The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Light and Shadows 7: Fading Light

by Baltimore Rogers and J. Darksong

Added 15 March 2014

Updated 31 May 2014

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A new villain has come to River City, seeking to bring down not only the fair heroine, but the entire city. Luminaire joins with new friends to save the day, racing against the clock trying to save the city even as she herself begins to succumb. In the end, final victory comes but not without sacrifice...

Chapter Length Added
Prologue 2659 words 15 Mar 2014
Ch.1) Pray For the Day 4575 words 22 Mar 2014
Ch.2) Pray For the Rain 3348 words 29 Mar 2014
Ch.3) When I Watch, and I Wait 4511 words 12 Apr 2014
Ch.4) Heaven Waits 8285 words 03 May 2014
Ch.5) Breathe Again 6183 words 10 May 2014
Ch.6) Yield to the Hurt 5056 words 17 May 2014
Ch.7) The Coming Night 10271 words 17 May 2014
Ch.8) The Last Remaining Light 6298 words 24 May 2014
Epilogue 6157 words 31 May 2014