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Chapter 6, Susan

Rick looked about his newly acquired mansion and felt quite happy.

Heather’s abilities had been quick to pay off. Rick was a multi-millionaire, worth at last count nearly $150 million. It had taken Heather less than a month to pull it off. Ali’s scrying and her genie enhanced talents had simply taken the markets by storm, and she had been very good at keeping a close lid on who had done what. It was all more or less legal (no laws against magic or scrying or genies after all), and Rick was rolling in money.

Which was good as Rick’s mansion had needed a lot of work and the basic price hadn’t been cheap to start with. Money however talked, and shortly after the deal was done an army of contractors had descended on the place and had worked 24/7 until it had been completed. Then Rick and his household had moved in from his old place. He had had his genies build in special gateways to his hidden palace and they were mixed right in. So for Rick anyway, many doors led to many different places.

And that was really the least of it. His household staff was now very large.

His special genies had taken their jobs seriously and had gone out to hire specialists to help. Bridget had hired a staff of maids, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, pool cleaners, and servants that lived in a barracks below. They were paid, but Bridget had entranced them all. They were 100% loyal and were brainwashed to think they were household slaves of an Arabian Prince. They would never betray Rick and when they had a day off or had to interact with the outside world they never spoke of what they did. Bridget made sure that every one of them was a beautiful woman, between 18 and 30, and they wore skimpy French maid costumes, or Chief’s aprons and stockings, or less.

Heather had a similar staff of accountants, secretaries, and the like. They also were pretty young women, who dressed as slutty secretaries or teachers. But they did their jobs with gusto and were also completely entranced and loyal to Rick.

Nicole’s palace guard consisted of 40 women. They looked like a troop of Amazons when she held morning and evening inspections. All were in top shape, muscled, hair in braids and all tough as nails. The outer guards wore regular security guard uniforms as there was a chance they could be seen by the public. They were all heavily armed though, with Glocks, nightsticks, tazers, Kevlar vests, and for those walking guard stations, AR-15s. The inner mansion guards however were dressed like Greek Warriors, with breastplates, spears, swords, bracers and helmets (guns were available if needed). They were all of course entranced and brainwashed into thinking they were actually Amazons in the employ of a great Prince.

Rick had quit his job two weeks after taking Heather. No one had raised any eyebrows at his departure and his story about having been hired by a start up. Rick had cashed in his 401K and cleaned out his accounts and with Heather on the job he had been cleaning house. He was thus able to enjoy his hobbies, workouts and his nights out.

Jack had to be careful anymore about Lacey. She was easily the most beautiful of his slaves, and her magic made her even more so. Having been one of the hottest strippers in LA easily put her in the top 1% of beautiful women in the world and she had begun to attract too much attention when they went out. Agents and producers would constantly be trying to talk to her, and Rick had been in several fights when so called tough guys had tried to simply muscle him out of the way and had found out the hard way about his magically acquired fighting skills. But worse was that he had been followed several times by either agents or guys looking to get with Lacey when he dropped her off and he had gone through great lengths to lose them. Any more he had to have Lacey use magic to tone down her beauty, which she didn’t like, but did when ordered.

Rick had Heather and Nicole monitor the internet and he was not happy with the fact that he had at least 3 dedicated stalkers who were digging up everything they could on him and Lacey. They didn’t have his address and new home yet and he didn’t want them to find it either. Nicole had suggested that she “take care of the situation permanently” and that several of her brainwashed guards would be able to do the mission with no issues.

Rick didn’t want any deaths or accidents. He simply wanted them to be warned off. And in order to do that he needed a new genie with legal skill.

Hence his private meeting this afternoon with Susan Masons, Lawyer, graduate of Stanford Law with honors and the youngest lawyer to be made a full partner in the firm of L, L, and Jackson, THE law firm of LA. The fact that she was a black woman and had been a beauty queen (Ms. California back 5 years ago) was simply icing on the cake. She was a shark and took no prisoners in the courtroom.

In other words, the next Genie.

Rick was in his “real” office in his mansion waiting for her to arrive. It had not been easy convincing her but Lacey had been able to get her an entrancing flower that opened her to Lacey’s suggestion that it really would be better to visit Rick at home given the situation.

His guards on the front gate signaled him that she had arrived and he looked out to see her light blue Porsche 911 zip up to the front door.

Rick waited in his office and Heather soon knocked on his door. “Come in.” he replied and Heather led Susan in.

