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Malaking Suso Resort and Spa


Commissioned by CJ

Day 2, Part 4: Lexi


It was only after Mary had finished the last of her boba juice that she bothered to look up and see who was calling her name.

The excited voice came from a platinum blonde who’s tits were only just barely contained by a string bikini.

“Lexi!” Mary replied in kind after licking her lips of the last of the sticky juice. She then set the empty glass down and ran up to her friend.

She had just been expecting a quick hug, but found herself enjoying having Lexi’s lips wrapped around your own. They felt so warm. As if they were reflecting heat from the tiki torches that were lit all around the pool that evening.

“Mmm… You smell so good!” Lexi said licking her own lips after the kiss.

She had pulled back sooner than Mary would have liked. But still, her words were enough to make Mary sniff at her own scent.

The floral aroma of the massage oil once again flooded her senses until her nipples started throbbing underneath her swim top.

She needed another titty massage.

Lexi leaned in and whispered into Mary’s ear. “I heard you taste good, too.”

“I’ve been told I taste delicious.” Mary bragged before she went on to say. “My pussy tastes good. Pussy juice tastes good.”

”Pussy juice tastes good.” Lexi repeated with a dazed look for a moment before Mary’s prominent nipples caught her attention.

“Oh wow! Mary! Your titties look so good!” Lexi chirped then hefted Mary’s tits in her hands, weighing them.

It felt good having her friend play with them. It was nice of her to hold their weight for a bit too. Mary only had a moment of dim awareness of how light she felt with them in her friend’s hands before Lexi let them go.

Lexi didn’t try to suppress her laugh as they fell. She licked her lips as she watched them slowly stop jiggling. “I’m so jealous! My tits don’t bounce like that. See?”

Lexi grabbed Mary’s hands and held them against her smaller chest.

Her tits were still big by normal standards, but Mary could feel the difference from her own right away. Lexi’s tits looked good. But they felt bolted on.

To prove her point Lexi bounced on her toes. Forcing her new tits to slap against Mary’s hands.

Lexi giggled. “Still they feel nice in you hands, though. And for some reason they make me feel all light headed when I bounce them like this!” she said bouncing them again.

A few times, Mary’s own tits were slapped by Lexi’s as she jumped.

“I love my new titties!” Lexi said dreamily. Soon followed by. “I love David’s new tiities!”

“What?” Mary asked confused. Why did Lexi’s husband have tits?

“What?” Lexi asked back.

“You said you love David’s titties?” Mary asked.

“I love titties. I love big titties.” Lexi answered. Lexi was a good girl.

“I love big titties, too.” Mary said, finding herself repeating the mantra. It felt good. She was a good girl, too! Her nipples happily throbbed. She giggled and looked down at them.

She started to massage them in her hands. Rolling around the heavy flesh in them felt nice. She felt nice.

She looked up to see Lexi watching her massage her tits.“Do you like my big tits, Lexi?” They liked being watched, too.

“I love your big tits!” Lexi said, her eyes glued on them.

That made them feel really nice! Mary freed a nipple from her swim top. She must have been sweating. The top was damp and her nipple felt sticky.

She rolled it between her thumb and finger sending shivers down her own spine. As much from physical pleasure as from sheer excitement. She liked controlling her friend’s attention with her tit.

Lexi loved her big tits.

Mary giggled as she watched one of Lexi’s hands slide under her panties. She felt her own sex throb. She liked being in control. But she couldn’t help herself from making fun of her friend’s reaction.

“Lexi! You’re such a slut!”

The platinum blonde’s blue eyes glazed over. “I’m a slut! I’m a slut and I love it!” She said dropping to her knees. Her hand still rubbing under her panties.

Mary licked her lips, enjoyed the power she felt herself now wielding. “You’re a slut, Lexi! You’re a big titted blonde slut!”

“I’m a slut! I’m a big titted blonde slut!” Lexi repeated as she rubbed herself. She was leaning forward now, holding herself up with her free hand.

On the ground as she was, Mary could see Lexi’s new tattoo. A couple inches below ‘Lexi’, ‘Slut’ had been freshly written into the woman’s skin.

“Whose slut are you, Lexi?” Mary asked, barely able to keep her own hand away from her panties.

“...I’m David’s slut! I’m David’s big titted blonde slut!”

“Mary! Time for milk bath!” Baya said grabbing Mary’s arm and pulling her away.

“What? Wait! No! Not yet!” Mary protested, trying to turn back to Lexi who was herself being led away by Tetas.

“Is time for milk bath, Mary. Get you more happy boba juice!” Baya said.

Her mouth watered at the mention of the juice. The thought was tempting, but not as much as having Lexi to herself. “No! I want to keep talking to Lexi!”

Baya was having none of it. She turned to Mary and harshly grabbed her left tit. “No Mary cow, is time to soak udders in milk bath. Already miss one day! Tonight you unga!”

* * *

Mary squinted at first. She didn’t understand everything that Baya was telling her. But as she drank another glass of boba juice, and as Baya continued to squeeze on her tit, that seemed to matter less.

“You like me squeezing your titties, Mary cow?”

She understood that. Mary liked having her titties squeezed. Her mouth full of sweet boba juice she found herself nodding as the attendant lead her off by her tits.

Baya laughed. “Good! Good baka! I squeeze your titties then! But I squeeze them better when they good full with milk! Milk bath give you good udders, Mary baka. You want be good baka, you want good udders, yes? You want they make good milky milk all the time, yes?”

