm. She could encourage Michelle so that everything she heard would whisper into that deep dark part of her mind, bleeding into her fantasies. It made Connie feel as if she were an infection, or a computer virus, and though that made her feel a little guilty it didn’t compare to the high she felt when Michelle cried out her name with such wanton need.

Besides, if Michelle wasn’t open to the possibility, her subconscious would’ve rejected the fantasies involving her. Connie had to admit she was just rationalizing her actions, but she’d gotten very good at rationalizing everything she did with the Silva family, and Connie would need to keep rationalizing with everything she wanted to do. Now that Connie saw it was possible to affect Michelle, she couldn’t help but wonder if Tara and Jane would be as susceptible. Perhaps Connie could put herself in Jane’s mind so much that she saw it as attraction, or maybe tilt Tara’s moral compass enough that she wouldn’t see anything wrong with a girlfriend having an affair. Better yet, convince Tara and Jane that polygamy was an entirely enjoyable way of living so that she could date both of them at once. Also, how amazing incest would be, so the sisters could see the beauty in one another and be overjoyed to sleep together, and bringing in Michelle too, so Connie could enjoy a family orgy.

Connie shivered in the tub, sending ripples through the soapy surface of the water. She didn’t even touch herself as the fantasies spun around her head. After all the times she’d gotten off today her sore nipples and clit couldn’t handle any more. Instead, this was purely a mental form of excitement, getting off with her mind alone as Connie dared to dream of what could be.

“Connie? Still in there?”

Connie’s felt a moment of panic at Tara’s voice, but it quickly passed. It wasn’t like she could possibly know what Connie was thinking, so what was there to be guilty about?

“I’m here,” Connie replied, relaxing into the water again. “Sorry, I lost track of time.”

“It’s okay,” Tara’s voice called through the door. “I figured you’d relax in there to help with your cold.”

Right. She’d stayed home sick with Michelle.

“Yup, that’s right. The bath really helped clear me up. I don’t even feel sick anymore.” Connie caught on that she was rambling and lowered herself into the water until it reached her nose. For someone planning to manipulate a whole family she’d have to become a better liar.

“That’s great to hear. My mom’s almost got dinner ready so you should probably get out and get dressed.”

Figuring it was time to face reality, Connie drained the bath water and got up to towel herself off. The bath had been relaxing, but it didn’t do anything to clear her head. With what she accomplished today, Connie felt her brain overflowing with the possibilities of what she could do with the Silva family now. Unfortunately, that didn’t come with any bright ideas about how to accomplish anything. She still had to rely on Gloria to manipulate the others, but the grandmother was much more shrewd than the rest of the family. Everything sexual she’d managed so far was only because Gloria considered it harmless fun, so it wasn’t likely that the old woman would go in for turning her daughter and grandchildren into incest loving lesbians with deep submissive desires towards pleasing their friend Connie.

Still, she’d found a way to turn being invisible with Michelle into such a big opportunity. Surely there were other innocent opportunities that Connie could exploit with her. As she was running the towel over her body she heard another quick series of knocks.

“Hang on, I’m almost out.”

“Take your time,” Tara replied, but there was a hint of excitement in her voice. “I just need you to be the tie breaking vote for movie night.”

“Movie night?” Connie repeated. Of course. Tara always told her that the family would regularly watch a movie together after Michelle had read about it in a magazine as a way of bringing family members closer together. She’d always wanted to stay over, but Thursdays were strictly to be spent with her own family. At that Connie frowned a little, wondering what her parents were up to. She couldn’t give up this opportunity with the Silva’s, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t homesick.

“That’s right. Mom or Granny usually side with Jane and we’re stuck with some awful romcom. I’ve finally got you to back me up here, which means we’ll get to watch something kick ass for once!”