Rick stood and extended his hand. “Thank you so much for coming out here. I’m sorry that I had to ask this, but I am having a serious stalker problem and the less I move the better as they don’t yet know where I live.”

Susan strode forward all business. She was a beautiful woman by any standard. Jet black hair with a lovely sheen, combed straight down to mid back, dark brown eyes, perfect white teeth, chocolate brown skin without any blemish and a lovely figure. Jack noted with approval she had a slightly larger than average set of tits, about a 38DD.

“Well, it is unusual but as Heather was a personal friend I felt that I had…”

Susan stopped in mid-sentence as Rick smoothly brought up his left hand and shoved it into her outstretched hand. As soon as her fingers brushed it she froze and Rick simply enclosed her fingers around it and recited his spell.

“As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Susan, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!”

“I, Susan, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.” Susan replied in a monotone voice.

Rick pricked Susan’s finger and before pressing her blood onto the lamp, he spoke again. “I name thee Household Notary, Lawyer, and Legal Council on all matters regarding the laws of this world and others, and a harem slave. You will serve your Master in all respects to the utmost of your abilities.”

Susan repeated her charge back to him and was engulfed by the smoke. As her face dissolved Rick heard her murmur “No, please no.”

Rick frowned at that response. He clapped his hands twice and Lacey and Ali appeared.

“Did you overhear her response? That is a new one.” Rick asked.

“Yes Master. While disturbing it is to be expected. Eventually you would enslave one who did not wish it. You will have to be very careful with this one. She will definitely try and trick you or manipulate you. Ensure her loyalty immediately.” Ali advised.

Lacey nodded in agreement. “The Grand Vizier is correct Master. If she is not happy being enslaved like myself and the others, she will definitely attempt to cause trouble.”

Rick nodded and rubbed the lamp. The smoke poured out and Susan stood before him.

Rick smiled at her and noted that despite her beauty she merely put her hands together and bowed without a smile. “I am Susan, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

Rick nodded and spoke. “I will ask for my wishes later and will specifically tell you when. You will always answer me with the full truth and with complete answers. You will admit NO information that is related to the topic. You will not attempt to conceal important information with the mundane or attempt to twist the truth in any way, shape or form. You will do NOTHING that can betray me, hurt me, or double-cross me or my household. You WILL be a fully loyal slave.”

Susan bowed and replied “As you command Master, I must obey.”

Rick noticed the difference in wording from his other genies and looked at Susan. She was certainly a great beauty. Her color of silk was yellow, and it was beautiful on her chocolate skin. Her see through silk wrapped around her shoulders and chest but clearly showed off her breasts and areolas. Long strips wrapped her arms and were linked to gold bracelets. She wore silk pantaloons and slippers and a beautiful belt on which dangled jewels and coins. Her hair was long and hung to her ass and was beautifully black and lustrous, held back by a golden cone the pushed it back and up in a high ponytail. Her face was covered by a yellow veil, but since it was see through Rick could tell she was not smiling.

“You are not happy to be a genie?” he asked.

Susan hesitated for a second and then, very reluctantly, spoke. “No Master I am not. Or the mortal Susan was not. As a genie I am resigned to my fate, but do not embrace it with joy.”

“Why not?”

“I was a powerful woman in the mortal world. I was going to become a Federal Judge and eventually sought to become a Supreme Court Judge so I could help the causes of Justice in this country and aid my people. This dream will never be realized, and I can feel the sadness and anger the mortal Susan felt when she realized she was being enslaved. That hurt her, especially since she is a black woman.”

Rick swallowed. He actually felt bad about the situation. His other genies had been happy if not ecstatic when they had transformed. This was a new one on him and while he wanted power and women, he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Rick thought for a minute. He supposed he was splitting hairs on being a nice guy. He had after all flat out enslaved 4 other women without caring if they wanted it or not and he had just been lucky that they in the end had embraced their changes and new lives. But he didn’t want his slaves to be unhappy.

“Susan, I will not release you from your new life. I have need of you and your skills. I command you to serve me with joy and pleasure. But I will not simply override your feelings. If Susan cannot become this judge, does she know someone who would be able to do this job as well as her with the same dedication and passion?” Rick asked.

