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Light and Shadows IV: Midnight Dusk and the Silver Dawn

by J. Darksong and Madam Kistulot

Added 27 July 2013

Updated 03 August 2013

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On the run, from the law and his own demons, Jimmy seeks refuge in Midas City. His cousin Aurora LaSilvas, convinces him to stop running and face the consequences, promising to stick with him to the bitter end. His problems do not end, however; blamed for the deaths back in River City, he finds that trouble has followed him there as well...

Chapter Length Added
I. 1583 words 27 Jul 2013
II. 8268 words 27 Jul 2013
III. 6949 words 27 Jul 2013
IV. 4416 words 03 Aug 2013
V. 5211 words 03 Aug 2013
VI. 6255 words 03 Aug 2013
Epilogue 2650 words 03 Aug 2013