Connie wrapped her towel around herself and opened the door, her heart fluttering wildly. She knew that movie night meant nothing, but it was still something that had always been family related; being invited made Connie feel as if she were really part of the household now. As she emerged from the bathroom, Connie saw that Tara was bouncing up and down anxiously waiting for her. Tara whirled around on her, except that the second she saw Connie her eyes dropped to soak in her bare shoulders and legs, the tight towel showing off Connie’s body. Tara quickly blushed and spun back around.

“Y-you can head to my room and get dressed,” Tara stammered, and Connie was amazed to find she could still get turned on after such an exhausting day, but the way her friend had blatantly checked her out had given her such a deep thrill. How the hell could she still be horny after cumming herself nearly to exhaustion today? Connie kicked the thought aside.

“Hey Tara, your mom seems to like me, right?”

Tara snorted. “She’s crazy about you. Mom’s convinced you’re some model daughter compared to me and Jane, that’s why she’s letting you live with us for a while.” With her back still to Connie she tilted her head, suddenly confused. “At least I think that’s why you’re staying with us.”

Connie cut in quickly, before Tara could get any more suspicious. “What I was trying to say is that I’ve never been to movie night before, so maybe your mom will let me pick a movie. Like letting the house guest choose.”

Tara spun around, wearing a dazzling smile. “Connie, that’s perfect! You get to pick some kick-ass action movie for us to enjoy while Jane can just sit there and sulk. You’re a genius!”

Tara leapt forward with her arms out to give Connie one of her patented bear hugs, only she stopped herself at the last second. Tara froze up, eyes going wide as she suddenly seemed to realize Connie was nearly naked and how close she was to her. Connie instantly recognized the sad expression that filled her eyes as Tara backed away nervously, running off down the hall. It was the emotional need to reach out for what you wanted but knowing that you can’t. It’s the same way Connie had felt for years. She’d experienced it every time Tara had hugged her and Connie wanted nothing more than for the embrace to last forever. The feeling had been there every time she’d seen Tara changing in front of her and her eyes lingered on her friend’s perfect body. Connie had felt it every time she’d been alone with Tara and almost had enough courage to reach out and kiss her, to reveal her feelings, but that same bitter feeling had always held her back.

Tara ran off downstairs before Connie could catch her, and it dawned on Connie how much things had changed since she’d moved in. Now instead of Connie pining after Tara they were both forced to suffer with being attracted to someone they can’t have. She knew the problem was Tara’s own hang ups, but she couldn’t blame her for that. If Connie had only turned down the chance to fool around with Jane, then Tara would never get the wrong idea that she was dating her sister. Instead Tara would have welcomed a chance to go out with her with open arms. For the first time Connie really recognized how much Tara had also been hurt by her decision.

Connie hung her head and marched into the bedroom. If she’d only kept herself loyal to Tara, then they might be dating right now. It was a tempting thought, but Connie knew that if she had another chance, she’d probably go down on Jane all over again. Connie wasn’t just in love with Tara, but the entire family too. If she’d somehow managed to start going out with Tara instead, Connie knew that it would be great, but only make her feel trapped as it would be impossible for her to go after Jane and Michelle too. Maybe she was just being greedy, but Connie couldn’t bear to let this opportunity go. These fantasies about the Silva family had been her obsession since she’d first started being attracted to women, and there was no way she could bear to live her life knowing she didn’t attempt everything to achieve it.

Still, she hated to think that Tara was hurting. Which meant that Connie would have to find a way to help her. First, though, Connie had to make a decision for movie night.

* * *

By the time Connie wandered downstairs Tara and Jane were already arguing loudly from the living room, bitterly shouting back and forth.

“Why do you get to decide what we’re going to watch?” Jane yelled. “It’s completely unfair.”

“I’m not the one picking,” Tara snapped back. “Connie gets to choose since she’s our guest.”

“Yeah, right. She’s just going to put on whatever movie you want to watch.”

