The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Malaking Suso Resort and Spa


Commissioned by CJ

Day 2, Part 5: Milk Bath

“That Clara. You need help her, Mary cow.” Baya said, stopping Mary at the top of the ladder. She reached around and began tugging again at her udders as she spoke. “You such good cow, Mary! You need help Clara. She cow just like you, but not good cow like you! She not like her boba juice! She no want massage! She stressed like Mary was!”

Mary tried to remember what that was like, it seemed so long ago that she had ever been anything other than relaxed. But wasn’t that why Chris had sent her here?

Baya began giving longer, harder tugs at her teats preventing her from any further thoughts on the matter.

“She not good girl! She hold all her stress in her tits! But she no want titty massage! She very stressed now! See! See how big her titties are?”

Even if Baya hadn’t directed her attention to them, Mary would have noticed. The woman’s tits were enormous. Bigger than Nicole’s even, but not as flawless. The woman’s tits were crossed with rivers of blue veins.

“See those baka titties? She baka just like you, Mary cow.” Baya continued, still kneading Mary’s udders. “These big baka titties! These baka udders! Make milk soon!”

That made sense. Those were too big to be slut titties. Just like Mary’s. Those were baka titties. Just like hers. Clara was a baka. Just like her.

“But you a good girl, Mary cow. You drink all your boba juice! You rub your titties so no more stress! You like be naked! You like big titties! You like suck cock! You like taste pussy juice! You like cum when told! You good girl, Mary cow! You get titty massage!”

Mary was squirming under Baya’s words as much as by her touch. She knew she would have an orgasm if Baya told her to.

She was a good girl.

“Clara no good girl.” Baya said. To Mary’s dismay, she stopped massaging her udders as she did so. “Clara no listen to Baya. Clara no trust Baya, yet. She wake up, you tell Clara trust Baya. Yes Mary cow?”

Baya started squeezing Mary’s tits again before continuing. “You tell Clara trust Baya is good. Tell Clara be good girl like you, Mary cow. Tell her drink boba juice. Tell her rub titties. Tell her good be naked. Good be big titties. Good be big udders. Be good girl like you, yes? Tell her she like suck cock, like taste pussy juice. You tell her she be good baka like you, yes Mary cow?”

Mary felt Baya’s hand near her sex again. “You good girl Mary cow! You help Clara cow, yes?”

Mary nodded as she felt something cool and metallic being placed against her legs.

“Good girl! Good Mary cow! You good baka! Cum now Mary cow!”

Mary did. She was a good girl. She was a good baka.

She heard herself dripping into the metal pitcher Baya had placed between her legs.

“You such good girl, Mary cow. Soon your baka tits make milky milk forever! Such happy udders! Such yummy pussy juice! Make special boba juice for Clara yes? You cum again now Mary bimbo cow!”

“Oh fuck!” Mary said as she did as she was told. Her hips bucked as she gushed into the pitcher. She was glad Baya had told her to cum, the thought of Clara drinking her juice was almost too much for her.

“Good girl Mary cow. You get in tub now. You make Clara good baka like you!”

Mary just nodded as Baya left her. She was still shivering with pleasure by the time Baya had closed the door.

Once her orgasmic quivers passed, Mary started to crawl into her own tub. It wasn’t far from Clara’s, but both tubs were deep enough that there was still some privacy to be had between them if one wanted it.

She dipped a finger in first. The milk was pleasantly warm to the touch. Surprisingly comfortable around her skin.

It was thicker, heavier than the milk she was used to at home. And its smell was different too. More pleasant and somewhat familiar, but not recognizable as exactly milk.

It felt silky as she crawled into it. Mary easily relaxed into the warm tub. It was no wonder the other woman didn’t notice her. It was so easy to just pleasantly slip away into the milk.

She was surprised that the tub was deep enough that she wasn’t laying on the bottom. Or rather, her tits were so buoyant that they kept much of her upper body afloat.

For a few moments she settled herself stretching out her legs. Luxuriating in having her entire body coated in milk.

