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Light and Shadows III: Dusk Descending

by J. Darksong

Added 30 March 2013

Updated 06 April 2013

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Finally giving in to the pressures of his family, and to fate, Jimmy decides to embrace his family’s legacy as a costumed super hero. However, things quickly turn sour when his first altercation with a super villain results in severe collateral damage and the death of innocents. Suddenly, the would-be hero is labeled a murderer and fugative. Has destiny conspired to place him in the role of a supervillain after all?

Chapter Length Added
I. 4513 words 30 Mar 2013
II. 8034 words 30 Mar 2013
III. 5908 words 06 Apr 2013
IV. 7722 words 06 Apr 2013
V. 1392 words 06 Apr 2013