Connie had to stifle a laugh as she watched them; there was something deeply funny about the two sisters arguing heatedly in nothing but their underwear. Jane was in her trademark thong, and every time she stomped her foot it made her ass jiggle in the most perfect way. Connie kept herself perched on the stairs, watching the two sexy women with dreamy eyes as they continued to shout at one another bitterly.

“At least Connie knows what makes a good movie. If you got to pick, we’d be watching some terrible vampire romance, or some terrible world war one drama, or that god awful world war one vampire romance!”

“I made you watch ‘Bloody April Romance’ once, and I never hear the end of it!” Jane threw her hands up angrily and stormed off, but it was clear the argument was far from over. Michelle and Gloria were quietly chatting in the kitchen, shaking their heads and no doubt wishing the sisters would get along. When Tara saw Connie she grinned and ran over to put an arm around her shoulders. It struck Connie as funny that her friend had no problem being physical when she thought that Connie was appropriately dressed in bra and panties, even though the towel she’d worn before had covered far more of her body than her underwear.

“We’ve got this in the bag,” Tara snickered quietly, but just loud enough for the fuming Jane to hear a few feet away. “I’ve already got the movie picked out for you.”

She handed over a copy of the new female superhero action film, the same one she and Tara had gone to see four times in theaters. Tara was a die hard follower of the comics, though Connie was too afraid to tell her that she really only liked the heroine for her cute outfit. Whenever she’d gone to see it with Tara, she’d spent nearly the whole time fantasizing about her best friend wearing such skin tight latex, flipping around in all those poses. Connie’s eyes lit up at the thought of getting Tara to dress up in the superhero outfit, or really any outfit she wanted with the hypnotic influence. Inwardly, Connie groaned. She definitely needed to start writing down some of these ideas so she wouldn’t forget, but right now the thought of cute superhero Tara was only distracting her.

“Wait, your mom said I could pick the movie?”

“That’s right. She completely went for it.”

“So, you’re picking the movie for me?”

Tara’s smile cracked as she stared at her, confused. “Well, yeah. This is your favorite film too, right?”

Connie bit her lip. She’d actually wanted to put on a lesbian romance movie that had just come out. Connie had been too terrified to ever watch it at her house in case her parents walked in or saw the history of it on her computer. She desperately wanted to avoid a conversation about coming out to her parents, mostly because Connie felt less of an attraction to women in general, and more specifically to only the women in the Silva family.

Now that she was sleeping over indefinitely, though, Connie had felt free to enjoy the movie, with the added hope that Michelle might react to her choice. It would let Michelle know that she was a lesbian, and hopefully make her remember the mid-afternoon orgasm she’d seemed to enjoy so much.

Except Tara wanted to put on the superhero movie because she thought Connie loved it too. It would screw up her whole plan, but Connie felt the same knee jerk reaction as always to let things go Tara’s way. Only this was too important to let slip. Connie mustered up her courage, looked Tara square in the eyes, and said “Of course it’s my favorite film, I just wasn’t sure if you’d be up for watching it again.”

“Great! Then it’s settled.” Tara threw her into a bear hug and Connie hung her head in disappointment.

As Tara bounced away happily, Jane cast her sister a dirty look. As soon as she was gone, Jane quickly grabbed Connie’s wrist and pulled her in for a close huddle.

“Listen, Connie, I can’t stand watching one of those dumb action movies all night long. So if you let me choose the movie I want, I’ll give you a blank check to request anything you want from me.”

Connie flushed red as she thought of all the perverted, taboo fantasies that had been plaguing her all day. “Anything?”

“Yup, no matter how weird,” Jane promised, clearly determined. “I don’t care about spending an hour tied up and spanked or whatever you have in mind.”

At that Connie chuckled politely. Jane acted as though she were experienced but her idea of what constituted weird fantasies was clearly nowhere near her level.

“So you really hate superhero movies that much?”

“I don’t care about that,” Jane said with a roll of her eyes, staring angrily over at her sister who was putting popcorn in the microwave. “I just can’t stand Tara thinking that she’s won. You see how damn smug she gets.”