Susan thought for a minute. “The mortal Susan had a younger sister, nearly 10 years younger. She had the same ideals but lost her way in high school. She is a party girl, one of the popular crowd and will likely never amount to much and end up either dead at a young age or repeatedly married and divorced with lots of children she will not care for. They have not spoken for two years, but she will be entering her senior year of high school this year. If she could be made to remember who she used to be, she might be able to take up the challenge.”

Rick smiled. “I have my wishes then. I wish that I had great legal sense and knowledge of the laws of this world. I wish that I had the materials to build another lamp. I wish that Susan’s sister received Susan’s fate that she would work hard, become a great lawyer and eventually a Supreme Court Judge who was just and merciful when needed, a great example to her people and to the country.”

For the first time since she had transformed, Susan smiled at Rick. It was a great smile and Rick could tell it was real. Susan replied “Thank you Master. You are a just and kind Master, and you now have my loyalty without having to command it.” She clapped and Rick fell out of the chair as he had been caught up in the moment and forgot to brace himself from the knowledge getting blasted into his head.

Ali helped him back into his chair. “Master, you are indeed a wise and honorable man. I have never met anyone who has ever used a wish on anyone other than themselves before. Ever.”

Lacey leaned down and kissed him gently. “The Grand Vizier speaks the truth Master. Susan of the Yellow Lamp is indeed your woman.”

Rick stood and held out his hand to Susan who took it with a soft touch. “Susan of the Yellow Lamp, this is the Grand Vizier Ali, and Lacey of the First Lamp, head of the harem. You answer to myself, then Ali, and then Lacey, and no one else. Come, I will have you work in the treasury for now. I have more plans for expansion but for serious legal work that will be your place for now. You have much to do.”

Susan smiled at him and coyly brushed her hand across his groin. “I am thankful Master, but I must be honest in that I am hoping you will allow me to show my thanks in other ways? Perhaps you could show me your bed chamber first?”

Rick smiled and nodded. “A very good idea. This way.”

Rick led his latest genie through a door and into his master bed chamber. Susan took his hand and led him to the large hot tub. She clapped her hands and soft slow music began to play. She began a slow, swaying dance and gradually stripped off her clothes and Rick’s clothes one piece at a time until they were both naked. She led him into the water and began to rub and caress him with soap and scents. Her hand and fingers were nimble and Rick was panting shortly. He came right as she slipped onto his stiff cock. Susan smiled at his pleasure and kissed him deeply. She drew him out of the water and dried him slowly on a Roman style couch.

Susan crawled up onto him and mounted him reverse cowgirl and started to pump up and down. Her black hair shown and glistened and her lovely dark skin made a shocking contrast to his lighter skin. They were soon both gasping and thrashing, and Rick and Susan came together. Susan cried out “OH MASTER YES!!!!” and then fell down on top of him.

After a few minutes she arose and kissed him as he lay there with a smile. “I have two reasons to be thankful for you making me into a genie Master! That was the best sex the mortal Susan or Susan of the Yellow Lamp has ever had! If my nights are to be spent in such pleasure, then I will have little to complain about.”

Rick grinned. “Glad you are adapting so well. Ah Lacey, please do your duty.”

Lacey smiled and bowed as she began to lick her Master clean while he rested his head on Susan’s lap. He soon was sleeping soundly and with a clap was tucked in bed.

Lacey sat beside his bed and settled herself. “I watch Master as he sleeps. You have done well Susan of the Yellow Lamp. But know this. I am a happy slave. When our Master took me and made me the Genie of the First Lamp I was confused and then happy beyond my wildest dreams. Everything I have ever desired: sex with a great man, money, power, clothes, cars, jewels, and being one of the most beautiful women on this world, he has given to me. I know you were not at all happy about being taken as a slave. While I hope that Master’s noble deeds have made you fully loyal, I will always be watching you. Do anything that I suspect will hurt Master and I shall smash your lamp and then I shall smash you.”

Susan swallowed as she stared at Lacey’s face. It was a face of pure, cold, hard evil. And Susan had no doubt in her mind that Lacey would do everything she said. “Lacey of the First Lamp, I swear by my Lamp and by the first Lamp ever created I will be completely loyal to our Master, the household, and you. I shall never betray him, ever.”

Lacey nodded a single nod, and then leaned back. “Very good Susan of the Yellow Lamp. You have household duties, so attend to them. This evening, you have the place of pride in the bedroom as the newest slave. I will see you then.”

Susan bowed low and strutted out with her ass swinging as Lacey watched over her sleeping Master with a smile.