The words stopped making sense, but Mary just nodded her head in rhythm with Baya’s tugging. It was so much easier to just agree with her than to try and understand all of what Baya was saying. And it made it easier to finish of the last of the boba juice.

With the glass empty, all Mary wanted was her titties squeezed.

“Good! Good girl! Good Mary cow!” Baya said stopping. She then turned to face Mary, she took her empty glass and set it on a nearby table. The she gave a long slow pull down on both of Mary’s tits at once.

Mary didn’t want Baya to stop. Nor did she want to fall over, which she was sure to do if Baya kept tugging down on her like that. But the shorter woman kept pulling without release.

Rather than try and stop her, Mary knelt down in front of her busty Asian attendant. Having her titties tugged just felt too good to risk it being stopped.

But stop it did, if just for a moment. Baya stopped her tugging for a moment to pet her on the head.

“Good girl! Is good for udders you be on knees like that!” Baya said in her usual broken English.

As much as Mary found herself enjoying the praise, she found herself disappointed that Baya had pat her head at the cost of no longer squeezing her tits.

“You like be on all four, feel even better!” Baya said as she squeezed Mary’s tits again, this time pulling her forward.

Mary didn’t resist. It felt too good. And besides, Baya said they’d feel better if she was on all fours…

“You good, Mary baka! You like be on all four! You like be on ground like animal! You good, Mary cow! You like be cow, you like have udders. When they like this your big titties be udders. You like have big titties, you like have big udders!” Baya continued, removing Mary’s top.

Mmm… Mary liked thinking of her big titties as udders… She liked her big udders! And they did feel good hanging down off her her while she was on the floor like that, just like Baya had said.

Mary wiggled her chest to revel in this new realization.

Baya laughed and gently slapped each of Mary’s large udders.

“Okay, Mary cow, more of that later! Baya promise! But first your udders need make more milk. Big udder need make big milk! Then you be happy cow and unga all the time! Milk bath help! You ready now, Mary cow? You ready have big milky udders?”

Mary didn’t understand. But she saw Baya nodding so she nodded, too.

“Good girl! Good cow! Baya milk your udders soon Mary cow! You almost ready for milk bath now!” Baya said pointing in front of her.

It took a few moments of her udders not being tugged before Mary realized that they had made it to the milk baths. In front of her were two large freestanding tubs. They appeared giant from her perspective crawling on the ground.

“First though, you get more special boba juice! Baya make this special juice just for good cow. You good cow, Mary cow?”

Mary’s mouth watered at the mention of boba juice. She didn’t hear anything after that, but Baya was nodding her again, so she nodded back.

“That’s right! You good girl! You good cow!” Baya said first patting Mary’s head, then she knelt down and pulled on her udders.

It felt so different! Mary was in heaven! Not only was the experience even more euphoric when she was on the ground, but Mary knew that she could look forward to boba juice soon! That happy anticipation made the tugging on her udders all the more delightful!

“Oh! You such good girl! Baya see you wet already! You very good cow! Your owner be very happy!” the Asian said as she now removed Mary’s bottom and began patting Mary’s sex.

Mary bowed her head down and pushed her rump into Baya’s hand as she did so. It felt amazing after all her titty… all her udder stimulation. The only way it could have been better was if the stimulation were coming from Baya’s tongue as Nicole had done.

Ideas began to form about all the things her attendant could be doing for her. Or if Baya had let her and Lexi alone a little longer…

Mary couldn’t hold back her thoughts, or her excitement, any longer.

She began to cum into Baya’s hand.

“Oh! You surprise Baya, Mary cow! You good girl! Good girl when you cum like that! Here, you get have some pussy juice now!” Baya said holding her hand in front of Mary’s face. “Pussy juice taste good! You like pussy juice!”

The smell was heavenly. Mary didn’t hesitate licking her own juices from Baya’s hand. Soon she was sucking all she could from each of Baya’s fingers. It was even more rewarding as she began sucking on Baya’s fingers. It was like she was sucking on slender cocks.

To her disappointment, Baya eventually withdrew her hand. She wiped it through Mary’s dark red mane then walked off.

If she weren’t about to take a bath, she would have been upset by the action. But she wasn’t given time to give it much thought. Baya soon returned with a glass bowl that she set in front of the tub.

She then poured a white thick mixture from a shiny metal pitcher.

“You such good girl! You get special juice just for good cow like you! You come drink, cow! Drink good juice make good milk!”

There was no doubt that this juice was more potent than the previous one she’d had. Mary picked up the familiar pungent aroma right away. She immediately crawled forward and started to drink from the bowl. It tasted incredibly better than all the other drinks she’d had before. Better than anything she’d had before.

Baya was kind enough to kneel down next to her and hold her long red hair back as she lapped up the thick concoction. Then she leaned in and whispered into Mary. “I tell you secret, it made from Baya’s own special juice.”

Baya was right. Mary did like pussy juice! It tasted great even though it wasn’t her own!

As the bowl was nearing empty, Mary began to wonder how good it might taste straight from the source...

“Good girl! You drink the whole thing! You drink all of Baya’s special juice! Don’t worry! You get more tomorrow! Now time for milk bath! You get in now, Mary cow!” Baya said taking the empty bowl and replacing it with a small step ladder so Mary could crawl into the tub rather than climb.

As Mary’s head peaked over the top she took a glance toward the other tub. The first thing she saw were two giant bare tits floating above the milk like islands. The nipples on them standing erect like the Pitons. Beyond them, Mary saw the face of a dark haired woman. Her eyes were open, but she didn’t notice Mary’s gaze. The woman’s view was focused on her own pale twin peaks.