Jane did have a point, Connie realized. Normally she was happy rolling over and letting Tara have her way, since she was so blindly crushing on her. Connie knew it wasn’t healthy, but it was hard to resist the idea that if she was always supportive and there to follow Tara, that she might one day recognize her loyalty in some way. Of course, now that Connie was the one with the power, she realized that letting Tara have her choice all the time had spoiled her a bit. Not to mention blackmailing Jane into some fun role playing during sex was extremely tempting. Even if the older girl backed out, it would be fun seeing Jane’s reaction if she asked her to pretend that they were sisters while they fooled around.

* * *

In the kitchen Tara poured the popcorn into a big yellow bowl, overflowing with confidence now that her victory at movie night was all but assured. She glanced over to see Jane pleading with Connie and couldn’t help but laugh. It was ridiculous to think that Connie would side with her over her best friend. Connie snickered as she tossed some popcorn up for her mouth, only to remember the shocking sight of a naked Connie between her sister’s legs, both moaning as she ate Jane out.

Tara locked up and the popcorn bounced off her chin. She’d made a horrible mistake: somehow she’d completely forgotten that her sister and Connie were apparently dating in secret. Scared now, Tara studied them closer and saw Jane with a playful smirk, her eyes doing their best to smolder seductively, and Connie was blushing and smiling to herself.

“Oh crap,” Tara muttered, quickly shoving the popcorn aside. As Jane stalked off back to her room— almost like she was going to pick out a movie from her collection— Tara hurried over to Connie, sweating nervously. “H-hey Connie, what was that about?”

“Oh, nothing important.” Connie spoke casually, enjoying the panicked look in Tara’s eyes. “Jane was just asking me to put her movie on instead.”

“That’s hilarious, really. It’s not like you’re going to do it, though,” Tara said with a nervous laugh. “You’re not, right?”

A smile spread over Connie’s lips as she turned away. “I don’t know. She did make me a very tempting offer.”

“I can match it,” Tara replied quickly. She couldn’t afford to let Jane beat her after she’d thrown it in her face like that.

“It’s not really something you could do,” Connie said quietly, turning away as if she were shy. “It’s something only girlfriends would really do to each other.”

Tara’s face went bright red, and Connie couldn’t keep herself from giggling. For once she was the one who felt in complete control of the situation, with Tara eagerly trying to please her, and she had to admit it felt good. Really good.

It dawned on Connie that this was the way she’d always behaved in her fantasies. She saw herself as the powerful mistress, toying with the Silva family as they fulfilled her every desire. Now that she actually had that kind of power thanks to Gloria’s hypnosis, however, Connie saw that she’d remained the same timid girl as always. Sure, her guilt held her back from doing anything too outright, but why shouldn’t she be allowed to be more confident and have fun like this?

“Listen, Connie. I can do something else. I’ll let you win at video games,” she said hopefully, but Connie shook her head. “I’ll do your homework for you?”

“I’ve seen your grades, remember?”

Tara ran her hands through her hair, desperately trying to think of something Connie would like. Unfortunately, she’d spent the last two days fantasizing about Connie, so all that was popping into her head were completely inappropriate ideas. It would be wrong of her to claim she was against infidelity and then offer to strip for her just for a movie!

“Okay, well maybe I can—”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jane yelled as she ran down the stairs to join them, glaring daggers at her younger sister. “Are you trying to get Connie to pick your dumb movie?”

“Well, she should want to stand by her best friend, obviously.”

As they went into a stand off, Connie couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. For the longest time she’d had a crush on both of them, and now they were actually fighting over her. Fighting over a movie, technically, but she was involved. Feeding off of that powerful rush, Connie put on her best smug smile.

“Girls, you don’t have to fight. I mean, it is MY choice what movie we watch.” Connie crossed her arms, waiting to hear the offers come pouring in. She couldn’t wait to hear what they’d be willing to do, all so she could give her vote to the highest bidder.