It was so peaceful. If she had any worries she would have been sure that the milk would have washed them all away.

The deep tub was so tranquil that Mary almost forgot that she wasn’t alone in the room.

“This isn’t right…” she heard Clara groggily say from the other tub. “My titties shouldn’t be this big…”

Mary smiled. She liked big titties.

“And they’re not my titties. I never called them titties... They’re my... titties!”

Mary giggled as she listened to the woman struggle with her words

“Is someone there?”

Mary quickly ducked under her milk, surprised at being noticed so quickly. But there was no sense hiding, she had been sent here with a purpose.

She gathered herself, then answered. “Yes. I just came in here.” Mary had to fight back another giggle at her double entendre.

“You have to help me… something isn’t right…”

“What’s wrong?”

“My… my titties are so big…”

“What’s wrong with that? I have big titties! I like big titties!” Mary happily told the truth.

“But they didn’t used to be… They aren’t titties...”

“Then what are they?”

“They’re so big! They were never this big! Never this heavy… They were never titties.”

“Do they hurt?”

Silence followed for a moment. Then Mary heard a small amount of splashing from the other tub.

“No. They feel… They feel really good and the titties on my titties… I mean the teats on my titties! Damn it! Whatever I used to call them—they’re so hard! Why are they so hard?”

Nipples. Mary thought. Filling in the blanks for the other woman. Titties had nipples. Teats though... Udders had teats.

Mary smiled. She had teats, too. And soon her baka tits would be making milk. Then they’d be real udders. Happy udders.

They’d be even bigger then, too, when they were full of milk. Maybe even bigger than Clara’s! Mary liked big titties!

She gently began to massage them after the pleasant though.

The sensation reminded her.

“You know, I used to hold stress in my titties.” Mary said. “Now, whenever I’m stressed I just massage them and the stress goes away... You should try it!”

There was another pause before Mary heard another small amount of splashing.

“I… I don’t know... I mean… It’s working… It just… This doesn’t feel right...”

“It works even better if someone else massages them.” Mary said. She was starting to get excited.

“I mean, it feels good. But it feels wrong… I shouldn’t be doing this… But I don’t want to stop...”

“So don’t stop!”

“But I shouldn’t be rubbing my titties... They… They shouldn’t feel this good… I shouldn’t feel this good just rubbing my big titties…”

“Of course you should! Good girls like rubbing their titties!” Mary told her. “And big titties are good titties! Rubbing big titties makes you feel even better! And you’ve got really big titties, right?”

“I’ve got really big titties…” Clara agreed.

“Well, if you’re rubbing really big titties, then you should be feeling really good. Right?”

Mary heard Clara give a slight moan before she agreed again. “Rubbing my really big titties does make me feel really good…”

“Good girl!” Mary said. Surprised she felt almost as good giving praise as receiving it. “It’s feels good to play with your big baka titties!”

“Feels good to play with big… what are baka titties?” Clara asked.

“Are your titties really big titties?”


“Are you a slut?”


“But your titties are big like a slut’s titties? Or are they bigger?”

“Bigger... Much bigger.”

“And you’re sure you’re not a slut?”

“I’m… I’m not a slut!”

“Well, if you’re not a slut then you don’t have slut titties. But if they’re bigger than a slut’s titties, they’re baka titties. You’ve got baka titties. It feels good to play with baka titties. Does it feel good to play with them?”


“Then you’ve got baka titties. And if you’ve got baka titties, then you’re a baka! Are you starting to feel better playing with your titties?”


“Does it make you want to cum playing with your big titties?”

“...Yes… but I shouldn’t…”

“Why not? It’s good to cum! Playing with my titties makes me cum… Baya just made me cum before I got in the tub!”

“Baya… don’t trust her…” Clara said, still playing with her tits.

“I trust Baya. She makes me feel good. She makes me the best boba juice! And she gives me amazig tittie massages! Don’t you want a tittie massage?”

Mary could hear Clara squirming in her tub as she played with her tits. But she gave no immediate reply.