Instead of pleading with her, however, both sisters turned and fixed her with a hostile glance. Connie gulped, immediately seeing she may have gone too far.

“You’re right, it is all on you,” Jane said accusingly. “So what’s it going to be?”

“Yeah, you’re going to back me up. Right, Connie?”

“No, she’s going to choose me if she knows what’s good for her.”

Tara and Jane stood there with hands on their hips, staring her down as Connie shrunk back against the wall. If she’d possessed any control over the situation before, that confidence had completely deserted her. Now she felt like she was at their mercy, and no matter who she chose it would blow up in her face.

“I choose… I choose… Gloria!”

Tara and Jane backed up in surprise, whirling around to see their grandmother walking through the living room. Gloria turned to them, curious as to why Connie was yelling her name and sounding so desperate. Before the sisters could come to their senses, Connie slid between them and quickly ran over to Gloria, taking her hand and hurrying her out of the room.

“Connie? What is it, dear?”

“Oh, just something really important I have to tell you,” she said as she pulled her away faster, leading her towards the small home office that Michelle used.

“Hey wait!” Tara shouted. “You still have to pick which of us you—”

“Later! Have to talk to Gloria first!” Connie threw an apologetic smile and quickly slammed the door shut. She collapsed against the wall and let out a sigh of relief. God, she’d made such a mess of things. No wonder she didn’t try to act confident more often. Across from her, Gloria gave a dry chuckle.

“Seems as though you landed yourself in some hot water, Connie.”

“Yeah, I was enjoying myself too much and dug myself in deep.” Connie hung her head and dropped down into the office chair. “What am I going to do? I don’t want either one of them angry at me.”

“Oh, pish posh. Tara or Jane will sulk for the night, and by tomorrow they’ll be back to normal. They always act like this whenever we have movie night.”

“Really?” Connie asked. “If they’re always fighting, why don’t you just whammy them to be nicer to each other?”

“Because if I used hypnosis to correct every minor problem, the entire family would be a group of extremely well behaved robots with no personality.” Gloria laid a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. “Being a hypnotist is about responsibility. It’s tempting to use that power to solve every small problem, but things can quickly get out of hand.”

“You’re telling me,” Connie mumbled. She still had the screw up with Tara believing she was dating her sister. Now that was a serious problem. This was just movie night, and she didn’t need that kind of stress put on top of everything.

“I think it’s best if you just go out there and apologize,” Gloria said wisely. “Pick whichever movie you want and trust that they’ll forgive you for it.”

“You really think they’d accept whatever I put on?”

“Oh, of course not, but they’ll only act mad for a day or two. You can survive that easily, Connie.”

Connie gripped the armrests of the chair. She didn’t want to have to survive them being mad at her, especially not when she had more pressing things to worry about, like how to turn the whole family into lesbians. Out of the corner of her eye Connie saw Gloria open her mouth to offer another frustrating lecture, and before she knew it, Connie was speaking the trigger words.

“Nala Lynpul!”

Gloria relaxed, and her face melted into a dazed expression. “How can I serve you, Mistress?”

“First, that ‘lights out’ trigger you gave Michelle worked amazing, so you can go ahead and keep that in.”

“As you wish, Mistress,” Gloria said with a nod. “I was going to put Michelle in trance after the movie to make certain that everything worked perfectly. Would you like me to still check with her?”

“That depends,” Connie muttered. “What were you going to ask her?”

“Simply for an account of what she did all day. As well as getting her subconscious to explain everything you did around her, simply to make sure that nothing was secretly observed.”

Connie went pale. “Th-that’s not necessary. Thank you, Gloria.”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

Falling back against the office chair, Connie felt a rush of relief. Damn, that was close. If Gloria had asked Michelle that, she would have found out all the ways that she’d been abusing the trigger today. She knew Gloria had an open mind but she doubted the elderly woman would react kindly to finding out that Connie had tricked her daughter into having an orgasm to lesbian porn. Still, she’d caught it just in time and that was one crisis averted, but Connie had plenty more she wanted to accomplish.

“Gloria, how would you feel about teaching me hypnosis?”

“I would refuse, Mistress. In my opinion you are young and unaware of how to properly motivate and manipulate people. If I taught you my skills with hypnosis you’d no doubt get yourself into a lot of trouble.”

Connie grumbled angrily in her chair, but Gloria had a point. She’d nearly gotten into a fight with both Tara and Jane over something as stupid as what movie to watch. If she’d brought hypnosis into it, things might have escalated more than she could handle. That said, Connie knew she’d have to learn hypnosis on her own some day.

“What would I have to do for you to trust me enough to teach me?”

Gloria’s eyes remained empty but she cupped her chin, as though she were thinking hard. “I would have to see you as more responsible. Exhibiting self control and having a genuine interest in hypnosis beyond what it might do in the bedroom.”

Leaning back in the chair Connie thought about it. That would be pretty hard to prove, but it wasn’t impossible. She’d just have to get creative about it.

“Okay, Gloria, you can go ahead and—” Connie stopped herself, remembering the argument waiting for her. “Actually, there’s something else you can do for me.”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Can you command Tara and Jane to just enjoy whatever movie I choose to put on?”

“I try not to affect their personalities, Mistress, no matter how tempting it might be.”

Connie nodded. “I know, and I understand why you do it. I’m not saying to make them stop fighting, just that for movie night at least they’ll accept whatever movie’s chosen and enjoy it no matter what.”

Gloria smiled. “Yes, Mistress. That sounds very fair. I will tell them to accept whatever movie is chosen for movie night, and to enjoy it no matter what it is.”

Something clicked in the back of Connie’s mind. “Gloria, can you repeat that?”

“Yes, Mistress. I will tell them to accept whatever movie is chosen for movie night, and to enjoy it no matter what it is.”

An electric jolt surged up Connie’s spine, making her break out in goosebumps.

“I want you to accept the same command. Exactly as it’s worded.” Connie wiped a hand over her mouth nervously, wondering if this would work. “Do you accept?”

“Yes, Mistress. I will accept whatever movie is chosen for movie night, and will enjoy it no matter what it is.”

Connie jumped up to her feet. “Good. Go hypnotize Jane and Tara and give them those exact instructions. No changing the wording. Come to me if you have any problems. Oh, and hypnotize Michelle too.”

At that Gloria twitched. Connie froze, terrified that Gloria had noticed what she had. “Why Michelle?”

“Well, I figure there will be plenty of movie nights to come, and she might not like all of them. So if everyone in the family accepts and enjoys the movie each time then everyone will have more fun.”

Gloria considered that and nodded. “Yes, Mistress. I will go instruct the rest of the family.”

Connie grinned to herself. “Okay. You can wake up and go take care of it.”

The old woman took in a deep breath, her body coming back to life as she smiled. “Hmm, now that you mention it, Connie, there may be something I can do about movie night. I swear, the fighting can just get too much sometimes. Hang back here and I’ll go make sure that everyone enjoys movie night tonight.”

She watched Gloria leave, collapsing back into the chair. “Holy shit, I can’t believe that worked.” Connie kicked the floor and spun herself around in the office chair, her excitement needing some kind of release. She’d completely lucked into this, and it seemed as though it would work. Even Gloria had accepted such an innocent sounding suggestion. But could she actually pull this off?

Connie turned on Michelle’s computer and began searching for the film she had in mind. This was definitely an all or nothing risk. If it went wrong, she’d be in so much trouble it would probably get her thrown out of the house. Except if it worked, then it would be a huge step forward. Connie swiped up one of the usb drives laying on the desk and plugged it in, eager to start the download. This would certainly be a movie night that none of them would forget.