“I love it when she rubs my titties. She says she’s going to milk me after this! I’ve never been milked… but I know that’s what my udders are for… what my udders want… And I know that I’ll get it because I’m a good girl. Are you good girl, Clara.”

“Wait… I didn’t tell you my name… How do you know my name?”

“Baya told me.”

“...don’t trust her...”

“But you trust me. I told you that you’d feel better if you played with your titties, right? It feels good when you play with your titties, right Clara?”


“And it makes you want to cum when you play with your big titties. You want to cum when you play with your big titties?”

“...Shouldn’t not good to…”

“It’s good to cum, Clara. Good girls cum. Good girl’s cum when they’re told. You’re a good girl, Clara, you’re playing with your titties like a good girl. You like playing with your titties, you like being a good girl.”

“Like playing with my titties…”

“Keep playing with your titties, Clara. Good girls do as they’re told, keep playing with your big baka titties, Clara cow.” Mary shivered under the milk. She loved being in control. “Tell me you’re a good girl, Clara.”

“... I’m a good girl.”

“Good girl, Clara! Good girl, Clara cow! You’re such a good girl playing with your titties. You’re such a good girl doing as you’re told. You’re a good girl, Clara. Good girls like playing with their tits, just like you. It feels so good Clara. Tell me how good it feels to play with your big baka tits.”

“...feels so good.” Clara said without much resistance.

Mary couldn’t help herself. She began to crawl halfway out of the tub so that she could see. She wanted to watch the other woman as she played with herself. She wanted to watch the other woman as she controlled her.

Ordering the other cow to play with herself felt better than having her own tits played with. “Such a good girl, Clara cow! Tell me you’re a good girl, Clara cow.”

“I’m a good girl.” Clara said, now that Mary could see her.

Clara’s eyes were unfocused, her hands gently tugging at her teats as she answered. Mary could now see Clara’s knees above the milk bath, indicating how her legs were now spread.

“You are a good girl, Clara cow. And you’re a good cow, too! I see how happy you are playing with your big baka tits. Playing with your baka tits makes you want to cum, Clara cow.”

“Playing with baka tits makes me want to…”

“II want you to cum, Clara cow. Cum for me. Squeeze your big tits and cum like the baka you are!”

“Oh! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! Moo! Moo! Moo!”

Mary was glad she’d climbed out of her own tub to watch. It was surprisingly rewarding to watch the cow cum on her command. But not quite rewarding enough.

She let one hand alternate tugging at her udders that were hanging over the edge of the tub. Her other hand found its way between her legs. The milk bath served as a silky lubricant for her.

“I want you to keep cumming for me, Clara cow! Keep cumming for me like a good cow! Do it for me cow!”

“Fuck! Moo! Moo! Moo!”

“Tell me you’ll do anything for me Clara cow.”

“I’ll… I’ll do anything...”

“Good girl, good Clara cow! I want you to give me a tittie massage now. You’re a good girl, you like big titties. You like my big titties. You’re a slave to my big titties!” Mary’s rubbing sped up as she neared climax.

“Slave to titties...”

“Good girl, now massage my titties Clara… Ow!”

“No! You bad girl Mary cow!” Baya said slapping at Mary’s heavy breasts. “Bad cow no get titty massage! No get milk bath! No get boba juice! Bad cow!”

Mary shrank at the thought of no more boba juice.

“You come with Baya now Mary cow!” Baya said pulling Mary by one of her teats, twisting as she did so.

Even if she’d wanted to fight, Mary couldn’t. Her nipples felt more tender than ever.

And she didn’t want to be shamed any more by Baya.

She wanted to be a good girl.

She wanted to be a good cow.

She wanted more boba juice.

Baya pulled her out of the room harshly by her tits. Only briefly stopping to pick up the metal pitcher to dump its contents on the ground. “Bad juice from bad cow! You done for day, Mary cow. You no get milked tonight. Tonight you no unga. Bad cow!””

Mary never thought that words could hurt so much.